The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The Contrast Between Secular People And Us

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 23, 1979
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

When we come to the Unification Church we feel a certain distance from people who are not members. Not only Unification members but actually every person who commits himself to religion feels this way. Religion turns people away from one direction to an entirely different road, so naturally they feel a gap between themselves and the world. We can use common sense to divide people into two camps of good and evil people How can we define the difference between the two? Generally speaking, there are more bad people in the world. Normally the people who are striving to go in a good direction are in the minority. This is why Jesus said that the road to hell is wide, but the road to heaven is narrow and steep, with few people traveling on it.

Interestingly enough, even though there are many people in a bad environment on the evil side, they do not think of themselves as being bad. Even those who realize they are on the bad side feel that the situation is temporary and that tomorrow they will be better. Since they have some hope, they can live in the present world and have the power to deny it. We conclude that when something is evil from God's point of view, the evil world will welcome it, and when there is something good, the evil world will feel it is bad for them.

The road of goodness is a rough one, and to follow it you have to walk straight ahead and never waver. The road of evil is easy to follow, however. As a rule people prefer to follow the easy way. If you ask a person whether he would rather work eight hours a day or two hours, he will enthusiastically decide to work two hours. Don't you think students would rather not have to study and do homework or take exams as long as they could still pass? That might sound sweet, but that will never be reality.

When you are determined to accomplish something, you have to go a tough course. If you want to be a somebody, you have to graduate from a famous school. A famous school acquires its fame by setting a tough tradition. But just graduating from such a school is merely passing through one gate. If you are going to be a person who influences society, your battle begins after you graduate.

The Unification Church is a tough road, and the fact that you come here early in the morning is a good example. I'm sure you get up at least at 3:30 in order to get here on time. Other people sleep in until 9:30, have breakfast in bed, and get to church by 11 and are out by 12, but our schedule is not like that. Furthermore, their church has all kinds of modem conveniences, such as thick carpets, heating and air conditioning. No one sits on a concrete floor! Usually the pastors are very conscious to time; the rule of thumb is that no soul is saved after the first fifteen minutes of a sermon. I know very well that coming to Belvedere is an ordeal. You have to organize your own transportation, and come very early to get a good seat. In winter the concrete is cold, and the women might worry whether they will suffer some damage.

I am not dumb; I know very well what kind of ordeal you go through to get here on Sunday morning. But compare the value of sitting on a cold floor and truly forgetting yourself in the joy of worshipping God. It is an entirely different experience from sitting through a comfortably short service. But would you still choose this way? You are not dumb either! We didn't choose this way out of ignorance. You became Moonies precisely because you have a sharp understanding of the two worlds. Did I just blindly start on this way out of ignorance of the real world? Even if I was directly ordered by God to do this, I would never do it until I compared which way of life had the most value; then I would invest everything I had, knowing it would come out right.

The Korea I was born into was a hermit kingdom, undeveloped and closed away from the rest of the world. It was not an easy thing for a young man of such a background to grasp the world dispensation. I knew that in those years America and Europe were enjoying great prosperity. I also knew there were great differences between the races and their cultures. Still I made up my mind that, even though I was coming from a backward country, I wanted to give the world something that no one else could give. I had something to share with the world. In order to do that I had to feel that I would do something that yellow, white and black people could never persevere and do.

Do you think I looked for an easy life once I decided to do that? I knew I had a great distance to cover and catch up with the world, so I did everything with lightning speed to finish quickly. Instead of walking, I ran like lightning. Do you think I slept long hours? I determined that the first record I would set would be to sleep less than anyone in history. I always felt I would set a record in everything. The dialect spoken in the province where I was born is quite slow, while in Seoul everyone speaks ten times faster. But I determined I would speak even ten times faster than those people. I trained myself to understand something at a glance, instead of looking leisurely and taking the time most people do. To evaluate and appreciate a person you have to look at him from every angle, but I can glance with the speed of a camera shutter and still fully appreciate him.

Quick analysis, quick judgment and quick appreciation -- what was the purpose of this? Always my attitude was to do what no one else could duplicate. There were many Christians in Korea, and their prayer was usually peaceful, but my prayer was intense and strong. An hour of prayer was like a wrestling match with God. Should prayer be like lightning, or take a little longer? I just hung on to God all day and night in my prayer. When I grabbed God, no one could separate us. My usual prayer position was down on my knees, with my head on the floor. Often I would pray in that position for twelve hours at a time, wrestling with God. My knees and elbows and forehead became callused and hard. The area of floor where I prayed became discolored with my tears and sweat.

A wrestler uses every ounce of his energy and his whole body is wet, but when I prayed, even in winter, I shed much more sweat than any wrestler. My padded winter clothes became wringing wet. Since I determined to do something no one could duplicate, I had to do this. In such circumstances I could receive great truth. I was the toughest person. If someone tried to tempt me away with sweet words, do you think I would listen? In this determined confrontation with God in prayer I could unlock the truth of the cosmos. Once I knew the truth, I came out to the world, and nothing the world could say would ever matter. I knew what I could do and nothing could sway me.

I felt that even if every single Oriental person accused and scorned me I would still go forward because I knew the truth. Even if all white and black people laughed at me, I would still go. I felt that even if all the people who followed me felt they couldn't go on and gave up, I would not. Think of what mountains I climbed.

Even if a mountain is very steep, it is still possible to climb in any weather, but if the road is completely vertical, everyone will give up and say it is impossible. White people will say it is scientifically impossible, and black people will say it is physically impossible; yellow people will say that according to common sense it is impossible. But I would say, "That's why I will go, and I will do it."

The route that everyone else says is impossible is the road I will go. The most difficult way of life is my path. Furthermore, I said to God, "Whatever You cannot cope with and don't know how to tackle, give it to me!" That's what I was like at your age.

When I was your age all the young people were busy thinking about marriage. I decided I would set a record for not chasing girls, but would also set a record for girls chasing me. At the same time I decided I would never be bothered by it. Many young and pretty girls bothered me very much, but it was to no avail. American women are very frank and open with their opinions, while Oriental women are shy and look very fragile, but I found out that in their hearts they are tough like steel. I have studied women very much, and I know that women are tough in general, whether Western or Oriental. I determined I would never fall behind anyone in doing constructive things. In sleeping less, working hard and studying more-in every encounter I knew I would come out a winner because I knew no one else would try harder than me.

Even when there was time to play I wanted to be number one. When friends would come to play games, they would all yawn and be stretched out by midnight or one a.m., but I never let them rest and made them keep playing. I felt very good that even in playing no one could keep up with me.

Are you women interested in that kind of life? You may not do this yourselves, but when you have a son he should be like that. That means your husband has to be tough like me. But if you have a husband like me you will have an awful time because you will have to work hard to keep up. Such a husband would not give you an easy time and worry about your comfort; he would have no sympathy at all about pushing you out. Why would you like that? If you women feel that you will do even more than such a husband and push him to keep up with you, then you are really great women. Are you great women? I understand that in America if a husband goes away for a week without explanation, when he comes back his wife will sue for divorce. But I want a wife who, even if I go away without a word for seven years to do God's work, will welcome me back with trust and respect. Can you be that way with your own husband? Your hands are being raised very slowly!

Do you think that the person God chooses as His champion will have a rosy life, or would that person go through untold difficulties and hardship? When that person looks at something will he stare straight ahead for 24 hours, or will his eyes wander about? Until his death he will go toward one goal. Sometimes even when you are looking in the right direction your thoughts are still wandering, but what about a man of God? Would he be depressed about his situation and compare it with how good life was before? How about you-do you have a focus in your life?

Did you come to Belvedere just because everyone else comes, and choose a seat in the back where you can relax against the wall? Those who never dozed off when they came to Belvedere, raise your hands. Am I right or wrong to say that your mind wanders? Those people who said they never dozed at Belvedere probably made sure to get enough sleep the night before, right? I know that falling asleep at Belvedere is a natural thing, but if you are determined not to do it then that is where your greatness lies. That means you have to make a great effort, however. I can teach you some techniques-pinch yourself, or bite your tongue, or get someone to hit you when you slump over. One kind of person might be resigned to his fate and decide he needs to doze off for ten minutes. If the other kind makes every kind of desperate effort yet still cannot help sleeping, which one is better? Certainly the one who at least makes some effort. Both kinds fall asleep, but one can receive God's sympathy.

The same analogy holds in our day-to-day activities. Two people may be doing the same good work, yet one does it under average circumstances while the other has to overcome great obstacles. His opposition may not come just from people who spit at him and call him names, but also from brothers and sisters who criticize him. Yet that person could care less because he only wants to go ahead. Which person has more value? You know very well.

There are two ways I can train and discipline you; one is the way of letting you take naps and do anything you want and then in your spare time take time for God. The other way is to just push you so that you have no room for anything else. Which kind of training has more value? Does a good teacher give his students lots of free time to do as they please? Or is the teacher who challenges his students with many exams and much homework the better teacher?

From first to last we shall be different from ordinary church members. We are not ordinary Christians. Ordinary people look down from 90 degrees, while we always look from 90 degrees up. I would support looking up instead of down even if you were always tripping and breaking your leg. Even if you lose your leg altogether would you complain, or would you appreciate the value of doing that? Even if people say, "See what you get for following Reverend Moon" would that bother you?

I know there are many ex-Moonies, so when new people come I look at them and speculate on how long they will last. Then I test them by pushing them hard to see how much they can bear. There are many ways of testing people -- the Oriental and the Western ways, God's way and Satan's way. I always choose Satan's way of testing because it is the toughest. If you pass a test that is even more ruthless than Satan's then Satan will surrender to you. When you pass his test then there are no more exams for you to overcome.

I want each of you to have a credential signed by Satan saying that he cannot keep up with you. Once you meet the satanic standard then you not only have freedom to travel around heaven but also freedom to go in and out of hell. God is also testing me in the hardest way, so I expected that my way of life would be the toughest one, filled with difficulties and threats to my life. The person who has the highest possible motivation to do goodness will be labeled as the worst possible person by the world. The world has given me all kinds of bad names, such as calling me a dictator worse than Hitler or Stalin, a tyrannical demagogue, and so forth. I have many such medals, but all that is on the outside; on the inside I am pure and shining. When Hitler and Stalin take off their jackets, they are even worse on the inside, but I am the opposite. Why would you smart men and women stay with me? Only because you know what I am on the inside, not only the outside.

Once I came to know that God was my Father, I realized that the entire creation was designed for me by God. There is nothing that God created that I feel foreign to. No matter what people say about me, I know the universe is there for God's son. That realization has never dimmed one bit; I know God is my Father, so the world is my universe. I feel that to my bones and I live it every minute. Therefore, I feel responsible for the world.

When spring brings beautiful flowers and fragrances, I see that beauty as glory to God. Why do flowers bloom and butterflies flutter and bees buzz around? They are all there in service to me. I feel that God wanted to explain His love to me through this creation. They are His mediators. When a bird sings, I feel God is asking that bird to sing for me; when it cries out in longing for its mate, I wish I could help him find his mate. I am very sensitive to the universe. When two butterflies flutter in fellowship and love, when a male and female bird sing together for joy, I see it as a lesson that men should live in greater happiness than these.

When I hear the birds sing in joy for the spring, I feel that I will bring the cosmic spring in which all mankind can have more joy than the birds do. Then their song gives me inspiration. As much as the birds and flowers give me the stimulation of joy and love, when I sing for joy and love then God in heaven will also be stimulated. It is my duty to stimulate God in that way. Even if my clothes are ragged and I am penniless, I never feel poor because the sky is my roof and the rivers are my water and nature is my food. When you feel that the house of God is your house, how can you feel poor?

When I see a small drop of water I feel that it has the dignity of the great ocean behind it and I can respect it. The small blades of grass have greater beauty than the greatest masterpieces in museums around the world. There is no life in those paintings and pieces of paper. But grass has life, and this little creation of God's is greater than any human masterpiece. When I see grass, I feel it is a masterpiece in my museum, which is the house of God. I kiss a little bird in my hand and feel it is a living masterpiece of God's making.

On some sunny day at Belvedere, lie down and examine all the forms of life in the soil-the ants, worms, and so forth, which are in communication and fellowship with each other. There is beauty everywhere. When I see the creation and realize that God made it for me, I never get tired of it. All the millions of things God created know that men are to be their masters, and they are trying very much to attract the attention of people.

When you ask the grass, trees and birds if they recognize national boundaries and have things like visas, what would they reply? God did not issue passports to birds. Would a typhoon stop in the Gulf of Mexico because it didn't have a visa to America? Does the weather recognize American law? It's amazing when you think of it-ants can cross the Mexican border as often as they want, as well as the birds and lizards, but men cannot cross the border without a visa! Are there American ants and Mexican ants who must get government authorization to marry? The animals don't care about national sovereignties, but men have complicated their lives with such things.

There is an amazing education to be had from nature. Does water in America taste different from water in Korea? Are Koreans forbidden to breathe American air? Each nation receives rays from different suns, right? When we evaluate all these things we conclude that true freedom, openness and joy can only come when you recognize God and His universe, realizing that He created one world and one family. Then we would see that there is a straight highway connecting everything from the smallest life form all the way to God. There is no hindrance between them.

A violin has only four strings; when the bow touches one string do the other strings vibrate? All the strings vibrate together a certain amount, even if only one string is being played. The creation is the same; the entire creation vibrates together even if only one part is being touched. When you use your two legs as a bow playing the universal violin, the rest of the universe will resound together with you. The vibration can be conveyed in between the strings because there is air to transmit the sound waves. The universe also has a common medium to convey vibration-that is love. When you send a vibration of love, it sounds throughout the cosmos, particularly in spirit world. Love is the atmosphere you breathe in that realm. You know that you are the center and creator of that vibration, that the angels will dance around and sing with you when you are creating music. A certain feeling accompanies your creativity because the entire universe vibrates together.

When you think with that consciousness then even God will respond, feeling that you are writing poetry for Him, that you are singing about the universe He created for His children. That's why when I pray it is like a poem many times. Many times my topic of prayer is praise for what God created, talking first about one thing and then another. I know that God is smiling when He listens, knowing that I appreciate what He created. Sometimes I give an eloquent speech in prayer to God as my audience.

Children always want to show their parents the little drawings they make, and the parents always smile and praise them. When you live in the consciousness of God and His creation then in school you want to know more about God's creation so that you can relate better to Him and love Him and His creation more. When a teacher gives you strict discipline and study, you can appreciate it by knowing it will help you understand your universe more.

Everything can be explained this way. When you go to work, for instance, you are dealing with the people God created, so you breathe the air of love wherever you go. I have done much hard manual labor, such that my face was black and my clothes were rags. When there was a short break to sit on the beach and eat lunch, I would praise God for His universe. Sitting there in nature with my little lunch I felt grandeur around me which was greater than any cathedral, seeing the grass, gravel and the river. I love nature and make myself at home there because it is the house God created. I have slept in all kinds of places -- in a shack, on the grass, on a bench, under a tree, under a bridge, under a boat.

I wanted to appreciate nature at all times of the day, so at night I would climb a mountain to look at the moon, and there in the darkness I saw a different kind of beauty. Spring has its own taste, and summer has its unique flavor. Sometimes you don't like winter because it is cold, but winter has its particular taste as well. I feel that everything I see is there to relate me to a deeper understanding of God's love.

I talk about five colors of skin, meaning all races of the world. They have all opposed me because they don't know me, but I feel it is more dramatic for me to love them in a situation where I am hated. Because God created them, I am here to love them and bring salvation to them. In the early days I spoke night after night to the Korean members, and we had beautiful deep fellowship. I want to do the same with white and black people as well. Since our work has expanded on the worldwide scale I don't have as much time as I used to, but my feeling is still the same. When I was speaking to the Koreans I didn't see only Korean faces; I thought they represented all races of mankind.

If there are difficulties then you should have the attitude of wanting to take responsibility and digest them, not to complain. Usually people don't want to touch a problem, but that is precisely where I move in. The world today has many problems, and I want to take responsibility for them. The main problem is the decrease of religious awareness, which results in separation of people from God. The next most difficult problem is the moral degradation and loss of direction for young people. Thirdly, the problem of communism infects the world like a disease.

America, the nation God is relying on to stand up for the sake of the world, is doing nothing; it is becoming immoral and losing its pioneering spirit. Young people are becoming the victims of drugs and free sex. The problem of communism is forgotten. The world's worst headaches are God's headaches as well because He is responsible for the world. Who will take care of them? Knowing these are God's worst headaches, I asked God to let me take care of them. It's not easy to clean them up, particularly the problem of communism. Communists know I am the archenemy of their ideology and am determined to do something about it.

Many people participate in today's social evils because they think they gain happiness from it. The gay movement and the hippie counterculture, for instance, see me as their enemy. People do madcap dances because they want to forget the world and think only about having fun. But my standard is to look the worst externally while enjoying the greatest happiness internally. That's why we fund raise more during the Christmas season. Fund raising is not easy, but that's why we do it. We do the very things we really don't want to do. You want to be respected by people, but in fund raising you humble yourself to ask people to help with contributions. That is a great experience because when you receive from someone you learn the feeling of wanting to give. This nurtures you and deepens your character. When you are in dire need and a few people will help, you feel deeply appreciative. In the same way, for the sake of the world you want to give. This is a great education.

Another tough thing is witnessing. People don't want to be bothered by you, say they don't have time for you, but still you try to get their attention to preach the eternal truth. When you forget yourself in concern for the other person's life, it is the most sacrificial heart. If you really care, then you witness. What a noble deed that is. Through fund raising you learn gratitude for receiving, through which you build a character of giving. You may not have much money to give in the future, but you give the best of all -- love. That is what you can give to the world.

When people are negative and nasty and you truly give yourself in return, loving them instead of hating them, you are building your character. You can think that the most spiteful person you meet is a training aid for you. You can thank God for sending this person to you so that you can learn something new about the reality of the world.

You are being trained to evaluate taste, so you need to taste all kinds of flavors -- salty, sour, bitter, as well as sweet. If your tongue has only tasted sweetness, then it doesn't know the full range of taste. The entire universe is there to teach you so you can become whole like God. Nothing is foreign or hateful, and there is nothing you cannot love. When you cry in the East, the vibration will draw Westerners closer to the center because your anguish is that of love. When you cry in the West, it will bring the Eastern peoples to the center.

You can think that God is a composer who is creating melodies for you, melodies of joy and sadness, and every occurrence during the day is part of His composition. When there is an exciting moment, God has put drums in the score. There are melodies for every experience. The universe is your symphony orchestra and your life is like a concert. You are the conductor who pulls all this music together. When you perform the music God has written, the masterpiece will be so great that God and all people will join you and dance together.

If God has written 90% of His composition for you, wouldn't you want the final 10% to be a grand finale instead of dull and flat? God is writing the final ten minutes of my symphony and using all of you as His pencils. There are many, many symphonies in our world, but my symphony contains the core truth of God, and it shall remain for eternity. You are God's pencils for finishing that symphony. There are various movements in the composition, one from black people, another from whites, Orientals, and so forth. The grand finale will harmonize them all together. There will be a movement for the mountains and another for the sea in that symphony. You will have so much depth of feeling that you can cry until you laugh, but also laugh until you cry.

Would you enjoy seeing a slow, dull movie? What kind of movie would God want to see then? Ultimately everyone will appear before the throne of God, and He will say, "Tell me about your life story." Of all the stories God could hear, mine will have more sadness, more laughter, and more excitement than anyone else's. When I tell Him the sad part of my life He will weep, and when I tell Him the funny parts the entire universe will laugh and dance together with Him. My life would make an exciting movie.

I always feel that my life is a movie, a symphony for the sake of humanity. It is as though we are making a gigantic movie, with God as the director and myself as the leading man and Mother the leading lady. I am looking at you with the eye of a casting director, trying to find the best part for you. You are participating in this great drama. All your experiences during the day-fund raising, getting a speeding ticket for driving 100 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone-all these things will be recorded on heavenly film and God will enjoy it. Would God send you to hell for driving too fast? No, I think He would give you a hug for driving so fast for Him.

Is our life as Moonies flat and dull, or dramatic? No one in the world has suffered as much as I have, or worked as hard, or lived as hectically as I have. But because of all the excitement in the heavenly drama there is no time for me to get old. I entertained one married couple at East Garden recently. The lady said to me, "Reverend Moon, what happened?!" "What do you mean, what happened?" I asked. "I met you five years ago, so now you are five years older, but you look five years younger now than you did back then! Do you have some secret for looking younger?"

I might be handcuffed in jail or a concentration camp, but that doesn't matter. I know there is always educational material and someone to have fellowship with wherever I go. Prisoners sentenced to death are dramatic people to deal with. You can find the worst kind of human characters in a prison. If I am put in a dark cell with fifty such people I know that within one week they will all be my friends and there will be a heavenly atmosphere in that place. I am well acquainted with the world of prisoners, particularly those who are sentenced to death and are counting the days. I know that when I speak to them of certain things that they will cry. If I speak to them up to a certain point they will want to start their life over and be different people.

My main job in life is speaking and teaching, and I am a real professional. One day I spoke ten different times, on ten different subjects. I know how to deal with children very well, and when I taught Sunday school the children didn't want to leave. Yet I hardly take time to speak to my own children. They think that I am terse and stern and don't speak very much, but there are many other children who have been enthralled by me. I am a very tasty personality, don't you think?

I have a universal taste, so even white and black people think I am attractive. You have seen how willow trees are not bothered by strong storms. When a hurricane hits and other trees are blown to the ground, a willow tree will still be there afterward. That is what the Unification Church is like.

I have room to embrace everything in peace. There is no need for desperation. If a storm comes, that is fine. If all the world's people come against me, it won't bother me a bit. I am tough, yet I have room for everything. Since I know God and His love and I know what kind of world is coming, even death cannot make me anxious. Don't you want to be like that? A great teacher always wants to make his disciples greater than himself. I want you to be greater than me. I love you as my sons and daughters, and a parent always wants his children to be greater than himself. I love you and want to make you greater than me.

Is there anyone among you who could truly replace me and keep up my pace? Are there more members who want me to push them harder, or more who want me to slow down a little bit and let them relax? Even though you say you want to be pushed, your heart is not sure and your smile looks funny. That is something to think about.

Some pragmatic person might wonder what he would get out of staying in the Unification Church for ten years, and then decide he might as well work outside the Church. If you make millions of dollars that way, where would you spend it? What would your motivation be for getting rich -- to have cars and wonderful homes? That is only self-centered. You may not have millions of dollars now, yet your goal centers on the world and its people instead of yourself. Even if you have only one dollar in that circumstance, it is greater than one million.

Americans are very pragmatic and money is important to them. Some people are ambitious to have political power, but for whom do they want public office? That ambition is still self-centered. I met many Senators in Washington, and I saw that they are very busy maintaining their own reputation and popularity, worrying about themselves. Their entire interest is focused on how to win the next election. They don't have much time to worry about this nation and the well-being of the American people. Who will remember such Senators?

Even if you work hard for many years to become a Senator, there is no guarantee that you will be great. At one time Senator Kennedy thought he could easily become President, but one morning the whole picture changed. Would you want to invest your life in such vainglory? After ten years of growing together in the Unification Church what kind of organization will we have? I know that I can make our leaders much greater people in ten years than they could become on their own in the same amount of time.

Whatever I am really determined to do can be done. Money can be made, people can come. You certainly do not know all of what I am doing now. Recently I told the international leaders about how fifty new companies have been formed, and they were amazed, wondering when I did all that. When you compare yourself now to what you were like when you joined, you might think that the only change is that your clothes are worn out and your shoes have holes, but look at the overall picture of where our movement is going. Sometimes even someone as close to me as Mother does not know all that I am doing.

In the early days many members came who had good a education, but they felt after a while that even though the ideology was good in Unification Church that they would never amount to anything in the world if they stayed. Then they not only dropped out, but said that only dumb people would stay. Now twenty years later those people see that the members who stayed with me are presidents of companies, are respected and well known. Even though they thought they could do better outside our Church, now they are coming to ask me for some small position.

The parents in those days who thought their bright children shouldn't be mixed up with the Moonies now proudly speak of how their son is a president or a director of something in the Unification Church. And those parents who pulled their children out now demand to know why the children didn't argue with their parents and stay in the Church. "Why didn't you fight me and stay in the Unification Church? Look where that kind of person is now!" That kind of hardship has come to ex-Moonies. I have heard many reports like this in Korea.

Go ahead and pack up and go. We won't even need ten years for this to be repeated here in America. I am not an ordinary thinker. I know precisely where we are going and what the shortest possible route is. I have invisible spiritual antenna which pick up messages from God which guide me.

1979 is coming to a close. I want to start 1980 fresh, with new vitality. Those who want to leave the Church should do so in 1979 because I don't want you here in 1980. Does that mean you are going to stay strong? Do you want to be better than me or inferior? I certainly think you can be better because you have more food here in America, as well as many things I never had in Korea. How can I trust you Americans? You say one thing, but will you really do it? You say you will stay with me because you know you have an exciting and dramatic life ahead of you, and most important of all, there is eternal value in our way of life.

When you compare us to the everyday world, you see two entirely different directions. We look small today, but we are going up while the world is going down. The time is coming when the world will know it is sinking and will cry out for us to throw a rope to them. Where are America's young people heading? It is an incredibly sad situation. TV stations have plenty of time to advertise discos and entertainment, but no time to advertise Reverend Moon. But don't worry, the time is coming.

No matter what kind of circumstance I find myself in, I always think the same way I am telling you today. When everything is out on the table and God checks each of the billions of people in the world, He won't find any more exciting and dramatic and loyal son on earth than me. Do you applaud me because you are Moonies, or because my record is genuine? Therefore, God has to help me; He cannot do otherwise. Even with all the criticism and danger, God sees His real man here.

Even though America has rejected me, instead of hating this country I plan how to make a net big enough to catch this nation. When this whole world criticizes me, I plan how to make a world-size net. It is not a net of money or power, but a net of love. Once you are caught by that net, the tighter it is pulled the better you feel. Love is so good that if you are hooked in your nose by love, for instance, you will hold on to the line with your hands, and when your hands get tired you will bite it with your mouth. Love is that tasty.

The people most troubled by the rise of the Moonies are the communists, because they have not been challenged so far. Now our CARP movement is moving onto American campuses, where communist groups have always had a stronghold. We might have only eight people while they have 200, but when we demonstrate against them we can grab onto their long hair and pull; we have short hair so they won't be able to grab hold of us! Already there have been several incidents which swung public opinion to our side. People will soon realize that communism is not on America's side. When our eight members demonstrated, the school body united to disband the communist demonstrators. This has happened numerous times.

The time is here when the only people who will be outspoken against the Moonies are the communists. Then because the people who want to oppose us won't want to be branded as communists, they will say, "Forget it." The same will happen in the media. Ultimately I will be recognized as the one outstanding fighter against communism. When the CARP movement arrives on campus and clashes with the communist youth, the local police always support our side, glad that they have finally found some group that will stand up to the radicals. This is what we mean by dramatic. Parents may oppose Reverend Moon, but their children are coming to me. Even though the government opposes me now, who will be the eventual winner if the young people are coming to my side? These young people will live longer than the people who oppose me now. Of course, we have many older people as well, but they have young minds.

Do you have confidence that you could lead a hippie to the righteous side? Don't you miss the days when you had long hair and beards, when you could drink and take drugs? Don't you miss the good old days when you had lots of girlfriends and boyfriends? You used to have lots of goodies and presents at Christmas, but now your holiday is much plainer. Not only that, but the holidays are the best time for fund raising. You don't have an easy life, and it is easy to be discouraged.

What do we get out of this? After you forget what I have said, you think about how pitiful you look now and wonder why you bother doing this. You are normal energetic young people, but in the Unification Church once you are finally engaged you still have to wait for three more years to be with your spouse! You laugh now, but when you are tempted and agonized later on you will wonder if you have made the right decision. I know you go through these things, but I have gone through them much more so. Your greatness lies in overcoming the worst possible situation which ordinary people would never accept. When you turn your hardship into a triumphant victory then you have proved that you are really different.

The great people who truly made an impact on our world were the ones who went through that path. I have gone that path, and now it is your turn. Aren't you fortunate to have this kind of training while I am here suffering with you? You can see a living example, and while you struggle you know that I have gone through hardships and worries hundreds of times greater. Did I just stumble blindly through all that? In spite of all the hardships I am making a global impact in my own lifetime and you can see it with your own eyes.

One good example is the Science Conference, which is attended by hundreds of prominent scholars. They used to come with the attitude that they were doing us a favor, but now they see the value of what I am doing and worry about what they will do if I should ever discontinue the conference. They cherish my presence. Do you think I should continue the Science Conference? Even if it costs millions of dollars? Have you ever felt while you were fund raising that you wanted to contribute just a little bit for the Science Conference? Many of the participants have the power to influence important people, including heads of state in their own countries.

No one really worries about money and budgets except me. I have to juggle all our worldwide projects to finance everything. I know that in a few years there will be many more blessed children, and I worry about how we will take care of them all. You don't have to worry about what will be happening in ten years, but I am always planning that far in advance. You hardly sympathize with me, yet I hear criticism from many places. Do not ever think that I am just using you and your hard work. On the contrary, I am giving all my energy for you and America.

The media has really brainwashed the public to think that I am using you to raise much, much money to send out of America. On the contrary, the record shows that I have brought much money into America for the sake of this nation, but the media never writes about that. If there was no God, I would never bother with America. But because I know God's dispensation, I know God is focused on America. Even if I die a tragic death, that doesn't matter. The important thing is that God's will is done in this country.

Christmas is just a great commercial venture in this world, not a real celebration of the birth of Jesus. I know that this affects you in some way and this is why I want to set your mind straight ahead. I set a great goal for fund raising in Japan during December and January, and most of that money is going to be spent for America. Don't you know you are indebted to Japan and the movement around the world? Do you know that some of our brothers are working underground in communist countries, and that some of them are tortured in prison? I have received their heartbreaking reports. I know that we are in the most favorable position here to liberate them.

Why would I push you so hard if there were no satanic power rising in the world? But there is a final showdown coming and we are not yet prepared. One thing is clear -- the present American way of life and thinking will never cope with the difficulties of the future. I know that no one else can stop the avalanche of communist power flooding this country. We are God's handpicked forces who are preparing for that day. If you want to complain, do so only after you know what communism is all about.

Americans don't know about communism. President Carter knows nothing about communism. You are the handpicked champions, and you are more than Americans. God is removing you from the American way of life to ready you for the crucial day when you will become a power for the salvation of this country. This movement is the only hope. Without us the future of this country is very small. Be proud of what you are and what your mission is. Be proud to be chosen by God.

The job must be done. If America fails to respond then I must go elsewhere because the job must be done, regardless of who does it. I look as though I have nothing today, but wait ten years and see. I could tell you what my precise plan is for the next five and ten years, but I will not do so because it would not benefit you. Your benefit will come from knowing me and having conviction in our mission. 1980 is coming, and it can be a year of victory and fulfillment. No excuse will work. Everyone should feel they have a lighted stick of dynamite tied to them. If you don't want to be put on the spot then the best thing would be to leave now; such a person will only be an obstacle to us so he should leave. Do you want me to trust you?

The Moonies truly have a precious and proud position. If I had not had this consciousness of God and the universe I could never have lasted this long, but would have been destroyed long ago.

Before 1970 1 never encouraged our members to worry about making money; I even prohibited it. I instructed them to go to their witnessing area with only enough money for a one-way fare, and they took only a couple of pounds of rice flour. Breakfast was water mixed with some rice flour. That was lunch and dinner also. When they ran out of rice flour, they had wheat flour instead.

Only since 1970 did I start to work on our economic base, and that was only because the right time had come. I even prohibited fund raising before then. If you need a plane ticket now then all you have to do is fund raise for one or two days and you can get it. You don't worry about money because you know it can be done. Even a millionaire could not do what you do. There are many Americans living on the West coast who have never been to the East because they can't afford it, but I told the CARP commanders that they should be able to finance their travel to the west and east coasts within one week. The leaders should be able to complete an itinerary taking them around the entire country in one month.

When I first came to America in 1965 1 visited every single state by car in forty days. The drivers drove day and night, and when they dozed I woke them up. I lived in that station wagon for forty days, eating bread, cold cuts and a pickle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There were five or six passengers with me and Dr. Young Oon Kim was responsible for the food. She was absolutely stingy, and when the driver asked for an extra slice of bread at lunch, she refused.

American leaders who travel with me are accustomed to drinking coffee, cokes, and having snacks. But during those forty days we had nothing like that and the eyes of the passengers always turned eagerly to the store windows when we stopped. I told them to train all the American members like I was training them. At that time I already knew what I was going to do here in America. When we drove through states like Arizona and Nevada where there is no one for miles and miles, I told the driver to floor the accelerator, and that car just about took off and flew! Americans who travel are accustomed to stopping at night, seeing a movie and sleeping comfortably in a motel. When the passengers asked if we couldn't stop at a motel, I replied, "This is your motel!"

I never let up for 24 hours a day. If the driver was sleepy, he could rest while the other person drove. And if he wasn't sleepy it meant he wasn't tired enough to need rest and he should keep driving until these were luxury items our members never thought he was. I was the oldest person in the car so I should have been the first one to get tired, but as long as I kept going the younger people had no excuse. That's how I started out in America.

I know more about American culture than any American. I have been to every state. There is no room for anyone to complain. Up through 1979 you had many things to say, but from 1980 on, no more. Even if you have to turn your mouth up and down instead of horizontal so that you won't complain, your job is to save America. Do you feel good today? If you only want to be comfortable even when you can see how rapidly America is disintegrating then you are a traitor to your own country and to God.

There is a vivid contrast between us and the world, and we are proud to be Moonies. That is the attitude to have in 1980. You have T-shirts which say, "I'm a Moonie and I love it" and you should get badges like that to wear on your forehead! I have already told you that Moonies will become Sunnies and Sunnies will become Kingies. Under any circumstances, even in prison, I never felt any shame, not once. Why should you feel ashamed? What have you done wrong? From 1980 on I will not accept anyone who is not proud to be a Moonie. If you have a complaining heart, the best cure is to repeat, "I'm a proud Moonie," and the anguish inside will go away. Be proud of what you are.

How different are we from secular people? The world today is just like the movie "Animal House." People have relationships based on animal instinct and self-centeredness. If you are a God-centered person then you feel choked and nauseated when you go out. That's the kind of world we are living in. People only study and work to advance their own careers and be rich. There is no spirituality; people have stopped worrying about life after death and it is not even a topic of discussion. There is distrust between parents and children, between friends, between people and government, between husband and wife. Can you find any ideals in this world? What good would it do to have power in such a world?

Do you miss that world? This world is so disgusting that I feel nauseated. No matter what the difficulties or how little sleep I get, this path is where I belong. Here I have a purpose and goal and eternal life. There is no comparison between our way of life and the world's. Do you want to go back to that world, or move forward?

You see how a religious holiday like Christmas has become commercialized, and people have no seriousness when they say the Lord has come. We may not say Merry Christmas, but every day we will go out to win even one more dollar for the sake of humanity, to win one more soul for God. That will be a far greater Christmas. Even if people don't say Merry Christmas to you, but curse and ridicule you instead, you know where you are going. I have always been living this way of life for God.

You can drink champagne and party and do anything you please, but I know where I am going. Have I declined by following this way of life? My own life is testimony to this, and after my death people of all races will want to visit my tomb, even though they have never met me. Why would they do this? In my life they will see one extraordinary example of someone who was determined to live for God and humanity and bring the truth for the world. For this I gave my life. I am proud of the life I have lived.

Will you join with me? Can you say that in this secular, commercial Christmas season you will not be blinded or swayed from going to the heavenly goal?

God bless you.

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