The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Prayer At The Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified World

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 1988
Yong In Factory of Il Hwa Co., Ltd.

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon, September 20, 2011

This is the prayer True Father gave after declaring Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World in 1988, the year of the Seoul Olympics.

Foundation Day For The Unified Nation Of Heaven And Earth

On October 3rd 1988 (4321 in the year of Dangun) at 10 am, at the main auditorium of the Yong In Factory of Il Hwa Co., Ltd., where some 1200 Korean church officials and representatives from 120 nations around the world had gathered to create brotherhood relationships with one another, Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World was declared. The said day was appointed as one of the Eight Great Unification Church Holidays.

The meeting commenced at 1 pm on that day, and lasted till 2:38 am of the next day. Through it, True Father gave the instruction that all blessed families should fast a meal a day for a week (having 2 meals a day) and reflect on their past days through prayers of repentance and usher in the new era. He went on to add that the families who had formed alliances should not only stay close, more so than if they were really related by blood, as the citizens of the Nation of the Unified World, but also see each other at least once every three years and nurture fraternal affection for the other.

On the occasion of the 17th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World in 2004, True Parents renamed the holy day as Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth.


Beloved Heavenly Father! The flow of history has been one of intense grief, and the history of Your providence has been one of despair. This was caused neither by God Himself or the creation. It was solely due to the mistake of Adam and Eve, who were the owners of all creation, and the archangel, whose responsibility it was to manage and nurture them into maturity, that such a wretched flow of history has been handed down. When we think of this fact, and how much God must have bemoaned it, we cannot help but reproach the unforgivable actions of humanity in bringing about the ruin of the world.

However, because You are of love, Father, You have persevered to this day to reestablish the standard of the original ideal of creation through the history of re-creation, not casting us away even after being compelled to retrace Your steps tens of thousands of times, over and over again, on the sorrowful path of the historical eras, devoting your everything again and again, working for our sake and never forsaking us from such a position, and forgetting Yourself at all times even when Your heart marked with love was torn into a thousand, ten thousand pieces. We cannot but be grateful for the fact that such a great God is there.

Since such a heart of the providence was brought about through the wrongdoings of humankind, human beings have the responsibility to perceive it, and for this reason many saints and sages have appeared in the historical eras, and many religious leaders have come and gone as well. However, because none of them knew the story hidden behind this valley of heart, nor could they unveil this hidden truth, and so did not come to learn what was the cause of this bitter grief of Heaven, from what motive the Devil came to be originated, or what are all the conditions for Satan to accuse and condemn us in these historical eras. Therefore, until now, there has not been found the way to eliminate and defend ourselves from it in the religious world.

We are aware of the fact that all those who believed in religion, revered Heaven and were resolved to fulfill the duties of loyalty and filial piety, and risked their lives as they fought their way through, all fell into the trap in the end and perished as the sacrifice of Satan, and that many people were sacrificed at the crucial moment in the path of indemnity, that moment when the eight stages were to be surmounted.

Therefore, I ask the spiritual world to enlighten the people who were sacrificed in the process of passing through the barriers of religion in the course of history. Thus, let them once again inherit the heart of sincerity towards Heaven and regain the mind to serve True Parents on earth with the sincerest of hearts, so that they can become one with True Parents' family, and make contributions to True Parents' nation, True Parents' world, and the great cause of the victorious Kingdom of Heaven they have established. By so doing, centering on the relationship between the children of True Parents and the church members of True Parents, please allow all the ties of lineage that were severed to be renewed and engrafted.

All our ancestors who have preceded us into the spiritual world are like the firstborn sons, and those of us living on this earth today are like the second born sons, so please help us become one in union. Since we know that when the spirit and the flesh are made into one, and Cain and Abel are united into one, the original right of the eldest son can be established and the path seeking after the liberation of Father be connected on the victorious foothold of the vertical Cain and Abel realm, we ask you to call upon and awaken all the spirits in the spiritual world that were sacrificed at each and every stage of the religious era, that they may be re-indemnified before all religions of the physical world.

Hereupon, bestow on them all the authority necessary to make them one with the religious leaders and, by establishing the basis with the help of Heaven whereon to restore the right of the eldest son of Cain and Abel and the domain wherein to live in attendance to the parents, be liberated and released in accordance to it and come down to earth and be united.

Father, it is the earnest desire of True Parents to have liberated the wretched religious leaders, and furthermore, to have come down to earth all the conscientious and good people, who sacrificed themselves and struggled to live in accordance with their conscience and conscientious duties in the provinces, trying to follow the path of morality left behind by their ancestors before them in history, and we beseech you to open the gates through which they can enter, following behind in attendance to True Parents, into the Kingdom of God, by cooperating with their substantial object partners on earth.

Now that the era is come in which Satan will have to retreat, we ask You to bring under control and establish as a part of Your household in Your realm of love all those who were in the religious realm and the conscientious realm, and moreover, even those who were in the embrace of the satanic world, and have them form blood ties with True Parents so they can enter the realm of global fortune wherein they too can receive the grace to seek after the truth. Just as Korea became one with the unified external foundation at the time of the Olympics, we have become one in heart with the internal God on this day, and thus centering on the victorious domain of the Cain and Abel realm, we hope to march forward into the unified realm of both external liberation and internal liberation, so please, Father, be with us on this day and at this hour.

To come so far, this son, in the name of True Parents, has had to struggle for forty years. And yet, how could that be compared with the standard of Your own toils and labors? Personally feeling my insufficiencies as I could not live up to Your desired standard, I have lived under the shadows. Still, You did not forsake me, but righted my way night and day, and I am truly grateful for the innumerable helping graces You have given me behind the arras to aid me in pioneering the difficulties in my environment and overcoming crises in my path.

Father! I know how much You have been disappointed and driven to despair in the course of guiding me thus far, so please forgive this son of Yours. Also, I pray You will forgive at this hour all the wrongdoings committed by the members as they followed me through the process of establishing the Unification Church. Don't leave them in wretchedness, but please embrace them in Your bosom so that they can receive the blessing of Heaven as the standard-bearers and warriors You desired and as the princes of love You have appointed, and please establish them as Your children in whom You would not feel ashamed to take pride. Though I am embarrassed to say, I have raised my hand to bless them on behalf of Your heart in the name of True Parents, so Father, Father, I truly hope and pray that You will also make amends for it.

Father, You know of our situation, writhing and struggling because we don't know the way get under control the phenomena being manifested, and Father, You know we cannot follow the path of bloodshed brought about by our own hands, so we ask You from the bottom of our hearts to please embrace all of us with the love You have given us, widen the path of seeking after the truth, and take charge of our future.

I have declared to forgive with the love of True Parents everyone from the very first of our ancestors in the spirit world to the succeeding generations to the 5 billion world population currently living on earth, even those in the communist world including their leader, Mikhail Gorbachev and Deng Xiaoping, and even the president of the United States, Mr. Ronald Reagan, and such people. To do so, I have presented to Heaven all the necessary conditional offerings, so please allow all this not to go to waste, but instead have them embedded in Your realm of heart together with the declaration that can bring together both worlds, and make use of them as the driving force propelling us into the liberated world, and accept them as such. We truly hope and pray You will do so.

A week after performing the ceremony of unified conversion which in turn leads to the providence of restoration, at this moment, the day on which the South and the North can be united, the world can be united, and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven can be united, this Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World has been declared along with the liberation of all nations on the foundation of the epochal point placing the unified realm of heart of True Parents. Therefore, may all those in heaven and on earth who have ears and eyes hear and see and cooperate in this great task to march forward into the unified world of liberation.

Beginning with the liberation of the South and the North, in order to have this extended to the liberation of Asia, liberation of the world, liberation of the physical world as well as the liberation of hell in the spiritual world, and a step further to the liberation of the wishes of True Parents and the world of the true liberation of God, we have been assigned the task to fight our way through in the remaining process of unification, centering on love and devoting all we have, and so we have raised high the banner of love in 120 nations and established new lighthouses of unification and turned their lights on, so just as their lights never go off, we are firmly resolved to advance into the world of the unified kingdom together so that this heart of love we have pledged before You may never go off, so, Father, we ask You to accept all this.

We declare once again in the name of True Parents that You accept the declaration made today as Yours, and at the same time, as the unified declaration of the spiritual world and the physical world. May this nation carry on forever as one that lives everlastingly under the eternal reign of the True Father, True Parents and the True Children! I offer and declare all this in the name of True Parents! Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. (181-335) 

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