The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Why We Have an Ocean Church

Sun Myung Moon
September 5, 1982
East Garden

Those who do not wish to continue in the Ocean Church mission, please raise your hands. I would like to speak about the ocean providence today. Until June 1981, Master Marine built 150 boats, and when they finish building 300 of these, the factory can move to Alabama. Once it moves to Alabama, it will make small and major fishing vessels in the fiberglass division. In the future, boats up to 100 and 120 feet will be built, the basic plan being to create a boat that can take Alaskan waters. This boat would have the fundamental design for other boats that could fish in Southern or Eastern waters.

At the same time, we originally planned to create thirty Ocean Church centers along the coast line of the United States. Then, thirty major boats, each something like a "mother ship," could have been sent to each center. In one year's time you should have gained enough experience to captain those boats. On October 1, 1980, I gathered all the members in Gloucester and gave the details of the vision of Ocean Church. Were you there? The original plan was for you to go to a major port and begin training young people. Each One Hope boat was to be used to interest young people in the vision of fishing and the ocean. If they were responsible, we could have even turned over the boat to them, a minimum of five young people per boat.

The initial stage or foundation was for each center to utilize and be responsible for ten boats. With five youths per boat, you should be training fifty young people by now and they could have been working with Ocean Church members. Our plan was not just for fishing, but to create a network of people with a vision for the ocean. The problem has been our understanding of Ocean Church. Why do we add the word "church" after "ocean"? Ocean Church is a church movement because it is founded upon and guided by a belief. That belief is a philosophy, meaning that our main concern is internal or spiritual. That is the essence of Ocean Church. The future is for those who develop their spirit; they are the ones who can truly take care of creation, of the world.

Basic Structure of the American Movement

I designed the basic route for the core of our movement who come through the Seminary at Barrytown. After graduation, they should first go to CARP and train on the campus. Then, automatically they should come to Ocean Church. That is the plan for educating the leadership of our movement: from UTS to CARP to Ocean Church. After that kind of well-rounded training, the seminarian should go on to state leadership. Every state must have that kind of leader.

Anyone who wants to qualify in the future for state leadership must first qualify for leadership in CARP and Ocean Church. The movement is growing beyond the level of the present state leadership. So far, no matter how clear and creative the directions were, they have not been digested and accepted. The message dwindled with each step, from the leadership to the members, until it no longer made sense when it got to the members. However, the leader who moves from CARP to Ocean Church and then to state leadership can understand and respond to my direction. They will be like a special task force, ready to respond and go whenever they hear new directions.

In the future, the Unification Church hierarchy, or means of leadership and direction, will be on the state level. It will not be a strict federal system, but more a state system. Each state will become a strong unit able to take care of its own situation and create its own direction. For example, there is a federal government in America, but each state has its own government as well. This is a source of strength for America. I would like to emulate that system in our movement. We will group together the states into regions of five states, which together would form one group. Therefore, we would have ten regions and each region would have its own director helping each state leader. All that would be needed then, would be a good connection between headquarters and the regions. The mission of headquarters should be small. There isn't so much needed by the central point, except to gather information from the local centers and be able to understand the whole picture. Then, headquarters can give general directions centered upon the work of each region. Each region would have an IW who would go to each state and see exactly what is going on, what is good, what needs changing, etc. They would report directly and only to headquarters. The IW should be connected with me and know about our tradition and way of life, as well as church administration. The mission of the IW is to go to each state so that the members are educated directly. In this way they can give guidance and counseling to all the members.

This is how a unified system can unfold across the country, even though each state takes the major burden of responsibility for itself. What shall our education center upon? Tradition. And what is that tradition? That tradition will include CARP tradition, Ocean Church tradition and state leadership tradition. We will educate members to become well rounded and capable to take care of others in any situation.

Why am I interested in that kind of organization? There are three categories into which people fit in this country: those who live inland; those who live on the coast; and those who are young, the next generation. The young generation includes high school and college students. Thus we need to have both a campus (CARP) and a high school (HARP) movement.

It's not possible to deal with those who are old minded, who are so set in their way of life that they don't want to move and change. We have to pioneer a new world with young people who look to the future and are excited by adventure. Young people are the most creative and productive group in the world. However, there is division there. There are those who are serious and those who are turning to free sex, drugs and all kinds of self-indulgence.

We are dedicated to creating young people who are morally clear. We have to clean them up and challenge them and channel their resources. That is CARP's mission. From 1978 on, there was almost no focus on state level church activities. CARP members were pushed so hard to create a strong CARP movement. CARP members have many enemies who are strong and willing to face them. In almost every college in America there have been strong Communist and leftist groups actively at work for many years. I knew there would be angry confrontations. On many campuses the leftist and more violent organizations almost took over. It has been and continues to be a real problem. The members of CARP have to confront that and show a winning spirit over the ideology and tactics of communist related groups on the college campus. In 1978, CARP was initiated in America, however, real activities on campus didn't begin until a year later. Before we set up our national network, we have to create a solid tradition of victory. The goal for CARP by the end of 1982 is to pioneer 300 campuses. I want to save your country. How about you? If we save America, the entire world can be saved. America is the microcosm and the world still looks to America and follows its example.

Since 1978, we have confronted many Communist groups on the campus and many of them have retreated. I am absolutely sure they can be won over. The first step is the university campus, for it is in the universities, where future leaders are being prepared, that one can begin to approach any nation. From America, the CARP movement will grow all around the world. I would really like to see CARP expand, especially in Germany. The greatest sight would be to see young people in CARP come together and break down the Berlin wall and reunite the country in true peace. I would truly like to see this accomplished through what I call the "women's force." Women are the spearhead; when women move forward, the opposition cannot stand. That is vision. Can you understand?

Relationship Between Ocean Church and CARP

Since CARP and Ocean Church are growing up side by side, they should work together. They should have a spirit of cooperation. CARP members can ask their college student friends to come with them to their boat and this will create a great deal of interest in the more adventurous students. Then, Ocean Church members can take the students out and teach them about our vision for the future. College students will be very excited by this kind of program and plan.

The inland movement should be linked to the coastal movement. That is CARP and Ocean Church. Most college students are inland, but through Ocean Church, they can be introduced to a whole new horizon. We have the system and the program, the plan and the vision. So, why not? We can go to the college campus and form a club. We can let them be responsible for a boat in the same way that I've already outlined. We can just say, "You can have them!" All they have to do is get ten people and form a club. Many students would work day in and day out to use such a boat.

Up to now detailed directions have been given, but they were not fulfilled. Ocean Church members, have you done any of these things? You should be seasoned fishermen by now so that when the university students come, you will be able to intoxicate them with a sense of the ocean and everything within it. You should be able to take them on the journey of their life and teach them how to fish.

When a big boat of ours comes to each port, you can take them out on the One Hope and show them the boat. You can tell them that if they want to, and if they work hard, they can surely have a boat like that in the future. Many young people would go crazy to have that kind of goal. You can give them something to dream about, something to live for.

You can let them fish on the weekends on the big boat. During the week, teach them by taking them out in the One Hope. They can use their weekend work towards their college expenses. They can study for their MA degree and Ph.D. degree with their earnings. What a great opportunity for them. They can graduate with intellectual and sea going skills; with intellectual, mechanical and spiritual skills.

That's the vision and the goal. What has happened? The years have been virtually wasted. Why don't you work towards these goals? I have to tell you again and repeat everything. It's disheartening. The major leaders in our church should become an advisory group and feel responsible, either for the failure or success of Ocean Church.

What do you CARP members think? Are you excited to exist side by side with Ocean Church or are you reluctant? Young people are still very much wanting to get into life. Think about it. Locate the boats at different schools. Come up with the ocean going youth. If you can't find such youth, then CARP members should take up one boat and show the way. Ten CARP members should have two boats. They can attract young people to come out and use the boats. It can become a program of great pride in that school. CARP can even give scholarships based on someone's performance in the program. These boats meet with the spirit of young people. They are sharp, modern and powerful. I wanted a boat that would move like a knife in the water and cut right through the waves. I designed the boats for the sake of young people, to excite their hearts and minds. This is the love that I have for young people.

I expected Ocean Church to take off, but it hasn't quite done that. You are clunking along. We are in an emergency all over the world, so I cannot waste one minute. When we first started to build these boats, we knew nothing about it, but we created an absolute miracle. Master Marine started from scratch. Members came from all over the world to work on those boats. Why? I wanted Ocean Church to go to the entire world. Therefore, once a member is successful here, he can go to the rest of the world. Ocean Church members are responsible to win the support of local governments. From the mayor and police chief to the governor. They will look at your work and proclaim you. Will your parents be negative about that? Not at all. The problem is that Ocean Church never took off. There was an eight year plan prepared for Ocean Church. I had hoped you would complete the program in that amount of time and be able to move on to the international level.

I had expected Ocean Church to be so successful that everyone would envy Ocean Church. Ocean Church members are well educated and many of you came from the seminary. Your experiences in Ocean Church should make you into great leaders for this country. You should deal with college professors, teach them our principles and show them our vision. Give them lectures. You can do that; it's not a strange thing for you to do.

I made up my mind. I know that you can become such people. Even the Ph.D. graduates must come to Ocean Church; they have to go this course. By training in this way, we will surely develop the kind of leadership that can truly teach this nation and show it the way into the future. I sincerely want to see you become those men and women. Look at the path I have walked. I have trained myself as a fisherman. Why? Not for myself, but to save the nation. I have determined to find the way over and beyond communism. I have been fighting all my life against communism. America must not be lost to this ideology. That is why for more than thirty years I have given every inch of my life for this cause.

I have already studied and pioneered your course. CARP members, do you know your mission? Communism is seeping into America through the college campuses. You have to expose that and confront it. Ocean Church members, drugs are coming into this country through the ocean. You have to protect the true freedom of this nation. You have to protect its original dignity.

This is a monumental task. When Americans wake up to their situation, they will look around and ask, "where is the person who can lead us out of this?" Someone has to come and revitalize Christianity so that it can truly stir the conscience of the people. God has directed me to do that. You are seminary graduates: Go out and work all day long on the ocean and then come home and teach at night. This is exactly what I have done for you. Now, are you awakened? You don't like Ocean Church? You don't like CARP? This is how we will save the nation. Do you think the government will praise me and come after me for help? They will do exactly the opposite. Knowing that, you have to be tough.

Around the world, brothers and sisters are sweating blood. They are literally sending blood money to this nation, to save this nation. You are riding the boat and the wind is blowing hard; you should yell at the wind, "I am going to go forward to justify the blood money of my brothers and sisters!" This is their hope in you. Seminary graduates in CARP, raise your hands. Are you ready to go to Ocean Church? Your accomplishments in CARP will come with you to Ocean Church. I appreciate your willingness to follow this course.

Taking Responsibility for America

Even so, I am so deeply disappointed. At Provincetown this year, the members were reluctant to go out. I had to do all the pulling and pushing to get people out. You are young; you should be exclaiming to me, "Father, forget about the high winds, let's go out!" When you know you are going out, you have to work hours ahead of time, get everything ready. When I come, the engines are out of order, the bait isn't bought and the hooks aren't the right size. How can you hope to move the world with such a sluggish approach to things?

What are you worried about? Your life is taken care of. God has already given you your destiny. You should just be serious about fishing. Someday your wife and children will depend upon your work for their life. Don't you know that? Most of you just look for excuses not to do things. Do you understand exactly how I feel? Do you think that I want you to bring money to me so that I can steal it and take it back to Korea? It's exactly the opposite. I am bringing money from overseas to help you get this project started. The government can't even see that much. They are so blind they want to kick me out of the country. However, I am determined to help you, to help this nation.

I would like to have some comfort somewhere, but there is no relief. The government is persecuting me and that is difficult. However, if you don't fulfill the simple responsibility given you, that's even worse persecution. Go to your campuses and ocean cities. Do it and it will be accomplished. Just give everything that you have and go out.

Where were you before I came? Many of you were just like human trash. Were you thinking about America or saving humanity? Were you thinking about spirit world and eternal life? Were you thinking about the quality of your own life? Did you have any real concern even for yourselves. Did you ever think about the will of God? Far from it.

What have you to fear? You are free. You are American citizens. You have the right to work twenty-four hours a day for the sake of your country. Can they put you in jail for that? They chase after me day and night, but they will not come after you. You are born here, but you cannot feel what I am feeling for this nation. You cannot feel the emergency this nation is in. This is what pains me more than anything else. You have no idea. We have to have a heart-to-heart understanding. I want a firm foundation before I depart from America. Are you tired? That word doesn't exist for us. I should have been tired years and years ago. I am over sixty years of age. I am almost at the age of retirement. And yet, I am going at twice the rate you are.

When I first met Mr. Masters, I noticed his hair was completely white and thought he was an old man. I treated him kindly and didn't push him too much. Then I found out he was only fifty-six and I thought, "Oh, I should have really pushed him much more, he is only a young man!" Why is this man here from Britain? Does he have a separate destiny from you? No. The world is only one world. America is not just by itself. No nation is just by itself. We share whatever happens. However, America will choose her own destiny. I am always thinking about other nations that can fulfill this role if America fails. Sodom and Gomorrah received judgment from God. They were given many chances to decide their own destiny. Finally, Lot and his wife had to leave. God told them to not look back, but the woman did and turned into a pillar of salt.

If I leave this country, I will not look back, not even once. Do you want to see the day that I pack up and leave this nation? What stops me from leaving this violent nation? You do. Looking at you living this way of life and giving your absolute heart keeps me here. Many countries are even begging me to come. In South America and Africa, many countries are asking for me to come. Shall I go?

Someday I will go, but do you want me to go in a way that abandons America?

If you want to succeed in this nation, you have to pay indemnity. That is my way of life. I will never change one iota of it. When God told Abraham to go, he had to leave. Abraham couldn't say, "Well, what am I going to do about expenses?" He had to take off right then and there. I am a serious man. If I have to leave America in that way, I will not return, not even if the State department realizes something and asks for me to come back. I will have to cut off and that would be absolute.

Now do you understand the importance of CARP and Ocean Church? Master Marine members, do you know how important those boats are? Master Marine members, what kind of heart do you have about your work? Ocean Church, I had expected you to realize some of the great potential of your mission already. All right then, today is the day you receive new direction. You have to remember this day deep within your heart. Your mission is so vital that the survival of America hangs on you. You have to feel this to the bone. There is no other way for this nation.

If you participate in this crusade and lift this country up to serve God and mankind, will you be forgotten? Will your grave be left unattended? Do you think this country will think of you someday? I can answer that one clearly. You will become old and tired and want to hide, but the public will search you out and make you serve even further. Can you think about just getting married and taking care of only your own family? I have treated you like royalty. You were men and women without any concern for the world, just at the bottom of life, but I picked you up and glorified you. You have been given an education. I have been lifting up your heart and spirit so that you could lead this nation. What more can I do for you? What more can you expect from me?

The survival of this nation, the hope of the free world is on your shoulders. Just go on for ten or twenty years. That is all I am asking of you. Then you will see. This nation will be desperate and needing you. You will be able to bring this nation up. Can you feel tired thinking of that? You will be in your prime when you are forty or fifty years old; that is the prime of life when you still have energy, but also experience and wisdom. Don't just be a drop out. You will see. In ten or twenty years' time, you will harvest the fruits of all your efforts.

I am now fishing for striped bass. This fish is very difficult to catch and that is why I have pursued it. The whole area talked about me all summer long. While I was fishing, no one could even find any striped bass, but I caught them every day. You have to be like that. People have to respect you for what you can do. I never said a word, but my actions caused everyone to talk all summer long. Be like that. Just have a single minded goal and work day in and day out for that goal. What kind of man am I? Then what kind of person should you be? I want to train you to be great men and women. Absolutely.

In Provincetown and Gloucester, I did most of the work, but when everyone was talking, they didn't say, "Reverend Moon did this and that." No, instead they talked about the Moonies taking all the tuna and striped bass. I want it to be like that, because all my efforts are for you. I want to push you up and up. Look at this little brother here. He just works on the New Hope engine and cuts smelly fish all day. His hands are dirty all the time and his clothes are smelly. No one even sees him, but if they did they wouldn't want to be near him. Ten years from now he can be the mayor of Los Angeles. Why not? Why not? If he takes responsibility and works desperately, he will grow and become a person to whom others give great respect. Just work, don't talk, don't look for comfort. People will then notice you and they will ask you to take care of things beyond your imagination.

Look at Bo Hi Pak. When we first decided to start the media providence he didn't even know what a newspaper was. But now there is the Washington Times and it will produce far more than its own publication. Who did that? Bo Hi Pak? No, not at all. He just worked, uniting with me and following Heavenly Father completely. Then a miracle could happen. When you make up your mind, you can become somebody. I am that kind of person. I can start any kind of company. What if I came looking for you and wanted you to be the president for that company? I want you to be capable people who can take on any task. That is why I push and train you so hard. This is a true father's love.

Testing Ground for Future Leadership

Ocean Church and CARP are a testing ground. I am looking for future leaders here. When you prove yourselves, you will then have to take care of international things. No one else is doing this with the youth of the world. In Russia and Red China there are already newspapers which have criticized me, so I know that I am making an impact. I know that they are even afraid of me if that is their reaction. Do I look fearful to you? Then why do the Communists fear me? To you, I am like a father, but to them I am a fearless and relentless fighter.

I want to design a martial arts program which is so tough that when members go through it, they will beg to come to Ocean Church. Then, when they leave martial arts and arrive on the boats, I will request that the same program be taught on the boats! They will be so shocked and want to jump into the ocean, but there will be a welcoming guest there: the shark. The shark can take care of you very well. No problem. Then, what would you do? Would you jump in, or would you survive and really learn martial arts once and for all? That's the kind of training I want you to have in life.

Cuba is right around the corner. Ocean Church may have a confrontation with them. You may be harassed by them. You have to be prepared for that. In Japan, when we made a declaration against communism we also prepared thirty gun shops around the country. We gave them a direct message. "If you come out to fight we will defend ourselves." These guns are just air rifles, but they can at least stop someone if need be. We had to do at least that, otherwise the Communists would resort to violence.

Anyone can buy these rifles and have them in their homes. The Japanese government was really worried that open fighting would come about, but our goal is not to come out in violence. Our goal is to overcome the ideology of communism. However, people have to have self-defense if they are ever attacked. This makes the Communists think very hard. They didn't dare to come out in violence, not even one time. Finally, the police in Japan said, "Reverend Moon is a wise man. He made a great strategy to stop the Communists from street violence."

In the meantime, we have been making an ideological offensive against communism in every CARP campus. Communist theory has no comparison with Unification teaching. They tried to win on the Japanese college campuses by debating, but they lost to the point of humiliation. Our truth was so compelling and so clearly beyond theirs. Also, our Japanese members worked so much harder than they did. Finally, they could only resort to their own bottom line. They came at us with violence. They wanted to take to the streets and fight and intimidate us. Often they charged and attacked our CARP members. We stood up to that. We never wanted to attack first, but absolutely we defended against their attack. The Japanese CARP members studied the best Korean martial arts and they were ready to die. Many of them were attacked, but they defended themselves.

Don't you think that American CARP needs that? Wherever you go, communism is the same. If you aren't prepared they will attack you and hurt you. Don't wait until then to say, "Oh, we should have been ready." Then it's too late. Without a deep resolve, you cannot fight for the sake of God's will. This is what I am teaching the members. Look at us: only one theological school is teaching martial arts and that is our own theological school at Barrytown.

You cannot go on unless you realize that this is a life and death matter. The American government is pushing me down. Fine, let them try. The time will come when the senators and governors will convey their deepest apologies to me. I am going on in spite of everything they do to me. No matter what hits me, I go on and even grow larger and larger. This is true of Unification Church. No matter what, it will never be crushed. Do you have that inner resolve? If so, Unification Church will go on forever.

The Era of Video Education

This summer, the Blessing for 2,100 couples occurred. I want every couple to be a success, a champion for God. Should you follow me or ignore me? If you don't go this way, who will suffer? I am not going to be the one to suffer in the ultimate sense. However, you will suffer greatly if you don't fulfill. I know that so well and that is why I am so serious to instruct you about the Blessing. Anyone who doesn't take me seriously will end up following those who do. I am not a "maybe" person. There is no such thing with me as "maybe so." I am the truth. You have to clearly know that.

In Madison Square Garden, there were more than 2,000 couples, more than 4,000 people walking upon the platform and dedicating themselves. These people were not brainwashed; they were intelligent and serious people. What can America think about me? They have to consider me more seriously; they have to consider us more seriously. Actually that battle is over. People can see so clearly that our ideal is truly great. Our marriages have a serious responsibility to uphold this ideal. When people watched the Madison Square Garden event they were deeply moved; they felt something great had happened. We can put that on tape and show it without sound. People can watch in silence. I think that will be more effective. Just by watching our marriage, people can understand what we are all about. You don't need to explain what is going on, if they are sensitive people. You Blessed couples should have a tape of this wedding in your Home Church home. You can show this tape to everyone in your area. They will watch and look at you very differently after that. You can become very popular and in demand. People will even want to pay you to see the video.

American people will view that tape and become so intoxicated that they will feel as if they are living in a dream. When they finish watching, they will wake up from that beautiful dream and they will become positive towards you. They will think, "What wonderful people these young Moonies are. They are the hope of the world." You should keep a video of your wedding at least for your own sake and for your children's sake.

Apart from theology, this is a great gift to America. Everyone who finds out that you are a Moonie will want to see the tape of your wedding. They will be so curious. Then, they will see you, your spouse and your family and when they see how you began they will have tears in their eyes. Their own families will be in such a state.

You know, almost one half of American families are breaking apart. They will see your family and want to stay with you.

The Moonie couple will be the showcase of the model family. In front of every Moonie home should be a big flagpole with a flag twice the size of a normal American flag saying, "Moonie couple lives here." The pro-Moonie relatives will have a flagpole too saying, "Moonie relatives live here." Then, when people come to visit you, you can first show them your wedding tape. After they are completely intoxicated, they will just sit there. Then you can show them a six- hour tape with all the contents of Divine Principle.

People are so curious in Japan about what the Moonies are doing that they now pay to come to our video centers. Most of them are young people and intelligent college students. They know that the future is vital, so they want to study a new idea and see if it is connected to the future. We made over 1,200 tapes and these can be watched at any time. Every month, over 100 people are signing membership. I want this to increase ten-fold, so the Japanese members are making 12,000 tapes and showing them all day and night.

When this project first began, Mr. Furuta who was then president of Happy World said to me, "It's impossible and will cost millions of dollars." Then I said, "Do it!" Somehow they found a way to do it, and after trying it for one year, Mr. Furuta came back to me and said, "You were absolutely right and now we are gaining 100 members each month."

Ocean Church you have to realize how to do this. All you have to do is set the tradition. Once there is a foundation, anyone can inherit the way to success. CARP members, you should create video centers with an entire curriculum. Great teachers and artists will come to us and we will help them express their ideas on tape. We can get the highest quality people and create an entire curriculum from them; we can educate young people in America in every and philosophy, music and religion; any field.

Japan has shown the way. We will do this in America and then take it to Germany, England and all over the world. People can educate themselves in any area of their interest. The top scholars can teach any interested person directly. Even poor people can get a degree from a university. After taking a video course, they can go to the university and take an exam and earn their degree that way.

In order to do that, we have to create cable and broadcast television. Through satellite courses we can educate anyone in the world. Initially it may be hard to attract attention to this kind of education, but eventually people will line up to come. We can serve the entire world in this way. Thousands of people can earn their degrees this way, satellite degrees.

The Standard of a Champion

I am a very different kind of man. My mind is very different isn't it? Do you want to spare me or use me all up while I am here with you? I am getting older. You don't want to spare me? All right then, we need a spare tire for when I am all used up. You have to become Reverend Moon's spare tire. That's only fair isn't it? I want you to become a "spare" of me.

You really are different people now aren't you? You Americans look and see differently than other Americans, because your vision is for the whole world. Because of your connection of heart all over the world, people will want to come and work with you. You watch and you will see it happen. Maybe now you don't realize how you are connected, but because of me, you are linked, hooked together all over the world.

I didn't set out to be a famous person. I would rather be hidden behind the scenes, but year by year I have attracted the attention of the world. When I go fishing in Provincetown, people are looking everywhere for Reverend Moon and asking, "Where is he?" Usually, I'm right there and they don't know that it's me. That's different from you isn't it? You Americans like to show up and be seen. You really love to be in front of the television camera. It is quite the opposite for me. I enjoy it when people don't even recognize me.

What if I offered an exclusive interview? Would they jump on that or ignore me? You are right. People are just dying to find out about me. There are people asking Colonel Pak all the time for some way to interview me. People are just dying to interview Reverend Moon. One person was just begging Colonel Pak to get an interview with me. She works for an internationally famous magazine. When I said, "No," and Colonel Pak relayed that to her, she just replied, "Well, I understand." So far, Colonel Pak has refused many magazine editors already. They never get angry, they understand. They sense that I am not that kind of person. What is the speediest form of transportation in the world today? You say "jet, rocket, Apollo and Concorde." That's fine, but then, you Unification members should be 100 times as fast. How can you do that? With spiritual, mental speed. They can go to the moon one time. In that amount of time, you can go back and forth ten times. If they learn one thing, you learn 100 things. If they lecture one hour, you lecture ten hours. If they work or run for one hour, then you work and run for ten hours.

You look at the seasoned fisherman and say, "He is catching more fish than I am." Well then, determine to go beyond him in three years' time.

Look at him and say, "You work during the day; I'll work day and night." Say to yourself, "I'll go beyond the record that anyone set; I'll set the new record." Work more hours and do more things than the other fishermen. In that way, build up for three years and then you will overtake anyone. Eventually, everyone will come and look at you.

In the same way, I came to America and said, "I will love America more than any other American ever has. I will love America more than George Washington." Then I had to think seriously, "How can I be superior to such a man?" My answer was that I can teach young Americans why they should love America. I can teach them the spiritual significance of their lives. I can teach them the will of God. I can teach them the mission of this nation.

I can do this in a systematic and organized way. I shall restore the youth of this nation. I determined I would do this. Not even George Washington thought of these things. No matter who has set the record in the past, I have determined to break that record in serving America. When I came here I traveled by car on the highway and went to each state. I went through all fifty states without a break, dedicating holy grounds. After that, I returned to many of those states and spoke to the public. Throughout the speaking tour, I traveled without stopping and pushed myself to exhaustion many times. All the speaking campaigns were like that.

Ocean Church is not a random whim. I have a vision for America and Ocean Church plays an integral and important part in that. My mind is very deep. Everything that I do has a purpose which covers thousands of years. When Allen Hokanson gets in the New Hope and drives, he has a purpose, but when I take the New Hope out my purpose is much wider and greater.

No matter who set the record in the past, I am determined to break it. On that foundation I have begun and made the American movement. Do you believe that I truly love America more than anyone else in its history? If I go to the spiritual world, will I receive guidance from George Washington, or will George Washington come to me and receive guidance from me? If that is the case, the President today is in the same situation.

The Lonely Position of True Parents

Do you think that I live inside the house looking at trees and birds all day long? Do you think that's my way of life? I want you to know that those people who lived rich and carelessly are in a completely different position in the spiritual world. They are deeply ashamed. When you review my life, you will see a life of deep suffering. My standard has been incredible, going beyond poverty and pain. I have suffered every humiliation possible, but my mind was never changed from loving God.

I have never taken comfort, even in East Garden. Instead I have used this place like all the others, as a place to shed tears. Constantly. You have never known this; however, throughout my life I have wept and wept for God, and God knows. God knows precisely how Reverend Moon has lived. Therefore, even when I die, God will preserve a shrine for me. God will never forget what I have done all my life for him.

You've been destined to meet me. When you met me you felt something. That is an invisible tie. It is because God knows about me. Still, I am teaching new things every day The leaders have known me for twenty or thirty years. Even so, every day I have new ideas, new material for them. I am still a mystery for them. You think they know me and are accustomed to meeting me every day, but this isn't so. They are almost fearful to meet me because they don't know what I will do next. They still don't know exactly what I think. You like me, but even if you feel close, you don't feel completely familiar with me. You also feel some dignity, some awesome power within me. I live in this house as a lonely man. No one truly knows me. Not even Mother or the children.

So, if I instruct you, don't take me lightly. The Japanese members know not to take me lightly, but the Americans haven't found that out yet. The Japanese follow without question and this is a great strength. This is fidelity. Many people have criticized what I did in Korea and Japan. They criticized me for taking so much from Korea and Japan and using it all for the sake of America. They didn't understand why I did that. After all these years, the vision has begun to take shape and form. Now, people are seriously looking at my work and they are truly awed. Christian scholars and theologians just shake their heads in disbelief. Our vision is so great.

Don't you really want to know about me and be close to me? Then you have to walk a very rare and unusual way of life. You have to follow my instructions and walk a narrow way of life. You have a destiny. Now, many very famous scholars are asking the leaders, even the members, if they can see Reverend Moon. How about you? Do you have that same desire? Do you want to meet with me often? Have you ever thought, "I am not worthy to receive direction from him. I shouldn't be in that position. People more prepared than I should be here. How honored I am." Have you ever thought about that?

Have you thought deeply in the middle of the night, looking at the moon, or in the early morning when the sun is just rising? Have you ever looked out over the ocean? Have you thought about your position, your destiny? Have you ever thought, "I am so special to be connected directly to True Parents. I can receive instruction and direction from them." Have you ever thought that the entire universe is envying you?

How much honor have you felt working for me? What about the disciples who worked for Jesus? At the time of Jesus, the people could not receive it, so Jesus could not teach the Principle. The disciples were uneducated men. They didn't know anything; they just felt something from Jesus and they tried to follow. They didn't even know how to help Jesus make any kind of foundation. He died truly alone. Completely alone.

Peter was his chief disciple. He was an unlearned fisherman, an almost primitive person, but today everyone honors him as a saint. You are the seminary graduates. Are you going to be less than Peter? If Jesus had left even one place in the Bible, just one word, two words actually, "True Parents," I would not have suffered as much.

If Jesus had taught in the Bible somewhere, even a little bit, about the fall of man, how the fall happened and how sin crept in, I would not have had to suffer as much. Now, 2,000 years later, it's an entirely new message. Today, I am teaching the way of life. People are reading my message and it will be the same message for those who come 2,000 years later from now. It will not only make sense for them, but it will truly be their "blood and sweat," their way of life. That's the standard I am teaching today.

Have you ever thought of that? You often say, "Oh, Father, you are always saying and teaching strange things." Naturally that is so, because I am speaking to an audience that will be here 2,000 years later. I am thinking, "even if I am in the middle of the mission and I work so hard that I drop dead, I will not regret it." How about you? Are you thinking like that? Do you have that determination?

Do you understand now? In particular, do you seminary graduates understand? You have a special privilege and responsibility. I want you to set and keep the record for the movement. You have to work more than average people. The time will come when I will go, and afterward, each one of you should record your own "Acts of the Apostles." You are deeply indebted in the sight of God. For three years I paid extra attention to the seminary. Almost every day I was there. I attended to almost every detail. Every extra moment I could find the time, I went to the seminary. That three year period of time is over and I have consummated my mission to the seminary.

I am never irresponsible toward you, but you are irresponsible for Ocean Church, irresponsible for CARP. As leaders, if you think nothing about the mission, you are unacceptable to God. If you just do everything that you want to do and then think about the mission, that's not acceptable to me; it's not acceptable to God. For twenty- four hours a day, I think of nothing but the mission.

You don't need any further message. You have the message. Every ounce of energy that comes out of your body and soul, invest that into your mission whether it be Ocean Church, CARP or Master Marine. Don't you think it's important? I am not tired. Every time my legs start to hurt, I scold my own body saying, "You leg, how can you complain? How can you not follow me? I will disown you! You have to help me do God's will." I push myself forward like this, sometimes I even hit my own legs.

I push to go out every day on the ocean. When the engine breaks down, I am disappointed, but feel that for some reason God wants me to stay on shore for that day. Then I search for that reason. That is the only way for me, but for you, sometimes without any reason, you just want to stay on the shore and take a rest and nap. My conscience will not allow that for myself.

The Extraordinary Course of True Parents

Do you want to follow me? Do you want to become a companion of the True Parents? Yes or No? "Yes." So when you go up to the spiritual world, everything will be shown. Nothing will be hidden. Therefore, what do you think? Do you want to be ashamed for eternity or proud? Then do something. Do something that no one else will duplicate. Do something unique. Do something that others cannot imitate. What kind of leader am I when I push seminary students to achieve the highest level of academic studies and then, after graduation, send them out on a boat in the ocean?

It seems crazy. Why do I do this? I want you to know those fishermen, dock workers and crewmen. Among those men are some strong patriots. I love America and I love the world. I want you to become like that: strong men who love their country and love the world. Then you will become teachers and you will restore the people in that field.

I don't want all of you to become fishermen for your entire life, but you have to reach into that realm of life and become teachers so that you can bring salvation to that area. You must become people who have a truly loving heart for these people. You must be one in heart, brothers and sisters centered on God, with the fishermen and workers in the coastal cities. What's wrong with that?

Sometimes I go out on a boat and there is no bathroom. After several hours I have to pass water and there is no place to go. I simply have to do that, even if others are on the boat. That's embarrassing in one way. I know that, but I myself have to walk ahead of you. I have to go first the way you have to go, to be a public person. By doing so, I am teaching the example and laying down the path. Don't worry and don't complain. Even if you are in a situation someday where you become naked and have to pass your stool in public, don't do it with shame. You have a great destiny and you will fulfill something. You have to do everything with dignity.

The saints in the spiritual world will then look down on you and they will acknowledge you as a serious and holy person. So when you pass your stool in a small boat on the sea, all your ancestors in the spirit world will look down and envy your position. They will say, "I wish I could go down there and experience that." Your descendants will also want to follow you and would buy their turn to go out on a small boat and somehow share that experience. In fact, you might have many people coming to your boat before the end of your life to do this thing and you might make a lot of money by charging a small fee to take them out. You are laughing, but in a way, this is no joke.

I can eat with my own fingers, without using a fork or spoon. I can eat out of my lap, using one hand to hold food and the other to eat with. It doesn't make a difference to me. If I have to do something like that to bring salvation to others, I wouldn't hesitate to eat out of my lap a million times. No matter what you think, my way of thinking is entirely different from yours. Do you want to think in a similar way to me? Do you want to make your thoughts parallel to my thoughts? When I landed in America in 1972, no one had heard of me, but I was determined that within three years I would turn this nation upside down, and then right side up. Millions of people have landed on this nation, but my first footstep was different. I planted my foot thinking, "No one else has ever come to this nation with my thinking and my mission. However, I'm going to do it and bring this nation to God."

If you had this same heart when you first went to the Ocean Church mission, Ocean Church would not be like it is today. If you listened to the weather report, you would know that it's rugged up in Gloucester, but calm down here in New York. Okay then, where do you want to go fishing? You have to develop your mind to at least think, "The East Coast is my area. I'm going to go up and down it and work every part of it." However you have to get there, find a way to get there. Fly by plane, fundraise for the money or just walk. Whatever you have to do, just get there. Then learn about that area, learn about the coast. Find out everything about the fish and how they are caught. Once you do that much, practice and improve every technique you learn. I do things so differently from you, because I think differently, see differently and hear differently. That's why my results are so different from yours. People say, "I cannot do it." I can never understand how people can say that. There is no such thing. If your life hung upon the one thing that you were doing, whatever it is, how would you do that? You would do it with desperation, if your life was in the balance. You would just apply yourself and give every ounce of yourself.

Do you follow what I am saying? My thinking is like this and far more. It is not ordinary thinking. When I arrived in New York, I took all the leaders to the top of the Empire State Building. I had just come to New York and didn't even know what was going on there. Yet, I told those leaders, "we will buy some of the major buildings in New York, maybe even this one." Within three or four years, we did indeed buy some large buildings. I even thought about buying the Empire State Building when the negotiations were going on, but it was too late for us at that time. However, another time will come. I know absolutely that "where there is a will, there is a way." I think through every problem, day and night, until I find the solution. I never let it go. My thinking is very different from yours.

What about you? What is changing within you? Did you just grow a beard and become different like that? Or did something change inside of you? If you really change inside, the result will show up. Where is it? What have you been doing? Well, your beards look very wonderful, outstanding. To me you look like Paul Bunyan. Did you put as much care into your boat? I would like to inspect and see which you love more, your beard or your mission. I dress in ordinary, simple clothes. I am ready to go to sea right now. I know that I was born for a unique destiny. I am going to live it out. What people say about me or do to me doesn't matter. I listen in one ear and let it go out the other. I am only thinking about fulfilling my destiny and completing my mission. That's all. That's how I think. Ocean Church is rare. There is no other organization like it in the world. Who created it? It is not that simple. Can you explain Ocean Church to others? Can you explain why it exists and its philosophy? I want to have a wives' program in Ocean Church. One day, I will announce that the wives will be the pilots for the boats. On that day, the husbands will have to train their wives. If they don't do that, their boat will be taken away from them. Anyway, these boats are not your boats. You are taking care of them, just as you would a church center. Unification Church has something of every variety. If you want something, send in to Unification Church for it. People around the world are beginning to see us like that. We should have a catalogue and if someone wants fisher women we will make them if we don't have them. You are Americans. I am Korean. You think, "Well, because Father is Korean he thinks like that." However, you should be even better than me here in America. This is your country. You are born here, your culture is here, your way of life is here. You should do more. You should break every record that I set here in America.

Shall we do it? "Yes." Well, are you just "yes" people or "deed" people? I cannot know just by talking this one day that everyone will do well. I cannot assume that. I want to have a closer look at you. The leaders of Ocean Church have been too good to you. They have been too kind and soft towards you. You need the "iron fist" method. This will bring you greater success, quicker success. You saw the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman." That was really the "iron fist" method. I was sorry when I saw that, because I could have done so much more for that soldier than his sergeant did in that movie. That movie showed a great training method, but the morality was wrong. We have to go beyond that movie. Our training has to be more than the Marines, but our morality has to be as high as the saints.

So then, let us change from today and accomplish the mission completely. Thank you and may God bless you. 

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