The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1984

The Heavenly Possession

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center
June 3, 1984
Translator - Sang Kil Han

There are many different kinds of contests, such as the Olympics or other forms of matches. These contests are held in local areas, such as villages or counties, and then they move up to the state and the nation-wide levels. Where would the greatest champion want to fight his ultimate match? The goal must always be how to reach to the top level of the match.

This is how people look at it and if we put ourselves in God's position, we can say that He would feel the same in that respect. God would like to have some championship match that He can claim as His own. Don't you think so? Compared to all the contests and champions we have in this earthly world, God would certainly like to have some champion who far surpasses all of these. God certainly would not like His champion to be inferior to these earthly champions. Do you agree?

This morning's title is The Heavenly Possession, so what would that be? What would belong to God? God needs material, just as we do, doesn't He? Also God needs people. Then whether it be material or people, what would God like to possess? This is the question we have to consider.

Looking back in history, we know that there has been continuous confrontation and conflict between good and evil. But when we say "good and evil," we must refine the definition. What is there which is definitely good, really good, in its perfect sense? If you say, "I am good ' you must still ask yourself, "How good am I? Am I really good or just sort of good?" This is something we have to think about.

We know one characteristic of goodness is its unchangeable nature. Look back upon your own personal history and see if the line has been very straight. You will see that there have been zigzags and ups and downs. You must think, "God is looking for something really good. Where can that real goodness be found?"

The Unification Church members are considered to be good. Those who think, "I am really good. I am honestly, genuinely real good," please raise your hands. How come a few hands went up and then quickly went down? We can further ask, "Have these qualities of goodness ever existed in the past?" Even then, did God have full possession of that goodness or use of it in His dispensation?

We can think about ourselves or about other persons we have known. You often engage in conversation about your central figures and people you work with, evaluating and criticizing them. But then people seem to always forget one thing-is the person who is speaking about others sure that he is standing upon the perfect position of real goodness?

Satan and God are always in a competition to claim their possessions. God says, "Since this is good, it belongs to me." And Satan says, "Since this is not so good, it belongs to me." Then what or how much would the difference be between not-so-good and really good? To which side would they belong? Of course, the not-so-good would belong more to Satan's side. How about really good? Where does that belong? This can be a serious question.

Put yourself in God's position and look down at all of the world. Is there a person whom God can confidently claim, saying, "This person is really mine. I can be completely confident of that. There is no possibility that this person will go back to Satan." Is there such a person among us? That is a very serious question. But then, originally everything was supposed to belong to God- all things, as well as Adam and Eve. Our task at the moment is how to bring these lost things back to God. In order to do that, we have to change what is now evil back into lasting goodness. Do you think that is easy? No. it is difficult but it is something we must do.

Imagine that from the very earliest time there existed two people, let's say a couple. And that couple did not die but kept on living, year after year and century after century, and they are still living today-let's assume that. Let us also suppose that they fell and became people of evil, and then they lived until now. In order to change those people into people of goodness, goodness that we can trust, how much effort and time would it take?

Let us assume that after great toil and a great amount of time invested, they acquired the perfect mark-they are now people of 100% goodness. That is great. However, what is the chance that they will slip down from that 100% standard? Let's say they might fall to the 95% mark or then down to 90%. What is that possibility, against the possibility of remaining at the 100% mark forever? Which is the more possible-to come down, or to stay up there? Certainly, it is very possible for them to come down. In order for God to claim those people as His possession, either He must wait until they are perfected or God must come down into the not-so-clean, earthly place and try to receive them as they are. What do you think? Do you think God can stay where He is and take them as His legal possession?

By this standard, where is each individual? Do you think that you belong more to God or more to something else? In order to truly belong to God, you have to be 100% good. In that sense, do you think you belong to God all the time or do you belong to something else most of the time? That something else or someone else-who is he? This is a very serious question. If God did not take someone until he or she was completely perfect, then where in this wide world is there something or someone that God can confidently claim as belonging to Him all the time?

Can God love a person who doesn't belong to Him? Such a person will kneel and pray, "Please, God, listen to my prayer. Please do this, please do that for me." How would God feel? Would He be so happy that so many are praying to Him and grant those prayers instantly? Instead, if you were in God's position you would think, "Oh, that person came again and he is praying the same things!"

But then, God often hears the same people praying over and over for Him to give their family or their country a lot of blessings. How would you feel if you were God? Would you enjoy listening patiently to that, over and over? Or would you feel like escaping from that! And when we talk about God's possessions, there arc many different kinds or classes of that-like the individual, or the family which can belong to God. Likewise, the clan can belong to God; also the nation can belong to God; the world, and the universe, as well. Where in any level can God claim, "This is mine."? God certainly must have a plan through which He can claim all people as His possession so that Satan could have nothing to do with them. In order to convert people like that, God must have a certain plan.

We can see that God, in order to continue His dispensation, will take an object-namely, someone who is not perfect. Therefore, it must be a conditional contract. God says, "So long as you remain in that position, you will be working with me. You will be mine and you will belong to me. But if you change your status or position, then it's your responsibility." That is what God would say. God can only promise, "Because of the condition that you make, I will regard you as belonging to my side." But He cannot say unequivocally, "Yes, I will bring you over to my side as my possession for eternity." Perhaps He can say, "You are on my side," but He cannot say, "You are mine." There is a difference.

This is not very invigorating for you to listen to, is it? But then, there is no other way to explain the situation. All people were created to be qualified to go to Heaven, but in reality there is no one now who truly belongs to Heaven. That means Heaven is empty now. It's really empty-you can't even find a few people there. Do you agree? Of course, we are talking about the real, highest Heaven. When we think about how to go to the highest Heaven, can it be easy or is it difficult? You say it is difficult, but how difficult? It is so difficult that when you are a person of 100% goodness, you have to cling to that so seriously that you will not tall down again. How seriously would you exert yourself to stay in that position and not slip down?

Let's use an example. If you are clinging to something with the constant possibility of falling off if you let go, how tightly do you have to hang on? How about, since you have strong hands you can rely upon your hands alone? No, that wouldn't be enough. Perhaps you could just cling on with your hands and your teeth. Would that be enough? We see in adventure movies where somebody is picked up by a rope-if he let's go of it, he will die, so even though his hands are hurting and his body is exhausted, he never lets go. He knows he has to keep hanging on. Even though you are that serious, there is still no guarantee that you will continue to stay there at the 100% goodness mark for eternity.

Without a doubt, everyone belongs to the side of sin, but the question is to what extent-a little or a lot? Are you very confident that you will become good sons and daughters of God? If there were 100 people in this room, every one of them would try to be good. There is no one who would not want to be good. But who actually behaves in a good way? Let's say that only 10 out of that 100 will behave in a good way. Perhaps 10 is too optimistic; maybe fewer than that would be correct. What we know and what we try to do is not in question; the real question is, how do we put those things into action?

Do you want to become a Heavenly possession? How do you propose to do that? If there is only a tiny hole through which you can get over to the side of goodness, will you be willing to squeeze through it? How? It is like a very difficult school examination. Because of the difficulty of the questions, very few people will pass it. You must study very hard. The better the teacher, the more difficult standards he maintains in his examinations. If the students know that the questions will be easy, they won't study. The good teacher will always set the standards high and will therefore be unpopular. Isn't that true?

Does the good teacher always give easy questions so the students can pass easily? No, that is not the way of the good teacher. What sort of a teacher do you think God is-good, mediocre, or bad? God is an absolutely good teacher. Therefore, He is absolutely difficult in His standards of achievement. When God puts forth His examination, He will ask Satan, "Do you think you can do that?" Satan will turn around and ask God, "What about You- do You think You can do that?" God will say, "Yes, I can." The success of the examination should be determined when Satan says, "Oh, I cannot do that." Satan must confess that he cannot fulfill the examination. God has to raise the standards of the exam to that height.

Where to set that standard would be the question for God. God has to think about what Satan hates the most whenever He is setting up His examinations. That has to be His basic criterion. We could draw a rough line between two groups of people. On one side there are those who always love what God does; on the other, there are those who almost always like what Satan likes. Someone may have passed all of God's tests, but in this area he always fails. God will say to him, "You always flunk my exams in this area, don't you?" In order to decide who is perfectly qualified to belong to God's side and who is not, everyone must take an examination. This examination question must center around this standard, this criterion.

There are professors who have given many thousands of exams to students, so they have a certain standard when they make up new exams. Many students think, "Even though I cannot make a 100% mark all the time, perhaps I can be above the cut line. Maybe I am getting near there." Have you ever seen any person who likes to take examinations! No, there is no one-no student, no serious person-who loves to take tests.

But then everybody agrees that there must be examinations. Nobody seriously suggests that exams ought to be abolished. Our relationship to God is exactly the same. Is the examination room the same place for God's test as for Satan's test? They are different rooms, but where do we take God's exam and where do we take Satan's exam? Where does Satan most often test us? It is in the outside world that Satan tests you the most. At the same time, within the Church, God is constantly giving you examinations.

Let's look into the nature of the examinations. What kind of a test does God usually give? What kind of a test does Satan always give? There are two different kinds of test questions. We know one thing-they are extremely opposite. God and Satan give different kinds of questions. Satan will give a good mark to those people who are not serious, who loaf constantly; the more they goof off, the better marks they get from Satan. In the secular world, if you make lots of money, maintain an extravagant lifestyle and work as little as possible, you will get very good marks. Everybody in that world will respect you. Now do you see the difference? Everybody in the secular world is trying to get a good mark, too.

People sleep an average of eight hours a night. If you sleep ten hours, you would get a mark of 150% from Satan. He will say, "Go ahead and sleep for 24 hours. Then I will give you the absolute highest mark." It's easy to get good marks from Satan. What can be easier than sleeping a lot? Also, you don't have to care about other people. Just eat the best food yourself. That's really easy, isn't it? Furthermore, if people go out dancing a lot and use drugs to feel good, all of this will add up to good marks from Satan. The Gay Liberation movement and the free sex group will get high marks. It is very easy to do those things-how easily people are tempted into those kinds of things.

When a person really gets into those things and enjoys them, after a while he will have such a weakened conscience he will even wish that God did not exist. Thus if he hears, "God is dead:' it suits him fine. He will really want to believe in that. God is nothing more than a nuisance to such people.

However, God's examination is completely opposite to Satan's. God tells you, "Do not eat so much. In fact, fast." And He says, "Sleep as little as possible. Also, pray all the time." Praying is not very easy. The Bible tells us, "Pray without ceasing." Is there one paragraph in the Bible that teaches people to live for their selfish purposes! In there one pan where the Bible does not teach us to sacrifice ourselves and love others? No, there is no such area. Why is the Bible so consistent? It is because God abhors Satan. God and Satan cannot coexist. So in order to do away with Satan, God must teach people how to pass His examination and get away from Satan.

We must understand God's position-it is one of misery. He doesn't like to give people difficult examinations but He has no choice. If He just gives easy questions, everyone could pass, but then so could Satan; then Satan would always stay with us. There could be no separation. When God gives us a difficult exam and we fulfill it but Satan cannot, that is the only time we free ourselves from Satan and return to God's side. Can you understand God's miserable position?

All religion gives difficult examination questions to people. There is no exception but some religions give relatively easy questions. When the one religion emerges that gives the most difficult questions of all, the world can see-even though that religion may be unpopular among poor students-that is the religion which is closest to God. Isn't that true! So you, as would-be sons and daughters of God, would you look for the easiest examination, thinking about how you could get away with the most? Or would you challenge yourself with the more and more difficult examinations?

How nice it would be if you could eat and sleep adequately, live comfortably with your family, and still pass God's examination. That would be most fortunate. If there were such a way, don't you think I would have taken it first? After all, I am pretty smart and I could find it, if such a possibility existed. But since I didn't go that way, you know that such a way cannot allow us to pass God's examination.

Let me ask you a question: Why do you cling so tenaciously to this difficult examination? Why don't you just go out and live your life in an easy way? Suppose I tried to chase you out of here-would you go? If I kicked you out the door, would you knock down the wall to get back in? Suppose I threatened you with harsh treatment if you stayed-wouldn't you run out the door? No?

If you were given the choice between taking the path of an easy religion or a difficult religion, which do you think you would have to take? This is a very simple question, but you must still answer it. The Unification Church, no doubt, is one of the most difficult religions. But then, it is supposed to be the most difficult religion, not only of the 20th century, but also for any century in history. The goal of such a religion is only to establish the Kingdom of God; that is our only concern.

Many people say that the Unification Church is great; it has a wonderful teaching, but it's too difficult to carry out. Therefore, most people cannot come into the Unification Church, they say. Does that mean the Unification Church is a good religion or a bad one? People say that since the Church is so good in its teaching but it is so difficult, therefore, the Church is not so good. Is the Unification Church good or not so good, in your opinion? It is very, very good!

Reverend Moon has a larger than average nose for an Oriental man. Do you know what a big nose signifies? It shows a person with a lot of ambition and someone who is very assertive-in other words, he never listens to anybody else. Therefore, Reverend Moon will never accept mediocrity or anything second-rate. I only want to see the best and naturally I want you Moonies to be the very best kind of people. Will God look down at my effort and say, "Why do you have to give such a rigid examination? I don't like that."? No, God always approves of the examinations I give. God tells me, "You are doing a great thing," and He tells you, "When you pass Reverend Moon's examinations, you will become my true sons and daughters."

Is my thinking crazy? It depends on how you define crazy. Looked at from the other side, do you think I enjoy giving you such a hard time? Let's say you are a baseball champion, the greatest pitcher. Suppose you have been pitching the ball and practicing every day. Will your coach tell you, "Oh, take it easy. You've practiced enough. Go take a rest."? Of course not. The coach will feel very happy inside that his pitcher is doing so well, but externally he will show a very harsh face and criticize you, saying, "What kind of a pitch is that? You can do better!" It may infuriate you, but that is what a good coach must do.

It is like a law that as soon as a person is given praise and compliments, he starts to decline. This is true in history, as well. Whenever a country achieved excellence and no one could match it and everyone knew it, it would always begin to decline. The United States government has given a test to Reverend Moon. I am working on that test, along with all of you. Satan snatched Heung Jin away from us and that was another way he gave us a test. When that happened, people around the world who were watching thought that our church would never be able to recover from such a blow. However, I still proclaimed the Day of the Victory of Love and since then things have changed drastically.

The people of the world observed that and they were surprised. They couldn't imagine what was in Reverend Moon's mind. Therefore, what they don't know, they tear, don't they? The outside world doesn't know how to take the Unification Church. They wonder, "Is this some monster?" In other words, they can't find any parallel in history to our church. There was never any group which aspired to such goodness before.

Actually, Satan would have a problem if God would say, "Now you own these people eternally," referring to Unification Church members. Satan has become very aware that Reverend Moon is an undesirable character for him-once Satan starts trying to hurt Reverend Moon, Satan is the one who ends up being hurt.

Does Reverend Moon belong to God? Even though you may say that I am God's possession, I always think differently from that. I am always trying my best to become God's even better possession. I always think that I must make myself ready. Therefore, I have thought that before I go to jail in Moscow, I will train myself in the jail of America. I look upon the present time as the training course for a more difficult situation in the future. I have lived this way throughout my life, from my boyhood until now.

When the subject gives a direction, the object follows. I belong to the Oriental race and most of you belong to the white race. Does it bother you to be object to someone of another race?

Let me ask you, should I give you an examination only once in a long while, or should I give you a daily examination, just like some good schools do? Sometimes you are lifted up high and sometimes you feel like you are in the lowest possible abyss. Sometimes you are leaning to the west, sometimes to the east, and there has been no place for you to settle down. You may be thinking, "I am already a 35-year-old woman and my first baby has just been born. How can I continue to live the rest of my life like this?" I understand your situation, but nevertheless I must push you even more. This is not only my position, it is Heavenly Father's position. We are in this kind of position-shall we stop here or shall we continue to go forward?

We will have to show something that surprises the satanic world, something which will amaze them. We must make a big impact upon them. I have always been like that. I have always liked to score points, make an impact and gain the attention of people. How about you? Whom do you resemble? You must think that you resemble God Himself, as well as the True Parents. Who decides the score, the mark? Is it me or is it God Himself? It is God.

Isn't it true that even though you may believe you did really well in some examination, you still worry about it until you actually receive a good grade from your teacher? If a few days pass between your test and the announcement of your grade, you will worry almost as much during those days as you did while you were preparing for the test. The ones who usually get the best marks on examinations are the ones who really worry about them. The one who is quite confident after the test that he got a high mark and doesn't think about it anymore is the one who usually gets the low mark.

The good student will strive to make 100%, so if he only gets 98% he will concentrate on making up those 2 points on the next test. The person who is satisfied with 98% will never be able to make 100%. According to this standard, America is bound to be weaker than any other nation which is leading the opposite way of life. The American way of life is not rigorous enough to carry you forward in the future.

For instance, this is the vacation season, so most Americans think that they simply must go on vacation. The American way also includes eating a lot; people are always munching on snacks or drinking some beverage such as Coke or coffee. What have we done in the Unification Church? We did away with vacations, didn't we? Also we work very hard and discourage eating and drinking a lot. One thing is certain: if we continue going in the same direction as the majority of Americans, we will definitely perish; but if we live differently, we will have a much better chance of winning.

If you are asked the question, "Do you like the American style of life," you answer emphatically, "No." When we disagree with the American way and we live the way we know is better, then ultimately America will follow our lead and everyone will be the winners. However, the moment the Moonies say to America, "Yes, you've got the right way and I agree with you," then all hope is extinguished. It is even better yet if you not only do not go along with the modern American lifestyle but you even hate it.

There are millions of people coming to this country from all over the world. Once they have worked hard and achieved success, they can live the way the rest of Americans do. America has always been proud of being such a successful melting pot. There is one person however, named Reverend Moon, who came to this country and did not become Americanized but instead tried to influence America. This is something unusual and it is something Americans cannot tolerate. This is why so much persecution has come to Reverend Moon. It is intolerable that Reverend Moon has refused to "Americanize."

The simple fact is that once a person advocates the American style of life, he will be joining the way that leads to destruction. But whenever a person advocates the way the Principle teaches, then that person will bring hope to America. Eventually all of America will follow this way of life. It is that simple. The country or environment which is heading for destruction contains nothing which God can claim from it.

Eminent scholars and Ph.D.s have told me in the past not to continue along the path I have gone. They have warned that nobody would ever follow me. However, even if nobody else ever followed me, I have pursued this way of life. Now people are saying, "I realize how wrong I was and now I want to follow you."

While so many people were criticizing me, I did not have time to listen to them, much less respond to them. I was too busy taking my own examinations from God on the individual, family, national and all the different levels. I had to concentrate solely on passing all those examinations.

Most people would run away from the American courts and prisons; there are many other societies to live in. Why did Reverend Moon come to America, knowing that there was great difficulty waiting for him? It was for the purpose of recovering the world. I cannot even think about retreating, knowing that I am right. The world is God's goal and therefore it is my goal. America is small compared to this great goal. If I retreated in the face of difficulty from the smaller goal, how could I gain the larger goal? There is a simple and logical reason for my following this way of life.

What about the Moonies? When a person joins the Unification Church, he often thinks, "Everything is different. I never had to live like this. I can tolerate some things, but this is ridiculous." Or someone will say, "I waited for so many years and finally I got blessed, but now I cannot even live with my spouse." Reverend Moon is telling you not to telephone your spouses but to write to them instead, even though you are so exhausted. In fact, whatever is most difficult, that is what I will direct you to do.

You are thinking, "How much longer can I go on like this?" But you must think about a great and valuable machine. All sorts of parts make up such a machine- sophisticated, small, delicate and sensitive parts are needed. In order to test that machine, the manufacturer may say, "Kick it again. Make sure that it is perfect." All of the parts need to be checked over and over again; only then can it be assured that the entire machine is perfect. Sometimes we might test the machine three times beyond its normal capacity. Until the machine passes such a test, it cannot be a truly dependable one.

How about that kind of training for you? You are being given that kind of a training course. Thinking about such a thing is rather easy, but acting that way is not easy at all. I will give the general comment to the Unification Church members: There is nothing wrong with what you know. You know plenty; you are not failing in that area. But when you act, that is where you have tailed to pass so far. All of you members are supposed to be doing God's work throughout the nation. But we have found that since this building came into our possession, one person after another has crawled into this "den" and has become a hermit. They say, "I am sick." If that person is truly sick then he ought to get well after a few weeks, but in reality he does not want his sickness to go away. He wants to stay here. But such a person never gets well and he continues to be sick, for one or two years. Later, after everything advances, such a person will surely become the prey of Satan.

Satan will snatch you through the opposite sex. For a woman, there will be a seemingly more attractive man than her blessed husband. The same will be true for some blessed men. There are men who are thinking that their blessed wives are not the greatest on earth. But one day such a man will be snatched away by a woman who appears to be so much greater than his wife. We have a lot of people like that in this New Yorker building and it upsets me very much.

The one who encounters that kind of situation hates me. He says, "Father, how can you be so nasty?" But I take pity on them. Some of those were really dedicated members in the past. Thus I thought, "Now I will shake and wake them up." We have to try to return them to our rank and file.

One way of solving this problem is by selling the New Yorker. Or we can keep it and then make everybody move out. Which way do you think is best? I have thought about selling it but then we have to think about the consequences. The satanic world would rejoice, "Finally the Moonies gave up. They are selling the New Yorker." We don't want to do that, so we shouldn't sell the building.

But if I chase you away, people will say, "Father exploits American members and now he chases them away." Will you say, "Reverend Moon made us work so hard and now we are sick and he is chasing us away."? I am sure I would receive that kind of criticism. Therefore, who should do the chasing away-me or you? If you say, "Us," that includes more than one. But when you say, "I" you mean only yourself. "I" is always closer than we." Therefore, should you say "I" or "we"?

Therefore, you will be the one to chase away the people from this building? How many will you chase away? What about the people who live here-are you waiting to be chased away, or will you chase yourselves away? Perhaps you say, "That suits me fine. I will go out and live in the world." But once you went outside to live for yourself, where could you go?

Everyone is going out to war now. For what purpose are you going to war? Are you doing it so that Reverend Moon can become rich and powerful? Very soon there will be floods of people trying to get into the Unification Church. Now is the time to go out, even though you are tired and aching. You may be crying but you have to just hang on.

We often don't know why we are in the Unification Church, but once we go outside the church, then we know. People in the secular world can sleep all day long, they can eat all they want, but still the Unification Church life is really great and stylish. We understand that once we leave our centers. I know this more deeply than anybody else; that's why I can always run in front. I know there is absolutely no other place that is better.

Once I decided that I must go to prison, all of a sudden I began to have hope for the future. But if I were still preoccupied and pondering, I could not have any hope! If I go to prison and stay where no American can catch up, then all Americans will come and bow down voluntarily. Also, my descendants will do the same thing. That is because Reverend Moon is not aiming at only saving America but is going beyond this country and embracing all of mankind. Therefore, America cannot stop Reverend Moon any more than it can stop God Himself.

I know that I can go into prison and when I come out I can go to any country in the world, such as Africa or South America, and make the same amount of foundation as in America within only three or four years. I know I could do that. I will gather people from all different countries. America is not my enemy. Even though America is not understanding me or agreeing with me at the moment, still there are many other countries which are.

The best way is to strive to awaken Americans so they can understand. The Moonies will now decide to wake up for the sake of America and they have pledged to continue to work for America's sake. If I ever forgive America, it will be because of the Moonies. I want all of you to work harder and move around faster than when I am with you. I think this way, "Even though America is deteriorating rapidly, as long as there is a foundation which l have made in this country, then Cod will have to preserve this country because of that foundation." I think that even though Cod has such a strong urge to punish America, still God cannot do that because Reverend Moon is here and the Moonies are here, trying their very best to follow His way. Because of that, God must preserve this country.

With this situation, chasing people away from the New Yorker to do their missions is a very justified and normal thing to do. Whether or not you are with me, I am going this direction. Jesus said, "Do not cry for me, cry for your own children." This is the same as my situation today. It is for your own sake that I am chasing you away from here. For this reason and this goal, you should forget about everything and get out of your little rooms on your own. Why? It is so that we can continue to be on God's side; so that we can continue to be God's possession. There is no other reason.

Once I leave this country, there will be no one to help you, to lead the way for this country. While I am here and giving you directions and you are following them, then it all becomes legitimate in the sight of God. All becomes connected and related in the sight of God.

All of you Moonies assembled here, are you really anxiously awaiting my final commands to you, no matter how harsh they may be? Those who are waiting for that, raise your hands. Will you join together so that we can make a sweeping influence upon New York? Will you pledge to never allow New York to be comfortable but rather you will shake the city and wake it up? Would you like to give it a try? Are you going to need a command before you do it, or are you going to do it voluntarily?

All the white members in the New Yorker will be assigned to the places where white people are hated the most, such as Harlem. And the black people will be sent to where they are the most despised and must try to win the people there. But there you will fight like nobody has ever fought in this country before. In history nobody was ever more serious or worked harder than we will. We Moonies will make a new, first-place record. How about that? In that way, everything will be solved. You can do that without me.

You can tell yourself that until now-last month, yesterday-you were not so strong, you were wobbling. But now you are different and now you can know better and be firm. All the Korean and Japanese members as well as you big white American people must take great strides. Many Americans are impressed by bigness, aren't they? That is a historical American way of thinking. They want to hit it big and become Number One. When the Japanese people are working so hard, you must tell them. ""No, I will do that work." If you did that, I would be very happy.

Why should you Americans follow in the wake of the Japanese or Koreans? Why not do better than they do? Everything about the Japanese is smaller-their height, their faces, their mouths. They eat small, they walk small. What are you Americans waiting for? There is no reason why Americans should be outdone by Japanese or Koreans. Why should you be? When you outdo them, I will be really happy and consoled.

Those of you who fully agree and accept mobilization, raise your hands-both hands. Thank you. I can trust you. From this time on, we will divide New York into ten districts and fifty sections. Of course, I gave this command a long time ago, but because of the IOWC activity, it has not been emphasized, but now we are coming back and paying attention to this. We will concentrate once again and we will remain stationary and do Home Church activity now. How many homes should each person do? 360. 1 already gave you detailed instructions for Home Church-you should sleep there, eat there, and just stay there. Do you understand that? Until now, you haven't done that, have you? I know that some of you have, but I want everyone to do it.

We are literally a Heavenly army, aren't we? In an army, a soldier doesn't know from one day to the next where he will be sent. Much the same way, once you receive your missions, you go where you are needed.

Now what is our mission? Of course, we have the Home Church work but we also have a specific mission to fulfill. As you know, there was a big rally for religious freedom recently in Washington. It was a very vigorous and spontaneous activity by many different Christian leaders. They have come to realize the need for their unity and they are beginning a very powerful movement in that direction now. Therefore we are doing the NCCSA movement. NCCSA means social action. We have been working closely with the established churches. After all, we come under one God and we are all working for the same goal. One of the things we do is to distribute food and needed materials which government agencies are giving away. We take these things from the government agencies and we distribute them to different churches, schools and factories. While we are doing that, we will be working closely with churches. As home church workers, you should get in touch with the churchgoers in your areas. In other words, you are home church members but you are actively engaged in super-denominational activities. Let's do away with differing denominations and bring everyone together under one God.

As you know, the Principle view is that Abel must bring Cain into unity. That is Abel's responsibility-to make unity with Cain. Unless Abel finds his Cain and makes unity, he cannot come forward to the Parents. Only upon that kind of foundation of Cain/Abel unity can God work. That is the Principle view. Therefore, the Unification Church members of the United States must make unity with the established Christians here, and upon that foundation God can come down to this nation. No matter how difficult our situation, we have to make unity with Cain. Upon the foundation of that Cain/Abel unity, the country itself can be saved.

During this time of my court case, you must make unity with other Christians all over the country. You are in the Abel position and they are in the Cain position. After you make that unity, America itself can be saved. Do you understand? The purpose for my coming to this country was to achieve that unity between our movement and established Christianity here. No matter how difficult the situation becomes for me, I absolutely have to make this foundation. Now we have the chance to make that unity. We are now serving the physical needs of people through our food distribution and also the internal needs of people through our inter-denominational work. That is serving Cain on the external as well as the internal level. This is our church's duty.

Our mission now is to bear the cross, just as Jesus did and just as I have done up till now. Now you must take up your own cross in order to restore Cain. This national movement is well underway at this time. We are concentrating on the city of New York and that is why you are being assigned to your particular areas. Do you understand that connection? We are working throughout the New York area-this is the most significant area in the United States. If we can succeed here, we can succeed in any other areas. Therefore, this is our formula city, the model area for our work in other places of the country. Once we master the formula, we can do anything.

This is the last major war that Heaven must fight. We are all soldiers of Heaven. This is the proud Heavenly soldiers' authority. Do you understand? You must have that kind of mind. We are marching forward, with no regard for whether it is daytime or nighttime. We must be working every day. Once we make the victory here in New York, we will move out to every other place in the world. You must have the confidence to do that. No matter how difficult, we are going to make the foundation here. If we do not do that, God's problems will be great, the Unification Church's problems will be great, and so will the problems of the world. Please be confident and strong as a Heavenly army.

We have come to organize what should be the strongest spiritual army in history. It doesn't really make any difference whether I go to prison or not; still you must remember the organization you started today. This is the most important thing.

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