The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Why We Need To Fundraise and Witness

Sun Myung Moon
April 4, 1983
Seoul, Korea

Why We Fundraise

From the viewpoint of the Principle, why does the Unification Church need to fundraise?

Man was originally created by God, to be the center of the world He created. After the fall, man lost his divine existence and divine nature, and God lost the world of creation. Therefore, the course of restoration is regarded as the course of re-creation. The world has to be restored to its original position as a divine existence. Without restoring the divine nature and divine existence, God cannot dwell in or dominate the world of creation and man.

Therefore, each one of us has to establish a certain condition by which we can form a reciprocal relationship with God and which enables us to be recreated by God. This is the fundamental idea of Principle. When God created this world, He first created the world of all things and then He created Adam and Eve. In the same way, after restoring the world of creation as heaven's possession, we need to establish the foundation of re-creating ourselves.

The physical foundation of restoring the world of creation has to be established through the heart realm of love, because God created us to be people of love. Thus, we have to restore the world of creation with the highest level of love, based on our original nature -- connecting with the same heartistic sphere of love that God expressed when He created the world.

We need also to set some kind of condition to make re-creation of ourselves possible. Without restoring something to heaven, we cannot restore ourselves as original human beings. Do you understand what I mean? By the fall, God lost everything. In order to restore ourselves and attain the same realm of heart as God, we need to fundraise. When you fundraise, never think of the result as yours. It belongs totally to God. On such a basis God can recognize that we have established the condition of re-creating ourselves.

We have to do this during the first half of our seven-year course.

We Witness To Establish Our Family

Then, from the viewpoint of Principle, why do we need to witness?

Satan should respect and serve what God has created, but this has not yet been the case. Fallen people are born with Satan's blood lineage; by themselves they cannot do anything about it except deny it. Through witnessing, and receiving persecution in the process, you can deny your connection with Satan.

Satan occupies the position of parent to fallen people, who cannot help being drawn in his direction. Unless we have a stronger heart of love than Satan's heart, we cannot start heading in God's direction and God cannot find a way to connect with us. Thus we need to restore within ourselves the heart of loving God.

After we link up with God's heartistic realm, Satan tests us on the historical indemnity conditions of the Old Testament age, New Testament age, and Completed Testament age. When we win these tests and restore everything we have lost, we can stand before God.

Corresponding to the eight members of Adam's and Noah's families, when we are blessed, we need to form a family of eight members, including three children and three archangels. When three archangels in the angelic world serve us, we can restore the level of Adam's family before the fall. By paying indemnity, we must reach a level where three archangels completely serve us. Therefore, we must have three spiritual children, gained through witnessing. Without three spiritual children we cannot form the essential eight-member family which makes it possible to liberate the spiritual world. Three spiritual archangels will help us rise toward God.

Our three spiritual children have to play two roles: that of the three archangels and the Cain-type children. Therefore various types of spiritual children: Abel-type, Cain-type, and Seth-type. They don't obey you with ease. They cause you every kind of trouble. You cannot make them follow you with any special knowledge or instructions. You have to really win them.

Mistaken Concepts of Abel

Church leaders should not think, "Since I am nominated as Abel, leader of the church, other members should follow me." Abel cannot qualify himself as the true Abel without restoring Cain. God's purpose in establishing Cain and Abel positions is to restore Cain, not restore Abel.

Abel should never force someone to obey him just because he was nominated as Abel. Leaders should think of their position as that of a servant, serving Cain and winning him with so much love that Cain wants to love Abel at the cost of his life.

Leaders always have followers who cause trouble. Jesus had his Judas Iscariot, but Jesus never accused Judas. He did much for his disciples. He washed their feet, in order to establish the condition of restoration through indemnity.

This concept is actually the opposite of the Japanese idea. You European leaders should also bear this in mind.

Those who are in the Abel position are given the position so that they can become an Abel, not because they are already Abel. I have been doing this up until now, at the cost of my life. Now you should serve others. Abel should follow a sacrificial life, by fasting and prayer, for example. Abel does this not for himself, but for the salvation of God. In order to save God, Abel should shed blood, sweat and tears, offering his physical sacrifice. If Abel can create such an environment, he will subjugate Cain without knowing it.

So why was Abel established? To restore Cain. Not by force, but by God's love.

When central figures died without accomplishing the will of God, that will cannot be directly fulfilled, but must be stretched out horizontally. Since no one else knows how to do that, the messiah comes to clarify the center and enable everyone to be connected with it. Children cannot lead the family in the fight against Satan; you must first be taught by the parents. When you return home, do as you are taught by me.

You have to wait for Cain, prepare meals for him, love him more than your parents, wife and children, in order to subjugate him absolutely. This is because Cain occupies the position of the eldest son, giving orders, and you are in the position of the second-eldest son. If you can turn these positions completely about, with absolute love, Cain cannot give you orders but will wholeheartedly follow you.

Abel Has To Restore Mother

After Abel restores Cain, he cannot simply return to heaven. He has to restore the Mother. Who should I restore after restoring Cain's sphere? I have to restore Eve, as the Mother of all mankind. After restoring Mother, I can come as True Father.

Satan has been holding the position of heavenly parents, and he exerts influence on us, centering on Cain, who occupies the position of heaven's elder son. Therefore, we have to subjugate him -- not by force but by creating an environment in which Cain can naturally be subjugated with love.

Without restoring Cain, Mother cannot be restored. Mother gave birth to two sons after the fall, and without unity among them, the foundation of Mother cannot be restored. Eve and Cain destroyed the Father's ideal. When Abel, in place of Father, takes the responsibility of restoration, he can restore Cain and then Mother. Only by accomplishing all this can Abel fulfill his mission.

When you restore Cain, the Holy Spirit can work through you; you can receive Mother. After unifying the Cain sphere with the Abel sphere on various levels, the Holy Spirit sphere, or Eve's sphere, can emerge. When Cain, Abel and the Holy Spirit become one, spiritually speaking, Jesus will -- spiritually come again; the new creation of God will start; and I can fulfill my mission without accusation from Satan.

If possible, we can organize a Holy Spirit movement. When this is united, Jesus can directly appear on earth, dominate creation and dispose of the satanic sphere. This is what actually happens when we have witnessing rallies. Through such a movement, the Cain sphere can be restored, not one by one, but thousands at a time. Through this, the Abel church sphere can be expanded. This principle is valid not only for the family and nation, but for the world and all of spirit world.

The reason church leaders do not make progress is because you sit around and give orders to members. The Holy Spirit cannot come down unless Abel sacrifices himself and wins Cain. Parents cannot come unless there is unity between Cain and Abel. The archangelic world can easily be mobilized if Adam and Eve are in God's position. Then God's authority can be restored to its original position and expand from there to all levels.

The Danger of Complacency

Loving Cain is the same as stretching out the wing of God's love. Just think how much God has suffered in order to send the messiah. Christians thought they had achieved the ultimate when a national foundation was established, and they forgot God. Even though many Christians were martyred for their faith, they became the object of heaven's resentment. If the Unification Church attains such a victorious level, we must be extremely careful of our position. Ministers and priests should be going to the worst places in the world and subjugating them with love. But religious people have been taking the wrong direction. Thus, in their place, we will go to the worst places and win the people with love.

Because Satan invaded the archangelic sphere, we cannot restore anything without winning the victory over Satan. When Unification Church members go out, Satan never fails to attack and persecute you. The Unification Church is opposed and attacked on the individual, family, clan, racial, national and worldwide levels. Now is the time to overcome difficulties on the worldwide level.

When the Unification Church becomes well accepted by society, it will not be easy for vertical relations with heaven to be established. Smooth horizontal relationships tend to make a church self-centered. When we are not persecuted, we have to be humble and sacrificial. We will have to sacrifice more in order to connect with heaven. If we organize a heavenly movement which is stronger than the movement was during persecution, then we can get rid of self-centeredness. If the Unification Church ceases to be persecuted, I may persecute you and oppose you in order to speed up the restoration providence!

The Traditional Spirit of Parents

When we subjugate Cain and look for Mother and Father, there is nothing Satan can do. You cannot receive the Lord of the Second Advent unless you become one with your Cain. If Christianity does not lay the worldwide foundation, nobody can meet the Lord of the Second Advent. Unless you lay that foundation yourself, you will be caught in Satan's sphere of resentment. You cannot continue centering on yourself. You cannot make progress if you forget God, the world and your country.

Jesus tried to restore the eight members of Adam's and Noah's families by restoring three disciples in the sphere of the spiritual archangel. You also cannot start your own family life without having a stable foundation as parents.

Thanks to my suffering, the church can establish a system of subjugating Cain's sphere on a worldwide level. So you have to do your best to follow my family. You have to clarify the traditional spirit of parents by loving True Parents and being loved by us and by inheriting the tradition of my family.

European members are loose on this point. Do you understand the restoration course? The purpose of fundraising is to restore yourselves. Therefore, we must dedicate ourselves to heaven much more than to Satan's world. Those who have hearts less than Satan's world cannot establish a reciprocal relationship with heaven. Also, we cannot help being persecuted. The purpose of fundraising is to pay the indemnity in order to establish the condition that our bodies are restored, centering on heavenly heart that overcomes satanic heart.

After passing through your individual course, by fundraising and witnessing, you have to restore Noah's family and the archangelic sphere. Then you can establish the condition of indemnity for restoring Cain's sphere on the worldwide level. Only after that can you make yourself comfortable.

Once you establish your family foundation, there must be some way to connect it with the worldwide foundation. You have to establish the family foundation on a national and even cosmic level upon the basis of your family.

You need to pray hard. Cain is your elder brother, taken by Satan, and you have to restore him. Without restoring him, you cannot restore Mother. Historically, we have been seeking for Mother, and Mother has been seeking for Father. We need True Father; we need True Parents. Then their true family must be expanded to the national and worldwide level.

The Principle never changes throughout history. When we act according to the Principle, we can make progress. As all of you stand in the position of chief priest, you have to do your best to save Cain's world by sacrificing yourselves. 

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