The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

Master, Guests and Others

Sun Myung Moon
September 1, 1982
Translator-Bo Hi Pak

All of you have parents, and most have brothers and sisters. You also have a relationship with other relatives, your country and the world. We are born from our parents and we grow up in our parents' house. Where does that house belong? Every house is within a certain nation, and each nation is a part of the world. Those who know there is a spirit world also know that life continues there after this life on earth.

This cosmos we live in is vast, but it must have a center. We call that center God. We might say that God is the "super-center" of the entire creation, but under Him there are other centers. For instance, the earth has a certain center, as does the spirit world. Societies, nations and families also have their centers. The central figures on the different levels must have something in common.

If a person is asked what is his ultimate desire, normally he would reply that he wants to be in the best position, right on top. That is an innate human desire. Even if we are born in a humble place, we want to reach the highest level. There must be a way to get there. What is the shortest, most direct way to reach that goal? The shortest way is to go through the central figure. In your family, you go through your parents. In your nation, you go through the sovereignty.

Since you set out to reach that goal, the central figures must support you instead of blocking your way. If your family opposes your direction, they will try to block you head-on. But if your central figures are supporting you, it is like a tail wind helping you along. Your parents win push you to the national leader, your national leader will push you to the world, and the world leader will push you to the universe. Then you have no problem.

Suppose you went all the way to the top and became the central figure of the universe. No one would block you then. If God is the central figure of the universe, who is in a position to stop Him and refuse to allow Him to go through the family, nation, world and cosmos? The best way to get to the top is to make a relationship with the central figure. One should make some relationship with God.

We commonly talk about central figures in our church, but what is the definition of a central figure? He or she is the one who is the master of the house, whether large or small. The President of the United States is the master of this house of America. If the President wanted to visit the 70 million homes in the United States, would anyone refuse him? Normally, people would open their homes to him, and feel honored to have him. Is there any company or organization that would refuse to host him? The master of the house has freedom in every part of that house.

What is the role and responsibility of the central figure of the United States? He is responsible for everything happening within this country. He has to take care of whatever happens to the people of the United States. If something good happens, he rejoices with the people. If something bad happens, he tries to correct the situation so it won't happen again.

The central figure has a tough job trying to fulfill his responsibility and must work harder than anyone else. Although he may not want to see or hear some things, he must see and hear them because he has the responsibility to know everything about the situation. He cannot decide to take responsibility for the good things and blame others for the headaches. A good central figure lets others have the joy while he takes 'on the problems. A central figure who becomes a true master of the house doesn't make excuses and blame outside circumstances for his problems. He feels, instead, that he is not worthy of his responsibilities.

The person who can shed more tears and sweat in serving his own people is the good central figure. He must be the first person to shed tears, the first to sacrifice. If there is a need for sacrifice, even unto death, the central figure should be the one most willing to volunteer. This definition is true on every level, whether at work or in the family, the nation or the cosmos.

Everyone has a desire to go through the central figure, all the way to the top. What is the reason for getting to the top? Is it to escape hardship and sadness and only receive glory and wealth? The person who reaches the top must give and serve the same way be did on his way to the top. Then people will ask, "What's so good about getting to the top? If I'm going to suffer there, too, I might as well stay here!" It is important to know the value of getting to the top. If you are giving more and more on the horizontal level for the sake of the public, then something invisible is growing vertically as well. Therefore, you are gaining something.

In this universe there must be a perfect horizontal and perfect vertical line. If the earth is round, there isn't actually any "up" and "down." But from the Creator's point of view there must be some line, some standard somewhere. Human society has established certain reference points for measurement on the physical earth -- for instance, Greenwich Mean Time, or latitude and longitude. By the same token, there must be some standard in spiritual life. This central standard line must be established between two points of origin; then you can start to measure what is parallel to the central line. Once the central model is set, you can compare yourself and others to it.

The central line is unchangeable, so your relationship with the central vertical or horizontal line will determine your position and value. In relation to that absolute line, you can determine your own position and value, horizontally and vertically. What is in that central position? How about money? Power? Knowledge? Think about all the different kinds of people and cultures in the world. What kind of standard would no one complain against? Even if we excluded God, we could come up with nothing better than love as this standard.

You can't touch love or see it, so what's good about it? One thing is true -- when love starts to approach, even though you can't see it, your every sense strains in that direction. Your eyes, cars and hands reach out and your whole soul reaches in that direction.

In navigating the ocean a compass is needed which gives a point of reference so the location of the boat can be figured out. A boat may seem to be moving randomly on the ocean, but actually it is being steered according to dud one reference point. In that way the captain can always know where the boat is on the ocean.

Everything in our lives works like that. Every country has a constitution which is the center of all its laws. All the other laws will be set up according to that constitution. If a certain law doesn't parallel the constitution, it will have to be repealed. You can't convince anyone of the position of the United States unless they understand what is the central point of measurement.

In the realm of physics, scientists refer to many formulas which are like scales to measure and evaluate things. In our way of life, them must be an absolute central measure and formula by which all people can be evaluated. What is it? That formula must not change, even in a billion years. Some people have a simple answer: everyone else has to measure up to them! That's very convenient, isn't it? If you are the measure, then you can do whatever you wish.

Don't you think God foresaw the need for an absolute formula when He created mankind? God didn't want to be criticized for creating a formula that wouldn't work anymore after a thousand years.

What is absolute true love, then? It must be the kind of love that people everywhere can recognize and rejoice over. Absolute love has no limitation; it can travel anywhere and never tarnish or decrease in value. It must be welcomed by East, West, North and South. The movement of true love must be based on five absolute reference points at all times. Even if such movement is in the opposite direction, its ultimate aim is to connect to the reference point. Absolute love must have the kind of movement that always keeps in touch with the five reference points.

What if there is no movement and you are stationary instead? That means your position must be centered; in that way you maintain the four directions. Suppose love were a visible material; it would be totally round, and round objects must have a center. The distances from an four reference points to the center are equal; therefore, no one can complain or disregard it. Maintaining that relationship involves give and take and turning forever. This is what we mean when we speak of the ideal.

If you want to become the master of your house, what kind of master will you be? The master of love, or the master of money, power or knowledge? Do you women also want to become masters of love? Absolute love means freedom. After going through all the reference points, absolute love has no restrictions. It has absolute freedom to go everywhere. Absolute love will always lead you to the reference point. This is why you like absolute love: it brings you to the central points. You can go in any direction as long as absolute love takes you to those reference points.

Therefore, absolute love is universal. Within it everyone has every freedom and happiness. Absolute love can go through the tiniest hole. How can you go through the tiniest opening? Would freedom give you the power to do it? Can you take a vote on it? Absolute love is not confined or determined by democracy. You have to go through the form of true love. An effort is needed to thread something through a hole; it doesn't happen easily. However, the eye of love's needle is flexible; sometimes it gets bigger, sometimes smaller.

The important thing is that you don't give up. If you hit it right on the bulls-eye, the hole will get bigger and accommodate you; your whole body can go through! Maybe you think you will suffocate if you are inserted into that hole. Certainly courage is needed to go wherever true love goes. When you plunge in, you will discover that there is no suffocation but only more freedom opening up. What is marriage all about? It is a commitment, inserting yourself into a situation and not looking backward. There is no time to choose the color of thread; you just plunge in.

Will you break into pieces if you throw yourself in? Never. When you land, you will recognize that you are on God's territory where everything is prepared. It is a bold adventure. The most adventurous action in the entire world is the adventure of love. Once you determine the value and formula, you can measure what other people are doing. It doesn't matter where you travel in pursuit of true love-you will be natural and comfortable with white, black, or yellow people because true love is universal. There are all kinds of love. What about a love that only works with white people; would you like that? That is not universal love.

What are the principles of creating the vertical and horizontal lines of love? First, that love has to be needed by both God and man. God must be concerned about how the line is drawn. When does God want to start drawing that line in 1982, or 2000, or when? In the beginning God drew the line, but who else was there? The angels and then Adam and Eve, so God must have called a conference among them to talk about this. Should the line of love be relative to each one's situation, or the same for everyone? The situation common to all was absolute love.

Why should the vertical line come before the horizontal? No matter how straight you may think you're drawing your horizontal lines, unless you have a vertical reference point the whole thing can be tilted. The vertical line is your reference point for the horizontal line; they must intersect at a 90-degree angle. After having the central vertical and horizontal lines, we can draw any number of additional lines. Who should represent the vertical line -- man or woman? Maybe you will say I am anti-woman if I say it is man, but the Principle is not just my opinion. Even if you feel like crying, still you have to accept it! Without going through the Principle, you cannot be a landing base for absolute love.

There are many people in the world who never even think about this. There is only one place on this planet, here at Belvedere, where these things are being talked about. Almighty God in heaven knows everything already, so maybe He is dozing sometimes, but when I am speaking about true love at Belvedere, do you think God wakes up and takes notice? Are you interested too? Do you women feel good -- even though you may think you are oppressed here? I am pressing you down to push you into the land of absolute love.

The women's role is simple and easy, in a way; all you have to do is maintain a 90-degree line with men. Wherever men move, make a 90-degree line. Maybe you wish I hadn't let your husbands hear this, but men have their job as well. Their job is to parallel the central absolute line. Women are destined to follow men and be determined by their accomplishments. No matter how great a woman is, her destiny is determined by what her husband does. This is according to the Principle.

The man's job is to love the absolute God absolutely and also to love mankind absolutely. By doing so, he will parallel the vertical line. God will love that kind of man for eternity and protect him. It is in God's interest to have that kind of man prosper. God goes back and forth, up and down, to that dot of absolute love. That dot should rest upon the head of man.

Why are human beings the one species in the world that walks vertically? It is because we are spiritual creatures, connecting with vertical love. Therefore, men pursue the ideal and want to create big things and accomplish noble deeds. Many times women, because they tend to think more conservatively, don't like certain things men do. If a man wants to go away and do something crazy or adventurous, the women in his life usually try to stop him. If conservative women were in charge of the world, do you think technology would have developed this far, or would the oceans and outer space have been explored?

No matter how great you women are, you are compelled to follow the truth. By virtue of the fact that I am a man, I am in the position to appreciate you women. Our subject-object relationship is clearer than that between other men and me so what do I gain by giving you a hard time?

Would you be content with a tiny little accomplishment, or do you want a great one? If you want a great accomplishment, would you pull your husband back, or push him forward? If you pull him back, will you go up or down? You women must not have husbands who stay home at night just to keep you from complaining about them being out so much. Let your husband feel totally free to go and do anything that parallels the vertical line. Let him be confident that if he goes away for ten years, you will be there when he comes back. When he comes back after ten years, you may be living in a log cabin somewhere, but then you may eventually end up in the White House! Who knows what prominence he may bring to you? Do you want a henpecked husband who trembles in front of you, or a truly subjective, courageous and adventurous husband?

I spent the whole summer with Ocean Church members and gave them a tough time. They went to bed at midnight, and then were ready to go out again at 3 a.m. Maybe they weren't all that crazy about the ocean or thrilled to get up that early! But I am setting a standard, the vertical line, and if no one responds then there will be no horizontal line drawn at 90 degrees. Whether you like it or not, you have to apply yourself 100% to form a line perpendicular to the vertical. Anyone who makes that determination will prosper.

Coming to Belvedere at 6 a.m. is not easy. I know that 10 a.m. would be more convenient for you. But even if you don't like to come so early, you force yourself out of bed. Your being here sleepy is like being 60 degrees to the vertical, but it is better than nothing! Still it crosses the vertical line, and the vertical has something to do with you. However, if you did not respond at all, no matter how great the power of the vertical line, it couldn't do you any good. So you must apply yourself willingly.

There are two major differences between Westerners and Asians. Asians have a strong tradition of obedience, while Westerners are used to making their own choices. The misuse of freedom is prevalent in the West and that has brought great damage. The Western world can crumble very quickly under difficulties, but the Eastern civilization will decay only slowly. Also, the West has no way to recover once it crumbles, while the East has room to bounce back.

You will have freedom as long as you observe the absolute reference points. Then you can move in any direction; you can draw thousands of lines through the central point and they will be accepted. Patrick Henry proclaimed, "Give me liberty or give me death," but he wasn't talking about the misuse of freedom that we see in America today. Freedom according to the central reference point is different from license. Is my concept of freedom correct, or the secular concept we see Way? If you have every freedom except the freedom of love, your other freedoms have no value. 'Me ultimate application of freedom is determined by love.

Since the July 1 Blessing, I have been observing how the newly married couples have behaved. Actually, I have been detecting a bad smell from some people who seem to think they have graduated from the Unification Church. They think they don't have to worry anymore about doing God's will, but only about their own families. When you reflect on this principle, however, where is your vertical line? My general rule is that the wives should take over the responsibility for homemaking. Why is that? In that way your husband can go parallel to the vertical line in service to God and humanity.

A blessed couple can become one of two types. One will feel that no matter what, the vertical line comes first, and service to God and humanity is the law of their family life. Another type would focus on becoming parallel with each other, not the vertical line. Honestly ask yourself which type you are. Are you compromising with the vertical line? You know better than anyone where you are.

Some couples don't stop at worrying about getting an apartment and having a family. They go a step further and want the Church to support them, telling me that I should stop worrying about the restoration of the world and take care of them instead! I too am a family man; I have a wife and children, but still my primary mission is the vertical line assigned by God. I remember vividly how my first marriage did not work out because I would not compromise on this matter; I insisted on going with the vertical line. When my wife wanted me to worry about our situation instead, it could not work.

Nothing under the sun can keep me from following the vertical line -- serving God and humanity first. That is what has made me what I am today. If I had followed my first wife and been sympathetic to her and my child, I would not be here talking to you today. Because I sacrificed my life for God and humanity, great accomplishment could come. God knows why I made that sacrifice, and He has amply blessed me in return. That's why Mother and I could have great blessing in the form of 13 True Children.

You must become holy men and women who can be remembered by God. He remembers those who can go beyond their own suffering and put the mission and success of the dispensation first. Of course, He knows you need groceries in the house and your children need care. You women will move God's heart when He sees you in dire need but refraining from criticizing your husband. When He hears you saying, "Don't worry about me, Heavenly Father, but instead please bless my husband's efforts to do Your will," His heart will be melted. When you want to take responsibility for the family yourself so your husband can be free to work hard, God has to sympathize with you.

Your husband can succeed because of your prayer, and when he comes before God's throne, God will say, "Wait a minute. Where are your wife and children? They are the greatest ones." God will come down from His throne and bring you to His side and reward you first. God and your husband will stand together and bow down to you and your children who endured such sacrifice with a willing heart of devotion. That is the kind of wife and children I want.

The husband must be absolutely sure that he is suffering for the providence more than his wife and children are. That is the one criterion. If you are just enjoying yourself, that is no good. You must be enduring more for the sake of God and humanity. I chose that way of life and walked that path and I had the courage to do that because I knew the truth. I will not compromise. Even now I am totally committed to God and humanity, and I am sure I am receiving more persecution and working harder than anyone else. As long as I am doing this no power can destroy the Unification Church. I have already obtained the sign of the victor. Whether I will win or not, is not in question; it is already decided.

What kind of wives do you American women want to become? Your burden has actually become much heavier since you have married. Now you are bearing three crosses instead of one -- your husband's and your child's, plus your own. You may wonder what you will gain with all these extra tears and suffering, but behind you is the true love of God. No one can take that away from you. It is the true wife who can say to her husband, "Your job is to love True Parents and God. Go their way." Your husband should also be saying the same to you. When you get exhausted, still pursue true love. I have lived that way of life for years. At your age I lived exactly that way.

You know I love you, don't you? To me you are my children, so why should I put you through suffering like this? No parent would do that except for one reason: the only inheritance I can give you is true love, and in order to receive it you must know suffering. Once you have received that, you are truly free people. Wherever you go in the universe you shall be welcomed. Then you are participating masters of true love and have that authority. You can go in any direction to any central figure when you have true love, all the way up to God. Once you meet this criterion, you pass every test.

I look at Mother with this in mind. She is always concerned about my health. I am not a young man, and she worries when I'm out on the ocean all day. I understand her heart and I appreciate it, but at the same time, I must continue to move ahead with the providence. If Ocean Church will help the providence, I must continue to work until early morning.

At one point we were out at sea constantly for two days and nights, not returning to port at all, and I did not sleep for one moment. On the second night, members were sleeping beside their fishing poles. When I looked at them, I wondered whether I was committing a crime against them, but the key question was whether I did it for a selfish purpose. Since I did it for the sake of God's providence, I was helping them to become saints. They shall receive the blessing together with me. Therefore, you are not unfortunate people. You are the most fortunate for participating in this historical providence.

Still I am fighting my way along this road. Our legal battle is continuing and forces are trying to destroy me. But when I look back on my path, I see great accomplishments. Some day people of all colors of skin will come to respect me. Even as I was fighting the legal battle during the trial, I never abandoned the fundamental mission. For example, we accomplished several things-The Washington Times was begun, and we also held the historical Blessing of 2,075 couples at Madison Square Garden. From September 17, over 1,000 theaters will be showing the movie Inchon. All these works were conceived and carried out during my trial.

Everyone will wonder why I made Inchon; this is a question I want people to ask. Our critics will have a big headache! They indicted me and thought that was the end of it, but now they see our movie all over the country. In every respect, Inchon is a history-making movie. No film was ever re-made on location five times. This is the most expensive film in Hollywood's history. The most controversial fact is that I produced it. Why did a religious leader do this, Americans will ask. This film has one simple purpose: we want to make General MacArthur a hero for Americans. Young people today do not know who he was, or the true causes of World War II and the Korean War-how they started and progressed, and how they ended. By showing what a hero MacArthur was, a new spirit can come to America and the public can be educated about the providential significance of these wars.

Why did I do that, instead of some other moviemaker? First of all, it is because MacArthur loved God. The Inchon landing was an impossible strategic plan in a military sense. No sane general would normally have proposed or accepted it because the Inchon harbor has the world's highest and lowest tides in the course of one hour. That meant that within 45 minutes, 250 ships had to pass through the small channel into the harbor. It was an incredible impossibility. MacArthur could only do it with absolute faith in God. He believed and trusted that the Korean conflict was a holy war and that God would be with them. On that condition alone he came up with his plan and he offered it into God's hands.

Secondly, MacArthur loved mankind. Japan was the worst enemy of America in World War II, but after Japan was defeated, MacArthur worked hard to restore that nation. Out of his compassion he helped make the foundation for what Japan is today, Thirdly, MacArthur abhorred communism. Why? Because communism denies God and strips human beings of their dignity.

General MacArthur's spirit and my spirit are parallel, and I invested great amounts of energy to make this movie. With this film we can inspire America and awaken the people to the realities of communism. I'm sure that one thing is clear: this film will generate controversy. Let the demonstrators come! There will be conversations over breakfast and banquet table alike about this film Inchon and MacArthur. Some will be for it, some against it, but anyone who has not seen the movie cannot participate in the discussion. Wives will badger their husbands to go with them to see it!

Students in particular must see this film. In two hours they can learn about MacArthur's spirit. Their conversations will focus on the movie, pros and cons, about why they think MacArthur is a hero or not. I want to see such excitement coming from young people. Do you think we are wasting money in this endeavor? You fundraise for $5 or $10 at a time, so what do you think? Even at the cost of millions of dollars we must achieve this goal.

Gamblers in Las Vegas can lose millions of dollars overnight. But this is far greater than gambling -- it is a great adventure. Even if the movie doesn't recoup the investment we made, the money has been well spent for the sake of America and the posterity of this nation.

Why does my name receive top billing in the movie? From a secular, promotional point of view it is detrimental, but I still insisted. This movie has a historical purpose, not just for now but for the future. In a hundred or ten thousand years, the name of Reverend Moon will not vanish from history. When that movie is seen in the future my name will come first. History will remember that this film was made during my utmost persecution from the U.S. government. Even during the dirtiest fight, Inchon was made for the benefit of mankind. My spirit of victory over communism will remain on earth forever.

In a commercial sense, the easiest thing would be to leave my name out entirely. After the movie became a success, then we could talk about who produced it. This is pragmatic thinking. But my thinking is that we may not make money, and may even be set back financially, but if we don't put my name on it, this film will just disappear. Because Reverend Moon's name is on the film, it shall be immortal.

Right now people may be scornful of Inchon, but the more scorn we receive now, the more decoration we shall receive in the future. There are superstars in the movie, such as Sir Laurence Olivier and Terrence Young, the director. These people haven't protested the fact that Reverend Moon's name is listed first in the credits. Why should such big-name stars be silent about that? They know more than anyone else that the film is a product of Reverend Moon, not just financially but spiritually. Initially they protested when I wanted to make changes in the movie, but every time I did they could see the improvements. After five times, they were completely convinced of my capabilities. Even my suggestions on changes for the promotional posters were welcomed and praised by the Hollywood artists. Reverend Moon is a mystery man to these people.

Don't you women want your husbands to be more like me? I ask you that because it is exactly what I want to do -- mold your husbands into men who resemble me and live according to my standard. To do that job well, I need more than one or two years-I need at least 10 years. Both husband and wife need to be raised up in this manner, but which should come first? Therefore, perhaps I should take your husbands away from you for a while. Do you willingly offer him to me? You want me to train him in the fastest way possible, right? So you will all give me your husbands to train? No, thank you, I don't want that kind of burden! Are you men ready and willing to follow me? This is truly a wonderful day! You women are ready to give up your husbands so they can become more like me, correct? You may not like to have to, but you are willing-that is wonderful! Here you are, joyful, happy, laughing, even though you know you face hardships in the future. That is our wonderful way of life.

From now on, since you are part of a family unit, we might initiate special fundraising teams of wives. Even though people may oppose us and our activities, we can declare to the world, "We have a purpose and a goal. This is the way America will live, survive and prosper. Them is no other way. We have the ideology and way of life that will always protect us and our children. We are destined to prosper, without question. We shall not give in!" Is that right? "Right" means privilege, even authority.

What is the meaning of our topic, "Master, Guests, and Others"? By living this way of life, you will be respected and followed wherever you go, whether in Korea, Europe, or anywhere. All creation and all mankind want to be led by the person of true love, and they respect and admire that kind of person. Such a person is always selfless and conveys a parental attitude of love toward others. That is the ultimate formula we should accomplish.

Do you want to meet that kind of master, or do you want to become that kind of master yourself? To become one is not easy. In order to do that, you have to shed a lot of tears and sweat, suffering many backaches and leaches. Without enduring such difficulties, you can never become a master. The challenge to you men is great. When you hear my sermon this morning will you pursue your spouse, or God and the Church? Will you go together with me and resemble me? If you do that, you shall truly become a master, not just find a master.

So far I have talked about the master, but what is the definition of the guest? The master has one purpose, but guests can come for two different purposes. They either become indebted to the host, or they lift his burden. When you welcome a guest into your home, do not expect him to do anything for you or to help you. The guest is always a guest -- an outsider who comes and goes. People who come to visit you usually end up taking something from you, instead of bettering your situation. If you want to become a master, you need to look for a master and become his good follower. Do not look for a person in the position of guest. This doesn't mean that you should treat a guest harshly, but you shouldn't expect anything from him.

What about your physical parents? They are your guests, not hosts or masters. As blessed couples, you should be the hosts. Therefore, you should not be in a position to be influenced or dominated by them, but to influence them. We have to be very careful with any guests and give them a good impression. Do not talk too freely with them or you will create a problem. But if husband and wife want to talk together all night, that's all right because you are the host and hostess.

All others are what we might call strangers -- they cannot be trusted because they are unfamiliar to us. You have to know clearly how to distinguish between the three categories of master, guests and others and know exactly how to deal with them. I see the 2,075 Couples as representing the heart of Western civilization here in New York. The Blessing at Madison Square Garden is a historical event for all eternity, and through it you have entered the boundary line of God's territory. That boundary line is very important and clear.


I have described three categories to you -- master-or host and hostess -- guests, and others. The most important point to remember is that the vertical line penetrates three points -- top, center, and bottom. That vertical line is the beginning point for everything; that is God, husband and son. The horizontal line is where husband and wife and neighbor dwell. There is only one absolute reference point and it cannot be changed. For that reason, marriage in the sight of God means only one husband and wife. The law of love requires that husband and wife love each other and their children. Children must love their parents. By following this law, you always stay connected with the absolute reference point. Why should you all love God? By loving Him, everyone can be brought into harmony. That central vertical line becomes the axis of the universe.

The wife should always teach her children, "As much as I love your father, you must love him, too." Your practice of love will become their standard. The husband will say, "As much as I love your mother, you should love her, too." You can both say, "As much as we love God, you should love Him, too." You teach your children by example. That is the best and only way.

In that way you create a love center, and then the four-position foundation will truly come alive. The love between husband and wife is the core training to learn how to love God and children more. When the wife loves the children more than her husband, he should not be jealous; he should rejoice instead. If the wife loves God more than her husband, it is a poor husband who will complain. He should be grateful and call her a saint instead. The wife should also encourage her husband to love God more than her.

Setting that kind of example is your central responsibility. By loving God and your children more than your spouse, you shall find unity with the center. That is the original point for the ideal world of absolute love. It is the pride of the Unification Church that we are practicing this way of life. The purpose of creation and the will of God is to fulfill the heavenly four position foundation. We must dwell for eternity with God at the center.

Even if your husband were to die at an early age, you wives should transfer that tradition to your own children and it will continue. The same is true for you men. If God were here personally, He would say the same thing: love God and your children more than each other Then the vertical line will be the center of everything in your life.

This universal principle applies from God down to everyone. Wives live for the sake of God, husband and children. Husbands live for the sake of God, wife and children. The children live for the sake of God and parents. God lives for the sake of His children. This is the realm of total giving. Do you understand?

Concentrate on the central line and fulfill the ideal that you have been taught this morning. Become a master, a true host. Do you welcome it? Will you do it? Thank you very much. God bless you.

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