The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Perfect Digestion And The Age Of Perfection

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
6:00 A.M., 17th June. 1990
Translated by Col. Han

A healthy person needs perfect digestion to lead a healthy life. Of course we need to eat well, but more than that we need to digest well. We have to digest perfectly all things that we take into ourselves. Look at our eyes, there are something's the eyes want to see and some things that they don't. So some things are easily digested and some are not. But nevertheless all things have to be digested by the eye. This also applies to things we hear and touch and so on.

Now we can extend this more. A husband has to digest a wife and do all the things a man should. Likewise, children should digest parents and parents digest their children. Also, centering on a family, we must digest other families and a clan or group digest a country, and the country digest the clan. The country should digest the world, and the world digest a country. Likewise the spirit world and physical worlds should digest one another as well. God and mankind have exactly the same relationship as does heaven in heaven and heaven on earth-they should digest one another as well.

That within a limit should digest that beyond the boundary to maintain perfect peace. The head should digest the whole body and the body digest the head. Westerners have been building a very substantial foundation and the Orientals have studied and digested it very well whereas often the Westerners don't study or know their own foundation very well. Therefore the age of perfection does not come. Who will win? Those who digest well will win. The West says, "I cannot eat anything but hamburgers and cheese" but Orientals are not limited to these. Food is plentiful here, except perhaps in prison. That is one place where you find your body can digest anything. This is an analogy with the Biblical saying "blessed are the poor for they shall not want" The poor people can eat anything whereas the rich look for certain foods they can eat. Where is the more perfect way of life? Much depends upon how well you can digest things as you live. Because of these reasons the Unification Church in New York should sit without chairs and in Korea where they sit on the floor, they need chairs. Light should digest the dark night before becoming light again and vice versa.

Americans might say they can live only in America. But if a new world comes, he has no chance of living anywhere else. But in America, what is the most difficult thing to digest? Myself and the Unification Church. The most difficult one to digest of all is Father. What about Reverend Moon, can he digest all problems that arise from people of five colors? If he cannot digest all their problems then he cannot claim to be True Parents. True children should digest everything True Parents digest. If children don't eat or digest the same things as their parents, they will never be the same. If we say, "I like the words Father gives us but I don't want the indemnity that goes with it" then we have a problem. Americans don't like disagreeable things, especially the women. Also American women like to stand in front of everyone. But if you are in front, how can you digest those people behind you? Whereas if you follow behind and digest everyone then you have the foundation to stand in front. So as long as you fail to digest all things you remain sick and perfection cannot be attained.

We want to live a spotless life don't we? But look at a tree. The leaves are clean but the roots are in the dirt where the nutrition is. Something dirty is exactly what the roots need and digest. Fertilizer, for example ammonia and manure, smell very bad but the roots welcome such nutrition. The trees grow much better when fertilized. In human society too there is the upper section, the middle class and the lower class. To exchange the lower class and higher class people abruptly would be like turning a tree upside down. Both positions would die. Some people are saying that the lower classes should be above the higher classes. This is what communism has been shouting this for the last seventy years. They have been annihilating the rich people, the bourgeois. But all they have succeeded in doing is shattering their society. Who will digest these problems? That is the key question. The free world has been fighting communism but now without communism which way do we go? Right away, Reverend Moon grabbed hold of communism to digest it. The Soviets also don't know where to go. The one who chooses one thing and stays with it all the time cannot digest everything. But the one who can digest everything can go on and on.

Let us said, "Love your enemy". This is the equivalent of "let us digest our enemy and our enemy's world". So what did Father do? Father brought Japanese and Koreans as well as Germans-all those people the Americans don't care for-to America to work for America Father did this because America was going down and they were brought here to give America the opportunity to digest them. This is actually a wonderful thing. When Reverend Moon faced the situation of being imprisoned, then he "digested America". He did it by giving America the things it needs to stay prosperous and healthy. In short, without Bush America could not have digested Russia. Even so the Americans didn't digest communism themselves. Rather it is True Parents. Without Reverend Moon and the many projects he has initiated in the last twelve years this country would not be the same as it is now.

America is a big country but did it digest Reverend Moon or the other way around? Did America digest Moonies or vice versa? Moonies were part of drugs, free sex etc. and were digested by Reverend Moon. Now they are digesting the rest of America.

You might say, "You like to digest all things, but I was brought up in America and I don't like to digest everything?" If you say this then we will perish and so will America. Those who refuse to go to the special training hospital in the Unification Church will perish. How many healthy, perfect men can say they are ready to digest more than Reverend Moon?

Many of the Japanese and Americans who didn't want to go along with Reverend Moon are now coming to see Reverend Moon is right. The Germans said the same. They complained about Reverend Moon taking all the machinery out of their country. But now they see that he instead has been working on perfecting it. How about Korea? They are a more stubborn country. Even they are beginning to say he is a saint.

Reverend Moon is the one who decided to digest prisons the best. In six months he digested all parts to the point that those who were leaving prison before Father would come before him to report that they were about to leave. If Father had not digested prison in Korea then he would not have been able to digest the Japanese prison and there would never have been a Unification movement. Korean prisons were probably the worst, especially the communist prisons set up by Kim Il Sung. Father has been to the worst places.

As a man, all things tried to tempt him. In some situations, not eating food is the best way to digest things. Reverend Moon looks at the worst situation and sees this as an opportunity to establish a standard and foundation. We all have to be able to digest the worst place--hell on earth.

Father knows the prison world, the prostitution world Mafia, Hollywood etc. Maybe Father will dress up a few sisters and make them more beautiful than the night queens. He will put them in the highest heels-not inches high, feet high! Perhaps one of them will be the one to digest all the prostitutes. Father will introduce her as such. Even if she is well manicured and has lipstick everywhere, God will praise her.

Father also sent a lot of underground missionaries. They had to digest many incredible things behind the iron curtain. Is the man who instigates all these things, a good or a fearful man? (Good!) Both! To God's side he is good. To Satan's side he is a fearful guy.

Now since you are so smart you know Father's point here. China years ago, used to have a very peculiar custom. Even less than one hundred years ago the Chinese would bind the feet of the women so they would never grow. If someone did this to American women they wouldn't know how to deal with it, they wouldn't know how to digest it. But perhaps if their feet ached so much they would come to know the real value of love. Father thought that perhaps the greatest woman of love would come from such a group of Chinese women.

The age of perfection comes through us digesting all things well. As far as Father is concerned if God called Reverend Moon and said, "You have digested all things to do with people please go to the mountain and digest the animal world", what would you think Father would say? "OK"

How does Father reflect on you? How do you see Father? Good and stylish? Unstylish? (Stylish). If so, Father is bound to be respected by all women in the world. Will women listen to Father or their husbands if Father says "Stay away from your husband"? Father has the original root of true love. The husband does not have this.

All your fathers said, "If Reverend Moon is True Father then who am I?" According to the Bible it teaches us that the Lord to come is a bridegroom. Then it is natural that all women follow the messiah and establish a relationship with him as True Father, true elder brother and true husband. Men don't have heavenly live seed. Rather they have Satan's seed. But we need heavenly seed to bear heavenly children. Therefore the messiah comes in the position of bridegroom to all women.

So Father is to you as your real father, elder brother and husband. He stands in these positions. So when the messiah gives directions, the women especially should obey. We have to establish the tradition of connecting the woman's world to the messiah. This is tradition that is opposite to the conventional way.

Father always challenged the longest sermon. One he gave was over sixteen and a half hours long. Next Father will challenge the shortest-perhaps three seconds. He will have someone else write up the title before he comes up, then all he will say is, "Now you understand. If you don't, study!"

There is false and true love and we need to digest both. There are false and true men and we need to digest all. What is true love? What is bad love? Self-centered love where "I" am number one for ever, like a dictator centered upon self.

Who stays in the top part of spirit world? Those who live for the sake of others. Everyone will welcome such a person. Only the rule "live for the sake of others" deter

mines position in the spirit world. We do not have position there because of our husband or wife. Those in the top realms of spirit world lived for others, their families and beyond-for the nation and the world. Filial sons and daughters-they forget what they do for others. Such people digest their world fully. The criteria is simple. Such people can go anywhere.

No-one can avoid death. So it's simple for us to understand. If God is the Original Being, would God wait thousands of tedious years for salvation of His children if He was selfish? How long could we wait? Would we last one week, one month, one year? This is an important question-how long are we going to persevere in God's position? Ask yourself when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, "What did you do? What are you going to do?" Each of us knows clearly.

The moment we die we go to some place in the spirit world. How we live is up to each one of us. We cannot say that we were not taught clearly by Father that where we go in the spiritual world depends on how we live. In digesting we should not do so centered upon our selves so that we an go to a better place. Rather we should be motivated for others' sakes, especially for God and spirit world.

If we work for the sake of others we have no worries about ourselves. If we live this way for ten or twenty years then everyone including God will become your friend. This is the way the world is made and if we work in accordance with this law, if we work in harmony with this then we will be truly free. The one who digests perfectly reaches perfection and is healthy. When Americans didn't know Father's motive they tried to get rid of him. But as they learned the real nature of Father they turned around and now they want to give all America to Moonies.

Our origin has changed. We are not just a little better. We are different. What is the pride of the Unification Church? True Parents and True God. If true love did not exist then True Parents, true children and true race would not exist. Even God obeys true love. Presidents and queens should also respect true love. The origin is God who has absolute recognition of true love. Even God is willing to give up his own life for the sake of true love. Why does God himself exist? Because of true love. Therefore love is ahead of life. It is the origin of existence. If love was not there then God's existence would have no meaning. To prove this God created all things in pairs-to love. This is the first time in history this has been pronounced. This is not just concept but reality and truth.

We inherit a lot from God. There is a nobility of parents in wanting their children to be greater than themselves or their spouse to be better than themselves. Where does this thinking come from? It comes from God Himself.

God wants His partner, the object of His love, to be greater. Man is also made up of subject and object aspects so as to appreciate these two aspects of all existence and how they harmonize in love.

At the top of the human being is the head. In the center are the reproductive organs. All thinking is focused here in the center, on love. The center of all thinking is focused on this central point. Is this true and good? The most precious thing is not to forget thoughts of love towards your spouse. No matter how busy she is a woman still thinks of her husband. And even though a man may be working like an ox he will be thinking of going home to his wife.

Who is the real master of your sexual organs? (Spouse!) Father is amused because you are right. When did you learn this? There can only be one master. Or do we need two masters? Perhaps two loves? But there can only be one perfect master-not ourselves but our spouse.

Our origin is not in our brain. The brain does not have true love, true life or true lineage. These three exist in only one place--the sexual organ. Clear! The original place of love is this. This is the origin of life and blood lineage. This is the fountain of life, the most precious place in the whole body and in human history.

Imagine. Humankind has never experienced their value given them by God. We have never really understood our own intrinsic value. If we can be aware of this value given by God then the more we work and the older we become, the stronger we become. The more you invest in love the more power you get to invest more. This is the ideal world of love. The inner contents of such people becomes more and more beautiful.

True love has a continual attitude of giving and forgetting to count what is given. True love gives and gives. But how do we catch true love? God's true love, True Parent's true love and children's true love is common to one point-True Parents. As soon as we occupy True Parents then we find everything.

Women absolutely must follow men. M for men is like two peaks and W for women is like two valleys. The peaks must not go down to the valleys and vice versa. But no matter how you American think about this, you must follow this truth. Who doesn't like this? (No-one said a word in front of Father.) Then you agree! Please follow.

In True Parents there is true peace, true perfection, and true passage. By digesting True Parents then we also digest true peace, true perfection and true passage. Become one with True Parents. This means we are then directly connected with the true lineage of God.

How much did people invest in digesting all things? If you invested twenty years in digesting this country then much would be different. Today must be the new chapter of digesting many things. We can conquer everything once we are armed with this formidable weapon of digestion. This is not conquering by coercion or force. When we digest things there is natural subjugation. How does Reverend Moon conquer us?

The new championship of digestion is to be achieved. The deepest hells-places of violence, corruption, prostitution, Hells Angels and many more have to be digested. God doesn't have a body. He needs a body to accomplish these things. Will this be done by Americans or foreigners?

You say you don't like fundraising and yet Father sends you out. YOU don't want to go to digest the Hells Angels, Mafia and so on and yet Father might ask you to do just that You might even lose your life. But remember those who lose their lives will gain their life.

There are more things to do in the spirit world, especially if we leave them undone here.

What purpose are you working for now? To digest all things. Visit the ones who make the biggest noise against us. How much result did you make? How much result will you make?

Today is the beginning of a new chapter of digesting everything. Father is telling us it is the first day. Shall we do it? God bless you.

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