The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Benediction - For The Blessing of Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim

Sun Myung Moon
February 20, 1984

Hoon Sook (Pak) Moon

Beloved Heavenly Father,

Today, February 20, 1984, is the fiftieth day since Heung Jin departed for the spirit world. It is also the fortieth day since Sam O Je* is over.

Since the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, forsook the blessing -- which could only have been inherited as the worldwide cultural tradition had they fulfilled the responsibility of True Parents -- Heaven could not see the realization of the ideal of creation. Wandering behind the scenes of human history, God led His providence of restoration through numerous courses over four thousand years, centering upon the chosen people, the Israelites. We understand that Your will was to embrace the Cain territory of the Roman Empire centered upon the Abel territory, Israel, together with Eastern Asia and Asia. However, because the chosen people could not unite with the Messiah, the world could not be united with the Messiah. Jesus had to carry the tragic cross and leave his responsibility unfulfilled, making the Second Coming inevitable.

Therefore, in order to restore the standard that Israel had lost to Satan, Christianity had to undergo the four hundred year period of persecution by entering the enemy's territory, the Roman Empire. Based upon its victory over the Roman Empire, Christianity could finally start its providence on the worldwide level. Yet the Catholic Church in Europe could not accomplish its responsibility, and Protestantism had to appear. Thus, a sad history of Cain and Abel emerged in Christianity. America, in the position of the second son, Abel, has grown up as a primarily Protestant nation. As a nation representative of Christian culture, America brought about a unified world through its victory in World War II.

In such circumstances, True Parents were born in Korea. They came to earth with the will to establish one world by embracing the Christian cultural sphere and the free world, and thus relieve the grief and heartbreak of Jesus who could not accomplish on the worldwide level. However, because of the opposition of both Korean and American Christianity, and their disunity, the Unification Church had to start from the beginning, and undergo a course of struggle to inherit the Christian cultural sphere. Now we are going through a forty year course in the wilderness, which will end in tux years. In this historical era, we understand that it is providentially significant to elevate True Parents' love from the national to the worldwide level by connecting the national to the worldwide foundation. This will restore the foundation of the land of Canaan, centered upon a new Israel.

In this unprincipled fallen world, all suffering is caused by Satan. The first Messiah should have prevailed over Satan both on the national and worldwide levels, but due to his failure, True Parents were put in the position of indemnifying that failure. Thus, they erected the Unification Church on the worldwide level on behalf of Christianity, and the Unification cultural sphere on behalf of the cultural sphere of the free world. Now they are in the process of moving forward towards the pinnacle of building a new nation of God.

A large group of professors from 72 nations to lead a dispensation through which Korea, the Korean churches, and the Korean people could welcome them. In such an intense historical situation, Satan knew that his controlling power over the world would be diminished, and he attempted desperately to interrupt this dispensation by all means. However, due to the victorious condition set by True Parents, he had no basis to invade them, and he had to admit their authority over Korea and the world. Therefore, instead, Satan was forced to claim the mistakes made by Korea, Christianity, the free world, the blessed couples of the Unification Church -- including the 36 couples -- who could not be unified centered on True Parents' will, and even True Parents' family; and God could not help but allow Satan a conditional offering.

Children in the position of Abel have always been attacked by Satan. Therefore, President Hyo Won Eu, whose family was the second of the first three families which represent twelve families, had to die outside his home. Further, Heung Jin, True Parents' second son, had to go to the spirit world as a sacrifice.

In Jin Moon and Jin Sung Pak

However, we know that the position of Heung Jin in spirit world is different from that of Jesus. While on earth True Parents laid a victorious foundation of love for both Korea and the world so that the authority of Satan was destroyed. Satan is in a position where he should have to yield his entire world to True Parents even conditionally, without Heung Jin's sacrifice. Heung Jin's position is naturally different from that of God's beloved son, Jesus; Jesus caused deep pain and sorrow to God through his death, whereas True Parents sent their son as a delegate of love to spirit world to relieve God's pain and sorrow by preparing the foundation for the liberation of spirit world. And on this day, so much like Pentecost, I bless Heung Jin in the spirit world and Hoon Sook on earth as an eternal couple.

Hereafter, the substantial Holy Spirit foundation is established on earth, for Heung Jin has opened a gate through which the spiritual and physical worlds can freely communicate. I his has enabled the Victorious Day of Love** to be proclaimed. True Parents' love has led a providence of resurrection to prevail over false love and death. Spirit world has become one with Korea and Heung Jin, and thus Abel's sovereign powers have begun. And, as all kings throughout the world who are sovereign powers become united, Abel sovereign powers can expand. For this reason, not only the innumerable people who had believed in Abel-position religions, but also the good spirits who are now trying to work for Judaism, Christianity and Unification Church, can build the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world through their unity as a people under Abel-sovereign powers. All of this has come to pass thanks to True Parents' love. Thus, because God's love can prevail over Satan's dominion, and earthly love and heavenly love can be directly related, we deeply praise Heung Jin's accomplishment.

Heung Jin, before the night you left for the spirit world, True Parents held the Unification Ceremony so that True Parents, True Children, all the blessed families, all the worldly families, all mankind, Christianity and the free world could be united centering upon True Parents, True Children and blessed families. And afterwards, I promised you, through a prayer, that I would bless you and give you an adopted child. Therefore, in order to observe my words to you, today, in the name of True Parents, I chose Hoon Sook as your bride, and hope that you will be happy with this Blessing. I pray that you will gratefully accept this historic and providential mission endowed by God -- to bring the once lonely king and sovereign powers in spirit world to be connected with those in the physical world. Then the earthly Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world can be united, thus dissolving the suffering of God and True Parents.

True Parents are asking that you, as a young king, be responsible for all the good spirits so that they can cooperate with all the good people on earth and establish one united world, by eliminating the evil sphere in the free world and all of the communist world, and transforming this dark world into one which is under God's direct dominion of love. We know that this is what God desires from you, and we hope that you can fulfill this responsibility.

Heavenly Father, as True Parents on earth bless Heung Jin and Hoon Sook as an eternal couple, please joyfully accept this Blessing. It bridges the spiritual and physical worlds through the direct union of love prevailing over Satan's dominion. This is not only a time of feasting in the spirit world but also in the physical world. Please let this Blessing unite heaven and earth, and mobilize all the good spirits in the spirit world to come to earth so that they can be resurrected on this glorious day.

We offer this day of Blessing in rapture and gratitude. Please accept this day in gladness. Please bless all the groups of people from all over the world assembled here, and guide them to pray for Heung Jin and Hoon Sook who have come into union. Let the couples of In Jin, Ye Jin and Hyo Jin all be united in heart, and let them be guards for Heung Jin and his bride. We believe that you will be able to remove all the evil forces which hinder the spirit world and physical world from coming together, by having True Parents sit on the foundation of the love of these four couples. Let all the Unification Church members follow the example of Hoon Sook, and elevate the standard of the Unification Church through love and unity. We know that if they do so, Heaven can be with them, and the foundation for Heung Jin to cooperate with them can also be established. Thus, let them lead lives of filial piety and loyalty in accordance with Your will.

We thank you for Your blessings upon this day, and for having accepted Heung Jin and Hoon Sook as an eternal couple. We pray in the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen, Amen.


*Sam O Je: A Korean traditional ceremony of greeting the dead at the tomb three days after the burial of the corpse.

**Victorious Day of Love: Ae Seung Il, in Korean. 

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