The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Proclamation Of True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
6:00 A.M., 27th May, 1990
Translated by Col. Han

What do the words "True Parents" mean? Only members of the Unification Church are privileged enough to know and speak these words and to be able to receive and keep them daily in our hearts. The world is a very complicated place. There is no center or master. Look at America. Many people from different races, nations and backgrounds have come to live here, but there is no center or master to harmonize around. "That's why we're Americans," you might say, "We are independent." Yes, that is true but there are some good Americans and some bad Americans. Which are there more of? No Americans want to open their mouth and answer! We know that America isn't heaven, so if it isn't heaven what is it? What is the opposite? [Hell.] Then we can say that America, like everyplace else is hell.

Look closely and see if you can tell which Americans are headed to heaven and which are going to hell. Do you think the number is evenly divided, half and half? No one would agree on the percentage. Let's look at people of the older generation. What percentage of older Americans are going to heaven or headed to hell? Look at each age, the middle aged and teenaged too. Each age would have a different percentage. As the age goes down, a larger percentage are going to hell because young people don't know what they are doing or the consequences of their drug use and free sex. America has now declared war on drug use. We see the problem. Do Moonies have that problem? [No.] How many teenagers could you count as being really heavenly people? Maybe there are one or two? What if you look all over the country? Can you find ten? Or one hundred? The number will never go up no matter how hard we try to push it. A country with such miserable youth really has no future. It means nothing but misery for the future. Does anyone here have confidence to disagree that this is America's situation?

Let's continue to look at America Are there any groups who say, "Let's save America"? Yes, some do, but how effectively do they work? Everyone in their group may be willing, but how capable are they? Is one family or even one individual willing to sacrifice himself for this country? America is a huge country and everyone is walking at a different pace. There seems to be more disharmony than harmony. What kind of people are Americans? Let us examine this closely.

We can trace back and find that originally, America was an independent country made up of Protestants who fled England for freedom. They are the basic element of the foundation of this nation. The Puritans then came here. How are Puritans different from the Catholic or the older church? They thought that the Catholic way was no way to serve God. They denied the environment and even the country that Catholic thinking perpetuated. They openly opposed Catholicism and fled to America seeking to lead righteous lives. They were very much centered on God. God was their motive, their purpose, everything. They wanted to live in a country better than the European countries they were from. They wanted a better religion than Catholicism. They wanted to come into unity with God and create a new Europe and they dedicated themselves to live for this purpose. With this dream they came to America

The Vatican was the center of the old religion. The Puritans envisioned more love towards the whole country and a higher standard of a God-serving country than what the Vatican had. This was their dream. At that time, it was difficult to cross national borders. That idea seemed silly to the Puritans. They were bound by God's law, not national boundaries. They wanted unity in order to powerfully serve God and people. So centered on this spirit, America has been observing people who were once loyal to their kings. But America is trying to absorb and pull the best people to God's side. Their goal was steadfast. They wanted to create a country better than those dominated by Catholicism. They were not willing to settle under the Catholic standards at that time. The Puritans united with others who were dissatisfied with the Catholic rule to create a better country in America.

That thought was the underlying thought of the Puritans. They embraced the groups which the Catholics persecuted. When people saw what was happening in America, many came to join in. They knew this was more just and when they joined they became stronger. They sought God's will even though it was more difficult and painful. What kind of lifestyle did these people have? The first thing in their minds was the church. It was the base of their society. They created a church so they could invite God into it.

At that time though, not all in America was peaceful. The newcomers had to fight against the indigenous race. the Indians. They didn't fight in the name of a king or an empire, but in the name of God, which was great. They didn't fight just as individuals or as a clan, but they were willing to go over anything, any border, to enhance the name of God. If some scholar or historian asks "How did God, who loved Indians as much an any other race, let white people kill them mercilessly?" How is it justified? We can find the answer. There were many natives here and only a handful of white people came. These Indians didn't know anything about God, whereas this handful of people did. If you were God watching them chase the Indians out in order to make a righteous country, which group would you choose to support?

Are whites the original owners of America? No, they were more like invaders. We can say the people centered on a church came and massacred all the Indians. But America now stands as the greatest and most developed nation. Did only man build this country? No, only God could do what has been accomplished here. Like war, the act of killing is bad, but God had to help these people. If you kill 10 million to save 100 million it can make sense. Like all sacrifices in history, many were killed, but for a greater purpose. That is how we can explain what God had in mind when He let this situation happen. God gave blessings to those who think correctly, which is thinking for the sake of the whole. So God gave many blessings to those Americans. But what about America today? Americans today are much worse than the Indians who lived peacefully.

To this day no scholars can find an answer to the brutal death of six million Jews. No one can explain it. Even among the Jews, God's own chosen people, who among them can explain the deaths? Those six million people were high level people. They were cut down and wiped out. God watched it happen. We can guess that God did not agree with what He saw when He looked down upon that scene. People have concluded that God knew about it and let it happen. We can see that the Jewish people of that time were high level people, much blessed by God. God wanted to save everyone through His chosen people. Did they do that? They strengthened themselves, but saw only themselves as the chosen people and didn't care about others. They weren't a part of the whole, but separated themselves. So even though they faced disaster, other Europeans didn't even give them much sympathy.

The Jewish people should have given their blessings to others, knowing this is what God wanted. They were probably self centered, not going beyond Jewish thinking to a whole point of view. God's ideal was there. By giving the Jews lots of blessing, they were to use this to save the rest of the world. But in reality they were taking for themselves and not thinking about God's will. We see the same pattern happening in America today. Western people are not known for living for the whole. They are not like that. There is always some silent comparisons going on between white people and Jewish people, but there is no purpose for this. Each one is trying to be superior.

God blessed America, but what did God have in mind? God wanted America to become good and strong and chase out Satan in order to liberate hell and create heaven. Do you intelligent Americans agree that this is what happened? Who thinks this way, that "the clothes I am wearing are the result of the bloodshed of some people who were exploited and who suffered in history." The clothing industry grew by the sacrifice of many people. Even though that is the case, if even one person thinks, "These are clothes with a heavenly responsibility, so I will repay the debt. I will repay it by following God's will" we can justify the suffering of those in the past.

God doesn't give blessing because one person is so great. If we just enjoy blessing without realizing why we have it, what would God feel? God would feel anger and want to take everything away from this nation and give it to more righteous people. The Indians killed by those early Americans are still living in spirit world. Not only the Indians, but also those weaker exploited people and the righteous white Americans who sacrificed themselves. What do they feel looking down on America today?

America was going along with God's will until the end of World War II. They sent out money and missionaries and sacrificed to do God's will more than European countries. Europe sent missionaries mostly to Africa, but America sent missionaries to Asia broadening their scope of influence. For example, America wanted to go and colonize the Philippines. Colonization is not bad, as long as America served their colonies better than they served themselves. God would then even encourage them to colonize more countries. When Americans go to miserable Asian countries, we have to serve them, comfort them and spend more money on them than on our own country. Who would oppose this? No one. That is loving the needy for God's purpose. But it didn't happen that way. Americans took things for themselves. So now people oppose them and America is beginning to see that it's path is not a smooth one.

Up to Kennedy's time, he was willing to give. He was assassinated. Hammerskjold met the same fate. How do you explain that? They tried to bring back assistance to other countries. America should have remained a superior country, so they didn't want to give anything away. If Americans continued on with God's will to the point they had nothing left to give, and so, gave even their own houses and things for those on other continents, would America be where it is now? Would God have allowed the deterioration we see?

Look at Korea. America helped Korea a lot. Koreans have been striving to become like America. But things have changed. Korea now opposes the United States. China and other countries are saying, "Yankee go home." How will the United States cope? Will they use force? That won't work. God is the master of might, not America. This is a basic fact. Do you think America has gone in the right direction since 1942? [No.]

Pursuit of free sex and drugs is the sure way to perish. Unless Americans change, God will not help them. The churches have nothing to do with these things, this evil is part of the devil himself.

The first Israelites were brought down. Why? Instead of serving the world, they kept to themselves and bettered themselves forgetting about the world. God wanted to make the Israelites strong and valuable, then put them on the alter and allow them to sacrifice to save the world. The history of what they did is clear though, and God did away with them.

God chose the Christian culture as the second Israel. America was the leader, standing in the Abel position to fight against the old Catholic way. We know that some Europeans originally went to South America. They promoted Catholicism and thought only of the Pope and their own country. Those Puritans who came to North America went over the old testament era and reached out to a new world. God blessed those in North America, but not South America. Those in South America only hoped to better themselves there. Those in North America were different. They went beyond the countries of race and religion and wanted to love the whole world. So God gave America more blessing.

We know history. The second Israel did not do it's mission, so God chose a third Israel, the Unification Church. No one will unite under force. It can come only through the investment of true love and service with love, heart, money, everything. Love, life and lineage is the most precious thing an individual can invest for the sake of their country. Each Unification Church member has to do this. This is what God expects. What kind of ideology is this? Godism and True Parentism. True Parentism is the headwing of the whole arrangement.

God is the vertical, centered-on-love parents. True Parents are the horizontal, centered-on-love parents. These two parents must be united. The whole world will follow the way they move. Our mind follows our parents when they move. When Father went to Moscow our minds followed him there, didn't they? And then on to Korea too! Can we rest now that he is back in the United States? Do you want to ask for peaceful time now? Even after parents go to spirit world, we will want to go too. Father is seventy years of age, do we wish we were too? That seventy year old father is bearing the cross himself. Do we like that and think it's OK? Or should we think, "I will bear the cross too, for him and for our whole country"? You don't all have the confidence to answer.

What is the subject of today's speech? The proclamation of True Parents. In proclaiming True Parents, Father is saying that since parents are doing this we should do the same, or should we do even more, ahead of him? Do we want to follow True Parents or lead them and help them? This is the proclamation True Parents are making. Does Father say "Just respect and follow me" or "Reach out and bear your own cross. Do what Parents do"? We know everything there is to know. Should we tell Father to live happily together with us and build our own empire? If we do that we will become like the Jews and like them, we will perish.

Study what secured the Israelites fate. What made the second Israelites fate? Father is a smart man, he studied in this way. The third Israel has the same mission as the first two. Now we know why we came into being, why the third Israel is necessary. We are here for the liberation of hell on earth, as well as the spirit world.

We have to understand this point clearly. You should feel, "I will go over the point where Israel failed. I will go over difficulty to reach out to the world." Invest more for the world. Only one man, Reverend Moon is receiving help from God, spirit world and fate. Without him there is no way for advancement. God cannot liberate Himself. America is in the same situation as the Jewish people. Why? They lost God's purpose. They lost the world. Moonie's understand this clearly. This is God's perspective. No matter how difficult things get, we cannot lose God's will. We must save the world.

Until now we didn't know all these things so clearly. What is the crux of True Parents' thought? God. Not just God, but vertical true love parents. [Father writes on the board, VTP=G] His ideal was always the salvation of the world, nothing smaller.

God and True Parents meet at a ninety degree angle, one point. True love always travels the shortest, fastest distance. There are not two points where this shortest route is possible, only at ninety degrees. Love travels faster than anything. The universe is so immense that it takes twenty two million light years to travel the distance. What if one man and one woman who love each other were on opposite sides of the universe? How long would it take to reach each other? Almost no time, because love travels faster than light! Everything is inside God, so even though the universe is huge, He can reach anything instantly because love is so fast. God can see, smell, taste, touch, and experience. God is very powerful, but does He want to hold you powerfully or with a soft touch? A soft touch! Now we know clearly what history is all about.

Father is the root and we are the seed of True Parents. The seed has elements of horizontal and vertical True Parents. The seed has everything, true love too. True love is the mingling power within that seed. A father has life, character, mind and body and a mother has the same. Altogether they have four parts, two minds and two bodies. All are intermingled to give the creation of new life. Is it love power or life power? [Love power!] That is why life has to follow love. Understand? Love is the origin.

Love is very powerful, but American love has less than zero power. Nothing is permanent in American love, it doesn't last. This is a very concrete point. Moonies have lots of power though.

Centered on True Parentism, we have what? True lovism. Does this mean that God has to love me, or in God's place, I will love everything? Are you confident enough to say to others, "Don't pray to God, pray to me because I actually do the saving." If someone could say this, would it be wonderful or pitiful? Wonderful! No further explanation is necessary. "Pray to me because I will do it." The one who can say that is the ideal leader Father would like to see emerge and appear. He wants to see a person who says, "When I receive from God, I will distribute it to you." This is the attitude of a true parent. Parents can't say to their children, "I'm tired, so you pray." True parents always want to dedicate themselves to save the children. Did we see those kind of parents in the past? No, but that is how a true parent's mind works. True Parents can't do everything, but we have millions of people who can, so Father is asking us to be parents in his position and to reach out to the whole world. God expects Father to have that kind of feeling. All parents want their children to be greater than themselves. So what they could not do, effectively reach out and save others, the children can do. We must understand that this is not just another talk of Father's. Father has told us things that no one else on Earth knew.

Why do you want your spouse to be greater than you? By thinking that way, each can reach closer ~o God. Through having a better husband or wife, we can come one step closer to God. By coming closer to God we can better fulfill what He wants us to do.

Those who work hard for their own sake retreat, while those who work for others advance in giant leaps. If even one individual in America works for the sake of the world, centered on love power, he can control everything. People will recognize him as a hero. This is what we have to become. Work here in America, but not just for America's sake. If you can do this, God will gaze at you with pride and say, "You are like me, I will help you." He will finally say, "I have found a true love son and daughter. How wonderful it is!"

Today we look all around the world and see no hope, everything is deteriorating. But there is one hope, it is True Parentism and True Parents themselves. This is what Father proclaimed on his speaking tour in Korea. Since the United States is in despair, how can other countries have hope? Everyone is crying like an orphan, they see no parents, no teacher, no master (owner) who would say, "You're wrong, you're right" and "Do this and do that." How can we find these three elements? True Parentship has those three things, parentship, teachership and ownership. True Parents are the real teacher. They teach that Satan has occupied fallen humanity. No one else teaches this. True Parents are the true owner. They are strict sometimes. They tell us, "You have to work hard, even going down to the dungeon of hell. Don't take it easy, I want to bequeath everything to you." That kind of owner is a True Parent. True Parents are real

parents, more than physical parents. If you are lacking something, I will fill it. Father doesn't expect you to be perfect in all three of these elements at once. But start with one. Later you can achieve all three, like Father. Father is telling Americans to do this with your life. Choose one. Start in your own family, not on the street. Start within yourself-is your mind maintaining a ninety degree angle with Parents? Is your mind and body maintaining this ninety degree angle of relationship? The mind is in the vertical position and the body is in the horizontal position. The body can then no longer rebel. Now our minds and bodies are always fighting. With this ninety degree way, there is no loss, only gain.

Do not forget the concept of maintaining a ninety degree angle. Our mind should become the vertical me, which I inherit from God centered on true love. My body is the horizontal me received from True Parents centered on true love. That ideal self is mind and body inherited from both elements. The body must always follow the mind in place of God. We must know my mind is a second God which controls me completely and leads me to heaven. My body is the second True Parents. They join in ninety degrees. No one can modify or change this. It is an eternal standard. As long as we have this perfect position, we can go everywhere, through all the twelve pearl gates.

We know ourselves as well as God knows me. Your conscience will command you. Everyone has an equal conscience. It is yours eternally.

Our homework from Father is to make this one perfect point of a unified mind and body. Some people are only one or two degrees off, some are 359 degrees wrong. On the circle of 360 degrees they look like they are so close to being correct, but actually they are completely wrong, as far away from the correct point that they can get. This is typical of gangsters. We're not that bad, at least we say "God" and "Father" every day. So we are maybe half way or better. People who want free sex have a long way to go. As difficult as it is to change, it is more difficult in spirit world. When a man's conscience is crooked, even God cannot reach him.

A tree always grows in a vertical line, grass too. The leaves are bright and much greener, but the flower always blossoms on the stem. Do we have a stem? The problem is we don't have the main stem. Father wishes for this main stem to grow higher and better, that is why Father has international marriages. Now we are fighting to balance ourselves and stand in a vertical line, but one day we will stabilize and we will be able to stand straight. Then we can rest.

So Father's purpose is to proclaim True Parents. He did this so even when Parents go to spirit world, all can follow and live up to his example and become True Parents themselves. The words "True Parents" connote everything is perfected. It can even make God perfect. Christians will be flabbergasted by this. They will say, "God is an absolute

Being that doesn't need anything." Is a man who doesn't need anything real or not? Not real. What does God need? Love. Even God needs something. God is in the kings position of money, knowledge and power. America has everything, money, knowledge, power but it doesn't have true love. God only needs true love. Can we find it in America?

Why did Reverend Moon come here nearly twenty years ago? Because there is no true man in America. Satan holds a sovereignty of bad men here. A true man needed to invade Satan's kingdom and occupy it himself. God was worried about America's situation, so He told Reverend Moon, "Go to America, so one true man can be standing there. Otherwise there is no hope for America and this country will perish." What kind of treatment did I receive from America? Persecution. But Father endured. How do you become a true man? By going this way. Now there are many Moons, can we find true men here now? God looks down trying to find a true man in America, so I brought in Japanese and Korean people to help. But Americans wanted to chase the Asians out, including Father.

Reverend Moon is now gathering people and unifying them. There is one true man and woman, but we need ten more, one hundred more. I want to send out True women and men to all fifty states to occupy even Satan's worst power. We must spread out to resurrect and save this country. True Parents can make God perfect and both man and woman perfect. Centered on true love God is reaching to completion. This is the whole purpose history has been reaching to ever since the fall took place. Religion was formed and slowly reached higher levels, step by step to the time of the second advent, all in order to reach this destination of True Parents. Like wandering orphans, all nations must come to True Parents and settle now.

Wherever True Parents are, there is no Satan. Satan has to retreat. We have to cut our ties with Satan and make ties with God. That is meaning of the maxim that says "before one can control the world, one must control himself". Satan has been having a festival over fallen man.

When Reverend Moon was walking his path many men tried to chase him and stop him. Many women too, using the power they had, tried to stop him. During this time of Father's establishing an absolute standard, even his own family opposed him. Satan mobilized everything he had, the power of the nation and every other level to get Father to succumb. But Father will never change. Even from prison, he has been fighting. Everyone opposed Father's right path, the CIA, communism, the media, every kind of group. Father climbed over the most difficult hill of Danbury and finally everyone else was too tired to climb up after him. Those who came against Father, Father helped up and is now bringing them to the Unification Church. Americans know now that they absolutely need Reverend Moon.

This past twelve years has been the most fearful time of history. Father had to protect America or else communism

would have taken it away. Father did everything to protect America. In 1975 America came down to the bottom as much as if it had been hit with atomic power. In Vietnam America lost a war against guerrillas with little more than bamboo swords. No one in America thought at that time that the United States could win over world wide communism. Logic made us think that those who lost in Vietnam could never beat Russia or China. Now we have won and everyone is wondering, "What happened?" Father did it. Even though Father secured that kind of situation, America hit me. How miserable, but you have to know.

Father really helped the United States with The Washington Times. Reagan and Bush could not gain power without it. The world knows the Soviet's ultimate goal was to conquer the world by 1984. During Carter's time in office, he lost twelve countries to communism. If someone like him had stayed in office, would Gorbachev be doing what he is now? No. America would have pulled out of Korea, and taken many other actions causing worse collapse. What would have happened in 1984 if Mondale had won? He was a very good friend of Donald Fraser. The United States would also have pulled out of Korea. Would communism have gone down like it has? No. What about if Dukakis had won? Would Gorbachev have had to open up? No. Father wrestled with all his might to guide Reagan and Bush. Even we wondered why Father, a religious mar,, was so interested in politics.

Father sends us out to suffer. We complain saying, "This is not how Americans live." We think it must be the oriental way. No, it is God's way. Like grasshoppers, Americans search after the fun way.

History will notice the fact that communism has been liberated because of what Reverend Moon did. Father had to go to Russia at any cost and connect it to himself. The Bush administration said, "Reverend Moon, don't go to the USSR." Father knows the American way of thinking so well, he never praised Gorbachev because he knew then Americans would go against him.

The purpose of everything is to search out True Parents, our eyes, our ears, our touch, the carpet, glasses, even water too! [With that, Father took a big drink of water.] True Parents sounds good. True brotherhood, true husbandhood, true wifehood, these are words of the most hopeful gospel. We don't need sixty six different books of the Bible, all written by different people. The whole purpose of the Bible was waiting for one True Parent and now it is done.

Through True Parents we are to become True Parents. If True Parents are a tree we want to be a branch. From now you should become a farmer planting the true love branch. Through that a flower will blossom. Hell will be liberated and true love will come on the face of the earth. True Parentism is the hope and wish of all creatures. Satan is a creature, so even he will bow down to True Parents and love it. Even Kim II Sung will see his only way is through True Parents. Now he is not free, he must flee.

Right now Americans have no hope. Perhaps this is good so they can repent. Father taught us today how to gain liberation, more than what the Israelites and Christians had. What about Moonies, do you have hope or no hope? [Hope]

Democracy is a brotherism, but only a white brotherism. They try, but don't respect blacks or Orientals. There are more members of minorities in the United States than there are whites. They like Reverend Moon because he fights for them. Father is smart, he hasn't organized the minorities yet, because they would be too powerful. White people would resent his action. You white people should organize minorities, then no white people can go against it. White Unification Church members are not really white. We are a different breed willing to save whites and minorities too. Only a few years ago Japan and America were enemies. But now Japanese are willing to sacrifice everything to come to this country and help. Moonies are the love race. We can go everywhere. No matter how much difficulty you have, break out and go over it and create heaven on earth. We are going forward to proclaim True Parents.

All the time be grateful, thankful and never complain. So long as you have true love you can understand and catch everything. That is a true love attribute, to be able to participate in those three concepts of parents, owner and teacher.

The big question is which way will Reverend Moon go now? Will the KGB oppose Father? Because of the way he did it, what Father accomplished in one week in the Soviet Union can never be reversed. Even though communists don't understand God, they know that Reverend Moon is like God, a good man who underwent so much persecution. They had to ask themselves, "If there is no God, how could this one man endure the way he did?" With a one day foundation in Russia, Father said everything he wanted to say. His words were an upheaval of the seventy years of powerful communist foundation and rule there. They know that God did this. Even Reverend Moon cannot erase this accomplishment if he wanted to. God said so. The USSR needs Reverend Moon. America and even God need Reverend Moon. Why? God, America and Russia need liberation, so they all need Father. That is clear. So wherever Reverend Moon goes from now, no Satan is trying to block his way. The more we shout, the more they will listen and come along. They will revive more as Father shouts his message. We now have a headwing, both the left and the right will try to cling to it. Communism was like a slave system, there was no freedom. The headwing represents parentism. The House and Senate fight each other, as do the republicans and democrats. They fight because there has been no parent to say "You're right" or "You're wrong."

Those who established brotherhood in democracy, totally failed to love parents. Parents want brothers to love each other, but they need to connect to the parents first.

In the future we will make the same root, trunk, branch, leaves and blossoms as True Parents have. It means we will become True Parents too. Should we do it now or wait for the future? We have the name of Tribal Messiah. Father has been following his course, going up and down in dozens of countries. We can at least go to dozens of states and profess the same idea and teaching as Reverend Moon. This is how we fulfill True Parents ourselves. No persecution is left now.

The media, scholarly and political worlds are the three most powerful areas. Father has more control over these three than the White House does. Soon they will know the word "Manse)" and when all can join together to shout it out, the seventh time will be the time of perfection.

Father is moving straight-straight what? Straight up. God wants to go up. He wants to gain a crown, not a throne -to sit on.

There is no persecution now. Eventually we will have to teach even in the Indian villages. They will all join because we will teach there too. Go all the way to hell and back and then we will start our own foundation.

In front of forty million people, in Russia, Korea and everywhere, Father has proclaimed True Parents. Now everything is changing place. The Satanic world will now become the good spirit world. Hell, where we used to live is now where Satan will be, that is where he belongs. Unlike the past, the division between the direct and indirect dominions is paper thin. Good spirit world is coming straight down to the indirect dominion creating ninety degree angles everywhere. Satan cannot exist there then. All the spirit world is free. No indemnity is necessary to move from hell to heaven.

From now, things will happen quickly. When someone comes against us with no reason our ancestors will attack them and they may get sick and die. Be bold and strong, take a strong position. That means ownership.

As all animals and creation follow the sun as it comes up in the east and moves across the sky, all the world follows the true love center. All of spirit world is watching God in the same way. Your purpose is true love-true love God and true love parents. In that love, you do not flee, but you are free.

We have inherited all of True Parents love concept. I am the owner, teacher and parents. You can become that kind of person in the future. Father took so long, but you don't have to take so long. If you control yourself, even in four years you can accomplish. Everyone will come to you wanting to give you things. But we don't need much, so you can tell them to keep it, if not for themselves, then for the future.

You can take on parentship, ownership and teachership! How much hard work it will be! But that is your mission. Those who will do it, to make a free atmosphere and liberate God, please raise both hands!

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