The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

In Search Of Our Home

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 11, 1982
Translator - Sang Kil Han

You are the people who understand about God's dispensation of restoration. Within that dispensation is involved not only mankind but also all the other elements of the universe: God, spirit world, and all things. Perhaps the most important aspect in the restoration process is the fact of man's responsibility. In essence the wrongs of the universe were caused by man, not God, so the critical issue is always man's actions. Restoration progress occurs according to what man has or hasn't done.

When we say "man" we include men and women of course. The fall of man occurred between the first man and woman; let us take a closer look at how it happened. Adam and Eve fell as husband and wife so those positions are the most critical in restoration. What is the next level of relationship which is most critical? It is that of brothers and sisters, or the children.

As a result of what took place in the beginning of human history, all people are now situated somewhere below the line of the fall. We must realize that people are constantly struggling to rise above that line. We would all like to become husband and wife and brothers and sisters who can live above the line of the fall.

Satan dominated the position of the parents first, then the children, the brothers and sisters. Therefore the process of restoration is now centering upon the role of parents and the relationship between husband and wife. A major characteristic of the satanic world is that of reversed or improper order. For Satan to continue his domination, he must maintain that wrong order of relationship in the world.

If God cannot establish the right tradition, neither can He establish true and eternal justice for everyone. Satan knows that God's dispensation of restoration is moving forward so he is very desperate to maintain the improper order of relationship in this world. He is very afraid to see the new, right order of relationship being introduced.

What chance does God have to move into this world? Remember that man is composed of both spiritual and physical elements. The original nature of each person is pushing him toward God's design for him. If the fall had not occurred every person could have maintained a good relationship between his original mind and his actions. Even now with the incredible entanglements of fallen nature, the original mind of each person is directing his body to behave in the proper way. But is the body able to obey the commands of that original mind or isn't the body usually going in the opposite direction?

Why does the body continue to go the wrong way? It is because of the element of "I" which is stained with the sin of the fallen world; this "I" is always conscious of its own needs above all others. For example a person will want to see his family focusing upon his desires; he will even want to have the world centering upon his will. That kind of viewpoint is very common.

You might ask, "Didn't this kind of nature come from God?" However, if someone believes that God endowed man with his self-centered nature he is actually ascribing to the theory of two sources for man-one of the mind and one of body-which are not necessarily supposed to be united.

Which should be subject, the mind or the body? You answer "mind" but when you observe the world at large, which seems to be playing the subjective role over mankind, the body or the mind? Certainly it is the body. Thus you can clearly see that this world is not what it is supposed to be; it is existing below the line of the fall.

It is most common for a person to think that the world is the source of his problems, not that there is something wrong with him. However the focal point of all the problems of the world is actually the individual, the "I". The problem is "me" not society or the rest of the world. The proper, rightful "I" will create the good family which will multiply into the largest levels.

Ask yourself a simple question: do you regard yourself as more important than the society; what about the world? If so you can know that there is something wrong with your point of view. Your "I" is wrong. There is always a tendency for people to consider themselves the most important entity in the universe.

Some people say, "Let's just enjoy life and do whatever we want to do. I don't want to think about anything serious like God or society; we can worry about all that later." However if someone thinks like that he cannot expect to create anything like an ideal family; certainly an ideal society is out of the question. Happiness can never be achieved through such an "I"-centered viewpoint because no one can find happiness alone without a good family, clan, society and world. You must realize that the nation, the world and the universe are all absolutely necessary for you personally to find true happiness.

Is the sun created for your sake alone? The sun, water and all the things of nature do not exist just for you but for the benefit of all beings of the earth. The universe will never support someone who tries to claim all the things of the earth as existing for his sake alone. When a man and woman share all their belongings with each other, saying, "These are ours, " they can enjoy harmony. However if one tries to say, "These are mine," disharmony will result.

Why do we need law and order? Law and order exist to protect the right ownership of Creation; in other words, to ensure that everything remains "ours" and not just a few people's. We can classify laws; one kind exists to prevent fighting among individuals over their positions. For example among the brothers in a family, who has the seniority? The eldest brother does, not by anyone's choice but by the order in which they were born. The one who exists first is closest in the lineage to God, who came before everyone.

Law also dictates that between parents and children, the parents are more important; they always exist before the children without exception. Imagine yourself in the position of a son or daughter within a very large family. You would have many cousins, uncles, and aunts within your clan. Could you demand the position of greatest authority within such a clan? Certainly all your elders would not allow that.

Some people ask, "Why does law exist? Why can't I just do as I please. Isn't that the ideal?" However if the universe was a place where each individual could do whatever he pleased the inevitable result would be that simply the strongest would rule. Whoever was weaker could be destroyed in the absence of law and order. Have you ever felt seriously how fortunate you are that law exists? Freedom itself only exists under the domain of law. People are confused today and do not understand this; they want to manipulate the law for their own sake.

It is very wrong for a person to join a business and consider himself the most significant person there, even if he has a high position with the company. He should realize the foundation was laid by those who came before him and made the company as prosperous as it is.

When the simple law of right order is not fulfilled all kinds of confusion occur. The same is true within the Unification Church. Someone may ask, "Why am I not as important as Rev. Moon?" However, such a person will not be welcomed by our church society because he is violating the simple law of right order.

Another kind of law is that which provides for the well-being of all. Consider the government of a nation which has different departments within it, such as the Justice Department, the Energy Department, etc. The purpose of each department is to serve the entire nation, not for the nation to serve them. The ideal way for the different departments to operate would be for them to compete with each other to spend less money and still provide the greatest benefit for the sake of the people. That would be according to the law which provides for the well-being of the largest entity.

This same law applies to the family level. The husband should do everything for the sake of his wife and the wife for the sake of her husband. The children should respect each other and care for each other. This is how the second kind of law works in the family.

There is one ingredient which guarantees that these laws will be observed-true love. With true love the things which laws require seem natural. True love inspires a sacrificial attitude in a person. It is natural to think, "I will ignore my own needs in order to make that person happy," when you are living with true love. Where love is present, even the laws are humbled. The law is incorporated within true love so law itself wants to be ruled by true love.

With true love you can go unhindered to every level of the universe because you will not be in conflict with anything good. So long as one is living under this principle he does not need any other guidelines for his life. It is very simple. Once you are living sacrificially for the sake of others before yourself, evil will automatically be chased out of your life.

Suppose an elder brother was so humble before his younger brother that he said, "I am your younger brother. " This does not break any law nor does it destroy orderliness. Although the parents come first in the family and are in the position of authority, there is nothing wrong with them serving humbly and sacrificially for the sake of the children. When parents lower themselves to the position of external servants to their children, the children are inspired to live in such a way as well. The motivation for this kind of action comes from the original mind, which is always directed toward the maintenance of right order.

Why do I push you and ask you to do certain things? I do this because I want you to be able to live consistently in the future with all the laws and nobody will be able to ;accuse you. You can go anywhere including spirit world without receiving any kind of accusation, when you live by the Principle of heart and true love. Once you are living by thin; great principle all the little details will be incorporated within it.

Satan takes advantage of the laws of the world. He knows the differences between worldly laws and the laws of God and when he sees those differences, he accuses human beings. You want to be restored and be free of all accusation as well; it is a general desire of all people. If you can live up to the principle of serving and loving others you can achieve this freedom wherever you may go.

If an individual insists upon living in a self-centered way, everyone around him must suffer. In order that everyone be protected, the laws are necessary. It may seem "natural" to insist upon one's own way throughout life, since everybody seems to do it. However once you understand the true original nature of man, you can see that nothing is more foolish than to center upon one's self first. Is it more logical to try to change all the laws of the universe to suit oneself or to try to change oneself to achieve harmony with the existing laws? Certainly it is more logical to do the latter.

You may feel that a certain worldly law is unjust so you may work to try to change it. This is fine, but as long as the law is in effect you must live under its restrictions if you want to enjoy freedom. The law has the power to restrict individuals; therefore it is above the individual.

Between the two laws of mind and body, the law of the mind tends to consider the benefit of the whole first. Therefore the law of the body has to be humbled to the law of the mind. That is the best way of life. You must realize that this is the proper conclusion to reach for living your own life.

Where does "myself" come from? The "self" of each individual is manipulated by Satan. Satan seeks to maintain wrong order in the world to maintain his dominion. He will do anything and sacrifice everybody to achieve his own desires. As long as he successfully maintains the improper order in the world, he will be successful in keeping everyone under his dominion.

Perhaps you realized on your own that living only for yourself was getting you nowhere. However you probably could not explain in a logical way the reasons why self centered living was actually self-defeating. Now you can understand that selfish living violates the laws of heaven and it helps Satan maintain his power. Now you can have the strength to change.

When one person is arguing with another, boldly asserting his demands and disregarding the desires of the other, he may show no hesitation or weakness. However somewhere inside his mind he will feel that he is doing something wrong. His original mind senses that he is willing to sacrifice another's benefit for his own and it is not right. With every word he speaks he shoots out satanic bullets of destruction, like a machine gun, but he cannot stop himself. Perhaps you find yourself in such a situation at times.

The desire which is within each person to promote himself above all others comes directly from Satan. Satan's way of thinking has always been, "God's love is flowing to Adam but I demand that it come to me!" He puts "me" first, before everybody else. The second selfish attitude is to look at everything as "mine." Certainly everyone can claim certain things as "mine," but each person must realize that everyone else has things which are his, too.

God existed before everyone else; then the parents, then the elder brothers and sisters, and finally oneself. Therefore the order of ownership is that way too. What is "mine" is fourth in line after all the other levels. When you put things in their proper order, no one objects to your owning things.

Suppose you had ten dollars to share among your family. The proper way of division would be to give five dollars to the parents, who are most important and most worthy.

Next you should give three dollars to your brothers and sisters and finally you can claim the remaining two dollars as yours. In this way, no one would object to your having $2. They would recognize that your ownership was according to the law of orderliness. However, the more common attitude would probably be to say, "I'll give S3 to my parents, $2 to my brothers and sisters, and keep $5 for myself, since I am the most important." That is the wrong order according to the law of the mind.

According to satanic law the most important person is "I", and everything is primarily "mine. " This simple criterion is one which condemns many people to hell. If you were asked to judge which is the better of two people, would you say that the one who is nice to you is the good one? No, the standard of goodness is unselfishness and concern for the benefit of the whole.

Once you understand this you can know how to go to Heaven. The good man is the one of unselfishness and he is guaranteed to achieve Heaven. When you live by this standard you will be free of conflict with others. Who would oppose you if they knew you were living for their benefit? This is the same teaching I have been giving to you every time I speak to you. This simple point is all-important and must be repeated over and over again. You say I am teaching the truth and I am right but haven't you sometimes complained, "I don't want to hear that!"?

This principle applies even to satanic realms. Of course in the Heavenly realms and in spirit world you will have a free pass to travel everywhere. You will be set free by this way of life. The most important element of restoration is man's portion of responsibility. Therefore once the law of giving unselfishly is followed you will be accomplishing man's portion of responsibility

Why is God trying to bring you into the position of His children? He wants to give you the right to love and enjoy the same level of love that He does. He wants you to be able to give true love, rather than just simply receive it. Of course you want to enjoy the position of dwelling in the embrace of God, but because your love has not yet been restored you cannot share total love with God. You cannot yet enjoy your rightful position with God because you have not yet achieved the restoration of yourself or the world.

If man had not fallen, he would have been perfected in God's love so he could have claimed his rightful ownership over whatever he wanted. However, because man lost that all-important element of God's love, he has no right to insist upon "himself," or his ownership according to his desire. When the fall took place Adam and Eve disregarded God's love and embraced Satan's love; yet they still tried to claim ownership over everything.

God's standard is: true love first, then "me" and "mine."; but Satan's standard is "me and mine" first. Fallen man may be claiming the things that man was supposed to have but he actually has no right to claim those things. Can you understand why it is so wrong to claim "me and mine" before you possess true love?

What happened at the fall of man was an action that was supposed to occur eventually anyway. God wanted to give Adam and Eve the blessing but they Refused to wait and they just grabbed it for themselves. However what they actually did was no different from what they were supposed to experience at the proper time. Similarly the right to claim "me and mine" is supposed to come about but only at the right time.

You now have a good comparison between what is Heaven and what is Hell, don't you? When there is a dispute between the mind's desire and the body's it is good when the mind prevails over the body. However when the body prevails over the mind, that is what we call bad. This is a simple distinguishing characteristic between good and evil.

We might give this as an example: an individual may think, "Everyone in my society and family is advising me to marry that person because he is a very good person, but I don't want to listen to anybody. I just want to do what I want to do." Isn't it wiser to accept the guidance and advice of one's elders. But what is your attitude? Are you thinking, "I don't want to listen to anyone else's opinion about my marriage partner."?

How typical are Unification Church marriages? Our marriages are very different in background from worldly marriages. We have God above us, caring for our lives in the minutes" detail; then you have the True Parents who even make the suggestion of your mates for you. Among such circumstances you are married. The simple but most serious fact of our marriages will be the path for the world to be restored. Hell originated from the wrong marriage in which God was excluded and Satan was embraced. The position of husband and wife were the first to exist under Satan's dominion; next the children, or brothers and sisters; the parental position was filled third by Satan.

At the last days most secular parents are finding themselves without power to direct their children's marriages in any way. This is the historical fruit of the fall. However we are going a different way. As the Unification Church brings God's right order closer and closer to completion the secular world drifts farther and farther out of control. Within our marriages we follow heavenly tradition with seriousness, passing it on to all succeeding generations. In the secular world there is virtually no tradition to be inherited by the couples, therefore no tradition to be passed on to their children. This is the way the world falls further and further down into Hell. God cannot be there, so it is Hell. In our marriages we follow God and the True Parents and the original tradition of Heaven which God always intended to pass on to His children.

We have discussed so far the most important principle of our lives - that of true love and sacrificing oneself for the sake of others. In the animal kingdom power or strength is one of the most important aspects of life. For instance among deer the strongest stags will fight with each other and then the female deer will go off with the winner. Among human society, as well, there exists this tradition. In the Western culture men used to fight duels for the love of a woman. Love was not so important but power was the key. There is almost no difference at all between such a tradition and that of the animal kingdom.

If two men wanted to settle their differences according to God's desires how would they do it? Each should say, "You prove that you love her more than I do. I will gladly relinquish my claim if you do." They would not fight with the desire to overpower each other; instead their competition would be to give the most and love the most. They could both agree according to that standard. What kind of love are we talking about here? The one who has the greatest love is the greatest master.

Some of you might be thinking, "I am now married to a wonderful person. In fact he is so wonderful, I am afraid that someone will try to take him away from me." However, worrying about something like that will never do any good. You must simply love that person three times more than you loved him when you were engaged. Determine that no matter how beautiful the women may be around your husband, you will be such a wonderful source of love to him there will be no problem. Besides, even if such a husband is stolen away by some other woman, as long as you have given him your 100% effort and love, Heaven will give you another husband three times better. Likewise with a man, if he has given his entire heart and effort to a wife who leaves him, Heaven will bring him another wife three times better than the first. There is nothing to worry about as long as you do your best. Anyone who willingly departs from God-approved marriages will not find true love.

Those of you women who feel confident to say, " I am here as the rightful wife of my husband," please raise your hands. If you don't feel that way, why not? I am telling you this simple lesson: resolve to be the one woman in the world who loves your husband more than anyone else. Don't worry about what he does, just do your very best to love him. Determine that your eyes will be for him and that they will be the most beautiful eyes, beautiful not in the simply physical sense but in the sense that they reflect the complete unity between your physical body and spirit body. Those kind of eyes are the eyes of true purity and they are truly the most beautiful. They belong to those who never think about their earlier love relationships but are working hard to eliminate all traces of such memories. Let me ask you at this time, have you erased all traces of memory about your former affairs?

Each woman should think to herself, "I have a huge pool of love within me. No matter how good a swimmer my husband may be and even if he dives down 100 feet, my pool of love is larger than his capabilities to swim it. He may even kick or hit me but my pool of love will never be diminished. " Do you have such a pool of love within your mind? No matter what your husband does, you must be generous enough to contain him within your "pool" of love. After a few times of behaving in a wild way, he will become very docile knowing that he can do anything he wants. He will become very happy and he won't want to do harmful things.

Perhaps this way of thinking never occurred to you before you got married, how could you marry your Prince without good preparation? If he treats you harshly, you should let him. Let him take out all his historical feelings of revenge or whatever he may feel towards women. Let him get out in one week what he would have done through a whole lifetime. How big is the pool of love within his wife? He will discover how free he can be within your pool. Even though a big storm comes up, the ocean is calm and placid after it passes. So, too, your pool of love should be able to accommodate the turbulence of your life.

Now that you are matched and blessed I feel a tremendous burden of responsibility about the future. I am thinking, "Will they live the right way? Will they grow closer to God and not drift away?" I am speaking to you today in all seriousness. You have heard before that true love is important and you have agreed with me, but do you really know how important it is?

I always enjoy watching people do high, dramatic diving acts. You women must allow your husbands to climb up to the highest peak and dive down freely into your pool of love. Or would you put a rock in the water for him to fall on? You should try to put more water in the pool so it will be deep enough to cushion him. You know that no matter how high your husband may climb, he can never reach the bottom of your love when he dives in. He might think he can swim from shore to shore in your pool but he will find that he will get exhausted and will cry out to you for help. Will you say, "You jumped in so get yourself out."? You should tolerate him, throwing him a lifeline to help him out.

One thing that you will see is that a man is very straightforward and candid. He may not know very much about you women. He may think that because you are small and quiet you don't amount to much, but when he jumps in to your pool of love he will be completely surprised by the experience. He will say, "I never knew you were this way." He will think, "My wife appears to be a certain way but actually she is quite different. " He will feel very proud and secure in that knowledge; as a result he will be able to do everything better after that. He will respect you more and more as he comes to know you better and better. However you women must always reserve something about yourselves which cannot be easily understood by your husbands. Let your husband be saying, even after many years of marriage, "My wife is a mysterious woman." If that happens, you are a success. You will never run out of things to share and talk about.

I felt so inspired at the Wedding when the sister in the wheel chair and her spouse came in. My thought was, "We must cherish and care for that couple." I admire them very much-love can do such wonderful things.

There are not just big boats afloat in the ocean; in fact, there is also a lot of debris. Also there are many small boats closer to bathtubs than boats, but the waves hold them up just as effectively as the luxury yachts. The waves do not discriminate. If you have such a mind of non-discrimination, you are bound to have excellent families.

If God had the choice of swimming in two swimming pools, either the man's or the woman's, which one would He choose? I think He would choose the woman's.

God likes artistic things; that's why He made woman in such a way that she can look different depending upon how she wears her makeup and clothes. This capacity in woman exists for the sake of God, not herself. If you wear your makeup in order to give pleasure to God, it is very different from a secular reason. Sometimes men look very drab but women look extremely colorful, especially in this culture. Even the old grandmothers here wear bright red dresses and bold jewelry. It is a natural instinct for every woman as soon as she comes of age to start trying to adorn herself with beautiful clothes and accessories. It was the way God created women; since He is artistic, He made his daughters artistic, too.

When you observe paintings hanging in art galleries do you notice more men or women as subjects of the paintings? Artists have always painted more women than men. For many years people have been trying to figure out the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa. What if the Mona Lisa had been a smiling man? A smile is the rightful aspect of a woman, more than a man. When a man is full of smiles all the time it is not so natural, but when a woman bestows smiles upon her surroundings, she brightens up the day for everyone. That which is most natural is also the most simple.

Woman observes the sun even when she is alone with a smile on her face. This is natural and beautiful. However a man normally doesn't look at the sun or at a flower and break into a big smile. It is very becoming to see a woman laughing so hard she has to sit down. Usually a man will laugh so hard he has to stand up! When she smiles the woman usually tries to hide her face, while the man will just erupt into a loud, bold laugh.

You women must become loving pools of love, giving a smile to your husband from morning to night. Have you ever stopped to wonder why men and not women have beards? A man doesn't express so much on his face so a beard doesn't block his self-expression, while women express their emotions clearly on their faces. That is why they should not have beards, according to my opinion!

Women want to dance to please men, not other women. Once you start living together as husband and wife you might want to dress in a beautiful way and dance for your husband once in a while. God will certainly approve of that.

A woman ought to try to smile, regardless of how her husband treats her. Just as you feel yourself about to cry out in anger, you should force your mouth into a smile. I can give you one very important reason for this: the children. Once the mother of a family weeps in front of her children, that memory may stay with them for a very long time. The children will be very hurt to see their mother hurt. If you were the type who cried all the time, they might get used to it, but you don't want to be that way. Who weeps more easily, men or women? Certainly it is women, so even if you women weep sometimes, you ought to end up smiling. Some American women are very persistent in whatever they do- once you start to weep you make it a point to continue. However you should make it a point to smile, once you start to cry.

You know how difficult it is sometimes to manage your own life. Imagine how difficult it is to manage a family. You must care for your husband and your children who may not want to listen to you. You have to "wash" your family every day, not with soap and water but with your mother's love. The father's love cannot do that. When a little child starts to cry and his daddy tries to console him, usually he keeps crying. Only the mother can comfort him and make him stop crying. If the child goes to his mother to cry but she turns him away for some reason, he has absolutely no place in the world to go-he knows he cannot receive the comfort he needs from his father. He has to receive his mother's love, so as a mother you must provide constant love in great quantities.

The husband cannot cleanse his own heart without you; you must do that for him. Women's love can wash anything or anyone, while the man's love is usually "tinted" and not so pure. When you were a child didn't you naturally seek the love of your mother first? When the child is in bed with his parents, he naturally wants to sleep next to his mother, who is softer and plumper than the father, who is usually more skinny and hard. All living creatures come from a mother so they naturally seek out their source. I have had many experiences since Mother and I have had thirteen children, so I can understand the differences between boys and girls. If I happen to feel a little ill, the boys will express sincere concern and repeatedly ask, " How is Father?" They will shout out to me when they see me, "Father are you feeling OK?" and then they will go out, never coming near. However, the daughters are different. They won't say much, but they will do many things to try to make me feel better, such as bringing me juices, rubbing my shoulders, and so forth.

In the past, wealthy kings always had more women serving in their palaces than men. Why was that? Simply because women create a more beautiful atmosphere than men. The important point I am stressing is the significance of the woman in the family. If we were to compare, we could say that men are like the bones and women are like the flesh. Even externally, men are supposed to be bonier and women are softer and plumper. Difficulties often arise in marriages because the woman has the attitude, "When I get married, my husband will take total care of me." That is certainly the wrong attitude.

Have you men ever stopped to consider what it is in women that you envy the most? What do they have that you wish you had? If you haven't even thought about that you are very dull men indeed. How can you appreciate your wife in the future? You say "sensitivity," "softness," and "intuition"-what else? Let me answer this for you: women can conceive and bear your children and then nurse them at their breasts. That is one thing you men can never do so you must be very envious.

I was made most keenly aware of this recently. I was holding Jung Jin Nim shortly after we brought her home from the hospital and before long I realized that she was very uncomfortable. So I gave her to Mother and she soon fell sound asleep, but she never sleeps in my arms! I felt envious of Mother.

The mother who nurses her baby is sharing her life and body with that baby. She is giving away a vital part of herself but she feels so happy to do it. This kind of intimate relationship with the baby is something which the man is bound to most precious privilege in the universe and men cannot approach it. Do you agree with me? Some of you men may be thinking, "Father, have we come to the point where I must listen to this kind of guidance?" Yes, you must listen to this; this is the one time in your life when you need to receive this advice. Later you can use these words to educate your own children and grandchildren. This is a very important time for you to learn about these things.

I am explaining why I admire women. You women must strive over and over again to fulfill these guidelines I am giving you. As a baby I was nursed by my own mother. Every man, every king everywhere was born of woman and nursed by her, then he grew up. Men should be proud of that; I am proud of that. I have that kind of background which enabled me to get to this point. When we study sociology, we learn that in some societies the women were the centers-matriarchal societies. Perhaps there were some bad side-effects of that but it certainly had its virtues.

So far I have stressed that all you women must become great loving pools and you must learn to smile for your men. Be a smiling mother, a smiling younger sister, a smiling wife. You have an imagination so think about the fall of Eve. How do you imagine the give and take developed between Eve and the archangel? Don't you think Eve probably smiled at the archangel in order to get his attention? That was a self centered smile and not a truly giving smile for the sake of the universe.

The smile of a woman is not supposed to be for her own selfish benefit; it is supposed to be for the sake of others. The definition of "smiling" has no room for selfishness. Maybe when you are putting on makeup you will smile into the mirror to test how it looks, but that is the only time it is normal to smile for yourself. All other times you should be smiling for the sake of other people, to wish them well. We can conclude that your role is to provide for the happiness of your man, even more so than he may do for you.

I realize how hard American women have worked. In the past they had to work very hard to complete all their difficult chores around the house. They also had to make peace between in-laws and relatives. I think these kinds of things could not have been possible without the woman's smiles. She must have had to smile and laugh a lot to keep the family in good humor.

Why does it usually happen that the woman follows the man once they get married, rather than the other way around? It is because women are more easily adaptable to difficult and changing circumstances than men. With a sincere smile, a woman can be accepted into a new place; even the harshest person will feel his heart moved by that. Especially when the woman he loves smiles, a man cannot resist her.

A smile is the most essential part of diplomacy; many diplomats have to learn to emulate a woman's smile. The genuine smile of a woman gives her more beauty than all the decorations of a queen. You don't need to speak when you smile. In fact, when a person is talking and smiling at the same time, it is not attractive.

If you men and women were to adopt all the guidelines I have given you and then got together and started your family, you would be like a well-oiled machine. Your family life would be that smooth. But maybe you American women protest, "It's not fair that we have to do all these things; we don't get much in return." You may think I am saying that a man doesn't have to do anything, while you have to do everything for the relationship. However, the man will be doing something very profound; deep inside himself he will be admiring and loving you more than anyone else in the whole world. If you were to get annoyed and tell your husband to help you by cleaning the bathroom, he might respond slowly but he would do it. You will actually have dominion ova your husband because of your own constantly giving attitude. He will never mind doing whatever you desire for the rest of his life; he will be happy to serve you. I ought to know about this-I am a man!

Because of my mission, I cannot listen to anyone else's advice unless I am sure it is the best. I must be the total master of my activities, yet I find myself somehow spellbound by Mother! I always want to tag along with her when she goes somewhere. I am big and Mother is just a small person, but there is a universe of experience between us. I love Mother beyond all the things I must do in the future or the present. My love for her transcends everything else. Certainly between Mother and me there are complications and difficulties which we must overcome but through love we are always able to do that. Mother is the one who must initiate the leadership in the relationship, not 1. I have many different responsibilities and much more to accomplish than Mother in the outside world. However, women have the more important role than the men in their relationship.

In the practical sense, you women generally obey me better than the men do. Isn't this true? You men always feel the desire to rise to a position equal with me; you don't so naturally feel you are in the object position to me. When I speak to you and I express some interesting idea, you men think, "Oh, I knew that. I could have said that, too, Father!" Whereas the women just enjoy and throw themselves into the experience of the sermon. Isn't this generally true? This alone is proof that women listen to and obey me better than you men, right? What you are actually saying is that the women are purer than you.

Now that I have given the blessing to the 2,000 couples they will be playing a very significant role in establishing the tradition of the future. Between the men and women of those couples, I must depend more directly upon you women for this to be successful. Hope for the world has been launched. If this prototype for the future succeeds, the entire Western world can have substantial hope. If you fail, however, so much will be washed down the drain.

I know that you may be too young to understand the historical significance of the words I am saying but in the future you will understand. If you do not practice the way of life I have been teaching you, history will judge you: "That blessed couple did not live the way Rev. Moon taught them. Shame on them." Do you understand?

What I am saying to you this morning is that women's responsibility is even more crucial than men's. I have told you the secret: get rid of your selfish self. There is no room for "me" in the family. Think, "My husband and my children, my parents and God are all that matter to me."

Of course this will not be an easy path to follow. However you can always think, "This is not as difficult as God's way has been throughout the history of restoration. True Parents, too, have had a more difficult path than 1." You women are the teachers for your husbands in the realm of heart. You also have to give good influence to your in-laws and relatives. Another way of thinking is that your husband is not just marrying you, he is hiring a tutor of love for his household.

Your husband cannot be the best teacher to his own clan; they all know him too well, so they probably won't listen to him. But you who are not so well known to them will come into his household and be received like a saint. They will love you and you will have a much better chance of educating your husband's clan than he ever will. This was true even in Jesus' clan.

Must you give first or receive first? Certainly you must give first. In order to join your husband's clan, try your best to listen to and care for the people around you in the sincerest, true way. In the Orient there is a folk saying that it is not good if a woman falls asleep during the day-with one exception. The new wife can take a nap when she is nursing her baby and that is totally acceptable to everyone.

What a deep feeling a sacrificial mother will have towards her children! When those children grow up, they will understand a mother's love and they will understand how a man should adore his wife.

You must realize this: whether a family is rich or poor has no bearing upon the quality of their love. Don't worry about your family's wealth; only center upon your family's wealth of love. How rich is your love? That is all that really matters.

It seems that you women are being called upon to sacrifice everything and have nothing for yourselves But if you continue to give and serve your family and clan, you will receive wonderful blessings from them in the future. Your husband's mother may surprise you with a gift of the family heirloom or something of immense value within the clan. You will see that everyone will appreciate you eventually as the one who gave and loved the most.

As you enter into the next phase of your life you must realize that it will not be easy; there are bound to be many complications and difficulties but will you women be queens of love anyway?

We have discussed the complications of life for women, but you men don't have to have such complicated thinking. All you need to know is this: women are always bearing the heavier cross-that of the heart, emotion, or love. You must remember that a heavy cross is invariably being laid on the woman even though it is not always visible. Your attitude should be, "How can I help her and lessen her burden?" You should console, praise and encourage her; in other words, give her hope. You must encourage her by reminding her of the value of living for God's will. Tell her, "We are living like this in order to set the example for the restoration. Once we have done this successfully all the generations in the future will be indebted to us. We will achieve the greatest happiness in the future if we accomplish our mission now." If you talk to your wife like that you will be fulfilling the ideal standard for a family. Simply speaking, this means that you must give your wife consolation and hope.

Do you men understand? You should not expect your woman to come and console you. She is the one who is truly carrying the cross so you should always try to comfort her. If you notice that she is continually suffering, apologize to her and give her hope.

Do not ever hurt your woman because she is already bearing a heavy cross upon her shoulders. If you hurt her you are jeopardizing not only yourself but also your whole clan in the future, who will suffer if your wife is hurt. She is emotionally vulnerable-do you understand that one point?

What have I said so far? I have said you must console your woman and give her hope. There are other things you can do but those two are the most basic. If your woman has the kind of loving pool which I described what kind of pool must you men have? You must have a very clear, fresh air pool so that when your wife comes into contact with you, you will refresh her. Women should feel refreshed from their contact with men.

Even though you may believe something your wife is doing is not right and you would like to tell her, don't say anything and don't fight about it. Even though it is very clear that she is wrong, leave her alone. Give her enough time to change. She knows she is wrong, so she will change. I mention this specifically for men who feel that when they know something is wrong they must say something in criticism. If you have a critical nature you should not say all the things you might feel like saying.

When a big crane cries out it is with a long, shrill shriek while the swallow chirps constantly. Man should be more like the crane. I don't talk very much when I am at East Garden; everybody is afraid of me in a way because I am silent. When a man talks and chatters a lot he is not being manly.

Can you now tell each other, "Father told you to console me"? That is not the right attitude, You should strive to give hope to each other, never despair. People often like to share their despair but that is wrong. If your husband totally fails to give you women any kind of hope and just imparts negativity to you, you can report that directly to me and I will try to help you. But you must remember that your husband is still very young; even if he is thirty years old he may only be in the "third grade. " Someday he will graduate and he will be able to fulfill my standards. You are the teacher for him, anyway, so don't discourage him. When a woman comforts and encourages her man he is always inspired.

Are you men going to give more to your wives, or are you going to be indebted to them? You have promised to give more, so you must take it seriously and carry it out. Don't try to meddle in her management of the home-she is like the Home Minister and you are like the Foreign Minister!

Where is your home? It is not necessarily where you are living. Home is where you create it and you haven't done that yet. From now on you are trying to find your home. So far no home has been handed down by God to us; we are the prototypes of the ideal family for the future. The most important aspects of the family are economic concerns and proper education for your children.

Unlike the secular world your life is never centered upon just the two of you "having fun" together. Your goal is solving the two major problems of economics and education and the establishment of an enduring home. When one problem or the other becomes a source of great difficulty, there will be tension between you and your husband. Perhaps your husband will complain about the way you are educating the children, or perhaps you won't have the money to pay bills and the electricity will be cut off sometimes.

However, all of you have learned how to fundraise so you should not have a problem with that. You have learned enough from Divine Principle to educate your children to some extent; in that respect you have already learned more than the world at large. But you have no guarantee that your husband or wife will not get sick or that your children will be free from defects or difficulties. Are you guaranteed freedom from such afflictions just because God gave you the Blessing? No.

Can you say, "The church will take care of us in the future"? No, the church has a much bigger mission to accomplish, that of reaching out to the world. Your attitude should be that you don't want the church to worry about you but to care for those who are less fortunate than you. If the whole world is flourishing under the domain of God and you are still struggling, you will have the right to ask for help. But as long as there is such terrible suffering around the world you cannot complain about your situation.

If I asked you to donate ten percent of your meager earnings to the church's world fund, would you do it? Instead of taking from the world fund to give to the blessed family fund we should do the opposite, even though it might be very difficult. I knew the Principle so I made a strict rule for myself when I started the Unification Church not to depend upon others but to create the foundation with my own effort. Accordingly I have educated the members of the church never to become indebted but instead to consistently contribute to the church and the society.

With your fundraising training you should be able to support yourself and also your missionary activities. I have been taking money from the rest of the world and spending it here for the sake of America. Strictly speaking this is in violation of the Principle but there is such a thing as the in between time of necessity. The proper way is for America to raise funds for the sake of the whole world and just set aside the bare necessities for its own sake. At this time, the reverse is happening and this is truly abnormal.

My situation is much different than what you may think. My responsibility is not on the individual level nor even the family or national level; the world is my responsibility. Americans must live up to that true standard of Principle; you must completely take care of this country and help my work in the world-level mission as well. I am not indebted at all to this wealthy country; we have never received any "aid" from the government.

My desire is to establish the right tradition and show the proper example of raising funds for the sake of the whole world. As you know the church owns hundreds of acres around Tarrytown which is not for my sake. It is for the future of the Unification Church and for the purpose of education in the future.

There was no way I could avoid economic activities as well as religious ones. No one else is coming up with enough money to lead this gigantic world mission so I am compelled to find ways to help the church missions. When we bought the property here in Tarrytown and the New Yorker Hotel, it was only two years after I had come to America. I came here with no funds but was soon able to purchase those things.

Soon you will have your own Abel family with as many children as possible. What about the other families in the society, the Cain families? The American tradition is to say, "We don't want to worry about Cain. Let them worry about themselves," but that is not God's way of restoration. Cain is your elder brother and you cannot ignore him or his family. The country of America itself is in the position of Cain to you and your family. Since you cannot deal with the entire country, you must have a representative area to deal with and this is your home church area. It is Abel's job to create unity with Cain; God cannot just hand you that unity.

Your family as a unit is in a direct lineage from the True Parents and God; the Cain families are in the side-lineage. You and they must be united. We have a primarily spiritual mission but we must work within the physical realm to accomplish our mission. Abel's family must play the leading role in every way, spiritual as well as economic. Without your serving Cain, the restoration will not take place. To the extent that you sacrifice for the world's sake they will want to offer you great rewards. They will offer you material things and they will want you to teach them and their children. In this way you will have restored your parental position toward them. When you have established that, the satanic family will be able to cross over into the Heavenly domain and be free of Satan.

Very soon many of you will start having children. Can your attitude toward your baby be, "I will love this child more than anyone else"? You must love Cain first and then Cain will turn around and love and care for your own children in order to pay you back. This is the proper way for your children to be loved. This is my tradition; I always served other families before my own. When Cain is united with you, together you can love your own children.

Why do we live in such a way? We must restore the position of the angels. We must restore the proper order of God first, Adam and Eve second, children third and angels fourth. Because of this we cannot love our own children with all our attention and focus as we are naturally inclined to do. In the original world it was not supposed to be that way, but since we are restoring the fall we must serve other families before our own. Then we can let the other families serve our own children together with us, thus restoring the position of the angels.

In order for you to restore the position of true parent, you must love the elder son, Cain, first. Your own son will be in Abel's position, or the second son. Until you have loved the first son you cannot love the second. Your elder Cain son will be subjugated by heart, not by force. He will rebel against you at first but you must keep trying to serve and subjugate him with your love. One day he will bow down to you from his heart. The Principle teaches that you must not love your Abel son first even though it is painful to do that. Is it clear to you?

You may be thinking, "Why did I have to join the Unification Church and learn all these things?" But your destiny is to become true parents, so you must go exactly the same way that God and True Parents have gone. Since I have learned these things I have been passing them on to you as your inheritance.

You American leaders may resent the 36 couples, thinking "If it weren't for them getting in the way, we could easily get closer to Father." However, that is not the case. I have set up the situation in this way. I must love and care for the 36 couples and their children as well.

I have to worry about the homes in which the 36 couples live. Since I cannot love all families directly I selected the 36 couples as representatives of the world. You American members know that when each of the 36 couples came here from Korea I tried to buy things for their homes. You have wondered why I made such a big fuss over them. It is because of this very principle which I am teaching you; I must live this way successfully in order for each of you to be successful. As you live this way successfully the families of the l future will be able to live this way as well. The tradition will have been established.

I never went out selecting furnishings for the American leaders and they wondered why not. It is because of this principle. Your time will come but first I must take care of my Cain family level, then clan, then the nation-not the other way around. When you build a house, you build the foundation, then the lower parts and you go up from there.

When the 36 couples find themselves capable, the first thing they will do is help you find your homes, furniture and other things. The Japanese members are working so hard here in this country and they don't even have their own furniture. The 36 couples will inevitably start worrying about that before they worry about their own children. That is the Principled way.

Before your physical child arrives you had better start loving Cain's children so they will love your child. I never paid a lot of attention to my own children; of course I love them but I paid more attention to the 36 couples and gave them precedence. Even now I am not able to pay my full attention to my own children. In other words my own children are being sacrificed for the sake of the world without their even understanding it. That is why members from all over the world want to serve and love my children. It is only natural.

Once you give birth to children you will take the position of true parents. If you love your Cain children first and they make unity with your Abel children, you will successfully fulfill your position of true parents. That is what we are striving for. If you don't want to go this way it means you don't want to be true parents and ultimately you don't really want to get close to God. Only after you have become true parents can you go to Heaven. What else can we do but go this way?

It seems that every other word which comes from some of you is "my" and "mine"-"my fiancée", or "my wife." Have you ever thought about Cain's fiancée, Cain's wife? It is your business to worry about Cain's love and marriage even more than your own.

Why did God have to extend the restoration for thousands and thousands of years? It was a very simple foundation that needed to be laid but until now nobody knew the secrets which would allow God to truly make progress. Satan's family has been like a cancer which, once it started, extended itself all over the world. The world is now on the verge of death at the hands of this cancer, but I have discovered the secret to curing it. Through the lessons I have been giving you, you can establish the well-founded, healthy family for the first time in history. These can multiply and destroy the cancer cells.

The only way this world can be cured of satanic love is by establishing the kind of marriages and families which I have been describing this morning. A world with cancer can never go to Heaven. Likewise you cannot expect to live in a worldly and satanic way and go to Heaven. If you refuse to pay attention to my words how can I help you? That is like saying, "I have cancer but I am happy and I want to live with it.

I am not responsible for you to go to Heaven. If I speak plainly to you and tell you the way to go but you choose the wrong way that is your portion of responsibility; I have no control over that. I am not threatening you, I am merely showing and explaining to you: "This is the way to Heaven and that is the way to Hell. " If there were any way you could avoid all these complicated things, certainly I would have applied it to my own case. God would have been able to give me a pleasant, royal path and you could have followed that too.

The way of Principle is the way God himself has to follow; even He is not exempt from it. No matter how famous Reverend Moon may become, he too must follow the Principle. Are you exempt? No; no matter how capable and famous you may be, you must follow the Principle too. Do you have a complaint against this?

Imagine if you were living in the wilderness where there was no school or education whatsoever. Suppose somebody built a school and provided the teachers, textbooks, and school bus for you. But if you didn't want to go to school for some perverse reason, how could you be helped?

We are not citizens of any Heavenly country yet; we do not have our sovereign fatherland. You are all students now; until you have finished all your schooling, you will still be students. If you can come up with an idea which is better than the one I have, I will proclaim it as the standard. So far I have the best path for you to follow. If you do not, you will all find yourselves in some in-between spirit world which is neither Heaven nor Hell.

Until this time Heaven has been empty because there has been no legitimate husband and wife. The best people remained as individuals in Paradise. But there will soon be a certain level of Heaven opened when Unification Church couples go there. They are legitimately married but they have not quite finished their training course yet. Their children will accuse them if they did not teach them properly and live the Principled way. What would they say to them? My own children can never say to me, "You didn't do what was right. "

Now that you have gone through so many years of hard work and knowing that some of you have waited so long to be married, I would like very much to be able to tell you, "Please get married and enjoy life." I certainly don't like to have to give difficult direction to you.

Until now you have been just an individual and not a true unit of Heaven; but now that you are a blessed couple you are beginning the real business of membership in the Unification Church. It can no longer be somebody else's business. This is your church and you are the elements of the church. If you don't fulfill the right tradition you cannot inherit the heart of the True Parents. This is the way for you to be registered into Heaven. Do you understand?

Those of you who understand the importance of the home church as your immediate business before your physical children arrive, I praise you and your ability to understand.

I am training you to provide not only for your family but also for the 360 families and homes in your area. The only way to do that is to forge ahead without all kinds of indecision and doubt. Once you know you are going in the right direction you don't need to question over and over again what you are doing, you just need to do it.

You should care for the children of the people in your area and bring them presents. When you care so diligently for other people's children they will want to bring gifts to your children, in turn. That must be the way your children receive gifts.

By loving your home church people you are loving your own children and by that relationship your own children will benefit immensely. When you bring your children up strictly according to the Principle, they will grow up and work for the sake of the country. At that point the Abel children will fulfill the elder son's position. That will be the beginning of the new history. You are laying the foundation now by uniting the Cain and Abel factions. In that way your children will be able to go directly to Cod without having to make Cain/Abel unity.

Ultimately one country will appear which God can call His own. Once this country appears all the other countries will have to follow. God's order will thus be established.

It is so important what we do now! We are in search of our home but it is not waiting for us somewhere. It must be cultivated and created by us. Before we can do that we must accomplish all these points of understanding. When I started pushing you so strongly for home church, I gave you slogans like "Home Church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven." Home church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven because it is your base.

The immediate goal of restoration is the restoration of the lost elder son. God has tried again and again to accomplish this and now all the multiple complications of history have to be straightened out. It has come to the culmination point of home church and I am passing on the inheritance of home church to you blessed couples.

Adam came as the eldest son. Jesus was in the position of second son. The third Adam must restore the elder son's position. The whole family of fallen Adam became the satanic elder son's family while True Parents' family is the beginning of the family of God's elder son. This is the time of the historical changeover when two worlds are clearly being distinguished.

Once we solve the problems of Cain through home church there will be no more Cain/Abel problems for our children in the future. They will be able to go to God directly without needing to make unity with Cain. The home church areas are the last foothold of Satan. By loving and sacrificing yourself for the people in the area Satan will be chased out and will no longer have a foothold on the earth.

The path of restoration has come to the point where you can now claim the legitimate position of elder son of True Parents through home church. This is truly the beginning of the civilization of True Adam and the end of fallen Adam. The new civilization is being passed through the True Parents down to you and down to your children. Those three generations are the elements of the Heavenly foundation. You must follow True Parents' way and your children must folio, your way. You cannot escape the Principle but must follow absolutely.

The Principle is now revealing itself so clearly that there is no room for misunderstanding or ambiguity. If you do no go this way now you must go millions of years later. Since the True Parents are here on the earth now you have the greatest chance for success. They can guide you and push you in the right direction if you begin to stray. After the death of True Parents there is no guarantee where the tradition will go. Don't you want to inherit directly from me? That is a serious question.

It is good that you don't have children yet because if you haven't accomplished you have to carry your children on your back and go to serve Cain's children and beg for you' own. I feel this is the most serious moment for all American members since I first came here ten years ago. If you are truly serious you will relieve me of my burden here in this country. When we truly sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others nobody will dare to oppose us. How can they?

Your family responsibility can be done to perfection without any more help from me. You are now going beyond just "man's portion of responsibility" and starting to fulfill the "family portion of responsibility." God took 95°70 responsibility to man's 5°70, yet as man fulfills his responsibility he earns total dominion over the earth. Symbolically I had 95°70 of the responsibility for home church and you had 5°70 but you will receive 100°70 of the credit because you will be the one to actually do it. I am not going to help you do it.

You must be very grateful that God gave you an opportunity to be of such great benefit to the nation through your family. I paid all the levels of indemnity but you only have to pay up to the family level. Your family's 5°70 responsibility is still remaining; you have just begun. You have a good start now because you have received every bit of instruction you need.

All of mankind's restoration has been delayed and postponed mainly because mankind has failed over and over again on the family level of responsibility. All levels of restoration have remained incomplete until now - individual, family, nation and world-but the main level of responsibility was the family. I have re-indemnified all the other levels but I have left the family part of the indemnity to you, the blessed couples. When you accomplish that, you have accomplished everything.

If someone is not really confident about that, how can I relate with him? For many of you the formula course is still incomplete-7 years including 3 1/2 years economic restoration and 3 1/2 years witnessing. The seven year basic course is required of all members. After that your work of home church can be begun.

After you are married you must accomplish these requirements during a three year period and then you will start your family. There has always been a three year course after Blessing. For an acceptable condition of indemnity there are always three crucial elements: the person who does it, the proper conditional offering (such as the dove and pigeon of Abraham's offering) and then the time period over which it is done. In other words there is a correct time and situation through which an offering of indemnity can be acceptable. This is not according to our whim; the Principle prescribes what is necessary. When people faithfully adhere to these conditions, all their problems of fallen life such as drug abuse and sexual promiscuity will be cured.

From now on there will be a clear line of demarcation between the fallen "old America," and the new America- the free world of Principle. The new world of God will prosper and the old world of Satan will decline and perish.

Our topic today is "In Search of Our Home" and you cannot exclude home church from your home. Your home is within the same fence as your home church area. No one will be able to invade your boundary. The position of "fence" will be fulfilled by the good angels: they exist to protect God's world from Satan's invasion. Your home will thus be a safe place within the protective boundary of your home church.

Those of you who have not completed 3 1/2 years fundraising must do that now, even though you are married. You can fulfill the requirements for the formula course while you are living in the home church area.

God must be the owner of all things. Your children will belong to God, you as husband and wife will belong to God, and thus the parents will belong to God. Until now God has not truly had dominion over those positions, even though He was supposed to own everything. The angels must help in the restoration of all things. You must take the place of Adam and restore all things back to God.

In order for God to be able to re-make man, someone must prepare the conditions and the property. That is our fundraising activity-you are returning God's property. Actually 14 years are needed for these conditions but I have established it that man and woman can each take seven years. Think that I am making up the other seven years for each of you. I am determined to do that for you until I am seventy years of age. Once I reach seventy, that is the time for resting. God rested on the seventh day of His creation.

Have you yet won your position as the original Adam free of the fall? If Adam had not fallen he would have had proper dominion over the archangel; but because of the fall, the archangel Satan has dominated man. We must reverse this dominion by taking the reverse way. You can return to the proper position of Adam only through the way of Principle. The fallen generations must follow Principle strictly in order to go to Heaven.

You must go out and fight for 3 1/2 years against Satan by doing fundraising. You will be cursed, spit at and even kicked; but no matter how intense it is you must endure it. If it is very difficult, the result will be that much the better. You cannot evade your destiny; you must go through whatever is required with gratitude.

Adam and Eve were at the top of the growth stage when they fell to the position of Satan's children. Now you must return to the position of elder child of God. In home church you serve the Cain people as your elder children; then you have your own children. Ultimately you will reverse their positions and your son will become your rightful elder son. In that way you will elevate yourself to the direct dominion of God and you will become true parents.

Can you substitute anything else for home church? No matter how difficult it may be you must go through it. Jesus was able to indemnify the elder son's position on the national level but he was crucified before he could reach the world level. We must go through that stage successfully no matter how difficult it is. Those who want to save their lives will lose them, while those who are willing to die for God will live-that is the Biblical paradox. Likewise when you are willing to die for the sake of home church you will be successful and you will live with God. This is the time of fulfillment of God's goal of restoration; this is the time which all the books of the Bible were pointing to.

If Satan wants to come along to Heaven he can do so but only by taking the position of younger son and honoring the elder son' position. Satan's tactic has been to claim the position of the first son saying, "God, I am the first son so you cannot bless the second son." Only by acting correctly can you be freed from Satan.

Do not make excuses for yourself, but face up to your responsibilities. Realize that because this way is so difficult it is that precious.

Immediately after Adam and Eve fell God wanted to restore them on the individual level and then the family level but it always failed because man always failed his responsibility. God has always had an over-all objective for restoration so since the population has expanded, God has expanded His dispensation to larger and larger levels. God had to lay the foundations for the clan levels, the national level, and all the way up to the world level, but no family victory was accomplished. The True Parents came to accomplish this.

All levels have come against me - community, society, nation, and world - for no legitimate reason, but I was never defeated by that and won over it instead. Why did I come here to America and what have I done here? I have told young people they must return to God-that is all I have said and done.

At Yankee Stadium I said that when a house is on fire it must be saved by a firefighter coming from the outside. I came to put out the fires. However, that hurt the pride of the Americans who did not want to hear such things from a nonwhite person. It is too bad they had to hear it from a nonwhite person, but if God arranged it, what can we do? I wouldn't say such things unless I had to; because God directs me, I will say whatever He tells me to say.

I urged this country to forgive President Nixon for the sake of America's position in the world and for the world, as well. If my motivation had been "political" I would never have supported Nixon. Nixon's doctrine was to exclude South Korea from the defense line.

Since I was concerned about the future of America, I supported the conservative Mr. Reagan. This was not out of political motivation but out of religious motivation to help the world. Since the government could find no fault in our religious activities, they tried to find some fault in the IRS tax returns. The last resort of the government has been this tax fraud case. It did not happen because they wanted to see justice done; they only wanted to find some way to stop Reverend Moon. Many other people are able to see this, not just members of the Unification Church.

If I were only trying to promote the church or myself, I would never have spoken out about the political situation. It was for the sake of America that I did so. If you were in my position would you have simply let the country drift under Satan's direction more and more? No, you would have done the same thing; you would have tried to tell the American people the truth in order to help them. I have been trying to direct the course of America according to God's will.

As blessed couples you must understand what I am doing. This course is what I pass on to you. I cannot give it to you as individuals but only as couples and families. Do you understand?

We have discussed the restoration of the original position of elder son. Also we have discussed the restoration of Adam and Eve's position. This rightful relationship must be restored. Before you can return to God you must restore the proper subject/object relationship. In this country women have been more often responsible for the breakdown of marriages than the men. The woman has become the "boss" in American families. You have to turn this right side up. This is not what Reverend Moon says, it is what Principle directs.

We can see clearly that God is alive but so is Satan. Satan is always trying to lead man in the wrong direction but now God is exercising His maximum power to turn things around. What is God's way? God is giving the inheritance to the blessed couples and they are being given the power to chase Satan away. Are you confident of the important position given to you by God?

You may have been thinking that the church should provide you with a home but now you are clearly being told that you must search for your own home and build it. How will you do that? You must fulfill man's portion of responsibility. All of you are indebted to me for the teaching and example I have given you but I am not even hinting that you should pay it back to me. I am directing that you pay it back to your own American people, your own contemporaries. You are doing this now for the sake of the generations of the future.

What I am trying to teach you is to become a good ancestor. From this time forward it shouldn't make any difference whether or not you see me often. You shouldn't need anyone else telling you what to do. You know clearly the path you must go according to the Principle and you should not even need any more sermons from me. Many times when God made it clear what He expected from me I didn't even pray to tell Him I would do it, but instead simply did what he expected.

Many people have worked very hard but I always determined to work harder than they. I always slept less and ate less than any of you, bearing more of a cross than you; therefore I am not indebted to America for anything. 1 have never worn the finest clothing. Today I am wearing the shoes which I have been wearing for three years. I bought them on sale at a very low price.

These kinds of facts are very puzzling to people. I have never made a habit of wearing neckties, although I have received many neckties as gifts. I only wear them when I must give a sermon or when I must dress up for a special occasion. I never go to a nice Chinese restaurant unless I bring many members with me. I always go to McDonalds otherwise. You Americans probably thought, "He must like McDonalds" but do you do everything that you like to do? People are curious when they see a black, shiny limousine pulling up to McDonalds' parking lot. It doesn't make sense!

Today I am wearing stylish-looking slacks because Mother insisted that the ones I have been wearing are too old and worn out. I have never worn any rings on my hands, although I could if I wanted to. I certainly don't need any rings to meet with God. I don't look at Belvedere or East Garden and think to myself, "I own that." I am not interested in owning a house; I can make my home in any peaceful place. However if I didn't have these external things white people in this country probably would not pay any attention to us. Since your church owns such places as Belvedere and East Garden and Reverend Moon is the leader of a world-wide organization, people call you "Moonies" with derision, but inside they feel respect and even awe. It is largely because of this external foundation that we receive attention from the world.

There is nothing for which I am ashamed, nor is there anything which I fear. This is the correct attitude for pursuing God's will in the world. It is not to maintain the big house for my own comfort that I send you out to do fundraising. Much more money is spent here for the sake of America than the American family has ever been able to raise.

Shall we find our own home? Determine that you will create your home with your own effort and that of your family. Don't depend upon God, the Church, or America; they will not do it for you. Are you Americans confident to do that? If You are confident. raise your hands.

Thank You.

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