The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Official Course Of True Love And Heavenly Fate

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
October 21st, 1990

Between love and air, which is needed most? If God and mankind are spectators of a discussion between love and air you might hear the following. "Has anyone in history ever died of no air? How does this compare with those who might have died of no love? Which is more important?" But then if we ask, "Who is more happy, one who dies because of love or one who lives because of love? Perhaps we should say, which is more valuable? What of patriotism? What is more noble, living a patriotic life or dying for your patriotism? What of you American women? Are you seeking to live your life for love or are you really ready to give your life up for love? When you are willing to give up your life for love, then you have a good heart. If you say you wish to live for the sake of love, there is selfishness in this. The person who is willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of love is the center of love. But the person who lives to get love is simply following love around.

When you sacrifice yourself for other, your actions are for others and not yourself and so you stand as the center of love. We can say the entire universe is related centering upon love. Is this true? (Yes). Therefore we can conclude that love cannot be generated inside yourself for your self. Rather it must come from your partner. So even if you say, "I love myself", this is not really true. We understand this is so because we know the universe was created in a pair system of plus and minus, male and female, in the mineral world, plant, animal and human worlds. All things exhibit this subject-object relationship. All things want to fulfill relationships which have love as the center. Do you want to receive every ounce of love possible or only partial love? (Every ounce!) Especially American people! But the question is, are you trying to give every ounce of love sacrificially, or are you giving love more like a merchant, accounting for everything given, like a salesperson? What kind of love are you giving? How do you treat love, like merchandise? If you were love, will it welcome you? If you treat love sacrificially, it will welcome you. If not it will try to evade you.

Love also has such character that even if it goes to the very bottom it can leap up and out with just one single jump.

This (a wave with the crest above the horizontal axis and the trough below) is the original formula and we must resemble this in love. Always there is movement, up and down. Also there is circulation within each part.

From the perspective of history, we can see that the West is heading toward the Orient. It will be united with and absorbed by the Orient. The Orient is like the Black current in the Pacific. It runs very deep and contains most of the nutrients needed to keep the ocean alive and healthy.

If you look at the West, historically it has mastered the material world whereas the Orient has centered more upon concerns of the spirit.

If the body receives from the mind and does not return anything, then the body eventually dies. The same occurs at the cultural level. If the West does not give something back to the Orient, then the West will be totally destroyed by some other civilization, such as African and so on.

Those who claim "I will sacrifice myself and be the center of love for the whole world" will be the ones who will eventually dominate the world.

What happens if someone says they want to sacrifice themselves for the world, but in their own family, the husband and wife are divided and separated and there is also a rift between the parents and the children? What would Heavenly Fate say? "I hate you!" If Heavenly Fate was a man, he would say that don't you think? Who would Heavenly Fate want to belong to?

If there is something or some place that is good, Americans want to go there first don't you think? So what kind of love do you want to choose? (#1 love.) But what kind of love does the world practice, #1 or #10 love? Father says #0 love. It doesn't even rate. Therefore we can't even really call it love. It is abused love and it leads to death. You must know that; If you hate your brother or your spouse then your entire family will go to hell. What is the official course of love? Is the American way the official course of love?

Does this Heavenly Fate exist to protect the official course of love or something unprincipled? If something has nothing to do with the official course of love then Heavenly Fate will not stay with it. As long as you follow the official course of love then Heavenly Fate parallels your actions and will protect you.

If we want to study this official course of love, will we find it being taught in universities? Do ministers teach this course? If the answer is no to both, then neither universities or ministers know the way to real happiness. Father teaches us this course and Heavenly Fate will follow those who actually follow it and live it.

Where is this Heavenly Fate? How close is it to you? Just like on earth, there is air wherever you go. If you practice the official course of love then heavenly fate will be with you wherever you go.

Which is more valuable, a bowl of rice or the air you breathe? (Air) How much more valuable? Do you value the air as you breathe it each time? Also your body is nourished by plants and animals, etc. Do you always show your appreciation for those things which nourish you? What about water? Three quarters of your body is water. If there is only one cup of water left in the entire world, how precious it would be. But usually how do you treat water? Do you value it?

What of light? Light is the source of life. Do you really appreciate it? How much would you have to pay for it if you had to buy it? Even if air, water and light cost millions of dollars, would they exist for the money? But all these life essentials are free. Nevertheless, we are indebted. We should be grateful. We have to bow down to these things. Do you have that kind of attitude or not? If Heavenly Fate watches you and finds you arrogant, it will not want to be around you. When you say, "Thank you" to the air, water and light, how will you actually repay it? With True Love! Wonderful!

As long as you have True Love, whatever you say is okay. Then entire universe will say, "Thank you". As long as you have True Love then even if you just say "Thank", the spirit world will naturally respond with "You".

That's why we conclude that True Love is the essence of life and happiness and the way to repay nature. When you see water, you have to think it is your closest friend because our bodies are three quarters water. Therefore just like I love my body I must love the air, light and water. When you have a grateful attitude centering upon True Love then air, light and water will be proud to be where they are and will say "Amen".

We must be able to repay our debt. Without knowing that we cannot say others should follow us. Heavenly Fate eventually brings the best of everything, even the best quality air, water and light to those centered on True Love.

Because of Heavenly Fate the saints and sages of history are still "with" us today. Although they lived miserable lives, they were recognized after their death because Heavenly Fate was with them. Father himself has been living that kind of life. He has received most persecution, but with all that, he has survived. How has he survived the many dreadful situations? Because of Heavenly Fate. Have you seen the power of a tornado or hurricane? The power of nature is incredible. Suppose the entire air launched a protest for one minute, the entire world would be wiped out! But this incredible power of air, light and water exists to protect us. This is most wonderful! Do you feel this?

When we talk about paying back our debt, we cannot only consider nature. We also have to consider people. The original race was one. All the races-white, black, yellow emerged over time due to different climatic situations. Look at the polar bear. Were they originally white or black? White people may say they were originally white, but actually they became white because of the climate. They had to become white to protect themselves and to survive. When you live in the tropics, what do you seek? Shade. That's why people in tropical areas eventually became black.

Asia has more than three billion people If there was a big fight, hand to hand combat between white people and Asians, who would win? The Asian continent is so vast that even if someone came to plunder, in one sense they don't mind. This is why the white people could still exist. Only because of the Asian attitude, "I don't really need it" has the white race continued to survive. But there will be a time when the Western civilization will not be on top. Orientals have always recognized this. Americans, however, might not like to see others on top.

You might not like the sunset because it heralds nighttime, but the sun is bound to set. All things that live in the night may not like the sunrise. Communism existed in the night and didn't like the sunrise. But no matter how much they didn't want the morning to come, it came and now all is exposed.

Practicing love is not limited to the night or daytime alone. The love race is trained to function night and day. There has been tremendous persecution at night but finally the sun is rising and all people can see and they are finally coming to welcome Reverend Moon. This is taking place everywhere.

Take for example, Deer Park. There was one woman opposing us all the way. At all the town board meetings she opposed us. But finally we prevailed and the planning board voted to okay Deer Park. The result-she left town. Who did this ? Heavenly Fate.

Once you go up to a certain level, you must begin to come down. This is the way history moves. The Western civilization must come down and that which is down must rise. Look at the ocean. It is constantly moving. It has done so for millions of years. But in another sense it does not change. Nor does it get tired. That is the foundation for life.

What was the origin of the white race? Pirates! (Laughter) They plundered. The history of the white race always involves bloodshed. They were the hunters.

The entire world has been putting the Unification Church down. The Unification Church has even been given the name "Moon Mafia". But the sun is rising. Who made this possible? Heavenly Fate. That's why Father loves Heavenly Fate.

If Heavenly Fate is pushing Father to the top of the universe, then this will happen no matter what kind of opposition there is. All people will come to realize how wonderful Reverend Moon is.

In an ordinary sense, some of you should feel bad when listening to such a speech, but you all clap. This is because there is a true love atmosphere here. You can overcome everything with True Love. Does having True Father at Belvedere make you happy? Why should you be happy? If everything is centered upon True Love, then even if someone hits you, you don't mind. When Father goes to Korea or somewhere. we miss Father because of this True Love.

Above your hair, spiritually, there are so many layers of your ancestors. Who would be more proud, the one with one thousand layers of ancestors or the one with only perhaps two? Just like a tree that has many branches compared to one that has only a few, the larger tree is more interesting. When you compare the white, black and yellow races, the yellow race has the bigger history, more people, and it is more interesting. Also it will eventually lead the world.

How long is Korean history? Recent scholars have shown that Korean ancestors started Chinese history and developed the basics of written Chinese. Korean history is more than 7,000 years old.

When you look at a tree, it has a central stem and trunk. The best fruit on that tree will be on the central branches right on the top, not on the lower branches.

The Korean race will be central in the future. Even the Russians, Chinese and Japanese don't want to get involved with Kim I1 Sung. There is such clear division between North and South Korea, Kim I1 Sung is in the north and has everyone call trim rather. Reverend Moon is the South end he is also called Father. But it is not possible to have two fathers. So one must be a fake. One tries to dominate the world and all people with power and strength while the other one pursues true love as the way to win the world.

What is this year's motto? Unification of My Country. It is the same for our families. We have to unify our families. So we must question ourselves. We must ask, "Do I do everything centered upon myself or Heavenly Father and the unification of the world?" The most important question is, "Am I totally unified in body and mind centering upon love in order to follow this course of True Love?"

There have been so many saints and sages who have taught may wonderful things to people. But there is only one person teaching absolute mind and body unity centering upon True Love.

We must know that because of myself, heaven and hell have been created. Originally there should have been only heaven. The right represents the mind and heaven, and the left represents the body and hell. If we follow our bodies, we will surely end up in hell.

You must understand that there are two ways of doing everything. There is right and left when you eat, sleep, walk, talk, etc. We must learn to cut out one direction and stick with the correct one. That's why religions teach people to subdue their bodies. The mind is the positive aspect and the bodies the negative. But due to Satan, the body tries to be a plus also. This is the basis of Satan's love, life and blood lineage. He places the body in the plus position. Each of us have this in us and we must take this out in order to cleanse history. To do this we absolutely need True Parents, the true root.

True Love begins from the deepest, deepest place. What is the origin of True Love? God. (In Korean, "god" means the typical Korean hat which resides at the very top of a person ... so there is similar meaning). How did the universe start? How did God first come to exist? You represent every resource of the universe. Why is there male and female? In all things, even in birds and animals, and so on? For what purpose? Because of love. No matter how pretty a woman may be, she needs a man to complete love. No matter how great a man might be, he needs a woman, just like True Father needs Mother! (Laughter)

Man comes down form above. A woman should remain in a position such that she can receive a man from above. This creates a balance at the horizontal line.

In order to experience True Love, you must be able to deny yourself completely. The faster you can move the better. If you do not deny yourself, your couple will not experience True Love.

The essential energy which keeps things moving is that of doing for others. Ideal love means we live for the sake of others. When you give yourself totally for another, for your family, tribe, society, nation, world and ultimately the cosmos, then you will know the True Love of God. But the origin of all this is to do something for another. This is the original source of power.

Have you seen an American woman who claims she was born for the sake of her husband and that she will follow him for eternity? Where is such a woman?

Why do you feel pain when you get sick? The entire universe is created to protect that which is united and harmoniously centered upon True Love.

When we loose this balance, even in our bodies, we feel pain and thus know we need to regain balance and true center. When you lose your lover you feel pain because you flunk universal law. The balance and harmony of universal law is transgressed. Therefore do you need your partner or not? Eyes need to work together to focus, lips need to move in harmony to function properly, fingers need to coordinate. It is the same for the mind and body. Everything must be harmonized and united. All needs to be focused upon True Love. But True Love never exists for itself.

Why did God start his existence and how? Because of love. Because of the seed of love in which there was a subject and an object, and out of this one seed of love came God. Just as you began as one seed of love from your parents. This one small seed then multiplied. So God was made from one single love cell and from this came the entire universe.

When we look at mankind we see men and women. When we look at God we "see" men and women. You know that in Origin-Division- Union, the Union is really just a new origin, a form of multiplication of the Origin.

So God is in the center and is the Origin. From God there is then division and union (or new origin). This occurs in four different directions.. God simply stays as the center of all this. So God stands in the center and multiplication takes place in all directions from that center. Each person is then, like one cell of God. So whether we talk of one cell or ten thousand cells, it's really all the same in one sense.

If you seek to go to the highest place, your future will go down, whereas if you seek the lowest place now, in the future you will go up. This is why Father pushes you down to suffer. Because the balance will ultimately be maintained. So even when Father was in prison himself, he just kept working and waiting with the knowledge that in time he would rise.

Heavenly Fate works fairly. So for example, if you and your parents and children are struggling, the future of your descendants is bright. Father led the first generation of the Unification race and has received so much persecution in order to create a credit/balance for the future. Once you overcome persecution, you can receive the balance from Heavenly Fate.

Reverend Moon has been working the hardest and receiving the most persecution even for the reunification of Korea. He has been working through Russia, America and other countries. Even though he has been put down, the equilibrium line is now very strong and he is coming up. Centering on True Love, who is most powerful? Reverend Moon or President Bush? True Father of course.

When you look at American history, the foundation for America to have such a position worldwide was the standard of the early settlers, the Pilgrims. Without this foundation and standard of heart and loyalty to God, America could never be where it is.

But what of the white people killing all the American Indians? What can compensate for this tragedy? America has this stained section of history but it is still booming because of the original founders. They worked with absolute faith to establish God's nation whereas the others only had a concept of their own families and tribes. They did not have a world-wide level concept.

Now since America reached the top it should be able to go down to the bottom for the sake of the world. Every day in the world, more than 60,000 people die from hunger, 40,000 alone are children. But who really worries about this?

The Bush administration, the left and right wings, CIA and so on may not like this, but Reverend Moon is the only one who knows what is ahead. Why? Because he understands the natural way of Heavenly Fate.

So we know the official course of love. The formula course is the course of True Love. So we should establish this standard of True Love at the bottom of the bottom and the top of the top so all in between will be the Kingdom of Heaven. We are born from love, with love, for the purpose of love. When your life emerged, it came as the merging of your father's and mother's love in your mother's womb, in the deepest place of love. It all started with one cell. In that narrow, short, difficult place began perhaps the widest, longest, biggest life!

Your father and mother loved each other when you were conceived. During pregnancy, your mother gave you love, energy and, everything through her body. The wife would think? "My husband's seed is growing in my womb. Heaven's seed grows inside". This is the way women must think. She might feel, "Just like God created man, I am creating part of God Himself. The entire universe is connected to my body. I am now bearing small gods-children".

When you give birth to children you experience God's Hyung Sung and Sung Sang. Therefore you must produce a son and a daughter.

In American movies, in love scenes, women are often on top. This is a crime. Just like a bowl held upside down, water comes out of it. If you take this kind of position, you might produce only daughters and no sons.

If there is true love present in a relationship, the husband should be able to love his wife even if she doesn't like it. He might even be strong and cause some pain, but still she will like it.

Love should be able to reach the lowest and the highest place at the same time. This is the balance of love. Therefore persecution is not a bad thing. Reverend Moon knew this principle even from the beginning. This is why he has been able to persevere all these years. He has had the conviction that he will come out on top and even in the last moment, his life will turn around and he will be at the top and experience great happiness.

We are born by love and we live centered upon love. We create children by love and practice love so that we will return to God with love. When we practice ideal love as husband and wife then we create an eternal object before the eternal subject- God. So when we go to the spirit world with a True Love center, we will be God's object. So we begin from God and return to God. That's why True Love is Godly. True Love is the only thing which can create God's object. When we understand this, we can understand what Jesus really meant when he said in John 14:10 "Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me?"

Grandparents are in the position of God. We must serve them as such. The husband and wife represent "Division" and unless we have children we cannot experience real unity. Even if we can get rid of our spouse, we cannot get rid of our parents. They are in the position of God.

Do American families realize this original formula? We should not send our parents to old people's homes. If we cannot take care of grandparents and value them then we do not understand vertical love. Through the three positions of grandparents, parents and children we can understand vertical and horizontal love and the harmony and order of relationships.

Unification wives, are you willing to serve your in-laws? If not, Heavenly Fate will discard you. If you do, Heavenly Fate will protect you.

Just as a wave moves and combines naturally, this becomes our model. Woman is born for the sake of man and man is born for the sake of woman. Man and woman together exist for the sake of God's love. Completing this horizontal and vertical love means both the physical and the spiritual worlds are harmonized.

Now we understand even more about the official course and the four position foundation. We were born to love, raised with parental love, practiced love as husband and wife, had children and loved them and so eventually we experience all aspects of love. Once we clearly understand this love principle we don't need leaders or even Father to lead your life. Once you know this formula you just need to live it. Understanding it alone is not enough. We need action and results.

Because of love we can eat and work. People seek equal rights, but the only equalizer in the world is love.

Humans can make love any time which is very different to most animals. So we can practice love for eternity. If any sister wants two husbands, try it. See how painful it is! Children too only want one set of parents.

So remember the Official Course of Love and Heavenly Fate and live it. May God bless you.

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