The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

The Model, And Those Who Are Recognized In Providential History

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1987
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

(Dr. Pak: I don't think anyone can read this title, even if you know Korean, because it is all in Chinese characters. Just translating the title of one speech like this is so difficult. Can you imagine translating the whole gamut of Father's words and God's revelations? You can see that one of our historical missions is to conquer the language barrier. The language barrier is one of the worst enemies of God's providence.)

When we talk about providential history, that includes the history of God and the history of man. When people commonly talk about the history of the United States or Korea or the world, they mean simply the record of events. That record does not include providential history, which involves a relationship with God's history.

Religious history and human history will conclude at the same time, as will providential history. Those three histories are heading toward one common terminal. Therefore, those who do not recognize religion and the providential aspect actually understand only one third of history, even though they may not realize it.

No matter how much you study human history on a horizontal basis, you will not recognize or be able to predict what will come about in the future. One of the most important questions is, when will these three histories-religious, providential, and human-come together? What should be the center upon which all three histories are consummated? This is a key question.

Human history is centered on man, not on material things or any natural phenomena, nor on any particular event. When we say "man," we mean man and woman. The central figure of history is man. What men and women desire to fulfill and accomplish shall be the destination of religious history, providential history, and the history of humanity.

What do men and women desire most at this time? All people are aspiring for a peaceful world. Therefore, history is moving toward the consummation of that goal. Religious history has involved many ups and downs, suffering, persecution and so forth, but that history is also moving toward the consummation of human desire: peace for the world. Providential history is going that way as well.

What is the essence of unity between men and women? It is true love. What is the foundation of true love? The foundation is the true family. The true family-men and women united in true love-is the ultimate structure, the ultimate goal for men and women. So far, providential and religious history have been seemingly separated, running two different courses, but from God's point of view they are part of the same mission and are on the same side of history.

God cannot move history by Himself. He uses men and women as His instruments; He also uses religion. Woven into religious history, the actions of men and women have been used as instruments of God to move providential history. The entire cultural history of the world has been woven by religious history. Religious history includes the effects of the spirit world as well as man's providential role. It includes the depth of connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is how the cultures of the world have formed, come, and gone.

There are many different religions in the world. In general, religions have one of three distinct characters. One kind emphasizes the spirit world and spiritual phenomena. Another kind of religion emphasizes external behavior or the actions of people. A third kind tries to unify the spiritual and physical aspects. To explain all of providential history would require a tremendous amount of time. But generally speaking, Christianity has its emphasis on the spirit world; religions like Islam have their emphasis on the nation, or the external realm. Buddhism is more internal and spiritual, while Confucianism is much more external. The time has come, however, for those major religions to be harmonized, unified, and united.

In order to unify all the major religions of the world, the first thing we have to do is know the will of God. Without knowing the will of God, it is impossible. Secondly, that unity must come upon the foundation of men and women within the family.

We come to the point of asking, 'What kind of religion is the Unification Church?" The Unification Church must be able to guide the consummation of human history, religious history, and providential history. Unificationism must have that substance. The Unification Church must bring the two aspects of religion-external and internal- together, bringing ultimate unity, harmony, and providential historical consummation. That is the goal of the Unification Church.

The teaching of the Unification Church is based upon the restoration of the relationship between men and women within the family. Our teaching has both a physical aspect and a spiritual aspect. Therefore, it is a truly historical event when the Unification Church proclaims the goal of consummation of all these three histories. Human history, religious history, and providential history are all looking for one common thing: perfected men and women in a relationship of true love. That is what Unificationism is all about. Therefore, men and women who are living with true love in the family are the representation of the ultimate truth of all these histories.

The most incredible concept of religion is that of the coming of a Messiah-in Christianity, the Second Advent. One way or another, all religions teach such an ideal because all religions recognize that a new beginning must be made, centering upon a new universal central figure.

We call that person the Messiah. When the Messiah comes, he will work for one simple goal: to consummate providential history, centering upon men and women according to the will of God.

At this point, we must clarify why human history, religious history, and providential history have all been separated from each other. It is because of the fall of man. The fall of man had such a formidable impact on all of history. The problem today, even among yourselves here, is that you do not realize poignantly enough that you are the fallen generation living in a fallen world. That kind of realization has not deeply penetrated your heart.

The end of the world has been predicted, a period of confusion and chaos. Everything seems pitch dark. People lose all sense of direction and can no longer determine right or wrong. In a way, this is according to the will of God. When the end of the world comes, the chaos and confusion are necessary, in a way. The reason is that some groups and religions have asserted their own beliefs too strongly, which is a hindrance to providential history. Therefore, God lets them all become mixed up and confused. Then a new proclamation is possible.

Thus confusion and chaos can expedite the will of God and providential history. In the confusion, when God proclaims the ultimate truth, people will accept that truth more quickly. They will have no other choice. We are living in such a time today. Many historians and philosophers have tried, but no one can proclaim what the future of the world will be. Many religious leaders are talking about all kinds of things, but they have no answers. Society is encountering more problems every day, but finding no answers. We are living in an age of confusion. The strategy of God is to create such chaotic confusion and then transform the world into a new, God-centered world. When the ultimate one comes to proclaim truth, the entire world will see it as the only hope and light.

Once the central person appears, what will he do? Will he destroy the world and also religion? No, that ultimate central person will proclaim that all religions must become one and all people must be united into one. He shall appear as a harmonizer, a unifier, and a transformer. At the end of the world, such a movement must come into being and prosper. Such a movement has appeared-that of the Unification Church.

How will that movement be evaluated? The people of the world will see it and say, "Our goal is to prosper as a family, society, nation and world. What are the Unificationists doing?" They are looking at it very clearly from this point of view-according to earthly, mundane success.

All the religious people will look at it from the religious historical viewpoint and say, "This is what we have been aspiring for in history. Truly the Unification movement has an answer to our questions and can satisfy our religious aspirations." They will look at it from that point of view.

From the point of view of providential history, God is observing and testing this movement. He is thinking, "Is there a man of faith greater than Abraham, greater than Noah, greater than Moses, with a truly unchanging and undaunted spirit? Has a truly remarkable foundation of faith been established?" God is looking at and evaluating this movement from such a perspective.

In other words, that particular movement would be able to answer all the questions of the three different aspects of history. God will come to the conclusion: "This is it. The ultimate solution is the Unification movement." From the religious historical point of view, all aspirations are fulfilled by the Unification movement. Even from a mundane, secular point of view, all the nations of the world would say, "This is it. No movement is greater than this in fulfilling our human aspirations." Amen?

The question is, does the Unification Church truly stand in such a position? What about those of you here? Have you nothing to do with the fall of man, or are you still connected with it? What do you think? Are you part of the fall of man? Are you rooted in the fallen world or the heavenly world? You cannot simply deny that your roots have been in the fallen world. Where is the perfected, pure group without a fall? It is the True Parents. Do you say that from your lips or from your heart?

Satan is following right behind God, trying to thwart His goal of salvation of all humanity. Satan says, "No, that person is mine, that group belongs to my realm. Don't touch that world, God, because it is mine." Satan is always trying to prevent God from saving the fallen world. Is Satan right behind you, or does he have nothing to do with you? If you say, "Satan has nothing to do with me and cannot follow me anymore," then you are proclaiming, "I am the consummation of human history, religious history, and providential history. So go away, Satan. You have no business with me." Each one of you should be able to declare this. The question is whether Satan is following you or not. I tell you right now, Satan is right behind you. Look around.

Someone might say, "I am most proud to be a first-class citizen of the United States of America." What kind of declaration is that-a heavenly or a satanic one? Satan will recognize that declaration and immediately say, "That is mine." But if you say, "I am a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom, a child of God and True Parents, and I represent all of humanity as the victorious, godly person," then what? That is an entirely different perspective. Satan will say, "That viewpoint is bigger than me." Satan will look upon you in an entirely different light. So, which side are you standing on?

I came to America as an immigrant, wanting to work for this country and its citizens. Satan immediately said, "That is my territory. Since you are working in my territory, you become my servant." But I declared, "I came to America for the sake of the world and the providential will of God. I represent all of God-centered history and I am working toward the consummation of God's Kingdom." Then Satan said, "That is an invasion of the satanic kingdom, the worst invasion. Reverend Moon is trying to destroy my principality!" Satan put up all kinds of defenses, one after another, in order to prevent Reverend Moon from penetrating. He proclaimed to the secular world, "The brainwashers are coming, led by Reverend Moon! Don't be contaminated! Don't even go near them." In that way, he put up a smoke screen.

If you wanted to connect a pipe to a water supply, would you choose a spring well or a stagnant water tank? Certainly, you would prefer spring water. A spring well has no enormous facilities-no tank, no motor, just a little pipe. But water flows down from it continuously. A big city water tank looks impressive and it is a gigantic facility. Yet no matter how big that water tank might be, its water supply is limited. Thus people say, "Let's hold on to it. Don't give it away to anybody else." But with spring water, there is no limit. You not only want to drink it yourself, you want to share it. You want to give it away to the world. Spring water is pure and living, while the water in a tank is still and unmoving so contamination and stagnation are possible. Impure, foreign materials form.

Nationalism, all kinds of cultural barriers, and racism settle in to the closed "tank" of the secular world. Meanwhile, within the Unification Church you have Reverend Moon, nothing else, no big facilities. However, as long as your pipe is connected to Reverend Moon, it is connected to a spring well. The United States is like a big tank. The people think, "We are tremendous. We have such a large reservoir and great power." But inside that tank the water never moves. Therefore, the contamination is such that the smell could kill you. The rotten smell of racism, nationalism, and secular humanism are everywhere

By contrast, the Unification Church pipe is a small one. You may not have unlimited amounts in one day, but it constantly gives tasty and pure water-so alive, so reviving. Isn't that true? We have no stinky smell. We have the beautiful fragrance of unification: unification of the family, unification of the nation, unification of the races and cultures.

What is that unification centered upon? Is it centered upon the United States of America? Is U.S. citizenship the main goal? From the human history point of view, the United States is the number one nation in the world today, without question. But from the religious history point of view, the United States has a rotten odor and is declining. We cannot go along with the United States' standard. From a providential point of view, God already turned His back on this country. In time, people will say, "We didn't realize it before, but now we see the Unification Church is true spring water. This is the answer to all of history."

There has been so much opposition to the Unification Church. Leaders of nations and governments have opposed the Unification Church out of sheer ignorance. But as soon as they know the truth about Reverend Moon and the ideals of the Unification Church, they will entirely change and open up. Don't you see that possibility? From a religious history point of view, they will look at the Unification Church and say, "They've got everything we have been aspiring for. We couldn't find the way to achieve such a goal, but the Unification Church has it all." From the providential point of view, God has been looking for an instrument to fulfill His historical will here on earth. He could not find any better persons than the members of the Unification Church.

Therefore, whether you ask God, spirit world, or the physical world, they all come to the same conclusion: the Unification Church is the ultimate one, with the answer to all the problems of humanity. This is the reason the Unification Church gets assistance from Islam's founder, Mohammed, as well as from Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus himself. We are the consummation of their religions, the consummation of their historical point of view. Therefore they cannot help but assist our movement.

We must live in pride. We must have the conviction, "I am the representative of the universal ideal of God and men. I am fulfilling God's will and I represent the hope of the entire world." You have to live with that pride. Your answer is not strong enough. Do you?

Suppose your entire spiritual life was videotaped and rerun on a screen. I'm sure I could see a lot of unsightly, smelly stuff there. What do you think? Is there some portion of your videotape that is stinky? Suppose God initially has a tremendous interest in it and all of a sudden, it starts to get ugly and He says, "I don't want to see this! I don't want to smell this!" Soon God would turn it off. Can anyone say, "No, Father, God will enjoy all of my videotape, no question about it. I am proud to present my videotape to God"? Do you have that confidence? Why so silent?

That is what the spirit world is all about. To look at the videotape on earth would take hours and hours. But in spirit world, all you have to do is press one button and all of a person's life record shows up in one flash. Scary, isn't it? First of all, we have to completely organize and cleanse our lives and begin again. Although we recognize that our root is in the fallen world, we have been transformed in the Unification Church. Because you met the True Parents, therefore, you are a new being, a new creature. Your life is a new one. You are no longer living for the sake of one small society, one small nation. You are living for the sake of the world and of God. The future path, the future model is found in you. God is making you a model for the future in the base of the Unification Church.

In the relay race of history, the Unification Church is the runner that carries the baton representing the future. From now on, the victorious runner will be the Unification Church. The secular world is running the race centering on mundane goals. Narrow national interests, material prosperity, free sex and drugs are the goal. But finally the baton is being handed over to the future generation which is running in an entirely opposite direction. They are going into the immoral culture, the materialistic culture and igniting a revolution.

We are plunging into the satanic world as revolutionaries for the ultimate spiritual revolution. The territory of the ideal world is being expanded because of our work. Wherever we move in, new territory for God's kingdom is created. In that way, God's kingdom is enlarged.

I have laid this kind of condition even under opposition. What if the United States had totally welcomed and embraced Reverend Moon? Do you think Reverend Moon has the capacity to transform this country? Everyone else is running one way and Reverend Moon is running the opposite way. All along his path, he encountered persecution and rejection. But the more he runs to ignite the true revolution, the more people come to realize that the only hope is in Reverend Moon's ideal. People in the academic world, the media, politics, and economics have all come to the conclusion that there is no other hope except Reverend Moon's ideal.

When Reverend Moon came, he seemed to be a threat to their base. They feared that he was coming to take over and displace every one of them. But the more they observed what Reverend Moon was doing, the more they said, "Oh, we don't have to fear him. He really came to save us, to save the country and the world. There is no other solution than the one he proclaims." They also come to the realization that what Reverend Moon is teaching and doing is what all of mankind has been yearning for, what history has been moving toward, what religion has been aspiring to and what God has been looking forward to. Then they see an entirely different aspect of Reverend Moon.

The communist world is crumbling, the free world is crumbling, and the religious world is crumbling. Only the Unification world is moving upward all the time. Who is making that upward movement? It is God- Hananim. God, spirit world, and the providential will are like a tailwind pushing us forward. This is why the Unification movement is rising continuously.

In the past, the things that Reverend Moon said might have sounded like crazy statements, but now people are believing them. The CIA, for example, has been gathering information and watching our movement all this time. They must have come to the conclusion, "America needs a revival of Christianity and morality. Who is doing it? Reverend Moon. The problem in the world today is communism. Who is fighting communism? Reverend Moon. The family system needs to be strengthened and saved from crumbling. Who is reconstructing the family system in America? Reverend Moon." They have to come to that conclusion.

If they try to eliminate Reverend Moon, they will have to eliminate all these incredible works of salvation. They come to the realization that Reverend Moon is what this country absolutely needs. Furthermore, if they want to isolate Reverend Moon, it will not work. Who shall oppose the will of God?

Many other countries have now come to the realization that Reverend Moon's teaching holds the hope for their salvation. They are sending petitions, asking, "Reverend Moon, could you come to our country and help us? We need you." These kinds of messages come every day. Among academicians and scholarly people, there is a growing recognition that no religious leader in history has ever done as much as Reverend Moon and that he is truly a historical person.

The first realization is from a horizontal historical point of view. The second is from the religious point of view. No religious leader in the entire history of man has ever done so much in his own lifetime as Reverend Moon. From the providential point of view-spirit world's-no one in history ever demonstrated this kind of devotion and commitment, this kind of faith in God. God could not swap Abraham or Noah or Moses with Reverend Moon. No one in spirit world can compete with Reverend Moon's standard of fidelity to God. There are eyes in human and religious history which see Reverend Moon in that light. Providential history has eyes that will see Reverend Moon in that light.

(Father speaks in English:) "He is a Korean, he came from Asia." Is that the way you look at Father? (No!) I don't believe you! (Dr. Pak resumes translating:) Do you say, "Reverend Moon is just one of many religious leaders-one of the good ones-but there are many others"? Perhaps you came to Belvedere this morning and changed your mind only after listening to me. All of a sudden, you said, "I've got the wrong concept. Quick, I have to change it."

When you come to Belvedere, you hear such a providential and historical message. But many of you say, "I'm tired. Belvedere is a good place to sleep." Some people chew gum in order to keep themselves awake. Father is the general of the historical heavenly forces, so you should always be at attention and wide awake.

There are so many people trying to meet with me now. Even former presidents have come to pay their respects. But I don't see all the important people who want to see me. Barbara Walters has wanted to interview me for three years but I keep saying, "No. No." Every Sunday, though, I come to Belvedere to meet the Moonies. Don't you feel great this morning?

There is an advertisement on television for upcoming wrestling matches at Madison Square Garden. People are advertising them, saying, "Come to see the wrestling match." How much have you advertised Father? Have you done more than they have for the wrestling match? I don't say, "You must come and pay homage to me." I am calm, quiet, and unassuming. Meanwhile, the world of death is wildly crying out all kinds of slogans. The true world of life does not need to shout out. It grows without fanfare, without a trumpet or noise. I have been accused and persecuted and rejected for the entire 40 years of this dispensational period, but no power under the sun could stop my work.

Where do we find the solution to all three aspects of history-the history of humanity, the history of religion, and the history of the providential will? All of history will be consummated when a model emerges designed by God. This model is more important than all three aspects of history. No matter how almighty and omnipotent God is, He can move history forward only after He establishes the model, not before. If the dispensational will is put into motion before the model emerges, Satan will claim it. The model has to be there, marking the turning point of history. Therefore, when religious history tries to bring forth that model, Satan will desperately work every possible evil to stop its emergence.

From the religious, providential, and historical points of view, there must emerge a living model in the center, a standard-bearer. Such a person becomes the scale by which people can be measured. You can "weigh" yourself and other people because you have a certain central standard. In religious terminology, this particular standard-bearer has been described in many ways: the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Coming, an Avatar-all kinds of language can be used, but we are basically talking about the standard-bearer of the love of God.

When you find and recognize that historical model, would you let him get away? Would you ever leave him? Why not? Once you turn away from that model, criticism comes to you from human history, religious history, and the providential point of view. You will be isolated and alone, with no place to go. Someone might say, "Well, I have my home and my family. I can do without the model," but that is not true. Your parents will eventually come to the model, as will your own brothers and sisters. Then you will be left behind.

What do you think? Are the participants in the Olympic games chosen from defeated people? If that were the case, all the people of the nation would protest, saying, "How come our country selected contestants from losers? Why can't you get the best-those who are proven winners?" If a country did not send their best athletes, it would be disregarding the standard-bearer, the model.

What do you think-must the Heavenly Kingdom follow the true model, or should the model follow the Heavenly Kingdom? No matter how big it may be, the Heavenly Kingdom is inhabited by the people who come through the gate and are measured against the model. Only those who accomplish the purpose will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Without being measured according to the scale or the standard-bearer, there could be no Kingdom of Heaven. That is an absolutely narrow gate and you have to go through it.

Can you say, "This model doesn't sound right, doesn't look right." American people might say, "This is not an American scale, it's Japanese. We don't want that." You cannot deny this absolute scale. Everything must follow its standard. Everything in the world follows that standard, even God. It cannot change.

You say, "Father always says the same things every Sunday. He's been talking about indemnity and restoration for 40 years-the same sermon." But while Father has been talking about indemnity for 40 years, the world has become transformed, and a new turning point in history has been made. What about when you go into your home church area? Haven't you seen a changing mood and atmosphere toward Father? What kind of difference have you seen compared to one, two or three years ago? It is not just 30 or 60 percent. It is more like 80 percent. It can become 100 percent. Do you feel that to the bone?

But I don't want to see a 100 percent change now. If that happened, you would have no appetite to go out there because it would be too easy. You've got to have some opposition, so it's good if there is at least 20 percent opposition. If it were a 100 percent positive atmosphere, you would be lazy because everything would be so fine.

But if God allows 20 percent opposition to continue, you will keep wide awake. If all opposition were gone, I would have to create some task force within the Unification Church. You would have to go out and fight against the opposition Moonies and I would be the leader of the opposition!

Now in the Unification Church many people are saying, "Father, when will you give out the Blessing? We are over thirty years old, so why don't you give us the Blessing? Blessing, Blessing, Father, Father!" But then you get so tired that you say, "Oh, I don't care about the Blessing!" But I'm waiting for the tireless person who never stops crying, "Blessing, Blessing, Blessing." A tireless Blessing cry. In order to get the Blessing, you've got to have that kind of spirit.

Compared to me when I began, you know everything. The dispensation is completely out in the open now, but I was a pioneer in the pitch dark. I had to go step by step, digging down like in a gold mine, not knowing the direction. Which way is easier? To be a pioneer is a much more difficult task, a hundred, even a million times over. Therefore, should Father's heaven be the same as yours? In other words, do you think you deserve everything that Father deserves? But you want to go to the heaven that Father goes to, don't you? You say you don't deserve it, but you want it! What kind of rascals are you? You don't want to suffer. You will let Father suffer and then you say, "I'll take advantage of the truth. I want to go to your heaven, Father."

Your own life's course may be relatively smooth. When a typhoon is blowing on the ocean, the waves can be as high as a mountain. Such weather is the most difficult anyone can ever navigate. When you are sailing in a calm ocean, you should at least make a condition so that you can go through some of the same experiences of the typhoon.

If you ask the ocean, "Have you ever experienced a typhoon?" The ocean will say, "Of course! So many times, it's incredible." You could ask a glass of water, "Did you ever experience a typhoon?" The glass of water will say, "Yes, a little bit. It was on a different scale, but the experience was the same." If a glass of water sits absolutely still, it is dead, like a rock or like dirt.

Other people call you Moonies. Why is that? It is because you follow Reverend Moon. If Reverend Moon is like a typhoon and you are like the glass of water, you've got to work in order to attain the Moon taste and flavor. When people taste and smell you, does a Moon smell come out of you? Moonies are different. We smell different things, see different things, hear different things. Our interests are different from the secular world and our focus and awareness are different.

What are the characteristics of Moonies? You say love? In order to say love, you've got to show love first. You've got to get there first before you talk about it. When you have love, you've got to practice it. You've got to live that love. You've got to give love and help others-live for ( the sake of others.

You say you are Moonies. Do you say, "When I walk down the street, everybody else has to step aside. I am better than you"? Is that the Moonie attitude? I do not teach that kind of arrogance. I say that as a representative of God and True Parents you should serve other people. You are opening the path for them, so you should say, "Let everybody else go to Heaven first." If Satan tries to follow them, you can say, "Stop, Satan. You cannot go one step further. Get out of here." You are the guardian, the champion. Other people can live because of you and your protection.

You know Satan's strategy, and therefore you can block all his avenues of infiltration. Then Satan will become helpless. He will have no way to invade. Teach the people and at the same time protect them from Satan's tools of drugs, immorality, selfishness, and broken families. By blocking all of these, people can be protected from satanic infiltration through these routes.

From the normal point of view, the United States would be considered my adversaries and enemies since this nation has opposed me so much. Normal people would want revenge for that, saying, "You gave me a hard time, so I'll get back at this government, this President, these people." But that is not the way I think. I not only forgive them but I am trying to give them new life so they can be saved. I want to give my life and soul so that this nation can survive.

Without a model or standard-bearer, there is no way anyone can be measured. Isn't that true? This is the scale, the standard for true recognition. Otherwise, there is no way to measure whether someone passed. Do you think people need three models-the historical model, the religious model and the providential model? No, it is best to have one common model serve for all three histories.

The entire history of mankind has been moving toward the accomplishment of this ideal. Therefore, a model man must appear. He has to be a champion, a person who can struggle most bravely, because Satan will try to block t him with all his might. Historically, religiously, and providentially, Satan wants to block that man from succeeding. He has to break through all those barriers and win the standard of the true model.

What about Noah? Did he have to fit the pattern of the universal model, or did the model follow Noah's pattern? What about Jesus? Did Jesus have to follow the model, or did the model have to follow Jesus? What about God?

Should God follow the model, or should the model follow God? Today even the President of the United States cannot say, "I'm the President of the United States so I am above the law." Does that work?

The one model of the heavenly standard has been established and has become the universal law. Once that law is established, even God will not violate it. Neither will Reverend Moon. Everyone has to follow that absolute standard and mold.

From the religious point of view, the model is called the Messiah. From the point of view of humanity, that person is the savior or liberator. From the providential point of view, that person is the son of God. Those three titles are bestowed upon one person, one model, the standard-bearer we have been seeking throughout history.

You should imprint this in your mind so you cannot forget it. In the Unification Church all the requirements and the characteristics of that man are here. What do you think-is Reverend Moon the man? How do you know? Not only you must recognize it, but it must also be recognized universally-that includes spirit world. God Himself must recognize him. Religious leaders in the spirit world from the earliest times must recognize Reverend Moon in that capacity. That recognition comes from the spirit world first. Then God asks that man to gain recognition in the physical world, step by step, from the individual level to the family, society, national, and worldwide levels. That recognition must be given by the world.

What do you think? You are modern American citizens. Do you wish the President of the United States had the benefit of listening to Father so that he could truly understand this message, or do you think, "I don't care about the President and whether or not he listens to Father. He goes his way, Father goes Father's way." Why do you want even the President to listen to Father? The President moves horizontally with his entourage and his own party, and that is all. There is no spirit world following him. The founders of the religions are not following, the entire destiny of the spirit world is not pushing him. But when Reverend Moon moves, religious leaders and saints in the spirit world, spirit world itself, and God are involved. The destiny of God and Father are one.

Cosmic trends and destiny are following Father. Do you see it? Do you feel that to the bone? How do you know? In the past, perhaps you didn't know much. But you have been in the Unification Church long enough to observe that, with so much opposition and persecution, there is no way a normal group could survive. Yet we keep prospering, spreading all over the world, more and more every day. You sense that there must be a mysterious power behind Father.

They might not want to listen, but America must follow this path because universal destiny and fate are with us. Even the President doesn't carry that kind of weight. Americans don't like to hear such a statement, but I have to announce this because it is the truth. When they are elevated into spirit world, the first thing they will recognize is who is the central figure. Then they will say, "I was mistaken. I didn't know who Reverend Moon was. God, let me go down there one more time and I will follow him." But the answer from the spirit world will be, "Too late. Your time is over. You just want to elevate yourself and become a central figure. No way, no way, you men of little faith."

The communist world has to follow the direction I am pioneering. America and the free world, including Japan and Korea, have to follow this direction. If I had proclaimed this 40 years ago, do you think anyone could have listened and believed it? How about you, 40 years later? Can you take me at my word and believe it? Does that mean I was a fake 40 years ago but now I'm genuine? I was always genuine, wasn't I? The difference today is in the environment. Forty years ago, I received nothing but persecution from the environment; therefore, no one could imagine what I was saying could be possible. Forty years later, the environment has been turned around, transformed.

No matter what, no one can defeat that standard-bearer, no one can distort that model. Everyone will realize he has to conform with that model. You women, what kind of husband would you like to marry? You are saying, without hesitation, "I want to marry a man like Reverend Moon because God's will is pushing him, the spirit world and the destiny of the entire world are following him. So I would like to have a husband like him." If you answer like that, that is an A + answer. But how many Reverend Moons are there? All the women are aspiring for husbands like Reverend Moon, but there is only one. Only Mother is the lucky one in that case.

God does not want to disappoint every woman, and therefore He created a gigantic factory with an assembly line which turns out great numbers of Junior Reverend Moons! The Unification Church is that assembly line. Father is the original model by which the others are molded. You cannot turn out any other way-you have to fit into that form, that mold.

You blessed men and women have no right to say, "I do not like the snooze I have. He is not to my liking." You have no right to do that because Father already put the "Reverend Moon Junior" stamp on that person. If someone doesn't quite fit the mold, you can push him and cut him and make him fit, one way or another.

The Kingdom of Heaven, therefore, is the place where all people reflect the standard of Reverend Moon. Only those who measure up to the model can enter into the Kingdom. Thus you can determine how much your spouse resembles the model. According to that scale you can find how true or fake your spouse is.

Let's say an English man and a German woman were matched by Father. They do nothing but fight at home- the Englishman is arrogant, the German woman is stubborn and they quarrel all the time. But now they have a weapon in their quarrels. The wife can say, "True Parents' family is not this kind of family. How can you depart so far from Father's model?" The husband, no matter how arrogant he may be, has no defense against that. He will have to say, "That's right! I'm sorry! We must follow the True Parents' model."

Suppose a husband got angry instead and said, "What are you talking about-True Parents' model? I don't care about that! You're a German and I'm British, so you go to your country and I'll go to mine!" The first couple will be accepted into heaven, while the standard of the second couple would take them to a very low place in hell. The model on the family level is the True Parents' family. If you couples quarrel, you must come to the point when you say, "We have deviated from the True Parents' model. Let us push ourselves into their mold."

There are four most important scales-the individual scale, the family scale, the tribal scale, and the national scale. Everything on each level must fit into those molds. There is an iron-cast mold for the individual citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom. Each person has to fit into that mold. The heavenly family has to fit into the family level mold. Likewise, the heavenly tribe and the heavenly nation should fit into the true molds.

It is like biscuit dough being shaped. Whether you are German, Korean, Japanese, American, it doesn't make any difference. After fitting the mold, you can become a heavenly package-all are the same size and color, with the same flavor. I mix up people, sending them from north to south, east to west so that everyone can fit into that mold. You are continuously being sent from one place to another. Our ultimate goal is to become an individual citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, a family, tribe, and nation of the Kingdom of Heaven.

How many models or molds are there in the sight of God, and how many standard-bearers? One standard-bearer has created the four molds. What kind of furnace is being used for that particular model? It is the furnace of true love. The temperature can rise to several thousand degrees and still you feel so good, you say, "Hotter, hotter." In the true love furnace, you don't care if your arm and leg are melted, your eyes melt, your brain melts. Everyone is glowing in the furnace, so black people become the same as white and white people become the same as black, everyone glowing with the same glow. Everything is okay then.

Then you become like liquid steel which is poured into a red-hot glowing mold, and then pushed into cold water. Even a diamond could not compare to such hardness. You would be united so completely. God could not fuel this melting pot without the power of love. God is almighty, but by physical power alone, no such melting could take place. Only through love can it happen. With such great love, even death would make you feel good because still you will be in heaven. Therefore, such a person has already conquered death-"Death shall be no more," as the Bible says. For a person who lives like that, death has no power.

Because of incredibly high temperatures in that true love furnace, all foreign elements are burned up. Only the true, pure elements remain. No matter how much opposition or persecution may come, it would not make any difference in that furnace because it is all burnt away. Would you like to be fitted into such a mold? Would you want that, even if some portion of you was too big and had to be cut off to fit in? Do you say, "No matter what, I am going to fit into that mold." Such a person will be universally welcomed and liked by everybody. When he disappears, everyone feels lonely and misses him.

The most important thing is the emergence of the mold created by the standard-bearer. First of all there must be a human standard-bearer. That is more important than any thing else. Even God needs such a standard-bearer be cause without him, God cannot fulfill His ideal.

After a man comes as the standard-bearer, there must also be a woman as the standard-bearer. Who shall be that woman? She absolutely conforms to the model which the man established. True Mother herself does not actually create the mold for the family, tribe, or nation. Mother's way of fulfilling is by absolutely following the True Father's tradition, fitting perfectly into that tradition and becoming the model woman standard-bearer. Even if Mother's leg was too long, it must be cut so she could fit into the mold. She has to fit into that mold somehow. You might think, "What a dictator Reverend Moon is!" But that is wrong because I cut my own leg, my own arm, my own eyes and ears, figuratively speaking, to fit into the mold which God made.

You may say, "Father is going this way but my physical parents are going another way, so I can ease up on the standard." But, if necessary, you must absolutely isolate yourself to focus on the primary job of fitting into the God-made mold for perfection. It is an absolute standard. Even your hometown and your physical parents and relatives are not part of the same clan as the True Parents.

When you come back from visiting them, you sprinkle Holy Salt on yourself and say, "I'm coming back to Reverend Moon's Unification Church model now. I am not stained by the world's secular traditions." You are establishing the standard of the individual living for the sake of the family, the family for the sake of the tribe, the tribe for the sake of the nation, the nation for the world. If you cannot accomplish it in this world, you must accomplish it anyway in the spirit world. This is your destiny. a mandate from God.

Whatever your citizenship-American or not-it doesn't make any difference. Without going through this path and this dispensation, you cannot become a recognized person. Men of recognition are not those with traces of arrogance and past cultural limitations attached to them. Those things are totally unacceptable to God. You must belong to a model family, clan, tribe, and nation. You must remain within the tradition of that model.

The Unification Church has a model for the individual, family, and tribal courses. We are working toward a model for the nation, a nation which transcends race, nationality, and different cultures. It will be one nation, with a unified culture and unified races. Within that country, people from north and south, east and west will feel free to marry without consideration for racial, cultural or language barriers. The Unification movement is working to see one sovereignty, one language, one culture, with one True Parents. That is the new cultural sphere that our movement is creating.

In an international marriage, if one spouse speaks English and the other speaks German, what language would the children speak? The children may say, "I've got to learn the language of my mother, which is German, and the language of my father, which is English." Then if the son marries a Japanese, the children will speak Japanese and English. If there are 100 grandchildren, they will speak multitudes of different languages. How impossible it would be for that family! You need one language that is spoken in all families.

If you have several children and one marries a Korean, one a Japanese, one a Chinese, Brazilian, Hispanic, German, or African, they would all have to speak through interpreters. Where would you find all those interpreters? A world library would have to contain books from hundreds of different countries-the same book would have to be printed in 100 different languages! Therefore, for the sake of the future, the simplest solution would be to unify the languages, setting up one language as the mother tongue.

Many Americans are thinking, "A language revolution like that is impossible." Everyone who thinks a language revolution is impossible, raise your hands, please. Only self-centered, individualistic people would say it is "Impossible." The arrogant will perish in the future. Today, you should resolve to learn the True Parents' mother tongue. Why? For the sake of the unification of humanity, for the future. Think, "In order to give great blessing to our children, I have to learn the mother tongue of Korean."

How can you truly become a standard-bearer without knowing Father's own language and tradition? How can you achieve that model form? No one can believe you as the model form unless you know that language. Even if you can listen to me in my own language, it is not easy to absorb my tradition. How can you learn that tradition through an interpreter? This is impossible.

So, are you going to learn your mother tongue? If you don't, your grandchildren will accuse you, saying, "What kind of a grandpa are you? You listened to True Father's messages at Belvedere but you still didn't learn Korean." When you are elevated to the spirit world, your children and grandchildren will come and say, "Because we didn't know the mother tongue, we did so poorly. It's because of you, Grandpa." So it is necessary to learn that language.

Actually, we need one library, one museum, one language through which all of history will be unfolded. We won't need numerous libraries and books in many languages or numerous museums. Have you come now to the poignant realization, "I've got to learn the mother tongue"?

Why must we do that? It is in order to follow the absolute truth. The truth has been revealed through Reverend Moon, who speaks the Korean language. Therefore, only in the Korean language can you get 100 percent of the truth. Are there any protests to this? If you don't learn the language, you will become a drop-out. You will flunk the course. Those who say, "Yes, Father, I am making an absolute resolution to study the mother tongue," raise your hands, please.

I am glad that Korean is the most difficult language in the world! God said, "I like that kind of difficult language." I like that, too. The Moonies don't like it though, do you?

Historically speaking, Koreans and Japanese have been enemies, and so have the Japanese and Americans. But all these former adversaries and enemies have gathered together here. Do you think this kind of unity could happen by human power? Our missionaries are working in so many different parts of the world, but they themselves are not really doing the work-God and spirit world are working and pushing people to go and listen to the Principle. This is happening everywhere in the mission field.

Those who think that the standard-bearer should be a white person, raise your hands, please. Those who wish it should be a black person, raise your hands, please. Those who think it should be a yellow person, raise your hands. The model man has to be a unifying color, a neutral color. A unified color means black, white, red, and brown all mixed up together into one color.

Racism still persists. The one person who can truly iron out the differences between black and white is Reverend Moon. Many world leaders are realistically talking about this. The only way harmony and understanding can be brought about between Arabs and Jews, between east and west, north and south is through Reverend Moon's teaching.

Human history has been tightly wound, completely confused. Someone has solved the problems of history from the very core, unwinding and unraveling them and then describing it entirely. Reverend Moon in his own lifetime has truly accomplished the greatest achievement as unifier, harmonizer, and transformer. There is no field Reverend Moon has not touched. Just staying in the Church is a burden for some of you-but every walk of life, every facet of humanity has been touched by Reverend Moon. Thus you have no right to protest and complain about your situation.

The Korean people are virtually unanimous now in thinking that Reverend Moon is one of the greatest men their nation has ever produced. The Japanese people say, "Reverend Moon is an Oriental man." They don't want to call him a Korean, but they want to include themselves by calling him an Oriental. In the future, all of humanity will say, "Reverend Moon came from planet earth. He is from our world and he is our champion."

Who else is giving this kind of message about a standard-bearer, the model of God and gaining universal recognition? With such a model and standard-bearer, don't you think God and this world can be liberated?

The model exists now and we can measure ourselves by it. When we achieve the standard of the model, then we are recognized. The time has come for the world to see men and women of recognition. This is the harvesting season. I look at each one of you according to this scale, this standard. Those who pass will be harvested. You will go through the assembly line and have a master work on you for the ultimate heavenly trip. I will pull together those who pass, according to the model, and assemble them into an organization and launch the liberation of the world.

You must be examined against this scale. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself individually, on the family level, as a tribe, and eventually you have to prepare as a nation. Is this standard influenced by something like a Ph.D. at Harvard? Even U.S. gold does not affect this standard.

We have seen the emergence of the model. It is now our duty to conform ourselves to it. It is most important to be recognized as an individual model, then become a family model and expand that achievement to the tribe. Once you have done this, you can expand to the national level. The individual is the formation, the family level is the growth stage and the tribe level is the completion. In a way, the individual, family, and tribe are all one unit. The Unification Church must accomplish this formula.

How do we accomplish this? Do you think home church is a nice thing to do, or is it an absolute necessity? It is absolute. When your home churches are united-a dozen, 100, 10,000-then a nation automatically comes into being. Jesus said, "Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." We are saying, "Through home church, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of Heaven but he could not show the way to achieve it. Father is showing the way to accomplish the Kingdom of Heaven-it is home church.

I have been struggling on a universal scale to bring all the pieces into one tribe-the Unification tribe. At this time, you have to expand my tradition to the entire nation and world. That is your mission. The nation will automatically come into being through home church.

The democratic system is based on the people. "People power" determines the destiny of the country. Since we now have a model, it is possible for an individual to be recognized accordingly. A family and a tribe can be recognized because now there is a scale by which to measure them.

Where does the recognition begin? The standard-bearer, the model is the beginning point, then other models can be created as replicas of the original. More and more models can be multiplied throughout the world. This is how expansion and multiplication will occur.

All the recognized persons, families and tribes from every direction will be put into a gigantic warehouse. Once they are harvested and stored, are they the same kind or all different? They all come from the same model. The assembly line for the Kingdom of Heaven works that way. That is absolutely okay.

From God's point of view, Jesus' point of view, the historical point of view-that is how recognition is achieved. Once that recognition has been given, no one will protest the family being harvested and from there taken into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I have never even seen the people in Africa and they haven't seen me, but they will come to that heavenly storage because they can come through the same model and formula. They can be recognized, whether they have met me or not. Once a formula is set, it can be applied anywhere. The same formula is available everywhere. Hell is the assembling place of those who could not pass the examination: the persons, families, tribes, and so forth. Even the President of this country has the same destiny if he does not pass according to the standard.

Our goal is to get that ultimate recognition. Then we have to increase the numbers of people who will become recognized. That is our mission. How far and how long it will take to expand our territory is our challenge. You have the formula and the mold from Father. How much you produce will be your achievement record, you "report card" in spirit world.

The Unification Church's system of marriage has been a source of controversy for years. People have opposed it, saying it is impossible and so forth, but now what is happening? More and more, as families are breaking down all over the world, our system is gaining recognition in Korea and Japan and even in the United States. People feel honored to be chosen by Father to be matched and blessed. This is a most priceless Blessing. As the home church system progresses in the future, millions of people will want to be part of that marriage system.

In home church, you have 360 homes, "Moon" means gateway in Korean, so Father is like the gate. Open that "M" gate and help all the 360 homes to come in. Anyone who goes through this gate moves forward will undoubtedly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. In this way we will liberate God and the spirit world and accomplish all the goals of humanity and history. That is how the Kingdom is going to be built here on earth and thereafter in heaven. That is our mission, our challenge.

How proud we are in undertaking this task. Because I knew this core truth, I have bee giving my entire life to it with never a sign of fatigue. No matter what the opposition or persecution, I never even cared. I am not bothered by the persecution because I can see something greater beyond. I can see this model world.

We are so grateful to be living in this particular time, so grateful to have that model in front of us. We have True parents and we can be inspired like this every Sunday morning. WE can spur ourselves on to becoming champions of the providential history of God. Amen?

Think about it. Your body was born with the satanic root and has been transformed into a formidable instrument of God. How wonderful it is! How grateful we are. Even though you began life in the satanic root, you have become a new, transformed creature, a new standard bearer. You can now follow Father's pattern and become the turning point of history. We will be able to pass on a new baton for a bright, hopeful to our posterity.

Those who say, "Yes, Father, I will become the heavenly instrument to conquer the satanic world and bring victory to God," raise your hands, please. Let us pray.

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