The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1985

CAUSA Seminar Speech

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 29, 1985,
Manhattan Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Have you been studying well during the last couple of days? We are gathered together as members of the Unification Church. What is the Unification Church? It is a religious organization pursuing a noble goal: the unity of all religions. You realize that is no easy task; it is so difficult. But God's will and desire is the unity of all religions and eventually the unity of all ideologies-such as communism and democracy-under one understanding of God.

This is the United States, and most of you here today are American citizens. There is much diversity and mixture of people and problems in America. Unity is relatively easy if you lower yourself, but not so easy when you elevate yourself. Europe is a community of nations encompassing a great diversity of cultures and peoples. To try to elevate all of Europe to a higher level and then to unite everyone is quite a difficult task. But God exists and we must consider His standard. Is He content with the present level? No, He desires something much higher, the highest possible level. When you attempt to raise the world up to God's standard and unite it, you encounter immediate problems. To try to bring unity while maintaining the status quo, without altering the current ideologies and philosophies, is virtually impossible. Every country has its own idiosyncrasies; its people are proud and stubborn. Americans, for example, feel that the United States is number one. Europeans think they are tops. Such attitudes make it impossible to form a harmonious body out of these nations.

Still, if only human factors were involved, we might keep hoping for unity. But another element exists: the invisible but real influence of Satan. The forces of Satan in our world push mankind in the opposite direction of goodness and try to block people from ever reaching it. God has His own will or purpose, people and nations have their own goals, and the forces of Satan have their own agenda. All three factors or parties-God, mankind, and Satan-play a role, and their responsibilities are intertwined. Eventually, they must reach a consensus, or common understanding.

Were those three parties originally destined to be divided and operate in conflict with each other? If so, unity would be hopeless. We must understand the difference between good and evil. All three parties began heading in the same direction, goodness. But mankind, in the middle, turned toward the left and became evil. Satan was originally an archangel, one of God's creatures. God's will cannot be fulfilled unless mankind, in the center, participates in His dispensation. Likewise, Satan could not accomplish his goal without mankind's cooperation. Present divisions stem from the deviation of God's original concept in the Garden of Eden. When God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, He warned them that the consequence of disobedience was death. There, good and evil divided. To obey God's will and achieve what God desires is good; to disobey God and go away from Him is evil.

Only the Unification Church understands deeply how mankind's lineage was transferred to Satan because of the fall. Having started as a good archangel, Satan also longs ultimately to return to his original position. The central criterion for determining good and evil is God's will. The consummation of God's will is, naturally, good. Therefore, whoever totally fulfills the will of God is a complete, or perfect, person. Such a person is one with God.

The purpose of the Unification Church is to unite the religions and peoples of the world centering upon the will of God. I am the founder of the Unification Church, but that does not mean it exists to do my will. No, I live for God's will. I work day and night to unite the religions of the world, centered upon God's will, not my own. I only obey the will of God and walk the providential road.

Then what is God's will? The average religious person seldom has a clear idea what it is. But the Unification Church has a crystal-clear answer: to fulfill the ideal or purpose of creation. The ideal of creation is the completion or perfection of humankind and the universe. When men and women are perfected, the universe will also be perfected. Also, the ideal of creation includes the completion of the heavenly four-position foundation. That begins with one God-centered individual, whose mind and body are united under God's own lineage. Such a person becomes God's man or woman. That is the first stage. Such a man and woman can create a family, becoming God-centered husband and wife, and giving birth to God centered children.

If this is God's concept, is there any room for separate American, Soviet, or European ideologies? Can each hold onto his own way of thinking and preserve his well-being? Is there room for a Japanese or Korean way of thinking, for Oriental and Occidental ways of thinking? God's mind totally focuses upon the completion of this heavenly four-position foundation. He does not consider whether something is distinctively American, Korean, Japanese, or whatever. He cares only for the perfection of Adam and Eve within the Garden of Eden.

God longs for people to fulfill their human portion of responsibility, to climb out of God's indirect dominion into His direct dominion, and to become totally one with Him. That is God's one fervent desire. But people sometime object, "All we really need is our freedom. Why should we be bound by 'human responsibility'? Why worry about setting all these conditions? Why is the heavenly four-position foundation so necessary that we should give up our freedom for it?"

God's supreme desire after creating the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve was to see people fulfill their responsibility and reach perfection, or completion. Can any of you confidently say, "Yes, I will follow God's desire and fulfill human responsibility whatever the cost"? Raise your hands if you can. Supposedly, you have volunteered to fulfill God's will. Do you realize that you should become the champions in achieving it? Or do you think you don't need my sermons, since you are Americans and have all that is necessary? How much have you Americans been thinking about human responsibility? Please reflect on it. Of all the people in the world, I am taking human responsibility most seriously. I am putting my life on the line in order to fulfill it.

God and Satan separated during the period for fulfilling human responsibility. If human and angelic responsibilities had been properly fulfilled, do you think Satan would have emerged? No, Satan has mankind in a choke hold, telling people, "Until you fulfill your human responsibility, you don't belong to God; you belong to me. I've got you by the neck." There is a certain protocol among the three parties; Satan and God know it, but human beings have been unaware of it. Only at my coming has mankind's ignorance been conquered. Now human responsibility has been clearly defined.

Once a person fulfills his human responsibility, Satan can never conquer him and God will never abandon him. Satan and God made that agreement. Everything hinges upon human responsibility. Whether we follow God's will or Satan's will depends upon one thing: the fulfillment of our responsibility.

For example, Dr. Durst is the president of the Unification Church of America. He met me and followed my will, traveling throughout the country to promote our movement. He knows the American way of life, and he is absolutely confident that he is doing God's will to the maximum of his ability. But is that the entirety of human responsibility? Is that sufficient to fulfill God's will and please Him? The answer is no. The American way is very trivial in relation to the universal will of God. Even though you may have completed lots of workshops and seminars on the Principle, including leadership courses, and you think you know the Principle, your nose is still hooked by a wire, and that wire is called human responsibility.

I am a smart man. If human responsibility were not required, I could have chosen a very easy path and become popular wherever I went. Think about it. There are plenty of experts and Ph.D.s in the world, each looking for better ways of achieving human fulfillment. Do I concentrate on such things less than they do? I put a lot

more thought into it. Do you think I am so dumb that I just picked the wrong route, causing so much persecution and misunderstanding? Do I enjoy that kind of persecution? Then why has it happened? Why did I have to go through such adverse situations? Because there is no other way, in heaven or on earth. I had to take that course and overcome it.

Even if our parents reject us, we must follow this way. Even if our wife and children reject us, we must continue. If our own nation and people reject us, still we must go on. If the entire world and the universe opposes us, we persevere. That is the road of survival. That is the destiny we were born to fulfill. That is the covenant between God and Satan, the rules upon which they have agreed. We don't have the option to digress from these rules; we must follow them.

Those of you sitting in the front row have been CAUSA lecturers. Have you been truly serious, investing all your effort into your commitment, paying indemnity and trying to fulfill your responsibility in a manner acceptable to both God and Satan? Even if nuclear war broke out today and the entire world were demolished, still human responsibility would remain. It will never go away. Therefore, what people should dread the most is not necessarily an atomic bomb or nuclear warfare; it is unfulfilled human responsibility. For the whole United States of America to be demolished in one second, or for your entire family to be incinerated, would be less fearful than unfulfilled human responsibility.

While Adam and Eve were fulfilling their responsibility, were they supposed to have children? Before completing their human responsibility, they should not have turned to each other and said, "I love you; I want to kiss you and make love." This is why Jesus told his disciples, "A man's foes shall be those of his own household. He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me." (Matt. 10:36-38). Does that make sense to you? Is it realistic? Have you had such a serious attitude? Have you made a life-and-death commitment to bear the cross and follow the Lord, wherever he leads?

What elements interacted to cause human responsibility to fail'? Illicit love and the acquiring of satanic blood lineage have prevented mankind from fulfilling human responsibility. If people's bloodstream and lineage had remained connected with God's original lineage, human responsibility would have been automatically completed. Because of the human fall and unfulfilled human responsibility, a new will of God went into effect: salvation and restoration. Only after the fall did those concepts emerge.

Once His children had fallen, God could no longer deal directly with them. He could not reach out to mankind, and mankind could not reach out to Him, because the fall occurred during God's indirect dominion. God can exercise His power only when people reach His direct dominion. Otherwise, God has no way to deal with us.

Can people traveling the course of God's providence focus on having lots of fun and a wonderful time now, and still achieve salvation? How wonderful if it were the case! That is basically the way American young people- especially women-think. So what can we do? Men and women who think that way should be kicked out as detriments to the dispensation.

The Principle works to bring fallen generations back to God's direct, unstained, pure and original bloodstream, restoring mankind to God's original lineage. Only after you fulfill your human responsibility can God's lineage flow into your bloodstream, transforming you into a new person. Our ultimate goal is to be linked with God's lineage and become His true children. How can we bring Adam and Eve into oneness? How can we create that unified heavenly four-position foundation? How can we inherit God's lineage? By centering on God's love.

Does anyone here have a different idea? You are very wise people, but much of your energy has been spent in complaining and trying to dodge the mainstream work. Yet you still want to reap the benefits. Have you ever said, "I completely accept my human responsibility"'? Can you say it with confidence? Since you have not fulfilled all of your human responsibility, are you in God's direct of indirect dominion? Who controls the indirect dominion-God or Satan? You remain in Satan's realm until you enter God's direct dominion. Is this clear?

The important thing is not to run around all over the place, but to be enrolled in a certain course. You have to be clearly registered and connected with the professors who teach that course. Then, upon its completion, you will receive a certificate.

I have proclaimed the goal of uniting the peoples and religions of the entire world. God's game plan, or formula, is quite simple. First of all, God gives you the chance to fulfill human responsibility, and then comes the harvest. Those who fulfill will receive God's new lineage and enter heaven, like the grain. Those who fail shall remain in this hellish world, like the chaff that is thrown away.

Every person is destined to go this course, even though it might take billions of years in spirit world to finish it. All people must fulfill their responsibility. Your best opportunity is on earth. According to the principle of creation, human responsibility is supposed to be completed on earth, or in the spirit world. Have the major religious leaders, such as the Popes, cardinals and famous ministers, fulfilled all the requirements and attained God's direct dominion?

Suppose you worked throughout your life on earth, giving your very best, but you discover when you reach the spirit world that you had not completed the necessary courses? What would happen if you said, "I just want to stay here"? The rest of the spirit world would kick you out and tell you, "There is no place for you here." They would send you back!

You joined the Unification Church and have done your best. Now that you are blessed and have children, you might think of relaxing. But you still have responsibility, and if you fail to fulfill it, when you enter the spirit world, you will be judged by that failure. Your own children shall be your accusers. They will grab you and say, "Why didn't you do more and fulfill your responsibility?" Also, the wife might say to her husband, "Didn't you know the truth? Why didn't you treat me in a more disciplined way while we were on earth? You weren't serious about Father's dispensation, and so we ended up in hell. Why weren't you more stern and demanding? Why didn't you take human responsibility more seriously?" How tragic if the wife becomes her husband's accuser!

I know this absolute rule and principle. While I am here on earth, I have to teach it thoroughly and without compromising even one iota. Whatever the consequence, whether persecution or imprisonment, I must lay down a straight rule. Even though the United States opposes me, I will confront it squarely and fearlessly, because I have a job to do. Not even the strongest earthly power can prevent me from fulfilling my human responsibility. That is my mandate from God and my firm resolution.

You are my disciples and children, aren't you? In your position, can you say, "I don't care about human responsibility. Let Father do it?" Regarding indemnity, perhaps you rationalize and say, "Backward people from countries such as Korea might live that way, or Japanese people can do it. But we are American citizens. This is a free country, and we have everything we need." You are free, that is true, but you are not free from human responsibility.

How deadly in earnest God has been! He lost all His saints and martyrs, and He wants to restore this world using their blood sacrifice. This world has always been running away from Him. He is so serious now! But even God could not clearly specify what human responsibility is, because finding that out is also part of our responsibility, according to the Principle. If God could have led people by the hand directly to the goal, the world would never have become like it is.

Satan is always taunting God and saying, "People have to learn human responsibility and prove by the way they live that they are worthy of being Your sons and daughters. But none of them are doing it! That shows that all men and women on earth are my children. Don't touch them, God!" And God has to agree with Satan.

Once we go to the spirit world, the truth of this will become crystal clear. But it will be too late then. The tragedy will be even greater when men and women who knew about their human responsibility while on earth still failed to fulfill it.

I know clearly what has to be done and how to do it, and I can lead you by the hand. But sometimes I feel disgusted when I stand before you, because it is so impossible to lead you. I issue emergency instructions, but you take them lightly, saying, "Well, I'll do my best, I guess." And some people waste their time, just wanting to have fun. What a tragedy when God declares an emergency but none of His soldiers take it seriously enough to tackle it! I am speaking particularly to you leaders, you "big shots." l wear special eyeglasses of human responsibility, and I use them to check your movements and behavior, to see whether you pass their approval.

The great blessing of God's love is waiting to be bestowed, but no one is deserving, because your blood lineage is not pure enough to receive it. You have received the Blessing, but none of you really understands its importance and value. Sometimes this makes me feel deeply hurt and full of regret. My feelings about the Blessing are so deep: is it an immeasurable, priceless gift. But you handle it like an old pair of shoes. Those who have been blessed, raise your hands, please. Do you think the Blessing was just a simple child's game we played? On the contrary, it is a life-and-death showdown. The Blessing came to you upon my lifelong sacrifice. I paid an incredibly high price to give it to you, in order to connect the heavenly lineage to you.

Have you felt that your blood is different now'? Have you been reminding yourself, "I am connected to the heavenly lineage; now my whole body is God's'?" That is such a poignant realization. Have you experienced it? Only when you go beyond human responsibility can you deserve the Blessing. In a way, the truth is simple and clear.

Human responsibility has eight different levels, starting from the individual level and extending to the family, tribe, nation, world, universe and cosmos. God inspired the creation of the various religions of the world and has been cultivating them like wild olive trees so that when the Messiah came, He could engraft his lineage onto them. That is the entire purpose of the chosen people and the chosen religion. The Messiah is the one who first fulfills human responsibility and brings the heavenly lineage with which to engraft the wild olive trees, so that they can become true olive trees.

The Unification Church culture, centered upon True Parents, who represent true love and God's true lineage, shall be propagated to all of humanity, creating a new culture and a new world. That is the essence of the Unification Church culture and the mission of the Unification Church. Only through this channel can the Kingdom of God become a reality on earth. Only as we spread the truth and overcome the world's ignorance, gaining acceptance of the True Parents, can the Kingdom of Heaven emerge on earth.

This is the mission of the Messiah and the Unification Church. The heavenly four-position foundation lost to Satan must be restored. Therefore, wherever the Unification movement goes, Satan and God inevitably have a showdown, because that is where life and death, heaven and hell, and the victory of God or Satan are determined.

You Unification Church members sometimes think you have nothing to do with Jesus. That is erroneous. Actually, the Unification Church was born at the time of Jesus, who came to be the True Parent 2,000 years ago. Had he been able to fulfill everything without going through the crucifixion, the Unification Church would have begun in his time. Moreover, the Roman Empire would not have fallen; the world would long ago have been united; and there would have been no room for communism on earth.

The close of World War II was another ripe opportunity. The United States of America, as the key Christian nation of the modern world, could have led the entire world and heralded the coming of the Messiah at that time.

A wondrous miracle has taken place. Through discovering the Principle, I was able to telescope 6,000 Biblical years of fallen history, and particularly the past 2,000 years, into 20 years. I have condensed a long dispensation into a short time-making a long story short!

My efforts until the Holy Wedding in 1960 were to restore the position of Jesus. Therefore, I had to walk his path, because as Jesus' heir I could not move forward unless his position was completely vindicated and restored.

The 25 years from 1960 to 1985 has been the era of the True Parents. In 1960, the age of True Parents dawned. From 1960 to 1972, 1 laid the national foundation in Korea, which became the cornerstone of the worldwide foundation. During those 12 years, I declared the four heavenly holidays, set the pattern of true patriotism, and through the various organizations which we founded, laid a substantial foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I also sent out all the blessed couples to the field, offering them as sacrifices for the redemption of the country. From 1970 on, I have encountered worldwide opposition, which was expected and normal.

During the 12 years from 1973 to 1985,1 expanded the foundation from the national to the worldwide level, centering upon the United States. We mobilized all the races of mankind and extended our foundation throughout the earth, in preparation for the global conflict with the worldwide satanic forces. This has been the time for planting the new tradition for the democratic world and the new tradition for international blessed families.

The pattern of struggle has been the same in both periods. On the national level in Korea, there were daily threats against my life. Now, in the United States I have faced tremendous opposition and persecution on an international scale, as you are well aware.

Actually, what is happening now in 1985 was supposed to have happened in 1945. Had established Christianity accepted me at the close of World War 11, what we are now witnessing would have occurred then. But because established Christianity failed, I spent 40 years in the international wilderness and finally volunteered for the crucifixion of Danbury. Because I was resurrected rather than defeated there, I opened the way for a new era of total religious and international unity. I have succeeded in restoring every level of the dispensation-individual, family, tribal, national, worldwide, universal and cosmic.

The Cain-Abel relationship is the classic pattern of providence. So far, Cain has tried to control everything. When established Christianity is Cain, the Unification Church is Abel. But attitudes have been gradually changing, particularly after my incarceration at Danbury; now established Christianity is approaching the position of a Cain who accepts the leadership of Abel. The United States government is Cain to the Christian churches, who are Abel; but the government has been more powerful and has been exerting its will over the churches. In world affairs the United States has been trying to control everything. The democratic world, centering on the United States, is Abel, and the communist world, centering on the Soviet Union, is unquestionably Cain; but both Cain and Abel have been lost and filled with chaos.

So the Cain-Abel relationship clearly exists on every level, even within the Unification Church. According to the Principle, unless unity between Cain and Abel is restored, the parents cannot emerge. After World War 11 God gave an unprecedented opportunity to the United States, a Christian nation, to assume the leadership of the entire world. At the close of World War 11, the Christian churches were filled with inspiration and glorified God for bringing them the victory. But they should have clung to God, remaining humble and praying for him to send His anointed one to lead America and the whole world. That should have been the focus of their prayers. They should have been waiting to receive the Messiah, the True Parents. Had all this happened 40 years ago, restoration would have been accomplished in virtually one stroke.

I was a young man at that time, but already I had uncovered the entire Principle. Conditions were as ripe then as they are today for leading the world back to God. Had the True Parents been accepted 40 years ago, with the nations and churches (as Cain and Abel) united and welcoming them, it would have taken only seven more years to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Communism would never have become so strong. However, the United States surrendered its responsibility and abandoned the world, and communism, which had been feeble, amassed power and took over nations one by one.

Korea was in the position to accept the True Parents first, but it opposed me instead. Established Korean Christianity became a tool of Satan and totally turned against me, and the Korean government immediately joined in the persecution. Thus, Satan snatched that opportune time.

Not only did Satan divide the Unification Church from the larger Christian community, but he also preyed on Christianity itself. Today Christianity in America has been infiltrated by godless attitudes, such as liberation theology and secular humanism. The world has become a wilderness and Satan is devouring it, left and right. It has become the target for Satan's rampant attacks.

Just as in the time of Moses, 40 years is the period for changing generations. The first generation which followed Moses died without entering Canaan. Likewise, the first generation after World War 11 which rejected the True Parents, has mostly passed away. The second generation is now ready to accept and embrace me. I had to pay the indemnity to make a link to his second generation and open the door to them.

For that reason, I trained Hyo Jin to be the Abel, or second generation leader, by having him direct the blessed children's workshops around my time in Danbury. The first was held a year ago, and the second one just finished in Korea on August 15. There are various Cain-Abel relationships within our church. When I am Abel, you're Cain. But the second generation is Abel to the first generation, as Cain. Your children, for instance are Abel and you are Cain. In my family, Hyo Jin and the second generation are Abel and I am Cain.

Now that the victory has been won in Danbury, I am setting up a clear channel of command, with the emergence of Hyo Jin as the second-generation Abel. My victory at Danbury also has meant my own resurrection, both physically and spiritually. I am now in the position of Lord of the Second Advent to the world. A new era has begun, in a way, so one of the most important issues now is the leadership of the second generation.

My period of incarceration at Danbury was also comparable to Moses' 40 days on Mount Sinai. Much confusion and chaos prevailed before I entered prison. But with my emergence as the victorious Lord of the Second Advent for the world, a new order has come into being. You have a new opportunity to renew your connection with the True Father. The Unification Church, established Christianity, and the whole world are being renewed through that relationship. My mission has also been renewed. The bond between the True Father and the second generation has been renewed. Moses himself died in the wilderness, unable to cross over into Canaan; only the second generation actually entered the promised land. Now Moses is resurrected physically and is personally leading the first and second generations together into Canaan!

During the Exodus, the Israelites had a simple direction: to follow Moses. They could survive by following him. By the same token, after my emergence as the new world leader, people will say, "A new Moses has arisen, the Reverend Moon. Our survival depends on following his direction."

Blessed couples have an absolutely crucial mission. All the Korean blessed couples went out to witness for three years, from 1970 to 1972, setting a new tradition for the national foundation in Korea. This time, the international blessed couples are going out to witness to the world, especially in America. During these next three years, we will set a worldwide foundation and tradition. I have already paid all the indemnity necessary to restore human responsibility on all levels from the individual to the global scale. Furthermore, I have planted God's true lineage on earth and laid its foundation and set its tradition. I am standing upon that foundation today.

You received the Blessing at your present level of the restored growth stage. But I want you to know that even though you are blessed, your indemnity condition and your human responsibility have not been fulfilled. One more stage remains before you can enter God's direct dominion. Chaos, misunderstanding and faithlessness may all occur during this final period. But when you finish that last step and enter God's direct dominion, Satan's accusation will leave you permanently These next three years until 1988 will be absolutely vital. If you blessed couples throughout the world unite with me and follow my instructions and fulfill your responsibility, we will all cross that final completion line.

The world is filled with confusion now. The Soviet Union is desperate. August 15, 1985 marked the 40th anniversary of the end of World War II. Before that date, I wanted it declared to the world that communism was coming to an end. Prominent academic leaders at the Second International Congress of the Professors World Peace Academy this summer predicted the end of world communism. I already foretold the decline of the United States 12 years ago. So the end of communism is near and the United States and the free world are declining. So who shall survive? Only those who uncompromisingly follow the will of God. They will be the remnant, the survivors.

Men and women who fulfill their human responsibility and receive the True Parents' direct lineage through the Blessing are the remnant, the grains which shall be harvested. You can carry out that task by going to the satanic world and subjugating it. You have inherited my tradition and the charge to teach it to all of America. This is the age for you and your families to take up the responsibility. Therefore, all the blessed couples shall be mobilized. Whoever is not involved in this mobilization has nothing to do with True Parents. Now is the time to cross the Jordan River. You can enter Canaan or remain in the wilderness. You need to be bold and strong. The two key words are bold and strong.

This country desperately needs a God-centered president, senators and congressmen. America's intellectual establishment is liberal, godless, secular, humanistic, and anti-religious. We are declaring war against three main enemies: godless communism, Christ-less American liberalism, and secular-humanistic morality. They are the enemies of God, the True Parents, the Unification Church, all of Christianity, and all religions. We are working to mobilize a united front against them. While I was in Danbury, I focused on uniting all religious people-regardless of their faith or denomination, race or culture-in a common cause.

Do you feel in your bones that established Christianity has turned towards us? This is the blessing I expected immediately following World War II. Because of the failure of established Christianity at that time, the road of providence has passed through 40 arduous years of indemnity. But after completing a huge circle, we have returned to that original time of blessing. In these 40 years of journeying in the wilderness, I re-indemnified everything through my blood, sweat, labor, and tears. If established Christianity had responded properly at first, that blessing would have swept across the country and throughout the world. Since I have re-indemnified everything, that opportunity has returned. Now, when you go out you will have a sweeping effect nationwide. You should expect to harvest an incredible victory.

Do you feel what I am saying in your bones? No matter what, we must remain committed during these three years. Please rise above all difficulties, opposition, persecution, and internal struggles. You blessed couples must set the tradition on the worldwide level; then you shall reap the great victory for everyone. We shall return this world to the original, unpolluted condition of the Garden of Eden and to the pure, unstained heavenly four-position foundation. That is our mandate for these next three years. We will leave no room for the opposition to invade.

Several major external events are scheduled for 1988: presidential elections in the United States and Korea, the election of a prime minister in Japan, and a change of leadership in Germany. The four major providential nations, representing Cain, Abel, Eve and Adam on the worldwide level, will decide their destiny in 1988. Korea is the Adam nation, Japan the Eve nation, the United States the restored heavenly archangel, and Germany the fallen archangel. This is the dispensational significance of these four nations.

Germany is divided vertically, between East and West; the East belongs to satanic communism and the West to the free world. Korea is divided horizontally, at the 38th parallel, between North and South. In North Korea, Kim II Sung has taken the position of satanic parent of the nation, while in the South, there are True Parents. By overcoming North Korea and East Germany in one way or another, we will make the condition to solve the world's problems and end the struggle between communism an the free world. Who shall bring that solution? Secular national leaders cannot solve these problems. Only leaders who know God's will and God's mandate can do it. That day is at hand.

Shall we work to receive this blessing and eliminate the need for indemnity? Shall we take the final leap forward-or give up our mission now? What do you think? We shall fulfill human responsibility and create a sphere free of indemnity. We shall build a True Parent centered society. We shall create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and make our final settlement. God's people have never been able to settle. Final settlement must come. We have been the objects of ridicule wherever we have gone. But that shall change. In the next three years, Moonies shall become honored, respected and revered.

Your children shall be free from persecution and opposition; they will not need to pay indemnity for the past. They will truly live in the Kingdom of Heaven from birth on and will automatically enter the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world. That is the kind of foundation you as a parent can lay.

Did you hear my plans to mobilize 7,000 people to go to Korea: We have already educated more than 7,000 Christian ministers. Imagine bringing 7,000 American ministers following Reverend Moon to Korea, under the banner of CAUSA! That would have an impact on the entire nation.

The fallen archangel, Germany, must follow the United States, the heavenly archangel. The United States must follow Japan, the Eve nation. Japan must follow Korea, the Adam nation. The ultimate showdown will take place in Korea. Therefore, the United States cannot pull out of Korea; the archangel must save Adam. At the fall, the archangel turned against Adam, instead of serving him. God's side and Satan's side are both moving in the same direction. North Korea is in the position of satanic Adam, Red China is satanic Eve, and the Soviet Union is the satanic archangel. When the four nations on God's side unite, the satanic side will split apart. Red China is already rebelling against the communist ideology and will inevitably turn in God's direction.

If Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany unite and move together during these next three years, incredible things will happen. The Occidental cultural sphere is moving towards the Orient. The sun rises from the East and goes to the West. World culture as well is moving toward the East. The Cain-type cultures of the West have taken the subjective role around the world, while the Abel-type cultures of the East have been in the objective role. But the subject and object positions are now reversing; the United States and the Christian cultures have begun to admire and strive to emulate the Oriental cultures. The Unification culture is the Adam culture towards which everything is moving.

Today the United States is trailing behind Japan in many fields, including technology, scientific research, computers, and automation. This is how God is turning the world. At the fall, Eve handed her entire power over to the archangel. Now the archangel is returning its power to the heavenly angel and to Eve; through Eve, Adam will be restored. This is happening today on the worldwide level.

Eventually I would like to see Koreans, Japanese, Americans and Germans living together in the same building. There will be condominiums to house international families and communities. The children of families in the same complex will intermarry and live as part of a larger community, like one great family growing up together. This will be our tradition. Such communities will be our tribes. Without a pattern of tribal life, we will never be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? We have not yet set this heavenly tradition.

You international blessed couples are very precious. International couples will become highly respected and valued. The era of white supremacy is past. Whoever still harbors feelings of white supremacy in the Unification Church has a satanic attitude.

A great providential opportunity is at hand. Now that you know the complete picture, God and True Parents are giving a mandate to all members of the Unification Church-especially blessed couples-to be mobilized. Marching orders have been issued. We are going to the front line. The day will come when even if you volunteer for the front line, there will be no more mobilization. There are growing numbers of people who, although they are not even members of the Unification Church, are investing much time, effort, and even tears in the study and propagation of the Principle. What is the difference between you and them? Even though they study Principle so much harder than you, unless they pay a certain amount of indemnity they cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. Your indemnity is your advantage.

Who will conquer the worldwide Satan? Ultimately, it is up to you. You have to confront Satan. True Parents can give you all the guidance and direction you need, but you will force the ultimate showdown-not us. When the world totally embraces the Unification Church and no longer opposes us, you should volunteer for labor camps and coal mines! We will have to create some indemnity course within our own system! I will give directions about that.

When the world accepts the Unification Church, should we become self-satisfied and boast, "Our day has come! Hallelujah!"? Not at all. Do you think your children, the second generation, will have their own portion of human responsibility, they too shall be accused; they may not end up in hell, but heavenly law will chastise them, because the law of indemnity still applies.

We are now assembling like the Israelites at the time of Moses. You have been given your marching orders. Please don't complain like the ten faithless spies. Be like Joshua and Caleb and cross the Jordan River to challenge the city of Jericho with victorious faith. This is the standard and tradition that the blessed families in the United States should establish.

I will pass on to you the fruits on my 40 years of indemnity during these next three years. God suffered for 6,000 biblical years. Through my 40 years of indemnity, I could receive from Him a great inheritance, which I am ready to give to you, upon the completion of your three years of service.

Centered upon God and the True Parents, the heavenly four-position foundation has already been erected. The final heavenly four-position foundation will be composed of God, the True Parents' family foundation, the True Children's family foundations, and your own blessed family foundations. That heavenly four-position foundation by families is the ultimate foundation. Within that, there is no room for Satan. Does the Principle indicate that Satan can invade such a foundation? This is the absolute foundation-absolute God, absolute True Parents, absolute faith of the True Children, and absolute faith of the blessed couples. That leaves no loophole for Satan.

In the Garden of Eden there were no boundaries. Eventually national boundaries shall also disappear. In the ideal world you can go anywhere. The whole of modern technology developed to help fulfill God's ideal. We have been expecting this time. Our only responsibility is to make one final jump, set out on the one final march. You blessed couples have been given your marching orders.

Those who will respond by saying, "Now I am determined to carry out the True Parents' wishes. I will fulfill that goal. I will accomplish God's will"-please stand up. Raise your hands. Do you pledge before me to fulfill your human responsibility and to live up to my expectations?

Yes or no?
Yes or no?
Yes or no'?

Thank you.

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