The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Words of Guidance

Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 1984
The Leaders' Conference

God has been anxiously awaiting for the appearance of the champion who would say, "God, I read Your mind. I know Your will. Let me be the champion."

If all religions were totally shattered and there were none left, it would mean that God's work over thousands of years had been in vain. We must revive religion and bring harmony among the religions.

Precisely where are you today? At the juncture or crossroads. You must go through the darkness by subjugating communist ideology. You have to know exactly what time your watch is indicating now. You must know precisely where you are.

We have to be strong in every possible way: mentally, spiritually, physically, professionally. That is the kind of future we must create.

Actually I have a trainer myself: God. God has been training me all my life, but God never said one word of kindness to me. God is still pushing and still testing and punishing.

If some individuals or some group of people were willing to give up life for the sake of something greater, then there would always be hope and survival for the nation, the world, humanity, and even God.

God and Satan are spectators watching your marksmanship training. They are watching all of you to see whether you hit the bull's-eye. When you hit the center of the bull's-eye, God is jubilant, but Satan is very discouraged. When you miss the target, Satan is jubilant.

The Kingdom of Heaven on earth will never come unless we are able to pass through and conquer the night, and reach the morning sunrise. So we are conquering the night. That means we are loving our own enemies.

Look at the 36 Blessed Couples -- regional directors, for example. They often leave their wives behind and are separated and work in two directions -- the wife in one direction and husband in another. Those Korean leaders went through indemnity periods like yourselves a long time ago. But still they come and stay alone.

Suffering is not the goal; the goal of suffering is to make each one of you a historical personage. You just wait and see whether what I am telling you is true or not.

I never advertise on a later occasion that a certain person had come against me in the past. I never speak ill of such a person. I know that, because of my way of leadership, that person will become more profoundly devoted to me, will truly unite with me and give his life for the sake of others. That person will become an even greater leader by my having done so.

You must reflect upon how much you really love your members. What if someone rebelled against you in your center, and you told them to leave and never come back? Many leaders are treating their members like that. You know, in this world, in the truest sense, there are no true men -- this is a fallen generation. So we have got to train and nurture them. How can we train them, educate them? Even if someone misunderstands you, comes against you, bites and attacks you, or is rebellious, you must take the position of embracing that person and forgiving him unconditionally. Go after him, love him. Love him over and over and over. History will record every deed like that.

Even if that person is not remembered, that deed will be remembered. That person will even give a will to his children saying, "You know, I made this kind of mistake, and now you have got to make it up. Be good sons and daughters to True Parents. Go in the right direction." That person will leave such a will behind.

You have to give your heart, soul, passionate care and broad understanding, and embrace your members.

Unless my heart is happy, I give even greater punishment to my body. I would rather live up to the happiness of my mind than that of my body. When I have some feeling of fulfillment, I might go to my bedroom and sleep only one hour, but that one hour will give me more rest than three or four hours.

I never, never thought even once, "I am going to use this man or this woman for a certain job." Never. I think, totally, genuinely, for his or her welfare. I always worried how I can give him or her more. That is my original mind.

Korean Christianity came to oppose me and our movement due not only to motivation from Koreans, but also through instigation from U.S. missionaries. The opposition to me spread all over the world because of that.

The Victory of Heaven has already been declared, and now the Victory of Love has also been declared. We can move into the direct dominion of God from the indirect dominion because Heung Jin Nim and I together center on the love of God, nothing else. This particular love will link the indirect and direct dominions victoriously. This is the reason I can declare the Day of Victory of Love.

You do not know much about restoration by indemnity but I want you to understand: I not only know the truth, but I also practice and live that truth in total consummation on every level. You have to give your 5% to do your responsibility. Your 5% is obedience to God.

Don't think of yourself. Forget yourself. Don't love yourself. Think of me and love me. That is the mandate. What am I doing? I am doing the same thing. I am absolutely united with and love God. Therefore, there is no such a thing as me as a private person. What I am demanding of you, I am doing with God. When you do unite with me, your children will join, the American people will join, and this kind of tradition will save the country. Don't think of yourself. Don't center on yourself.

You must love Heung Jin Nim more than you love me. If you love Heung Jin Nim, the thing you need to do is to love him in such a way that you inherit his mission here on earth.

Even if all other holidays were demolished, the Day of Victory of Lave would remain and be celebrated. This is the most important holiday of all. We do need Parents' Day, Children's' Day, Day of All Things and God's Day; but unless we have the Day of Victory of Love, all other holidays become meaningless. 

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