The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1988

God and America

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 18, 1988
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
Unofficial Notes

Father is a little late this morning, he was having a meeting with his family. Until now Father has devoted everything to working for the world, the church, and members, but from now Father must devote himself to his family and his country. That's why he has also sent you back to your home towns, this is the historical providence. If you cannot save your family you cannot save your nation.

Father must now go back to Korea. His work and responsibility in America is about to end. Fathers greatest concern is how to direct America, but now the elections are finished, now its time for America to respond to God, for us to do what we're supposed to do for the sake of Father.

Father explained to the True Family this morning why he has to go back to Korea. He explained to them clearly their responsibilities while he is away. Upon leaving this country Father looks back and feels like he hasn't left anything undone, everything was given, his hard work and his tears. Father feels it is fulfilled, he spent more tears and energy here for the sake of America than even in Korea. Now Father has to go back and work harder for the sake of Korea, it is a divided country. The United States isn't even divided. Eventually we will all follow along to Korea as well. For the last twenty days Father has been working hard fishing in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Florida and Alabama. It is like a final condition in America.

After World War II America failed and Korea was divided, America was also divided spiritually. That was the beginning point of secular humanism, communist influence, and spread to the point where many young people don't believe in the Christian foundation and background of this country.

God called Father fifteen years ago to go to America, otherwise there was no hope for this country. For fifteen years Father has been working here, and has been severely persecuted. We are his representatives. We know clearly Fathers name and his mission, what is it? To save the world and liberate God. Many American religious leaders say they only want to save themselves. Many Americans don't understand this point. What about you? The purpose of the Blessing is not for your family, but to save the world and liberate God. In the beginning, the fall started within the family, Adam and Eve passed it to Cain and Abel and all descendants, this has to be restored. American blessed families should not forget this, it is a very important point. You must use your family to liberate God, that is Fathers purpose.

Now that Father has done his duty in this regards, he gathered his family and gave them specific instructions to what they should do. But the contents are simple, Adam and Eve fell, so restoration is the course to get out of the realm of the fall, all of their children and family have that purpose.

Naturally the woman's position is very important. The last 70 years have been the Woman's Age. They got more power in preparation for this Mothers Age. Here in the United States was where this took place, it is providential that this happened. The Messiah is seeking restored Eve. American women's "rights" have been fully restored, representing women of the world. But, this way will not endure indefinitely,, only for 70 years. After that time women will have to return to their right place. Why? Because the Messiah has come and on that foundation, he has restored the correct positions. So now women have to be absolutely submissive to the True Adam who has come. It is simple the first Adam failed, so the last Adam has come to turn women around. Communist and Democratic split was originally caused by the Korean war. Kim Il Sung represents the false fatherhood. Now, unity has occurred through the 1988 Olympics. Satan divided North and South, but God is uniting , always moving in this direction. True Father is bringing this unity. The Satanic parent wants to exploit and destroy, but Heavenly parents want to restore and bring unity. We saw a sheer miracle in 1988 Olympics. The next Olympics will never be as highlighted or extravagant as these were. 160 nations were involved, representing sixteen nations that participated in the Korean War. They should have kept fighting until a total victory, pushing communism all the way out. If they would have done that centered on America, then America would not have gone down like it has. Even if the war had kept on going until today, the US would not have gone down spiritually like it has now. If the US had continued and fulfilled, Father would have been able to fulfill so much easier. If the fighting had continued and Americans began to complain, Father could have come to this country to explain why is was best and correct to keep fighting. He could have attended to these problems very easily. Sixteen nations went away from that conflict and each has suffered in its own way. Now 160 nations have gathered together in unity once again.

Even though Kim Il Sung is a false father, he has real and substantial power, True Father has nothing, no country, no government, nothing, but he has overcome all and has gone on and become even better. Father has done it all, establishing himself on the individual , family, world and even cosmic level. Father is building a highway so that all mankind will follow , all blessed couples. The individual has no place there , only couples and families.

Satan broke everything in the US through free sex, parents , children, families, everything. He knew that this kind of influence in America would spread everywhere. Families must walk the internal highway to the Heavenly Kingdom. What is our armament? Gods truth! Only Fathers family has gone this way and blessed couples are following after, creating a tribal system following this course. We must all go to our hometown to restore our tribes. You should become a "one mind couple" and create a "one mind tribe" centering on True Parents. This is the providential way. All Unification Church must combine, connected to Father, loving families and making a tribe.

Until now Americans have been proud saying, "we're the leaders of the world", but it cannot stay this way. We now have the purpose of creating heavenly families and tribes. All come to Gods side. We have to grasp True Parents and never let go, no matter who tries to pull us from behind, even if it is the whole country, never let go. Our family must combine centered on True Parents to become a new breed tribe a love race. From this viewpoint, how repentful we should be. We did not serve True Parents so much, we didn't value them enough. Even sitting here you are thinking of all kinds of different things, not valuing them enough. Our eyes to see True Parents must be clear and focused, forget the part of your eyes that is always looking around at the satanic world. You are the number one Prince and Princess of power . . . . in the fallen world, you are! Are you ready to give that all up to follow Father? Without making that clear decision, you can't be successful.

What if you were fallen Eve, trying to come back to God, but still with dirty underclothes and old ways. We are still too ragged with that understanding. We have to repent before True Parents. As we climb up, we will come tumbling down with just one false step. That's how serious we have to be about following Father.

So, are we True Parents clan? [Yes!] But do you even have a country? Do you feel the shame and burden of such an impossible situation? We can't even claim a nation of our own!

Imagine the wife who falls, goes out on her own, has children and then tries to come back to her original husband. How does he feel? That is exactly how God feels. We cannot just expect to be accepted again. We are in the position to find one small place where we can fit in, to cling there, repent there, hold on. God will say "Maybe you can stay in that one spot". That's how impossible Gods heart is towards us. Gods position is to completely forgive everything. We have no clear understanding of Gods heart, how He has suffered, or the True Parents heart.

Until 1992 we have to make a correct world, politically, economically, in every way. Father is bringing all religious leaders and scientists together through conferences, a religious congress. Father is also connecting them to people in technology. Father will equalize all technology, even to backward countries, there will be no more exploitation of large and powerful countries taking advantage of third world nations. Everything should be shared equally for all to benefit. Recently China is opening up, all the free world wants in so that they can make money for themselves. But Father is offering ways for them to gain technology and use it for their own development.

Only Father can embrace all nations to one bosom. Many Korean people think about him. They know he is the only hope for a unified country. The second generation wants to meet Father.

Politically in the US we must never cut off Korea, or else communism will move right in. Never cut off Korea. Now Father and Mothers position is to embrace the whole world. Mothers position is like a shadow, always following and right there, but quiet.

Father is now making a home country for us. If many UC members gather together in Korea, making a good standard, automatically others will follow. Until unifying North and South Korea, Mother cannot take an equal position to Father. American women , combine with Mother. Your husband will become God's prince if you do. You have to make that kind of husband. American woman are the queens of Satan's world, so many bad qualities, they are like dictators. We can completely change that though. Become the opposite position, be an object to Father.

During this time that Father is gone work hard. Especially American women, keep Mothers position. Please help Mother at this time. (The following are notes taken after the speech finished and Father continued talking.) Father is preparing 7,000 couples for a Blessing in Korea. Did you make your $4000 yet? I told you two years ago! We will collect this money in a central fund. These members are going to the war field, to the front line to fight. They are the second generation, the young should go fight. Those couples who are engaged, pure, have not led married life yet can go.

Even if you come to Korea to fight the war, Father shouldn't aid you or support you with money. We have to take care of it ourselves. The first generation couples will make $4000 between them. For those who are married, the wife should go fund raising to make the money to support the second generation. There is a Cain and Abel relationship here, Cain will support Abel or else Satan will bite them off.

During this four years (until 1992) we really work for this goal. Let your common sense work for you, ask how should I be involved? Should those who stay in America relax and be comfortable? Everyone should offer.

Members remaining here in America work harder, run faster, take care of this country while the others are working hard in Korea. Here lies our greatest hope, to unify Korea which is the world foundation. From that time all nations will welcome us.

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