The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The Engagement and Holy Wine Ceremonies

Sun Myung Moon
May 13, 1979
Engagement of 705 Couples

Our First ceremony will be the engagement ceremony; it will be followed by the Holy Wine ceremony. The Holy Wine ceremony is the ceremony of restoration. The content of this restoration is quite important. It is the restoration of lineage. Unless you pass through such a ceremony, you cannot be restored from the satanic realm into the heavenly realm. Before Adam and Eve fell, they were engaged. However, Satan infiltrated and invaded Eve with an illicit love relationship which was transferred to Adam. This sequence of action brought the satanic lineage. In other words, Satan became the master. So far in history, there has not been even one single instance in which the heavenly lineage has been restored and the blessing given. There has been no heavenly lineage, and no true love. We are doing the true, historical restoration of the heavenly lineage which has never before existed.

In order to create such a moment, God has been working through his dispensation to make the proper environment and circumstances. Originally God planned to create the external environment first, like a fence: a worldwide fence, national fence, tribal fence, and family fence. He wanted to create the internal environment through religion. This is merely preparatory to have the world ready for the ultimate internal restoration, which will start from the individual.

The true restoration from satanic lineage to heavenly lineage goes from the individual to the family, tribe, nation and so forth. In order to prepare such a possibility, God worked through religion throughout the years and prepared the external environment. However, the external foundation laid by Christianity has been broken down because of the disunity between Christianity and the Unification Church. Therefore we have been fighting to lay the external foundation, and we have done so.

We have a worldwide base, a national base, a tribal base and a family base. We are now experiencing the true restoration as individuals and families to heaven. Thus I declared a new era, the new age, the Kingdom of Heaven Year One on February 23, 1977, which signifies that God has completed the entire external foundation. Now we are ready to go on with the internal restoration, which comes to us in the form of the blessing.

I completed the various conditions as if Christianity had never opposed us. We restored conditions such that it is as if Christianity had never opposed us. We succeeded in that, and now we move on.

In addition, this kind of dispensation will continue until the third seven year course is over in 1981. We have not only laid the external foundation, but we are solidly restored. You are 100% restored in your lineage. Since we have laid the cornerstone of the kingdom of heaven on the worldwide level, no power under the sun can exclude us from this earth. And that family of the Unification Church, the family of heaven, is now spreading to all five colors of skin, to every race on earth. We are like a magnetic power. Any country and race in the world just has to plug into us. The core, containing all elements black, white and yellow has been created. Any race or culture plugging into us can have our blessing as its own and spread that blessing.

The foundation we have now laid is like the foundation that there could have been in the time of Jesus had the people accepted him. We have created that kind of foundation on the worldwide level, centering upon the second coming of Christ.

The creation of the Tribal Messiah through the home church is now our challenge. The home church system will create a multitude of messiahships. I have already laid the foundation so that each one of you is capable of becoming a messiah. This applies to the whole world any race, language or cultural background.

So far in history, there has been no restoration of lineage from satanic to heavenly. Satan painted the world in black. Before, there has been no way to turn the black into white. But we are painting a new map in white. We can change the black into white. From this time on we will not only prosper but also change the map of the world into an entirely different creation of a totally unstained color. We can totally eradicate historical sin so that an untainted, genuine, pure quality can emerge.

In other words, we are setting a condition to return to Adam and Eve before the fall. The angelic world, the spirit world, and God himself can directly assist and support us. If you are totally and absolutely united with God and the True Parents, then you are no longer alone. You are linked to this great universal power: the power of God, the power of the spirit world, and the power of the angels. But you must demonstrate one condition. That one condition is superior obedience. If you demonstrate that quality of obedience to God and the True Parents, then the entire universe will move in to assist you.

In this respect, husband and wife can represent total unity. You can go towards a certain goal, like two wheels running together or two feet walking together. Husband and wife are like two legs. You can walk without both of them working together.

Let's say we create a heavenly automobile. You can become one of its wheels no matter what. It doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow or intermingled. The specification, size and quality of the wheel is so much the same that it is interchangeable. You can use any wheel and the automobile is sure to go. So any feeling of cultural or racial superiority is totally against God's will. If any of you thinks that you are superior because you are white, that is against the principle. America today is proud of its advances and its twentieth century culture. But because America thinks that it is so advanced, it brings more headaches to God. A primitive, rather simple and genuine way of life is better for God. Then he can plant a new culture more easily...

Many cultures in history have worshipped idols. Others have worshipped material goods. And still others worship science, feeling that knowledge can solve all of our problems and bring Utopia to mankind. Cultures based on such assumptions will fade. There is no room for them in heaven. The central essence of culture in the Garden of Eden was supposed to be love, and nothing else.

Why do we do matching like this? Why do we go on with the blessing? We have one purpose in mind: to create a new culture. That new culture is the culture of love. For that reason, in order to create a more dramatic culture for heaven, we have inter-racially mingled marriages.

This is really amazing. You look around and there is someone sitting beside you called your future wife, your finance. And you might wonder: "What happened to me? I never in my life imagined that this would happen." But actually what is happening here is not just for your own satisfaction. I want you to know that you are fulfilling one of God's most important desires. We are moving according to heavenly destiny. The cosmic spring is dawning, and we are receiving cosmic spring weather. We are coming out of, the ground, becoming first a leaf and then a bud and finally a blossom. This is where we are going.

From this time on we are creating a wagon. We will call it the family wagon. Each one of us makes one of these wagons in which we ride towards the common goal. In this wagon we circle the globe once, twice, even seven times. In the meantime, we can create here on earth the true, God desired kingdom of heaven.

Let's say your wagon started in Asia. You shouldn't dwell just in Asia. Your wagon has to go to the Middle East, Europe, America and back to Asia again and again. You are not going to live in one place. Your wagon will circle the earth until eventually the wagons will completely cover every corner of the world. When the world's people see you, they will feel some uncommon parallel between this wagon and them selves. They will notice white, yellow and black on it. Wherever we go, we have elements to give.

This event could not just happen. Before this could take place, many incredible conditions were set by the spirit world. You have no idea how hard spirit world works to make things happen here.

You are destined to live the life of the family wagon. Then you must live up to the expectations of heaven. If a black and white husband and wife fight, you are not only making yourselves unhappy but making adversaries of the angelic world, the spirit world, and God. God is trying so hard to create the heavenly culture of love. If you work against such a culture, you are as bad as Satan. Satan took over the show just before the perfection level, at the second stage. When Satan took Adam and Eve, they had not yet fully blossomed and they were looking forward to love.

You are actually in love. God and the True Parents have given you the authority to love each other. If you fail in this advanced stage, if you make yourself an adversary to God, the consequences could be worst than the consequences of the fall. The Bible frequently mentions that the Lord will bring judgment when he comes all the evil doers and arrogant ones will be brought down to the pits of nether gloom. And you feel it down there. It is not even hell. It is worse than hell. The engagement is like the restoration into the heavenly kingdom. We are registering your names as husband and wife into the kingdom of heaven. When you go through the wine ceremony, it is like you are getting a new birth certificate in the heavenly register. When you are registered, the remainder of your task is to move towards the heavenly Canaan.

So you are driving a heavenly wagon. Normally the husband, the subject, should drive first. But when you are tired, since you are not alone, you can rest and let your mate take over. This is beautiful cooperation. And if both parents get tired, the children can take over.

The children will come in two ways: first the spiritual children and then the physical children. With this, a population explosion will occur. Then not just one but many wagons will line up. And the particular wagon you are riding in will get bigger and bigger to accommodate more people. With so many people in the wagon, someone can take your place. You will be respected by these people. Later on you will not have much work to do in the wagon since you have so many children who can do it. So you can sing, dance, and conduct sightseeing. That will be your job.

Your wagon will be so powerful and invincible that it would not be bothered by a head-on-collision. Do you have the confidence to become that wagon? Your answer? The answer is "love race." We are creating a new race. I have named it the love race. The color of your skin is love color. When you talk about this love race, fighting men will stop and enjoy peace. Fighting children will stop and enjoy peace. And any kind of confrontation, squabble, fight or hatred will melt away. The love race is like the judge of the world. Can you do it? From this time on you are registering into the love race.

Touch your hip. Is there any string attached? If so, cut it. You laugh, but on the spiritual side, many of you still have strings attached. After this ceremony, we must completely subjugate our bodies. Once you do that, Satan will be fearful of you. He will have no power to make you obey, no power to pull you if no strings are left. Maybe you used to fight among yourselves. But from this time on, once you are completely liberated from Satan's power, nobody can affect you. It used to be that Satan could always use a fight between husband and wife as a condition to claim them. But now, if you fight, Satan has to take you to God's courtroom. And God will say, "Do you know why they fight? They fight each other to be more loyal to me."

Today you must completely change your concept. We are entering a new kingdom, a new realm, a new country. From this ceremony on, you are in a new race, a new territory. You don't see it with your physical eyes, but spiritually you are changing your dwelling, your territory, and your citizenship. From this time on, you are holy creatures, you are holy beings. You have to separate from anything ungodly. You must feel that you are a holy temple in your thoughts and actions. When priests enter into their ceremonial place, there is only one route to go. There is no deviation, no shortcut. You should be like the tabernacle in the Old Testament, making the area clean and holy where you move. There is only one way to go. There is no cheap, cheating way.

Are you really thankful to God for this? Why are you appreciative? The answer is very simple and obvious. We are thankful to God for sending us True Parents. Your children and your grandchildren will be thankful to God for the True Parents, but also they will thank Him for their tribal True Parents, their own parents and grandparents. So I am grateful to God, you are grateful to God, and your children will be grateful to God. Each generation will line up together to offer thanksgiving. That is our tradition. We are pioneers of tradition.

God established a cosmic tradition, the True Parents established a worldwide tradition. You are creating the national tradition. Your children and your grandchildren will set the tradition for the tribe and family. Unless you have a foundation of gratitude, you have no way to link yourselves to God and the heavenly kingdom. The foundation of gratitude is the key upon which everything will blossom. Your children will be thankful for the heavenly family. You are thankful for the heavenly nation. I am thankful for the worldwide foundation, and God is thankful for the cosmic and universal foundation.

The person who does not know how to express gratitude will derail from the Principle. There is no question about it. God is the root. The True Parents are the trunk. You are the branches of the tree. Your descendants will be the leaves. Anything satanic is always organized from a selfish standpoint. But the heavenly tradition will look beyond this. We are existing for something. The leaves are existing for the branches. The branches are existing for the trunk. The trunk is existing for the roots. That is the way in which the whole tree can prosper.

You must understand this. You exist for something greater than yourself. That is a basic principle and also a physical theory. So we will be armed with such a spirit and conviction. And we must give that tradition and conviction to our children, for we are responsible for their education. Most of you here have white skin, yellow hair, and blue eyes. But you have inherited a yellow face, black hair, and brown eyes.

When children will be asked "What race are your parents?" They may be apt to say: "My daddy is white and my mommy is black." But you teach them: "No, no, we are love color, the love race. When you go out, you must be the exemplar and subject of love. You are going to disseminate love, sprinkle love and give love. You are like a locomotive, pulling the love train. Then the children will say, "Yes, daddy and mommy, we'll do it." That should be answer of your children.

There has been some criticism in America among the races. The white people often say, "Black people are lazy and stupid. They don't work too hard and they love free handouts." Some white people look at black people like that. But they don't know anything about the black members of the Unification Church.

These days, very few people really like to work. Because of this, this is a good time for us because we can show ourselves to be superior. While other people are trying to evade work, we are asking for it. We can distinguish ourselves right away because we work day and night. Black people have one great advantage: they can work day and night easier than white people. Take advantage of this, black people, and you will eventually become a superior race.

History is fair; everyone takes his turn at prosperity and failure in history. So far, white people have had supremacy. They have worked very hard in history. But the yellow race has given them stiff competition. But one more oppressed race is waiting for this opportunity. White people have worked so hard to build the foundation; yellow people have worked so hard to decorate it. In the end, the people who will actually go into that building and enjoy it are black people. I have always felt that black people are the most sagacious; they have opened their spiritual eyes to a very deep reality. They have long been waiting for their turn, passing through the hardworking white and yellow histories. And they have been oppressed as a racial minority, persecuted many times.

As a persecuted people, they have heard that another group is being persecuted; they have heard about Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. Many black people are saying, "Why not go see it? You have been persecuted and we have been persecuted; you are a minority and we are a minority; we have a lot in common." So they come in and discover the greatest heavenly truth. Again the black race has a chance to get ahead. In the Unification Church they find an electrical quality to awaken them. It is now their turn. They cannot remain in an oppressed position. And when they start to work in the Moonie spirit, the minority will become the super-race.

Throughout American history, the black people have been oppressed, so they have a desire for revenge. They are looking forward to vindication. Today, spurred on by the spirit of the Unification Church, the black race has a great opportunity not only for its own sake but for the future.

Yesterday you saw that I called upon the black race first. This is teaching a lesson to the white and yellow people. First I matched the blacks, then the orientals, and last the whites. Why? Because history is such that this is a logical sequence.

Black people have a great opportunity here. You have been criticized for being idle and lazy. And it may be true that some black people just wait for their welfare checks. White and yellow people have been working, but they will get tired in time. When they sit down and relax, the black people can stand up and pick it up...

The way I can bring blessing to the black race is to encourage them to work hard, and they will win respect and admiration. Those couples in which both partners are black could have a great advantage because both of them will be working very hard. White people, when the chips are down, might think that it is getting too hard. They might sit down and wonder: "Why do I need this marriage? Why not separate?"

Who does America belong to? I'm sure that white people would say, "Yes, I'm sure that America is white America."

Black people will say, "No, America is black America. In order to build America in its 200 year history, black people have invested more sweat, tears and labor; therefore it belongs to us. You white people have been having an easy time and have taken advantage of us. But in order to make today's America, we sprinkled our sweat all over the country."

Blacks have paid more sacrifice for the sake of America. So you have set the tradition to claim your sacrifice. Go ahead, ask for it. The time has come. I feel that this is absolutely necessary. History works by cause and effect. If white people take advantage of black, the time will come when black people will want to take advantage of whites. This is cause and effect.

I have brought a new movement so that blacks and whites will become united into one harmonious body. In so doing, wonderful indemnity is being paid, preventing anyone from being exploited. The white people of the Unification Church are really indemnifying the crimes of the white people of history. For example, how many whites wanted to be matched with blacks? So many whites volunteered. This has never happened in American history. This dramatically symbolizes that our movement is restoring the white colonialist takeover of the blacks.

What we are doing here yesterday and today shows the dramatic repentance of the white people. Indeed, we have shown a willingness to love black people, to unite with them, and to serve them. So if a black and white couple becomes exemplary in serving each other, the society and the nation, then the entire nation and world will bow down to you. This is a saving grace for the people. If you demonstrate your repentance in tears and sweat, there will be a chance for the sin of the entire white race to be forgiven.

Today we are about to undertake the ceremony which will proclaim to heaven and earth that we are now registering as a love race. Do you feel to the bone that this is a really historical place? This means that your clothing becomes historical: your tie, your shirt, your jewelry, everything. What about your eyes, nose and cheeks? Everything that participated in this grand auditorium is a historical thing: this is the place where white loves black and black loves white.

From a historical standpoint, each one of you is greater than any President or First Lady of the United States. You must be proud of that. In America I have been persecuted and criticized, but not even once did I feel shame. I am proud of what I am. I'm sure some white brothers feel that they are very handsome. If they also feel that their black brides are beautiful, they will receive a citation from God. Because your bride is the opposite of yourself, the declaration of your love will shine. You are going to create the most fantastic family, the family where songs and beauty will never cease.

Your children will be ecstatic in joy and will not leave the garden of your family, for it will be such a living kingdom of heaven on earth. Do you have that kind of dream? In your own Garden of Eden, in your own home, when you laugh with your black bride, the African continent will laugh. If you have a white bride, the European continent will laugh, and if you have a yellow spouse, the Asian continent will laugh. Since all continents and races will be laughing, God will have to do better than anybody else. (Father does an exaggerated laugh) (Col. Pak: Do you need a translation? Father says that God will be so ecstatic, so joyful that He will even forget to put the belt in His pants and everything will fall down. And then we will have a real dance!)

One time in the history of the Unification Church we were accused of taking off our clothes and dancing naked. Actually, we never did that. However, this criticism probably forecast this joyful day!

You need a partner to share such joy. You've been sharing this joy with God and the True Parents. Now the time has come that you can share this joy between husband and wife, man and woman, bride and bridegroom. That is why this ceremony is important.

Are you ready? It is a great day, isn't it? I could go on all day and all night, but we must go on with the ceremony. Let's get down to work. There are 705 couples. This is a very historical number. This has never happened in the history of this continent. You know it, right?

Are we happy people? It is incredible that such people are existing here on earth in this country. When we look at what is going on in this country and in the entire world, it is a miracle that this kind of excitement, this kind of God-centered joy is prevailing in one place.

(Col. Pak: Father is about to pray in the engagement ceremony. This prayer is the most vital and important registration of all of you to heaven. In this prayer, Father will say the date and the hour, and he will declare to heaven and earth in the name of the True Parents that you are now registered as true sons and daughters, solemnly beginning the eternal task as true families.)

We have now set out to create heavenly families. So the engagement ceremony is over. You are already engaged. You are fiancés, future husbands and wives. The next ceremony is the ceremony of the restoration of lineage. The Holy Wine Ceremony is for the purpose of changing the satanic lineage into the heavenly one. When Adam and Eve fell, there were no True Parents. All of a sudden the archangel came in between Adam and Eve, becoming Satan and dominating them. Now the True Parents emerge into the position of that archangel. You are not only receiving the lineage up to the perfection of the growth level but you are actually given the pure love of the perfection stage. We are restoring the evils and wrongs done in the Garden of Eden.

The archangel became the master; the archangel was subjugated. As a restored archangel he gives a wine cup to Mother and Mother will give that cup to Father and Father will give it to the bride. Through the bride the husband will be restored. That is the sequence of the fallen action. Father will give the cup to Eve. Heavenly love is bestowed upon Eve's position. Right now all men are in the archangel position.

Before we go into the Holy Wine Ceremony, there is one more sequence to follow. That is the transference of love ceremony. Perfected Adam comes in the position of True Father and gives the bride true love. In other words, it is almost like a grafting ceremony. You will be grafted into the tree of True Father in true love. Fallen Eve is restored into a heavenly woman who can give new birth to the archangel; the husband is given new birth through the wife. That is the sequence. In the fallen process, the archangel gave birth to fallen Eve.

So therefore the True Parents come to give new birth to Eve then she in turn can give heavenly rebirth to her husband. Your bride is in the role of mother because she gives you a new birth. For the next three years the bride will have the mother's role. The husband's position is to serve and obey his wife. For three years your wife is not your wife but your mother. You cannot live with your mother as you would a wife. Until the heavenly blessing comes, you have a mother-son relationship. Until then, you must become one, serving your wife as a mother. If you are not united with her all the way until the day of the wedding, you will not be blessed.

When the day of heavenly restoration comes, the woman has to play the important role because women must give new birth to the entire world. At the worldwide level, America is the central country. In America, women's power, women's dignity, and women's rights have been enhanced for the last 70 years. This is a dispensational happening. According to the Principle, from the heartistic point of view, women will be closer to God and the True Parents for the next three years.

After the wedding ceremony is conducted and a 40-day spiritual separation takes place, there is a three day ceremony. After this ceremony, the man finally restores his subject role.

So far, everything is upside down. But three years later through the wedding ceremony and three day ceremony following it, the original sequence is restored. You must go through this for the stained lineage to be gradually washed out and for the heavenly subject and object sequence to be restored. Then you have your children. The children are going to be heavenly children. This is the way that the restoration will be conducted. Satan cannot disrupt this principle. In order to do that, Satan has to come up with a better principle, and there is no such thing as a better principle. (Father goes on with the ceremony.) 

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