The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

Midnight Prayer God's Day, 1981

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1981

Loving Heavenly Father,

By passing through 1980, we have come to the opening of the New Year 1981. Throughout the many different historical courses, so many tragic days have passed in succession. In Korea, in the meantime, during the period from 1920 to 1960, you sent me as an "innocent and carefree" child to this earth and raised and educated me; I was under your protection and guidance until I became mature, and when I came to know God and Jesus, I discovered the historical view and mission. Afterwards, even though you have experienced triumphant and glorious days, I have reminisced about the sad results of history, due to American Christianity and Korea, which did not fulfill their responsibility. But I am sincerely grateful to you, Father, for your painful efforts in walking again the path of sacrificial struggle, in order to guarantee the victorious day.

Furthermore, in 1960 the three seven-year courses began, in order to indemnify the new mission which Christianity did not fulfill and the mission which the nation did not fulfill; when I think of the day that these three seven-year courses were established, it seems like just yesterday. I think back once again to the time when nobody even imagined that today we would be in such a victorious realm of history. Now these three seven-year courses have already passed by, and this year the second set of three seven-year courses begins. I am so grateful for these days that I cannot express my appreciation in words. I am so thankful for this historical period during which I was able, with your presence, to proclaim the second set of three seven-year courses in my own lifetime.

Now we have definitely crossed into the national level and the world level; we have also opened the new door to 1981, and in this moment we are newly determining to march forward into the new decade beginning in 1981, leaving the 1970's behind. In this moment, we are going to determine the motto for this year: "Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven." So, Father, please accept this motto. Also, please be close to all those of the Unification assembly everywhere who are praying for this motto. In this place in particular, here are 843 couples who were matched last night as one family. So many of the children you remember so well are assembled here, gathered from all over the world. I am grateful that you are present here with us in this enthusiastic place, filled with new hope for 1981. Now, upon this occasion of beginning 1981, we can newly lift up the banner of the 1980's.

I am thankful that we are heading toward the new period of Home Church, and that we have to stand on the front line as representative families of the whole. We determine to be faithful and devoted for these ten years. I hope and I pray desperately that all can become children of yours, ones who are internally looking up at heaven, full of hope for great things ahead and determined to march forward -- even though these are such confusing days and hope seems to be disappearing from this satanic world.

I also pray you will bless those who are far away in Korea and Japan and scattered throughout 127 different countries; even though they are in many various circumstances, still they are looking toward this place and thinking of True Parents and heaven. They are young children scattered everywhere; therefore, bless them. I know and believe, Father, that you will also protect them and that you are with them in lonely places and various circumstances, just as you protected my family and church, and this child as he was walking in Father's love. Therefore, those who are in such hard circumstances or pioneer situations firmly feel that God is with them. I pray so desperately, hoping and praying that they will become children without any shortcomings, ones who can fulfill their responsibility under any hard circumstances, by feeling firmly that God is in their place.

Please bless them in this time of history, so we can have a good decade of the 1980's; we want to make sure of your protection during these busy days of starting anew in the hope of 1981. Please open the new path in this country; I pray that the leaders you found can fulfill their historical responsibility for the world, beginning from the day you found them. Also, I pray that Korea can connect with Asia and Western Europe, so that a glorious world of new dimensions can develop.

I pray that you will accept all this new morning era with joy. I pray gratefully and desire this in the name of the True Parents. Amen. 

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