The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1988

I told my sons to take responsibility for this country in my place

Sun Myung Moon
April 5, 1988
Morning Talk
East Garden
Translator: Sang Kil Han

At East Garden on April 5, Father appeals to the third-year UTS graduates and other leaders to take responsibility for America.

The day before Father left America for Korea, Father met with third-year UTS graduates and other leaders at East Garden. He began speaking at 8:30 pm on April 4 and spoke until 2:30 am. He asked that everyone remain at East Garden and pray in repentance, and then he began speaking again in the morning and continued his talk right up to the point where he had to leave for the airport.

If North and South Korea are united, don't you think the whole world will come into unity also? When a condition of indemnity is fulfilled, Satan cannot claim dominion anymore. I have laid indemnity conditions all over the world for the purpose of uniting North and South Korea. When these conditions are truly fulfilled, then the homeland, in reality, can be restored.

I have told Hyo Jin and his brothers to take responsibility for this country in my place. No matter how old you are, you are the younger brothers and sisters to them. Now you must absolutely follow the True Parents' children. Then you will come to stand on their level, the level of the elder son. If you can stand in that place, I will have faith in you. Last night you prayed in repentance. So from now, you are in the elder brother's position for America, in the position to lead this country. The spirit world is ready to help you, so be strong and have confidence. You must raise up the image that our church has in the eyes of the American people. If the Unification Church members come up to a higher and higher level, then every day Satan's world will go down lower and lower and lower, as if a big machine were pressing it down, making it flat!

Looking back, you can see there is not really very much that you did well so far. We will try to erase that shame by working hard in this coming year. In just one year, we will work so hard that we will offset all the things that we didn't do right in the past.

The reason why I fought so hard in this country, even going to Danbury, was because I had hope in you -- the state leaders and CARP leaders and UTS graduates. For you, I went to Danbury. You are the leadership; you are God's remaining hope. This is your time now. You are in charge instead of me. You are small Sun Myung Moons. Remember to be confident. I established the indemnity condition, so now you are in the position to love your own second generation. I have never been able to love my own relatives, because the time was not right. But now we can do That! You can go to your home towns and educate your own people.

If we become lax in our unity, Satan will attack, especially the three-year students. The graduates' most important duty now is to witness to the second generation, for those are the ones who will save this nation. So all three-year graduates from now should try to establish a campus ministry. Stand up and be strong. You can do the same as Rev. Moon! You must want this for America even more than I do.

All members who work in businesses must also witness. Through the business world you can actually create heaven on earth. Everything should be integrated. Business people can witness to business people. Scholars can witness to scholars. Journalists can witness to journalists. Now you are beginning to understand that we all have the same objective. You must never think, "Oh, I don't like to work in a spiritual mission; I want to work in a business because I can keep certain hours and get certain pay." You must have no thought like that. Witnessing is our basic way of life, and it is the way we should live now and in the future. We have to grow straight from our root. You should make up your mind and say, "This year, Father, I am planning to witness to this many people," and fulfill that goal.

At a marina in Gloucester, Massachusetts -- Our places of worship will be the restaurants, the factories, the docks and wharves, the schools. Work itself will be a prayer."

A Brand New World

Imagine, all of a sudden, a dazzling new world springing up. You can see that, can't you? A brand new world is coming out of nowhere, one so different than the one we saw in the past. After a long cosmic winter, the springtime is coming, and the new sprouts are starting to come out. That is us.

This summer we expect 2,500 Korean professors to visit America and go through a tour of our movement. Back in Korea, they will be working in the villages, towns, and counties for the unification of the North and South. This is the first time in history that professors have taken such responsibility on this level. They will love and guide the people of their native communities and teach them about Godism, the counterproposal to communism. Scholars are trained to get the essence of a concept very quickly, so these professors are very quick to grasp Unification Thought. Imagine if American professors could respond in this way. Would America live or die?

Now, after listening to me all night and this morning, do you feel the world is coming to the end or the beginning? Don't you feel a new world is in the making? Things are happening; they are all falling into place. The more progress is made, the more blessings will come back to God. So upon whom will He bestow those blessings? On you, on all of us. This means that God is entrusting you to take the responsibility for America -- not anybody else but you, the Unification Church members. You will literally become the leaders of America. You and your families, with the blessed root, will set the tradition.

Beyond that point, we won't need a religious life. Our daily life will be our religious life. People won't have spiritual experiences only in church, but in the workplace, in the factories, wherever. Every area will experience a spiritual revival.

You may have wondered why I made foundations in so many diverse areas of life during these last 15 years -- in fishing, in media, in business. That's because in the future there will be no such separate category as religion. Our places of worship will be the restaurants, the factories, the docks and wharves, the schools. Work itself will be a prayer. We won't have to close our eyes to pray; we will work and pray! That's what happening now.

Father ends the conference at the last moment before he has to leave for Korea.

Don't Waste Time!

I'm almost 70 years old. Any person that age should go back to his native land. Saints have always been buried in their native land. Naturally you want to go to your homeland, too. So if you belong to True Parents' lineage, you have to know their language. You have to learn to speak Korean by 1990 -- that's only two years from now. Don't waste time! I know how fast time goes. Once a time period is lost, you can never get it back. You can't live your lifetime again.

If you don't understand the language, you will be defeated. It's really a practical matter. But don't think about learning Korean in a university. That is the slow way. To learn it fluently, the best thing is to get a job in Korea doing menial labor. Then in three years you will understand everything. When you know how to talk their way, the people will help you. Can you do it?

Our Standard of Devotion

Our Duty, Our Mission
10/5/80, Belvedere

God gives us all a mission and duty, and you have been given the mandate to do home church. In the home church dispensation, will you be praised or scolded? Is your own home ready 24 hours a day to welcome people, or do people find the door closed to them when they want to visit you? Do your home church families expect you to visit them 100 times a day, or only once? Actually, they should want you to visit them as much as possible, not just once or twice a day. Wouldn't each house want you to be the most frequent visitor?

Today is such a beautiful day, and it is the weekend. I'm sure everyone would like to go on a picnic. But if your children say to you, "You should go to home church!" that is wonderful. Suppose you come home all worn out from working and collapse on your bed, and Dr. Durst comes by late at night to meet you. Should he say, "Everyone, please go to sleep because you are all tired"? Or should he ask, "What about your home church?" Even if he is exhausted himself and dozing off, his last words should be about home church, asking you for your home church report.

Perhaps you run into a friend you haven't seen for a long time and he wants to take you to a Chinese restaurant. You should think, "What about my home church?" If you plan to go to your home church area right after you eat, then the food will like you, but if you don't, then it won't like you!

If you use the toilet in a fancy hotel bathroom, it will know that you should be using a bathroom in your home church area instead. Even if that bathroom is smellier and dirtier than the fancy hotel bathroom, it is where you belong. If your home church bathroom is far away, then you have to apologize to the fancy bathroom, explaining why you need to use it. The smelly home church bathroom knows that more blessing will come to you through it.

A puppy in your home church area will bark at you when you come. Though the dog cannot talk, if he could he would say, "This is my way of welcoming you." If you have a loving heart, the dog will stop barking and start licking you. Once he comes to love you, he will welcome you with a different bark the next time you come. Even the mice and birds in your area will recognize you when your heart communicates with them.

If you and your fiance have a long-standing date to visit the Statue of Liberty, and while you are there you buy a can of Coke to share, the Coke will say, "You think you are enjoying this, but wouldn't it be better for you to be drinking water in your home church area?" Wherever you go, things will ask you why you came there, instead of going to your home church area.

The bench in the park will blame you for sitting on it and not being in your home church area. If you stop at a restaurant for a quick lunch, the food will protest that it should not be eaten by you. Even though you may eat only leftovers in your home church area, it will be healthier for you. When you go to sleep in your bed, tell it, "I know I should be sleeping in my home church area, but please forgive me this one time. When I wake up I will do twice as much tomorrow." Spiritually, everything talks.

If you go out to enjoy nature, all creation will feel that you are not a good person if you are not in your home church area. It is like when people see a ten-year-old child running around playing when they know he should be in school. In the same way, nature knows spiritually that you should be doing home church.

Before now, you felt you could freely drink water or go to the bathroom or drink Coke whenever or wherever you wanted. But after hearing me this morning, you will feel the creation protest against you everywhere you go. It is a good thing if it makes you feel more connected to home church, because everything will remind you of your mission.

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