The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Holy Wedding Uniting Korea and Japan

Sun Myung Moon
October 30, 1988

On October 30, 1988, a tremendous step toward the unity of Korea and Japan was accomplished with the Blessing of 6,516 couples, of which over 2,000 were Korean / Japanese. From late in the day on October 23 and throughout October 24, a total of 2,197 Korean / Japanese couples were matched. On October 25, Father matched 3,632 Japanese/Japanese couples. On October 26, there were additional Korean/Japanese and other matchings.

The Holy Wine Ceremony was held on October 29. That event and the Blessing the next day were held in the warehouse of the McCol factory in Yong-in, Korea. Representatives from 17 different countries participated.

Korea and Japan have been enemies for a long time, and their animosity has never been healed. Through this matching, the two countries will now completely become one. All the emotional strains and hurt will be removed.
Sun Myung Moon, Children's Day Speech, 1988


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