The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


7th Day Of The Victory Of Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Han Nam Dong, Seoul, Korea
2nd January, l990

Father's words to the leader's meeting

[Based on a rough translation given in the back of the room to the western leaders present.]

First Father asked how many second generation blessed couples have children. (At the main ceremony on God's Day, Father had asked the second generation wives who had borne children to stand up.)

Father asked President Young Whi Kim to speak on the meaning of the Day of the Victory of Love.

From President Kim:

Because of the fall, the give and take of love with Heavenly Father was cut off. True Parents established the realm of God's love directly on the earth. Hueng Jin Nim received that love from True Parents, and on that foundation went to heaven and met God. He is the first person to go to spirit world after having received perfect love on earth. Hueng Jin Nim united with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and then through him all spirit world could receive true love. Love is now claimed by God and no longer by Satan.

Father spoke:

If Jesus Christ had established the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, we could all receive Heavenly Father's true love through him. But Jesus did not finish the task. His body was invaded by Satan. Therefore it is necessary that the Lord of the Second Advent come.

After World War II, if Israel and Korea had united with the United States, then the Kingdom of Heaven on earth could have been established easily. At that time however, Christianity and America did not receive Father's words. If they had, the thirty six blessed couples would have included kings, presidents and famous persons, not just Koreans. But Satan controlled America and all of the Christian civilization. Since then Satan tried to destroy the foundation of the democratic countries.

Father re-established that foundation in Korea. By 1983 it was finished through three seven year courses. If all the blessed couples had united together perfectly, Father would not have been persecuted. Won Pil Kim's mission was to take care of Father's first son, Sung Jin Nim. Young Whi Kim's mission was to take care of Hyo Jin Nim. President Eu was to take care of [the eldest daughter.] But they all failed to care for them. Therefore Satan tried to control the thirty six couples. It is a miracle that only Heung Jin Nim died. Father's second son died; Mother's second son died and President Eu died.

So, the meaning of the Day of the Victory of Love is that the invasion of Satan into True Parents' home has been overcome. When Hueng Jin Nim died, Father made several conditions to overcome Satanic invasion. He made several offerings.

Spirit persons need to come down to receive True Parents' love. When Heung Jin Nim, who had received True Parents' love directly, went to spirit world, he became the first son in spirit world. So, Hueng Jin Nim connected God's power on earth with the spirit world. After his Seung Hwa, Father arranged the spiritual saints, such as Peter, [to come to earth?]

Father started a new mission after Hueng Jin Nim's Seung Hwa, and America tried to kill Father. He went into Danbury. If he hadn't gone to Danbury willingly then another disaster would have come, such as Mother dying or becoming extremely ill. So Danbury is the crucifixion course of the twentieth century. But Father survived and emerged "reborn".

This morning Father prayed for the many good people killed because of Satan. Satan's countries were the communist nations. But now those countries have no real owner and neither do the democratic countries. father wants to unite all good people in spirit world to work with Father to make a new foundation on earth.

From now, who will destroy communist countries? The children of the top leaders. They will destroy those countries beginning from the top leaders down.

Hueng Jin Nim and True Parents' home became the offering to make that foundation. When we serve Heung Jin Mm, who received True Parent's love directly, we can receive the new foundation, and a new blessing will come down. From earth to spirit world we can open the highway of love.

There is so much work to be done in spirit world. They are waiting for Father. Maybe Father will go to spirit world soon. Father thinks that he has made many foundations on earth. You don't know how powerful Father is. The Unification Church is the most powerful group on earth. If we make a good foundation with Divine Principle we don't need courts of law. Just meet in local homes, as tribes. If a wife falls, her husband will be the judge. The time will come when all problems will be solved on the tribal level.

Please understand, God has His power only in spirit world because of Jesus Christ. But by offering Hueng Jin Nim, Father has power in spirit world and on earth. Soon father will break the boundary between spirit world and earth. So we need not worry about death. When a man is born from the womb, he is not conscious of what is happening. When we go to spirit world also we are not conscious "literally. "there is no realization of what is happening. That is, we forget our prior life. So death is not the stopping point. Death begins a new process to start a new stage of life. True Parents' home and Hueng Jin Nim overcame the boundary line between spirit world and earth. The Day of the Victory of Love signifies that the sovereignty of death is overcome.

Hueng Jin Nim is of the second generation, so he needs permission from Father for whatever he wants to do. The central person is Father, not Hueng Jin Nim.

Beginning January 1st, Father is not using a translator. Father will invite the church leaders of twelve countries to Korea. [Father has Mr. Kuboki stand up.] These leaders will be Father's "underwear", they will be very close to his body. For six months they will study Korean at Seung Hwa University and then they will work in the countryside.

From January 1st, 1990, the new civilization has begun. The upcoming meeting of the Summit Club is one example. [Addressing Reverend Kwak:] What is more important, Seagye Ilbo or the World Mission Department? Both are important. Reverend Kwak's mission is both, plus the professors. Therefore, Father gave his fourth son, Hyun Jin Mm to Reverend Kwak's home.

Father is watching on television the Korean Assembly inquest into the Chun government. He feels sorrowful. Communist countries are declining because Father passed over the hill.

If Father can use television worldwide, all people can learn Divine Principle very easily. According to the Principle and our providential course, the boundary between East and West Germany has been destroyed.

Adam is the body of God. He is real parents. Many people can receive revelations about Father and Divine Principle. So, even President Young Whi Kim should carefully take care of spirit persons. If we make a mistake on earth, our ancestor will be damaged.

Today is an emergency time. Therefore, the blessed members working in our companies should go to their hometowns if there is no compelling problem which demands they stay with the company.

Father chastised a non-blessed person, who left the movement many years ago, but is interested again, for being in the room.

Father spoke in Japanese about making a hospital in Korea. Then he caught himself for violating the "only Korean with no translator" rule, and says, "That rule is only for official meetings". [Followed by much laughter.]

Father will separate good and evil in each of our personal histories.

If Hueng Jin Nim had not died, Hyo Jin Nim would have died, also by a traffic accident. Father expected at that time that difficulties were coming, so he told Hyo Jin Nim not to go out. Therefore Hyo Jin Nim was safe. Heung Jin Nim however, obtained Mother's permission to go out. Therefore, Mother is responsible and must take care of Heung Jin Nim. If Mother had not given permission, she would not now be in the position to take care of him. When Father visited Hueng Jin Nim's accident site, he saw it was not Hueng Jin Nim's fault, but the truck driver's. Before Hueng Jin Nim died, he loved the sons of the thirty six couples and saved them by turning right, causing his own death. Father can declare the Day of Victory of Love, because, one, Hueng Jin Nim had Mother's permission to go out, two, the accident was not his fault and three, he sacrificed his own life for his friends.

The original three couple's children should have married True Parents' children, but they each made mistakes.

Father has a difficult time dealing with the church members. When Father was choosing Mother as his bride, a grandmother member wanted to choose the bride.

In the 1940's there were several special religious groups which served Jesus Christ from the womb. They prepared all things for the second Jesus Christ also, from the time of being in his mother's womb. One of their leaders joined our church.

From now on if you pray eagerly you can cure disease by yourself.

Raise your hand if you are going back to your hometown. We are not in the Unification Church to get a job. Goodness means to stay the same until the end. We did not enter the Unification Church to get a job and we should remain with that mind. Father orders President Young Whi Kim to choose from each company people to go to their hometowns. Tong II company has a big union problem. From now you must solve it.

Father will go to the United States after he arranges the dispersion of company leaders going to their hometowns. If they won't go then Father will invite foreign members to go to those hometowns. Korean leaders should meet their brothers and sisters and arrange for their tribes after this meeting.

Father will try to open the 38th parallel. He will directly request Gorbachev to push Kim II Sung.

All blessed employees must arrange to go to their hometowns, centered on President Kim. Until then, blessed persons have no authority to recover their tribes.

Father suffered through his whole history because he followed the Divine Principle. Without following Divine Principle, we cannot survive. Father pointed out a leader of K-CARP who had given his son to be blessed to a Japanese sister and said, "If you hadn't done that, you would possibly die."

On the cross, Jesus Christ told the women not to pray for him, but to pray for their country and their descendants. Because of that, Father cannot speak ill of Korea.

If we do not work hard on earth we will repent in spirit world.

Father asks Dr. Pak if he remembers the letter he wrote to Father, while Father was still on the speaking tour of Korea, about Hueng Jin Nim's accident.

Most Korean leaders do not know Father's teaching given in America They could constitute an entire new Divine Principle book.

If we have a humble, modest attitude, everyone including Heavenly Father will like us. When you go to spirit world, you will understand the meaning of this.

The Day of the Victory of Love is the overcoming of death through love. From now on, Satan cannot invade us. Good people can go into evil territory, but evil people cannot come into good territory. Therefore, evil is bound to decline quickly.

Our blessed children should finish the seminary course, otherwise they cannot become important leaders. [Father had the principal of the Little Angels Middle and High School stand up and told her to make Divine Principle a required course.]

Hueng Jin Nim made a big effect, more than he ever could have made on earth. Father did not shed a tear until after Heung Jin Nim's Won Jun ceremony.

If Father's first wife understood Divine Principle, she would have been extremely righteous, and she would judge all of you saying, "If you understand that Father is the second Jesus Christ, why do you serve Father so poorly?" But, Mother is a very good wife. Mother represents Divine Principle well. For example, in 1965, Father gave a diamond ring to Mother in Northern Europe (maybe Denmark). It was a very memorable ring, but Mother gave it to another person. Mother gave ten presents to that person, but did not receive even one back from that person. Once Father gave a valuable coat to Mother and Mother gave it to Young Oon Kim without Father's permission. Young Oon Kim took very good care of it. It was a very wonderful coat, comfortable in every season. [Mother says "I repent". Everyone laughs.] Now Father cannot go to the store because he is too famous. Therefore he cannot give such a present to Mother and he is very sorry.

Father's watch is 18K gold; it cost $10,000. It is a Christian Bernard watch, the most expensive watch exported from France. Christian Bernard gave it to Father. He knew the principle that if he did so, then that style would automatically sell very well. Therefore he gave Father the most expensive one. [Henri Blanchard whispered to us that Christian Bernard has received thousands of orders for that watch and cannot produce them fast enough.]

Christian Bernard's father is French and his mother is Vietnamese. When he met Father he was making slippers. But Father saw that his hands were very skillful and told him to make watches. Now Christian Bernard has branch offices in sixty countries.

Fifty Korean church leaders will go to Japan in February. They will train there, then go to other countries.

[This was the end of the morning talk. The meeting reconvened in the afternoon.]

We started our movement not to eat and get a job, but to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. From the community level Father wants to start a new movement. The community level is the myon or dong level. It is the basic level for every activity. The leader of the dong takes care of everything, especially the spiritual aspect. The dong center is the basic governmental unit. Provincial or regional centers are not necessary. A decentralized system is better than a centralized system. Focus all activities on the myon or dong level, which is the basic level.

It is easier to witness in local areas than on a large scale. Neil Salonen made a big, centralized organization. Father disliked that. Leaders should not have big staffs, they should go to the countryside to witness. We should educate with tears. The easiest way to make tears is through hunger. Therefore I made all the Unification Church members poor. You can influence people easily through tears. Tears and hunger recover the country.

Father's brothers and sisters were killed by communists. Therefore Father can never be peaceful. If we get persecuted when witnessing, we also cannot rest peacefully. Father did not serve his parents well, but when you find the Heavenly Kingdom, then you should serve your parents.

In the United States, every day Father cried tears in his mind. Father wants to send our blessed members employed by our companies, with few exceptions, to the countryside. In Seoul there are about 100 churches, each with their own parish area. Members must attend the church within their own parish, no other. Members who are originally from North Korea should relocate to Seoul. If we have a dong level foundation, we can even expose Kim II Sung's spies. We can educate people so that Kim will have no effect.

Each company should check and have North Korean members become dong leaders in Seoul. This foundation must be set up within three years. I think we have the power to control Korea spiritually. Young Whi Kim should arrange and report to me.

All of you hold a small rally on the dong level. Why don't you use the radio or television system? It is a very powerful way to teach Divine Principle.

Father ordered Young Whi Kim to give money to every myon level to buy land for a church. This is our first task of the 1990's; to make a good foundation on the myon or dong level. Reverend Kim, Reverend Kwak and Mr. Hong recently held successful rallies in each province. Professors have been [or, are to be] appointed as myon level leaders. Please try to use KBS to teach Divine Principle to all society.

Please raise your hand if you feel difficulty in setting up this direction. The Japanese Church should follow the same direction. A person should be the leader of his own hometown. With such a foundation, distribution of the newspaper, of McCol and ginseng. and witnessing will be no problem.

[Father now refers to his little black book.]

Please announce that Father thinks that only he can control North Korea, Russia and China.

1. Unification starts from myself. Without unification of myself, there is no unification of the country. So first, unify yourself. Your mind represents God and your body represents all things.

You have followed me a long time-to help me or destroy me? I want to make you a strong person, but you are not yet strong. If you put up a Unification Church flag never bring it in, even in the rain and snow.

Father will never mention Kim Il Sung again, even if he dies.

Focus for 1990's decade:

Relation between Father and myself is that between father and son, centered on Heavenly Father.

My home, centered on God.

My tribe, centered on God. From the tribe, the country will be connected.

My people, centered on God.

My world, centered on God.

My cosmos, centered on God.

Unity between God and man, centering on love. We can unite only with true love.

Unity centered on life.

Unity centered on blood lineage.

Establishment of Unification sovereignty.

With this foundation, the Kingdom of heaven on earth will come automatically.

Instead of prayer, do activities.


Entrance into a new era.

Heavenly kingdom centered on the home and family life.

Making the kingdom of heaven centered on the tribe.

Unity of Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven, forever.

Establish a happy world forever.


All the time, Father is thinking of us and missing us.

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