The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Principles of Indemnity throughout History

Sun Myung Moon
December 30, 1979
Abel's Right Path From The Providential Point Of View
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon, May 23, 2011

When I crossed over the thirty-eighth parallel and came back to the south, I did not do it to spare my own life, but rather to serve the free world and God. I felt deeply that if Kim Il Sung was going to invade South Korea, then he had better have much more love for South Korea than I do; otherwise, under no circumstances would I allow him to put his foot into the south. I told the Korean staff members that, as a crucial period had begun everyone would have to be on full alert spiritually and pray for God's protection until April, 1980. Two days later, the assassination took place. The Korean situation now is very delicate and we don't know when the tide will turn or how.

The reason why I met President Nixon was for the sake of the world. I did so for the sake of God. I neither supported President Nixon for his personal benefit nor for the gain of the Unification Church. It was done for the sake of the Free World and all mankind. Therefore, we appealed to the public by proclaiming, "Forgive, love and unite." Unfortunately, America could not do what I asked. Consequently, the authority of the presidency was lost. Even if I criticize America, I'm not doing so because of my personal feelings. I am just reflecting how God feels about this nation. You are working for God and humanity. This attitude reflects Abel's church and Abel's family.

The reason why I make you sacrifice yourself is that I am taking responsibility for your future -- helping you to be resurrected to enter the kingdom of God. This is the path of Abel. I have no intention of having only the Unification Church profit by it. When I tell you to listen to what I say, it is for the sake of Humanity. God has been watching what the Unification Church does; do they benefit God's dispensation and humanity, or otherwise hinder them. Therefore, my conscience is clear even if I push you to go the path of hardship and suffering. I only wish you to go the traditional path of Abel. Am I wrong to do this? (No)

From the view of the tradition of Abel, Americans should recognize that the lives of Native Americans were sacrificed, not for America but for the sake of the world and God's will. Then a path for them to be able to reconcile with white Americans opens. The Native Americans are the yellow race. America owes this debt historically; she must make restitution toward the Asian race. This was why many young American soldiers gave up their lives in Korea during the Korean War.

Because of their ultimate sacrifices there, Rev. Moon owes a debt of gratitude towards America. When I was in prison it was the troops of the free world who liberated me and saved South Korea. To repay that debt I came to America, working for the free world and God by shedding my blood and sweat, under severe persecution. Due to this principle of Indemnity, throughout history the providence of dividing good and evil takes place. I am doing these actions because of this providential reason. I always feel that I have reason to be grateful to the free world because I am still alive.

Because I sacrificed for America in such a way, American young people will go to Korea in order to ring the liberty bell of America. As Rev. Moon toiled to liberate America, you must give yourselves for Korea and Korean people to be liberated there. American soldiers fought in Korea on a physical level, but the spiritual service you will give will be much more valuable. Whatever we do, we pour our hearts into it without reserve.

Today American men and women want to marry Asians, especially Koreans. Before now they never thought about it. Why is this? This is because of a heavenly trend, not individual choice. In that way America can indemnify the fact that she did not love the Native Americans in the past. This is how I understand this phenomenon. That only makes sense from the providential point of view, doesn't it?

The fact that Africans came to this country hundreds of years ago was preparation for this one day, even though they were brought as slaves. Native Americans sacrificed for this country by shedding their blood, and black people came and gave their bodies completely for this country. Now America should look for ways to help Africa. Since Africans gave their blood sacrifices for this country and helped build up America's material wealth; thus, she is responsible to assist the black nations in Africa by sending material assistance. This is my providential view.

Africans sacrificed themselves for this country without receiving any appreciation and love, now America should indemnify and pay restitution by offering materials. This is also to make indemnity conditions for slavery. This is God's dispensation, not only just for America but also for the entire free world.

By the same token, America sending young soldiers to Asia to shed their precious blood in order to protect those countries was a part of the providence to indemnify the fact that many American Indians were sacrificed in the earlier formation of the country. As so much American blood was shed in Korea, we must conclude that Korea is providentially central and important. America must protect Korea from the communist party in the name of God and humanity. Therefore, whenever any country of dispensational importance turns away from Korea, God will give up that nation. Korea shed blood for the world and for God; if America gives Korea up it means America is no longer connected to that nation and the indemnity it paid.

Thus, America would have to pay indemnity separately and more American young people would have to shed their blood. If Americans ignore this reality, the communists will attack. Americans may wonder what benefit there is in defending Korea; the reward that returns to them by fighting to defend Korea comes in the form of the tradition of fighting against communism which they will inherit. American young men fought and died in Korea, preserving it for the purpose of the world, but in Korea entire families died defending that country for the world and God. Koreans sacrificed much more. By supporting Korea, America inherits that tradition and will be preserved from communist attack. God will see to it.

America is eligible to inherit the Abel tradition of fighting communism which Korea established, but not if this nation is indifferent to this inheritance. I came to America to teach Americans the reality of communism and how the communists have worked historically, so that Americans will take heed and act before it is too late. That tradition is well-established in Korea and Japan and must be established here.

Americans still don't understand why they should be concerned, so I am teaching you.

Americans must excel in muscle-power and military power as well as in thought. Otherwise, evil will never surrender to goodness. There is a reason why the Unification Church, a religious body, encourages America to sustain its physical strength: it is to protect against violence. Karate is a formidable technique of self-defense. I encourage you to learn it because I know that when communists run out of other strategies they will certainly attack us with force. We do not prepare ourselves that way only for our individual defense, but in order to act effectively as soldiers of heaven.

Now for the first time we can see consistency in history. When Africa is in need, as when Russia sends troops there, Americans should volunteer and not need anyone to tell them to go. If they will go there to fight for the sake of the world and God then they will be a true offering, which will enable God to multiply the benefits of their actions. Would I discourage them from going and suffering, or approve their going in the tradition of Abel?

The only meaningful way to turn the world aside from its present course is to do these things voluntarily. If a policeman refuses to interfere with a crime because he fears for his life, he should be punished. But if he joins the police force primarily to protect America in the name of God and not only for the salary, then heaven will remember his intention if he is killed in the line of duty.

When Unification Church members are correctly educated and practice this God-centered way of life, we will remain firm and volunteer for dangerous missions even when the CIA or FBI run away. Am I too political or violent in my thinking? In order to leave the Abel tradition we will certainly be the first to volunteer so that hundreds of millions of people will benefit. 

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