The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Belvedere Seunghwa Ceremony for Heung Jin Moon - Sun Myung Moon

Angelika Selle
January 1984

Heung Jin Nim's youngest brothers and sisters greeting him at the ceremony in Belvedere on January 2, 1984.

On a cold January afternoon, church leaders paid their respects to Heung Jin Nim in a special ceremony at the Belvedere main house.

The trees and grass outside were brown and grey-green with patches of snow here and there, but inside, flower bouquets adorned the downstairs hallway and a white cloth was laid along the hallway floor leading to the room where Heung Jin Nim would lie in state for two days. Final preparations were being made as everyone waited for True Parents to come down.

Leaders representing Korea, Japan, America and Europe were asked to line up on either side of the hallway. Single carnations were passed out to everyone present with which to pay respect to Heung Jin Nim.

Around 4:45 p.m., True Parents descended the stairs hand in hand, followed by their children and grandchildren. Hyun Jin Nim carried a picture of his brother, which was framed with ribbons and red tulips. Mother and all her daughters were dressed in white, the color of purity, celebration, and joy.

The True Family lined up on either side of the room's entrance, looking out into the chilly winter dusk, to await the arrival of the body of their beloved Heung Jin Nim. The atmosphere outside, the bare trees sharply silhouetted against the dark blue sky, reflected somewhat the spirit inside the house: sad, sympathetic, and meditative. Some women were softly sobbing.

Father then turned around to face the brothers and sisters and said:

I'd like to make a very clear announcement that will set the tradition of our movement and our church:

In the secular world, death signifies the end of life. However, in our world, death is like a rebirth or a new birth into another world. Particularly those who give their life for the purpose of the Kingdom of Heaven and for the sake of the movement are special heroes.

For that reason, we must not make those occasions gloomy or sad or feel discouraged. Instead we shall rejoice in the victory of the spirit in which that life was given for the mission.

If we here on earth become then, mournful and gloomy it is like pulling the person who is going up to the heavens down to the ground.

Heung Jin Nim entered the spirit world; if he sees us mourning and sorrowful, he will not be happy and comforted. Instead he just will not understand why we are sad.

Therefore, this kind of occasion we no longer will call a funeral. I will explain more about the tradition later.

Again, this is a new birth from the second universal mother's womb into another world, just like when a baby emerges from its first mother's womb.

A funeral is actually comparable to a wedding, when men and women get married. It's not a sorrowful occasion at all. It's like an insect coming out of its cocoon, getting rid of the shackle and becoming a new body and a new existence, a new entity. That's exactly the same kind of process.

In our way of life and tradition, spirit world and physical world are one, and by our living up to that kind of ideal, we bring the two worlds together into one.

In that spirit let us sing the "Song of the Garden."

Representatives of Korea, Japan, America and Germany honoring Heung Jin Nim.

The song was repeated over and over again until the hearse pulled up in front of the house. Eight blessed children carried Heung Jin Nim's casket inside as True Parents and True Children led the way.

In the ceremony room, Heung Jin Nim's head was placed toward the east, and the casket was opened. There he was lying peacefully, dressed in a white ceremonial gown and crown, like a king.

His picture was placed on a small table in front of his body. Father and Mother lit two candles and greeted their son; kissing him. Father touched Heung Jin Nim's body from top to bottom while silently praying.

Then a beautiful satin cloth, inscribed with a poem, was brought. Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim unfolded it over their brother's chest. Father himself had written the words, which read:

For Heung Jin Nim

"I want to offer to the heavenly castle this son of loyalty and filial piety with an ocean-like love for Heaven.

Please, let him rest in eternal peace."

January 2, 1984

Daddy and Mommy

(Unofficial translation)

Everyone applauded as the cloth as unfolded. Father and Mother then placed a carnation on either side of Heung Jin Nim's face, stepping aside for the True Children to pay their respects by fully bowing twice, burning incense, and placing a flower to the left and right of the body inside the casket.

Three chairmen: Rev. Kwak, Col. Pak and Rev. Choi followed the example in paying tribute to Heung Jin Nim. Representing the four major nations and all mission countries, Rev. Kim Chang Kyun (Korea), Mr. Kuboki (Japan), Dr. Durst (America), Rev. Reiner Vincenz (Germany), and Rev. Paul Werner (other mission countries) honored the heavenly son. Other representatives were chosen from the 36 to 10,000 couples blessings, the blessed children and the relatives of the True Family.

Father and Mother again approached the body of their son, and invoked a prayer of benediction. The historic air of this moment could be felt very strongly.

The ceremony ended with three cheers of Mansei. True Parents went upstairs, Father still holding Mother's hand. The True Children and grandchildren one by one kissed Heung Jin Nim farewell and left.

All other brothers and sisters then had a chance to see Heung Jin Nim for the last time and to pay tribute to him.

Prayer vigils were held all night, and Mrs. Hong [Soon Ae Hong – Dae Mo Nim] gave testimony about the True Children.

The next morning, January 3 at 4 a.m., Father and Mother declared before Heaven and Earth the Day of Victory of Love.

The meaning of this declaration is that from now on the realm of love will prevail over the realm of death.

A Sister's Prayer

God, Heavenly Father,

You are really alive!

I know and feel it as I see Your beloved son, Heung Jin Nim.

Looking at his young royal face, I am moved: joyful, full of hope and awe, and wondering somewhat. You took him to You.

Our beloved True Parents wished him farewell. Father is holding Mother's hand as they walk up the stairs.

Heung Jin Nim, our dear brother, has given his life for his Father, loyal and pious to the end.

I feel like embracing Heung Jin Nim and inheriting that spirit of bringing hope, love and consolation to You, Heavenly Father.

Now someone is with You in spirit world, someone whom You love very much.

How wonderful!

Angelika Selle 

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