The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Holy Water Ceremony

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 20, 1985, 1:00 A.M.
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Thank you for your support and prayers. Because of them, I have successfully and victoriously completed the entire providential course in prison. However, instead of sharing my experiences in prison with you, I would like to spend this time giving you a special message about Il Seung Il, or Total Victory Day, which I proclaimed on August 16.

As you know, God's providence in history has been one of restoration. Since the fall involved the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, only someone in their position can fulfill the restoration process. Since the fall, people on every level have been divided into enemy camps: parents vs. children, husband vs. wife, brother vs. sister, nation vs. nation, race vs. race. All the relationships that God originally created degenerated into enmity. These enemy camps can return to the heavenly side only through a restoration process.

God needs a chosen people to spearhead this process and to fulfill a special mission. The history of restoration focuses on the chosen people. The first victor over Satan was Jacob, so he received the name Israel. From him, 4,000 years of restoration began. Then, 2,000 years later, the Messiah came to the world. The Messiah is the one anointed with the mission of consummating restoration. That mission includes restoring Abel-type fallen people to the heavenly lineage. To be liberated from Satan's camp, our lineage has to be transferred from its satanic origin to a heavenly origin. This is the basic flow of providence. The Messiah bears the pure heavenly lineage, into which we need to be engrafted.

Providence can also be summarized as the restoration of Cain and Abel. As you know through the Principle, we have to pass through God's indirect dominion in order to enter His direct dominion. Originally, the elder son should have guided people through the indirect dominion. Had the fall not happened, the elder son, Cain, would have led his entire family into God's direct dominion. However, the fall occurred at the top of the growth stage, so everything below that level was invaded and claimed by Satan. Satan violated God's indirect dominion and also the elder son. Therefore, the responsibility was passed on to the second son, although that was not God's original ideal.

Thus, in the course of providence, the birthright must be restored by the second son, Abel, who has to go to the satanic world and claim the birthright of the elder son; then he can return to God's side and rise to the position of first son. The restoration process means that the elder son must take the lower position of second son and the second son be elevated to the elder son's position. Although this is unnatural, the fall made it necessary. Only through such a process can the second son fulfill the principled role of elder son. Originally, the task of fulfilling human responsibility rested primarily on the elder son, although there would have been no fundamental distinction between the two, since both would have been on God's side and had equal value. However, because of the fall, Satan took over the elder son's position.

This pattern also applies to the relationship between your physical body and your spiritual body. God created the physical body first, so it is in the "elder son's" position, and Satan always works through it. The spiritual body is in the "second son's" position. The physical body can relate with all things of creation, since it has elements that correspond to the physical world. But if you merely follow the desires of your physical body, which has been invaded by Satan, you will never be able to restore yourself. You have to deny your physical body. This is the reason why all major religions have taught the subjugation of the body to the will of the spirit. Within this indirect dominion of God, there is no true freedom. Absolute freedom can be found only when we reach God's direct dominion.

God's children forsook their original position and went to dwell in Satan's realm. The basic struggle of history has always centered upon the second son's efforts to win the elder son's position. Only when that process is successful can people rise to another level in the providence. This is obvious in the story of Jacob, who first claimed the birthright of his elder brother, Esau, and finally overcame him with love-not force-winning his elder brother's love in return. Jacob was the first person to successfully subjugate the elder brother. Jacob could not merely buy the birthright; he went to the satanic world (the land of his uncle Laban) and struggled there for 21 years in order to gain the physical victory by becoming prosperous and establishing his family. That physical victory was an absolute requirement for returning home and winning his elder brother over.

Jacob's pattern became the classic one, followed by later providential figures. Jacob started from the individual level; what he accomplished was later expanded to the tribal and national levels. Jesus' mission was to fulfill Jacob's dispensation on the national level. The descendants of Jacob, the chosen people, were physically removed from their original land and taken into the enemy land, Egypt. Only after a long struggle there could they head back to Canaan. Even then, they had to fight and destroy seven enemy tribes in Canaan before they could settle the land.

God wanted to teach a major lesson through the history of the chosen people: when the Messiah comes as the True Parent, the elder and younger brothers must unite and serve him. The original ancestors were supposed to give birth to pure, heavenly children-first son, second son, and so forth. But the fall of Adam and Eve brought the Cain-Abel division into the world. Fallen parents gave birth to fallen children, who fought like enemies, culminating in Cain's murder of Abel. As the True Parent, Jesus should not have had to deal with Cain-Abel struggles; such divisions should have been healed before the Messiah came. Before meeting the True Parent, Cain and Abel should resolve their differences and be able to stand in an unfallen position. Thus, the resolution of the Cain-Abel conflict is a crucial condition for welcoming the Messiah.

What kind of situation did Jesus encounter? The nation of Israel was in the external Cain position, and the Jewish faith in the Abel position. According to the Principle, the nation, Israel, should serve the religion, Judaism. The same applies to the situation in the United States today. The U.S. government is in the Cain position, while Christianity is in the Abel position. Who should serve whom? The nation must serve Christianity. Although that is the ideal, in reality, the government has become negative towards religion and the churches, trying to bring them under subjugation to civil authority. If the Cain-Abel unity had been achieved during the time of Jesus, Satan would have had no condition to accuse anything. The critical part of Jesus' mission was to establish the position of True Parents, enabling all humanity to be reborn through them and the Cain-Abel conflict to be totally resolved.

But Jesus was crucified before he reached the True Parents' position. People rebelled. instead of aligning themselves with God, Cain and Abel were used by Satan to fulfill his will. Furthermore, they united with the Roman Empire, which was in the position of fallen archangel. When all three joined in opposition to Jesus, the foundation on God's side was lost. Therefore, history took a different direction.

After Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, he spent 40 days on earth, creating the realm of spiritual salvation. In the name of Christianity, that realm has expanded during the past 2,000 years, spreading throughout the world. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ came as the bridegroom, but he could not take his bride. So the Holy Spirit took that position, the role of Eve, and through the spiritual give and take between Jesus and the Holy Spirit, fallen people have been receiving spiritual rebirth, and the providence has expanded to the worldwide level. Day by day, God's providence has been growing spiritually, as Christianity expanded from a small community to a nation, to a bloc of nations, and finally to the worldwide level.

Christian prosperity reached its climax right after World War II, which was the crucial time to act to welcome the messiah. Then, Christianity was in the Abel position and the United States and the free world in the Cain position. If Cain and Abel had united and if Cain had been obedient to the direction and will of Abel, they would have formed the foundation to receive the Messiah, and the Kingdom of Heaven would have been established at that time. It would not have been prolonged until 1985. In God's original timetable, the foundation would have been completed during the seven years following 1945. But established Christianity and the nation rejected the Messiah, duplicating the failures at the time of Jesus.

Four thousand years have passed since the time of Jacob. Until 1945 my struggle was an internal, spiritual one. I inherited the entire mission of Jesus. After setting the spiritual conditions and inheriting the mission of Jesus spiritually, I began the physical dispensation, trying to link the spiritual and physical spheres. The time was ripe; if established Christianity had united with me and the United States had accepted me, the providence would have advanced very rapidly. Even before seven years were over, the whole plan of God could have been fulfilled! But one rejection followed another, and I had to physically indemnify the whole 4,000 years since the formation of the chosen nation of Israel-all in 40 years' time.

Since established Christianity and the United States could not fulfill their God-given responsibility, I founded the Unification Church, to substitute for Christianity, in a way, and to do what Christianity was originally supposed to have done. That has been my task over the past 40 years. My mission was to inherit Jesus' responsibility spiritually and expand it physically to the worldwide level. Because of the rejection by established Christianity and the civil authorities of the various nations, I had to rebuild everything from scratch. Starting from the very bottom, I had to work all the way up to the worldwide level, spiritually as well as physically.

Actually, I should have been able to take the baton from Jesus and dash with it all the way to the worldwide level. But because of the rejection I encountered, I inherited not only Jesus' national mission but also his experience of rejection. I was rejected as much as Jesus was, and beginning my mission under adverse conditions, I erected a new foundation, spiritually as well as physically. True Parents existed spiritually, but we had to lay the foundation to become the physical True Parents.

I began my ministry on the national level, and by 1974, I elevated it to the international level. I came to the United States in 1971, and for the next three years laid the worldwide foundation here, because this country represents the whole world. At that time I was welcomed by representative Christian and civic leaders. In 1975, I took the victorious international foundation back to Korea-in the form of the support of the Christian churches. By linking that international victory with Korea, I erased Korea's former rejection and restored Korea to the victorious position.

An extraordinary thing occurred in Korea that year. The established Christian churches opposed us very strongly, but they also were against the government. The Korean government took the position of uniting with me. The Korean government and the Unification Church together won a landslide victory over the Christian churches! Through this, we achieved tremendous gain-parallel to Jesus being accepted by the government of Israel. With such a victory, I returned to the United States and launched an unprecedented campaign here.

After linking Korea with the international spiritual victory, I was ready to share the spiritual blessing with the world. But a blessing should be physical, not just spiritual. Therefore, a physical confrontation with the U.S. government occurred after I returned from Korea-a heated battle in which the U.S. government and established Christian churches in America opposed the Unification Church. In Korea, we had won over the Korean nation, the government and the people. In the United States, we waged the same kind of offensive battle, culminating in the Washington Monument rally of 1976.

I have been the champion on God's side, and I am always amazed at how everyone has been uniting against me-the government, secular humanists, and even communists. They have joined hands in a common purpose: to fight against Reverend Moon. With the help of those factions, including various left-wing and communist elements working behind the scenes, the U.S. government succeeded in putting me in jail, believing that they would finish me off that way. Under such incredible odds, I entered prison. However, from the beginning of my incarceration a new power was given to me, a new spiritual weapon with which I launched an even greater spiritual offensive. During these past 13 months, up to this day, I have been able to transform an apparent setback into a victory.

Today I am truly in the position of worldwide Abel, and American Christianity is in the Cain position. Now Cain and Abel are going to meet. Today is the historical day when the 20th-century Jacob and Esau will reunite. In the Unification Church, I am Abel and you members are Cain. Over the past 40 years, members in the Cain position have totally united with Abel, making it possible for God to intervene and exercise direct dominion. That was the history of the Unification Church over the past 40 years.

Jesus was resurrected three days after his crucifixion, and he carried out his resurrected mission on earth for 40 days before ascending into heaven. All together, 43 days passed from Jesus' crucifixion to his ascension; during that time he laid his foundation on earth. This year the United States is celebrating her 210th anniversary. Twenty one is a crucial number. I was supposed to be released from Danbury to the halfway house on July 8, but my strategy was for them to release me on July 4, which is the United States' Independence Day. Since the period from July 8 until today, August 20, is 43 days, this has been my universal resurrection period. Jesus' disciples could receive the benefits of his resurrection. However, because of my universal position as the True Parents, when we are resurrected today, not only the members of the Unification Church but also all other righteous Americans shall be resurrected, along with people in the Christian cultural sphere throughout the world. Americans totally misunderstood me. They thought I represented some kind of evil or satanic force. But after 13 months, the entire spirit world has come down, people have been educated, and Christianity has begun to realize that I am a true champion of God-not an enemy of the United States. They can see that I am actually the only hope for saving America.

These 13 months have been a very significant period. The number 13 has not been considered a very good number in Western tradition, but according to heavenly tradition, it is a great number. Thirteen represents the 12 apostles centered upon Jesus. Thirteen months represent 12 months plus one. Our situation today is entirely different from that of 40 years ago. In 1945, the Unification Church was completely rejected. Since then, people have tried their own ways of salvation, and they haven't worked out. The entire world has lost hope. People tried democracy, but it couldn't solve their problems; people tried communism, but it couldn't solve their problems either. The only remaining hope is the Unification Church and Reverend Moon. Therefore, even though many enemies still surround us, they have collapsed internally and are awaiting their salvation, too.

Providentially, today is a very crucial day. August 20 marks a new beginning for the Unification Church, a new era for history. From this day on, all we have to do is just march forward and be bold and strong. True Parents are truly established now. Total unity between Cain and Abel was a prerequisite.

My own children represent sinless Adam's family. Therefore, they can follow the original pattern-elder son, second son, etc. But because of the fall, all humanity other than the True Parents' family still belongs to the satanic lineage; they still need to restore the positions of Cain and Abel. True Parents' family, which follows one pattern, and the fallen world, which follows another pattern, must be linked, through the True Parents' children (in the elder son's position) and the children of the blessed couples (in the second son's position). The second generation of the True Parents' family is headed up bye the eldest son, Hyo Jin. He has been working as the second generation leader, particularly through the international CARP movement. According to God's timetable, before 1985 ended, I needed to unite all the second generation members in our church from Korea, Japan and the United States. The order and discipline of the second generation must be established.

Those who entered Canaan after the Exodus were from the second generation. The first generation pioneered the way, but they all faltered in the wilderness. Even in the case of Christianity, Jesus and his disciples were the first generation, spiritually speaking, and all the Christians after them are in the second-generation position. Thus Christianity is, in a sense, a second-generation culture.

So second-generation unity between True Parents' children and the international blessed children was necessary. This now establishes the true order of True Parents' tradition, the one which should have been established under sinless Adam and Eve. Now it will no longer be necessary for the second generation and beyond to go out and fight in the satanic world to bring the victory. Cain and Abel must be united for the proper installation of the True Parents' position, but no longer will it be necessary to struggle to switch the positions of Abel and Cain, because the right order has been established: the True Children are in the elder son's position and the blessed children are in the younger son's position. They are automatically elder and younger brothers. Upon that unity, the True Parents can stand.

This summer extraordinary things happened. I sent Hyo Jin to Korea to direct a special workshop for the second generation, uniting them for the first time. Previously, each was heading in his own direction, and there was no discipline among them. But now they have been brought together in a certain order. It is significant that this happened while I was serving my prison sentence, because after Jesus' crucifixion, all his disciples separated and ran away. Now, during my incarceration, the blessed children from around the world came together, to the central point, instead of running away.

At the time of the True Parents, everything has been won back and consummated during my stay at Danbury, representing the crucifixion. This is vitally important. August 15, 1985 was the 40th anniversary of Korea's liberation. I sent Hyo Jin back to Korea to lead a 40-day workshop for the second generation. Not only did they unite centering upon the True Parents, but their parents also are united. The same thing happened in Japan. Hyo Jin went to Japan and spoke at the international CARP convention, leading an extraordinary ministry there for ten days, bringing revival to the entire Japanese movement.

I instructed him to return by August 15. Then on August 16, I held the ceremony which signified the victory. Upon the victory of Hyo Jin, particularly the unity of the second generation, True Parents can finally be settled; our position is truly installed. Previously, our foundation was shaky, but the second generation's victory enabled True Parents to be truly established. Therefore, the Unification movement will advance by leaps and bounds. During the next three years, not only will opposition cease, but avalanches of people will throng to our doors!

Before August 15, another important declaration needed to be made: the dissolution of communism. This was accomplished through the second Professors' World Peace Academy Congress in Geneva. The assembled scholars declared to the world that communism is ended! What is communism? At Jesus' crucifixion, two thieves hung beside him, one on the right and one on the left. The thief on the right is represented today by the democratic, Christian culture of the Western world; the thief on the left, who cursed Jesus, is represented by godless communism. The Bible states that the sheep will be divided from the goats at the Lord's coming. Today, the world is divided into two camps: the sheep, who understand and follow the shepherd, and the goats, who do not recognize the shepherd. Governments have been in the middle position; sometimes they do the greatest evil, because they bring the right and left together. The U.S. government has actually been persecuting religion and, most directly, the Unification Church.

The Unification Church and the True Parents are in Jesus' position on the cross. The thief on the right is established Christianity (which is being more supportive of me.) The thief on the left, instead of being communism, is now the American people, who are no longer in a position to oppose me. The two sides are joining to welcome and accept me. This is happening today.

The same thing is occurring worldwide and also within the Unification Church. On my right side are my own children, and on my left side, the members of the Unification Church. Both are uniting in support of True Parents. This follows God's timetable, which called for internal and external unity upon my release from prison. Following my victorious liberation and return from prison, American Christianity and American people are welcoming me externally, while internally, my children and the Unification Church members are coming together. Thus, both internal!) and externally, the True Parents are welcomed and glorified.

We are drawing a gigantic cross within the great circle embracing the Unification Church (both True Parents' family and members) and the entire world (both Christianity and the world's people. All are encompassed within this huge circle. Now that I have overcome the crucifixion today, no further major opposition will come from any source.

On August 16, 1985, I conducted a ceremony at East Garden called Il Seung Il, meaning One Victory Day. "One" represents the totality, so we can translate it Total Victory Day. Now the time has come for you to take charge, in a way. Today, I proudly declare that the entire mission which God ordained for me to accomplish in the United States has been victoriously fulfilled. We are entering the land of Canaan. What remains ahead are just battles of words-proclamations, in a way. We are still waging war, but using true love as our only weapon. When you become the embodiment of true love, the entire world shall be conquered. Satan fears the power of true love, because nothing can prevail against us.

Because of the fall, 12 tribes on Cain's side opposed 12 tribes on Abel's side. There have been divisions on all levels. But now is the time for unity. Upon my victorious foundation, the 12 tribes each of Cain and Abel shall become one system. No longer shall we have separate Cain and Abel systems. Whatever is bound on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever is loosed here on earth shall be loosed in heaven-that is the Principle. Once tribes are reorganized under the True Parents, the spirit world shall be reorganized that way as well. The 12 tribes of both worlds shall be united. In the spirit world, everybody has been an individual; no one could enjoy family life. However, the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven is the family. Once the family organization is made here on earth, the spirit world shall also be organized into families.

Please guard your attitude. When the Israelites were first pulled out of Egypt, their spirits were strong for the first few days because they were so excited. The Red Sea had parted for them, and everything was thrilling. But as soon as they entered the Sinai desert, they began to complain and long for their former way of life in Egypt. What happened? As long as they yearned for the old satanic culture, they could never be accepted in the land of Canaan. Therefore, those born in Egypt all perished before reaching Canaan.

Likewise, what we need is a total detachment from the past. Don't long for your previous ways of life. Follow the new tradition totally, creating a brand new system. In order to make this turning point more obvious and dramatic, I held a special ceremony on August 16 at East Garden, called the Holy Water Ceremony.

As you know, the human body is approximately three fourths liquid, or water. By receiving this Holy Water, we can spiritually cleanse our bodies from the past and become new creatures in God's sight, totally acceptable to Him. At your Blessing, you receive the Holy Wine, which signified your transfer from the satanic lineage to the heavenly lineage. Although such a change did happen, still your body has been living in and interacting with the satanic world. The possibility always existed for your body to be attacked and even violated by Satan, as you know.

You still have your old attachments. You say things like, "Oh, I just can't live without a hamburger!" or, "I have to get some ice cream!" or, "That leader is an Oriental and I don't like him!" All such statements are traditions from Egypt-not Canaan traditions. Do you understand? The American way of life appeals to people: "Let's have fun! Let's be happy! Why not?" But seeking fun alone cannot bring about any true accomplishment. I want to see especially you American members filled with longing for the Canaan culture, having no desire for the traditions of Egypt. We are living in a tragically mixed up world. None of you deeply understand the meaning of the situation of Cain and Abel. So I want to simplify it and explain several key principles which you can follow.

Where shall the Kingdom of Heaven begin? Up in the air? In spirit world? No, the Kingdom of Heaven begins on earth, with True Parents. Next come the True Children. True Parents and True Children must not live in fear of communism, or the Mafia, or secular humanism! We can never be victorious with such an attitude. We have to take charge and proclaim the destruction of evil. We have to take the initiative, and not remain passive. We will not beg others for help or mercy. The satanic tradition always seeks to exploit others and take things away from them, but all that the True Parents are giving has its root in true love.

You are now ushering in a wonderful new era. By 1988, world communism will be more than 70 years old; its power cannot go beyond 70 years and take over the number 8, which signifies a new beginning. By 1988 we will be capable of transforming the United States into a truly heavenly nation. The task is yours, as well as mine. At the same time communism is decking, we will realign America in the right direction.

I often have had to suffer by myself, including this most recent incarceration. If you want to reach and even surpass my standard and my achievements, then the restoration of the United States will pose no problem. Now I am issuing your marching orders. Anybody who opposes us does so out of ignorance. We have to confront them and educate them, showing them the truth about ourselves. This is how we can win.

When I came to the United States, I laid a very strong tradition. Now you must inherit and embody that tradition and dash forward with it. This is your time to run. This is the meaning of the Il Seung Ceremony, or Holy Water Ceremony.

Tonight we are going to conduct this ceremony. Those couples who are not eligible should not partake of the Holy Water. You should repent and be cleansed if your relationship with your spouse has been terrible. If you have wished that he or she would drop dead or just never come home, you should repent very strongly. With such an attitude you are in no position to receive this water.

Through the Holy Water you will inherit what I gained during the past 40 years. By bestowing this Holy Water, I am passing on to you this victorious legacy free from any accusation by Satan. Satan's tactic is always to divide and conquer, but ours is to unite and harmonize.

This ceremony is to bring husband and wife together, to bring families together, and to bring spiritual and physical children (who are in a Cain-Abel relationship) together. In order to fulfill the Cain-Abel providence, I could not love my Abels before I had loved my Cains. My whole effort was focused on loving Cain, so I had no time to pay attention to Mother or my own children. Now upon this victorious foundation, I can embrace my own family, and you can too. You can now love your spiritual children and your physical children. Until now, we have all been working as individuals, leaving the family behind and letting them bear the cross while we go out and witness. But from now on, families will work together as a unit, going out to witness and fulfill your mission.

What do you blessed families want me to do now? I am sure you would want me to bless the land. Everybody longs to return to their hometown. So far, the policy of the Unification Church has been to leave our hometowns, like Abraham, and go forth as sojourners. At Christmas time, I have asked you not to go home. But from now on, you may. Still, please remember that you need to be qualified as a tribal messiah when you go home. You have to uphold that position before your family and exemplify True Parents' way of life. You men should live as a good father, you women as a good mother, and your children as good children. Then people can observe you and learn from you. Since the family is the school of love, you need to take that school to your hometown and teach people there how to love one another, particularly how to love their husband or wife.

So I should also return to my hometown! I am in the same position as you. You no longer need True Parents, since you already organized into your families. You can manage without us, can't you? When there is no opposition, you can gain instant results.

When you go home, you will do home church. Furthermore, you have to restore your tribe. If your family name is Smith, go and witness to the Smiths and restore them. If you are John Doe, go and bring the Does back. The job of witnessing is infinitely easier when you are not opposed. We have the message of true love; we have the tradition of the True Parents and true family. How much easier it will be when there is no opposition!

The conditions are now set up so that when you preach the Principle, people will be ready to accept and follow it. God has sent the Messiah, but had there ever been a Messiah who reached the level of True Parents and completed the heavenly four-position foundation? (No.) All humankind has been subconsciously longing for the consummation of the heavenly four-position foundation. Through you, they can meet the Messiah who has perfected it and learn his tradition. You yourselves have consummated the four-position foundation. With that foundation, you can win everything back from Satan. That is clearly the Principle view. That is true. Amen!

In conclusion, I have sent family unit messiahs throughout the world. So I am like a messiah factory, creating lots of messiahs-not just on the individual level but on the family level! The messiah must be a family unit, because Satan is powerless to infiltrate such a unit. In a family united around one God-centered messianic message, Satan can find no foothold. That is the powerful blessing coming to you now through this Holy Water. Human history has never witnessed such a thing before.

Today, August 20, is not just my day of liberation. It is also the day of your rebirth. You have passed the judgment, and now you must become powerful new messianic units, going forth to the world as its judge. You are being empowered by God and the True Parents to be the judge of the world. Once you are equipped with true love and anchored upon God, no power under the sun can prevail against you. You husbands and wives who are totally confident that you are centered upon the True Parents' tradition and that your way of life fulfills this standard, please raise your hands. Why are you laughing? In order to give you this inheritance, I have gone to prison six times during the last 40 years. More than five years of my life have been spent in prison. Only upon such hard work and sacrifice could I give you this blessing tonight. How precious that is!

I worked myself to the bone to lay this deep foundation. That is the reality. I fear no nation or government. I have absolute confidence in this truth because I have lived it. It came through my very bones.

Spirit world is right next door, within our reach. Scientists have revealed that the size of the universe can be measured only in light years. They calculate its span as 221 billion light years. How can you control such a universe with this clumsy physical body? It is impossible. Only by the spirit can it be done. The universe is our stage. God created it for us. Are you interested? If I didn't have my wife here on earth, I would rather go upstairs and live in that vast world!

I am a very dramatic and romantic person, but my life has been spent in total sacrifice, under the rule of indemnity. There is only one way you can realize how amazing I am. God is intoxicated with me and tells me, "My dear son, do whatever you want. It's up to you." The challenge is falling upon you. This is your time. Take up the challenge and claim the land. Claim the world. Do you follow?

Home church has been virtually forgotten. Who shall become the world's parents? You must. Whatever your age, whether young or old, you are in the parent's role. Would you like to receive this inheritance from me tonight? Once this blessing is given, the 12 tribes will be organized. Then we will move on to obtain heavenly sovereignty- one nation under God and True Parents.

If you fight with your husband or wife, you should ask your children-both spiritual and physical-to come to you; then you should bow down and repent before them. That is the only proper way to reconcile family quarrels. When the children do something wrong, they should apologize to their parents. If the husband makes a mistake, he should ask his children to go with him to the mother and bow down and apologize to her. And vice versa. In the heavenly four-position foundation, all four positions must work together, harmonized and bound together through the power of true love. According to the Principle, that four-position foundation must not be divided or separated.

Those couples who have fought among yourselves, please raise your hands. You wives who have been slapped or hit by your husband, raise your hands. Sometimes you may be struck because of your lips. The body's first criminal is the lips-those two thin lips! The second criminal is the eyes. The man is different. You husbands who have been hit by your wives, raise your hands.

I want you to know that today is a momentous day. My physical release from prison has an incredible vertical meaning. Therefore, I would like to present you with a gift. It is not a simple one, but a historical, everlasting gift. Now your challenge is how much you can expand your tradition within your lifetime. That will determine your territory in spirit world. So far, nobody has had any territory or ownership in the spirit world. You must go there and stake your claim. Many years from now, we will all be up in heaven. I will have a palace there, and you will be able to come and see me. I don't want you to come to me in need. Please earn your spiritual assets here on earth. That is why I have worked so hard here on earth. Until I became victorious here, nothing could be victorious in spirit world.

This morning I told the leaders at East Garden that they can be proud that they are elder, blessed members of the Unification Church. But at the same time, they need to be able to go down to the very bottom. Don't just try to enjoy your position at the top of the mountain. Every mountain has a low valley. Every big tree has deep roots. You also have to anchor yourself with deep roots. The most dangerous time for the Unification Church will come when the United States and the rest of the world welcome us. If nobody is persecuting you, God and the True Parents will have to persecute you! It's good that you respond by saying, "Thank you." Say it over a hundred times.

I instructed Rev. Kwak and Bo Hi Pak to consolidate all their offices. I would like to make Mr. Pak an MFT leader-or a simple van driver. By pushing him down to the ground, I can help him deepen his roots. There is no other way. Then a new tree and new life shall spring forth. That is true. That is how nature operates.

Some blessed couples have very complicated thinking, longing for a nice apartment, perhaps. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve didn't have an apartment! And God gave them "number 11" automobiles-their two legs. They did not need to worry about machinery. They lived in utmost simplicity. With their number 11 car, they could go everywhere. When you think in simple terms, you need not worry about anything. When judgment fell upon Sodom and Gomorrah, God gave clear instructions to Lot and his family not to look back. But Lot's wife did, and at that moment she turned into a pillar of salt. By the same token. if I feel some attachment to Belvedere or East Garden, I should worry about becoming a pillar of salt. If I am watching myself that way, how much more you need to guard your attitude!

Do you want to embody the right tradition and receive the heavenly inheritance of true love from the True Parents and God? You understand tonight's message, don't you? Upon the foundation of this truth, a great time of victory is coming our way. We shall meet this new challenge. Our families shall become messianic units and go forth to the world. Shall we win the world?

Now we will conduct the Holy Water Ceremony, following the tradition of the ceremony which I held earlier with Mother and the True Children at East Garden. Husbands and wives who are here together can drink out of one cup. I will initiate this ceremony by blessing a representative of the True Children, Hyo Jin, and giving him the Holy Water. Then Mother and I will return to East Garden and you can hold the ceremony.

Let us pray.

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