The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1981

The Public And Private Way

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1981
Translator - Sang Kil Han

You all know that our lives have an historic quality. When we say historic, we are including the past, present and future. For example, I am speaking now in the present, I have spoken in the past, and I will continue to speak in the future. In this relationship our lives are connecting three points.

Some people place importance on the past, some put emphasis on the present, and others think seriously of the future. American people, for example, are proud of their past, but also they are proud of their present, and expect to be proud in the future. That is, in the view of Americans their past is big, the present is bigger, and the future is expected to be much bigger.

When we say "the public way", we mean the larger aspect, while the private way is the smaller way. What do we mean when we say "big" or "small"? Where do we draw the line? A person might be big or small, and he can live in a public way or a private way. When we evaluate someone we say he is a big man or he is a small man. If we say he is a big man, we imagine that he has a good future ahead of him. If we say he is a small man, we think his future is not so big.

Our ancestors made the culture we live in today. Our ancestors always thought about the future more than their present time, and their work made this huge civilization come into being. We cannot deny that. Looking back, we can see that religion had more to do with furthering civilization than any material things did. When we are focused on a religious perspective, living for a definite purpose, then we are almost guaranteed that our future will be big and stable, and will continue to get better. If we are religious then we make a sincere effort.

Centering on the present, there are two ways of looking at our lives: today we are smaller than in the past, and our future will be smaller; or the past was small, but today is bigger, and the future is expected to be much bigger still. It is natural to hope that the past was big, and that our future will be bigger. Everyone would want this. The third possibility is that the past, present and future would all be big.

It is man's original nature to want many friends, not just one or two, in order to expand horizontally the scope of his activities. Aren't you that way? In China there is hardly any private ownership but the country boasts a population of one billion people. People want to become wide, or big. Therefore, in the past they wanted the future to be big, and now we want our future to be even bigger.

How would God think? Which would He choose among these three possibilities? The third one. If God wanted it that way and He is omnipotent, then why is that world not realized already? We can say that God thinks in the public way, so why hasn't that world come to be? When He created Adam and Eve, was it His hope to expand or to narrow down? For Adam, Eve came into being. and for that couple children came into being. After their family there came a race, clan, nation, and so on.

There is the invisible world and the visible world, and man is an intermediary situated in between. If a thought is actualized in the visible world then it will also be realized in the invisible world, not just as a thought, but in reality. When something big is actualized on earth, then in the invisible world a corresponding area will be expanded in reality. We imagine that God had an expectation for how we would be. As we expanded in that way, the invisible world would also expand accordingly.

Although each person has the possibility of becoming immensely big, because mankind has been neglecting God man has narrowed down his future. Man's thinking has become narrower and narrower, and so the future which he projects is also narrow. As a result, there are two realms: one is the world of life, and the other is the world of death: one is the world of God, and the second is the world of Satan.

What we must know is that the public way is life lived for God and also for the sake of the future. We also have to have a way in which we cherish the past, for God is in the past as well as the present and future. In other words, it is the public way to cherish God and the future of mankind. If one is living with that image, then he is living the public way.

How would it look to God? When God created Adam and Eve, would He have encouraged them to love Him but not to think about the future of mankind? God must have told them to love each other and their children as much as they loved Him. He couldn't possibly have said anything else. If God had said, "Just love me alone and no one else," then He would have been denying the past and the future too.

When God was living close to Adam and Eve, He would ask, "Adam, you love me, don't you?" Adam would certainly say yes, and then God would have said, "You must love Eve more than you love me." That meant that God had a plan and outlook for the future, and was using Eve as an example to teach Adam about the future.

Let us go forward for the next year, more than for today. Then next year we will try harder for the sake of the next year after that. While standing in the present we have two directions. If we retreat to the past then we are headed for hell, but if we go forward then we will go to heaven.

Because of the fall, is the kingdom of heaven yet to come in the future, or has is existed in the past? It is not in the present or the past, but in the future. We are here in Unification Church for the sake of God and mankind, and if we retreat then where are we heading? No place else awaits us but hell. If we advance, however, then a big future is in store for us. Since the present time is so difficult, should you retreat? Should you just crawl forward, inch by inch? We can imagine that God has been teaching man by saying, "You must love others more than you love me." He should say that if He wants to insure a big future for man.

If as the leader of Unification Church I say that you must love all others more than you love me, then I am speaking as a public-minded teacher. If I said that you must love me more than others, then I would be leading everyone in the direction of hell. In that case I would be self-centered and retreating toward hell. Hell has no future, while heaven has a broad future. The deeper we go into heaven, the broader is the future we can expect.

It is the public-minded way to want a future bigger than the present, while the nonpublic way does not think about the future, but only about the present and the past. The fall took place from a self-centered position, where man thought about himself only and not about the future. Whoever is centered on himself and wants everything done for himself is going in the direction of hell. But if you love others more than yourself, you are heading toward heaven. When you think of yourself, you are in the present and the past, but when you think of others, you are in the objective realm, in the future. The fact that God told Adam to love Eve more than Him meant that He was thinking about the future. This is what God had in mind in the beginning, and how He taught Adam about it.

This is our goal in the Unification Church, to live for the sake of others. If you are alone then it's all right to love yourself, but if you have someone else then you should love that person more. When Eve came into being, Adam was supposed to love her more than he loved himself. When they had a family, Adam and Eve were supposed to love their family more than they loved each other. When that family expanded and became a clan, they should have loved the clan more than their family. When the nation came into being, it was to be cherished more than the clan, and so on. For the sake of the world, even countries would be willing to forget themselves. Thus, this pattern for the future was very much present from the beginning.

Why do electrons go around protons? So that they will create the world. If the proton would say to the electron, "You shouldn't move faster than me or be bigger than me," then the world would never have come into existence. Each one should be willing to let others become bigger and better, and even encourage that expansion, for then the small entities will eventually form a big world.

Unification Church members can all say that the individual should exist for the family, the family should exist for the sake of the clan, the clan for the nation, and so forth, but no one actually wants to carry that out because it is so difficult. We can imagine that this means we would love each other so much that we are connected to everyone by love, and thus become bigger. If one thinks more of his family than of himself and pours himself out for his family, wouldn't the neighbors join in loving that family? Everyone wants to participate in loving the family, and in that way they will come into unity. But if everyone is self-centered, can unity come about? No, everyone would be scattered. The universe could not come to exist in that way. We can conclude that the smaller one should be willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the bigger one. That's the public way of life.

What about a cow eating grass-from the viewpoint of the grass is that the public or private way? What about the cow's point of view? When the cow has a definite purpose in eating the grass, knowing it will one day become of service to a bigger being, then it is going the public way. If a man is confident that by eating the cow he can be of greater service to the whole, then he is a]so acting in the public way. The fact of eating something else is private in itself, but if it is connected to a bigger purpose, then that becomes the public way.

Possibly you don't feel happy about thinking of yourself last, but in living the public way everything becomes an extension of yourself. I can never be as huge as the universe, but if I connect with others for the future, then indeed I will become as big as the universe. Think of grass; by itself it can never become more than a few inches high, but when it is eaten by bigger and bigger beings, then eventually it can be connected to God. Each cell in the grass will become a cell which God can love directly because it is in the cell of a being whom God can love. The cells of the grass want nothing beyond the love of God. There is nothing better than God's love in this world. Would a woman want anything else than her husband's undivided love? Does she want money more than love?

Jesus said that those who want to live will die, and those who are ready to die will live; he also said that whoever wants to become high will become low, and whoever wants to become low will become high. Without love, this would not have much meaning, but it naturally happens centered around love. With love it becomes possible to jump up to higher and higher levels.

In America there is confusion about this point. There is 100% individualism in America today; is there any way it can be connected to the future? We have to say that right now America has no way to be connected to the future, so we must look for some way to become connected to heaven. We can only predict that America as it is will perish.

Why do I point this out? Because of the practical situation we are facing now. In 1981 you want to do better work than ever before. and to do so you have to stay in the public way or else you will become tired and exhausted. To sacrifice means to transplant part of ourselves. A cancer cell grows very quickly, but ours will spread even more quickly than cancer cells.

Why doesn't the Unification Church expand as quickly as it should? It is because individuals are not sure about their way and don't want to sacrifice themselves. If you don't understand why you have to jump into more difficult situations, then you shy away. I never thought that I would become bigger and bigger, but only said, "I must do my mission and live up to the expectation of the world and God." I was too busy to think of anything else except following the Principle, and one day I found that a bigger and bigger realm had been created for me. Since the Principle was the way, I kept on going, not thinking about being acclaimed by the spirit world. What good would it do you to think about it? It is beyond you.

If a president of a country would visit God, God would say to him, "You must love the world more than you love your own country." God would never tell him that his country was more important than the world. If according to the Principle there is something you must do, then there should be no hesitation about doing it, or about worrying what others think of you-or even what God or the spirit world think about you. As you go forward and do it, you will suddenly realize at some point that people have come to recognize you. If it is done here, it is automatically done in the invisible world. Then in the spirit world your realm will be expanded.

I have directed you to do home church, and all of you know why. That is the public way. When things become difficult, you find reasons for not going to your home church. How can you say you are too busy for home church? No matter how difficult it is, you must at least think that what you're eating and drinking is for the sake of home church. You should do home church as much as you eat and drink. You must think that home church is part of yourself and that you cannot cut it off.

The newspaper has to come out, and if you are literally too busy then you can at least go to your home church area and sleep there. If you cannot do the work, at least you should take a look at the work and say to yourself, "That is what I must do." If you cannot go to your area for one day, you should a least take a look at your home church. Spiritually, there are many people really waiting seriously for you. You don't feel that because of your less intense spiritual sense.

Home church people are all imprisoned by a wire fence and they are crying out to you, " Please liberate us, please free us. " But you cannot hear their cry and see that they are in prison. At least you have to go there and hear them crying out for you to liberate them. If you cannot do that, you have to pray about that to God and explain the situation to Him. You have time to eat three meals a day, don't you?

Now, you may think you learned a handy thing from me today, that you will just keep praying about home church. But you have to do as you prayed. If you prayed once, then you have to go there and take a look at your area.

Those who were in the matching ceremony, raise your hands. Have you imagined your fiancÚ in his home church? If your fiancÚ is in his area, would you go there? Maybe you would start out to go look at your own area, but your body would actually be moving toward his area! Is home church less important than your fiancÚ? You shouldn't waste time writing letters or holding hands for one year. Don't think about your fiancÚ so much because Principle says we must love our home church more and then we can love our fiancÚs later.

That's precisely the way I went. My own family broke up because I practically ignored them in order to live first for the sake of the dispensation. If I had done that for myself then it would have been a crime, but because I did it for the sake of the country and the world, it was right. You should never be confused about what is the public and private way.

If I were going forward for the sake of the world, but my wife decided she would not go with me, should you remain with her or should you go to the world? If I had stopped because of my wife, do you think the Unification Church would be here today?

We are called upon to sacrifice by everyone and everything around us, even by God. If this is the public way, we know that there is one thing we must do, no matter what happens to us. I did not come here for my own sake. In fact, I sacrificed myself. I did it for the sake of the world, for God, and to make this country live. How nice it would have been if I didn't have to fight against Congressman Fraser, Capitol Hill, and the government. I did not fight the easy way either. If I had lost then the Unification Church would have been taken over by Satan, but I was willing to take that risk. Prison and death were waiting if I had failed.

Not long ago in Africa, one of our missionaries was martyred. When I heard the report, I thought that he had done his mission totally, and that he would become the permanent ancestor for that country. If he had died doing the work of the world, then he would have been the ancestor of the world. I have completed my mission, and by achieving my responsibility toward the whole world, I am not to blame for the death of that brother. Because the country is surrounded by the world, it is protected by the world. Heaven surrounds the world.

If the fall had not taken place, all of these things would have been automatic. But because of the fall, we are trying to create a bigger and bigger environment. Without the fall we would have been under heaven's protection 24 hours a day. There wouldn't be even a small risk. Because the fall took place, however, the world is a different place. Now we have to cross the border into a country where we have nothing to do with evil.

The people in spirit world are still influenced by their past experiences of life in the fallen world. Each spirit man wants to cross over his own boundaries and become bigger and better, but he has to cross the borderline from the fallen world into heaven. This is what should happen, but since no one is in the position to see the right direction clearly, there is a lot of confusion in the spirit world. People there don't know how to get out and go where they are supposed to be. The spirit world cannot freely come to work on earth, however. It has been difficult for those in spirit world to get together and break through their boundaries.

In the Unification Church you are experiencing something you couldn't even have dreamed of in the past. The spiritual experiences you have had are the result of all the sacrifices made historically, and you are freely given them. What you are experiencing is happening only once in history.. It is not accidental, but with that great privilege comes responsibility.

For the first time in history, clear direction is being given about how to pioneer the way from the individual level to the family, to the clan, and to the society, nation and the world. Heaven is realized in spirit world to the extent it is accomplished on earth. Unification Church exists for the sake of the world, and so you Americans have to sacrifice for the sake of the world. This is the way we teach. If we sacrifice for the sake of the world, the national ideal will come to be realized. In other words, we are saving our country by loving the world. The quality of love which you give your family and nation is the same, except that one is wider. One hair on my head will look after itself, but all are connected through one life force. The individual is connected to the universe through the life force, by heaven. Through love, all the world is one.

Life is for the individual, but love is for the world. Therefore, you do your best in your life for the sake of love and the world; this becomes justice. Justice is loving the world. Have a clear idea of this, not a vague idea. It is truth that we must eat to sustain, our lives, and to love others is also the truth. Truth is eternal, and love is truth. Even in the future everyone will have to go this path of love.

Eating is truth, and love between husband and wife is truth, and giving birth to children is also truth. No matter how old you may be, still you want to give birth to a child. Some girl may say she is afraid to get married because eventually she has to give birth to a child; she doesn't know what truth is. But when she is thirty or forty then she understands and wants very much to have a baby. I think that is true. This is true everywhere.

We will go forward for the sake of the world and the spirit world, and while we are doing that, everything around us is left behind. People in the spirit world know that sensual disco dancing is wrong, that taking drugs and smoking cigarettes are harmful. We will do away with those things. Don't go to a cabaret to dance, but dance in your home. If a father, mother and children want to disco in their home, it's all right. Everyone in the spirit world knows that what is going on in this world is very bad. We should wipe out everything which is bad.

The immorality and prostitution on Eighth Avenue is no good. That needs to be stopped, but now is not the time. When the proper time comes, certainly we will do that with our own hands. We do not have the world foundation yet, but when we do, we will discontinue those things. We are doing this for the sake of the spirit world too.

The work you do today may look trivial, but you should always be thinking that the next year will be better. All the 80's will be better than the 70's, and the 1990's will be even farther reaching. The Unification Church members must have a clear vision of where we are going, knowing that each decade will be getting better. You may say, "I am only an ordinary person, so I don't want the world. Why don't I just live with my fiancÚ?" In the spirit world you should be able to go everywhere freely, with no boundaries, but if you refuse to work for the world then you are fencing yourself into a small area. You will be unable to go beyond your fence, and no one can break that fence down to free you.

Once you go to the spirit world, you cannot go beyond what you are, so if you still have many fences you must go all the way back to the earth again. You would regret everything so much, knowing that I explained all this to you when you easily could have done something about it. You must come back and do things all over again through people who wouldn't recognize you. How miserable that would be! I am telling you now, so please listen.

If I didn't know about the spirit world, I would not live the way I do. I would be easy-going like you. I am smarter than you and have many skills, and still I work harder because I know about the spirit world. That gives me conviction and strength. Even if the whole country comes against me, I couldn't stop, because l know that whatever I fail to do here I will have a harder time doing there. To break barriers is never easy.

When I got to the fence of a country, l kicked it open and all Satan's people shouted and accused me. Do you think there has been any other time in history that somebody would kick open a big barrier like a nation's fence and make all kinds of commotion? Do you think that will happen in the future? It is not likely that any greater commotion than what I went through in 1976 will come, even in my own lifetime.

If in the next seven years the Unification Church does not fulfill the mission of winning over communism, and the communists get the better of the Unification Church, then that's another persecution we will have to go through. We are supporting President Reagan so that a Christian revival can be made possible through the conservative ideals. As soon as the Reagan administration takes office, the communists will start to demonstrate against the new administration all around the country. Even Mr. Reagan is not thinking about it but also getting ready for that event.

How did you find yourself in Unification Church? So much work is waiting for you, and when the communists demonstrate, you have to go to the front line and fight against them. Someone might ask why a religious organization is fighting communism, instead of loving the communists. Communists are entirely focused on dominating the entire world. If they were working for the sake of mankind and God then certainly that movement would be helpful, but they are not. The atheistic communist doctrine teaches that historically the social classes clash with each other, so communists agitate for confrontation between different parts of society, and claim to support the proletariat. But God's ideal is centered on unity, not confrontation.

Also, the communists are promoting free sex, homosexuality, disco dancing, and drugs, urging people to create a world of hell by centering around themselves. We can never let that continue to influence the world. This is why it is the public way that the Unification Church fight against communism, and we do it for the sake of the country, the world and God. If we don't fight, then the communists will destroy all the religious people. If I did not know this, the world would have no vision for the future, and would succumb to communism.

Even though you are Unification Church members, actually you know little about the Unification Church. Only after listening to my words have you come to know my real value and the value of the Unification Church. I am not doing all these activities because I am dumber than you; if what I am doing looks obscure, it's because I am way ahead of everyone else in my vision. Eventually everyone will conclude that this is precisely what should be done.

Clearly we must have an ideal for a public life, a public way. If we don't have one, then when we must decide which way to go we will be thrown into confusion and disunity. But if we clearly know the public way then we can always become successful.

If "God" is a good word, why do people say "Oh God!" when they are frustrated or distressed? What they are really saying is that they want God instead of Satan, who took the central position instead. After the fall, the word God has come to be used in a negative way. It is not unusual for someone who is going toward God to wind up under Satan instead. You experience tears when you are happy and unhappy, but the quality of your tears is what makes the difference. You cannot say that crying means you are definitely in heaven or hell. In that situation I would call out "Oh God!"

What does God like most? God likes religious meetings. There have been various forms of religion over the centuries and now religion has come to a very high level. In this country, there are people of all kinds of religious backgrounds, but when you go to other countries, most people worship in one way. Also, there are not five different colors of skin in most countries, just one color. We can see throughout history that when a better religion comes into being, the existing religions always challenge and compete with it, and finally the higher level of religion emerges.

Now who fights the Unification Church? Jews, Christians and communists are all against Reverend Moon. Am I a good champion now? Are you a good cheering group? You say that my words are good and you know they are true, but you don't want to act on them. You like the idea of fund raising but you don't want to fund raise. Do you think I only speak but don't act? If I speak, I do. I have been fighting Satan on all levels, including in communism. Am I winning or losing? In this religious Olympics young people from all over the world have come to compete. People accuse me of breaking up their families when their children join Unification Church, but all the spirit world is saying we are good. All the world is going against the Moonies, the champion of religion, where as in the spirit world they are all cheering you on.

Where are we now? Is our score better than the world's score? You champions are not so great, but you have a great coach. Every time the coach gives direction, the champion who has faith wins all the time. Then the world would say the coach is really something. Will you be defeated or will you win?

Are you paying lots of attention to home church now? Unless you have that confidence, how can you break through even one barrier here? Once you finish home church, you are given credit for doing all the rest. Your arena where you fight the title match against evil is your home church. We have to have a world champion among the Unification Church members. We are competing among ourselves. Are you the Church champion at winning, or are you the champion at losing?

Yesterday I received a letter from one MFT member. It was simple but very straightforward. He was a teacher before he joined and really enjoyed teaching, but after being in Unification Church one year and on MFT for three months he learned more than he had learned in his life. He thanked me very much for giving MFT and Divine Principle Then I shouted out, "Oh God!" Such a person can see the gains he is making in his life. Why do some Unification Church members not agree with him?

Home church is the dividing way between heaven and hell. Those who fail and cannot go to heaven will say, "Oh Father, why did you create home church? If you hadn't created home church I would not have had to go to hell. " I will not say anything because members in the spirit world who worked hard in home church will blame them for saying that. They will say, "I am one example. I did just as Father told me to do and became successful, and so I could come to heaven."

A fighter may be a champion on a local level, but if he loses in the national fights then he's a loser. Someone might say, "I've been in MFT for ten years and I've worked harder than anybody else but I didn't do home church, so you mistreated me." Can you say that? Fund raising was not a waste of time; the person who fund raised in a principle way will have an easier time doing home church. You may think, "I'm not doing home church now because I'm fund raising, but I will do it so well that I could support all my 360 homes." If you fund raise with that attitude then you are connected to your own home church. When the fund raisers start doing home church, they can be successful in a short period of time. I brought you up to the world level and the universal level, the champion position.

If you go into space on a rocket, you won't eat your usual food. You must eat what's available in the capsule. In this situation you will eat and digest the Unification Church food that I have prepared. These are serious words. So would you act now? Once you enter the ring, fighting with all your might is the right thing to do. If you don't fight, that's wrong. Outside the ring it is different, but in the ring, hitting and fighting well is your virtue.

Home church is the public way. I have given you the best present mankind has ever had. With this weapon and this food, you should never be defeated. Today, jogging is in fashion, and that's good. Like dedicated runners who jog each day, you should jog to home church. You will destroy the walls between individuals and families, the walls white people put up to keep out other races, and you will enable everyone to move back and forth freely.

If you say that you don't like the public way, then you are retreating to hell. Only if you go the public way are you doing good work and going the way you are supposed to. Have you ever stopped to think that after you have done home church in America you will go to other countries, and even spirit world, and do home church? You can feel that in the future millions of people will act according to your direction.

Are you going to go into the arena of home church now? That's the ring in which you fight the championship bout. You must truly know the public way, for once you turn to the private way you will decline. You always have to check yourself in this matter.

A straight line passes through the three points of the past. present and future. If the central point turns around, will all the rest turn too? Since this line is the axis, it will turn. If heaven will make the axis spin, then everything else will tend to spin too. As long as you maintain a public position, if heaven spins then you spin accordingly. If you spin on your level, God will spin and future generations will spin also. As long as these three points are in a straight line, when the axis spins, everything will automatically spin.

The center always needs more power in order to spin. What is strong enough to move everything around and still have power to spare? It is the power of love. Would even America spin around with the power of love? Don't you want to be the main shaft or axis in God's place? This is how life will be connected to the vertical world. Your ambition and life will belong to the horizontal world, whereas love will dominate the vertical world. When life and love come into harmony, then they are strong enough to move the whole cosmos.

When we say God is love, we mean He is the center. To be public is to connect to the axis of love. Each individual, each nation, each level must connect to that axis. Sacrificing is not bad at all; love is all good. When your parents are urging you to study, it is good as long as they do it with love. No matter how a person bothers you, as long as he does it with love you must accept that as being good.

When God urges you to sacrifice yourself, it is not because He does not know the Principle, but because He wants to bring you to a higher level of love. You have to bear that heavy and important responsibility. If you persevere, then you can become the axis of love, right in the center. This is why you are urged to sacrifice and suffer.

If I had run away from America because working here was so hard, could I become the axis? I can be stronger than communists only through love, not anything else. Ultimately I will become the strong axis of God's love. I have been strong and unafraid of anything. I am the point connecting the present time to the axis of love, and when I go around in love, the universe will go around with love.

Once I teach you, whether you pass or fail is entirely up to you. If you fail, it does not mean this is a bad school. It's the other way around, in fact. If a school is so strict that many students fail, the school becomes more respected. Unification Church has a rigid standard, with no compromise. The world will come to understand that this is a true school. It is very much up to you whether you go through this course successfully or not. I haven't seen very many members who are going the way that guarantees success.

Now do you know what the world is, and what the relationship of the past, present and the future is, and what is your public way? Stay with the public way all the time. It is absolutely important to you. You can forget eating or drinking, but you cannot neglect the public way. It's more important than loving, eating or anything else. When you are hungry, when you feel you don't get enough sleep, you wonder why you are working so hard. You want to have Christmas vacation once a year, and perhaps there is someone you want very much to see. These are difficult things for a person to overcome.

Don't you feel pity for young people who do not know who they are and where they are going? They are taking drugs without knowing what they are getting into. They have no future doing that. When you know the love of God, and when you know the young people are so pitiful, then even though your body may become like a rock, you must skill go the public way.

Once you are married, would you ever get divorced? Your spouse is very close to you Even after you get together, you both have to sacrifice and continue working for the sake of the country. Then even after you secure the country, you sacrifice the country and work on for the sake of the world. You still have those things waiting ahead of you. Your spouse should be really close, like your friend and comrade. When you are fighting a war, a friend is more than a friend; he is like one of your legs. You have to feel that close to your spouse

You might say, "I'll fight personally for the clan," but you cannot fight a war of the clan unless you have a family. Even when you are fighting the war for the country, the family is still the nuclear unit. Without a family you will not come to the love of God. The family is the axis of love, and this is why you love your family. You should be thinking that through your family the world will turn around. If you think instead that you will forget about everything else and enjoy your family, then your family will perish. That family would be a thief of the heavenly country, and would end up in hell.

You must love yourself so that you can become strong and be an axis which the entire world can depend on. You don't love yourself for your own convenience, though, for that is the destructive element in the world. By loving the world you automatically become the central shaft. Everyone knows how to love themselves first but the public way is to love the world, and then for that reason love yourself. Once you become like that, everything will come to you.

Satan's way and God's way look alike, but God is living for the sake of the world and Satan is living for the sake of himself. You don't have to plan and think about what your accomplishment will be. If you are living for the public role, your future will be bright automatically. Likewise, you don't have to think about the future. If you work for your own sake, you will automatically be headed for hell, with no way to turn around.

You follow me because by doing that you find an easy way to go over the country and world levels. But it is up to you to win. As long as you stay in the public way and do as I tell you, you will win every time. As long as this is true, whether you go to heaven or hell is up to you.

Jesus was asked where the kingdom of heaven is, and he replied that it was in each person's mind. We realize that we are standing at the borderline of heaven or hell, and that we must persevere and win. There is no substitute for winning.

Now will you forget all your past attachments, realizing what is the public road, and continuing to do this until we win the final victory?

Let us pray.

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