The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Creation Of My Heaven

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, New York
6:00 A.M., 11th March, 1990
Translated by Col. Han

This morning's title translates to "Let us create our own kingdom of heaven" or as Father says, "Creation of my heaven". Who creates this kingdom? I have to create my own kingdom. If the human ancestors did not fall, then the kingdom of heaven would be established already. But today's world is the kingdom of hell on earth. What is hell? It is the place where there is no Godly love or concern. There is no connection to God at all and no kind of relationship to Him. No matter how earnestly one lives, even if he becomes accomplished and successful, he still remains unconnected to God. That is the sorrowful situation of the world today.

In the original heaven there would be no war or fighting. In an external world without fighting, what would we do? [Love.] Would it get boring? I don't mean for just one year, but for all eternity. What would you do? Would you be a hermit and live alone or would you make as many relationships as possible with other humans? With what would you make those relationships? True love. That is the eternal world in which we won't worry about what to eat, what to wear or where we live. It is different from this world where we have to be concerned with those things.

We will eat in the spirit world, but whatever we want to eat is right there. We will wear clothes too, but they are already there. You don't have to make effort to buy them. There is no transportation in spirit world. In that world there are no food factories, stores, plumbing or auto manufacturing. Imagine that world. What can you find to do in that world? That is the world where you eat, but since the essence of life is love, you eat with love. When speaking to others, you talk with lots of heart and love. You also travel with love. If you do not, you cannot resonate with the spirit world.

The spirit world is close to the essence of God's love. It is a highly elevated and refined place. The person who can do these things in spirit world is at a higher level and is closer to God. What would you envy in this kind of world? The influence of love is so intense and immediate you want to respond to it as quickly as possible. You have the capacity to adjust the environment quickly.

There is lots of envy in this world, but what about there? We have men and women here on earth, and in the spirit world there are two categories of human beings as well. Why did God create man and woman? So they would share a love like His, creating harmony and prevailing over the world.

Look at a woman for example. She has eyes and ears just like a man does. There is nothing lacking. There is nothing to be envious of. Should we be proud of our face when everyone essentially looks the same? Look at a so called beautiful woman. She may be beautiful from the front, but from the side she is not so beautiful. And from the back she is not beautiful at all. So it depends on the way you look at things. Each one of us is unique in our own way.

What is the essence you can claim as originally yours? Something that no one else can copy. It is your original love. That is what you can be proud of. Your personality is enhanced by your love. Your natural personality will radiate and shine out.

In the spirit world you will be flooded in love. You will be a recipient. Things move quickly in response to a higher love. We are proud of that capacity. We immediately feel love and return it. There is that kind of immediate communication. Response is instantaneous. Here on earth, that cannot be done because of the fall. Everything takes a long time. Man has lost the most valuable things. We were given the blessing of resembling even God Himself. If you resemble God, there is nothing to be envious of.

This is the world we have to cultivate our minds and hearts for. We need to discover shim jung, using God as the standard. If you can do this, you will be like a moon reflecting the rays of the sun. Experience love directly from God and reflect that. Who do you resemble? God. Do you just resemble Him or have you become one with Him?

You resemble your father and mother, right? If you love them with your whole heart you come to feel that because you resemble them, you are good. Children are reflections of their parents. You see yourself by looking at your own children. It is also true that by looking at your parents, someone can see what kind of a child you are. Because of love you feel one with your parents. But if it is hatred you feel towards them, you will also hate that which resembles you, whether it is your parents, children or whatever.

We take after our grandparents too. Love is the bond. lt. makes everything look joyous and lovely. Without love there is only chaos and hatred. That is what we see here on earth. The problem is "me." It is not outside. It is me. I create heaven or destroy it. I make a happy life or create misery. No one but me does this. In spirit world we will find this out. Everyone is given the same property. Womankind are all the same. One woman doesn't have special characteristics. All have the same blessing. The only difference may

be that if one is an incarnation of love, then she is great Others may be more saturated with hate. No one will want to look at that kind of woman. If a woman is saturated with love, all want to be close to her.

Within us we have God, parents and love. That means everything which God and our parents have. It is up to the individual to make good or bad of it. No one is given special eyes, they are just two balls of eye material. But when they are in a person who is an incarnation of love, all that they see is melting with love. The stronger the love, the higher the sight of these eyes. All want to join in this line of sight.

All beautiful music wants to flow through the ears of one who is an incarnation of love. There are very beautiful birds in spirit world. They want to sing to ears of love. They will ride on your shoulder so they can be close. You can listen to the birds sing all day and not be tired of it.

If you saw a really beautiful diamond, what would you think of it? It may be fascinating, but if you have real love, would you envy a diamond? No, because there is no such thing as a loving diamond or a diamond with life. It is only a material thing. But our life has both of these things. Our most precious thing is our love diamond or life diamond- that is "me"!

Imagine the immense limitless spirit world. It is our arena of activity. We can go wherever we want To do that, our feeling of love has to go ahead of us. You can think, "I want to see him", and then you are there.

When a person on earth is fascinated with flowers, we see that in the spirit world she can reach anywhere. She is training herself for the spirit world to come. There will be flowers and all creatures, birds, animals, even snakes with venom. Maybe you hate snakes, but if you remember that there are male and female snakes, can you hate them? Put yourself in the position of a male snake and think of how you would feel looking at a female snake!

When two cows or two horses look at each other, do they think they look dumb? [No.] Animals caress with their tongues because they have no hands. There is nothing shameful in love. Cows and horses rub on each other as a sign of affection. God loves everybody and everything with human beings at the center.

In Korea, there is a special fish that looks like an eel. It is not beautiful. It is funny looking, but we feel affection for it. Imagine it did not exist, so someone decided to create it. It would look so fantastic. If it was a male eel, it would continually nag the creator to make a female eel. The creator would think this so exciting, "He wants another one for his spouse!" When the creator sees him with his spouse, how happy and proud he would be. Wonderful! Excellent!

There is no limit to harmony. It cannot come to an end. Everything can harmonize with everything else, the list is never ending. All possibilities exist in spirit world. Cultivate your aptitude so you can become a great artist. You will be singing and dancing after your mind and body become one. You will be able to find a million motions to use for

dancing. God does the best painting, but would God rather look at a masterpiece or the real creation in action? God's own masterpiece is His creation.

When someone you love comes near, your hair responds the fastest. Did you know that hair is that sensitive? The intoxication of love is another experience you have in spirit world. You never get old because you are always joyous and intoxicated with love. Do you imagine that in spirit world it is always sunny and looking the same? That is not true, there is variety there as well. Sometimes there are clouds or mist It is up to the individual. Sometimes here it rains and things look different It causes a person to become more adjustable. That person goes to spirit world where basically things don't change but this person makes it change based on his experience. Imagine how happy you could be singing and dancing in the rain with an umbrella after you go to spirit world.

We train ourselves here so we can be a wizard in the spirit world. Do you mean to say there is no unhappiness in spirit world? No, there is no unhappiness. It's the way we receive it. The way we experience many things is to make us versatile.

In spirit world we can push a button like on a VCR and see all of someone's past life on video tape, one scene at a time. A woman may have a beautiful face, but we have to see the mind through the face. What kind of mind should you have? As beautiful as your face. Then when you go to spirit world everyone will be proud of that kind of woman. You will appear as a light from far away. Each one is valueless without love. So happiness or unhappiness depends upon each individual.

Look back on life. Did you complain about others or yourself? Did you say to others, "Because of this I am unhappy" or "I am good but because of an outside guy I am miserable." Satan planted this in us. We tend to blame others and not ourselves. If Satan reflected on himself he would have to immediately bow down and confess to God for being the villain. When you have hatred in you, always think of it as "Satan is coming to grab me and dump me in the ocean of hell." If there is hatred, direct it to "me" and not others. Realize where it is coming from.

A woman's characteristic is that when she sees something she wants to speak about it. So you have to close your eyes and mouth. A woman doesn't want to listen to others. She only wants to be heard and not hear others. Women follow after beautiful dresses. Satan knows this and will make a beautiful dress and walk in front of this woman, so she follows. A beautiful woman wants to entice men. She puts on makeup and lipstick and nail polish. From spirit world it looks like she is putting dirt all over her face to entice a man. This makes Satan very happy but God and spirit world don't even want to look. Should women make up to look beautiful for their husband alone or to everyone? Only her husband. A manicure looks like a fox claw. Very dangerous! Why do women like that? Father never heard of a husband encouraging his wife to have more beautiful fingernails.

It is Satan's frequency to lure women with these things. It is serious, not to be laughed about. If you have a new purse which you admire, you walk down 5th Avenue and carry it proudly. But right behind you there is a big snake watching you.

Look at a typical village. Who makes most of the bad smells there? [One sister answers, "Men."] A woman says man. That is Satan's character. The general rule is that women should be confined one third more than men. Women make one third more noise than men. One third of women make more noise than all men do.

Do you all want to go to heaven? You will need a passport. What kind of passport? Do you think you can freely pass into heaven? We have to make our life like True Parents'. Who creates it?

What is Fathers topic today? "The Creation of My Heaven". I create it. But we have lots of complaints in our minds like "My father and mother didn't pay enough indemnity" and "My parents didn't send me to school." There are so many excuses to stay unhappy. Are you more happy or unhappy? You're not happy. This is something we have to study and improve. How to digest an unhappy situation and make it happy. Train yourselves in this. Take away the contents which make you unhappy. Who does that? You. Not God, not your leaders. Only you can make negativity into positivity. This is absolute, not comparative. Let's say that God can eliminate unhappiness in a person. But it will come again and again like a weed.

If you don't like your clothes, give them away. It is better to have rags but a heart of parents. Than you can give birth to a son who is like a prince in the original world. That kind of feeling will be welcomed in spirit world. We have to develop that.

Spirit world will look well at that woman who could produce a princely child even though she is in rags. She will look beautiful. The quality of heartfelt love is there. It doesn't matter what her clothes or her looks are like. With miserable clothes, if she displayed the most joyous heart, spirit world would want to display those rags in heaven's museum.

We have the hope to resemble Father. Digest hell into heaven, suffering into joy and unhappiness into happiness. Ugliness should become beauty. Change an ungodly point of view to God's point of view. If God sees the most miserable scene He will record the scene of His restoration. But if a person turns it to a place of beauty, it will be an even better record and God will keep it forever. Satan will come to admire it as well. Satan will say, "Someday, sometime I will follow you."

Father digested even pain and hunger in prison. He did not feel revenge on America, but reached into the root of America and found God dwelling in the deepest place of American misery. How wonderful that is. At that point Satan has to retreat When we see some misery coming, see this as a chance to make a victory. Don't lose the chance to occupy and overcome Satan.

When women speak they are bound to complain. Women are a complaining fountain. Do we have to choose what we see? Yes, don't just see everything. If you really want to be a filial daughter in law, try to obey the rigid law of heaven and forget complaint. Don't complain no matter what. Set your standard low so you can always be happy. Look down, not up. The whole origin of human misery started from a woman's mouth. American women have become experts at packing and leaving their husband's home. They come and go easily. When they return they kiss their husband and expect to be forgiven. Father and God do not like this. I am warning you.

Let us create the kingdom of heaven. How? Eliminate the potential essence in you which leads to complaining. Don't go near the situation that brings it up in you. Stay away from the source. Throw away complaint and unhappiness. The center of love power is stronger than the power to complain. Everyone has this. If your husband passes away, you should think, "This is no problem. God is making a good experience for me. God gave me this experience to overcome Satan." If you can do this, you can overcome everything. How wonderful! You can then occupy Gods love and blessing.

From now you can do that. Say, "All bad things come to me and I will overcome you. Come Satan, all my lifetime and I will immediately clean it up with strong love power." From there you can make the kingdom of heaven. This is making freedom. Father understands this deepest concept can occupy everything. There will be no enemy in your conscience. Since there is no enemy we are automatically in heaven. Regard all your senses as an enemy if they are a source of complaint.

This is only the first page of life. Spirit world is like the second page. When we become victors, all of those coming behind will admire us. The more complaint we digest, we will find God within our grasp. God will say, "You resemble me." God will endorse this person.

Create your heaven. Take initiative then invite God there. What a filial child you will be then. God will praise you.

What we see now is not the original plan of heaven, but we can digest it and turn it around. Become a victor. It is very difficult but it is possible. We have good reason to do this, because God has been doing this and True Parents have been doing this. To claim ourselves as True Children we must do this too. God and True Parents worked hundreds of years to do this for you. How much pain they endured for your sake. We have too much the easy way. Every time you open your mouth, be thankful. For whatever you see, be thankful. Smell, hear, touch, everything thankful. Then you can make the kingdom of heaven, no problem. Those who pledge to do this raise your hands.

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