The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Entering Into the True Unification Era

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1984
30th Anniversary of HSA-UWC
World Mission Center

The prayer I have just offered on this historic day, the thirtieth anniversary of the foundation of the Unification movement, was centered upon the theme of unity. In my prayer, I asked Heung Jin in the spirit world to achieve unification there; all the barriers between people there have been broken down. Through the cooperation of the work of Heung Jin in spirit world and the work of the True Parents on the earth, an unprecedented unification between those two worlds shall be achieved. We are moving into a new era, in which we shall realize the creation of the Fatherland here on earth. Likewise, we shall realize the unification of spiritual and physical worlds; we shall see the unification of different parts of this world, including all the races and religions of man.

However, the subjective role must be fulfilled on the earth; the earthly dispensation has always played the central role. For that reason, the spirit world can only respond to the degree of your performance here on earth. Thus you are in the subjective role for the entire dispensation. It is not just Adam and Eve who were in the position to be subjects to the archangel; today the True Parents' work here on earth, supported by all the members of the movement, shall take the central, subjective role. Spirit world, centered upon Heung Jin, will respond to the earth to the degree that we accomplish. That was the central theme of my prayer today.

We are here today to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the foundation of the Unification Church here on earth. I would like to give you a message. Here on earth there are powerful nations which are playing a major role, whether on the side of good or evil. An example is the Soviet Union; it is playing a historical role at this time. Likewise, the United States is playing a central role on behalf of the free world. These two powerful nations are confronting each other. For the sake of the consummation of human history, we must somehow achieve unity, rather than conflict. The original ideal is that of one nation under God, as well as one ideal world under God. That was the original blueprint when the earth was first begun. Therefore, it is the ultimate and final goal for humankind as well.

The Difference between Good and Evil

Who shall play the major role in accomplishing this one world under God? Of course, it is human beings who must do it. There are multitudes of people in the world and we could classify them into two categories -- those who are good and those who are evil. They are all intermingled in this world. What is the definition of good or evil people? We need to understand the difference. Today we must come to realize a very fundamental reality: whether people believed in it or not, the spirit world has always been interacting with the physical world. Human beings have lived in both worlds since the beginning of history, so spiritual phenomena have been with us continuously, in the past and the present. Therefore, all people living on the earth are being affected by either good spirits or evil spirits. Thus we can classify people according to what kind of spirits are affecting them. Good people are being assisted by good spirits and bad people are being affected by bad spirits.

What is the definition of good spirits or evil spirits? One simple definition of good people are those who are following a constant, unchanging goal in life. Evil people are continually changing, depending upon their own interests. All human beings are born with an original nature, which is basically good; therefore, all people are born with the tendency to be good. This good, inborn mind of people is represented by what we call the conscience. We can measure the actions of anyone according to his or her standards of conscience and determine whether he or she is a good or an evil person.

There is an ancient Oriental understanding that the person who lives according to his or her own conscience is the good person. There are two straight lines. The person who follows his or her conscience aligns themself with the vertical straight line. The body moves in a horizontally straight line, which creates harmony with that vertical line; that makes the perfect human being. Humans are the sole creation of God that walks upright, on only two legs, because they are supposed to follow the vertical line of their conscience. The body is a symbol of the conscience. People walk upright not stooped or bent; there is only one straight way, not two or more. Therefore, all human beings -- whether black, white, or yellow -- are supposed to follow the one straight way, represented by the vertical and horizontal lines.

The harmony of a ninety degree relationship between the vertical and horizontal lines will create harmony within a person. When you draw two lines at exactly ninety degree angles, you create four angles of ninety degrees each; altogether you have 360 degrees. If someone is building a tall building such as the New Yorker, it is most important that the foundation be built upon an absolutely straight horizontal line. As the building is built upward, it must maintain an absolutely vertical, ninety degree angle with the foundation. Building the kingdom of heaven requires the same thing. The building material is men and women, who must grow in an absolutely vertical and absolutely horizontal direction. That kind of blueprint will produce the "tall buildings" called men and women. Such perfect people create the skyscrapers of the ideal human world.

Before we can build the ideal world or the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to be able to produce a seed or a prototype which can be used as the standard for the men and women of that world. Where can such a perfect prototype be found? That has been the question of people throughout history. Where can perfect men and women be found?

The Original Seed

Because of the human fall, all the original seeds have been destroyed; therefore, humankind has not been able to find the original seeds. Therefore, God has told us through His revelations that He will send to this earth the original seed, the prototype for all people. Good spirits have wanted that original seed to come to the earth as quickly as possible. But there are a lot of evil spirits too, who have said, "No, no! We don't want to see that kind of seed! What we have is good enough!"

Goodness must always be founded upon an unchanging quality. Even from the materialistic viewpoint, those things which are considered treasures are gems like diamonds, which represent unchanging hardness. Likewise, people value gold for its unchanging color which will never tarnish. Pearls, too, have the unchanging ability to harmonize. These jewels represent qualities of goodness.

Looking back on human history, we can see how many different philosophies have arisen and then failed. So many different nations and political powers have come and gone. But one thing has stood the test of time and that is the basic principle of the religious way of life; that basic principle has remained and has not changed. All the greatest saints throughout history came out of the religious world. Why is that? What they were teaching was one unchanging principle and they truly represented goodness and God. That goodness came only out of the religious way of life.

Evil has come and gone throughout history. Evil nations have sprung up and prospered for a time but then they eventually crumble. Those evil nations have always been destroyed by their own evil; the principles of goodness worked against their corruption. Always the chastisement of those evil nations and people came from those within the religious realm. It is those people who have told the evil world, "You are evil. You are going to perish if you don't change." Relentlessly, those predictions have come true. When an evil nation is in the midst of prosperity, it thinks it can survive forever but it is always destroyed eventually. Evil nations do not endure. Good nations have to pay much indemnity; sometimes evil nations attack the side of goodness. In this way, God uses evil nations to make good nations pay indemnity.

Do you think that once the ideal world -- the utopian world -- arrives, it will change constantly or will it be guided by an unchanging, eternal principle? Is that eternity applicable only to white people? Do you think that only the developed, wealthy countries will be happy and the underdeveloped nations will be their slaves in the eternal world of utopia? No, the ideal world must be a world in which everybody is happy and everybody is treated fairly and justly. Goodness in the ideal world belongs to everybody.

The world of goodness will not be one of conflict and competition. The only competition between people will be to outdo each other in giving and serving for the sake of others. There will not be destructive competition. But evil has the manner of always trying to challenge, confront and control the other. Evil has always tried to destroy goodness, saying, "I'm going to knock you out." Goodness has always responded, "I have the power to destroy you, but I'm going to be patient. You can run yourself down doing your evil work and you will eventually run out of power."

Let's compare two people. One person is always acting in a belligerent, aggressive way, trying to hurt the other while the other is able to take his hatefulness with patience and not return it. We can say that a good husband is one who can take sharp treatment from his wife and still be patient. She might act like a sharp-clawed cat who scratches him from head to toe. Or perhaps she is like a mean bulldog who bites him all the time. The good husband is one who never reacts in anger towards her.

The Religious World Has Never Been Destroyed

Likewise, we can look at history from this point of view. There is always one party which is constantly aggressive, seeking to crush others. Another party is always being hit and taking it, surviving. These are the religious people and nations throughout history. The amazing thing is that the religious world has never been destroyed; in fact, it has always survived and even prospered in the face of persecution. That is another important principle in history. The history of the world is nothing more than the extension of the history of individuals. Have we seen that the good people have been in the position of greatest power and influence in the world? Have we seen that good spirit world has been working with those in the wealthy and comfortable positions or with those who are religious and suffering?

How can we classify the authenticity of a religion? We can determine the depth and strength of any religion by its ability to withstand persecution. Does that make sense to you? Do you agree that the religion with the most goodness is the one which receives and survives the most persecution?

Although I started my mission as a solitary, unknown individual, I had the goal of achieving the salvation of the entire world and humanity. Thus even when I was alone, I always looked at the Korean nation within the context of the larger world. I always looked at my own family within the context of the Korean nation and myself within the context of that family, that nation, this world. That vision of the world has never been dim for me; it has always been clear. Therefore, even when I was working on the individual level of the dispensation, my battle was always universal and with historical and universal significance. This is because Satan knew that my goal and my power was for the sake of the world; therefore, he mobilized his forces throughout the world to stop me and destroy me.

From the very beginning, I was battling as God's champion and I was consistently being challenged by the worldwide Satan--not just the Korean satanic forces, not just the family satanic forces -- the world and universal forces of Satan. Thus when I won the victory on the individual level, the significance had worldwide impact and I was able to move forward to the family level. I won as an individual, for the sake of the world. Then Satan mobilized his worldwide forces to destroy me at the family level and that is the way it has gone all the way up to the present.

As I mentioned earlier, humankind has been awaiting the arrival of the original seed and prototype, which is the Messiah. The Messiah means True Parents; True Parents means perfect man and perfect woman. That means the vertical line and horizontal line have achieved the perfect ninety degree intersection for the first time in history. Satan knew that the perfect man and woman becoming the True Parents would be his most formidable enemy so he mobilized his universal forces, desperately trying to stop that from happening.

The Blessing in the Unification Church

Within the Unification Church we have the tradition of the Blessing. Do you know what that Blessing is all about? Young men and women come out of the world, from the wild olive trees of the world. True Parents are stripping the branches from all the wild olive trees and transplanting them to the true olive trees. You are those branches and that is what the Blessing is all about. While you are being cut away from the wild trees, you will naturally feel the pain of that severance. Everybody will complain and say, "Oh, no! I don't want to go through this!" Your parents will oppose you; you will not like what you are going through. However, without going through that process, there can be no new grafting and new growth.

Even after you branches are grafted into the new tree, you may not feel much joy. You still feel pain from the process of the grafting. Many think, "Boy, that's my husband? Is that my wife? Is this the ideal?" and your wounds have not been healed yet. But then after three years of married life, you will see all the new growth that is resulting from your union and you will find a great amount of satisfaction and joy. It takes at least three years together for your wounds to heal and for you to become new men and women.

Our Hometown

The job of the messiah is to do the grafting of all the men and women of the world. This is the most important job of the messiah -- changing the roots and lineage of humankind. What is the hometown of the Moonies? The simple answer is that wherever the Parents are, that is your hometown. Right now, your home is the Grand Ballroom since the Parents are here.

Suppose your parents were to come and observe you sitting here on the floor on this anniversary of the founding of our movement. They would be shocked that you are not sitting on chairs. After all, that is not the American way! This is a weird church to them.

We are able to unite with both the Oriental and Western cultures. We can sit on the floor or we can sit on chairs, without any problem. Is that all right with you? Do you like this way? Well, then why must I still rely on my interpreter? You think you know the Rue Parents' love, but you are still very far away from it. You don't really know it. All you have known is distorted, secular love; even perverted love in some cases. But that has nothing to do with True Parents' love.

Do you have a home country? What is it? When you go to spirit world, people will ask you, "Where are you from?" but they don't mean what town or nation. They mean what planet are you from? What is your "home world"? You can say,

"The planet Earth is my home world, the place where True Parents came to dwell." Your hometown is the same as that of the Rue Parents; your home country is the same as that of the Rue Parents; and your home world is the True Parents' World -- this is your destiny. Thus for all the Moonies around the world, East Garden is their first home base. You should not look at East Garden through your eyeglasses tinted with nationalism. Don't look at East Garden with your American glasses, German glasses, or Japanese glasses. If everybody is wearing eyeglasses, they challenge and accuse those who are not wearing them, saying there is something wrong with them!

As I have said, the original seed of humankind should appear here on earth. The original man and woman who have the perfect ninety degree intersection between the vertical and horizontal lines are what we call the True Parents. Of course, God knows when the True Parents appear; but so does Satan. Satan mobilized every power at his command to stop the True Parents so God had to have some sort of protection on the earth for the hue Parents. That protection was the "fence" of religion.

God had an original plan for how human history was to proceed, but because of the human fall that plan was thwarted. Improper dominion came about and the forces of evil took the upper hand in history, while the forces of goodness were on the bottom. The history of restoration is one of goodness moving up toward the top position and evil moving down to the bottom position. They are like two parallel lines which are moving toward the center, eventually to clash and cross to the opposite positions.

Evil spirit world has been occupying the upper position in the world, dominating the good spirit world. Thus evil has always tried to stop goodness from exerting influence and rising to the upper position. The good power, which was supposed to be controlling and dominating the upper-level, has been in the lower position, dominated by evil. So you see that all repression comes from evil. Evil always tries to suppress goodness.

"Do Not" Religion

One individual victory was won by Israel's ancestor, the forefather called Israel, whose original name was Jacob. This first triumph, in the time of Jacob, was the first foundation for victory. Goodness won over evil. Jacob had twelve children and they created the first tribe. In trying to guide those children into a tribe, the teaching was always "do not." It became a "do not religion." Old Testament teaching has always been "do not": Do not worship idols. Do not kill. Do not lie. Do not covet. Elementary teaching has been "do not''' teaching. When you are trying to safeguard your children what do you do? You say to your children, "Do not go there...Do not eat...Do not smoke...Do not drink," and so forth. You do this because you are trying to protect your children from evil influences.

Jacob worked in his Uncle Laban's home for 21 years. He experienced incredible hardship and persecution, yet he endured. He endured and saved his money, amassed his fortune, and had twelve children of his own. When he left Laban's household, Jacob met and was confronted by his elder brother, Esau. Only when the brothers united was the victory of Jacob completed. According to the Divine Principle, the elder son should be the one to receive the blessing or inheritance. In the second son's position, Jacob could not receive that blessing until he obtained the birthright of the elder son.

Therefore, one day Esau, the elder brother, was so hungry that Jacob offered to give him some cereal or pottage if Esau would sell the birthright. Actually Esau took his birthright lightly and easily sold it, so the condition was given to Jacob. For that reason, Jacob could receive the elder son's blessing from his aged father, Isaac. Jacob, with the assistance of his mother, entered into his father's tent and received the elder son's blessing, because he already had that condition established. The elder son's position must be restored in order to get the blessing from God.

Moses' Real Role

Jacob's family foundation had to be enlarged to the tribe foundation. The Exodus occurred for that reason. As you know, Joseph and Jacob's other sons went into Egypt. The entire family grew in Egypt, a satanic country. Six hundred thousand people participated in the Exodus, led by Moses. The people came out of Egypt, went through the Sinai desert and entered into Canaan.

I want you to understand one thing that even Principle doesn't explain. Moses was supposed to become the king or pharaoh of Egypt. Then the Exodus would have been a lot easier. He could have accomplished the Exodus and transformed the nation, because he would have been king. But that was prevented because of Moses' hot, short temper. He had no endurance and reacted very violently -- he killed the Egyptian. For that reason, extra hardship occurred and he had to flee Egypt, not as a king. He had no kingship at all. He, as a mere tribal leader, tried to bring the people out of Egypt and then to enter Canaan. With the authority of a king, he could have brought his people into the land of Canaan. Twelve tribes of Israel would have had no problem entering into Canaan and destroying all seven satanic tribes. However Moses could not enter Canaan in the capacity of a king, not at all.

Actually, if Moses had become a king and had entered Canaan with his people, it would have accelerated God's dispensation. Then Moses could have established an empire. The Messiah would have come upon that foundation. It would have been no problem for a large empire such as that later ruled by Rome to come under the power of this kingship. Moses, however, failed to become king. For that reason, his own six hundred thousand member tribe received incredible persecution from all sides. Fighting against opposition, he was to enlarge the scope of success from family to clan, to tribe, to nation.

A Special Kind of Orchard

Still, however, God had great hope that in the laying of the foundation, the people of Israel, the chosen people, could completely repel all kinds of opposition. So actually, by the time of Jesus, good should have already restored its original position to the upper line; evil should have come down to the lower line. The time of Jesus was, in God's plan, to be the fulfillment of the history of God.

Why was the chosen nation so necessary? Because to bring the Gentile into harmony with God's dispensation would have taken so much time and effort. So God created a special kind of orchard, wild olive trees, yet cultivated, so that He could restore them first. That was the nation of Israel. And that is why the Jewish faith came about. The ideal situation would have been that when Jesus came as the Messiah, Judaism and the nation of Israel should have embraced the Messiah one hundred percent.

But what actually happened? The people of Israel said, "Who are you? We followed Moses. We don't know you. You are rumored to be the man of demons." They rejected, and rejected, and rejected Jesus. How could Jesus install True Parenthood in such a situation? With this rejection, the chosen people became Satan's domain. The crucifixion of Jesus was the inevitable consequence of the circumstances. This was the rebellion, the total rebellion, of the chosen people and the chosen church, the Jewish people.

Nucleus of the Family

God's original plan was to install the authority of True Parents, the name of True Parents, in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and in spirit world. That was God's original ideal. There is no way that this kingdom can come without True Parents. The fallen world all this time has never seen the True Parents. That has been human history. How could you ever imagine that those in the fallen world have True Parents' love? Therefore, no one had ever been elevated to spirit world that had known or experienced True Parents' love.

In the nucleus of the family, all kinds of love can be encapsulated -- the love of men and women, the love of parents and children, the love of daughter and son, the love of God. This is the nucleus and the total atom of love. When men and women are united in this nucleus, centered upon God's love and True Parents' love, and grow up in that kind of atmosphere, there will be no special education, no special church, no special prayer. Automatically men and women would be brought up into citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. This was the original plan.

Even within a family with such a nucleus, there are little squabbles. When there is a little dispute, it doesn't matter. The most important thing is that nothing will ever break up the nucleus. But the family today, without this nucleus, without having the True Parents' ideal, is incinerating and falling apart.

You are heading toward ideal heaven, ideal utopia, and that goal will only be reached through the route of the true family. Only Adam and Eve's mature love could automatically combine them into one, making horizontal love appear.

How can true love come to you? Where can we find true love? True Parents are the best gospel of all, because without True Parents there is no way you can taste or receive true love. The coming of the True Parents to the fallen world is the greatest happening in human history.

Enlarging the Abel Realm

Human history is looking forward to the crossing junction. Then good will completely climb up to the upper level and evil will come down to the lower level. That will be consummation. Then how can evil be pushed out of existence? By enlarging the Abel realm. So when you say, "end of the world, the last day," that means the coming of the Messiah. Soon the showdown will be made at the crossing junction. The Messiah comes upon the national foundation, and that changeover or crossing will be made completely. Then that new era, the new nation will begin. That is the definition of the end of the world.

When the crucifixion came because of the rejection of the Messiah, the son of God, history ran in the opposite direction. Instead of coming to the East, Christianity spread first to the West, toward the Roman Empire. That was the indemnity course. Restoration came through indemnity.

So Christian culture moved to the Western world, toward England, then moved across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States, and then moved on across the Pacific toward the East. But the time came for a worldwide showdown: the showdown between satanic power and Christian power. Amid War II was a test of Christianity's survival against satanic power. The Christian cultural world was confronted with the anti-Christian world on a worldwide basis. Victory in World War II, centering upon the United States -- a Christian nation and a melting pot of people from other lands -- created a base for Christian unity. Cultural unity was formed for the first time in history. Christian dominion of the world was possible after the victory of World War II, because Christian cultural nations had united and subdued the non-Christian nations.

Unificationism Cannot Be Separated From Christianity

The age of the Second Advent is the age of the blending of two cultures, Eastern culture and Western culture. The Lord is coming a second time to blend the cultures, to bring the two worlds together. Today that is happening in our world. Eastern culture and Western culture are becoming one.

I want you to understand why the Unification Church cannot be separated from Christianity. Many people say, "Why can't we make a new religion?" It's impossible. Why? Because when you say "Second Advent," this is the second coming of Christ, the second coming of the Tine Parent. True Parents were supposed to come in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were supposed to be the first True Parents. They failed. Jesus came to become the First Advent and to be a True Parent. That did not occur. Now for the second time, it is happening in our world. There is continuity in history. That is, Unificationism comes after Christianity and cannot be separated from Christianity.

Christianity started from the coming of Jesus. At that time the base was a national base; the Messiah came on a national base. But the second coming is totally on a worldwide base. The dispensation of God is worldwide. This is the one showdown which would bring the entire world into restoration. That's the difference.

The acceptance of the Messiah by the Christian United States would have been most ideal. Together with the Korean nation and Korean Christianity, had unity been formed, it would have been the ideal base.

I want you to understand that the last forty years was the most active time in all of human history. So many things occurred. So many tragedies. So many wars, so many problems, simply because God was trying to condense two thousand years of Christian history into forty years of restitution. I want you to understand that Judaism persisted all these thousands of years; Christianity prospered for two thousand years. But all of a sudden in the last several decades, you see the crumbling of Christianity and Judaism, as well as of many other religions. Why are all these things happening? The new ideal is coming. Therefore, all other religions are weakening.

Now, the new generation of young people is affected by this spirit and an incredible new movement has begun, particularly after Heung Jin's Seunghwa ceremony. And that incredible movement is beginning all over the world.

Worldwide Pentecost

Upon the ascension of Heung Jin, a worldwide Pentecost is taking place. Two thousand years ago, 120 disciples gathered together in the Upper Room and received the Holy Spirit. Today, 120 nations have come together to receive the Holy Spirit, centering upon Heung Jin's crusade in the spirit world.

The developed nations, such as the United States, must, as a matter of policy, work with the nations of the Third World. Through this, the industrial countries will learn from the less developed nations and discover who Reverend Moon truly is. During these three years, I am bringing together the four dispensational nations -- Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany. They represent Adam, Eve, the Archangel, and Cain and Abel. These four nations, formerly enemies, are now uniting. This is the harvest season and we are bringing in the fruit. The harvest is coming first in the unity among those enemy nations.

I inspired the creation of the Inchon film for the purpose of awakening the American public. Likewise I inaugurated the creation of The Washington Times to inspire righteous public opinion for the sake of America. These deeds will be recorded by future historians as manifestations of loving one's enemies. I have been loving my enemies in spite of everything, including this recent court indictment and trial.

The court battle is still going on. The final showdown is coming up during this month of May. We will see who will be the victor. I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of.

I want you to understand that I was supposed to have united the Christians of Korea by the time I was thirty years old. Thus the national level of unity would have been established by then. However, because of the opposition and resistance of Korean Christianity, that was not possible. Today we are celebrating the day that the Unification Church reaches the age of thirty.

After reaching this age, we shall establish the worldwide foundation.

When Jesus was crucified, disunity was everywhere. His disciples deserted him, and the nation of Israel was against him. But today, Reverend Moon is being crucified through a legal process. This crucifixion had to come because I was in the position to restore the crucifixion of two thousand years ago. Today, however, Christianity has stood with me; American public opinion is for me, not against me; ultimately the heads of this nation will be in the position to support me. President Reagan can either support me or not, but because of public opinion he will be forced to support me. Over 120 million religious people are represented in the support of our case at this time. Because my court battle is the equivalent of Jesus' crucifixion as restoration everyone should come together in support of the case.

Left-Wing and Right-Wing

Two thousand years ago, two thieves were crucified on either side of Jesus. The one on the left side of Jesus mocked him while the one on the right supported him. The modem terminology of "left-wing" and "right-wing" has its roots in that. Now, during the twentieth century and on the occasion of the coming of the True Parents, the left and right sides of the world, that is the communist and free worlds, must come together to support the Messiah. The thief on Jesus' right said, "You are the son of God," while the thief on the left said, "If you are the son of God, why don't you save yourself and us, too?" He laughed at Jesus; he was the representative of the godless power. Since that time, the right and left sides of the world have been disunited; however, now that the True Parents have come, these sides will unite.

Jesus was dying and was unable to speak to the thief on the left and convince him to support him. But today I am alive and can speak and convince those on the left to support him. Thus I am teaching communists, "You are wrong. Please change and save yourselves." I have never been silent and the world view I have brought is being proclaimed.

The Christian religion, representing the thief on the right, is supporting me in this court battle. I knew that Christian unity would come, and five years ago I created our interfaith movement. Today many Christian churches are wide open in their acceptance of us.

Pentecost in America

The power of the Pentecost is coming closer and closer to the United States. Once you people -- the Abel people -- representing 120 nations of the world are totally united, centering upon the True Parents, the rest of the world will become one. The ideal of one world shall become a reality; the struggle of Cain and Abel will finally be finished. Abel will take the position of elder son and Cain will be naturally subjugated. Their true brotherhood will be manifested and they will attend the True Parents together. That will be accomplished during the next three years; at the most, it will be prolonged to the next seven years.

Today I did something unusual -- I prayed at the beginning of this talk. The reason I did that was to make a declaration to heaven and earth. I said that I sent my son, Heung Jin, to spirit world as the Messiah to unite the spirit world. My prayer was a declaration of unity between the spirit world, centered upon Heung Jin, and the physical world, centered upon True Parents. The True Parents are the subject of the entire universe.

You must pray for Heung Jin. The ascension of Heung Jin and the Holy Wedding eliminated all possibility of accusation from Satan against any sort of thinking for personal comfort or advantage. Thus when you pray in unity with Heung Jin's spirit, there is no way for Satan to touch you. The elimination of Satan's accusation against you automatically means you are restoring Satan's property to the True Parents. This is a key point: It means that the universal turning point has occurred. You should be saying to Heung Jin, "Don't worry about me. I'm going to do my share and completely repel all satanic accusation." That is the kind of strength I want you to have because you are in the subjective role, in the physical world, to the spirit world. Don't lose the dignity of your subjective role. You will see the incredible things that will happen. Everything depends upon your attitude; once you have the correct mindset, incredible power will come down.

These three years are the most blessed ones. You will be able to make incredible, even miraculous, things happen. It is not as important to have your own sons and daughters at this time; it is more important to restore the world now. You can devote these three years to going out and liquidating the satanic world; that is more important than anything else and that is in Heung Jin's spirit.

Many of the people in spirit world were ignorant of Heung Jin's position when he first went there. They thought, "Here comes a Chinese boy." But Jesus Christ was behind that "Chinese boy." The people knew then that Heung Jin was an important person. Jesus turned to those in spirit world, saying, "Don't you understand? I am the elder Christ and this is the younger one. Yet he is my elder brother."

Age of the Flood

Who else can understand these things I am saying? Everybody else in the world would just say, "Crazy!" But when you understand me correctly, you can understand what is going on in the spirit world. This is the age of the flood -- the time to work like a flood or an avalanche. Have that kind of an impact upon the world -- overwhelm them like a flood. Have no fear. You have nothing to fear. Heung Jin has already set up the victory sign. All you have to do is walk toward that sign.

Today, on this thirtieth anniversary of the Unification Church, we are entering into the true unification era. So far, we have been in the era of persecution. From this time on, we will experience what it would have been like if Jesus had been totally welcomed and accepted by the Israelites. By the same token, the acceptance of the Unification Church by the world will begin from this day forward. This is the turning point and beginning of the new era of unification. 

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