The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

The Realm Of Existence

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 8, 1981
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Yesterday, happy news came (the birth of Yeon Jin). The baby had some initial difficulty breathing because fluid had apparently entered her lungs, but she has recovered and there is no problem now. Mother is resting well, too, and the child is really beautiful. Mother had to undergo some surgery herself and there were some minor complications, but it was nothing serious. Just before coming here, I got a call from the hospital and the report is that Mother and the baby are both well and dandy!

The topic of my message this morning is the realm of existence. The balance in human life is so delicate that it can be thought of as hanging on the thread of a spider's web. Think of something simple like inhaling and exhaling. Can you imagine inhaling ten times without exhaling? Even to inhale three consecutive times is not easy. Try it. Inhaling and exhaling are one simple example of the beautiful balance that characterizes all of existence. Balance and harmony exists on a very thin line.

In addition to the respiratory system, our body also has a nervous system and a cardiovascular system. All these maintain a tight, narrow balancing act. For example, if you block one nostril you soon feel difficulty in breathing. Your mouth can't function if you open one side and not the other. If you close one eye and look through the other one, your vision is incomplete and your face isn't symmetrical. From all these examples, we can conclude that we need pairs, or complementary aspects, in our life.

Where does human life come from? It begins from a harmonized base or foundation. Common logic concludes that everything has its origin in harmony. Since we come from harmony and balance, there must be some element that generates this equilibrium. When you study the Principle, you learn that God exists in dual essentialities and that it is possible to determine the subject and object elements within God. This is one of the truly great discoveries in human history.

Everything in life participates in subjective or objective roles; subject and object are needed to form a pair or circuit. God as the fundamental subject of the universe created all things in an objective role to Him. Within any subject a minus or object exists as well; in other words, the subject also contains dual elements. A creation brings forth the object which, like the subject, contains dual elements. In general, though, there are two major categories of plus, or subject, and minus, or abject. These two are supposed to form a circuit of give and take, interacting in a complementary manner.

The cosmos is nothing but the expansion of this one basic truth of the relationship between God and His creation. The universe itself is divided into small entities of subject and object and trillions of them. But the relationship is always subject or plus, and object or minus, and each of these always contains complementary elements.

More than 100 elements have been identified through chemistry. An element is a fundamental substance that consists of atoms of only one kind and cannot be broken down into simpler particles by ordinary or physical means. Each element is characterized by the number of plus and minus particles that it contains. These ions are distinctly plus or minus, not halfway between. The plus-minus relationship becomes marvelously complex and sophisticated and is manifested in all the beautiful aspects of the universe. The variations in the universe come from the different combinations and angles of plus and minus.

One particular person might have a very large plus element and a small minus element. There are always variations, but the basic principle remains the same. Each being encompasses 360 degrees and includes various pluses and minuses, while its composition is unique.

When you draw a line through the middle of a circle, you form two complementary halves, but if you do not go through the exact center, the two sides will not match. When a straight line passes through the center of the circle, balance is created.

Each atom can be broken down into protons, electrons and neutrons. Two kinds of electrical charges-plus and minus-exist within that minute atom, even though it is so small. The atom can be compared to a heavenly body: there is always a center with elements revolving around it. No matter how small the atom, there will be an electron revolving around the nucleus, just like a miniature solar system. The elements of existence can be contracted into a tiny atom or expanded to the solar system and on to the universe. The microcosm and the macrocosm reflect one another.

Scientists today say that the universe arises from energy. But what is energy and how does it exist? Energy itself can operate only within the bounds of universal law. Which is the first cause: energy or action? This is almost like the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

I already stated that energy is no exception to the law of existence. Neither energy nor action can be permanent or solid without the fundamental elements of plus and minus. In other words, energy and action are like the effect, or the shadow; the complementary elements of plus and minus are prerequisites to both of them. Therefore, the origin of the universe cannot be either energy or action, but rather the complementary relationship of plus and minus. Within God there is plus and minus and that relationship is found everywhere. When plus and minus create a circuit, the action of give and take immediately arises. Action creates energy, just as the flow of water through a power plant produces energy.

The amount of energy you can exert depends on the size of your object. An extraordinary object calls forth extraordinary energy. For example, when I pick up a piece of chalk, do I have to use the same energy as if I were lifting a rock? No. So you see that to relate to a small object, you need to exert only a small amount of energy, while to move a large object requires greater energy.

The most logical, universal truth is that existence begins with plus and minus, which form a reciprocal relationship of subject and object producing give and take action. Through such action, energy is generated. Scientists talk about energy because it is a phenomenon that they can study. The two elements prior to energy are deeper and may not be recognizable by the scientific method. Plus and minus are invisible and often impossible to investigate in laboratory test tubes. Energy has a prerequisite, but scientists don't usually think that far. They are content to say that the universe comes from "energy" However, energy can produce no action without the two elements of plus and minus, or subject and object.

Do you have love? Where is it? Can you show it to me? You can't see the power of love and you cannot show it. However, as soon as you have an object of love, you can feel a certain power moving within you; you feel love growing. Have you experienced that? Likewise, people may not know whether God exists. He is invisible, hiding somewhere, but as soon as we become an object to Him, we can feel His power moving within us. This is a very scientific method, even though scientists may not recognize it! All action in the universe springs from the dual natures of subject and object; apart from them, no action can take place and no energy can be generated.

We have our ambitions and hopes which must have a direction or goal as their subject. Our aspirations and goals must work together as hand in glove, as plus and minus. People naturally want to fulfill their aspirations and reach their goals because we long to resemble God. When we unite subject and object, we become a perfect object to God and can have give and take with Him. This is our ultimate goal.

The aspiration and goal of all the elements was the creation of the universe. Just as human beings have aspirations and hopes, all things of creation do, too, although on a different level. Without this, they cannot connect to God. All things of creation ultimately aspire to resemble God.

The greatest question in the scientific world today is whether the phenomena in the universe are the result of evolution or whether they were created by someone's will. People want to know whether life originated from some purpose or whether it evolved through random mutations. If evolution is true, who determined its direction? Evolution heads towards a higher state of development. Does each element determine its own goal? Does each being know where it is going to advance next? Evolution needs the input of new energy to develop into a higher state. How does the process of evolution obtain its energy?

Today's science is totally deadlocked in this area. Even if the level of development is different, all things-grass, rocks, trees, etc. aspire in some way to be like God, who exists in dual essentialities. All the things of creation focus on one center and are concentrated into one microcosm-human beings. All the elements of the entire universe were assembled and compacted into one little shape: a human being. Each smaller plus and minus combines into bigger elements, forming higher and greater existences. The basic qualification for being absorbed or harmonized by a higher being is absolute internal harmony and balance between plus and minus. A harmonized plus and minus resembles God, who is perfect harmony.

The Principle states that wherever a perfect plus exists, it will automatically attract a perfect minus. When a greater plus appears, the smaller minus become a greater minus in order to be worthy of complementing the greater plus. The minus grows in stature to create balance. Suppose the minus is not large enough to balance a very large plus; it will assemble another small minus, and with it will grow in stature!

The theory of evolution is merely an external observation of the internal process of creation. Evolution analyzes the phenomena, but internally there is always a will and a goal at work; through give and take action a new and higher being is created. All the elements of the universe revolve around God.

In our body, an individual blood cell does not remain in one organ but circulates all over, from toe to brain. Blood is a harmonizer, traveling throughout the body and blending with all its elements. The nerves also bring cells and organs into harmony.

Spiritual growth can be compared to the educational process. We start out in life as a small being and want to become a higher and larger being since we want to resemble God, the highest being of all. Children go through elementary school but they are not satisfied with that. They want to continue through high school and perhaps go on to college and graduate school. When someone finally obtains a Ph.D., can he turn around and belittle his kindergarten or elementary school experience, or call high school a waste of time? Not at all. Looking back at all his experiences at the earlier levels, he realizes that they formed the foundation for his Ph.D. work and they are harmonious with it. From balance comes harmony, cooperation and advancement.

Communism claims that development takes place through confrontation and struggle, but that is a lie. It is impossible for higher beings to develop through confrontation and struggle. Only balance, harmony and cooperation can make it happen.

With this principle, we can evaluate the errors in the theory of evolution; also we can show that the ideology of communism is based on falsehood. When someone lectures on the Principle, he repeatedly stresses that God exists in dual essentialities. It sounds very simple and may seem easy to think of, but in order to reach that conclusion I had to dig down and search the four corners of the universe.

One of the greatest historical questions has been answered this morning: is our world today the result of evolution or creation? Creation is actually the most logical answer.

All things have a direction and goal; when they aspire towards it and take action, the energy arises which enables them to reach that goal. Thus it is logical to conclude that the entire universe is heading in a certain direction and that there is a will which determines that direction. Somebody set the goal, so movement has direction and all existence has a goal.

Communists talk about a utopia and the inevitable goal of an ideal world according to their "law" of dialectical materialism, but that is pure fabrication. They say that the ideal world can only be achieved through confrontation and struggle, but that is simply a lie. No such goal can be reached through violence and conflict. The Unification Church has a clear explanation: history has been the struggle between good and evil, not between plus and minus, not between the two complementary elements of male and female. History is filled with confrontations between good and evil. How can we determine that? By looking into our own hearts!

There are two types of processes operating within all things: action and reaction. When you consider only the reaction processes, everything appears to be a struggle. When there is action, a parallel reaction automatically appears. The Principle explains this as origin, division and union action. But the authors of communism, looking at the same phenomenon, came to a quite different conclusion. They saw it as a polarization-opposing elements continually at war with each other; and out of that conflict, they said, a new element or new creation comes into being. That is the view of existence according to dialectical materialism.

It is true that there are active and reactive elements, but there are two very different ways of explaining them-either communist theory or the Principle. There is a repelling energy in the universe. God is complete harmony between plus and minus, so He is a perfect being. If some foreign element tries to invade and break up the balance, this perfect element repels it and says, "You are not needed here. Get away" In your own experience, you repel a threat even unconsciously. If an insect flies toward your eye, your hand automatically comes up to stop it. If some person moved toward you in a threatening manner, you would crouch down, making yourself smaller, ready to burst into action. You want to repel any external invasions and defend yourself against foreign elements.

Why does the human body shrink before it expands or strikes out? It is because the universe is like that. God must have built some reactive or repelling energy into the system. Once perfect harmony is achieved, you want to maintain it for eternity. Everything aims for eternal existence; therefore, you have the built in power to repel any threat. You have your own defense department within you! Likewise, all of creation seeks to protect itself for the sake of preserving harmony. This is the beauty of the universe!

You might be thinking, "I am listening to what Father is saying but I am not convinced. How can it work?" The Principle teaches that when our plus and minus aspects come together in complete harmony, God will dwell within us. That is because a completely harmonized being reflects God's own characteristics; that is how God can make His dwelling with us.

When your cells function perfectly, blood automatically flows toward them and the nervous system serves them. A perfectly functioning cell automatically sends an invitation to the circulatory and nervous systems and the life force flows into it. How can you deny it? It is scientific truth. By the same token, when the plus and minus elements completely harmonize, God comes to dwell there.

Thus both a harmonizing or comforting force and a repelling force exist. The first brings everything into oneness- like glue. The second rebuffs any threats to that perfect harmony. It springs into action and says, "Get out of here!" A certain rapport is established between plus and minus, but a foreign element that is not a perfect plus or minus is unwelcome. You enjoy talking with a loving person with whom you have complete rapport; but to someone you dislike or perhaps even hate, you say, "Get out of here!" You don't want him around. The universe operates in two ways: by harmonizing and by repelling, and for both activities it needs energy.

Without being able to observe the whole picture, you only see things piecemeal and notice only the small elements and the repelling action. You can see a lot of struggle and wonder how such things can develop into something greater. But when you observe the whole, you find not only the repelling force but also the more important dimension: the harmonizing and unifying force. Whenever you seek after a greater object or subject, the uniting force becomes greater than the repelling force and it draws you forward.

If you know something about elementary electricity, you realize that two circuits are required in an electrical current: a plus circuit and a minus circuit. Do plus and minus attract or repel each other? They attract. However, two pluses and two minuses repel each other. When plus and minus unite, they resemble God, but plus and plus together do not.

During a summer thunderstorm, great masses of plus energy collide with great masses of minus energy in the air. When they come together, they produce Joyful sparks and an incredible sound. But if plus repels plus and minus repels minus, how can they amass into such a huge plus and such a huge minus? I was studying electrical engineering, and I was going to write my dissertation on this topic. However, I changed my studies to religion and never wrote the dissertation, but I still have a theory about this question. Engineers and physicists do not deal with philosophical questions; they usually just study the phenomena.

I worked out a beautiful theory to show why plus and plus do not always repel but also unite under certain circumstances. If no minus element is present, plus and plus may join, but as soon as a plus spots a minus-a potential "mate"-he exclaims, "Oh-ho! This is what I have been hunting for a long time!" Then he rejects the plus and goes to the minus.

Another good example can be taken from human experience. Before finding their mate, boys are best friends with each other; plus and plus are united in this case. But when one meets the woman who becomes his fiancée, he doesn't want other men around anymore. Once a plus discovers a minus, it is drawn to it as object; that is because their unity will make them more like the image of God. No matter how closely plus and plus are united, it doesn't reflect the image of God. Therefore, when plus and minus unite and then repel others, they are actually giving them a loving push away, an encouragement to go and find their own mate and create their own eternal harmony! That repelling action is a stimulant for others to become the harmonized image of God.

One plus unites with another plus, forming higher and higher pluses, and one minus unites with another minus, forming higher and higher minuses. Ultimately the super plus and super minus will meet, creating the ultimate universal, eternal beauty. One magnetic pole is mankind, the supreme creation, and the other magnetic pole is the universe, the rest of creation. When mankind and the universe unite and energy flows between them, they give birth to incredible beauty and the ideal world.

However, this is not the end of our journey. We continue our quest until we reach our ultimate, invisible subject, God. He is the final destination. When we reach God, we find complete, ultimate harmony, with God as the plus and mankind as the minus.

Once men and women join in perfect harmony, should we preserve it for eternity or break it up? If any foreign element tries to invade it, the repelling force pushes it away and tells it to go out and find its own mate.

When you are sick and in pain, it means that somewhere in your body the normal harmony or balance is broken. Something invaded and upset it, causing a reaction to eliminate the disruptive element. That is why you feel pain. The universal repelling force operates in your body to drive away the foreign invasion and sickness, and the struggle between the two produces the sensation of pain. When somebody hits you, you feel pain from that invasion. That pain motivates you to do something to protect yourself.

If something destructive is not painful, you might keep on laughing and in the meantime be destroyed. Pain is an alarm signal, an emergency warning system. The newborn baby feels pain whenever any critical balance is broken. He or she is sensitive to any abnormal situation. I thought a lot about the laws of existence last night!

We have concluded that we are the result of the act of creation, not evolution. We are the fruit of beautiful harmony. Communism claims to have the ultimate truth, but it looks at the world in little bits and lacks the whole perspective. To produce complete harmony, the universe is composed of pluses and minuses, and their intricate interactions form all the beauty of the universe. There is always give and take between them. A big plus includes lots of smaller pluses and minuses; a big minus includes lots of pluses and minuses as well. Each time plus and minus unite, something greater is created.

We have been talking about all these levels of duality, but you, too, are a dual existence. Within you there is the internal and external, mind and body, right? If there is no harmony between the internal, spirit body and the external, physical body, you feel the pain of conscience. To create perfect harmony you need God, who brings you the power of life. When God dwells with you, you never lack energy. As the dwelling of God, you become a powerhouse, able to continue day and night without running out of energy.

When you fund raise, if there is a battle between your mind and body, you feel fatigued and powerless. But once your mind and body are united, God can dwell in you and you feel abundant energy and vitality. In that case, an individual is like a factory with all the machines running- all the organs are doing their best-and you don't have to worry about them going on strike!

Some members wonder what is wrong with drinking a little alcohol, smoking or taking drugs. Liquor, for example, will only play an invading role and upset your balance, making you commit some mistake. Of course, after you achieve perfect harmony between plus and minus, liquor, cigarettes and marijuana could not distract you. But while you are in the process of growing, you tend to look in all directions and many foreign elements try to woo you. When you pay attention to them, you will be drawn into their sphere.

Take another example: although there is no line between you and me, you feel some pulling power from me, don't you? I may try to chase you away, but you come right back, just like a rubber band! You may think about me day and night, and you feel good because of the invisible link pulling on you. That is the power of life. All living things orient themselves toward the power of life; plants, for example, grow toward the sunlight.

My position is not that of an appointee; you cannot appoint a replacement for me. Someone can represent me, but not substitute for me. Can you replace your fiancé or spouse and swap them for someone else? Certainly not.

It is not enough to do well as an individual; you need a family. The family and its members-brothers and sisters, parents and children-are essential, because by uniting with them you enlarge yourself. In a way, your family is your larger self, and your society and nation are still larger selves. Even the world can be your larger self! Each person wants to become a greater and better being. Without this principle, the standards of value in society cannot be determined.

The greatest of all contributions that I have made to the world is the system of home church. Home church is the base or stage for becoming a larger self, for transforming the individual into the greater world self.

According to the Principle, a perfect plus automatically brings forth a perfect minus. God is the perfect plus of the universe. If I make myself a perfect minus, then perfect harmony will result. If any negative force threatens that combination, universal power will shatter it. If this is not true, then the entire universal law that I have been preaching throughout my life is false. God is the perfect plus, and everything and everyone else-myself, the United States, the whole world, the spirit world-should be in the position of perfect minus. I am taking the role of perfect minus to God so if the United States tries to harm or destroy me, the universal force will make it stop. That is the philosophical conclusion and truth must operate. I have seen proof of this statement.

Representative Donald Fraser, with the overwhelming power of the US Congress behind him, came against me and our movement. I gave Bo Hi Pak instructions to go out fearlessly and fight. Knowing this truth, I took the position of a perfect minus and Bo Hi Pak was united with me. No power under the sun, not even the universal power, can shatter such a relationship. Anything that tries to break the harmony between God and me will be repelled by universal power. History proves this. Who was defeated in the battle with Congressman Fraser? Who was defeated in the battle with the Carter administration? Was I defeated? I ran a beautiful test of this theory-like a laboratory experiment- with Fraser and Carter and I proved that it works.

The same principle is behind my announcement of a rally in Moscow. Everybody said, "A Moscow rally? How could we?" But if this principle is true, the Moscow rally will become a reality when you unite with me and the absolute minus. Yes or no? This is a logical theory and I am not acting blindly. There is logic and philosophy behind my actions. By following this principle, we will ultimately bring the universe and the world into unity. That is our ultimate goal.

When I talk about winning over the world, I don't mean with any sort of physical means. I mean winning over people with love, enveloping them with love. I am constantly urging you to become bigger people and take on greater challenges. You only win people by loving them, by giving greater and deeper service to them. By loving and serving the world, you create a total vacuum, or a perfect minus. High pressure air is drawn to a vacuum, so when you make yourself a perfect vacuum, God will move in. No power under the sun can stop Him.

Please become like perfect, low pressure air. God is the world's ultimate high pressure air, but there has been no corresponding low pressure air. If you become the lowest of all air pressures-a vacuum-you are a perfect minus, and God's high pressure air will flow into you and fill you. That is natural law and principle. I send you out to suffer and endure hardships-perhaps even unto death-not because I hate you, but so that you can become a perfect minus to God.

Opposing elements look for their perfect mate for the achievement of perfect harmony. The universal repelling power never works to destroy someone, but guides them into their complete harmony. Universal power is not a destructive power. That is why we should love our enemy. By loving the worst opposing force, you are actually guiding it into greater harmony.

If you make yourself perfect low pressure air, or a perfect minus, then you become a person of all seasons and all regions. No door will be closed to you; wherever you go, you will harmonize and be accepted. If I walked in on you in your home, would you tell me to get out? Or would you say, "Welcome, Father, this is your room. Come right in" This is an example of how you can become a perfect minus, if I come in as a perfect plus.

In the family, the father and mother are the plus. The children must love them, obey them and harmonize with them. That is the universal law. Because Americans violate that law so much, they have many problems in their homes. The secret to winning the others in your family is to become the lowest pressure air and draw everybody else in. Then all the members of the family-parents, brothers, sisters, and children-can embrace one another. You can become the master of the house when you give more love than anybody else.

The same principle applies to the nation. When you become the lowest pressure air of the nation, you are the best of all patriots. Everybody will pay respect to you, including the president. To create the lowest pressure air, go and live for others; serve others.

Today I have been talking about the universe and its central principle. We know the core of both communism and democracy. What is Unificationism? Unificationism means the harmony of everything through the power of love.

Today we are celebrating the birth of a brand new heavenly baby, Yeon Jin. I know she will be very smart and grow up fast, giving you lots of competition. Are you ready to compete with her? That is the best frame of mind for celebrating her birth.

My children know the universal truth and they pray according to it. You, too, know what to pray for. Then God will heed your prayer. Otherwise, your prayers are just mumbling and bumbling-beating around the bush, in God's opinion.

People say many things about me, but one thing is absolutely true. I am the one religious leader who will make you suffer the most! You may protest, "No, Father, we don't like it,' but it is a good thing. I will explain why. Take your home as an example. If you work harder than everyone else, with a loving heart suffering for the sake of your family, even your parents will come and bow down to you and thank you from the bottom of their heart. By living that way, you become the child of God. Being one with God, you attain God's position in your family.

When Unification Church members shoulder the worst problems of the United States with a loving heart, the entire country will eventually bow down to you. That is heavenly law. You can become the patriot of patriots. In order to do that, however, you have to suffer for the sake of the nation with a loving heart, more than any other person in history.

There are quite a number of patriots in every country, but only a few saints. The saint's scope is different from that of the patriot: he works for the universe and for God. We could describe three levels of spiritual advancement: children of filial piety, or good members of their family; patriots; and saints, or holy people. How high is my ambition for you? I don't want you to become mere children of filial piety. I am pushing you to become saints.

I am ambitiously seeking to take on the worst problems of the universe, asking to bear the universal burden. Is that good? People have had high ambitions and have tried to establish utopian ideals, but no one has been able to accomplish them. I have sought to understand the greatest problems in the world. God's worst headaches are the expansion of communism; the rapid decline of religion; the degradation of youth; and the collapse of morality. These are the major problems of the world. God has been working day in and day out to solve these problems, so I volunteered, "Heavenly Father, let me take up those burdens and solve them for You. Let me come up with a unifying source of hope and a method for establishing a utopia"

This was the motivation behind the International Conferences for the Unity of the Sciences. God's original plan was for people to be perfected within approximately 20 years. I am thinking that if I lead these scientists and eminent scholars for 20 years, they will have reached a pretty good level. Every year they give their unflagging attention to absolute values. When they could find no answer to a certain question, they decided to ask me about it!

All kinds of criticisms and accusations have been hurled against me but they don't bother me. I just persevere and move forward, completely digesting them. I am engaged in a tug of war against communism, confronting it face to face. I tell it, "I will digest you. You can never digest me" I am also throwing a challenge to Christianity, saying, "You need me to revive yourselves, but you cannot digest me"

The adjective most frequently used to describe me is "controversial"-"the controversial Reverend Moon" All right, I am controversial. At least it proves one thing: people pay attention to me. I have become one with God, so when the rest of the world comes against me, the universal power repels them. That clash becomes the controversy. I have a completely logical explanation for all these phenomena. No area is hazy.

I can be calm even in the midst of suffering. If I am sentenced to prison and have to face hardships, I am filled with peace even as I enter jail. I can sleep well, eat well, and even digest sand if necessary. There is never a cause for worry once you know universal truth. I am absolutely confident of my destination, the heavenly world, and I want to take as many people along as I can. I can invite you to accompany me without any doubts, since I know our goal and destination.

To the degree that I am a perfect minus to God, I am a perfect plus to you. Whenever you create the perfect minus position, I will be with you. Whether you are in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East or Asia, whether you are behind the Iron Curtain or the Bamboo Curtain-it makes no difference. I will appear to you there. When you are a perfect minus, I will be with you. Therefore, no one can stop the march of the Unification Church.

The Unification Church is grounded in the truth of this principle. Unless some greater truth emerges, there is no way anyone can push the Unification Church back or put us on the defensive. It will be those who are resolved to suffer more than anybody else, those who try to duplicate my way of life. It doesn't matter whether you have a Ph.D. or Master's Degree and are a great scholar-this principle shall not change. I am setting a new tradition, and those who give themselves to the best of their abilities and suffer for the sake of others with a loving heart shall form the mainstream.

I know this is true, so whether you like it or not makes no difference. I will send you out, knowing that the final result will be glorious. At the end of your course, great blessings await you. You will be grateful to me then. That is why I have no reservations about pushing you now. Do you think I am telling you the truth, or am I trying to win you with cunning and sugarcoated promises? This is absolute truth.

This is why God is protecting me. If it were not the truth, I would have been summoned to the spirit world a long time ago. So many people have wanted me to disappear, to be taken to heaven or hell-or wherever! Many people have actually prayed for my life to be taken away, so why does God keep me here on earth? Regardless of what the entire world might think or pray for, God needs me and the members of the Unification Church.

God has the power to protect you, so you should go forward with a bold and strong heart. Are you a living being? Do you manifest the life force? You should have the powerful life force that can move the whole universe!

When you are fortified with this ideology, no challenge is too big for you. When I first landed here in the United States, do you think I was totally overwhelmed? When you become a perfect object to God, you too can act independently. In that case, you might say, "Father, I don't need the help of you or the church. Let me take responsibility for this country"

You might also say, "I shall become perfected because that is my goal and destiny. I will perfect myself and then reach out to bring along the rest of the church"

When you encounter opposition, it is a test to see whether you can do these things on your own. Without overcoming opposition, you have nothing you can be truly proud of. Because you have learned to withstand and overcome opposition, that is proof that you have accomplished things on your own. That proof is beautiful and dynamic.

During the battles with Congressman Fraser, I was never afraid. I never prayed, "God, I am perishing! Come and help me!" I simply said, "Father, let me do this. Just sit back and enjoy the show and take delight in the accomplishment" This is the way I want to teach to be; you shall become people of dynamic boldness and strength. Don't say, "I have no motivation because my central figure never recognizes my work"; or, "I am discouraged because my fiancé is so ordinary; I don't have the energy to continue" If I ever had such thinking, I would not have gone far at all.

Those who pledge, "Yes, Father, I can follow your principle on my own. I will become a dynamo and perfect myself, helping to create the nation and world which God desires,' raise your hands, please. Let us pray.

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