The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Flower Of Absolute Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
6:00 A.M., 1st April, 1990
Translated by Col. Han

As you are aware Father's five city tour to speak to Korean residents successfully ended on March 30th. What is the Unification Church? It exists to create unity. Unification is one task. The essence of unification is unification between the mind and body, especially the spiritual aspect of the mind. That is in the title of Fathers speech. Unification can be made and then separation can take place again, but that is not the kind of unification we want. We want unification that lasts forever and ever. There is a very basic and fundamental question we must ask. Centering on what can lasting unification be made? The common denominator in the democratic world is material. Through material and possessions we all get together. Originally human beings were not supposed to be unified through money. Everyone today is clinging to money, even dying for making money. People gain knowledge in order to make money and want power which they can use to bring them a fortune. All is geared toward money. Should money be so important in our original way of life? No.

All through history certain questions have been asked. Where did human beings come from? What is the purpose of life and what is the relationship between God and man? These are age old questions. With a philosophical attitude you can raise even more questions like, how Because we feel proud of America, it seems logical to think we would see America coming into unity. But this is not so. Instead everyone wants to get away from America and exist on their own. Where can we find someone who says, "I am a real, unified American"? We don't see anyone like that.

The unification of the world is an important matter for us. In 1990 it now takes only one day to reach the other side of the globe. In six years there will be a plane fast enough to reach anywhere in the world in just three hours. A mere two hundred years ago, American Indians could only meet their own race or neighbor. They could travel a few miles but they never dreamed of meeting people from other cultures. Now it happens every day. Things have changed. Now we meet so many different kinds of people we have to overcome language barriers, value barriers, and culture and thought barriers. That is a real task. There is variety in lifestyle. With what can we solve these differences? Power? Knowledge? This is a question we must face. We have to settle these differences and make one neat order, but man cannot do it. Only God can make this orderly way.

This is a real problem and God is the only solution. We come to the conclusion then that only a small group of people are qualified to tackle this. There are some people who think their ancestors are apes and monkeys, can they solve this problem? [No.] Only those who know God exists and that God created man can do this. Only religious people-those from a high and deep religion, not from a low religion can come into the realm of solving these problems. There are many religions but what can they do? They have a certain pinnacle, but we have to go higher and through doing that we can solve these problems. We have to understand reality and teach people. This is the logical conclusion. For example if you are to receive a signal from a far away destination, you need a high antenna and a sophisticated, highly sensitive radio. You need powerful equipment to magnify the sound wave. The thought and body of the messiah is that high power equipment. The messiah has a high antenna and high power.

Mankind has had high hope for the time the messiah comes. People think, "He will solve our problems for us." Is the messiah only needed among religious people? People who are not religious need him too. How about God? Does God need the messiah also? Why? What about Satan? Yes, even Satan needs the messiah. Satan does bad things, but even Satan wants to live a righteous life. Satan is not so distant from us, right? To understand Satan we don't have to travel very far. We always want to do right, but end up doing wrong, don't we?

If the messiah comes and claims money as the central point who would participate the most in his work? Bad people would come! All who are interested in money would flock to him. Place yourself in the messiahs position. What would you do to unify the world? All major religions have messianic thought in their doctrine. Christians believe the second messiah is coming and so do other religions. Since everyone covets the messiah should we open the door wide or make it narrow? We should open it wide. How wide? Global wide, so everyone can come through! For the messiah to receive people, will he give a big feast and allow all in or only select a few people? Should he give a big party? Who would jump in with him first then? Greedy, bad people like Satan would jump in to a party. Do you think the messiah is in a difficult or easy position? [Difficult.] Does he need to have good or bad people following him? [Good.] When the messiah has to solve a problem, he can't go to heaven where everyone wants to go, but must go to hell, the deepest hell. The only way is to go to the most difficult place. Many will tag along, but as the road becomes rougher and almost impossible to traverse, Father will look behind to see how many are still following. Father may see ten, but he only needs one absolute person. So Father continues to go up and down, everywhere to allude him. Sometimes he turns around and kicks that person so they will be disheartened and leave. Father will continue until he finds one person, not two. Since it cannot be a man and a woman then, which do you think it should be? A man.

All men and all women have dropped away. But the one woman who makes it to the end is clinging onto Father. Even though she must die ten times or one hundred times she is still clinging. With that kind of quality necessary, could an American woman do it? Women of advanced countries like America, France, Germany and England are proud and assert themselves so obviously they cannot make it.

This is the religion where the messiah brings men and women and pushes them into hell. Should unification take place in Heaven which is easy or hell which is difficult? [Hell.] Now you know the answer. Did only your mouth speak it or are you very aware of what you just said? What about America? It is an advanced nation. The living standard here is very high. Typically Americans are well fed, well clothed and they don't want to suffer. They want a nice life. American women always want to go higher, so they even wear high heeled shoes! The kind of church Father is talking about will bring them down to the ground.

You love what Father teaches but you hate to carry it out don't you? Would those people who Father took through hell stay with him or would they still sometimes leave? What if Father sends all Americans to Africa to serve them like a servant It is a real practical problem, not just for laughing at. If Reverend Moon had come and thrown many big parties, even slaughtered a cattle to feed people well, what would have happened? You know human nature. If people are used to good parties they want better parties. They want to eat more. Even we can figure that out So if the messiah goes the way of suffering is that smart or not? Americans will complain all the time saying Father does this because he is Korean, not American. Father is very sad about this. He has so few people.

When Father spoke at Washington Monument, he proclaimed the Moscow rally. At that time members didn't believe it or say, "Yes, we'll do it!" No one believed it. They thought that Father was only talking big. Fourteen years have passed since that event During those fourteen years did Father live the way of the average American Unification Church member or did he prepare every minute for the goal? Were you happy to follow Father or did you complain? [One sister said, "We didn't complain much."

Father answered that "not much" is still complaining and that we should be absolute.] Is it funny or is it a heartache? Is going to Russia a merry making event? When Father tried to advance to the goal of all mankind did we push Father forward or put more weight on him?

Look back at what the messiah and God had to do. They had to select the right people. They never give happy acclaim but teach us only to suffer more. Is this a wise or foolish method? Are those who follow wise or foolish? [Wise.] Do you say that to reflect on yourselves? Everyone is blessed with a conscious. It can tell if you did right or wrong.

Reverend Moon is getting more and more famous. Everyone around the world looks at him and sees hope. The whole world looks up to him and eventually must meet Father and come to him. When Reverend Moon stays in America people of the world complain, "Why?" If Reverend Moon stayed in the comfortable country of America giving big feasts all the time, only bad people who don't know suffering would follow him. Instead, he has to find a country of low standing, the hardest country to live in like an African nation or communist country where the system put people in a miserable situation. Who would be a good candidate to go to these countries? Americans? How many days would they last? Maybe they wouldn't last three years. In America Father found that people don't even say good-bye, they just pack up and go. This is really contrary to the oriental way. This is something that even animals wouldn't do, only the lowest kind of man. I saw this type of attitude many times.

Do American men think about Fathers situation? America should feel shame that Russia is now welcoming Father. Since Russia began the glasnost policy, this is the first time a big event will be happening. Father is bringing many people. A big group of people is now going into their country. If the KGB tried to scrutinize all of them in the old style it would take years. Now they have to believe in Reverend Moon and trust in the people he is bringing. They will just stamp approval on all who come with him. Does America believe in Father that way? [A brother answers "Soon".] Soon is too late. Russia will be elevated during that time. It is a shameful thing for America not to recognize Reverend Moon for who he is.

One Russian close to Gorbachev, who read the Divine Principle confided to Father that if we print thirty million copies of the Principle and distribute it to all party members in Russia, especially the young ones, the whole country will come around overnight He told Father, "You will be able to educate more people in Russia than you did in America and the rest of the world in the last forty years."

The American mind goes up and down. Look at the communist people. They are always even-very flat Once the order is given they will carry it out Americans never want to take orders.

Already one hour is gone and Father didn't even talk seriously yet! Those who will follow Father the rest of their lives, raise your hands!

When Father spoke to the Koreans only in Korean language did Americans feel good or bad? [Good.] Really? Father sees it this way... whether you rise or fall, succeed or fail, you have to go back home. Either way, whether you are welcomed or not, it is the only place to go. Whether Father has succeeded or not, the Korean people still have to receive him, even though he has gone to prison. When Father goes home, the Korean people embrace him, they don't ask questions. Korea is the home to go to. Has Father ever spoken to the Koreans in America? No. This is not a Korean church. Actually we are supposed to do more for Father. Father had to give up all these wonderful Korean people. Father had to ignore the Korean people and love America instead. The Korean people complained. How much did you love Korean people during this time Father was loving you? We became accustomed to only receiving and never giving. Those kind of people will only go down. Father sees the situation of the United States clearly. America has to work one hundred times more to help the people of backwards countries like Africa This is what American people should do in the future, for their own sake. If Father makes slaves of Americans and sends them to work in African countries, would you complain? American people have been complaining, "Reverend Moon brainwashes and turns people into slaves."

Father is saying these things because as he contemplates going to Russia he cannot help but think of what Russia and America will be like in the future. The only way to save America is for American people to go to Russia and serve the people there ten times more than they have done. Father really feels this. That is why he is telling us now. Father supported members of the church so they could get Ph.D.'s. Now they think, "Father raised me to this level. From now on Father will only treat me good. I will go high." Did you think that? I know these guys think this way. They are slipping down.

Do you have a good or bad aftertaste from Fathers words? If you can live up to them your spirit world will become one hundred times brighter than now. Have you American men loved Father or disliked Father? Which one more? Loved.] It is easy to say, but have you really?

So, the conclusion is clear, there is no hope here in America. Can we find that flower of absolute value here in America? Can we find it in the Capital Building or the Empire State Building or in the Hudson river? Do they have absolute value? The land can only be the object not the subject. Only the subject carries absolute value. Can American people have absolute value? You don't even know what it is.

Absolute value has been existing thousands of years. It is here now and will go on for eternity. It never changes. What about Americans-are they better characterized by changing or unchanging qualities? [Changing.] They are changing morning and evening. Americans love to joke and

laugh. Is their joking real or fake? Americans like the "lite" way, not heavy. Have you ever seen Orientals laugh like joking Americans? No, they laugh only when their minds and bodies unite. Americans don't care whether their minds and bodies are one or not. Their minds and bodies separate and still they laugh. They do the same in action. To say such a thing, does Father love or hate Americans? Yes, Father loves Americans but is very ambiguous. Father is still trying to find one American who he can love. What if Father doesn't find one? Will he leave or stay here? Using the same criteria as God when God trusted Father and gave him many tasks, Father is looking for an American he can trust in the same way. [One sister raises her hand. Father asks, "Do you have brothers and sisters?" She answers "No". Father asks, "Are your parents still married?" She answers, "They divorced". Father goes on.] Father has no intention of relying on Americans or telling America that they should be responsible for the world.

Father had high expectation in talking to Korean audiences. Koreans are willing to venture their lives in order to gain something. When they understand the will of God Father expects them to do more. Millions of Koreans came to America, are they like by Americans? No.

Father gave the direction to build churches for all ethnic groups. Which will be the biggest? Which will have the most people, the blacks, Orientals or WASP's? This is the time to reveal. Those who support and love Reverend Moon the most will become the biggest. Father feels the mission will advance much quicker by focusing on ethnic groups rather than focusing on white people with a high standard. They are so arrogant. They will only do so much and no more. This is what Father is thinking.

Anglo Saxons will not be superior, but all races and minorities will be in an equal position. It is quite possible that even a small backward nation which knows suffering will win this race because they understand God's heart more. This is Fathers direction before Father goes to Russia. Once you have four members from the minority country you are from, form a church.

In Washington Father now has the Press Club which 6,000 corespondents gather at. Father will open the way for them to connect to their own country and support them. The media center building will house a broadcasting station. Through this center in America, those former leaders of other countries can speak to their own country.

America is the only Protestant nation. It is the only one so it is Abels nation. All of Europe was dominated by Catholicism which is Cain. A variety of races gathers here for reasons of faith. Abel means brotherhood. Now there are big problems in America between white and black. How can they be solved? It is against God and brotherhood. No official leader can solve this problem. No matter how much power it has, America cannot solve its own internal problems. This is most serious. The Unification Church is a precious place isn't it? American people have been against me and this church. The Bush administration can never solve the drug problem. Only Reverend Moon can protect this country. Now American people understand this and say, "Please Reverend Moon don't go home."

[Father speaks in English] American Unification Church members, how can you go to other places? You have to make a good course. American cultural background is strong way. Do you want to go the easy way or difficult way? [Difficult.] You always eat hamburgers. How can you change that habit? It is not easy. Korean people like to eat kim chee. It is not easy to change. All the time you lived on Satan's side, all through history. Those roots are deep. Is change easy or difficult? It is most difficult. Men cannot do it. Only with God and Father combined into one is it possible to change. Unless you change and turn yourself upside down, you cannot stand in front of God.

Now we know. This is what Father did here in America Look for suffering and go that way. Father always scolded you to change even to an impossible degree. It is the only way for American members to change and to be recognized by the world, by Satan and even by our own Father. Father is the example. Satan is following us. If we go the easy way, he will always be there. Satan is proud, self centered and wants to go up. Fathers course was to go down. He took persecution from the religious world, governments, communists and everyone else. Father is creating a new value center at the lowest point. The rest of the world cannot figure out what is happening. The things they thought were valuable aren't anymore. They don't know what is valuable anymore.

Even God will value this place Father has created absolutely. If God Himself is absolute everyone wants to come connect to Him. That would be a nuisance. There will be no separation. Even in love there will be ups and downs, like electricity which flows in a wave. This is also the rhythm of walking. Even God Himself needs a value center which He honors. God has a mind and body. They don't become one automatically. Centering on something His mind and body become one. That is the center which both His mind and body will receive. Does God need money, power or knowledge? No, but He still needs true love. Even God's mind and body will separate without true love. So at the origin of the universe was God or true love first? That absolute mind and body becomes one through absolute love.

How about you? Do you need true love? We are the cause place. God becomes one centered on true love and after that I become the result place, with my mind and body becoming one. Then God and man can become one centered on true love. God and man achieve a vertical unity representing spirit world and the physical world. The horizontal existence has the pair system.

As soon as we perfectly unite in the horizontal way, the vertical line automatically comes in and connects. This is the universal construction system. That is one couple, the universal ideal. Spirit world is only working on a vertical

level. The physical world is horizontal. Centered on Father, all members make this vertical connection. There is a pair on the vertical line (God and man or Father and members) and on the horizontal line (within the mineral kingdom there is positive and negative, in plants, stamen and pistil, in animals, male and female and in human beings, man and woman.) Also mind and body are a pair.

Everything is united in perfect unity at the center of absolute value. All exist in duality. Adam and Eve and children meet in the middle. When love is consummated there is thunder. Everything becomes connected. After that things return to their own place, but them come again to the center to the meeting place. God, Adam and Eve meet in that center and their offspring are born there. God, Adam and Eve and children all want unification. It can be achieved only at that center point.

Now at that bottom place, Father and Mother dwell in perfection. The whole world is being drawn down. From that low point our momentum can move us eighty percent of the way up to God automatically. God pulls us the rest of the way. We need to reach this point of eighty percent before we feel the living, breathing love of God.

When you are in love all power will concentrate at that point. Afterwards you will feel energy go away. So love is like breathing. When the rhythm time comes, no partner can deny it but has to go along.

True love is eternal, it is not temporary but goes on forever. True love means absolute, unchangeable love. God's true love is eternal. Mans true love is eternal and woman's true love is eternal. So when man and woman come together their love should be eternal too. Don't you want that? Their love moves like a giant spiral, circling into the center and then back out again. Their love moves in this orbit but never gets too far away from the center where God comes to dwell. The movement spirals in then back out. Children are born right in that center. Reproduction only takes place in the physical world, not in the spirit world.

We need both the vertical and horizontal world to gather pairs together. Vertical love will flow straight only when we have true love. Husband and wife are horizontal. God and children are vertical. Perfection talks place centered on love, so you need it. Have your body and spirit come together completely? No. So religious life and sacrifice are the training to bring it about. We need to have a strong deep root to make that unity.

Become a true love individual, then man and woman can come together as a true love couple. Only then can true love children be created. We now know clearly why God created us. God plus man plus woman plus children equals God's family which is an eternal family. No one can deny the loving couple. If someone denies them the world will kick him away.

When God created, He invested everything for us who are His love objects. We are willing to risk our lives for true love. This is just like God who risked everything, investing His all for His object. God invested absolutely everything in creation so we want to do the same in loving our spouse. We have to invest in making one object perfect. The fact we have result means there must be a cause.

If we say woman, it means we are already thinking of man and vice verse. The fact is that women exists for the sake of man. Women won't complain about this kind of purpose. Neither women nor men are born for themselves.

A true love center is a man standing in the place of God. That is why woman is created smaller. Man has the seed of life so man is the center.

American families are now reaching Satan's terminal point. Women are the center of American families. America lost the most precious thing-true love. The Unification Church way is the only solution for America's problems. American women are living for themselves-this is Satan'' kingdom. God's way is opposite, living for the sake of others. That way the center becomes bigger and bigger. Satan can't touch that kind of place.

We are born for the sake of our spouse. You can only be loved by your brothers and sisters after you have loved them. The problem is always "me", no one else. We have to correct everyone who doesn't have a true perspective. You have a flower of love which belongs only to your husband. God gave us the biggest ambition in order for us to occupy the world. True love is the ambition of everyone.

With true love you can even change the inside of a prison. Father changed Danbury completely with unselfish love. An official recently went to Danbury to research Reverend Moon's stay. Many prisoners and prison officials told how the atmosphere had changed while Father was there. Three months after he left it went back to a terrible, fighting atmosphere.

The universal true love embrace is even bigger than Gods embrace. Do you women think your breasts are for yourself The owner of your breasts and hips is your children. What about your sexual organs? Do they exist for you? No, your husband is the owner.

Free sex is completely opposite from the original way. There has to be a sexual revolution made in this country or there is no hope. Teach Divine Principle and a true love perspective.

Ex-Moonies never forget Father. They remember the taste of true love. While in Danbury Father got phone calls and letters from four members who made a plan to help him escape and go to Mexico. They arranged a helicopter and cars to take him there.

The Unification Church can only make the unified way with true love. Father taught you clearly so you have to take responsibility now. That is your job, not Father's. This is more precious than anything else. Reverend Moon wants a new breed of people. You don't want to hold onto the most precious thing that you own. You want to wear it on top of your head so that all can see it. God wants to display his most precious thing and sit it on top of His head. That most precious thing is true man. There is nothing more precious to God than true man. The best thing He has and can think of is true man. For man the most precious thing is woman and for woman the most precious thing is man. For man and woman together the most precious thing is God.

The true love combining God and man is the most precious in the universe. It is the beginning and ending of every conclusion, every cause and every result. For God man is absolute value, for man God is absolute value. For both, the center of absolute value exists when God and man combine. True love centering on God plus humankind equals the absolute value flower. This is the highest pinnacle. God says, "I exist for the sake of absolute value." Man says," I was born and exist for absolute value." When both answer this way the flower of absolute value blooms and spreads the most beautiful scent all around.

The flower of absolute value content is true love. Father knows the joy and purpose of this absolute value so he doesn't care if he is persecuted. He wasn't persecuted for himself but for the sake of America.

April is here, it is now springtime. Now you know the crux of God's love. Those who promise to create this flower of absolute value, raise your hands!

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