The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1982

The Day Of All Things - 1982

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 21, 1982
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Can anyone make a good guess at my topic this morning? You are right, this is the Day of All Things, and that is the title of my message this morning.

In the Unification Church we celebrate four major holidays each year, and Day of All Things is one of them. As all of you know, we have God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things. What other celebration day do we need? Everything is celebrated in these four major holidays.

When we say Day of All Things, we include all things of creation, without exception. Are people involved as well? Certainly. First of all, let us think about the reason for creation. Why did God create all things? Why did He create human beings? The answer is very simple: God created all things for the sake of mankind.

God also created all things after the image of mankind. As a tree breathes through its leaves, we breathe through our lungs. The tree trunk is like our heart, and its roots like our stomach. Human beings are part of the animal kingdom, but in whose image are we created? The obvious answer is in the image of God.

Then whom does God resemble? Within God there is the image of mankind, animals, plants, and everything. Why did God create all these things? You say for joy. That is correct, but whose joy are we talking about? Joy must belong to someone. The purpose of creation is God's joy, of course, but in order to insure and fulfill God's joy, mankind and all things need to achieve abundant joy.

There are all kinds of joy: joy in which God can take delight, joy in which mankind can take delight, and joy in which all things can take delight. Joy is created by the action of give and take between subject and object, producing harmony and fellowship.

Whose joy should come first? Is God the first one to feel joy? Where should joy start? You answer that it begins with God, but how can God feel delight alone, without somebody else? Mankind is created to be God's object, but even joy in the human realm is not simple, because there are men and women. A solitary individual cannot feel joy; people have to enter into a relationship in order to experience joy. Furthermore, a couple's experience of joy will be different if their environment is barren, such as a desert or outer space, than if they are surrounded by the beauty of creation.

When we talk about man and woman, love immediately comes to mind. But think about Adam and Eve: were they created in an instant? Did they suddenly experience love? Can love be savored in a moment? According to the Principle, everything passes through a growth period in order to reach perfection. Did God create Adam and Eve as adults or as infants? As babies, were they able to shout out, "I am in love," or did they merely coo and smile? Well, nobody can be sure, because we weren't there in the Garden of Eden! But it is logical that God created them as babies, in the formation stage, with the destiny to grow into perfection.

So there were two babies, Adam and Eve. Imagine them growing day by day and learning to walk. However, even Adam and Eve could not experience total joy by themselves; they needed support, an appropriate environment, things to touch, look at, and enjoy.

Suppose Belvedere were the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve were created right here on the grounds. What would they enjoy? Very likely the trees; they would touch them, run around them, look at their blossoms, etc. The trees would give Adam and Eve a lot of things to talk about. For example, Adam, being a boy, would probably claim all the big trees for himself and Eve would reply, "Well, you can have them, but all the cute little trees are mine" But perhaps Adam became greedy and wanted all the trees for himself! Then Eve might claim all the grasses, plants and flowers. They might talk among themselves, arguing and joking about the things of nature. What if one day Adam got a little nasty and told Eve, "All the trees-pine trees and oak trees, big trees and small trees-are mine; how can you enjoy the grass when it is so dirty?" And Eve might reply, "I have something even beyond your trees: all the birds flying over the treetops are mine!"

What I am trying to describe is that in order to enjoy life, people need some surroundings, the beauty of nature. Adam, being a little greedy and thinking on a large scale, would claim all the big things and love them, while Eve would be attracted to the tiny things, finding them so cute and fascinating. She might say to Adam, "You don't have any pretty little things, do you?" and Adam would reply, "Where are your pretty little things? Show them to me" Then Eve would point and say: "Look at this ant, this little black dot,' and Adam would have to agree that nothing like that ant existed among his big things and admit that the ant is a very wonderful creature. So the ant would bring dignity to Eve.

Then one morning Adam might abruptly announce, "Among all the birds, the mighty eagle is mine" Eve might reply, "Your eagle may be large, strong and swift, but I'll take the swallow; it is also fast, but more than that, it is beautiful" This bird is a symbol of femininity and beauty. It is a unique bird; it seeks fellowship with people, arriving each spring with a beautiful song and building its nest in people's houses. This bird's appearance brightens the entire house; it's almost like being visited by a beauty queen!

Adam would marvel at the power, dignity, and masculinity of the eagle, but Eve would point out that even though it looks so vigilant and powerful, it lacks the qualities of love, beauty, peace, and femininity. She wouldn't like the eagle as much.

So the behavior of the two children, Adam and Eve, would be different. Adam would be very masculine and impetuous, always running around doing wild things, while Eve would be very feminine, charming, kind and tender. While Adam would be out racing with the deer, Eve would lie down against a big rock and play with some little flowers!

So far, I have been describing how all things were created for men and women to enjoy. Through their give and take with nature, Adam and Eve must have found much stimulation for their thoughts, conversation and, ultimately, joy. These examples can help you visualize the purpose for the creation of all things.

Think about how women's clothes are designed. You don't find images of eagles, tigers, snakes or lions on women's fabrics. Rather there are flowers, grasses and tiny trees. You women pick such patterns because your mind is drawn to such things; something within you resonates with the flowers, grasses and trees. Men's jackets, in contrast, tend to have eagles, tigers, lions, etc. They fit more with men's character.

Suppose for a moment that all things of creation were taken away from you. How desolate the world would be! Furthermore, we need to eat in order to sustain life; our food and our nourishment comes from the things of creation.

Then why did God create all things? To be the environment for Adam and Eve. Creation was to give Adam and Eve joy, fulfillment, and nourishment.

All things of creation also exist in pair systems, in subject- object relationships. Every kind of animal, large or small, has a pair system, a male and female aspect. An incredible world exists just in the little piece of ground you are sitting on! No matter how small a creature may be, you will find male and female creating a beautiful family in their little piece of grass-mommy bug, daddy bug, elder son bug, younger son bug, etc. So when Adam and Eve saw that even bugs create families, they probably wanted to create a family too, just like the insects.

Did Adam and Eve suddenly discover that love is to be expressed by kissing and then start kissing each other, or was their discovery stimulated by the things of nature? What do you think: did they learn it or invent it? I say that they observed the animals, that nature was their teacher.

Watching nature, Adam found out that sometimes the male goes first and the female follows him, and other times the female goes first and the male follows her. But wherever they looked, they found that male and female somehow cooperate. When the male finds good food, he signals the female to join in the meal. Did Adam and Eve invent the signals they used for each other, or did they learn them from other creatures? Each morning, birds call out to one another; the male bird sings and the female responds in harmony.

Actually, Adam and Eve learned from nature; nature was their best teacher. They might not have had a house like Belvedere, for instance, but they must have had some small cave or cabin. During the day, did Adam and Eve just lie around, bored to death, or were they busy and active? They had not a moment to be bored; there was so much to look at and explore: birds, rivers, fish, rocks, mountains, fruits, flowers, etc. Suppose they came upon a frog. What an odd creature a frog is! When they tried to catch it, the frog immediately jumped into the water. "Boy!" Adam thought, "I should learn some jumping too"

I want you to understand that God gave Adam and Eve a textbook to learn from and that textbook was nature and all its creatures. All things were created to be a manual from which Adam and Eve could learn. But today many people forget the benefits of learning from nature. They don't care about trees and plant life; they get bored to death! They aren't concerned about their neighbors; they just stay in their house.

For lovers, even something as little as a handkerchief means a great deal. Suppose a man leaving to fight in a war gives a handkerchief to his wife. If the man was killed in action, that handkerchief becomes a memento treasured by his wife for a lifetime. That handkerchief might have cost less than a dollar, but when it is transformed into a symbol of love, its value is priceless.

Who is the king of love in this world today? You know the answer. God is the King of love. The King of love wanted to express His love to His sons and daughters. In order to do that, as a gift to His children, He created all things. Think about it in this way: God is the one great King of love in this universe.

On the other hand, after a President of the United States has served for four or eight years, he settles down and creates a museum or library. His desk, his pen set, the documents he signed, etc., are placed on display. That happens Just because he was President of the United States for four years. What do you think is more precious: all the displays in a presidential museum, or a simple little flower created by the King of love? Can one of God's tiny masterpieces be less significant than a suit worn by the President of the United States?

Today I want you to really feel that the Love-King of the universe gave His children the creation as a gift. Each leaf, each rock, each blade of grass, each detail of creation is priceless and of far greater worth than any museum display on earth. All people today are living in God's museum- nature. Look around you: you are in God's museum! Museums are generally filled with antiquities, but this is a living museum, a living treasure in which we can enjoy freedom, love and joy.

What is the most priceless object you can think of on display here in America? The "Mayflower"? The "Mona Lisa"? God's masterpiece, a tiny blade of grass, is far more intricate and beautiful. One is dead, the other living. Which is more valuable? Whose hand is behind the crafting of this tiny blade of grass? The President of the United States? No, the King of kings, the Love of loves. So to behold a masterpiece, don't just visit a museum and see dead items. Of course, there is value in going to museums, no question about it, but you should also go to a park, where works of far greater value are displayed. Walk down its lanes and listen to the birds chirping on all sides; look at the trees, the bushes, the flowers.

God created all things for the sake of Adam and Eve. Flowers could be their jewels, leaves could be their spoons, etc. Today we are touching the same things of nature that Adam and Eve touched in the Garden of Eden: the same grass, same flowers, same trees. If I asked the flowers whether they saw Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they would reply, "No, I don't go back that far, but at least my great-great-great-great-grandfather did, and I am connected to them in that way; there is a giant line linking us all the way back to Adam and Eve" And if I ask the flowers what Adam and Eve said to them, they would reply, "They told us we were so beautiful!" So even this very flower is part of Adam and Eve's legacy to us.

Since all things were created before people, they know how God touched them. They can say, "I felt how God formed me. Here He pushed me very strongly, there He was very tender, etc." They can share their experiences with us. The flowers can add, "When the Creator made me, He was whispering to Himself He didn't know I was listening, but I heard Him say, 'Boy, I am going to make you a very special flower!' " Actually, the things of creation have more to be proud of than we do, because they came into being before us. In a way, they are our elder brothers.

The important thing is the heart which created those first flowers in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. That same unchanging heart has been handed down, throughout the generations, to us today.

Suppose you were God, and today you are about to create all things. Many of you are thinking about the upcoming holy wedding ceremony. You are wondering what to give your fiancÚ to make him or her happy. Imagine yourself in God's position, with the power to create a few things for your beloved. What would you make? How many days would it take you to create a flower like this one in my hand? Even to paint it on canvas would not be easy. With the limitations some of you have, it might take ten years! Even if you were an expert artist, you could never paint a flower and give it life. What a pitiful fiancÚ you are! How helpless you are!

If you had the power to create a living flower, wouldn't it be great to go to your fiancÚ and say, "Look, this is just for you! I created this flower from scratch" Although you are incapable of creating even one tiny flower, you have been given a whole world of flowers for free-masterpieces of art handed to you as a gift. Mankind has received such incredible gifts, but how many people are aware of them and offer their gratitude to God from the depths of their heart? How many people truly thank God for His bountiful gifts?

Suppose you spent ten years creating a living flower-a real flower and proudly offered it to your fiancÚ.-If he or she said, "Oh, that's ugly. I don't want it; go away,' how deeply hurt you would feel! You hoped he or she would receive the flower with great joy and appreciation-perhaps even dance around for months and months telling everybody, "My beloved fiancÚ created this flower for me!" You would want him or her to feel joy not just for one day, but for months and even years.

How pitiful modern people are! God has given us such incredible, priceless blessings, and hardly anyone even appreciates them. People are blinded and engulfed in their human problems. Sometimes very trivial matters cloud their vision of God's great gifts. Nature looks down on them and says, "What a paltry life you are leading!" People consider committing suicide, and some even do so, never able to comprehend the value of the favors they have received. Nature feels so sad when it sees how dark and clogged up people's minds have become.

The Creator who made all these things for His children invested them with incredible, infinite value. He poured His whole heart into His gifts. But the recipients-you and me, men and women of this world-took them with disdain, seeing no value in them. Instead, people have been mistreating the world and leading such miserable lives. When the things of creation look down on the human race, they feel no enthusiasm; they can only sigh with sorrow. The things of nature realize their worth, because they know how much value God invested in them. But looking at the human world, they realize that nobody appreciates even the surface of nature. Neglected by people, the things of creation are unable to return to God, their Creator. As a result, creation grieves, feeling sorry for God and pity for human beings.

Today the Unification Church alone observes the Day of All Things. We want to wake up, return to the original human condition, and become truly able to cherish God's masterpiece of creation. This is the meaning and purpose of the Day of All Things.

When you lie down on the grass without any blanket, you can tell yourself, "I am lying on God's blanket, in His special bedroom, adorned with His handiwork" Isn't God's green carpet more precious than any man-made blanket? Which would you prefer to sleep on?

Once the Unification world becomes a reality, nobody will want to live in high-rise apartments; they will want to go back to nature, resting on God's green carpet, climbing the mountains, exploring the rivers, etc.

Animals, far more than people, recognize the original value of all things. Animals live in nature as their home. When you think this way, nature will become very intimate with you; it will become closer than your own jacket or clothes.

Man-made noise is so disturbing; the sound of airplanes flying overhead is annoying. But if you become absolutely quiet and listen to nature's music, you can hear singing going on even right now. This is truly the most beautiful, original music. God's living masterpieces, the birds, are singing. Can anybody create that kind of music? If you sold the entire United States of America, you could not raise enough money to buy such music. Can you listen to nature's music with an angry face? You automatically find yourself relaxing and responding with joy.

When you roam the valleys, climb the mountains, and enjoy the tiny flowers, plants and animals, will God accuse you of wasting time and tell you to get back to work? No, I am sure He would be happy to see you appreciate His handiwork and say, "Bravo! I am proud of you."

Each tree has its own history. One tree might tell you, "My ancestor was in the Garden of Eden, and one night Adam and Eve climbed up in its branches and slept there" We must become men and women who can value God's living museum better than any man-made museum. If you express such appreciation, won't heaven be your ultimate destiny?

You should wake up each morning with this heart of gratitude. Look around at nature and open up your spiritual eyes; you will see all nature bowing down to you, greeting you and pleading with you to caress it. It will invite you, just like a little puppy begging its master to pet it. Trees, flowers, and all plants long to be touched by their true masters. People who can appreciate this true museum as a gift from God are close to perfection. Such people are entitled to receive God's love and God's bounty. Can you feel what I am talking about?

Some people might wonder why the omnipotent and almighty God created poisonous snakes. They think the world could do without them. Furthermore, rose bushes have lots of thorns, and when you go to cut the blossoms, you may get pricked by the thorns. So you wonder why God created roses with thorns. Actually, thorns are necessary to educate people. If the roses had no protection, people would try to ruin them, and some greedy person would pick them all. But since the bush has thorns, only appreciative hands can take the flowers. Roses have sweet fragrance as well as thorns; the two come together. Whenever there is something precious, God creates some security devices to protect it! God thought, about everything.

Then what about the snakes? Poisonous snakes love sunny spots, just the kind of place where everybody would like to go for a nap. The poisonous snake says, "Well, I we! here first; when you come here to take a nap, you have to be careful. You should be very courteous and humble when you ask me to relinquish the spot!" Snakes dwell in place. favored by somewhat wild people-like the settings of some' Western movies! But since snakes may be around, the people there have to be a little more decent and careful; they have to appreciate things more. So even the snake is needed, isn't it?

Too much indolence is not good. When people find a spot with good water, they should be careful because there might be a snake nearby. So is the snake God's mistake, or is it acceptable as part of God's creation?

From another point of view, it has been discovered that the venom of some snakes can be used as a curative. When venom enters your bloodstream, it endangers you and may kill you; but taken through the digestive system, it can become an incredible cure-all! In the Orient, snake poison is a very precious medicine. People catch poisonous snakes, extract the venom, and put it in a kind of liquor; it can be preserved for several years and used as a strong curative drink.

So all creation has a purpose and reason for existence. The overall reason is that God created the world for men and women to enjoy. Look around in all four directions. Look at the trees, plants, river, sun. For whom was the sun created? For you and me. What about the moon? God created it for you and me. When you say "me,' don't just think of yourself, but think about God who created the sun and moon for all things of creation; think about God who created the mountains, rivers and plants for Adam and Eve. That "me" is the center of all creation. All the gifts of the universe are given to "me" You are the recipient of all this bounty, but what a pity if the recipient doesn't care about accepting it, doesn't even look at it, and spends all his time preoccupied with trivial affairs! You should open your arms wide like a receiver. Practice it. You are about to welcome the entire universe between your arms. Say, "Thank you, Father" Doesn't it feel good? Just to think about it makes you feel good, but when it truly happens to you, how much more joy will you feel!

Therefore I really love nature. The birds are my dear, good friends. I have pursued birds for many, many miles. Sometimes when a very friendly bird which has been singing to you every day flies away, you feel even sadder than when your parents leave, because your parents don't sing for you every morning like the bird does!

Look at a butterfly visiting one flower after another. Feel like a butterfly and join it in its tour. One time I got so caught up in that feeling that I became exhausted. Then, Lying down on a flower bed, I fell asleep and went immediately to the spirit world. In my dream, I was flying like a butterfly or honeybee, and all the other butterflies and honeybees were following me like a flock of birds. It was an incredible scene. Looking at us, God smiled and laughed with great joy and exclaimed, "My son, you really know what I have created!"

I have entered the spirit world many, many times. In this world, tigers and lions are considered fierce animals and are feared as killers. But in the spirit world, I could jump around among the lions and tigers. If I hit a lion on its hip, it runs away. It isn't a vicious or hostile animal at all! I have even ridden around on a lion's back.

The Unification Church is sometimes thought of as a weird church, because it has such an extraordinary leader like me who thinks of such incredible things and proclaims them on the Day of All Things!

Right now I am middle-aged. I have become a little overweight, with a big belly! But when I was young I was very slim. Often I was so hungry that I felt the sides of my stomach sticking together. Those were such hungry times, but I was so intoxicated in give and take with nature that I forgot my hunger. And after exhilarating interaction with nature, I fell asleep with a hungry stomach. Then in my dreams, angels from God came with food, bread, Korean rice cakes, and even flower cakes. They brought me the most beautiful flowers right from heaven. What was more amazing was what the flower cake said to me: "Father, please take me and put me in your mouth; I will be very delicious for you. I will go to your stomach and work a lot of miracles for you. Please eat me" All the food was urging me to eat it. Every little cake was yelling and jumping up and down, begging to be eaten first. So I ate them one after the other. Then when I woke up, I no longer felt hungry. My stomach felt solid and full, and I was charged with energy!

But I must stop talking here. This conversation could go on and on, and all of you would be lifted up out of this world! I seldom talk about these experiences, but today I have given you a little taste. Do you want more?

According to the Bible, all things of creation are in deep grief, but why? I want you to understand that all living things are truly alive and that they have feelings. It is our mission as Unification Church members to restore all things to their original position, so they will be liberated from their groaning and travail. We must restore them to their rightful position before God and man, so that they can finally be enjoyed and valued. Originally there was no need to fertilize plants; everything was-supposed to grow in a healthy way and bear fruit. What nature needs is human love. Creation is waiting and longing for your love. When people love nature, their love becomes the fertilizer and nutrients plants need to grow. Your love is like an injection of special energy that can boost a plant's vigor for two or three years! This is the best food nature can receive. Nature is waiting for love. Nature is thirsty for love.

What nature is looking for is loving people, people from whom it can receive that kind of love. When you walk in nature with a heart filled with love, you will never get hungry. When you have love, there is plenty of food out there.

If you have been fundraising all day out of duty, you become exhausted; but when you do it out of love, you never get tired. I know that many of you have been fundraising to get ready for your wedding. I know how tough that is! One's wedding can be a challenging experience; you may be wondering how difficult it will be to spend your entire life with your spouse. I understand that many people are discouraged. But my advice is to do it with love; love will give you a special injection of energy and keep you from getting tired or bored.

I look at everything with a sense of love. I see nature, trees, all things, people, and even Bo Hi Pak with the eyes of love. I can look at Bo Hi Pak's face for several hours every morning and never get bored! Nature trained me how to love. When I look at things from the angle of love, everything is exciting; nothing bores me. When I look at a person with this kind of heart even before he speaks I know exactly why he came, what his problems are, and what he will speak about. This is not some special magic; it is the love of God. Love harmonizes everything, love permeates everything, love embraces everything, love imbues one with all knowledge and power.

What is the secret of my being able to match hundreds of couples from around the world? Simply having a loving heart. Love is everything, love has knowledge and power, love can penetrate and understand everything, love endows one with a vision of the future. Because I can match with such a heart I am the world's greatest match-maker. Aren't you glad of that?

I have two different reputations. Some people say that I am an excellent matchmaker and others call me a bad one. Those who call me a bad matchmaker simply don't know the facts. After you have lived together for three years, you will discover why I matched you and your spouse, and you can come back and report to me!

Sunlight illuminates a person's surface, while x-rays allow one to see the bones; x-rays penetrate the interior. I have not only sunlight vision, but also x-ray vision! That's true. I can see much more than just the surface of a person.

Look at what I am doing today on the worldwide level. Extraordinary, gigantic things are going on. Sometimes they are controversial. I can initiate such things because I can see into the future. It doesn't matter what people may say now, I can see the end result of activities. Ten years ago when I announced the foundation of certain far-reaching programs, many people thought I was crazy. But now, in hindsight, they realize how prophetic my words were and that my decisions were correct.

Where did all these things begin? In the history of love. Love is omnipotent and omnipresent. The most elementary force of all things is love. Such insight helps you realize how precious each individual is. Every one of you is so precious.

I have heard that some women wake up every day and curse their face. "Why did my mouth have to be shaped like this? And why is my nose so flat? Why didn't God make me different?" It's not good to hate yourself like that. I want you to understand that your face is essential to the universe. Without your particular face in its particular configuration, the universe could not be perfected and completed. Therefore, how beautiful you are!

Suppose some hole in the universe needs to be filled, but no one could fit its exact shape. So God formed several faces which together fill that hole. That is why your face looks Just the way it does. It was made to match a particular space in the universe. Without you, that space could not be filled. This is really true. The whole creation needs to be perfected; every gap needs to be filled. So don't complain. You are a unique segment of the creation! Even though you may not find your face beautiful, it should help you love yourself even more, because that means God specifically needed your unique face to fill a certain hole! Do you follow me?

Suppose you were creating a piece of sculpture. Do you think it is harder to make something beautiful, or something ugly? Actually it is much harder to make something ugly and irregular. Of course, to make a masterpiece of beauty is difficult, but it is even more challenging to make a masterpiece of ugliness.

In a beautiful portrait, a rather drab background is needed to make the face stand out. The combinations of light and shadow and many other elements work together to accentuate beauty in a painting. Light represents beauty and dark ugliness. Which is more beautiful: lifting one leg or standing on both legs? You might say that a raised leg represents beauty and the one on the floor ugliness, but you need both in order to walk! Alternating right and left feet is normal when you walk, but it is possible to walk in strange ways as well. Often when you put your right foot forward, your left hand is extended, but you could do that differently too. In dancing, partners alternate their movements, so even dancing shows the harmony of beauty and ugliness.

How can you know someone is beautiful unless there is an ugly person to compare him or her with? There is a saying that to look at the face of a beautiful woman will bring bad luck that day. There is another saying that a beautiful woman lacks blessings, because she had to pay for her beauty with her blessings; she is poor in blessings, because they were used up in her appearance!

We have been talking about appreciating the things of nature, but what about our fellow human beings? Should we love them or disregard them? You men can't pick out another man and say you will spend the rest of your life just with him. You all need to research many different kinds of people. If you analyze ten different types of people, you can understand everyone in the world, because everyone fits into one of ten or so different types. If you investigate deeply into someone who has a certain kind of face, whenever you meet anybody with the same type of face, you can predict his or her character with 80 to 90 percent accuracy. So think of other people as objects for character research!

I have researched this person, Bo Hi Pak, very well; after studying him and his wife I could predict how their children would turn out. It's good to study other people and learn all you can about them.

Unless you can love nature, however, you will be unable to love other people. Think about your spouse. You are going to live together for eternity, so will every single day be a sweet, honeyed experience? Some days you won't even want to look at your spouse's face! Don't you suppose you might sometimes get bored with each other? Before you tire of each other, however, you should learn to know his or her characteristics well. For instance, you may realize that your wife has a mouth like a machine gun; once it opens, it fires words like bullets and nothing can stop it! But at the same time you recall that she has a beautiful nose. So when she opens her mouth to shoot bullets, just focus on her lovely nose and take comfort from it! Or if she has lovely eyes, focus on them when you feel in danger of getting tired of her.

Some people consider fat persons totally unattractive. But heavier women do have larger bosoms and broader curves in general. If your wife is overweight, learn to appreciate those aspects of her. An additional advantage of having a heavy spouse is that you can lie down and rest on him or her; they are nice and soft when you need a pillow! So research and discover the strong points of each other.

No matter how great a genius you may be, it still takes from three to seven years to know another person well. You can look at his or her eyes, nose, mouth and ears and compare them with those features in other people. That in itself is an incredible research project. It's also interesting toe compare the various ways people laugh. Each individual has a unique style of laughing. Some people are unattractive or even ugly when they aren't smiling, but as soon as they begin to laugh they light up and look very special. I always match such a woman to a man who can make her laugh a lot- someone who will tell her Jokes from morning to night. Such a couple will be balanced and their home will be happy.

Have you analyzed your fiancÚ this deeply? Do you really know every little detail about him or her? Have you studied the way he or she walks, the shape of the feet, hands, etc.? I can give you a demonstration of a multitude of ways of walking! Your fiancÚ should be the subjects of your research. Stupid men and women look at only a small part of the body: the face. But the face is far from everything. Actually, the neck is more important than the face! You women admire a man's broad shoulders, don't you? And you men find women's features very attractive!

Even a person's hands are important in everyday activities. Is it better to laugh or to eat, for instance? You couldn't survive if you spent your whole life only laughing. You need your hands to bring food to your mouth, and later to help clean up the waste. So the hands participate in both the best times and the worst times! Use your right hand for the best times, and your left hand for the worst times.

No matter how good looking a man may be, with fine shoulders, torso, etc., if his leg or foot is crippled, he is almost like a house with a poor foundation. Some things aren't very noticeable, but I can tell a lot about people Just by watching how they walk.

Some of you have already concluded that you cannot accept your match, even though you have never lived together or even gotten to know each other. You have even asked me for new matches, but I have said that is ridiculous, since you don't even know each other. Sometimes I have counseled engaged couples who have come to see me at East Garden. "Did you know your fiancÚ had this or that characteristic?" I ask them. Both have been completely surprised, because they haven't gotten to know each other at all. They knew far less about each other than I knew about them.

I am an expert on human beings, in a way, because I have dealt with so many different people throughout my life. Many people have betrayed me, and many have been completely loyal; some have exploited me. All kinds of people have come and gone, and I have studied and researched every one of them. My mind is very analytical, and I never let any experience pass me by without observing it closely and learning from it. I have considered millions of situations and human variables. So I have millions of mental "index cards" that I can pull out and refer to when I match people. I can see that someone with one kind of nature will need a spouse with a particular characteristic. That is how I match couples.

To make a long story short, let's say your fiancÚ turned out to be a large, broad woman, and you immediately thought of her as undesirable. But suppose she (or he) has an incredibly warm and wide heart of pure love. Then what would you say? On the other hand, many women with beautiful faces possess only a flat, shallow love. Through my research I have learned that the love of an ugly woman is very round and possesses great depth and nobility. It's easy to stand on net love, while spherical love is harder to balance on, but which kind of love would you prefer in your mate? Certainly, spherical love is better.

So if you think your fiancÚ is more attractive than you, you ate most likely getting net love. But if he or she is uglier than you, you are most likely getting spherical love. This rule of thumb applies to both men and women. When you learn to love a fiancÚ whom you previously disliked intensely, you will give birth to the greatest of children.

There is a universal law that everything eventually evens out. One generation may look very beautiful, while the next one is ugly. There is a universal up and down motion that causes things to even out. If you are in the upper range now, you can expect to go down.

Tall men are often attracted to short women, and thin men to heavy women, and vice versa. Someone with big hands will seek a mate with small hands. A big-nosed man married to a big-nosed woman might produce a little Pinocchio! Some men with strong faces need a wife with a soft, vulnerable, innocent face. I have analyzed all the different races and nationalities, thinking which ones make the best combinations. Harmony is the key factor.

Love is the basis and foundation for everything. You need to learn to look at nature and the universe-as well as at each other-with the eyes of love. You may ask your parents, "Dad, why did you choose Mother? What is so good about her?" There must have been some reason why they were attracted to each other.

What characteristic do you suppose Mother finds most attractive in me? What would she consider my most unique, lovable point? I would like to know what you think! I can well imagine, but I won't tell you, because I cannot speak for her unless she is here.

But I know precisely what I like about Mother, from A to Z. Do you think I have yet to appreciate all her good characteristics 100 percent? No, not yet. That means I have to continue doing research and make more effort to understand and cherish her. Even by the time I die, I don't think my research will be finished. Therefore, there is no time to be bored, because so many things remain to be learned.

By the same token, there are many aspects of me that Mother still has to learn about. She is always telling me, "Father, how do you find so many different things to talk about? I thought you would have run out of stories yesterday after speaking for seven hours, but here you are giving another sermon!" She is constantly amazed at the depths of my thought.

Mother has some standard by which she measures people. When she looks for an ideal daughter-in-law or son-in-law, she looks at them with those criteria. I also have certain standards that I use to select a daughter-in-law or son-in-law.

No matter how ugly your fiancÚ may be, still he or she is the supreme form of creation and therefore more special than anything else in nature. He or she is the crowning glory of God's masterpieces of creation. You may call upon the things of creation to sing a song for you and they would be unable to comply, but your fiancÚ could. So unless you are able to love nature, you cannot love other people.

You may look at sparrows and think that each one has exactly the same kind of eyes. But do you suppose the sparrows think that they all have identical eyes? When a sparrow looks at a human being, it may imagine that since they all have two eyes, one mouth and two ears, they all look alike! Do you think a sparrow can distinguish between John and Joe? People consider all sparrows are the same, and I'm sure sparrows think all people are alike, but when you look at other people, does everyone seem identical? When a flock of sparrows goes on a picnic, do you suppose they can distinguish their mate from the others in the group? I'm sure they can. What about their songs? To us, they all sound identical, but I'm sure a female can distinguish her mate's voice. How do you know this is the case? It is logical, for one thing, and we can compare human and animal behavior. When birds hear humans sing, for instance, they probably can't distinguish between Oriental and Western voices!

There are great differences between the worlds of men and women. Biologically, all men resemble each other, and all women resemble each other. But beyond that, there are many incredible individual differences. When you listen to your fiancÚ talk, you can tell whether he or she is speaking out of worry, joy, depression, or hope-just by the tone of voice. Do you research such things? Even birds change their tones, so how much there must be to study in that area! A scholar will always dig deeper and deeper into his field of research; your field of research is your spouse.

A woman who considers herself very well-qualified, with lots of talents and education, may look down on her husband as incapable and very unlike her. But if she really focuses on studying him, she will find incredible and unknown areas and discover truly superb things about him. So you are in no position to judge another person too quickly. Try writing a book about your husband; fill five diaries a year with nothing but observations about him!

There are beautiful women here today, aren't there? Look at the array of beautiful hair colors: black, brown, blonde, and so forth. Some men who were hoping to marry a blonde woman might be disappointed with a red-headed wife. But before you can say you are dissatisfied, you have to study the history of red hair. Dig back a few centuries into history and find out about all the incredible beauty that has come from red hair. Furthermore, check out all the great philosophers, artists and saints who had red hair. Then you can give your wife's hair color a nickname: "The great scholar so-and-so's hair color" Thus you can always associate her red hair with that of a great historical figure.

There is a great variety in how people laugh. Some women show off their whole mouth when they laugh, while others hardly open their lips. You may not be able to study how people in the past laughed, but you can study contemporary people and learn all about the varieties of laughing faces. Then you can compare your discoveries with your wife. You might discover that some famous person laughs exactly the way your wife does. There must be some reason why he or she became famous!

You can study the many varieties of shapes of noses. You can examine the eyebrows, the jaw, the forehead, the neck. Have you studied all the aspects of your fiancÚ? If you only look at the outside of a house, how can you call it bad without going inside? You would be very foolish. Suppose a house looks bad both inside and out, but somewhere inside is a secret safe containing a special treasure. Even if the house is totally demolished, that special safe will provide you with the means to live.

Actually everybody has a treasure, a special safe within them. I have a special safe, just like each of you. You need to dig out that value, that treasure place, and polish it, enhance it, cherish it, and live forever in love. That is the beauty of marriage. Value is something that always needs to be connected. The value of a man needs to be connected with the value of a woman. Mankind's value needs to be connected with the value of nature.

Today, on this Day of All Things, I am speaking about these things because people haven't known anything about their universe, about nature, about God's creation, about the spirit world, or even about human beings. So our attitude should be to explore and love, love and explore each other. Adam and Eve were schooled in the living museum of nature; that was their great source of education.

In ten more days, a historical event will take place in New York. This is an occasion of world-wide importance. You will be participants in this incredible event. Do you think it will happen again and again? Suppose I bless you on July I and then die on July 2. Then what would happen? Don't you see the uniqueness of this opportunity? You must grab it by any means possible, even if only by a stick or pole! Participation in this historical event is in itself the greatest of honors.

Just being admitted into Harvard is already a great honor, whether you attend for four years, six years, or whatever. If you really think of the value of the Blessing, it transcends imagination. Even if your fiancÚ were like the Elephant Man or the ugliest, most disabled woman, to walk down the aisle and be sprinkled with water by the True Parents is a historical marriage.

You may have traveled the world looking for a loving woman, without being able to find one. Suppose you are given a document by the King of love, certifying that you are a master of love and that you have loved all of creation and even the spirit world. Still, you would need to find someone of the opposite sex with whom to relate. Without consummating that kind of relationship, nothing is really fulfilled.

Your attitude should be: "July 1 is the day on which God will finally give me the person through whom I can consummate my love" You will be participating in an incredible, unique and holy opportunity. You should be able to declare, "I have graduated in loving nature and creation and in loving the entire spirit world. Now I have found the person whom I can love for the rest of my life and throughout eternity. Therefore, I am going to devote every ounce of my energy in loving my mate"

July I should be your day of declaration and new beginning. On that day, tell the world and the universe that you will love your mate more than anybody you ever loved in your life. Then when you walk through Madison Square Garden to the notes of the Wedding March you will not look at your fiancÚ and think, "I wish his (or her) face were a little bit better" How could you imagine such a thing? Your spouse is better than anything in nature; your spouse far surpasses the birds and trees. On that day, your love must be unconditional. Everything you see in him or her should be beautiful to your eyes. That is how you should begin as a couple.

During the period of growth, in late adolescence, everything in a person's body and consciousness goes crazy. Teenagers are so sensitive; they can laugh at everything, and the next moment it all makes them cry. They can go crazy looking at someone's eyes, mouth, ears, etc. They are unconditional, totally blinded by love. Love hits them like a torpedo. With such an unconditional, focused love you should embrace your spouse. Don't ever step back to wonder why you ended up with this person.

The man is like a positive electrical pole and the woman like a negative electrical pole. When they approach, sparks fly and everything is connected and fulfilled. Don't you like that kind of love? Electricity doesn't stop to evaluate things; when plus and minus come near, sparks automatically fly. All electricity needs is the wire.

The Unification Church has always been known as a gathering place of unusual people. We don't need anything other than love. We are the love race. Explosive men and women approach each other and melt everything around them, burning up every foreign object and leaving only the pure essence!

Have you ever listened to the sound doves make when they are in love? They coo all night long. Do doves adore each other because of how they look? Does the female say she likes her mate because he looks so handsome? No, not at all. Love is precious in itself We are going to become crazy for love itself!

Yesterday I spoke about first love and how it is most ideal for marriage to take place in the teenage years. During those years, all a man needs is a woman, and all a woman needs is a man. That accomplishes everything. Are you that kind of love-crazy people?

Nature, too, is love-crazy. God created Adam and Eve for the fulfillment of that very ideal, but it was never consummated. We are in the position to complete it. From now on, let this be a time of repentance. Whoever has a wishy-washy attitude about your fiancÚ, please repent now, beginning today. Liquidate your past and open a new diary of your relationship today. Base it on what I spoke about today. You are bound to improve and eventually perfect your relationship.

Today is the Day of All Things, the celebration of all the gifts God prepared for mankind but which had no proper master to receive them. Today we are pledging ourselves to become worthy recipients, true Adams and Eves, so that we can deserve those gifts. We must consummate the ideal which God intended us to reach. Nature and mankind together long to accomplish the ideal for which God created us.

We must fulfill the ideal standard of love. The love of Adam and Eve should have set the standard of love for the entire universe. They were the core, the center. But there has been a vacuum throughout history. Therefore, we must set that standard today. You are the ones to set that standard.

On July 1, you should meet that ideal standard and join with your ideal mate. As we celebrate this Day of All Things in anticipation of this historical Blessing, all nature can be deeply inspired and rejoice with us. Those who want to pledge to consummate the true standard of Adam and Eve's love on July 1, to become the flag bearers of heaven and liberate the grief of all things, enabling them to rejoice under their true masters-raise your hands. Amen!

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