The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

Now You Must Stand In My Place

Sun Myung Moon
April 5, 1988
Speech to Divinity Graduates
East Garden
Translator: Col Sang Kil Han

Now you must stand in my place with my determination and stay on center without being moved or swayed. You must have a strong and bold mind; heaven will protect you. Be on the offensive, not the defensive. Fifty states is a small number; so stir up all four corners of America. You must be thinking about how you can lead the United States to wake up and follow this way. You are the principled people. The position and stature of the people of the Unification mission is wonderful. To join and stay here was a smart move on your part, wasn't it?

You must maintain a determined mind all the time. I have done it for 40 years, so you must go one more step. This is 1988; this is the time. I have set all the indemnity conditions, so how to bring the final victory is the question. Now the time has come for Satan's mouth to close. Nobody will be able to freely do satanic acts anymore. In people's original minds, they know they have to follow us. If all the members of the Unification Church make that decision, that commitment, then Satan cannot stand. Satan will not be able to come back. We must press on and press down Satan's foundation so that even government leaders will have to follow God's authority. Keep that foundation so that you can lead others in a righteous direction. Make up your mind, because now is the time when the world's situation can be cleaned up. First you must clean up your own concepts.

Looking back, you can see there is not really very much that you did well so far. In fact, in almost everything, we didn't do well. We will try to erase that shame by working hard this coming year. In just one year, we will work so hard that we will offset all the things that we didn't do right in the past.

The reason why I fought so hard in this country, even going to Danbury, was because I had hope in you -- the state leaders and CARP leaders and three-year UTS graduates. For you, I went to Danbury. You are the leadership; you will be the ones who will be left in America. You are God's remaining hope in the Unification Church. This is your time now; you are in charge instead of me. You are small Sun Myung Moons. In each state, in each domain you are working, you yourselves are the leaders. You must take the responsibility for America directly.

Remember this, and be confident you can do that. I established the indemnity condition, so now you are in the position to love your own second generation; that means the second generation of America. I have never been able to love my own people, my own clan, my own relatives, my own elder brothers, because the time was not right. But now the time has come.

How do you think we can cope with North Korea? I knew when I was younger, living with my family, that I could not teach them at that time. Now, I have done my mission. Now is the time to report to my ancestors. It is time to declare the unification of the country. That is my mission now, so that God can receive the dedication of the nation of Korea. This is my culminating mission. America and Japan should help in fulfilling this.

How can you pay back your indebtedness? By serving the Korean people, not me. This is the most precious goal of history. God has been wanting this for a long, long time. Many mistakes have been made in history, as we have seen in the repetitive cycles of history. God has been in a miserable situation. This is the time to make the offering of a united Korea on the altar of the whole earth. True Parents will do this. I have been in a serious situation my whole life. If we let go of our determination, our unity will dissipate and Satan will invade.

You three-year seminary graduates world do well as state leaders, but more importantly, you should witness to the second generation in America. Because the second generation is in the Abel position, they belong to God. The highest- level people of the second generation are at the universities. We must witness to them. Tell the other members too.

I am proclaiming to all you three-year seminary graduates that you should go onto the college campuses and begin a campus ministry and influence other campus ministers. Seven thousand American ministers have already been educated in Korea; all the church leaders in America have received the Divine Principle videotapes. You know more theology than the ministers do. It will be no problem, no problem at all. You stand on a very high level. They can't explain God's situation, but you can. Based on your high level of education, go and meet them. For example, get a position on the Board of Directors of your university. You must witness to that high level of people. Why have you kept your mouth shut? You must teach them. It is your duty. Have confidence and be bold and strong. My mission has been the whole world, so now you should be responsible for one small area, such as a university.

Clearly, I have done my work. Can you do it or not? You know more about this culture than I do. I am not American. You should know more than I do and do more than I do. Can you do it or not?

How long do you plan to take? I will wait six months and see how well you are doing. You will have leadership from Dr. Seuk and Dr. Durst. Three-year seminary graduates are very qualified as ministers. Can you promise me? Those who feel confident, raise your hands.

Let us pray. 

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