The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The Necessity of the True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
September 30, 1979
God's Will and the World
Let Us Know Ourselves

Sun Myung Moon Unknown date

There is one more training course left -- the training of the spirit world. You have to know how to deal with and serve the spirit world and liberate it. You should be in a position to love the spirit world, and no one can make you realize this except the Messiah. That is the most important training remaining before you can love God.

The Messiah comes as director of training, setting the example of how to love people, the world, and spirit world. Then you can pass the ultimate test. Before the coming of the Messiah, the spirit world was divided, with no harmony or cooperation anywhere in the midst of all that complexity. When the Messiah comes, he will create unity, and barriers will go down. It is one of his qualifications that he must fulfill this while he is on earth. He is the one man on earth who has the power to control the spirit world.

The True Parents are those who represent not only this physical world but also the spirit world and God, under whom you practice love. If you go to spirit world without knowing the Messiah, it might take several million years to learn to love people there. But when you accept the Messiah while on earth, you can accomplish many millions of years of work in a short time. By obeying the True Parents here on earth, you are entitled to receive recognition for loving all spirit world and obeying its rules. The True Parents represent not only this physical world but also spirit world and God, and by obeying God's representative you demonstrate your obedience to God. By loving them, you can pass every level. Now you know why unity with True Parents is necessary. They represent the heart of God, so that by loving True Parents you have already loved God and the spirit world. That is the culmination of loving all parents -- nature, your physical parents, and God.

Until True Parenthood was installed, all love was divided and there was no harmony. Now, by loving the True Parents you are in a position to love them all. If you fail on other levels but in the end you accept the True Parents, you have demonstrated your loyalty and love to indemnify all the past. Everything culminates in that supreme accomplishment. If you are given a paper signed by the President of the United States, it has power everywhere in the land. In the same way, if you pass this final level of loving True Parents, you pass every other level as well. That is why it is an absolute necessity to have True Parents.

By fund raising, you inherit the material wealth of the universe. By witnessing to the people of the world, you inherit the condition of loving your own physical parents. When you love True Parents, you are inheriting the world of God and his love. We can conclude that by practicing loving the True Parents, God's representatives on earth, you can practice loving everything you need to love on earth. Here you can finish all the qualifications you need to be entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. You have that center here in the Unification Church. 

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