The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Where God And Man Meet

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Morning Garden,
Gloucester, Massachusetts,
July 22nd, 1990

Where did man come from? It is very important to understand whether they come from apes or somewhere else. Is there progress according to evolution or creation. Evolution dominates the secular point of view. But is it true or not? If it is true, then we are OK but we need to really clarify if creation or evolution is the case. How to solve the problem. Whenever you go to school and the fundamental question of where man came from is asked, they usually present the theory of evolution. This perspective dominates. This is so in middle school as well as elementary school. There are also so many people who do not believe in the existence of the spirit world, that there is existence after death. So even though there is a spirit world, they do not realize its existence. So if there is God, then God created man. From this perspective there should be a spirit world but there has been no clear understanding of this and mankind has been struggling to find the truth about this. So the most fundamental point of humankind is to realize this point. Whether man will be terminated by death or whether he will go on to the spirit world.

So, the purpose of religion is to educate people beyond the secular point of view and to realize the eternal value of humankind. Religion exists to help people go beyond the secular concerns of man to deal with eternal aspects.

There are many different types of religions in various cultures and geographical circumstances. Religion overall has developed by the influence of higher religions on the lower ones. So in the middle East the Islamic faith and in Europe, Christianity have revolutionized religion. But still the fundamental problem of man has not been solved. In every religion you can see that answers to these fundamental questions are vague. They do not clearly answer the questions regarding the fundamental aspects of man even though these religions have grown and developed according to their cultural, racial and geographic backgrounds. In one sense therefore, all religions are limited unless they go beyond all these limiting factors of culture, race and geographic influences. As distinct from religion, the history of mankind is based upon the struggle of man against man.

Centering upon the Unification Church, Christianity is the closest religion yet it has been opposing the Unification Church. Christianity, it appears, is not yet in a position to understand the second coming. Yet this is not the most important point. What is the most important point? We must understand what the original point of creation is-how man has started and what the existence of God means. We must begin by realizing that mankind was created by God. Without having that foundation there is no solution to the problems we face in the world. Then if there is a God, why does He let man live in these kinds of circumstances? What is reason that God cannot touch us, cannot reach mankind and realize His kingdom?

If you realized the existence of God the Creator, then you realize the purpose of your existence. Then there is no way for you to be deluded for you will have a very clear idea and perspective of life. You know what is the purpose of your life as well as what is the purpose of history. If this were the case, mankind would never be this way. The fundamental problem is that people don't know the existence of God. That is the very reason for the many problems in the world. The problem of mankind is essentially very simple, being fundamentally a problem between man and woman. There are only male and female human beings. So we have to solve the problem between man and woman. This is the key. Therefore men have to know what is the solution to the problem, women have to know the solution to the problem. How to realize this is important. If the solution is not realized then difficulties will continue.

So, based upon God's creation, how were man and woman born? Man's mind is different from woman's mind. So man is attracted to east and woman is attracted to the west. But if Eve goes the opposite way to Adam, then there is no meeting. So how do they unite into one? Absolutely. When man and woman are completely one then they will fully realize the purpose of being man and woman. Before then it is important for us to understand that the ideal position of man and woman is that of complete union. If there is deviation or disunity, then problems start. Absolute unity in the position of parents is based upon the unity of man and woman realized. If you have parents then they wish for you to be a great saint. But up until now there is no one who is complete. Many people think that Japan is the perfect nation. But it is not that simple. There are so many problems to be solved. So how can we get out of these complicated circumstances?

When you go to elementary school you have a problems in your elementary school. Then you go to middle school and you have problems there. All these problems have to be solved. How can we digest and then how can we get out from under these kinds of circumstances? Unity is at stake. So the irony of life is that you will be influenced by secular circumstances but we must be secure in religious understanding. How are we to get out of this kind of complicated situation? Instead of going on with that kind of life, train yourself now. Then, after you graduate from school and go out to society you will have the resources you need. Otherwise if you're lonely and alone for a very long time you might develop a relationship with a nice person who simply happens to be around. Then your problem starts. There are so many problems in life. So we are wondering and trying to find where are we going.

We have to have a strong determination because our lives are at stake. We need to be determined to really change this world. We have to be the ones who have hope for the world. So who is going to take responsibility for your parents, your teacher, your plans? Who is in the position to realize this kind of ideal by taking responsibility? Unless there is a hospital there is no way for us to cure this world. It is essential for us to have a hospital for the ills of this world. From that perspective religion is the hospital. The four major religions of the world are the wards. All the problems and struggle of mankind have to be solved and that is why the major religions emerged. God created these religions so humankind can connect with God according to the original idea and escape from the evil circumstances of our world. Religion was started for this purpose.

Someone has to do it. Someone has to bring man back to this original ideal of God. The path of the saint is to confront himself to really save this world and its people in the ultimate sense. That is the position of saints. The present reality of humankind is the result of our actions. We have brought forth a secular world. The problem is people. Everything has a cause and the cause has a consequence, a result. As we look back at the past we realize the past was a failure. How about when you look back at your life? Was it a great one? Do you have conviction or determination that goes beyond death or do the minutes and hours glide by without purpose or direction? It is important for us to know whether there is God or not. If there is a God, the Original Cause, then there is a purpose for creation. Without there being a purpose there is no way for us to realize value in our lives. Next what happens after our death? Will our life simply perish or vanish?

We have to realize the existence of God. Do you understand? So what is God? There are many sects and religions, and there are many congregations within each religion. Within these too there are different kinds of groups. Yet if there is one purpose and one direction then the confused directions of many sects makes it so difficult to attain the goal. So our destiny if to get out of this struggle. The basic issue is of knowing the existence of God and also the problem between man and woman. You cannot just gather only men. What is our destination? Our destination is the origin-which is God.

There are many videotapes in the secular world but none provide a very clear idea about spirit world. This is east, this is west, this is north and south living together, but still they don't have a very clear understanding of the spirit world or how we can solve the problems of the spiritual world. Because the secular world is confused like this, then the spiritual world is also very confused. We have to know how to clean, clarify and solve the problems of the spiritual world. Through a purely secular perspective of the world you don't realize so many things. Then when you go to the spiritual world, things will become very clear. There are so many problems in the spiritual world too. Even if you go to spiritual world the question remains as to how you will reach the highest possible realm in the spiritual world. In the secular world it is even very difficult for many just to be grateful for who you are, your external appearance. Then when you go to spiritual world, many things become clear. Everyone is different, even the way you go to the spiritual world. Therefore it is essential for us to realize how to reach God in the spiritual world and how we can reach Him there. This is another fundamental problem. If you know God in the spiritual world, but if only men are there who attain that level, then there is a problem. So you try to make yourself attractive to women who try to make themselves attractive to men.

So you desire to be beautiful women. As you become a very beautiful woman then what is going to happen? What is the purpose of becoming a beautiful woman? Why do you make yourself up to be a beautiful woman? Do you women make yourselves up for other women? You don't make yourselves up for your self or for other women. By using make up you try to tempt men. That's the very reason why women make themselves up. This is where the problem is going to start.

But why does this kind of thing happen? Many people say it just became like this, a chance event. But it is not. The evolutionary theory is true in a way but it is not really the case. There is always a cause.

You don't exist for yourself but for the other sex. Women do not exist for women. Therefore, women need men. So to solve the problems that exist between men and women cannot be done simply by cutting off relationships altogether. To cut off relationships of men and women is impossible because there is universal law to be obeyed. There is a fundamental relationship between man and woman purposed by God. However there is also a Satan, so God has to use man and woman as a tool or the means to solve the problems. Satan managed to rule women by tempting them with very handsome men and visa versa men get hooked by the desire for beautiful women. There is no one in this room that has the confidence you will never be tempted by the other sex. There are many problems because of the one problem of man and women. Today there are many people who divorce then and go their own way. But my profession is to put people together from north and south, south to east, east to south. Each has different merits. Having put together a group in this way makes it very beautiful. Combining all sorts of merits and strong points is valuable before God. Generally people have a tendency to be attracted by nice circumstances. Why do you feel this way? Why do you love nature? Naturally you relate to creation and you relate to God. If we were to relate wholly to God then all our problems would be solved. There is always cause and effect. We also have to understand cause and effect clearly in relation to the spiritual world.

So centered upon God man and woman will become husband and wife. The purpose of becoming ideal man and woman is to have beautiful children. The wish of parents is to have their own children become the best in the world, number one in the world. Are there any parents who don't think this way? You must have that kind of desire for your children. Parents desire their children to be greater than themselves. That's very clear. So in terms of cause and effect, that heart came from the cause who is God. So when men and women become husband and wife, they want to become parents and have children. Is there any couple that does not want to have children? Is there anyone who absolutely does not want to have children? If you say you do not want to have children that will become a problem. Very fearful. In such a situation your children may become the boss of the Mafia. Such children kill their parents. On the other hand if you really want to have children, do so with conviction and have good children.

We can summarize that beyond the problem of nation and world, the most important points to understand concern God, man, woman and children. These are very fundamental elements of the problem of humankind. The question remains whether men solve their problem with woman and if women solve theirs with men. 120 million people are living in Japan, so half or 60 million are men. Always half of the population are men. From God's perspective there are problems between husband and wife, and problem between parents and children. From God's perspective is it very complicated or not? In the secular world you may think there is a very important problem but from the eyes of God it is perhaps a very small problem. Nevertheless, God cannot go beyond the bounds of his own law to reach them.

So some people think the position of God is to try to cure their disease or sickness. But God is not in the position to visit house to house to attend the sick and cure them. That is not his responsibility.

If you break the law then problems start. If you don't break the law you can work in accordance with the order. Law is absolute. God has maintained that absolute standard. The people who violate the law should take responsibility. Even the emperor in Japan is restricted by law.

The key responsibility is that of the individual, and next the responsibility of family. So the question is how to fulfill our portion of responsibility. If we cannot fulfill our portion of responsibility then we have no value. People are going to mix together from north south, east and west. So there should be a common law, one law for all people, an absolute law. The Unification Church is the school that teaches this. There are 700 thousand lawyers in the United States. In Japan there are maybe 20,000, something like that. In the United States there are so many problems with law and so it has many lawyers. When you get sick, you have to know how to cure your sickness. If a person really follows the order or the law of God, then God can intervene in his life. But if people don't follow the law, then there is no way for God to intervene because man's portion of responsibility has not been fulfilled. From that perspective, both man and woman have problems. Religion is the one to cure the disease borne of the problems between men and women. When you allocate the percentage of the problem of the sickness between man and woman, who has more percentage?

Do you know what Father said when Father spoke to Korean leaders? You can understand? What is the problem of the man? Money? Knowledge? What is the most serious disease or sickness? What about the person who didn't go to school and is poor? He can make money and his problem will be solved, right? So all you have to do is work hard to solve the problem if money is the fundamental problem. If the problem is knowledge, you can study then you can solve the problem. Father said from 1990 Father is not going to use translation. Because I'm your Father I'm using the Japanese language, but this is not normal. However there is no other way so I have to use your language.

So the problem of money can be solved and the problem of knowledge can be solved by working hard and studying hard. How many years are you studying Korean? If Reverend Kamiyama doesn't learn Korean then its going to be a problem. So everybody has to study Korean. If Reverend Kamiyama studied very hard then what about other Japanese members, are they going to study Korean very hard? The leadership is in the position to study and if it doesn't do this then other people don't follow.

The problem of money, knowledge, authority, power or position can be solved if you have enough quality then you can get that kind of position and then resolve the problems. But what about the problem of love, the sickness of love, who is going to solve those problems? Even though the man and woman don't like to have that kind of problem, once they have it they both get into trouble and loose their position. You cannot just say one side has the problem alone. It is a very fundamental problem. Once you make a problem there will be suffering and struggle will take place in the family centering on the problem of love. Even if you don't have a problem but your spouse does then you cannot just ignore the problem. You also will be influenced. So its not the kind of problem you can solve by yourself. It has been this way with both men end women throughout history and throughout their lives.

When a man looks at a woman, basically they appear the same. Both have two eyes one mouth and so forth. But for some reason you feel a specific emotion toward the opposite sex. Why? We have to solve the problem of that love? If you never want to separate eternally, that kind of feeling, love, even if the eyes are strange somehow you feel love towards that person. You feel good. Many times you and your spouse are totally different. Up to now what is the problem? The problem is love. When you see the person that has a bald head how do you feel? There is a mystery about special feelings you can have toward a certain person. When man and woman look at each other and feel love that is priceless. You have a sense of eternal beauty. This kind of phenomena taking place it really mysterious.

If there is true love then it will last eternally. When husband and wife meet together and share their hearts deeply, loving each other, this is very beautiful. What of a mothers love and mothers heart and father's heart father's love? Some say that a father's heart is wide and a women's heart is deep. Everybody is attracted to a mother's heart. How about a father's heart? How about Reverend Kamiyama? When Yoshiko went to get married, what kind of feeling did you have? Love is beyond explanation. There is a tremendous heart of love that is formed between parents and children. If the father's heart is stronger than mother's heart, then things change. If the father's heart is deeper than the mother's heart then things will change. Don't you think that way? If a couple has absolute love, when they look at each other they never get bored. Once that kind of love is realized you can go to God. With that kind of give and take of true love you establish an unchanging relationship, unchanging eternal love. God is going to dwell with that couple. Loving and sacrificing themselves completely for the sake of God then the relationship with God will dwell with that person. Do you really love your man, your woman? In the beginning Reverend Kamiyama didn't appreciate Father's matching but now he really does. Now there is no problem. Even if there are many women around Reverend Kamiyama then Reverend Kamiyama has no problem. Yuko-san is the best woman in the world for Reverend Kamiyama.

So do you want to be with your spouse eternally, or do you want to have your spouse just on a temporary basis? It depends whether you can establish a relationship of divine love. Once you make such a relationship there is no way to separate from that love. That kind of love remains eternally. Will it perish? Did God want that kind of love to live or does He want it to perish? More than anything else, if you become the king of love then God can work restoration through that couple. If you never want to separate eternally from your spouse, then you will be an asset for God. God wants to have that kind of couple multiplied throughout the world. Do you understand? The only one thing that can connect you to eternal value is true love. Do you understand? Only true love. What is the only thing that has eternal value? (True love.) To establish that kind of nation then the head of the nation must have that kind of true love. Then there is no way for God to escape from that nation. God will take care of that nation eternally.

God really wants to dwell in the relationship of man and woman having true love. God has a deep desire to be surrounded by true love which has eternal value. God really wants to have that, and if God tries to come in there then would you say "No way!"? God really wants to taste that kind of true love between husband and wife. You would get so much attention from God. What will you do when God tries to come in? Do you repel God or do you hold onto God? When a husband and wife embrace, God wants to embrace them both. God wants to embrace true love between husband and wife. If a husband and wife are embracing each other, what happens if God comes in? Do you hold God? The voice of the husband crying out to his wife is beautiful to her. So whether you cry or scream because of true love, everything will be good. Then when God comes in and you are together with God, joy will be shared.

So love is the key. Forget about yourself and invest yourself for your children and your spouse. As we bring true love together no matter how painful it seems at first, with true love the pain goes away. No matter how strong a man might be, he will completely surrender to true love. Love is most valuable and most important. Is there anyone who doesn't need love, please raise your hand? Do you really like love? Do you really love love? It turns out that everyone needs true love. This nose doesn't look so great but if it is filled with love, then it becomes the best nose in the world. Everybody would be attracted to that true love. Do you need love?

Centering upon love, everything was destroyed. Centering upon true love, everything will be put together. If there isn't love then there is no foundation for living no matter what kind of wonderful clothing you may wear. It is only valuable when you have an object, a spouse to love. So without the concept of true love, there is no reason for existence. If you are completely isolated from that love then only despair remains. So now you really understand the meaning of love. Unification Church knows that concept of true love. Centered upon love then each person will become young. Centered upon love the elder person and young children can communicate. Being a grandfather is a wonderful kind of feeling. Grandchildren go naturally to the grandparents if there is love.

The spiritual foundation for man is woman. In order to live eternally man needs love. Without having love, you cannot live eternally. If you have a daughter who has absolute love, then you don't need to worry about that daughter because that daughter attracts people from the best places.

If there are no parents then there are no children. Even if you have brothers and sisters, but you don't have love then there is no relationship and no happiness. The love of husband and wife is the core of a loving family. Everybody is really looking for that love between husband and wife to take place

because the realization of this love means God can dwell in that family. Man and woman together are the central connection to true love and to God. Vertical love stems from God. When the husband and wife establish the horizontal true love, then the vertical love of God can dwell in there. That will be the center of love, then that love will be protected as God protects the love. Then all will hold onto each other embracing each other. If you make that relationship strong, then there is no way to escape the bondage of love. The realization of true existence is going to take place from that point on.

There are two different kinds of love: vertical and horizontal love. Once both are present they start turning around, spinning around. Can you follow. Do you understand? The love between husband and wife is love taking place, but if you are alone, there is no way, so you need that object. When you realize true give and take with your spouse then the vertical love of God will dwell right in the middle. The relationship becomes a spherical movement. The question is whether you are completely one with your spouse. How about you? Do you have that kind of love and unity between you and your spouse? If you are longing for your love, unite with that person.

If a husband didn't come back until late at night and the wife waits up even though she is very tired because she is concerned about her husband because of love, then the man is in the position to listen to what the wife says. She is in the position to speak all her feelings and the man is there to listen to her. That is how woman and man relates. No matter how the woman is chattering and speaking out the man sits in silence. Who is going to follow? Man is supposed to follow woman, or woman is supposed to follow man? If you have a heart of longing towards that person, then you will follow them.

Consider a nation for a moment. If you have an emperor, is it good that the emperor speaks a lot? Is it good that the emperor starts talking all over the place? Is it good that Reverend Moon, Father is speaking or is silent, which is better? The reason why I'm talking to you is because I'm standing in front of you to talk so I have to speak something. So once you saw my face then you feel closer to Father, right? As you go back to Japan, you see 120 million people but this experience you will never forget. You see all sorts of faces, I'm giving you such an impression. That is love. Do you understand? If you really love God, you have eternal value. God is eternal, and you can go onto the bosom of God.

So when you get into the room of your spouse everything is new to you and how do you feel that, what kind of attitude do you have, if you have love then there is no distance. So you can have confidence in loving God so when you go to spirit world, everything will be there. You don't feel ashamed about going into the husband's place with a naked body? You don't feel ashamed, right? So even when a Japanese wife and Korean husband embrace each other in love, they go beyond all sorts of history. Love is totally beyond their national history or backgrounds or boundaries. Distance between people has been created because of the separation of man. Now because of the Unification Church, unity is being formed.

There is still persecution from the Japanese government toward Father because they realized that if he comes to Japan then he will match Japanese with Korean spouses. Therefore the Japanese government is trying not to let Father get into Japan. They realized that kind of thing is taking place. So Father has become very famous in Japan. Who is longing for Father? All mankind throughout the world is wanting Father. Who knows more of the value of Father than famous people in the secular world than you? They really don't understand the value of Father. Do you understand the value of Father? Do you have love? (Yes.) Communism doesn't have that concept of love because there is no existence of God. Which is better as a reality? You cannot see your conscience, right? Can you see God? So without having the concept of love existence has no value. Each one of us is in a position to be an offering to God. So no matter how many years you are here or this world continues, there is no value if there is no love and no God.

The Unification Principle is in a sense, the bridge. If you are living in accordance with Unification Principle, then men have to fulfill their portion of responsibility as do women. If there is no love introduced then there is no way for us to be sustained. The Unification Church is so strong not just because of the Principle but because of love. That makes Unification Church strong. If you say that man should become woman and woman should become man what's going to happen? So no matter how much power the emperor of Japan has, if he doesn't understand principle and love it has no value. What kind of year is the Japanese year? A new Emperor is anointed. Many people say that you are Japanese and you have nothing to do with Rev. Moon. But if you are following Rev. Moon you are making a tremendous impact. Japanese people do not want to stay on such a small island. There are 120 million people there and Father is really concerned about Japan. It is such a small island. It really has a big problem because you almost have no place to step. It is so small end there is so many people. China first shipped Japanese to Manchuria. Now there are many Japanese staying here in the states. Who made you stay? Father did. Now you really understand that Father is really great because after the fact that he brought you here and educated you. Last time Father met President Ro, Father said that on a certain day they should meet but he didn't come. There was a two week delayed, and he really scolded President Ro. That kind of situation has taken place.

So the problem of man and woman is the biggest problem. The destruction of this world is based upon the relationship between man and woman. The world is like an orphan who does not know where to go. It's problem is not that of knowledge, money or power. Without solving the problem of love there is no way to really solve the problems in the United States and the world. True love itself is the solution to the problem. There is cause and effect. If cause is properly matched with effect everything will be OK. If God is the starting point of everything then the consequence, the result has also to be God.

I originally planned to speak for two hours but already it is two and one half hours-because of love. During this time you really become closer to me, right? Because of the true love being poured out you feel closer to me. You understand, right? When Father gets hungry, you can provide food for Father anytime, right? Father could speak for 24 hours. You don't even know when its time for meals.

There are so many problems people may think the person who made the problems or caused the problems is great. When true love matures between husband and wife and parents and children then everything will be solved. God is in the position of the absolute, subject and owner of true love and has eternal value. When you have a relationship with your husband or wife then you say, "This man is my man" and the man will say, "This is my woman". Even if he says that then you don't feel bad. Love can own a person. Whatever the husband makes then you can use it, and if you use it for the purpose of love then the man will be happy. When there is no concept of husband and wife in a relationship, everything will be shared. If you say that I used the money for this country to be greater, build a bridge, or whatever for this country, then the kind of love will be continuous and eternal in that kind of relationship.

Devote yourself for the sake of the greater purpose as a husband and wife. If you cannot go to that level, then you will be restricted by your love. When a husband and wife unite into one and go in different directions then there is no support from God. When the nation of Japan is not living for the sake of itself, but living for the sake of the world, then everyone will appreciate such a nation. Then they can participate as part of the world. Do you belong to Japan or belonging to me? Who owns you? Are you my people or the people of Japan? Are you ashamed or are you proud to be a member of the Unification Church. Without having met with Father Reverend Kamiyama would never be like he is today. Do you understand? Do you like love? Do you love love? The subject of love is every place. You can go any place if you are that subject of love. How will the Unification Church unify this world? Centered upon true love. You should completely surrender yourself to true love. Or are you escaping? No matter what kind of hardship you are given, because of true love you can stay. Because your self, your entire body feels joy being with True

Parents, True Father. If Father starts talking about Father's hardship it will become very difficult. But because of true love and God everything is embraced.

So set upon that focal point of love everything in the universe will be possible with true love. Because of the power of true love things will never be broken. No matter how far you may go love connects each of us to eternal value. Spiritual world is like that, everything is ordered according to true love. You don't need a teacher about love. Do you understand the value of love? God created man for the sake of love. Do you feel that man alone feels love? Can woman alone feel love? When you have give and take between man and woman then you feel happy and you feel love. The creation of this universe also started out with true love. When you are matched you want to have someone who is greater than you. Whenever people are asked this question the answer is always the same. The point is that God himself has that desire. God really wants to have an object who is greater than himself. That is how this world was initiated. Now we have to make this happen. Even the object of God is to turn himself to true love. God is the absolute God. Even that God is longing to have someone greater than himself. So you can see the value of love. Do you understand?

So when true love happens, does God feel happy? When he sees an object greater than Himself is He happy? If He invested one hundred percent, then the object never becomes more than one hundred per cent. So if God only invests one hundred percent into creation we will never tee able to surpass God. But when God created man, He invested more than one hundred per cent. He made limitless effort and had limitless desire for the process of creation. This is actually a very important point. Where did Father's concept of living for the sake of others come from? To have the joy of God realized, what does the absolute God need? Does the absolute God feel lonely or is God not that kind of God? God is a god of personality, and has a tremendous capacity for horizontal feeling.

So the heart and the will and the intellect has to be completely united in one and investing one hundred per cent towards the principle of living for the sake of others. Who is going to realize this love. Does a rabbit or a duck? The masterpiece of God's creation is supposed to be man. Mankind is the masterpiece of His creation. Why was mankind born. Why was woman born? For the sake of love, man and woman were born. Man was not born for himself. Woman wasn't born for herself, but for the sake of the opposite sex. If that's not the case then there is no relationship with God. So woman for man and man for woman. Even if a man is proud of himself for being a man, that man is there to live for the sake of woman, that is the reason he is born, and wherever you go, north, south, east, west, the absolute truth is that very principle, the relationship is the same between man and woman and love. That relationship will continue all the life of mankind. For the sake of woman, man was born. For the sake of man, woman was born. Do you understand? In this there is no concept of myself. The most precious thing for man is woman, and the most precious thing for woman is man. Is it mans hat, ears, eyes or what? Sexual organs. Why do you laugh. Husband and wife hide that part for each other. Your most loving part of your wife is the sexual part, right? So if a woman is sick and the husband goes in then the problem goes because that is the starting point of love. Its the very place, the very most important part, its the place of unity. Give and take takes place.

So the love relationship is going to start and is going to continue and spring out from that very part. Therefore that is the most crucial part of man. Therefore God created such an important position and point. No matter how you approach- from the back or front, that part is protected. Do you like that part? Same with Father. You can say God is the same. Therefore it is surrounded and protected, it is covered. If that part is opened up many times it becomes confused. Do you understand? That is not yours. It is not for yourself, it belongs first to God. We have to know that very clearly. The unification marriage is based upon God. The relationship has to emerge accordingly. In the past people tend to decide their own spouse. But that is not the case here.

The starting point is God originally. Everything started with love. Love is so important. Before joining the Unification Church you were completely upside down but after joining you completely renewed yourself, determining to realize that kind of ideal relationship. Such members of the Unification Church should emerge.

For what purpose were man and woman born? If you want to go out centered upon God, love your spouse for the sake of God. You must make one hundred percent investment for the sake of others. Then if you really go beyond one hundred per cent you naturally go beyond 360 degrees and thus create that eternal power base. Eternal power will be created by that kind of love when you really invest yourself and forget, invest and forget, invest and forget. That kind of person is going to live eternally.

So always invest no matter what, don't even look back at what you have done. Sometime you are fighting even though you are smiling at each other. You can smile, cry, and fight any way you like but only love can embrace and hold that kind of circumstance. So you really understand what true love means when you live for the sake of family, family for the sake of nation, and for the sake of the future, and the sake of humanity. Man is doing it for the greater love. No matter how you invest in love throughout your life you can invest and there is always more to give for the sake of the world. With that kind of heart, two objects of God will be merged. Eternal investment and unlimited investment-how wonderful it is! That is what connects you to true love. The person who has true love has invested himself or herself limitlessly. Do you understand? As that kind of love emerges you get bigger. The more you invest, the more the realm that you can relate to will expand. So you should just take off your clothes and invest everything for the sake of others. That is the position of the Eve nation. Dedicate yourselves for the sake of true love.

God will invest himself completely even for his enemy. This is the way Satan will eventually surrender. I don't have anything except the most important thing-the realization of what God is and what the ideal relationship between man and woman is. Also true love can digest every problem of the family. Centered upon true love, mind and body is to be completely united. The fundamental question is of unity between mind and body. The mind and body must be completely one. Then the problem is solved. In the ideal world, the world of peace, if you are by yourself will you feel joy and happiness? No. So loving for the sake of the greater purpose is the answer, and through that kind of true love thousands of generations are going to continue. You have to surrender yourself to the love of God. If you just hope that you are going to be with a particular person, that's basically self centered type of love. The important aspect is to surrender yourself for God. You really understand the position of God, night? You understand the concept of love before the absolute God? The creation, the air, the soil is a complete object, a minus before God.

The absolute God is centered upon the absolute love. Forget about your parents and forget about the nation of Japan. Just give yourself completely for the sake of the cause. Can you do that? Are you doing it? So you really understand that when I'm with the Korean leaders you have to sit somewhere, over there. Language is so important, because it is how we can communicate our heart and love. Everything in done in accordance with the word. Everything is to be realized through the word. If you cannot understand then you cannot relate to the heart behind it. Language is so important. If you have two languages then is there any absolute? It is like having two sets of parents, two men and two different kind of women. If you have two sets of parents and two sets of children who are of two different kinds, then there is no such a thing as an absolute world centered upon God. Women really want to give everything to a man, and men want to give everything to a woman when there is love. What kind of woman doesn't like to marry? Every woman really wants to marry. Why did God create this world? Because of love. For the sake of that love parents and children have relationship. Where ever you go, north, south, west or east people want to experience love. The Japanese want to experience the love of Japan. But Japan is for the sake of the world, centered upon love. This world has to merge into one from the larger perspective. That's how we realize the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth centered on love. Do you understand? If you have love everything will be formed. If Father becomes very poor, what are you going to do? You have a savings account and you give a certain percentage of what you have? Absolute love dedicates everything for the sake of God and also for the sake of nation.

If you start creating yourself as an absolute plus then absolute minus can be formed. When you create that spherical movement between absolute plus and absolute minus, absolute plus creates absolute minus. That creates the base of absolute existence. Where do God and man meet? When man and woman unite into one this becomes the very point where God is going to meet man. At that point we have spherical movement. The three of you together move as one. Man is going down this way then he starts raising up.

So the conclusion is that the concept of absolute existence is based upon true love. Have you ever experienced true love? You have parents and you are proud of them no matter who they are. When you have love, it creates an object of love. The relationship between parents and children is the foundation of true love. There is no limit. Everything can be realized on that foundation. Do you understand? Throughout your life you have to invest yourself completely. From now you have to really invest yourself one hundred percent. Then if you determine to invest yourself 100 percent, you will become a true child of God.

Raise your hands if you will really invest yourself, going out in the early morning, coming back late. Invest yourself 100 percent. There are so many things that I have done in the past that normal people cannot do. So many times I forget about lunch, breakfast, I really think about a time for playing. By investing yourself 100 percent, if you cannot finish that then you have to occupy the Satanic world with your have to occupy with conviction. By doing that you really fulfill.

Mansei! Mansei! Mansei!

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