The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Wake Up, America!

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 1988
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Father and Mother on an outing in Korea

The original purpose of God's creation of man and woman is not for their own sake but rather for the sake of true love. True love is the central purpose of God's creation. Individually, both men and women search after true love. Then together, they must search for and obtain true love. Finally human beings and God should be united centered upon true love. That is the beginning point of the ideal of God.

We must clearly understand the purpose of creation: to fulfill the ideal of true love. This is done by accomplishing the four-position foundation centered upon God. That is the way you must view it -- very clearly. A problem arose when Adam and Eve failed to fulfill that ideal, they did not accomplish the four-position foundation centered upon God. All of the problems and calamities that have befallen humanity are directly attributable to this one failure of the first human beings.

Adam has his mind at the center, surrounded by his body. Eve, too, has her mind at the center, surrounded by her body. All these elements -- Adam's mind and body and Eve's mind and body -- are meant to share the same wavelength and resonate together with the same vibration. We experience this particular phenomenon when we are growing up as teenagers. Our minds travel and seek to communicate before our bodies do; first our minds have to meet on a certain wavelength or vibration. Therefore, the mind of a young person must be connected to true love in order to form correct, normal relationships.

The Bedrock Foundation

The mind represents plus and the body minus; that plus and minus should become one. Each individual, representing Adam or Eve, is supposed to achieve unity between mind and body, and then two become united as a couple. What is the rallying point of that unity? It is true love in all cases.

When Adam and Eve achieve that unity of true love as a couple, then the overall plus is God and they are in the minus position. That is the point of fulfillment of God's ideal. This is the basic, fundamental formula of the Principle that you must understand. It is the bedrock foundation.

The unity between mind and body represents the formation stage; the unity between Adam and Eve represents the growth stage; and the unity between man and God represents completion. This is the way true love follows the three stages of growth to perfection. "True love" is a vague concept that is difficult to understand, so I am trying to explain it in basic terms, showing you how it develops.

Our mind is always attracted to true love. Each person has a "homing device" that moves his body toward true love; isn't that true? It is because of this that we can have hope for fallen man to be restored. Without this human trait, there would be no possibility for restoration.

The Principle of Creation tells us that whoever has true love becomes the center of the universe. Everything in the universe wants to be near true love. If Adam and Eve had achieved the perfection of true love, then everything in the Garden would have automatically been controlled and dominated by them.

By the pulling power of true love, man and woman were meant to become united. Then they would automatically attract God's presence. Great effort to achieve unity between God and man was not supposed to be necessary. Once man and woman personify true love, God's love flows to them as automatically as if by magnetism.

Adam and Eve were created as the son and daughter of God. When they are perfected in true love, God doesn't even have to look for some way to get close to them. He simply goes there automatically, pulled by true love. Around man's united realm of true love, all things of creation are attracted and united. Furthermore, the entire spirit realm is also attracted and affected by such a loving man and woman. Therefore, when you become a perfected couple of true love, you will be welcomed and embraced anywhere you go. Every door will be thrown wide open to usher you in.

A Prisoner of True Love

We can ask, why should we achieve true love? And what shall we do once we achieve that level? There are three major purposes of true love. First, when you possess true love, you are automatically entitled to receive the inheritance. Second, true love gives you the right of participation. You are not an observer or bystander but an agent actively involved with God. Third, true love brings you to the same level of heart with God. The power of love can do these three most desirable things.

Let's use an example. The president of the United States holds the most prestigious office in the land. Let's imagine that the current president is married to a homely, uneducated, and rough-looking woman. Regardless of these things, the wife of the president shares the same level of prestige as her husband. Their love relationship elevates her instantly to the position of First Lady. Even in the fallen world, this is true. Wherever the president may go -- perhaps to a summit conference where he stands in a receiving line and greets other world leaders -- his wife also goes. So she is enjoying participation on the same level. Furthermore, she automatically receives whatever inheritance her husband may receive. Whatever belongs to the president also belongs to the First Lady. Isn't that true?

The Principle of Creation states that God created all things not just for Adam or just for Eve, but for both. Both belong to God and come under God's domain. Therefore, neither men nor women can claim sole dominion over the universe. Only both together can make that claim.

If Adam and Eve had attained true love and were lying together in bed, would God observe two happy faces or sad, desperate faces? Every part of Adam and Eve would be filled with the joy of love. Have you women thought, "I am the happiest woman in the world because I am lying next to my husband in the fulfillment of true love"? Do you men feel the same way when you lie beside your wife? If husband and wife are so fulfilled and joyful in love, do you think God will want to be somewhere else or right there with you?

Everyone becomes a prisoner of true love. You cannot go away from it. If human history had started from that point, can you imagine how it might have been? Wherever the woman goes the man will want to follow, and she will be happy to have him. And wherever the man goes, the woman will want to go too. Wherever they go together, God also goes.

This is a simplified version, but it is the most fundamental point of my teaching. So please have open arms -- go out and try to embrace true love wherever you go. Embrace not the universe but true love. When you grab and squeeze true love, don't let go; just make it stay with you. Once you are united in true love, no foreign elements can invade; they have no power or influence over you.

Preserving the Right Order

In physics we learn that plus and minus repel each other. But do plus and plus always repel? Not necessarily. A powerful thunderstorm is the result of millions of volts of electricity coming together. Plus charges have to come together in massive amounts to encounter an equally massive amount of minus charges. Once they achieve a certain level, they are capable of creating the clashes we see in the heavens when we witness a thunderstorm. So plus comes together with plus and minus with minus first. But once the massive plus charge meets a huge minus charge, it will powerfully repel another plus charge.

If plus always repelled plus and minus always repelled minus, then teenage boys couldn't be friends, and girls wouldn't like each other. But that is not the case. Boys are friends with one another, and girls enjoy each other's company. Once a boy and girl get married, however, their relationship with their former friends is different. The man will not be as intimate with his friends, and the same is true of the woman. At this point, plus repels plus, and minus repels minus. So the law of attraction and repulsion is not created by God for the purpose of destruction but rather for the protection of the right order in the universe. It preserves the right order of relationship.

When you are united centered upon true love, your union will be preserved and protected by the entire universe -- for eternity. Therefore, there is no power capable of destroying a perfected true love relationship. Thus it is most logical to live for eternal life because once we are united in true love with the eternal God, what greater power is there that can intervene? Nothing can stop us from loving and living with God for eternity.

Do you want to enjoy eternal life? So far, the idea of eternal life has been somewhat vague in your mind, I know. You haven't been able to feel the reality of it. But by seeing this point, you can see that eternal life is an inevitable consequence of true love. Only true love makes things eternal. Everything else will perish. That is the law of God's universe.

Plus and minus united vertically and horizontally can maintain that relationship for eternity. The vertical plus and minus unity is exemplified in the father/son relationship; the horizontal plus and minus unity is exemplified in the relationship between men and women. The vertical line cannot be defined without the horizontal line, and vice-versa. They are both necessary; each is a prerequisite for the other.

Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim on the morning of their engagement, December 24, 1986

Vertical and Horizontal Love

The entire universe began from either the vertical or horizontal relationship. When an architect begins to make his drawings, he must make the vertical and horizontal lines first. These crucial lines are the points of reference for everything he builds. When the vertical line meets with the horizontal, that meeting point becomes the center. All the planning and construction should be designed around that center.

There is vertical true love and also horizontal true love. Are they independent of each other? No. Yet that is the way American love is. People engage in free sex, taking one lover one night and then someone else the next night. They think, "Whatever I do is okay." They try to make themselves the vertical line.

You must understand what hell is. Hell is the place where vertical true love and horizontal true love cannot be found anywhere. There is no trace of it. There is no order or discipline, and everyone is bumping and clashing against each other. Cruelty and violence rule. You don't want to go to that place, do you? In the end, people who misuse their love curse themselves. Women say, "Why was I ever born? I curse the fact that I am a woman." People in hell hate their bodily parts with which they engaged in illicit love. They condemn their own bodies throughout eternity.

Our human sexual organs were meant to be used for the consummation of true love, so when they are misused in illicit love, they become the object of hate and detestation. Once the sexual areas of a person's body are misused, without repentance that person faces eternal condemnation in the spirit world.

American democracy tries to maintain itself along the horizontal line alone, correct? It doesn't have a true vertical line coming down from God. Without that vertical line, it shall certainly perish.

I am not saying that democracy is evil, but that horizontal democracy must cross the vertical line of God's true love. Without that meeting point, America will perish. The question is, which one comes first, vertical or horizontal true love? Yes, it is vertical true love. Why is that?

The universe is built upon only one axis. When you draw a circle, only one vertical line can penetrate the center. When you look at the entire creation plus almighty God, what would be the vertical line that penetrates the center of the universe? Is it power? No, power is always a manifestation of the horizontal line. It is the result of horizontal confrontation. Knowledge and wealth are also horizontal. Love is the only thing that is universal and vertical.

How can the vertical and horizontal be harmonized? What if 55 billion people each drew a horizontal line intersecting the vertical at a different angle? Each one would say, "I can cross the vertical line any way I like. I'm doing fine." Worse than that is when the vertical line is not truly vertical. Then when the horizontal lines cross it, that is far from perfect.

The Center of Stability

Where are you in relation to the perfect vertical and horizontal lines? How can you find the original vertical axis and the original horizontal axis, and how can you combine them into one?

This is fallen humanity's problem. You have to find those two lines in this lifetime. If you don't, you will not be able to go to the eternal heaven; instead, you will have to go to hell.

Every one of you is responsible for finding the true vertical and true horizontal lines. By combining the vertical and horizontal true loves, God wants to form a rounded, global entity. The harmonizing point is the center. Any action not going through the center will always encounter resistance and contradiction; but anything going through the center will find harmony and be perfectly welcomed. Therefore, this center is where eternal stability is formed. It is the point around which everything else is organized and harmonized.

A globe represents the relationship between God and mankind. This is surrounded by all the creatures, including the plants and animals and even the mineral kingdom. Imparted throughout all these levels of existence are the horizontal characteristics of masculine and feminine, positive and negative.

The mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms all have the goal of reaching their center, which is the point of human true love. They want to be involved in that. Therefore, all things of creation are willing to sacrifice themselves if that is the way they can follow the way of true love.

Every level of existence exists for the fulfillment of true love. Each being yearns to reach a higher and higher level. In order to do that, the stronger force of love consumes the weaker. This is how the animal and plant kingdoms can be willing to become sustenance for the human body. Since human true love is closer to God, all other creatures want to be part of the human body, and are willing to be eaten for that purpose.

In the ocean, the smallest creatures are eaten by larger fish, which in turn are eaten by larger fish, all the way up to the whale, which takes everything into its gigantic mouth. The whale swallows everything.

Within the animal kingdom, little birds consume insects and worms. Smaller birds can be eaten by larger creatures. Then when those large creatures are eaten by human beings, the birds become the food of people, too. Even the miniscule organisms on the bottom of the sea that are eaten by larger creatures can ultimately become part of the cells and body of a man or woman. They welcome the opportunity to become a part of a human cell because they can thereby become a recipient of true love. Suppose a tiny creature from the ocean bottom becomes part of Bo Hi Pak's flesh. It can feel so proud and say, "Look at me! Now I'm a human cell!" When. Bo Hi Pak engages in a love relationship with his wife, then every cell can join in that act of love. Therefore, that tiny sea organism rises to the level of participation in the act of true love!

Father creates a holy ground on Twin Peaks in San Francisco in 1965

You Must Be the Mediator

Whenever I go out on the ocean, I know that the fish want to be loved by God by way of Rev. Moon. All the fish feel, "I want to be eaten by Rev. Moon!" But I have only one stomach. Therefore I want to share with Dr. Pak, Dr. Durst, Mr. Kamiyama, and everybody. This is why I go fishing and hunting.

Many American members don't understand how a religious leader could engage in such an activity. But I do it so the creatures can leap over into the infinite realm of the love of God. That is their highest purpose and goal.

Only a limited number of creatures can become part of a cell in the body of Rev. Moon. Not all the creatures will achieve that. Once they attain such glory, however, they can proclaim, "I have achieved the king's position!" Each organism knows that by becoming part of the body of Rev. Moon, it is participating in true love, which is eternal.

When you look at all the things of creation, including the trees, grasses, flowers, and animals, think about this fact -- that they yearn to come closer to the love of God by way of human beings. So you must be the mediator between them and God. Once you position yourself at the central point, everything goes through you. So you can understand and know everything. Everything comes under the same laws of creation. When your mind and body are united at this center position, then there is nothing you cannot understand in the realm of God and the universe. This is why your mind is vertical and your body is horizontal -- so they can be united in this position.

Everything that is welcomed here on earth shall be welcomed in the spirit world. There is no contradiction. The same principles and the same axis point and the same center exist in the spirit world.

How would you describe or define God? Is He simply the vertical center? There should also be a horizontal center of God. The vertical and horizontal centers are together; once you grab one, you grab the other. The vertical center is almighty God; the horizontal center is your parents. This would have been absolutely true if the fall of man had not occurred. All parents would have become true parents.

Your mind represents the vertical parents, your body the horizontal parents. But because of the fall of man, the original form of man has been virtually extinguished. When a man is perfectly united between the vertical and horizontal at a 90- degree angle, he encounters no resistance or disharmony anywhere he goes. Every person retains a trace of resemblance to that original form.

When you become a microcosm of God's ideal of creation, with your vertical and horizontal aspects perfectly united, you become a part of the total perfection of the universe. You will participate in the relationship of true love with God. Then you shall truly become holy. The destiny of every human being is to be holy and noble.

The Fulfillment of All Levels

Human history has been running along the fallen path, but this will stop on the day of restoration. What is the day of restoration? It is the time of the return of the Lord of the Second Advent. The Bible predicts the marriage of the Lamb, the day of the fulfillment of this restoration.

Jesus Christ was a perfected individual; without question his mind and body intersected at a perfect 90-degree angle. However, he could not move on from that formation level of perfection to the growth level, meaning marriage with a bride who could become the True Mother of the universe. If Jesus could have achieved the marriage of the Lamb during his life, he could have moved on to the next level and established the position of True Parents. Then he would have moved up to the next level of unity with God and the totality of the universe. Thus the ideal of God would have been established with the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as well as in heaven.

If Jesus and a bride could have established the heavenly family four-position foundation, then the attention of the universe would have been focused on the children's position. God's goal as well as that of Adam and Eve and all of humanity is to see God's grandchildren, so to speak. God's love has to come down to that point in order to be fulfilled in its totality. God will automatically come down to the center point when Adam and Eve are perfected in their true love and truly become the temples of God. Then when the next step is taken, and children are born to perfected Adam and Eve, they are totally free to move in any direction.

Such perfected people are connected with the rest of humanity and the entire universe. You are connected to the spirit world through your ancestors, and on into the future, through your children.

The point of origin and the future point need to interact and turn with one another, interchanging positions. For that reason, parents are very important here on earth. If you love your parents as much as you love your spouse or your children, you are automatically in heaven.

Consider American society in light of this principle. What is the position of parents and children? Some families have two, three, or four fathers in succession, or several stepmothers in succession. Two, three, or four sets of parents! Is that the right way? No, that is the wrong way. How can you as Moonies establish the correct standard, the original position? By understanding and following this teaching I am giving you. Do you follow? Without this, America shall perish. There is no way around it. In such a society, everybody is destined for hell. This is both logical and biblical. Heaven is not somewhere else; it is right here, within you. You make your world into either heaven or hell.

Unless your family relationships are heavenly, how can you imagine that you will end up in heaven in the spirit world? Your parents, spouse, and children must all be representatives of heaven. All human problems -- past, present, and future -- are -covered under this one principle.

When you enter your home, think to yourself, "I am now walking into the Kingdom of Heaven of my home." When you leave home and go out into the world, consider that you are going into the expanded realm of heaven. If you live like that every day, how can you possibly fall into hell? Heaven is determined by how you live. You don't need any special procedure or application in order to enter heaven. You will find yourself in the same place there as you were on earth. If you were in heaven on earth, you will be elevated into heaven in the spirit world. But if you were in hell, you will go to hell.

Where Is Your Enemy?

Where is your enemy, Satan? Satan is dwelling in your body. When the horizontal line of your body fails to cross the vertical line at a 90-degree angle, then the outcome is disfigurement. That is Satan's work -- to disfigure you. Do you know that clearly? If you know that, then you can chase Satan out more easily.

Satan's first base is your body, which he is always trying to manipulate. The second base for Satan is your relationship with your spouse. The third base for Satan is your relationship with your children. These three levels of Satan's bases exist because of the fall of man. Satan knows the Principle very well. He knows that God needs children, and he knows the necessity of fulfilling unity between East and West, heaven and earth, and man and woman. Satan uses those three levels as his base in order to block the fulfillment of God's ideal.

This is the reason God has been searching after one true man, then one true woman, then true children. Those are the three things that God lost and that He has been working so desperately to restore.

What is our title for today? It is "America, Wake Up!" How can America wake up? What is the method? Now you know what it is.

When the Israelites entered the land of Canaan, first they built their holy temple for worshiping God Then they erected schools, and lastly they built their homes. The Pilgrim forefathers of this nation did the same thing. First they built their church; secondly, they built schools for the education of their posterity; then they built their homes and the buildings for the rest of their social needs, including hospitals, libraries, and so forth. Reading American history, it is beautiful to see that the earliest settlers lived together in a communal manner, in a big tent. They would go out each day and work to build their church for worship and their schools for education. Finally they built their individual homes. Thus the three elements essential for the fulfillment of the ideal of creation were established. That is the very reason America has been blessed by God.

My teachings from the beginning have been to declare the absolute vertical line. The Unification movement is the place in which people can find that vertical line and draw their own horizontal line at a 90-degree angle. Once this is expanded to the rest of the world, the world shall prosper. Many people would like to see the Moonies disappear. But the rest of humanity and God Himself want to see Rev. Moon's teachings survive and prosper. Which side will overrule the other? God's side. No matter what the American media or others may say, the Unification movement is protected by the universal power of God. As long as I am holding firmly to the vertical axis, no power can destroy the Unification movement.

You Must Be Awakened Today

As the United States is falling down into destruction, can we just stand by and shake our heads? Or shall we do something about it? I have recognized the situation here and I know what must be done, so I cannot be still. I must be working hard to correct the problems. If God and True Parents want to work 24 hours a day, how many hours would you like to work? You have all kinds of reasons and excuses not to work hard, but if America perishes, the world itself cannot survive.

America is spreading its diseases to the rest of the world. AIDS is an example of this. Now Americans are feared and unwelcome. People feel, "Stay away! Don't contaminate our land and our purity!" This is the declaration being made by your fellow men. They are not welcoming their good brethren from this country with open arms, but rather fear this country. Who shall pay the debts of America? Who can restore and stop this nation from declining? You must wake up.

Are you just a passive follower within the Unification movement, or have you been a pioneer and a front-line soldier? Before the rest of America can wake up, you must wake up. Unless you do that, how can you go out and make any impression? Can you give the shot in the arm that America so desperately needs? You have to be awakened here, today, at this very moment and place. Do you have the injection that will restore America from its disease?

Who is the enemy? It is your body, your husband or wife, and your children. If you don't love America more than all of those, then you will not be worthy of listening to my message today, truly not worthy to be called Unificationists. Is that clear to you?

Your Destiny Is Clear

Now you know from this morning's message what you must do. This is the time to make a new resolve. You must become worthy representatives of True Parents in this country; unless you are fully determined to fulfill my directions, I cannot feel right about staying here.

Are you ready to overcome the three enemies: body, spouse, and children? Will you do that in order to win the victory? If you fulfill that goal and grab God with strength, then no power under the sun will ever separate you from God's true love. Furthermore, your children and your spouse will not lose anything. They will be greatly blessed by following you and be embraced by God and the True Parents.

You take it for granted that I will always be here. I have nothing more to give you unless and until you fulfill my directions. After that, I can give you and teach you more but not until then.

Your destiny is clear. If you do this, you will survive and prosper. If you do not, you and your nation will perish. You will be first. Those who do not wish to perish but will practice what I have taught and become victorious according to my teaching, stand up and raise your hands high. Let us pledge, "Father and Mother, we shall do it." Thank you. God bless you! 

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