The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

The Formula for World Peace

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1984

The primary question facing humankind is that of peace. The democratic world has no direction, and we who know the heart and will of God must guide it. No one knows what will be the end result of the powerful, enormous communist world. Furthermore, when we talk about the destiny of the world, we are not talking about one hundred or one thousand years in the future, but about today. The world situation is deteriorating so rapidly that sometimes I am fearful about whether we can turn the situation around.

Conflicts and Wars Are Endemic in This World

For all of us to be happy it is logical that there should be no wars and conflicts and antagonism between people. Certainly we can say that war is not good unless the fighting can be for the benefit of the whole. In war it is unlikely that one victor will completely annihilate the enemy. There are bound to be some men left alive on the opposing side, and it is predictable that, until they dissipate the antagonism in their hearts, they will stick together and somehow try to get revenge. If the victorious country becomes weak, the people who had lost the war will look for some opportunity to retaliate. The result is a vicious cycle in which the losing side from one war concentrates on becoming strong enough to dominate its former conquerors.

Today the democratic world and the communist world are both seeking global dominion, but which side is putting more effort into conquering the world? It's very simple to say that the stronger will win over the weaker, and in this case it means that the communist world must be victorious for it is making the greater effort. The world is facing a very dangerous age, and if there existed no God and no spirit world then the world would already be doomed,

Suppose America were to defeat the Soviet Union. Assuming some people survive the struggle, would they attain lasting peace? When the cause is wrong, the effect is always wrong. The effect cannot be changed without changing the cause. Human history so far has been sown in blood and war, so we can only reap such an effect. Therefore, to obtain a new effect in history we have to begin with a new cause, with a fertile land to receive the seeds of peace.

But today, such a godly nation which could become the basis for a peaceful world does not exist. All the fatherlands which people claim have no connection with God. All the characteristics of the different nations resulted from division in the world, usually coming out of war and struggle. That's the way new nations are born. There are many boundaries on earth, all of which are stained by the blood of soldiers killed in hostilities.

The highest wall built to prevent invasion is the one you build between you and your neighbor. As technology advances we can travel to the other side of the world in a short time, but nations continue to struggle with their neighbors as they did in ancient times. National boundaries have always been stained by the blood of their people. For all the hundreds of nations on earth there have been thousands of struggles throughout history, resulting in many divisions of sovereignty. That happened because of the human fall and humanity's separation from God. What do we mean when we say the human fall? It means that humans and God became enemies instead of being one, and that there has been struggle instead of harmony and peace between humans and God.

Does the Communist Dialectic Explain Conflict in the World?

If a person does not have religious experience or understanding, he thinks that humans were created to live in this state of conflict. Some scholars conclude that God cannot be perfect, that He created humankind to live this way and improve little by little every day. If God is good, how can He put up with so much evil and corruption in the world? No one can look at the wonder of this vast, infinite universe and not sense that there is some awesome power behind it. But at the same time, when a person looks at the corruption of human society, it is common that he will doubt the existence of God. The fact of conflict and struggle appears to be real, while the idea of an omnipotent, loving God appears to be an illusion.

Karl Marx was confused about God in this way. He felt a contradiction within himself, between his childhood faith in God and the questions he had in his mind. His theory of dialectics, which is based upon the importance of conflict and struggle, arose from within his own mind and his experience of conflict. He could not accept the existence of God, given the reality of so much conflict and struggle in the world. He proclaimed that for him, history and material were "god." Communism or Marxism is an ideology which strives to explain the universe on an atheistic basis.

The communist theory contends that there are always two elements in conflict with each other. If we apply this to the communists themselves, then once no other element outside their ideology exists in the world, where would the conflict be? Marxism predicts that history will go beyond the socialistic age, and after that the communistic utopia will arrive, but we are forced to ask the communists what the objective of their struggle would be then.

Since dialectical materialism maintains that progress results only from struggle and that without struggle nothing will grow, we can ask what would happen when the whole world comes under communism. How would the communists go on living? Will they go on fighting among themselves to maintain progress in their own world, or will they sit still and do nothing? Can there ever be a peaceful communist world? According to their own theory that cannot be. When everything reaches a climax and there is no more growth, they will have to start fighting among themselves.

Every person has within himself some fervor for an ideal. Working on the basis of the framework of contradiction, communism tries to solve the problems of the world. However, it only looks at the problems externally. Because communists deny God and proclaim materialism. Religion, on the other hand, recognizes the same contradictions but digs deeper into the situation. Human history is undeniably a history of struggle and conflict, so communists believe that progress can only be gained through the same process -- struggle and conflict. But the true cause of all the struggles has not been revealed to them; its elucidation is the responsibility of religion.

When you dig down deeper and deeper, you will hit the core where true peace and true love prevail; however that core has not yet been widely explained. America is a nation founded upon the Christian philosophy. But Americans have not yet dug down to the very depths and core of Christianity; they have not yet found the foundation. A purely external viewpoint promotes individualism and division, while an internal viewpoint promotes the wellbeing of the whole and unification. Thus the two are contradictory viewpoints.

I am not denying the rights of individuals or the fact that valid divisions exist in the world. I am simply saying that the largest purpose and unification come first and upon that foundation everything external can be fulfilled as well. Within the family, a man and woman come together to create one whole, common purpose and they create some form of unity. Only then do they go out and do their individual activities; but first they must create the structure of a common purpose within the family. When the whole purpose is placed in the subjective position and the individual purpose in the objective, both can be fulfilled. But if you try to reverse that order, everything is destroyed.

An important question is, if God exists why do such divisions and conflicts exist? We can answer by explaining the human fall. Because of the fall, people's internal life was destroyed and only their external life was able to flourish. God had to devise some method by which to restore the world, so He inspired the development of the different religions throughout history. The one simple sign of God's existence is that there are major religions all over the world.

Yet those who observe the incapacity of religious groups to solve world problems conclude that God must not exist. Even Christians are so confused that they seriously consider the possibility of a Christian communism. If we have clear minds, can we possibly say that such a thing as Christian Marxism or an atheistic clergy can exist? Can religious people solve the world's problems by ignoring the reality of God and embracing Marxism? Religion today is so discredited that people freely adapt it at their convenience to better their way of life. Religion is not fulfilling its original mission nowadays.

Love Your Enemy -- The Solution to World Peace

Today the world is filled with more hatred than love between neighbors. There is division between individuals, between nations, even between religions. Unless we can start with a new beginning, a new world cannot come about. Human history started from lies, so we have to re-start human history from truth. Unless a new movement develops which can sow true peace, there will be no lasting peace.

If there is an Almighty God, would He be content to put up with today's reality, or would He do something to change the world back into its original shape? If there is someone here on earth commissioned by God to take over His mission and cause, what would that man or group claim? He would proclaim that the world's present course is in error, insisting that humankind must turn around. He must tell humankind that their direction must be entirely changed.

What would be the slogan of that man? If you are clever you should be able to figure that out. If the world began in hatred and lies, then a course which is 180 degrees different would be one of absolute love, love so great that you love even your own enemy. To me that is a powerful slogan which can change the course of history. Can you find anything more powerful than this? Some might think that that is an easy answer, but when you don't know what it is it seems very difficult to find. All the saints of history have searched for this answer.

If you have such great love that you can love even your enemy, that power will melt everything. God needs churches that can melt the wrong world down and change it into the right one. The entire world of religion is pursuing this one slogan, though in varying degrees. Which of all the saints do you think God would love the most? The answer is simple because there is someone who proclaimed this slogan forcefully. Jesus Christ stands like a giant because this proclamation was the hallmark of his life.

We all want to live in an ideal society, but in reality we are living in a chaotic, confused, fallen society. This is our problem. How can we bring all this confusion under control? Could we make things better if we had the absolute power of tyranny? That's what the communists have tried to do. They try to rule with an iron fist, and they seem to succeed, at first. They have conquered nations and taken over governments, but eventually the communists will fall.

Recently Soviet Russia suffered a great drought. Certainly the heads of state didn't want that drought to occur. They may have cried out with clenched fists, "We have the power in this country! Give us rain!" But that is not the way nature operates. God judged them by holding back the rain for three years. Even if you have enough power to make the nation tremble, you cannot bring about the ideal society. Likewise, knowledge alone cannot bring the solution. Money is not the way either.

The ultimate tool by which to bring about the ideal society is love, true love. What is this true love? If we say God-centered love, what exactly do we mean? The best definition was given by Jesus: true, God-centered love is that which is capable of loving even an enemy. If white people love other white people, there's nothing special about that. When white people love black people, though, that is true love. But the ultimate love is that of loving our enemy. That is the ultimate love because no one can criticize or condemn such love. It is invincible love, love which is always there, without contradiction, always smoothly flowing.

Does America Live Up to This Standard?

What are the qualities of a saint? A saint loves all of humanity as his own family, his own country. This standard never changes throughout history. How many people have lived and practiced such a way of life? How many saints are there in America? Wherever you travel in the world there are anti-American movements. Americans are hated and are even expelled from many places in the world. Why? Because few Americans have been living according to this principle. Mostly they have been trying to benefit themselves at the expense of the world. In general they have not tried to help or serve any country except the United States.

Many times Americans do not try to teach their technology to other countries but just keep it to themselves as a secret. But people with true love would see that this is not the right kind of ethical practice. This kind of standard has to be criticized and condemned in the name of justice. True love would go in the opposite direction.

America, for example, has given foreign aid to certain countries. Instead of expecting a return on that money, as though it were an investment, America ought to give that money and forget it. She should let the money work for the good of the local inhabitants. What if parents kept a record of how much money they spent on each child, saying, "Last year I spent $5,000 on you, so you owe me $5,000. For the last thirty years, you owe me $45,000." Is that the parental way? Of course not. Parents do everything unconditionally for the children, and forget what they have done.

I want to see you become men and women who can go beyond your country and love mankind everywhere as much as you love the people of your own country in fact, even more than you love your own country. That is the Unification goal.

Why do I have to come to America, a country which does not even give me a decent welcome? Because America is vitally important to God and to the future peace of the world. America must go out to the world, the six continents and five races of the earth, and give of herself and her wealth. Four billion people are waiting for the touch of America's hand. You must go out and serve them.

If America succeeds in this mission, then the glory and prosperity of this nation will have no end. But if she insists on keeping her wealth for herself, then it is a natural consequence that America will one day fall from her fortunate position. Love is the key. It is love alone that will connect all things together and bring them to the attar of God. When America offers her wealth to the world, God will turn around and give it all back to her as His blessing. That will mark the beginning of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Instead of bothering to work in America, I could have said, "Forget it. I don't want to bother with the United States." But that is not my way of life. The more this country comes against me, the more I will work to melt the opposition with an intense love. Even the communists are trying to kill me, but I am trying to warm them up with my love and ultimately restore them. That is my philosophy and it is one which will go on without diminishing for all eternity.

Loving One's Enemies Can Reconcile Warring Nations

My entire life has been one of persecution and mistreatment. Yet you see that I am not tired. I keep moving, step by step, leaving footprints as I go. When I turn around I can taste a precious joy at seeing them behind me. Up ahead there is nothing but persecution coming at me, like a headwind pushing against me. But I feel great exaltation when I turn around and look behind me, and I see people of all races following me. I see peace, harmony and unity. That is so beautiful and valuable to me that I then can move ahead even more strongly.

Consider the Japanese people and the Korean people. They were enemies for quite a long time. But today, the Japanese members are pledging their service and loyalty under me, a Korean man. They are even willing to marry Korean spouses. Isn't that amazing? They are not pledging their lives for the sake of Rev. Moon; not at all. They are pledging their lives for the sake of the true love which I pioneered and championed. In this way, the enemy nations of Japan and Korea are being reconciled.

When Jesus was on earth there was a wall of hatred between the great Roman Empire and the little nation of Israel because one was conqueror and the other the conquered. Jesus knew that the only way to conquer Rome was through love. Rome conquered Israel with military power, but Israel could conquer Rome through love. Even though Jesus was crucified, he could still pray for God to forgive the very people who killed him. No power could be any greater. Love can overcome any walls, no matter how high and thick. Jesus knew that individuals have enemies, families have enemies, and tribes and nations have enemies. Hatred and animosity always cause killing on each level, and only one strategy can break down this wall -- love your enemy.

The fallen world always responds to animosity by seeking revenge. If God and Jesus had used the method of revenge, however, then there would not be one human being left here on earth because God would have extinguished them all in retribution. A great movement of restoration only comes from this ideology of love. Only the power of love could begin the new history and new age. When a person has the power to love even his enemies, he is truly a giant and there is nothing he cannot deal with or embrace. Ultimately that person shall conquer the world in God's way. Christianity has always possessed that ideology, and God sees that as long as Christians pursue that doctrine then they shall conquer.

A New Christian Movement Is Needed to Save the World

When you plant bean seeds, beans will grow. When you plant carnations, carnations will grow. No one can deny this principle. If you sow hatred, hatred will result. When you sow love, then the fruit of love will indeed come. The important thing is the size of that love. Christianity has been failing to live up to this principle and failing to love its enemies. This has been its major difficulty.

Christians preach about loving one's enemies, but Jesus also said to love your neighbor. Who is a Christian's neighbor? Certainly it is another Christian. But are they doing it? Do Catholics love Mormons? Do Jehovah's Witnesses love Methodists? It doesn't matter who calls us heretics; whoever practices this principle of loving one's enemy is closer to God and is the orthodox Christian. That is my belief. Love can unite. If Christians practice love, then Christians can unite with other Christians and then Christians can unite all the religions of the world.

Aren't we heretics? Why not? How do you know? When we tell other Christians what the Unification Church is about, many will say we are heretics. The important thing is to inherit the true tradition and spirit of Christianity, however, and as long as we inherit that doctrine and practice it, we are the most orthodox.

God loves the world, and that is why He made such a great investment in Christianity, but now decline is setting in. Even though the leaders of world Christianity are aware of this, they don't know how to retrieve the situation. The degree of decline is so severe that even though people search for God and believe in Jesus as their Savior, God's Spirit is no longer found in many churches at this time. The great theological question is: after God raised up this great Christian foundation, why can't we find much of the former spirit remaining?

Let's take an example from an orchard. If the orchard's owner sees that all the trees are in trouble, He undertakes a pruning process in order to save them. Once God concluded that Christianity was not up to the task of saving the entire world, he has to restore the churches by cutting away the sick branches to encourage the healthy ones. The owner of the orchard will not favor the old branches, but will encourage the new buds and branches and leaves.

To save the whole world it is logical from God's point of view that He must prune Christendom because it had become ineffective. God needs a new Christian movement that will have the mission of saving the whole orchard. What kind of Christian movement will He use to revive declining Christianity? It should have the purpose and content to overcome the four major problems: conflict among nations, division among Christian denominations, conflict between races, and conflict between the religions of the world.

There is much division among nations because people are egocentric. From God's point of view, He is not really God of this earth. He sees that all nations originated within an environment of immorality, conflict and disharmony, and have nothing to do with Him. The new religious movement which God is seeking should have the content that will enable it to solve the problems of conflict among the nations.

Why are there so many Christian denominations when Christians all claim one Savior? They split apart because each denomination insisted on its own theory and logic. All of these churches are false when compared to the one true body which Christianity should be. This is a second great problem to solve.

The third problem is finding a worldwide solution for the division of races. We can predict that a final showdown must come between blacks and whites and other races as their relations worsen. War is the inevitable outcome unless a religious solution is found. Ideological and philosophical solutions will only further divide the races because each ideology will insist on its own solution. At this moment communism is actually trying to promote division and conflict between the races.

Soon, not only racial conflict but also conflict between the different religions will begin to appear. Hinduism and Buddhism influence primarily the Oriental peoples, while Islam is dominant among the Arabs, and so forth. There is a possibility of collision between these world religions. Communist strategy for the future is to take a more active role in weakening religion, generating conflict among Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other faiths. Through promoting division among peoples and religions, the communists want to further their own purposes.

God's new religious movement should have the content which can unite not only these diverse religions but even draw together people who follow the different ideologies, such as communism and democracy. If God does exist then He would reason this way, but He also needs someone on earth to carry out this thinking.

Love Will Overcome the World's Problems

A diagnosis needs to be made of the world's problem, the nation's problem, religion's problem, the racial problem, the ideological problem, and the family's problem. All levels of society need a spiritual doctor.

All these problems started when humankind went in the wrong direction in the beginning. From that time everything has been going in a direction opposite to God's point of view. How can we turn the right side to the left side and vice versa? We have to go against the old, established desires. The whole problem is one of changing the direction of the "I"-centered family, the "I"-centered nation and "I"-centered religion and world. We have to go the opposite way and live the family life for the nation, the national life for the world and dedicate the world to God. The present way of living in the world must be completely turned upside down. "I" must live for the world, not for "my" sake. Judaism should exist for Islam and Islam for Judaism. Christianity should live for Buddhism and so forth. This is what is meant by the opposite direction.

Without going opposite its present direction there is no chance for the world to go in God's direction. Selfish instinct prevails instead of a striving to love one another. Yet, the formula of loving one another really works. When this is applied, it will turn the world upside down.

My philosophy is very simple. If you have the attitude to love your enemy, then you can overcome any situation and there is no obstacle that can block you. In my lifetime of sixty years there were many things I didn't want to tackle, but I did them because I loved my enemy. I did the worst things there were to do -- I was a beggar, a laborer, a farmer, a fisherman, a dock worker, a miner. Every day I am living this principle, and when I look I see that there are many people of all colors following behind me. The Unification Church principle is rather simple and we live it. From the moment you can love your enemy, the Kingdom of Heaven shall come. God doesn't only want individuals to love their enemies. He wants to see an entire nation that will practice this principle.

We are multi-colored here; this auditorium is a miniature of the heavenly Kingdom, with five colors of skin from 127 countries. All we have to do is practice this principle. We are not going to destroy our enemies but liberate them. We find love by loving them. Practice this in your daily life. That is where you can learn to bear the burden and taste God's tears and broken heart.

Let us pray. 

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