The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Sun Myung Moon Speaks to the 2100 Couples

July 2, 1982
Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York
Translated by Bo Hi Pak

The topic today is "True Family." First of all, how do you feel? Great? Since yesterday, the newspapers, radio and television have been very busy publicizing our wedding. This is extraordinary news not only for this country but for the sake of the world, because today's moral degradation has become so extreme.

The world has seen something absolutely fresh and sparkling, and something so deeply meaningful. The most important thing is that the event did not end yesterday. It will go on in the minds of people, in history, in the tradition of this nation. Everywhere, whenever marriage is mentioned, Madison Square Garden will be the topic.

Obviously, in every family many people get married. For example, your grandfather and grandmother got married some time ago. And your parents got married.

Furthermore, in every home, there are people who are yet going to be married: nephews, nieces, cousins, brothers and sisters. Therefore, this topic of conversation never ends. What about college students? They will take this as extraordinary news, the most spectacular topic they can discuss.

Then let us look back. What is our purpose? We do have a purpose. We do have a goal. We do have an ideal.

The ideal is not just for ourselves and our own sake but for the sake of the nation and the world. This is not just our concept. This is God's concept. This is the entire spirit world's concept. In other words, this is a common goal. It is not only we who are pursuing this; God is pursuing this. Spirit world has been pursuing this.

Yesterday we proclaimed that 2,075 couples have been newly wed. You are not just 2,075 newly married couples.

Before you are millions of ancestors who are lining up in the spirit world. And your family tree is there in the spirit world. Yesterday the spirit world was even more bustling than this place because they don't even need the news media to figure out that their descendants are getting married at Madison Square Garden. And the spirit world has not been all that friendly; all kinds of barriers have been there.

They were facing back-to-back. Yesterday they heard that a German got married to an American, who was his enemy some years ago. And a Japanese got an American husband. And again, they were enemies for so long. Especially German and French. That situation has been turned around to face-to-face.

Initially, anyway, the spirit world rejoiced at Madison Square Garden by applauding. As they applauded, their positions got turned around to face each other. Even the Madison Square Garden personnel could realize that the impact of the event yesterday was not just horizontal but vertical all the way up to the spirit world. Yesterday's event made the greatest impact in spirit world of any event which has transpired in history.

Wherever you go, the topic will never cease. "Where did you get married?" "Madison Square Garden." "You are one of the two thousand?" Furthermore, you can say that it was the largest wedding ever undertaken in human history, and you can be proud that you were in it. You can say that my wedding was the largest in history.

Think of it. Seventy nations came to your wedding, and over 100 nations came to congratulate you. From today on, whenever anyone hears that there is a Moonie in town, they will want to know if he was at Madison Square Garden, and find out all about it. You don't even have to go witnessing. They will come to you.

Furthermore, in our society, one of the most important types of associations is the alumni society. When you graduate from a certain school, it becomes an important part of your social standing. People have a lot to talk about with just their school alumni. If that is the case, what about our alumni? This becomes a wedding alumni. You can visit with each other when you go to a strange city.

That is the kind of intimacy which you will develop. Would you be apathetic about that kind of alumni? Would you ignore the people of other races who had participated? If you are not friendly to each other, how sad I will be. When I go to the same spirit world, I will feel deep shame about that. Think of it.

I'm sure that there is enough material to shock the world, because you have only one marriage in your eternal lifetime. You and I together have solved all of these most important life questions. This is not a picnic. This is serious business. You have entrusted this to me, I have made a decision, and I am doing incredible work in this area.

You must know why I am doing such a difficult task, what keeps me going. You must not forget that God wishes to create a world of peace. The entire spirit world wants to create one harmonized world of humanity. I have made myself their champion, to fulfill their wishes. Will this tradition expand or dwindle? Will it shrink down to nothing? Who will hold the key to the future expansion of the tradition? You will. Then I have to trust you to expand the tradition. Can I trust you? Can you trust yourselves?

In history, love is the greatest topic of all time. Therefore, there shall be three groups of people. When talk comes up about the wedding in Madison Square Garden, they will either agree, or disagree… or they will join, realizing that this is the way to live. These three groups of people will come into being in the future.

Do you have confidence that you can persuade the world that our way of life is right and that you can convince them to join our way of life? Your deeds will speak louder than your voices. The world will closely scrutinize you after one year, five years, one child, several children. It will keep observing you.

New social fields will be created, those which are going to be known as Moonie-watchers -- in America, Germany, and Japan. Great scholars in major universities will follow this as the most important social phenomenon of our age. Today it is a known fact throughout the world that human decency and moral foundations are crumbling.

Age-old systems are falling down. The family, the most sacred system of all, is falling apart. There are all kinds of evil signs everywhere. These are the phenomena of our times. All of a sudden, like the rising sun, new life is coming up: Rev. Moon's Unification Church. It will be like a lighthouse, and become the backbone of the spirit of our society.

Nowadays, there is the custom of contract marriages. Couples have trial marriages under various conditions, lasting one year, two years, three years. And then they separate as if nothing had happened. And then they offer as an explanation: "That's what we agreed upon. We are not violating the contract." They live side-by-side, and then they say, "I don't know you anymore."

But on the contrary, we do the opposite. Many of you got together only a few days ago. Until then, you were total strangers. And even now you are total strangers. How many words have the Japanese brides understood so far? But still we have complete faith that this will work out. How different that is.

The bridegroom is a tall American with blond hair, blue eyes and a high nose. The bride is a short Japanese with black hair and a flat nose. The last few days, you have been conversing through sign language. Lots of sign language has been developed. What a contrast to those who live together and then separate. Total strangers come together with faith that it will work out, and then go on this journey for eternity.

It is nothing short of revolution. The word revolution is not even adequate. No one has succeeded in this to any degree in history. Then you come to this realization that we are great, wonderful. We are truly a great group of people: a new mankind, in a way, who will have unlimited resources of love.

We do not have any boundaries ever. Once again, this morning, did you come to the firm conviction that you did the right thing? Yes or no? I feel rather lonely this morning. So far I have been caught up in the excitement. I have the poignant realization this morning that I gave away all my men and women. I feel somewhat lonely.

From now on, when I give you an instruction, you might say, "Let me ask my husband," or "I have to clear this with my wife." So far, you have made your independent decisions, because you have been single. But now that you are married, you must come up with collective decisions.

But the problem is that we are not married upon the completion of the world salvation. The world needs to be saved. Therefore, our task is still ahead of us. Men and women should walk like left leg and right leg. Equal, joint cooperation, just like two feet, two legs.

Man is the right leg, woman is the left leg. In order to go fast, each leg must go equally. If one leg is crippled or limping, that is no good. Marriage will not be a detracting factor. It will be a boosting factor. Each one of you will now have a love injection. This will boost you up. This is what marriage is all about -- a love injection. So everyone must make a firm determination to make a tremendous love injection.

You must determine: "I'm not going to be a burden to my husband or wife; I'm going to be a dynamo. I'm going to give a love injection." That is the solution, the panacea for all. I want to be giving the most in history, more than anyone else. I want to ask you some questions.

Father asked first the men and the women which ones will give more to their mates, not being a burden to the other.

All couples stand up, please. Shake hands with both hands. Look eyeball-to-eyeball and say: "I'm not going to be a burden. I will be a super love injector. Amen." Let's get down to serious subjects. Your mind is on the last few days' events and your mind is floating up and up and up. You have to land somewhere. Where are you going to land? Are your balloons going to land on each other? One brother said, "We will land on the moon." I like that! There are all kinds of new words being created.

"Matri-moony" instead of "matrimony." This morning's newspaper talked about "honey-moonies." This morning the New York Post said that you may not be brainwashed but you may be heart-washed. I like that word "heart-wash" very much. It is a very, very dramatic definition. What are the moonies? They are not brainwashed, but they are the people whose hearts have been really washed.

I would like to see that our launching is done. I would like to see even greater landing sites than the moon. In a way, the ceremony yesterday was a wedding vow; also it was a certificate of one level of graduation. You recognize that the certificate has been given for your meritorious service. Landing on the moon is a great intermediate goal. But as you know, the moon is a reflective object.

The moon is not a light-giving object. It merely receives light. Above it is another heavenly body, the sun, which is light-giving. Do you want to have your eye on the sun?

After the moon, we take off for the sun. Until now you were Moonies. Now you are not Moonies, but Sunnies.

Yesterday's wedding let you graduate from the Moonie level. You are moving onto a new level, the Sunnie level.

Everyone is a Sunnie from today on.

This means that you are going to impart light. What kind of light would you like to impart? Will it be hazy and spotty, or brilliant? You answer very well. In order to become a light-giving object, you have to go into a giant furnace to be melted. There you will be refined so that all foreign elements will come out of you. That process has to take place. You might think that I have a new scheme.

So far, I have invited individuals to give sacrificial service. Now I am bringing all the couples to sacrificial service.

The important thing is, are you confident to do it? I am not asking you to do anything for me. I want you to do it for yourself, for your ancestors, your posterity, your nation and your world.

Furthermore, when you enter the spirit world, you need a passport. You must process that passport right now so that you can freely pass through the boundaries.

Very definitely, the immigration service will stop you.

All kinds of questions will be asked. By our world standards, something difficult will be sweet up there. What is pleasant here will be painful there. It is the exact opposite.

I am pushing myself through difficult tribulations every day. Mother, for example, gave birth only 18 days ago. According to the Oriental custom, for 21 days after the birth of a child, the mother must confine herself to one room. Even the doctors recommended that she stay longer in the hospital. But she left early, so that she could be strong enough to bless you. She did it. Today she felt that her whole body was aching. But I really wanted her to come; she will be here in awhile.

What I am saying is that the role of Mother has not been easy. It has been one difficult road of tribulation after another. But because of the responsibility, Mother keeps going.

People have certain aspirations. If you have a small diamond, you want to get a larger one. That is the way your mind works. But the important thing is that no one will give you a diamond. You have to sweat every bit of the way. That is not easy. My tribulation has not ended.

My life has not been easy. There is even more upheaval, particularly in this court battle. It is an incredible mental, spiritual and physical drain. However, during this time of tribulation, I am undertaking extraordinary tasks, such as the Washington Times. After the blessing, I will continue with the legal fight. Our lawyers are working like mad today. And there is incredible pressure in our legal office.

But I picked July 1 for the blessing. That in itself is a worldwide, earthshaking event. But I am doing this during the tribulation period. This kind of event should be planned two years in advance. But we have done it in less than three weeks. So what kind of members would you like to become? What are you going to be promoted to today? Sunnie? Is Sunnie the end of it, or is there a higher goal?

After you become a Sunnie, there is only one more level to go. That is to become a king. So I say that you must become a king. What is the difference between Sunnies and Kingies? When you become a Kingie, you become a light-giving force that will penetrate all surfaces. Moonies are light-giving objects, but you receive it in reflection.

When you elevate to Sunnie, you become a light-giving object. When you become a Kingie, you can transcend all barriers, and bring light everywhere. The sun still has a barrier which light cannot penetrate, but the king has no barrier.

In our society, there are many, many dark areas, dark alleys, and dark valleys. Out there in New York there are all kinds of devilish things: prostitution for example, the Mafia for example, drug trafficking, for example. We go into those places and breathe a penetrating light into them and restore and save them.

The wife might object to her husband going to those shady areas of society to give light. Is that good advice? Or you might say, "You have been giving good lectures for a long time. Why don't you go to the ghetto and do something about it?" Can you say that to your husband? What would you like?

Would you like for your husband to become a Kingie? In order for him to become a Kingie, he has to go through those alleys, those valleys. Those who have had some drug experiences, raise your hands.

I came to wage war against all evils in our society. Drugs are one area. You are the greatest product of my work. But there are people in our society who would not like for me to succeed. If I succeed, many businesses will have to close down. The prostitutes would be out of business. The Mafia would not operate. Think about it. After you met me, did your way of life become brighter or darker?

From whom did you learn this new way of life? And I am still doing it. I am pushing you to do these things, such as going out to fundraise, getting some business experience and having all kinds of dealings with the world. You are a brighter object today than before you found the church. Is that true?

When you came to me, you were like a very small baby. But when you go out to the world you are a very confident leader, having something to say and show for it. In order to become a Kingie, which is our ultimate goal, our light is not one-sided but both-sided so that there are no dark areas. Darkness is an enemy of God. Darkness covers the world and blinds everyone.

That is what leads to the broken heart of our Heavenly Father. Therefore we must become light-giving objects and conquer the darkness of the world. That should be our goal.

Where do we go from here? Internally, you are bright, but externally you go in the opposite direction, to look for the dark, troubled areas. Go that direction. The time will come when I will speak to the mayor of New York and he will listen.

When that happens, New York can be transformed in one month into the most beautiful city in the world. Right now it is like a dungeon. Look at all the graffiti and vandalism. It is just incredible. Everyone does it, but no one erases it. Who shall do it? If one third of the sanitation department were Moonies, we could be ten times stronger in beautifying this city. We do have that kind of energy. Can you do it?

So our goal is to become a Kingie. A Kingie is a light-giving object, from both sides. As husband and wife, you can even divide the mission. The wife can say, "You go ahead and lecture. I will go work in the ghettoes." That is the way a partnership can be structured. The next day they can change places.

She might come home totally covered with dust. When the husband welcomes her, it could be the most sacred scene. Scrubbing her and making her clean; how beautiful that is. Then she would be intoxicated and say, "I want to go out again tomorrow." And the husband will say, "No, no, tomorrow is my turn." That is the ideal couple. It embraces both directions. There is a possibility of moving from one direction to another.

You think I am preaching Sunday sermons and that is all. No. I am basically a laborer, ready and willing to do anything, do it well, and do it naturally. Go to the ocean, and you will see that I am the number one laborer on the boat. How can I do it? Because my goal is to become a king. I want you to know that you got married to become a cooperating unit so that we can deal with both directions, so that the higher goal will be achieved not by the individual but by the couple. That is the goal and purpose of our marriage.

Those who pledge that their couple will be an exemplary couple in the Unification Church, raise your hands.

From today on, you become Sunnies. I promoted you today from Moonie to Sunnie. Our goal is to become Kingies. We are launched today towards our goal of becoming Kingies.

Why do we have mass weddings like this? The answer lies in understanding the nature of the fall. Satan, the archangel, was of course the initiator; then came Eve, then Adam, and the consequences suffered by God.

That was the fall. So we must restore. We must restore according to the things that were lost by the fall. First, the angelic world must be mobilized. Also we must mobilize the women's world. We must mobilize the men's world.

The spirit world is in the position of the angelic world. The spirit world, angelic world, women's world and men's world will come together like a pancakes. And we have to reverse those things; you will see the root of sin, the root of the fall.

What was it? The fall of man occurred through the misuse of love, or illicit love. The angel, for example, left his original position. So did Adam and they misused love. We have to bring it together and reverse it.

That is the process. Do you have that original sin? You all had the holy wine ceremony? Yes. What was the root of that original sin? False love. Original sin must be passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, Adam and Eve's sin has affected us.

What did Adam and Eve do in the Garden of Eden which has impacted upon the twentieth century? By the misuse of love they stained the blood. So our ancestors became false. They are not purely on the side of God.

That stain has been handed down from generation to generation. As long as this is in our blood, we always have the tendency to drift away, to be tempted by illicit love. Throughout the entire world, everyone has a trace of original sin. As soon as they engage in illicit love, at that point they multiply it, so it is handed down further and further.

Wherever there is illicit love, original sin is multiplied. The root keeps supplying stained blood to that fallen tree; it is running through the trunk to the branches and the leaves. Every facet of the tree is stained and influenced. God chased Adam and Eve out. God kicked them out by heavenly law. Did He amend it? Is that law still alive? It is the same.

Right now the heavenly law persists. Today sexual relationships between teenagers have become routine in American society. This is worse than the situation in the Garden of Eden. For that reason alone, America will decline. The morality dwindles down further; everyone is affected. America will not escape the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah. Furthermore, the Roman Empire collapsed from within, from moral corruption.

Here I appear as a champion of God to restore the confidence of America. So my job, wherever I go, is to root out original sin and plant true love in the same hole.

My topic today is the true family. What is the true family? The true family is the one which observes the cardinal, original law of God. There is only one law; there is no deviation. There are no choices. There is one law of God.

The family which observes it to the strictest extent will be the true family. So in order to create the ideal husband and wife, you have to go through the true family, because somebody first has to give you rebirth. Somebody has to make you new men and women. Then you are eligible.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, did the world ever receive the love of True Parents? No.

It is our destiny to go through the gate of the True Parents. Without True Parents, how can you expect true children? If you don't have true children, how can you expect a true husband and wife? Therefore, a true husband and wife do not come all of a sudden. It is the third level down. First we need to have True Parents then true children.

You should be able to say to God, "God, I am the son or daughter who has been loved by the True Parents." That is the first qualification. We do have God; we do have true brothers and sisters. This is entirely different from the past. Have you become true brothers and sisters? In the fallen world, there is no such thing. Up until age twenty, the True Parents and true children are totally united together. They are inseparable. Then the children will get married. That is the natural sequence.

Men, love your wife, not only in her capacity as wife, but as a mother and elder sister. Men are in the position of father, elder brother and husband. The couple represents not only men and women, but all of mankind and womankind, bound together by love.

As much as you love your own mother, you love your wife. The wife is the embodiment of everything. Your in-laws will not be distant from you. Your daughter-in-law will be just like your own daughter.

What is the fall of man? The fall of man is the destruction of this pure, original love. The fall divided everything. The fall knocked down the True Parents and divided all the true children. It also knocked down the true husband and wife. Everyone is an enemy to one another. That is false, self-centered love, represented by only pursuing one's own interest. We have to bring a revolution here.

We have to root out self-centered love. So therefore we have to go through this revolutionary process, rooting out original sin, finding the true love. How can we do it? By reversing Satan's pattern. Satan is arrogant. So we become humble. Satan is self-serving. Therefore we become sacrificial.

Satan doesn't want to do anything for the sake of others. We want to do everything for the sake of others. This is a basic tenet of religions throughout history. My most favorite slogan is that you live for the sake of others. This is the most universal truth.

Why is that? We have to bring this illicit love upside-down. The basic teaching of the Bible captures it very well. Jesus said, "I did not come to the world to be served, but to serve."

Anyone who wants to be served is showing signs of a connection with Satan. Anyone who has a trace of original sin is a selfish person. Anywhere there is a stain of original sin, Satan can exert a claim. So in order to separate yourself from Satan, you have to go in reverse.

Go and live for the sake of others. Serve sacrificially. This is not my credo or the credo of the Unification Church. This is Jesus' teaching, and that of God himself. God is truly a selfless God, a public God. If God were an angry God, He would have demolished mankind overnight. He could do that. But God has been adopting this same gospel as His way of life. Selflessness. God is tirelessly, continuously working to subjugate Satan to claim victory over him.

We must realize that living for the sake of others is the only way to subjugate Satan. You must show to the world that you are different from Satan and that he has no accusation over you anymore. There is one thing Satan cannot do. He always says, "Serve me."

Satan cannot serve for the sake of others. This is not just a concept; this is a living, practical way of life. Anyone who looks after only his or her own interest has a satanic attribute. The other way around, when the husband totally gives his life for the sake of the wife, the wife totally gives sacrificial love for the sake of the husband. In that unity, God can dwell with that couple. God will be in the middle of the circle. And the love of God will come firmly with it. Then a God-centered family can begin.

True love will not begin without God. When you remove God, there is no such thing as true love. The reason we want to live for the sake of others is because by doing so we become like God, removing original sin and perfecting ourselves. That is why we have to adopt this way of life.

Through true love our ultimate goal is to root our original sin. So we must adopt one simple way of life. We live for the sake of others so that we can practice sacrificial love within our home, church, society, nation and world.

The ultimate result will be the rooting out of original sin, not only from us but from the world. With the same strategy, we can go to higher levels, to liberate even the world of hell. That is the ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is the liberation of God. This is an incredible, extraordinary word we can use. The liberation of God from His grief.

So we come to the conclusion. The original sin was initiated by the archangel, who was joined by Adam and Eve. In return, in order to exterminate the original sin, we need a couple. In the strict sense, none of you are really eligible to be married. You are not completely worthy of receiving the True Parents' love; you have not completely grown as true children. The two levels have not been completed yet.

Where do the True Parents come from? God. That is the messianic goal. God has been propagating this messianic goal. When there is no foundation, the messiah comes at the very bottom. He has to make his own foundation from scratch.

Historically speaking, Judaism represents the period of the servant. Jacob wrestled the angel, who represented the servant of servants. After that victory, the servant lineage began on earth. Then we moved on to adopted son's level and true son's level, and then True Parents' level. Christianity can be described as the religion of adopted sons. And that is laying another giant foundation. Without that, the level of the True Parents could not be reached.

The messiah is coming in the capacity of perfected Adam. Adam will restore Eve, in a process reversing the fall. Eve was created in the image of Adam. In the fallen world, he has the power to restore a woman to become a heavenly bride. That person must present her whole self, soul and love to God in sacrifice. Second, she must give everything she has for the sake of her husband. These are the two most important virtues which women must have.

Christianity has centered upon the bride and bridegroom story, because this is the foundation. John the Baptist and Jesus were in the Cain-Abel positions, in the adopted son and true son positions. Centered upon Jesus, the two positions should have come together. John the Baptist came as Jesus' spokesman, but another more important mission was to select a bride for Jesus. In the fallen process, the archangel took the bride away, so the restored angel should be in a position to bring back the bride, to select her, bring her to Jesus, and to serve her.

The families of Jesus and Zachariah should have come together. However, none of these things were done. The consequence was Jesus' crucifixion, which was like a repetition of the fall of Adam and Eve. At the time of the Second Coming, these same programs must be re-enacted.

It must be consummated this time. What you need are True Parents so that your foundation is completely on their side. The Unification Church is doing precisely that. "True Parents" is not an arbitrary or random term.

It is the most historically important word. I want you to understand that when the messiah comes to the world, he is the one who teaches completely opposite to the satanic world. He will introduce a brand new way of life opposite from Satan. Otherwise, he is not a True Parent.

In order to become true children, you must first accept the teaching of the True Parents. Then you must live that principle. And then become one with true children. So you have to serve the True Parents and their children.

You have a tendency to want to know more about them and to serve them. That is a good tendency, because that is the way that you are going to create the children's world. Thus the Abel realm is automatically created.

Automatically you want to bring the true children into the elder brother's position regardless of age. Therefore, the Unification Church has the tendency to become one with the true family. The Unification Church is divided into Cain and Abel in a heavenly way. God, True Parents, True Children, and True Angel, four levels. That was the original order and discipline. The Unification Church is gradually forming that most basic, absolute building block.

America's legal age has become lower and lower. This external law is a heavenly blessing to assist us in our work. But Satan always wants to imitate the heavenly thing first. So everyone is getting out of their homes now.

Satan is trying to do all kinds of evil and society is accepting it. But when they come here to build a new society, the entire world objects because they feel a threat from the emergence of a new world. Parents kidnapping their own children has hitherto been unheard of. But this is natural, in that they know that their children are going to the heavenly side, in total reverse to the satanic world.

So the parents are no longer in the natural parents' role, and they want to bring back their position by force. We want to bring the original order of true love. As we grow, we will wipe out the world of distorted love. By the fall of Eve, we lost three loves: love of the True Parents, true children, and true husband and wife. Which one should be first?

Do you completely feel the love of the True Parents? In one stroke, three loves were lost. In restoration, we have to bring back each love one by one, step by step. First, the restoration of True Parents' love. At least we must accomplish this within our own lifetime. First we must know the True Parents' love. When you recognize the True Parents' love, you must love them. By doing so you restore the True Parents' love. Until you do this, there is no way you can go further. You should have the True Parents to begin with and true children to be your brothers and sisters. God must ordain the True Parents.

The messiah is coming for that role. You might say we've grown up now; we don't need the church anymore. That is erroneous, foolish thinking. You need a signature from me that you passed the True Parents' love test, and from the true children saying you passed their test.

Mother herself had to pass through these stages: she had to first love me as her father and then as her elder brother. It took her seven years to fulfill these levels. That is the foundation for loving the True Parents more than your own family. Since we have that kind of ideology, you can see your brothers and sisters in everyone; there are no strangers.

You must go out and love your brothers and sisters out there. After that service, you can move into the position of husband and wife. All women must look at your husbands as your father and elder brother. The same is for men. What is the standard of love? If you love your husband or wife more than you loved your parents and brothers and sisters in your own home. Then everyone will rejoice over your love as you become a God-centered husband and wife.

You need also three archangels. You have God, True Parents, true children, true husband and wife, and true archangels. These are the essential components of the true family. From this point on you can lunge forward as the true family, the building block of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The True Family is what my topic is all about. In that family you have every component, everything that God created. When you look at the three spiritual children, you are looking at the entire archangelic world. Your husband or wife represents fatherhood, brotherhood and manhood, motherhood, sisterhood, and womanhood. Then above it, the love of God is dwelling with you.

So you have everything you need to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth. If you just expect to sit back and be loved by your spouse, the original sin will creep back in. You have to lay the foundation; that is, you have to love and understand your mate as parent and elder sibling.

Otherwise it won't work. The root of the tree of the kingdom of heaven has been laid. Now you are grafted into that root so that you have a true essence you can receive through that root. You must make an effort. It will not flow into you automatically. You must deserve it.

Do you want to be a small leaf or a giant tree? To do this, you need a base in home church. You should be able to digest the external world while you are internally consolidating. When you go to home church, you go harboring the love of our True Parents. Love them more than you love your own family. That is the quickest way to win the base. From the true family, you go on to the true tribe.

You are ordained to become a tribal messiah. You are in a better position to fulfill that than Jesus was. Why? You have True Parents and true brothers and sisters. That is the reason you can get married. Now you know it. We have heavenly law; you shall keep an absolute standard of purity and become an exemplary family of heaven.

Remember that you have to go this path while you are living here on earth. If you do not complete this course before your death, it will take a million years to do it. But here on earth you can quickly cover an incredible distance in a short period of time.

In the spirit world that is not possible. Particularly when you are so young, it is the best time to cover a lot of mileage. If you hook into the spirit world, you can be with the True Parents every moment of every day. You are in the forefront of the heavenly soldiers, and our total attention will be upon you.

You must be in a position to inherit the true tradition, sons and daughters of our own True Parents. The key thing is true love. With true love you can do this. Otherwise original sin can creep in again because the seed has just been planted and is not yet perfected.

Simply speaking, we should pursue that love which is given for the sake of others. Then you can demolish original sin. There you have the seed of true love.

I want you to understand that in order to come this far, there have been so many sacrifices paid by all religions in history. We are standing on the foundation of the saints and prophets of history, of all religions. I ask fervently that you become true families.

You will move on from here to the true tribe. That is your goal. Mother and I fervently wish you success in every step.

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