The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Ae Chun Cho -- Love Of God Candles

Sun Myung Moon
May 20, 1984

I have brought the light from the prayer candles which were lit at East Garden when I made the declaration on May 16. Only those who have been blessed may receive these candles. Those who are not yet blessed will receive theirs once they are blessed. This candlelight will be a symbol to ward off all satanic infiltration. So whenever you have an emergency in your family affairs or your church affairs, you can light your candle and pray in front of it. It will give you a spiritual shield to protect you from Satan's infiltration.

There are two most important things to remember. Wherever the light from these candles goes, you can know that God and the True Parents are with you. Since I started this tradition with Mother, whenever you share this light you will be sharing the tradition of the True Parents. This light is a symbol of the presence of the original love of God. Furthermore, if there is discord between husband and wife, you are not entitled to light these candles. They should not be exposed to a shameful situation; they should be respected, like a holy tabernacle. Nothing disgraceful within your family should come before them.

Also the candle symbolizes the true spirit of love. The light is on top and the wax is self-consuming; it gives itself up to the light. Thus it is representative of sacrificial love. The light itself comes not only from the wick but from the harmony of the wick and the wax; both are needed. This symbolism is very important. Likewise the husband and wife are in the same position. You must give yourself up for the sake of true love.

This light will be extended to all the Blessed couples, not only the leaders. You can pass it to every couple around the world. There are two candles, representing Father and Mother. Each family should have two candles. The name of the candle is Ae Chun Cho -- the candle of the control of Heavenly Love.

You should have a special mechanical lighter with which you light the candles each time. I would prefer that you light that lighter with the original fire from the candles. We can expand this throughout the world. The light from one candle can be given to another and so on. Thereafter, each time your special lighter runs out, you should go back to an original light to connect a new lighter.

I will now pray. Afterwards we will light the candles. (Here Father prays.)

The candle on the right is Father's candle and the one on the left is Mother's. As you go by, light them separately but put their lights together once before you move on. Every time you have your Ae Chun Cho prayer, always put the candles together again. This shows the complete unity of husband and wife. I hat is why I directed that you have no right to light these candles unless you are united; your prayer would have no meaning in that case. If anyone violates the law of the Blessed couples, they should return the candles, because that family would have no right to continue to own them and expand it to others. 

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