The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1984

God's Day 1984

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1984, Morning
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

We in the Unification Church have holidays which other religions and denominations do not have. The most important among them is God's Day. You have learned through the Divine Principle that God's ideal has not been fulfilled due to the fall of man. What, then, is the will of God? When you ask this simple question to theologians, they cannot give a clear answer. Often they will say something like, "The will of God is the will of God." After many years of learning in philosophy and theology, they still cannot answer the question clearly. But within the Unification Church, we do not hesitate to answer that question. We know that the will of God is the consummation of His ideal of creation.

The ideal of creation is not for God's purposes alone, but also for the sake of all creation. The fulfillment of God's ideal is the ultimate hope of the universe. Once God's ideal has been fulfilled, all the hopes and desires of creation will have been fulfilled as well. Creation will go to God for the fulfillment of its ideal and God will come down to the creation to fulfill His ideal. Within the Unification Church, we say that the establishment of the Heavenly four-position foundation is the consummation of the ideal of creation. The Heavenly four-position foundation exists when God is at the center of the father, mother, son and daughter. All are united by the force of love.

If you asked God, "What pleases you the most?" how would He respond? would He say, "I like diamond rings the most!"? No, God has no need for any such thing. But God created mankind for a reason. Why were we necessary? God needed to create mankind in order to fulfill His love. God's love is the original giving love; it is the unselfish, agape" love.

The supreme creation of all is mankind. We need food, shelter, clothing, knowledge, power, money and so on, but our foremost need is for love. Isn't that true? Are the love of God and the love of people essentially different things? They are the same thing in essence, but God's love is subjective, unselfish, giving love and man's love is an objective, receiving love.

Human nature causes men and women to desire certain relationships of love. It is very logical and natural for the members of any unit, for example a family, to desire to receive the love and attention of the head of that unit. Thus children desire the love of their parents. On the level of the nation, the citizens want to be cared for by their leader, their president or queen. Is that a natural desire of only white people, or do black and yellow people have the same desire? We can see that the craving for love is a universal desire, regardless of race, nationality or culture.

People like to talk about equality but there is really no true equality in society because everyone is different and on different levels. But there is at least one fundamental point of equality with which every human being is endowed, and that is the capacity to receive love, specifically the love of God. In this respect, all people are equal.

The most important thing for both God and man is love. When there is equality in love, there is equality in everything. There is a definite relationship between the two loves. Why is God trying to save mankind? Why can't He just forget about us or even destroy us? God lost His first relationship of love with Adam and Eve because of the fall of man. Adam and Eve were not only the recipients of the first love of God, but they were also created as His very own son and daughter. Therefore, God can never abandon them, even though His love was lost through them. Their redemption became God's goal.

When God sees His son and daughter, do you think He would have an intense craving to be with them and dwell within them? What about men and women? Knowing that God's love is foremost and supreme, don't you also want to be totally bound with that love? God wants to enter into His children and the children want to enter into God.

It is natural that men and women would instinctively know how to welcome the love of God within themselves. You would never want to lock yourself up to the love of God. In fact, you would want to open yourself totally and without a shred of reservation to receive it. Let's say you have a certain secret territory within you. When the love of God approaches, would you want to maintain that secret place? Or wouldn't you want to open every secret place to Him?

God wants to dwell inside His children, within their most sacred and holy places. He doesn't want to stay on the surface or any place else. There is no place that the love of God cannot penetrate. It can enter your eyes, nose, mouth, and all of a sudden you feel such an incredible sensation. God's love can penetrate every single cell of your body.

Human bodies are composed of cells and it is the inherent nature of those cells to enjoy and desire love. You have a physical body which you can touch and also a spiritual body, which you cannot touch. But that spiritual body is the subject. Your whole system, body as well as spirit, is constructed so that it craves love. When your body and your spirit become perfectly united, you cannot avoid being approached and entered by true love. True love is like the welding agent which binds your body and spirit together.

When people are in their teen years, they are getting ready for love. Teenagers are very romantic; they are usually intense poets. That is the sign that they are opening up to the fullest sensations of love-body, mind, and spirit. They are saying, "I am ready to receive you, love. Please come into me." There should never have been a fall; thus every experience of love would have been Heavenly and joyful The problem is that those teen Years became a time of satanic love, not God's love.

Your eyes are in the position to oversee everything and thus they are symbolic of God. When a baby is conceived, its eyes are the first things to develop. Within the eyeball, the white part represents your physical body; the iris represents your spiritual body; and the pupil, the black dot in the center, represents God. Actually, the eye is a beautiful example of how man should live. Centered upon God, we have a spiritual body and then a physical body. The opening in the center could be called God's love dot. When God looks somewhere, the spiritual and physical bodies also look there. In other words, God's direction is identical with the direction of the spiritual and physical bodies.

Both men and women should have their eyes of God's love. When they looked somewhere, where would they normally look? Would a woman's eyes look primarily at the animals and the trees? No, she would naturally be attracted to look at a man, even if he were ugly or clumsy. The form of a man is attractive to a woman's eyes.

How about a man's eyes? He is not primarily interested in the plants or the blue skies. He is interested in looking at the curves of a woman! Electricity builds up between a man and woman; God would generate more and more voltage between them. Finally, quivering with thousands of volts, they would unite together in a tremendous explosion, creating a huge fireball.

When they are surrounded by that fireball of love, is it only the man and woman within, or is God also included inside? Yes, God is there with them. What would God feel? He wouldn't say, "I'm just bored." He would say, "I'm satisfied now!" When God is totally satisfied, He is like a drunk person. In love, you can be molded into any form or shape, like bread dough. God, too, will be completely pliable. That dough will have God at its core, the first layer will be the man, and the second layer will be the woman.

That is the ideal of creation which God longed to see. Until Reverend Moon came, nobody knew that was God's desire. People have thought, "God is the Almighty Creator and we are just His trivial creatures. Don't even think about trying to reach up to God's level. Don't touch Him!" That was the prevailing concept. They have never known God's true desire.

God's ideal of creation is fulfilled in the relationship between perfected, unfallen men and women, in their love centered upon God. That is the way in which men and women intermingle with God. Love was designed to be the most glorious, supreme and beautiful thing, but because of the fall of man, love became the dirtiest, most corrupt and degraded thing.

Where do the mind and body come together in unity? Human beings are polarized into plus and minus, women being the minus part and men the plus part. In electrical wiring, you need plus and minus parts fitted together to create a coupler. Men and women have their own unique sexual organs where every nerve system is concentrated. Those are the most important organs. If they are used properly, that is good; but if they are misused, that is very wrong.

The man's love organ is located at the center of his body, as is the woman's. These organs are ultimately connected to their power stations, which is God. When plus and minus meet together, the power flows. Just like in electricity, there is a male and female circuit. When they meet, they produce a spark; that spark signifies unity and also creativity. Something is produced when they spark- light and heat.

When that spark occurs between men and women, a magnetic field of love is created. In that spark, the entire creation vibrates together with that magnetic field, flowing down from God. Therefore, the entire creation is like a love machine. God created man to be the internal part of the machine, while the universe is the external machine. Both vibrate together with the same wave of love.

Women naturally want to protect the most private parts of their bodies, particularly their bosoms. But you don't want to stay covered and hidden throughout your entire life; you want to open that part of yourself at the proper moment of your life. When do you have the desire to open yourself? It is when your true love approaches; then you want to open yourself up. Once you meet with your true love, that is permanent; there can be no alternate love.

The ultimate stimulation and fulfillment of men and women is that of true love; there is nothing greater. That is like the anchor of your life. You do many things, going here and there, but you always remain connected to that central anchor in your life. Once your earthly life is over, you can take that anchor, that stake upon which your whole life was hung, and go to spirit world with it. There you can anchor it into the Heart of God. That is the only thing you can take with you to spirit world. When you get to spirit world, anchored in the Heart of God, husband and wife can feel satisfied and fulfilled. That is the permanent fulfillment of the Heavenly four-position foundation.

If there had been no fall, physical love between men and women would always have been the most sacred act. But that most holy place of men and women was taken by Satan and became the most dirty place. In ancient religions there were holy places and most holy places within their temples. The most holy places were closed at all times except to special people, the priests and holy men, who could enter for the purpose of prayer and ceremony. By the same token, men and women are supposed to open their most holy places to each other for only one purpose- for the fulfillment of Heavenly love.

When the love of men and women is consummated to this most holy degree, God is dwelling with them all the time. In that condition, self-denial is not necessary; one's body and mind are the most holy places. By loving oneself, one loves God. Self-denial became a necessity in religious life because the most holy temple came to be occupied by Satan. Thus, when one loved himself he was also loving Satan. That is why men had to deny themselves to remove Satan from themselves, for the ultimate purpose of putting God within. That is the whole religious process. From the point of view of the ideal of creation, however, every person's body and mind were supposed to be the dwelling places of God.

The Unification Church alone has the tradition of the blessing, by which we fulfill the Heavenly four-position foundation. By communion of the most holy places, we can produce holy sons and daughters, which is the goal of God. In that kind of perfection, people do not need to worship God or make special prayers to Him. They can just live with God on earth and then go to spirit world with Him for eternity.

With this point of view, how can any man ever be scornful toward the holy body of a woman, whether she is beautiful or ugly? Human beings are being elevated to the position of recipients of the love of God; in that way, you are gaining your true human dignity. Does love have a particular color? Can the white man claim that love is only white? Or perhaps the yellow people think love is yellow?

As a white person, will you scorn the most holy place within a black or a yellow person? Centering upon God, love truly bestows equality to everyone. According to the Old Testament, when someone full of sin and corruption tried to enter the most holy place of the temple he would be punished immediately by God with instant death. By the same token, if someone within our society transgresses against another person's most holy place, knowingly or unknowingly, the entire universe punishes him or her.

The ideal of love within the Unification Church is truly awesome in its beauty and dignity. Viewed from the Unification concept of love, the American standard of love is impossible. For example, a man might have a relationship with different women every day, or even more than one. The most beautiful women often feel that men are their servants; they think they can maintain relationships with dozens of men, night after night. Many people have the attitude that love is something that is just for fun. But those people are the worst criminals in the sight of God; they are defiling the most holy places of other men and women. Because of that, the entire universe will punish them eventually.

For you who have received the blessing, this awesome tradition is particularly crucial. God wants to liquidate the entire immoral and evil tradition of love in the world and He needs champions to accomplish this. Those champions are the members of the Unification Church, led by Reverend Moon. You blessed couples have been chosen to eradicate immorality in the world.

As husbands and wives, you hold the keys to each other's most holy places; only you can open up those places, no one else. That is the proper understanding of the husband and wife relationship. However, sometimes electricity flows to the wrong place and the result is a destructive electrical shock. That destructive shock is an accident which will bring destruction to our moral society. If love sparks in the wrong way, it must be thrown out; there is no other cure for that kind of destruction.

Looking at secular society from this viewpoint, we can see incredible evils and immorality happening everywhere. There is so much to be cleaned up. I am speaking this particular message this morning for a reason. Earlier today, I gave the slogan of Creation of the Fatherland. That fatherland will be a totally new, moral world. Do you understand that?

The key to your most holy place belongs to only one righteous person and that is your spouse. That is the principle of morality of the Kingdom of God on earth. The man's and the woman's sexual organs belong only to their spouses; they don't even belong to you. You must realize that man is born for the sake of woman; woman is born for the sake of man. This is the Heavenly principle. The man's organ is controlled by the wife, even though he owns it physically. Likewise, the woman's organ is controlled by the husband.

When a couple is deeply in love, should they desire to go their own way, seeking to satisfy their love in whatever ways they think best? Or shouldn't they seek the guidance of the teaching of Reverend Moon? Which way would bring the most happiness and meaning to their love? Do you American women agree that Reverend Moon can give the best guidance?

Therefore, you must be able to discipline yourselves. You cannot just use your holy place at whim. Those couples who are self-indulgent deserve to lose their holy places! That holy place must be the dwelling of God. In this way, the corrupt and immoral world will be cleaned up. This is the place where Heaven and hell can be determined.

The fall of man did not occur from just eating some kind of physical fruit from a physical tree called The Knowledge of Good and Evil. God asked men and women to grow into the perfection of pure love but they did not do that. The children of God united in illicit love with the servant of God, the archangel; that was the fall. Thus they fell to become not only the servants but the children of servants.

Due to the fall, the Heavenly lineage of God was lost; the bloodstream of man was stained and it had to be cleansed. For that reason, bloodshed became inevitable in human history. When stained, satanic love is coursing through the human body, there is no way for the pure love of God to come and dwell there.

How can you cleanse your stained blood? You have to die to yourself first and be reborn as new men and women. This explains the paradoxical nature of much of the Bible's teachings. This is why Jesus told his disciples, "Those who seek to gain their lives will lose them, but those who lose their lives for my sake will find them." They were being told that they had to die to themselves.

All of human history has occurred on the foundation of the stained blood lineage. Regardless of how many people there are on the earth - 4 billion or 10 billion - we must return to the root and cleanse it. Then we can begin anew, according to the unstained, purified lineage. Basically, that has been the work of God in history.

Behind every single person on earth today is a long lineage, tracing all the way back to his roots. You have the concept, "I am a white person in America," or whatever, but God is saying that you must eliminate from your mentality the "I am" attitude. You must get rid of whatever self-concept you have now in order to become a new self. A new "I am" must be given room to be born.

This is the reason religion has always taught self-denial. Regardless of what great work you might do, if you cannot succeed in this requirement, you will end up in hell. This is why Jesus said, "If you love your parents or your spouse or your children more than you love me, you are not worthy of me." That is because everyone besides Jesus sprang from the satanic lineage; if people loved them more than the son of God, they could not be worthy to be with him.

Regardless of your position or title, the most important requirement is that you love Christ more than you love anything or anyone else. Otherwise, you are not worthy in the sight of God. We have seen an incredible phenomenon within the Unification Church in the fact that the parents of some of the members have tried to kidnap them. It is very evident that we are loving God above everything and everyone else, so other loved ones sense some reduction in your love. Thus they may feel jealous and try to pull you away.

Nobody is able to contain Reverend Moon, including his wife, his children, family, nation and world. That is because nothing comes ahead of the love of God in my life. Anybody who wants to get close to the love of God has to come to the one who has the trunk line to that love. For Reverend Moon, no temptation of the secular world has any power to pull me away from the love of God.

God's Day is the day in which God is encouraged to wake up and be happy and excited by His children. Adam and Eve began the line of history, multiplying into a family and a clan; ultimately nations and a world grew up. At this time, there are 4.5 billion people from that beginning point of 2 people. But from that beginning point, the line of history was within the fallen realm. Everything in the world grew up within that fallen realm. This includes the United States of America and also every one here today.

People in the secular world pursue material and worldly values, such as status and wealth. But the members of the Unification Church are seeking to get out of the fallen realm; that means you have to go the reverse direction. You have to return to the original root point, go through the gate and enter the new world.

Thus since the world is going in a certain direction, we go the opposite way. We must pass through the levels of world, nation, society, family, and finally return to the core, which is Adam and Eve. By passing through that core and becoming a new Adam and Eve, each of you can enter into the new realm.

Restoration is a reverse process. In the Unification Church, instead of seeking to wear beautiful clothing and eating delicious gourmet foods, we wear simple clothes and we fast. Secular women wear lots of glamorous makeup but Unification Church women wear very little makeup. Men and women mingle together as couples in secular society all the time but Unification people do things separately. We travel a long way as single people and then finally get matched as couples.

The highest religious teachings always encouraged men and women to live as celibates. This is because they knew they had to travel the path of restoration as single people up to a certain point, although they didn't fully understand why. God would have preferred a smaller population to work with and restore; thus He promoted celibacy. How much easier it would have been to reach a smaller population than the current 4.5 billion!

This is also why God chose a small nation to work through, rather than a huge one. Within the nation of Israel, every place was within walking distance. In Korea, every place is within the driving distance of one day. The chosen nation had to have more qualifications than just being small. God needed a nation that had a long history and tradition, a strong spirit of patriotism, and was geo-politically important.

The Unification Church has a unique tradition. Many of you get married and then separate for three years. In the secular world, lovers don't even want to be separated for one night, whether they are married or not. But you are setting a different tradition. You get married one day and then the next, you go out to work for your mission. After three years of going in different directions, you come back together. By then, you have become purified and holy, like saints. You have learned how to discipline yourselves and to withstand the temptation of love.

You want to do the will of God so much that you have gained the strength to overcome the temptation of satanic love. That is the result of Unification Church discipline. People in the Unification Church understand that the ultimate restoration is that of their love. You know that you will someday receive the genuine, pure, agape love of God. But you also know that you must purify yourself and get rid of your stained aspects. By the power of your determination, you go through a purification period. As godly men and women, you must be able to resist all temptation of satanic love.

However, in some cases people have become intoxicated by the temptation of satanic love and have fallen. Such people are not worthy of God's love. You must be able to go through that period and process of purification. More and more the morality of the secular world is like that of animals but we are going in the completely opposite direction.

This is the destiny of all people. No one can avoid it, but it is not an easy path. That is why so many religions have arisen throughout history to help man walk the reverse direction toward God. Today the world is divided into two basic parts. One is the God-accepting world, which affirms the existence of the spirit, and the other is the materialistic world, which denies God and man's eternal spirit. The communist world is like the ultimate heir of Satan, preaching the absolute satanic orthodoxy. The free world is like a humble servant, fallen, but the heir of the Abel lineage. These two worlds must ultimately be transformed through a grafting process.

Until we get to that point, however, these two worlds will continue to clash in every area. The communists think they can conquer the world through the use of force. But the Unification Church has emerged today as the purest form of religion and we have come up with a new power- the love of God. With this power, we know we can prevail over communism and Satan.

The love of God is a universally giving love. The more you empty yourself out, the more room you have to receive God's love. For that reason, those religious people who give up the most will eventually become the recipients of the most love of God.

In what way can we best love God? Loving God means loving our neighbors, living for the sake of others. That is why we are so totally dedicated to loving the world, giving ourselves and our energies more and more every day. In that way, we are opening ourselves more and more to the love of God. We are dedicated to loving the world and winning it.

I was born within a family in Korea, and went through a period of persecution from the nation of Korea. Next I went to Asia and then the United States. Ultimately, I shall go to Moscow. Throughout this time, everybody has opposed me. Definitely, communism is opposing me.

There is an amazing secret about Satan's character which I learned. When you approach him with forcefulness, he will never give up. But when you approach with the love of God, Satan will just crumble and melt away. Even Satan cannot stand in front of the love of God. Therefore, anyone who lives with the love of God will cause satanic power to crumble all around him. Satan has no defense against that love.

The love of God is a giving love while man's love is a receiving love. Thus when you people possess the giving love of God and give it to the world, the satanic world will retreat before you. As you advance in the world giving the love of God, God Himself is dancing joyfully behind you. Satan is angrily denouncing you and Reverend Moon, saying, "I'm going to stop you!" but all the while he is stumbling backward and retreating more and more.

Reverend Moon is teaching American young people this secret: "Go out and give the love of God." Some Unification members are confused and wonder, "Why is Father always pushing us out? How many more years do we have to do this? I can't stand three years!" But I tell you that you must continue this way for three generations because the Heavenly four-position foundation includes three generations. The fallen process took three generations; therefore, restoration must go through three generations. That doesn't mean you have to take sixty years. Through God's dispensation and the advancement of modern technology, you can achieve the restoration of three generations even within one day.

Within the democratic world, every generation including the grandparents, parents and the children, are in confusion. When we bring them together in harmony and unity, we are consummating the restoration of three generations. Knowing this truth, Unification Church members want to stop the practice of sending elderly people to "senior citizens" homes. We want to restore them to their place within our own homes. Do you like that tradition? This is contrary to American culture, but because you have learned the Divine Principle, you know you have no choice but to do it.

You American 'women should be able to say, "God, look at my home. We have all three generations living here-our grandparents, our parents and ourselves-and we are living in harmony." That is the shortcut to Heaven. So then, from Heaven's point of view, which are the closest to God-the grandparents, your parents, or your couple? It is the grandparents. So your couple is like the lowest rung of the ladder! But you are in a fortunate place because you can inherit the blessings of the grandparents and parents and, naturally, you receive your own blessing.

Unless you have a vertical understanding, you can't understand the Heavenly world, which is a vertical world. Within the world, there are many nations; within those nations, there are clans; within the clans, there are families and within the families the individual dwells. Thus the individual is an integral part of the world. That is why the dispensational process of God has gone through certain stages. God organized the first Israel during a four thousand year period. Next, we see the two thousand year period of the second Israel, Christianity.

Christianity inherited the tradition of the first Israel, the Jewish faith. Likewise, the essence of the second Israel has been consummated in the Unification Church, which is the third Israel. America is the center of the Christian sphere of the free world and it represents the second Israel in the world. The opposing force to the second Israel is the communist world. Thus, America is in the position of the unfallen archangel on God's side, while communism represents the fallen archangel on the side of Satan.

Communism is trying to take over the entire world, while the free world is trying to fight against it. The situation has become very serious because the free world has been boxed-in by communist power. God needs a new strategy since the free world is not faring well in the confrontation. Thus God came up with a movement with a new power, the Unification ideology. Unification ideology can bring the free world and the communist world into unity. The entire world can go through the gate of the True Parents.

Out of the original, fallen parents, Adam and Eve, an entire fallen world came into being. But now the entire world will enter through the gate of the unfallen True Parents and begin a new world.

Christianity was in a position to enter the gate of the True Parents directly and immediately. But because of their blindness-just like the people of 2,000 years ago who did not know Jesus-the Christian world rejected the True Parents. So there must be some locomotive that can pull the Cain communist world and the Abel free world through the True Parents' gate. That locomotive is the Unification movement.

Because of the fall of man, Cain and Abel fought among themselves and eventually Cain killed Abel. Therefore, in the reverse process, Cain and Abel must come to love each other. Who will be able to digest both worlds? It will never be those who say, "Kill your enemies." Only the people whose philosophy is to love their enemies will be able to harmonize Cain and Abel. Attacking one's enemy is the satanic ideology; loving one's enemy is the Heavenly way and that is the ideology that will win out.

The U. S. government has been an adversary to Reverend Moon, so he could have taken a negative position toward them. But instead, I have loved my enemies. For the sake of America, we have created the Washington Times, the Inchon movie, and so on. Did we do that in order to make millions of dollars? Not at all. Why has Reverend Moon been persecuted? It is because so many young people have found their hope and vision in my teachings and have begun to follow them. You know that Reverend Moon is on the side of right. Your conscience can tell you how to distinguish between right and wrong. You have looked at the American government's accusation against Reverend Moon and you know that they are taking an unjust position. Thus, you follow my direction based upon your own judgment.

Throughout the history of God, it was always the first generations who rebelled against Him and were then destroyed. But the second generation always received the blessings. The second generation of Israelites were able to enter into Canaan. The second generation is the Abel-side, while the first generation is the Cain-side. That has happened in America with you, the second generation.

At the end of the world, the second generation has to be the target for the Messiah, not the established, first generation. This is the phenomenon of the last days. The great majority of you are below the age of forty and many are below thirty.

The Bible indicates clearly that there is a gate through which all mankind must pass in the final days. A new race has come into being and that is the Unification people. We are the new race, simply because you have the True Parents. However, we have not yet established the new nation of God. That is why I declared The Creation of the Fatherland as the motto for 1984. I want you to understand that we have come to the stage when we will secure not only the new race but also the new nation. This is the most blessed year.

The citizenship of this new nation will come from the youth of the whole world. True Father has called young people from all over the world and blessed them as the new breed, so that they can inherit a new blood lineage, the lineage of Heaven. They will become new men and women, new couples and then citizens of this new nation. So far we have God on the level of the individual, family, and tribe. Thus we can celebrate God's Day on the individual, family, and tribal level. But we must be able to celebrate a national and worldwide God's Day! That is the goal we are marching toward. Amen!

Therefore, our goal is absolutely clear: God, True Parents, and God's race-which is you-celebrating God's Day on the foundation of the nation. Without this, there shall be no Kingdom of God on earth. So we are actually pursuing the creation of one sovereign nation which can celebrate God's Day as a national holiday.

So far, the people of America have considered Reverend Moon as a big headache and they have tried to get rid of him. But now people are re-thinking and saying, "We can't deal with international communism and there is so much moral degradation in our country, we can't stop it. We need Reverend Moon to help us!" Every day public opinion is changing more and more to that position.

Restoration must include not only Moscow but also the entire communist world. All of their second generations will join the Unification movement and study the Divine Principle. Spirit world will teach them. By joining the movement first, then studying the Principle, they will go a reverse process. There is virtually no hope for first generation communists to understand the Principle. Likewise, in the free world there is very little room for God to work through the established, first generation. But the young people of America, even though they are pursuing the wrong things, still have idealism within them. They have tried virtually everything the world has to offer and they are still hungry for meaning. So after deciding that free sex and drugs are boring, they decide to try Reverend Moon!

When they start looking at Reverend Moon, they look at the Moonies and see a bunch of young people who are intelligent, clean-cut, and strongly motivated even in the face of strong opposition. They think, "Well, they must have something there." At that point, the fire is ignited.

1984 is the dawning of an exciting time. There was an independence army 200 years ago that secured the independence of America. But there has never before been an independence movement for God in history, working for the sake of the liberation of all of humanity! No one before could have volunteered for such an army, but now the time is ripe. You are very lucky.

In that army, you are soldiers on the frontier. You women have no time for makeup; your skin becomes dark from the sun and your clothes have holes. Should you be ashamed of looking that way?

On the front line, men and women are fighting side by side so intensely that they forget who is next to them. They are not even aware that a person of the opposite sex is near because they are so busy in the battle. That is dramatic and great. How great you are!

We have people working in all different areas. Within one family, the husband could go north, the wife south, and the children east and west. They are the proudest members of Heaven's independence army.

Today is January 1, 1984. I am declaring that our goal is to celebrate God's Day on the national level. We shall achieve that goal. If you can say you have that confidence, please raise your hands and say three Amens!

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