The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Day of All Things 1984

Sun Myung Moon
May 31, 1984
World Mission Center
Translator, Bo Hi Pak

As you know, we have several special holidays in the Unification Church which the rest of the world does not celebrate. The first one is God's Day, then Parents' Day, Children's Day, and Day of All Things. What other great days do we celebrate? We celebrate the True Parents' Birthday, the Day of the Victory of Love. Also we now celebrate the most recent holiday -- the Day of the Love of God.

You are here today to celebrate the Day of All Things. Does such a phrase sound funny to you? If there had not been a fall of man, we would not have needed so many celebrations. The most central day would simply have been Parents' Day. As you know through the Divine Principle, we go through the indirect dominion and the direct dominion of God. Adam and Eve were supposed to receive their marriage blessing from God and that day would have marked total harmony between the indirect dominion and the direct dominion. If that day had come to humanity -- that day of perfection -- it would have been the day of celebration of everything, including the meaning of the Day of Victory of Love, the Day of the Love of God, the Day of the Victory of Heaven, and the Day of All Things. All these days would have been included within that one special holiday.

However, the fallen world came into being. People have parents, certainly, but what kind of parents? All parents are separated from God; thus they are fallen parents. Certainly there are children in the world, but they too are fallen. All the things of creation existed before humanity did. If God could have claimed ownership and dominion over all things, then there would not have bran a problem. All things would have been in a totally different position.

The Center Of Mankind and the Universe

Many people ask why God created the universe or what is the purpose of creation. Furthermore, people wonder why God created humanity. Isn't it a natural question to ask who is the owner of this universe and mankind? Who can claim ownership of them? This is an unlimited universe -- the word "vast" isn't enough to describe it. There may be at least one hundred billion more planets the size of Earth in the universe; there are billions of stars in the galaxies. They are all in motion. You know how frequently automobiles collide with each other on the freeway, but the planets and stars do not. They maintain their constant motion within the framework of order and • discipline.

Anyone who, knowing these things, says that the universe is just the product of randomness or accident must simply be crazy. The human body consists of approximately four hundred trillion cells; each cell maintains its independent life and we could compare the distances between them to the distance between the earth and the sun or other planets. There is a mini-universe within each human being. When you are turning around, the whole universe is moving! The distance between two different cells can be compared to the distance between the earth and the sun -- such is the ratio of distance between the micro-particles within your body.

The human body appears to be solid, but there is far more space than solid mass. So where is the center or focal point of your body? Furthermore, who is your master or the owner of your life? These are the two basic questions -- who is your center and who is your owner, your master.

Human existence is further divided into the duality of men and women. This is quite convenient -- it could be compared to the woman being the left arm and the man the right arm, both parts of the same body. Clearly the left and right arms work together smoothly in any body. Even if they have some conflict, they have to cooperate and come together to get anything done! If you want to eat your dinner, you need both arms -- one holds the fork, the other the knife, for example.

The Center Of Human Beings

After considering all these things, the basic, fundamental question remains: who is at the center, who is the master? What is the center of men and women? What is their central point? What is the physical center of a person? Is it the head, the arms, or what? Someone might claim that the head is the most important and therefore the center of a person. So all you really need is a head to be a man? Physically speaking, the brain is certainly the central command post. However, people are more than just their physical selves; we also have spirits. What is the spiritual center of people? It is heart. Where is the spiritual heart located? The Oriental concept of the location of the heart, rather than in the center of the chest, is that it is in the bosom. Likewise, the conscience according to Oriental thought is linked with the heart.

As long as a person has a good brain and a healthy conscience, then he or she can be qualified to live as a man or woman. That is all you need. We have a physical body and a spirit. What is the point at which the two things become harmonized? Dr. Kim, you just graduated from 120-Day Seminar, so you answer the question! Even this Ph.D. hasn't ever thought about this question! Actually, this is a most crucial question which relates to everyday living. Does it interest you? Yes, it does. All the trillions of cells that are woven together within your body -- from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet -- must have a central point somewhere. There must be a point which vibrates in the center, harmonizing and focusing the rest of the body. Where is it?

That point is the place which distinguishes men from women. Where is that place? Raise your hands if you know. You are poor students! What makes a man a man and a woman a woman? What is the difference? It is that one point, that one thing. This is a law of nature. You understand this, right? There is a symbol to indicate the male and female instruments. The physical body and the spiritual body are one hundred percent united in the particular organ of men and women.

When people grow toward maturity and become teenagers, they become sensitive to love. When their love begins to activate, the physical as well as the spiritual senses combine and focus the whole body toward love. Men and women start to pull each other. They start to attract each other and turn toward each other. When a plus and minus come together and are totally united, they start to turn and speed up, and they have the tendency to be pulled apart. That is why we have "God's mechanism" to keep us together; through those parts, we can stay together in one hundred percent unity.

Love Penetrates Everything

Love penetrates everything in men and women. It goes through all the trillions of cells in the body in just a second, like lightning. There is nothing that love cannot penetrate. In Oriental thinking, women are like containers and men are like the substance that fills them. Therefore women are said to represent the earth and men represent heaven. When they come together, unity between heaven and earth is achieved. Likewise, a low area always seeks to be united with a high peak; the high peak longs for that lower point. It is not easy to be a high peak or to be a low depth; both are difficult achievements. They long for each other. Optimum balance and harmony are achieved when these two places of high and low come together.

Both the high and the low points look for, search for their optimum point, their balanced state. God made you men and women in a beautifully balanced way. Each individual has a body which is symmetrically balanced, left and right. Likewise, a man and woman are like two balanced pieces meant to come together through the power of love.

The surface of the ocean could be considered a horizontal line. Below that line is the kingdom of the sea -- all the creatures and fishes that live in the ocean are there. Above that line are all the mammals and birds and air-breathing animals. That is the dividing line. The fish derive their oxygen from the water.

By the same token, the ocean reaches high tide once a month and a woman has her "high tide" every month. There is only one full moon each month. The waters of the earth are affected by the moon; thus there is only one high tide and one low tide each month. Women are also affected by this monthly cycle. Nature affects the life of women. You are pulled by your environment each day and each month.

The motion of life involves the highest point coming down to the lowest point; the lowest point moves up. Left moves to the right; right moves to the left. At amusement parks such as Great Adventure or Disneyland, there are all kinds of exciting rides that carry you way up high and then down low. Also left to right and back and forth. That is really exciting -- going up high and low, moving left and right. Why is that exciting?

Because the universe is moving like that all the time -- everything is moving up and down, left and right. Since you can't feel that motion, you can go to Great Adventure once in a while and get a thrill! That is a natural human desire and tendency.

Proper Place for Men and Women

We could observe two different sets of people, holding on to each other and turning around and around. One is composed of two men and the other is a man and a woman. Which is more beautiful and romantic? The man and woman. Why is that? It is simply because it is a reflection of our universe. It is universal law, custom and tradition. Everything in the universe naturally seeks to conform with universal law. For example, imagine what it would look like if someone went to the beach attired in a suit coat and tie and boots. That is clearly out of place. By the same token, God desires the proper place for men and women.

If you observe two big hairy men lying together in the sand on the beach, talking, you would think that they must be arguing or fighting. But when one big hairy man is lying down, talking with a lovely woman you immediately feel that romance must be involved. The two scenes are a contrast -- one appears to be fighting and the other appears very romantic.

What do you think I am talking about today, this Day of All Things? In today's degraded and perverted human society we observe the so-called Gay Liberation movement, which promotes lovemaking between people of the same sex. But this is totally apart from the universal principles of behavior; it is simply unnatural. Universal law teaches one basic lesson -- that of harmony and balance between the two aspects of God's creation, male and female. This applies not only to the animal kingdom but also to the minerals. This realm also contains the plus and minus elements. Can you imagine that any proton would ever seek to come together with another proton? The only way a proton can make a "date' is with an electron.

Even if God Himself wanted to, He couldn't force the proton to make union with another proton. That proton could protest to God and say, "No," and the reason is simple: two protons together are not creating anything or benefitting anything. They are losing something instead because without the reciprocal give and take between the positive and negative elements, there can be no growth and development.

Misunderstandings of What Causes Progress

But here is the problem -- the point where harmony breaks down. The philosophers who came up with the law of the dialectic -- Hegel, and Frederich Engels in particular -- saw a conflicting, confronting nature within universal law. Unless we successfully resolve the question of the dialectic within the universe, we cannot find the true formula for peace and harmony. Survival of the fittest, the strong eat the weak, power causes progress -- these are major questions.

What are the kinds of power in the universe? There is the power of knowledge or truth. And there is the power of wealth and money. Also there is the power of authority or domination.

America today is a very wealthy capitalist country. Men enjoy boasting about their status and power, while women tend to prefer having money and spending it! Can you imagine that a power-hungry man and a money-hungry woman could come together into harmony? Will those motivations bring a man and woman into unity? Not at all.

Perhaps a well-educated man and a wealthy woman will be able to make perfect unity because of those things. The truth is that people who are centered around such values as wealth, power or knowledge are always thinking of how to exploit others. Thus they cannot become one with anyone. Do you think that any family can prosper upon such values and become a harmonious family unit? Sometimes people will cooperate on such a basis but it is only for the sake of convenience and it is only external. There is no way to achieve perfect internal unity.

Unity Brings Benefit to Both Parties

The message I am trying to convey is that what is important is not what is external; what is important is what is internal, basic and fundamental. There must be some place where the body and mind of people can find unity. There has to be a certain order between the mind and body. The mind can't trade places with the body and become the object sometimes. The mind is the subject and the body is the object; within that order, they can harmonize and achieve unity. That unity will bring benefit to both of them.

Mind is the subject and body is the object. When you make a decision, is it your body or your mind that does it? You say, "I've made up my mind." Can you imagine saying, "I've made up my body"? That certainly doesn't make sense. There is a certain universal order; there is the proper subject/object relationship. When the subject and object are clearly determined, then harmonious relationship can come about.

We have been speaking about the center of human beings. Our internal center is our conscience. Our body is the object to our mind. Therefore, the body must obey the directives of the conscience. In order to be in the subject position, certain characteristics must be fulfilled. They are, first of all, broadness -- the ability to reach out to wide areas. Furthermore, more public-minded thinking. Between the mind and body, which is broader and which is more narrow? Certainly the mind is broader. From every point of view, therefore, the mind is the subject and the body is the object.

The original people were supposed to grow up with this relationship of subject and object, mind over body, and then become mature with a sensitivity and understanding of love. Then they were supposed to achieve unity in love, which we call marriage. All of this understanding comes out of the Divine Principle. It is inevitable that all people must go through their growth period, the indirect dominion of God.

Human beings were meant to be born into the indirect dominion of God, to grow up with their minds and bodies growing together, the body totally obeying the mind. Then when men and women came to the point where they could understand love, they could seek out their mates.

Why do you need men? Why do men need women? You need each other for love. What is the terminal point of the love of men and women? Is it in your head, or your heart? Where is it? Your love is expressed ultimately through your male and female "couplers."

Men and women have certain God-given organs with which to express their love. We call these the sexual organs. But the sexual organs of the man belong to the woman; the woman's sexual organs belong to the man. No matter how great may be Dr. Kim, he was not born for himself but for Mrs. Kim. The same is true for Mrs. Kim -- she was born for her husband.

The reason why I am emphasizing this point is that people tend to take it for granted, without understanding. Many of you think that you can do whatever you want with your body.

Let us analyze women. You have pretty, delicate skin and you are lovely to look at. For whose enjoyment did God create you? For another woman to come and enjoy your smooth skin? No, a woman was created to give joy and satisfaction to a man. Women want to put things on or decorate yourselves. Is that for yourselves? What about your bosom, does it exist for yourself? No, your bosom is for the sake of your children; they own it. You also have large hips, not for your own purposes, but to give a broad and safe foundation for your children. When you analyze yourself, nothing you possess belongs solely to you. Even your eyes are not there for your own pleasure. They are there to look at others. Your ears are made to hear someone else's voice. Truly, nothing belongs to you. That is why I have said that you were born to live for the sake of others.

The very same things can be said about you men, as well. Men have broad shoulders, not for you to boast about but so that you can carry the burdens of your family. You have to work and sweat so that you can take care of your wife and children! We can observe two different kinds of men. One, which we might call "interesting," is the kind who is quite small and always speaks rapidly. The other kind, we might call "dramatic," who is large and doesn't talk very much.

Sometimes love is painful to bear and you hurt each other. Would you like to have nothing but sunshiny days, 365 days of the year? No, you look forward to the contrast of storms, snow, rain, thunderstorms and lightning, don't you? That is one aspect of beauty -- the emotional contrasts. In our daily life, nothing is totally smooth. We always experience upheavals and change, but we can melt these things with our love.

When men and women are united, plus and minus together, you either become a bigger plus or a bigger minus. When perfect harmony is created between men and women, you create a bigger plus. When a man and woman are perfectly united, you become the perfect minus to God, as your plus. Love will not come to visit you unless there is a harmonious subject and object relationship.

What is the central theme of human life? It is true love.

By the same token, what is the central theme of the universe? Do you think the universe cries out for money, or knowledge, or power? Everything in the universe is looking for the power to harmonize. What is that harmonizing power? It is the subject and object relationship. For anyone to grow, benefit and improve himself, he must make relationship and unite in a subject/object relationship.

Love Is the Harmonizing Power of the Universe

What is the harmonizing power of the universe? It is none other than love. There is nothing that love cannot penetrate and bring together. This visible universe seeks to make harmony with the invisible universe. This material universe cannot exist alone; it must have a corresponding partner, on the invisible level. Just like the individual human being -- each has a physical body, composed of trillions of cells and it must make harmony with the spiritual body. The universe, too, seeks to make harmony with the invisible spirit world. We have that invisible subject, and the center of that invisible subject is God. Human beings originated from that invisible point.

Therefore, human beings receive their invisible spirit, which is primary over the visible body. With our visible bodies, we have dominion over the visible universe. All these things God willed to happen -- invisible world, visible world; invisible man, visible man. And God wanted to see unity between all these things, not through power or money or knowledge, but through the power of love. Thus we come to the conclusion that God created everything for the fulfillment of His love.

Satan knew this truth very well. For that reason, he aimed at the love of men and women, knowing that if he could control love, he could control the universe. It is through love that true ownership can be exercised; ownership comes from love. Thus all things were meant to be truly owned by God who delegated dominion to human beings. It is human nature to want to own things; even to want to own the entire world is a natural feeling. But one thing people don't know is that, once they own something, they must offer that ownership to God, who is the ultimate owner. God's ownership of the universe can only be achieved when people claim true ownership on behalf of God. Thus God's and man's ownership are determined at the same time.

Human history has been the struggle of God to restore His rightful ownership over all things. Satan claimed ownership of all things by claiming dominion over human love. Until now, God could not claim true ownership over all things and this has been the worst tragedy for humanity. The turning point for human history is the day of hope when the Messiah comes, endowed with the power to restore the world with true love. In that way he will return true ownership of the world back to God, once and for all.

True Love Is Parental Love

What is true love? You say "God's love," but what is God's love? You can give me a lot of beautiful adjectives, but where and what exactly is true love? In order to find true love, we must look first for the foundation or the base of true love. The foundation of the universe is this: the relationship between God and men. God is our Father and men and women are His children. Therefore, the universal, basic love is that of parents toward children as well as the filial love of children towards their parents.

How does a child trust the sincerity of his or her parents' love? A child knows he has true parents when he sees that they are ready and willing to give up their lives for him. And this kind of love doesn't ever change; it is the same now and forever.

True love comes from God; thus God must be the true Father. So God must be ready and willing to give up everything, including His very life, for the well-being and protection of His children.

According to this definition, what are true children? They return the same quality of love to their parents. That is, they are willing to give up their very lives for the sake of the well-being of their parents. The same definition can be extended to conjugal love. The quality of the love between husband and wife should be the same. When each spouse is willing to give up his or her life for the other, they are truly an ideal couple. God and the entire universe embrace and protect such a couple.

On such a level of love, no explanations or complaints are needed. The universe just acts. Among you blessed couples, if anyone is trying to say they love their spouse more than they are loved by their spouse, then they have already failed the standard. Words and explanations of love are not needed between a truly loving husband and wife. Only by your actions -- the looks you exchange, by the expressions on your face, by the way you touch -- you know how much you love each other. Even by your very breath, you can know the intensity of your love.

Some wives have a problem with snoring husbands. In fact, some divorces have been based upon this problem! But from now on, if you have a snoring husband, look at it another way. Think, "What a wonderful husband I have! Even in his sleep, he wants to protect me. If anyone tries to break in, they will be scared away by his snoring!" It's all in how you look at it! For people in love, there is nothing you cannot overcome and digest.

Your wives can feed you men the most simple, hard bread and still convey their sincere love. Perhaps all she has to feed you is just a bagel and a piece of cheese, but you should think, "This is my love bagel! I am eating the essence of my wife's love and it's going to give me lots of energy." Any husband who eats with such an attitude will never get sick. The reason is simple: everything in the universe surrenders to love, even germs and viruses. No materialistic value should touch your love. The quality of your love depends entirely upon your own attitude. The incredible, vast world of love can be tapped when you use it properly.

Any family which embodies the standard of true love will create its own superhighway right into the heart of God. Expanding the family level of love to the nation, people can exhibit the purest patriotic love for their nation. Such a family is a patriotic family. That family will be respected and revered by millions of people, as well as dwelling in the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the way you can elevate your level of service. Beginning with your family, you can serve for the sake of the nation; from the nation, move up to the world; from the world, move up to the universe; from the universe, you can serve the sake of God.

Parent to Humankind

I have been practicing and teaching this concept of love for my whole life. Now the Unification Church is facing a tremendous challenge. This is an emergency time; I am facing the court battle. At this time, I must be united with all the brothers and sisters around the world, in order to exercise parental love toward the world. Even though the U.S. government has committed a crime against me, I am still in the position of parent to humankind. Thus I want to be responsible for the wrongdoings of all the nations and people.

I know the Principle and thus, whenever one puts oneself in the absolute plus position, an absolute minus will always appear. Because of my absolute plus deeds, Christians of this nation are bound to respond to me in the minus position. This was dramatically manifested yesterday in Washington. When the Unification Church is completely united with the rest of Christianity, they will form an absolute plus unit. And the rest of the free world will become the minus; they will automatically come to unite with us. That is their destiny.

The mandate today is this: let us unite all people, every race and color of mankind, not for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of the unity of the world. I am in the position to overcome this current difficulty through love. Even if I have to go to prison, that indemnity would protect the rest of the world from Satan's attack. Thus that would be a great victory. Regardless of how much suffering I may have to endure, a great victory is ahead of us -- the unification of Christianity, as well as the rest of the free world.

Creation Awaits Ownership of True Love

Today I want you to understand that the things of creation have never before been cared for by a true master; they have not been owned by a true owner. You could ask everything from the chemicals in the dirt to the cells in the human body this question. By whom would you like to be possessed? Everything will shout out the same answer. Do you think they will say they want a man with money or knowledge or worldly power to possess them? No, every single aspect of the creation yearns to be owned by men and women of true love.

That love can be defined simply: it is parental love. And from that central love, tradition flows. The parent is always in the position to protect, to regenerate, to educate -- that is the parental role. And it is unconditional, with no strings attached. All the things of creation are ready to be loved. They are waiting for their true lover to come and claim ownership over them by true love.

Why have I given this particular sermon on this Day of All Things? Today you must realize that all the things of creation are waiting for someone to come forward and claim them with true love. This is our duty toward all things, toward nature. We are in a dramatic position -- from the smallest molecule to the entire universe -- we are given life as the masters of creation. What a precious and incredible blessing of life God has given us. If you look at everything with that attitude, nature will want to follow you everywhere you go.

If you are such a true master for all the things of creation, you can ask them, "Where would you like to be?" And they will answer, "We would like to become part of your body, so would you please eat us?" That is the consummation of their love and through you, they can become closer to God. It is only through the power of love that you have the right to claim the privilege of food from the animals. Some people think it is a pity to kill animals and eat them; but when a person has true love, those animals can joyfully give up their lives to become a part of a higher form of creation -- the children of God. In that way, their animal cells can combine with the cells of God's children and those animals can fulfill their love more fully.

Every human cell can taste the love of God. No animal cell can taste that love; but once it becomes part of the human cells, it can experience the love of God. For this reason, human beings have the royal privilege of sacrificing their lives for the sake of love. And this follows along the same principle that we have been speaking of: God Himself would gladly sacrifice His own life for the sake of love.

Dying for the sake of the love of God is truly the most glorious ending for any human being. Why is that? Because of this same principle -- the animal cells want to become the human cells and likewise human beings want to become a part of God Himself. When you live and die for the sake of the love of God, you can become one of God's cells. You belong totally to God. Your very cells become part of God's body.

If you become men and women who live with this understanding, fulfilling the purpose of love, you will be doing the greatest work and will be directly linked with God. For that reason, as the leader of the Unification Church, I will never hesitate to allow the members -- who are my own children, no matter how many millions we become -- to sacrifice for the sake of the world. To die for the sake of God will elevate you to the highest position in the universe -- a part of God. I will not let you suffer or die in vain; you will become a part of God.

Our central concept of love is the most beautiful and dramatic in the world. Your goals and your ideals are the highest; there are none higher. Today let us make this memorable day more memorable by coming to the realization of the true meaning of the Day of All Things. Fulfill the purpose of this day. This is the reason I have given this message today.

At this juncture of human history, the Unification Church is facing a most significant battle. The worst thing imaginable to me is that I would ever do anything in the slightest degree shameful in the eyes of the American people, of the Western culture, furthermore in the eyes of humanity, history, in the sight of all the saints, and ultimately in the sight of God. I declare to you that I will never do anything that could ever be shameful. Absolutely never. That road of doing the honorable thing is the road of agape love -- the true, unselfish, parental love.

Be Proud Of Your Inheritance and Tradition

If I establish the tradition of the universal man, then the rest of humanity will eventually follow. Everyone will come to learn that tradition. I will never be alone.

I am giving this instruction to you: Be proud of your inheritance and this tradition. Do everything possible to overcome your difficulties with the power of love. Be victorious and conquer with the power of love. Seek no revenge; harbor no hostilities. In God's way, we shall overcome. I pledge to you that I will always go the truthful and right way. Will you follow me in that way? 

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