The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1988

The Unification of the Fatherland

Synopsis of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Speech to the Unification Theological Seminary Graduates
Barrytown, NY USA June 29, 1988
Translator: Mr. Peter Kim

Our motto "The Unification of the Fatherland" has been in effect for several years. But no one laid a foundation for the motto to happen, so I had to go back to Korea and lead the people to make a foundation for the reunification of the South and North. Korea is the third Israel, so it needs to be restored. No one there understands this except the people who are spiritually open.

Because not even the political leaders in Korea had my vision about the country, I had to become the "front-runner." Someone has to lay the foundation for reunification of South and North Korea because that small nation is the center point of worldwide restoration and is the country that connects the spiritual and physical worlds on earth. You know from the Principle that without the fall there would have been an ideal Adam and Eve, ideal tribes, an ideal nation, and an ideal world. But because of the fall, everything went down the drain. I have been working to bring back the ideal; the only way to do that is to restore the world.

There is a great deal of spiritual phenomena taking place in the Soviet Union and other Communist countries right now; this is a good indication of world progress toward restoration. We can see what's happening in Korea also. This year the 1988 Olympics are taking place there, and people are busy paying attention to all the participating athletes, but there are religious phenomena going on there also. There has to be a religious focus for the reunification of Korea. Do you understand this deeply?

Tomorrow is the twelfth UTS graduation. If you had done a good job of witnessing in the past, perhaps 120 students would be graduating tomorrow instead of 47. So you have to understand what kind of mistakes you have made. From now on, we must think in terms of 500 graduates each year.

The providential timetable doesn't stand still, so we have to catch up with the time lost. You know that the education of 7,000 ministers in Korea will soon be over. That project was not an easy task, but it was truly a historical event. Just think about it: Germany, Great Britain, and America have been the central countries of Christian culture for the last 1000 years, and Korea's Christian history is only 120 years old. Yet think of what a wonderful miracle has taken place! Seven thousand American Christian ministers visited and came to respect the tiny nation of Korea!

When the ministers first received their Divine Principle tapes and books, many of them threw them away. Yet since the 7,000 have come back from Korea, many ministers are showing more interest and are starting to watch their tapes and read their books. More and more Christian ministers are saying they want to visit Korea. This is an indication that, without telling anyone, they have been studying their tapes and have been listening to the ministers who have come back from Korea.

Recently, the Unification Church leadership was restructured, especially the Ph.D.'s and UTS graduates, in order to utilize their education and knowledge for the front-line work of the movement. What kind of front-line? This time your front-line missions will be your hometowns. In common religious practice, missionaries leave their hometowns and go out into the world. But this is the time I am sending you back to your hometowns. This is a precious time.

When you go back to your hometowns, you can utilize our entire movement: CAUSA, PWPA, ICC, CARP, etc., for your restoration work. The foundations of these organizations are substantial, and you should connect with and work with them, helping them to reach not only your families but people from the Christian communities, patriotic conservatives, and retired military personnel and veterans.

What is love? Is love a concept, or is it a reality? Of course, love is a reality. When you really love someone, it's not just a concept; all your five physical senses are invested, and love becomes a substantial, material reality.

True love is like a tuning fork in resonance. Within the spiritual and physical worlds, if you strike one world with true love, the other world will resonate with the same sound. Who is the center of true love? God. God has the right equipment that strikes the true love sound, and on earth the first to resonate with that sound are the True Parents.

Where would God -- the parents of true love in the spiritual world -- and True Parents -- the parents of true love in the physical world -- meet to become one? The cosmos is so huge, you have to find a point where the two can meet. Where is it? Nobody knows the answer?

How much do you need love? You need love more than you need the universe and more than you need True Parents -- you need it that much. Why are human beings born needing love? One of the most famous sayings in Korea is, "Man is the most important creature in the world." Why? Well, God created true love for the entire cosmos, not for Himself, and humankind is originally born as a product of that true love. True love existed as the essence of God in the beginning before the creation, so because we are originally from that true love, we are above everything else that is on the earth.

There is only one meeting point between God and a man and a woman. That is where the vertical true love from God meets with the horizontal true love of a man and a woman.

God has a mind and body just like human beings; so is true love in God different than or the same as the true love in man and woman? It's the same true love. God is our "vertical True Parents"; that means God is the original heart. Then how does true love from God meet at the same focal point of true love between a man and a woman on earth? Wouldn't a man and a woman have to move to the center towards God at the same speed in order to connect in middle at the same time? If one moves faster than the other then they would fight, wouldn't they?

This is a very serious question. How will God, a man, and a woman meet at the same time at exactly the same point? Think about it.

If you don't understand this concept, you will be left out, even if you are UTS graduates. There are former Seminary graduates floating all around who still do not understand this truth about true love. We must all find the Unification three-way path to be united in one point. This is the fundamental key to all problems and questions. If we don't make this point really clear to all members, there could be a division in our movement.

A man lives only for the sake of a woman, and a woman lives only for the sake of a man. Mankind lives for the sake of God, and God lives for the sake of mankind. A man or a woman cannot aggressively grab the central true love point for themselves. Of course, if a man grabs the true love point before the woman, but he is doing it for the sake of the woman and to achieve the perfection of true love, that's okay. The great truth here is to get rid of self-centered thinking. If you grab the true love point for the sake of the other person and God, then you will gain two things: your spouse and God. But if you insist on staying self-centered, you will lose both your spouse and God.

After parents raise their children, they stand behind them -- people do this all over the world. True Parents have been always standing in front, paving the way and guiding you, but now I want to stay behind you and support you. The reason is that if I kept pushing you and pushing you on the horizontal line, you may crumble. If you were spiritually younger and I kept pushing you toward the true love center, and if you accepted that push absolutely, a great foundation could be made.

True love can never be lost if Heavenly Father and True Parents keep on pushing the Unification Church. But the outside world has been pushing you in the opposite direction. In a way, persecution is good for us, right? When I do something good here in this country and America persecutes me, then I can go much further. So is persecution good or bad? The reason I accepted going to prison without protest was that I knew the secret, the paradox, of persecution. Those who used to persecute me are now humbling themselves to me and respecting me.

Everything should follow the Principle; from that will come the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Don't throw this precious truth in the wastebasket. It's not only for use in the religious world, but it is for practical use also. If a man wants to find true love, he absolutely needs a woman, and the most important need for a woman in her life is finding a man. If women don't have husbands, how can they have children?

In today's modern America, do women really appreciate the value of men? Modern men and women do not understand the eternal value of each other. You must see your spouse as your "second God," inviting him or her to reach true love. Do people need to be married twice or three times? No! God will have a severe punishment for those lost Americans who don't understand that. God's true law is: one man and one woman forever -- that's all. Is a woman's breast for the sake of herself? No, it is for the sake of her babies. Are woman's and man's organs for the sake of themselves? No! They are for the sake of each other in true love.

In the material world, there is a physical law that the input must be greater than the output. But in true love the output is bigger than the input. Love in the spiritual world takes a superior position to love in the physical world, but when you are really serious about seeking after true love, your five physical senses become united into one.

Can the American people enjoy their lives in their own way? No! America will automatically decline and die if it does not obey the Principle. You have to know this, and you have to care about others and teach them. Man and woman were born for only one relationship, not many. This is the true love law that you must live by. Otherwise there is no hope.

This same principle applies to the animal world. No one teaches a sparrow how to build a nest, yet a sparrow in Korea will build the same nest as a sparrow in America. Think about the salmon. After it goes to the ocean, it will travel 7,000 miles to return to the place where it was born. When a salmon comes back, it sacrifices its own body for the sake of the next generation. But man, who has the highest intelligence, doesn't even know what kind of life he should live -- how shameful!

Will you go into the world and become true husbands and true wives? It will take a revolution for you to completely do that.

June 1988 is a culminating point in history. I am opening the Heavenly Kingdom wide open. I have been paying indemnity for the last 43 years. Now I am giving you the instructions to go back to your hometown and establish your course there. Up to this point you have needed a Messiah, but when you go to your hometowns you will become the leader. Once we restore our hometowns, then the whole nation will be restored.

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