The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Heung Jin Nim's Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
February 20, 1984
Celebration Banquet
Manhattan Center

I would like to comment on two specific points about this historic Blessing.

Historically, this kind of wedding is given only once. It is not a precedent. From a secular point of view, this would be regarded as a very sad or gloomy occasion. However, from the dispensational point of view, it is a necessity in order to fulfill God's will.

The spirit world unfortunately has not been united under God, but is divided into different groups and compartmentalized according to specific religions. The divisions in the spirit world -- the reason why it could not become one entity under God -- is simply because of the fall of man. Therefore, the work of God has to conquer the indirect dominion of earth. Without passing through the victorious condition of indirect dominion here on earth, there can be no perfection in the spirit world. Therefore, there is no unity.

The Foundation of Kingship on Earth

If there had been no fall, Adam and Eve would have advanced into the position of the True Parents, sinless, and they would have reached perfection. If that had been the case, their children would then have formed a true family, true tribe, nation and world. That is the way true parenthood should have been established on each level from the very beginning. On each level of parenthood, the authority of kingship would automatically have been granted on one unified cultural sphere. Therefore, Adam and Eve should have become king and queen of a family, clan, unified nation, world, etc. Yet because man fell, his destiny is that he must go through the Messiah. What is the definition of the Messiah? The Messiah is the one coming in the place of the True Parents and growing into that position.

During His four thousand years of history, God sent the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who came as a savior. Yet during his lifetime he was supposed to take a bride from Satan's world and thereby consummate the mission as True Parents.

Jesus Christ came as savior, but more importantly, he came in the position of Adam, to fulfill Adam's ideal. That was his mission, and he was to fulfill every level. However, before he could consummate his mission, he was crucified. Jesus came to the earth and he was to make a foundation of kingship on earth in place of Adam. Jesus wanted to fulfill that kingship from the family to the worldwide level. If he could not fulfill, God's ideal would not be realized. This is the backbone of Divine Principle and God's dispensational history.

Christianity today says that the Lord must come again. Actually, all religions have that expectation. This simply clarifies the message that the Messiah must come and finish the mission that Jesus left undone two thousand years ago, which was to fulfill Adam's ideal.

The Unification movement occupies the position to fulfill that ideal. Had I been accepted in 1945 by Korean Christianity, we would not have had to go through the path of unification or suffered for so many years, particularly in the United States. The reason is that Korean Christianity would have been linked directly to Christianity in the United States. Acceptance in Korea would have brought about universal acceptance.

Nobody knew the incredible fact that the United States is in the position of the Roman Empire of two thousand years ago, or that Korea is in the position of the Israel of that time, and that I am in the position of Jesus. Nobody knew. The Roman Empire two thousand years ago was a satanic nation. Yet that empire was to be a base for the proclamation of Christianity throughout the world. If Christianity had accepted me, the revelation would have been fulfilled. No more foundation would have been needed. The past forty years of history of the Unification Church would not have been necessary, because Christianity would have served as the foundation which the Unification Church is serving today.

I came to fulfill the unfinished mission of Jesus. Jesus fulfilled only the spiritual aspect. I came to perfect that spiritual aspect and bring it to the physical level. I came to fulfill both Jesus' and Adam's missions.

From God's point of view, after World War II, when Christianity in Korea failed to unite with me, God saw the need to create another foundation in place of Christianity as well as some ideology that would surpass the ideology of both the democratic world and the communist world.

Because I needed to establish that kind of foundation, I am the center of attention. The free world as well as the communist world came against me because I am trying to create a replacement of both worlds. I now must confront the United States of America.

My Court Battle

My court battle is the symbolic representation of this confrontation. The district court level is just like the crucifixion of Jesus. In the circuit court level, there was a split. There were representatives of the two thieves, one on the left and one on the right. One judge was for me and one denied me. Yet as it reaches the Supreme Court level, all Christianity in America is coming to support my case. Symbolically, the thief on the right side is united with Jesus. Therefore, gradually, the democratic free world comes to support and unite with me, whereas the communist world adamantly declares me as their enemy.

One difference between the time of Jesus and now is that during this age the foundation is such that no law would ever allow me to be physically put to the cross. However, they might throw me in jail. If that ever happens, then not just Christianity, but the four billion people of the world will unite with me, because I have made many foundations throughout the world. I have a foundation worldwide and if I have to go to jail, then visitors would come from throughout the world to visit me. For instance, the chairmen of the PWPA, all eminent scholars and leaders and former heads of state (Summit Club) will come to get an audience with me and demonstrate their support of me. If twenty people come to see me in jail every day for one year, that would mean seven thousand people would have come. They would not just want to see me; they would want to tell the American people why they went to see me and request an interview with the media.

In a way, this would be a great opportunity to bring the people of the world together. If they want to send me to jail, they should just go ahead and do it; I will not lose by it. Maybe the communists are trying to assassinate me. They have tried to implement many such plots. Maybe God is telling the United States government that if I am put in jail, I will be well protected and by the money of the government. Maybe jail is the safest place for me; perhaps I would find a good hiding place there.

The Korean rally last December brought incredible unity of the nations. People welcomed me, and I brought international strength by inviting 72 chairmen of the PWPA throughout the world. At the time of Jesus, 72 disciples failed to unite with Jesus. This brought about the crucifixion. In a way, my rally in December is like the Messiah's declaration. In a sentence, my message is that people now must listen to me. If people want to be saved and have hope, they have to listen to me. There were professors and chairmen from 72 different countries who went to Korea to testify to me.

The Korean rally in December 1983 was the incredible demonstration of strength and power on an international level. Satan always tries to block this kind of victory on the final level, but he could not do so because I set the conditions so perfectly there was no room for Satan to invade. There was a lot to be indemnified. Satan said, "All right, Reverend Moon, I know who you are. You want to save Christianity and you want to save the world. You have to first pay the price." Furthermore, in some cases there was disunity among the 36 Couples. There was some disunity among Unification Church leaders; and even in True Parents' own family, there was room for Satan's infiltration. The price for all of this had to be paid.

None of the leaders, particularly Korean leaders, believed that I could have a successful VOC rally in Korea. The Divine Principle says that whenever there is faithlessness, some price has to be paid. This is how the extraordinary payment of the debt to Satan was paid by Heung Jin. When Mother and I returned to America, Heung Jin's life was hanging in the balance. I declared a unification ceremony before Heung Jin passed away. That was the ceremony to bring the unity between Father and Mother, the True Parents' children, the Unification Church, as well as unification of the democratic and communist worlds, and the physical and spiritual worlds. During this special ceremony shortly before the passing away of Heung Jin, I declared him as a sacrifice.

Satan missed one thing. He could not understand my strategy. Satan did not know God's rules, that we can pay such a precious sacrifice and upon that condition we can turn the situation around from a failure to a victory. For example, two thousand years ago, Jesus was crucified and Satan claimed Jesus' life. But then what did God do? God used Jesus as a sacrifice to bring the resurrection and the foundation for the salvation of mankind.

My Promise to Heung Jin

The day before Heung Jin passed away, I prayed for one other extraordinary thing. I prayed that if Heung Jin were to die and ascend into the spiritual world, he would be with us all the way, in both the spiritual and physical worlds. I prayed that everything for Heung Jin on earth would be kept as it was, and that Heung Jin would have adopted sons, that his tribe would go on. This is a promise I made to him. In order to adopt children, a four position foundation must be established first. Heung Jin needs a bride before children can be adopted.

We can see an incredible opposite parallel. At the time of Jesus, God sent His son to earth so that he could save the world. At this time, True Parents sent their son to the spirit world so that he can save the spirit world. Heung Jin is the Plenipotentiary, the Special Ambassador of True Parents to the spirit world. He is the Extraordinary Ambassador of True Parents' Love. I made a foundation on the earth on the international level with the True Parents' love. Even Jesus could not reach that level because during his time on earth there were no True Parents. Therefore, for the first time, God can connect with one person in the spirit world and say, "Indeed you are my son, because you came from True Parents." Heung Jin is in the position of kingship of teenagers. I definitely love this world, but by sending my most beloved son to the spirit world, I can also love the spirit world.

On earth, Satan governs the period of indirect dominion. The event of God sending His son to the spirit world restores the indirect dominion of God and enables God and man to ultimately reach the level of direct dominion. Since Heung Jin was born in Korea, he will first assemble all ascended Abel-type kings from Korean history in the spirit world. Heung Jin is the Abel of all Korean kings ascended to the spirit world.

Heung Jin's Kingship in Spirit World

As a result, immediately a unification occurred in the spirit world. The reason is that in the spirit world everyone knows exactly what is happening. That is the one thing different between the physical world and the spirit world. The spirit world merely comes and unites. According to the Principle, when Cain and Abel come together in unity, God can come and dwell. Heung Jin is the Abel of the Korean kingship in the spirit world. All Cain-type kingship must unite together because they know the truth. This is the culmination; God dwells with them. Yet this is only the first step. Next there must come a universal kingship in the spirit world. All kingship must eventually join together with this central force and Heung Jin will become Abel to everyone. When all these kings unite, they will also stand in the position of Abel kingship.

In the physical world, we do not do these kinds of things. Yet in the spirit world, once a certain thing happens, there are effective changes immediately. Centering upon Korea and the Korean Abel kings in the spirit world, Abel-type kings and Abel-type lordships of 120 nations all become united. If this unity is taking place in the spirit world, next all Abel- type people throughout the different religions unite. There are many kings in Judaic history as well as the history of Christianity. All their people will try to make their king become Abel-type and as a result will then unite.

According to Principle, those occupying the position of king on the physical earth must experience marriage -- each needs his queen. As he was born a prince of the physical world, Heung Jin could only elevate to the position of prince in the spirit world until today. To become a king, therefore, he needs to have someone in the position of his own physical queen here on earth.

Centering upon God's love, the spirit world is totally united. Even though Heung Jin is in the spirit world, if he has his object here on earth in the form of his own wife, he has a channel for coming to the physical world any time he wants. This will give him total freedom. Furthermore, the most important thing is that Heung Jin will not come down alone but will bring down legions of all the kings and queens in the spirit world with him.

I am sure that when people of the world hear this, they will say, "Oh, Reverend Moon, you have done another crazy thing. Reverend Moon is such a crazy leader." But actually I want you to understand how essential this response from Heung Jin is. We need someone on earth in the queen's position, responding to Heung Jin's spirit in the spirit world.

Another amazing thing is that the work which Heung Jin is doing was supposed to have been done by Mother and myself when we elevated to the spirit world. However, it is the world's fortune that even at this time, Mother and I sent our beloved son as our representative. Heung Jin can accomplish this work earlier than expected.

Christianity started out from the Pentecost. Approximately 120 people received the Holy Spirit and spread the gospel all over the world. Today the Unification movement is celebrating the fiftieth day of the passing of Heung Jin; we are celebrating our Unification Pentecost. The couples have received telegrams of congratulations from our representatives in over 120 countries. Upon this foundation, the Abel-type kingship of those nations can come down because they have a base here on earth. They found objects through whom they could work in Heung Jin and Hoon Sook.

There are two most incredible dispensational points of significance for this ceremony. When one nation is restored to God, wherever it may be, God can truly fulfill His age-old ideal, starting from that nation and going throughout the world. As you know, Unificationism far surpasses as an ideology or philosophy when compared to any other existing ideology or philosophy, including Marxism or communism. If during the next three years we truly stand faithful, strong and bold, and move forward to the world, Satan's world will diminish and crumble. Gradually, but surely, the world will come into the hands of God. This is the period of transformation.

In two more days, I will mark the 37th anniversary of my entry into the North Korean prison. In 1948 I went into that most incredible prison and lived through that hellish life. I have had that kind of life, paying indemnity for the sake of humanity. However, because of my suffering, the foundation was erected, and the victorious foundation was made. Now we have an incredible offensive throughout the world.

Uniting With Hoon Sook in Heart

This day brings us extraordinary and joyful news. By Hoon Sook accepting this responsibility to live her entire earthly life for the sake of God and solely for True Parents and her husband in the spirit world, what couple could complain at having to endure a forty day, three year or even seven year separation period? We must study this one woman as our example of loyalty. How could anyone who has a physical spouse and children complain? Think of Hoon Sook. Her sacrifice, in a way, is an incredible blessing for the entire Unification movement. It brings incredible power to each of us. By uniting with Hoon Sook and her spirit of loyalty,

Satan will have no room to invade and will leave us. This is the authority I am giving each of you today. This is the most pragmatic and workable solution to overcome your problems in dealing with Satan's attacks. When you are united with Hoon Sook, especially at the time you heartistically respect her and her situation, Satan has no room to accuse you or your family.

In your daily prayers remember Hoon Sook. Think of the kind of life she is living. Think about what kind of sacrifice Heung Jin suffered. Then there is nothing you cannot over- come. This is a great weapon against Satan. Satan does not understand such strategy which I am sharing with you today. Satan is totally flabbergasted at what kind of heavenly weapon we now have to wield against his power.

The Meaning of This Blessing

If any blessed couple did not fulfill my order to work on the IOWC for three years or previously hesitated for whatever reason, tonight is the night for repentance. Repent and again march on. That is the meaning of this day.

Today's blessing of Hoon Sook has three essential meanings. First, Heung Jin needs a partner and object here on earth so that he can fulfill his mission of kingship in the spirit world. Second, when he brings all the spiritual power here on earth (which we can evoke him to do), the satanic power on earth will be divided. The spirit world is in the archangel position.

The archangel was supposed to command and control Adam and Eve when they were growing. By the same token, the spirit world today is in the archangel position and should minister to the physical world. There are two kinds of angels. The angels which are God-centered must come to earth and liquidate all the fallen angels. The True Parents are on the earth and are establishing the domain of true love; upon this victorious foundation, therefore, the God-centered angels have much more power than Satan and the God-denying angels suffer great losses. This means that we can conquer his hold on the period of indirect dominion. We can reverse the tide; there is no longer a need for us to be defensive any longer. Now we are on the offensive. This is the focal point of the Divine Principle.

Third, today's Blessing of Heung Jin and Hoon Sook is an incredible blessing to all of us. Together they create the bridge which each of us can cross. It is the bridge of true love. Because we can now communicate with the spirit world as never before, Satan has no way to accuse that point any more. This is the Unification view of the Principle.

Tonight's gathering is not an ordinary one. I cannot miss this opportunity to express the truth. I want you to know very clearly the most significant meaning of this Blessing today. Previously there was no way that this support could come to us until the True Parents elevated into the spirit world and sent down this spiritual power. But the amazing blessing to the Unification movement is that while our True Parents are reigning over the earth, the spiritual conditions have already been met by Heung Jin and that spiritual power is able to come to us at this time. This is similar to Jesus' crucifixion, which makes the base for the resurrection and salvation. By the same token, Satan attacked Heung Jin here on earth, but on the contrary, I turned it into an incredible blessing. This is the condition of love which allows the spiritual world and physical world to become one.

Joyful Celebration in Heaven

Truly this is an amazing blessing. If I had not appeared at this time, God would have been helpless. Without me, there was no way God could expand His dispensation. For that reason, God is truly grateful to me, and is celebrating in Heaven. The joyful celebration taking place in Heaven today cannot be compared to our celebration. Those in spirit world are different from us. We don't truly understand, even though the meaning may be explained to us. However, the spirit world already knows the impact and significance of this day. They are coming down and trying to protect me. They are pushing you, trying to make you learn the whole truth.

Some people may wonder what kind of dreamy world is this Unification world? What are they talking about? But you are in the advanced class. You must have absolute confidence and commitment to the True Parents' family and to the True Parents themselves. You must be confident that you can move forward. There is no victory you cannot win. You must understand that the direct dominion which the Divine Principle explains is possible to reach. Once you are in the direct dominion of God, unity is perfect and Satan would have no way to separate you from God.

During his reign over the indirect dominion, Satan has all kinds of conspiracies and plots which he implements to try to get us away from Heavenly Father. We all must work and move faster and faster with absolute faith, and the whole nation and tribe will follow us. It is all up to our commitment and conviction.

We all want to save the people of our nationality. Like Heung Jin, we must make up our minds, "Yes, God, I can give up my life for you. I can protect you. I can give up my life for the sake of your mission." After you die, you will naturally realize how true this is. While you are still living on earth, it is much better simply to know it. This is based on the most logical and reasonable principle. As much as God protects me, God is pushing the entire legions of spirits to protect you, so that we have nothing to fear. We must march on and win the victory.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Note: Father refers to Heung Jin Nim as a king in the spirit world. Rev. Kwak explained to us recently, however, that the position of "King of kings" is of course reserved for True Parents when they ascend to spirit world. 

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