The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Reasons Why the Unification Church Exists

Sun Myung Moon
September 30, 1979
God's Will and the World
Let Us Know Ourselves
Tarrytown, New York

Sun Myung Moon, November 4, 2011

You have your own physical parents, but ultimately you have one most important parent who created you -- God. Your parents were the tools God used to create you. The journey in search of the True Parents begins by loving nature, which is the first parent, then loving your physical parents, and then to the ultimate parent, God, who is our creator. God is the ultimate destination, our eternal Parent. The moment of death, which everyone now fears, is actually the moment of fulfillment. If you live your life in the right way here on earth, then your life leads ultimately to the one common Parent. Then the moment of death actually liberates you to live with that parent for eternity. He is the True Parent to us all, who has true love with no end. Life with Him is what we call the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

The principal atmosphere of that world is supreme love. That love is not selfish, but is based on sacrifice and service. Because it is based on that universal law, that supreme love flourishes. The Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world is our ultimate destination, and our physical life here on earth is only a workshop. No matter how long you live, it all nurtures you to enter eternal life in heaven. When I discovered the core truth of the universe, this is what I found. Earthly life is merely preparation for eternal life, and it is here that we pass or fail. With that realization, I then prayed to know the basic principle of the universe, and the answer came -- the parent- child relationship is the backbone of the universe. That is the relationship you have with the creation, with your parents, and with God. The central theme of that relationship is love.

While we are here on earth, we are attending the most important workshop of all, learning this principle so that we can ultimately reach our destination in heaven and enjoy our parent-child relationship with God for eternity. This is why the Unification movement exists and -- why I am leading you. Life on earth is training to make a relationship with God for eternity. 

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