The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Assistance of the Spirit World and Ourselves (I)

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1982
Excerpt from "Proclamation of Celebrating True Parents' Cosmic Victory"
(Unofficial Translation)

You must gain spiritual help, now. As I explained, since the time has come when the entire spirit world is readying to return to the earth and to assist the earthly people, it is extremely important how you prepare your personal foundation that allows you to be the focal point of their returning resurrection and be able to receive their assistance.

You must change your concepts. In order to receive the spiritual help, you must prepare an environment that qualifies you to gain spiritual help. Then, what should you do? Everything that exists on earth that you can reach and touch, whether it belongs to our church or not, is holy. It is holy. You must develop this mind-set that people in the spirit world eagerly want to reach and touch all things on earth.

How do you treat the all things? You must consider them as higher dimensional and holy. In another word, you should view them as the most precious amongst all expensive antiques. You must think you are touching the object which was created by God's own hands. At the same time, you should long that this holy object should reach and contact "me," a human being with holiness.

For this end, you must cultivate a mind-set that you are giving it glory, when you touch something. The same holds true for the people you meet and live with. Rather, you must feel even more so when it comes to dealing with people. As God treats a person directly, you must develop the heart to treat the person with the same feeling that God does. This is the question. It is not a problem how the other person would treat you. Real question is how you should treat that person and how you feel in your heart.

All things are holy. Then, think about it, the man's position is higher than that of all things. You must consider a person as God's holy child. Then, you must realize when you touch the person, you are giving him grace.

A man has two aspects, mind and body. Each of you has mind and body. In other words, within you, two people co-exist. As you consider all things as holy and all people as holy in this relative world, then you must regard your own body as sacred and your own mind as hallowed. Then you should feel that your body rejoices when you treat it with your true heart.

You must gain your true heart. When you do, God's love will visit you. Do you follow me? You must nurture such a true heart. If I summarize what I said so far, first, you must treat everything as a holy object, holy object. You must treat it as hallowed. Next, you must regard people as holy. Then, you must consider your body as God's holy body and your mind as God's mind.

As you train yourself to live like this, what will happen to you? You will hear a voice of your mind, a voice of your mind. When it happens, the evil spirits are no longer able to occupy your mind's environment. In other words, no evil spirit can come near you. Since there is an absence of evil spirits, only good spirits will surround you. You must cultivate your inner self in such a manner as well as developing such a living environment. Then you will attract spirit world. Then the spirit world will connect you with the strong power. Then, even if you are sleeping in a poor bed, you must feel that you are living in Heaven's place upon invitation from God.

If you think this way and conduct your life accordingly, your environmental conditions will definitely allow you to connect with good spirits in the spirit word. A place where you live will become the dwelling place where you and God live together. Because a great many good spirits move centered around God, such an individual will be the base which they return to.

Look, when you see a handkerchief or even an antiquity that was owned by a famous person, it seems to you ordinary and valueless. Then, why is such an item valuable? Why do people pay a high price for it? It is valuable because it has a holy value standard. By the same token, if you enter into a holy realm, your mind moves towards it naturally.

What must you think always? Just before you go to bed, you meditate and reflect on your day. Then, when you wake up, you must realize you come to conscience from the deep place -- feel that your heart is waking up first. Through such experiences you come closer to spirit world.

By living such way, if you get your life together, your heart will control yourself. Your heart! When you decide to go somewhere, you yourself become a resonance matter. Like a tuning fork, your mind and body -- resonating to the public minded Master's heart -- would feel whether your object is good or bad, as if receiving electromagnetic waves from it.

If you train yourself to keep such a mind-set constantly, when you meet a person, you will know if that person is good or evil. Your mind will possess such ability. Once you can see spiritually, you will see your spirit body moving. When you meet a good person, you may see your spirit self is rejoicing to follow that person. Your spirit self acts externally. You may reach such enlightened state.

What you must watch out is whether you are self-centered or not. You have to gain public mindedness. Even if you face difficulty, you conduct your life possessing a mind desiring to help others for the good of the whole. In another words, you keep the mind-set as if you belong to a fire station or emergency agency.

Why is that? You must think that you must help others before the spirit world. You must think you must go ahead of the spirit world. Originally speaking, a man must dominate the spirit world. Originally, Adam was the head of the spirit world. Thus, you must think you will go to help others before the spirit world. This is because a man must dominate the spirit world. This is important. 

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