The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Historical View Of The Dispensation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 18, 1979
Belvedere, Tarrtyown, NY
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

I'm sure all of you realize the meaning of the day and the significance of September 18. Today I want to deliver a message entitled "Historical View of the Dispensation" since you should know the historical background. There are many religions today, but there are few which really understand the dispensational view of God. There are many religions and faiths, but normally they cannot easily separate themselves from their cultural background and local roots. God's dispensation is always started in one local area, but with a universal concept which is directed at bringing these into one culminating universal dispensation.

Although a religion may seem to be shaped by the context of its local background, each good religion has the same central theme of the basic dispensational picture of God. Our conclusion is that God is always working toward one central theme of dispensation. Therefore, the completion of the will of God will not be realized in the process of its development, but in the end, at the culmination. Human history started in the fallen world. When restoration from that point up to the original world is completed, all the goals of religion will be accomplished, including the level of family, society and nation, when the entire world is restored back to God.

History is always moving toward one central line of fulfillment, in a process similar to the development of a central government; instead of doing it all at once God starts out by organizing a family, tribe, village, town, then country, state and finally the federal government. With this kind of picture you can explain God's view of dispensation.

There are basically two aspects in today's world -- the East and West. Of course, in each of those aspects all four directions exist. A variety of cultures have emerged in East and West, but God is always working in one central culture, with one central theme of dispensation. Even though a certain religion represents the central theme of God, it probably doesn't look so different from other religions. Whether you are standing in the center or to the side of the main dispensation doesn't make any difference because there is only one direction -- upward -- and the fulfillment of each religion will always bring it upward toward the central goal. Each religion was born for a purpose, and once it has fulfilled within its limited sphere, it has finished its mission. A village government is under the authority of the national government; in the same way, when a higher religion appears the lower religion will be absorbed. Thus, until the central religion fulfills God's will completely, it will not stop or become dormant but will endure until the culminating day.

When will all these religions become one? In the Last Days the purpose of each religion will be completed, and when we reach that day of consummation there will be one final movement of unity among religions. The central religion always focuses on that one day when all religions will be united, and it will have many prophecies about the great day of unification to come. That is how the central religion has been upholding hope.

Christianity is a world religion. How could it come to be such a formidable religion today? It is because Christianity was created by God to take the central role, and as long as God's will is still moving forward Christianity must keep pace. When the Last Days come, however, it will come to an end along with all other religions. In that day of consummation the one unifying force which is being predicted is, in religious terms, the concept of the Messiah. The Messiah is the central theme of Christianity, and each religion has a messianic concept in some form. Each good religion in the world today has some variation of this idea.

At the same time religions are moving internally toward that one unifying point, the external world is also moving toward unity. Today the world has been consolidated into two aspects -- the democratic and Communist worlds. When the day of consummation comes, these two worlds will confront each other and both of them will be ended. Why is that? It is because God's purpose of dispensation is for the whole world, and when it is culminated both of those worlds must end in order for one world of God to be formed.

Where are we today? Again, we can say that the time for the end of the free world is near. The United States is proud to be a democratic country, but that particular philosophy is becoming outdated. Today's philosophy of democracy will not work in the future world. When we talk about the end of the democratic world it implies the end of the Christian world. This also applies to the Communist world. Until 1978 the Communists were confident they could conquer the world, but since then they have realized that because of their own internal divisions they could not do it. They became aware that Communist power is not almighty.

The time has come when a new vision is needed, a new religious philosophy and ideology which will help the present world consummate the ultimate goal of God's purpose. Who will bring this new concept and vision of the future? What would he teach and where would he lead mankind? God's promised Messiah will give new vision not only to the religious world but to the secular world as well. First of all, he would come as true man, bringing the truth which will enable him to unite all religions. Furthermore, he will have a realistic solution for the world's problems and he will be able to lead the way to a solution of hope.

A solution is needed on all levels -- individual, family, nation and world. Realistic problems are there and realistic solutions are needed. When the Messiah comes as a man will he do it all by himself? He must first demonstrate a family that is building a block of the Kingdom of Heaven. That will be the family in which all religions could feel at home and find the fulfillment of their ideals. Even non-religious people will feel that the Messiah's family is the ideal family that everyone needs. That family will be a universal one, not based on any one particular culture or denomination, but one which can provide the universal model for all cultures. Can you think of any exception to this?

If one religion is preaching white supremacy, does it have the qualification to provide worldwide fulfillment? Christianity embraces the concept of being God's chosen people, but if Christians are making themselves a privileged class which disregards others they will not be acceptable to God. If they try to perpetuate that concept will they continue to prosper? If God's chosen people have some prejudice or arrogance then God will definitely raise up another group as His chosen ones instead. If Christianity has developed primarily into a culture of white people with racial prejudice, or if the Jews have some arrogance as the chosen people then they are not understanding God's mind and He will definitely raise up another race as the chosen ones. This is not just my opinion, but a proven fact of history.

When I came to the Western world to preach the most logical and natural revelation of God, Christians were shocked and the white culture refused to accept it; the Jewish people also felt I had to be stopped. The interesting thing is that when established religious leaders oppose me, often their wives and children start taking the side of the newcomer! If a husband is adamantly opposed, in many cases God will chose his wife or child to give support instead. That doesn't happen by the effort of any one religious leader but through God's direct intervention. God has prepared many individuals who are ready to receive the messianic ideal, like seeds which will sprout in the final day of consummation.

How will we know when the Last Days are here? The sign will be a movement of people predicting the time of the Last Days and urging people to prepare. If their particular predictions are not fulfilled then at least there will be people who are trying to prepare themselves. The one movement which is preparing for the day of consummation is the Unification Church.

I am very glad to have been born a Korean because Koreans don't have any worldly status or respect to be proud of. For instance, Japanese people generally are proud of themselves and think they are better than Koreans and other peoples because they are usually in the lead in any race. But there is no rule that every champion must be Japanese. In boxing, for example, a small Japanese can't defeat a giant Westerner. Boxing was begun by whites, but now supremacy usually belongs to blacks in that sport. White people cannot disqualify blacks from participating simply because white people originated the sport of boxing; international law would not allow it.

When the Japanese realized the Divine Principle was the supreme truth they felt the Japanese should play the main role and some businessmen approached me about buying the Divine Principle. Should we respond and negotiate with them? Money talks in many arenas and sometimes sports results are rigged, for instance, but it is illegal nevertheless. I refused the Japanese businessmen, and later the Japanese press tried to smear my reputation so they could take the Divine Principle by force. These leading citizens felt they could not afford to allow me to prosper in Japan, but then their own children and many brilliant university students spoke up to challenge them!

Here in America, however, another situation has developed. Here Christians think Jesus belongs to the West, and when a Korean preacher appeared Western theologians reacted by thinking that they certainly knew more than he did. Initially they adamantly rejected Unification Church and Divine Principle. My response was that the two should compete in the world arena and have open public discussion, so I issued invitations to famous theologians and philosophers. Most of them refused to attend. That retreat actually represents their own defeat, showing they haven't the courage to stand up.

Then the dirty tricks began, with various people trying to cut me down in various ways, through bad publicity, character assassination and government investigation. When I started my work here in 1972 many people thought that I wouldn't last past 1973 and then they could get rid of me. Instead the Unification Church defeated even the United States Congress.

The problem faced by people who want to prevent the Unification Church from prospering is that the movement here is made up primarily of Americans, not Koreans. If I am deported from America would you also pack and leave? If I leave, there will be many people left behind who will cry and feel they cannot forgive the nation for that act. Their heartbreak will not be healed by any white people coming to comfort them. They would only be comforted by some Koreans promising to convey their heart and love to me and urging them to get down to work in the meantime. Not even government weapons or threats can change a man's heart, so what will happen ultimately? If many Americans are upset that Reverend Moon is not in this country then a democratic government would have to respond by issuing an invitation to Reverend Moon to come back so that the citizens would be placated.

What should I do then? Should I immediately fly back, or refuse to come again? If I refuse to come back then millions of Americans will apply to emigrate to Korea. The world will see that these emigrants are not the trash of society, but distinguished and motivated young people. Will that be Korea's problem, my problem, or America's problem?

Even though this is a Church gathering, I know that there is some government recording being made of every word I say. For their benefit I say that if America continues on in its present course it will inevitably decline; we must do something drastic now. The Unification Church has no wish to see America decline, but if it mistreats this God-given movement then God will take action and decline will be unavoidable. It would be much better for God to begin all over again than to continue struggling with a country that does not parallel His direction. Such a nation cannot survive.

This World Mission Center is located on Eighth Avenue, which is famous for prostitution. Here our members are gathering by the thousands, pursuing one direction in life, while people on the street pursue another. Who will influence whom? Will you be swallowed by them, or refuse to be influenced but just sit and wait, or will you do something about it? I have seen that in the last five years New York is sinking and becoming unthinkably dirty. You can see it just by looking across the street. What is the government doing about it? In most cases the government doesn't care.

There are many denominations in America, but what are they doing about it? The situation is getting worse, yet what solution are they offering? Even though they despise me, they will have to acknowledge that I am offering a solution. The evidence is you: many of you were victims of that society but you have been reborn into citizens who are building the kingdom. Immoral and discouraged young people who come here are being changed into godly men and women of vision. You are working harder than anyone else in fund raising and witnessing. Many people accuse me of brainwashing, but that kind of cheap criticism will not stand up under honest investigation.

No power can prevent America from entering the Last Days, and no citizen can be aloof or reject being part of the situation. If Americans refuse to embrace God's dispensation, this country will fall apart. God needs a champion who can advance the dispensation by leaps and bounds. Who are the people who can live up to His expectation? At this extraordinary time in history God sees the opportunity for leaping ahead, and if the government or established religions oppose His instrument, God will allow unusual things to happen to them. God is allowing the Unification Church to leap ahead and giving us great opportunities by suppressing the power of governments and dispensations Himself. That is God's mandate.

Are you the kind of people who can rebound from pressure like a rubber ball, or will you be shattered by it? We need people who are not only elastic but tough and who can endure. American religion is like a ship caught in a hurricane and the government as well is helpless and has no anchor. When the water is rough and the wind is strong and your ship is pitching and rocking out of control, what will happen? That is the kind of perilous situation we are living in today.

Do we in the Unification Church have an anchor? God is our anchor and I am the rope. That means all you have to do to survive is hold onto the rope; you don't even have to grip the anchor directly. The anchor is always deep in the water so what you have to do is grab the rope and hang on. Other churches may be offering people a beautiful rope of gold, but there is no anchor at the bottom. The Unification Church rope is plain nylon, but there is an anchor down below. Those people who advertise their beautiful rope criticize ours; even the government boasts how big its rope is and how fishy smelling the Unification Church is. But the difference is that we have an anchor and they don't.

Who will be the controlling factor or central person in the midst of this global catastrophe? Even the President himself will not be adequate because today's problems go beyond human comprehension; no human power will suffice. Do you just believe this or know it as a fact? Only a solution based on a message from God can work.

Can you think of any other religious leader in history who has raised as much controversy as I have, stirring up hurricanes on every continent I visit? The media have given me many unsolicited titles, such as Korean businessman, Korean evangelist, Korean prophet. All of those titles are correct, which means that I am not just a small religious leader taking care of one church; I am interested and involved in every sphere of life. Another recent criticism is the prediction that I will dominate the oceans and America's ports through our fishing industry. I definitely feel that some great fishing captains will emerge from among our Unification Church women. That will be our pride because usually American women stay home and command their husbands.

I have concluded that the day of consummation is here. What we need is vision to see our direction and guide human life in an orderly fashion and create the future world. At this turning point we need a central theme which comes from God's direct involvement in the form of the Messiah. Would you like to change your church to one that is more convenient? I'm sure some of you were atheists before joining, but now could you revert to that conviction and way of life? Wouldn't you get tired of looking at me sooner or later? I keep pushing you out, saying you must live for the sake of the world, but aren't you discouraged because you haven't even seen the world yet? If you don't move then I will push you out.

Would you rather push yourself or be pushed by me? How about being pushed by God? It is better not to have me or have God pushing you because then you carry a burden and face judgment if you fail, but when you push yourself there is always another chance. What route would you smart Americans take? If your eyes are drooping with sleep you have to command them to stay open. If your hands don't obey, you have to warn them they can't behave that way after meeting me. Tell your legs they have the wrong owner if they can't work harder. If you sisters have a bosom and hips that are so big they slow you down then you have to chastise them and shape up. Command your mouth to go without eating if it demands good food too much. Men are always greedy to get something for free, but now you can tell your brain it is time to give something free for others. Your mental processes have to change like that.

Will Orientals or Westerners see further into the distance? If a camera lens is opened wide then it only focuses nearby objects clearly, but when it is closed more than it can also focus objects far away. Westerners' eyes are always wide open so they focus on things closer at hand, so naturally they have created a great material civilization. Orientals' eyes are narrower. Even for an Oriental I have small eyes, so small that sometimes you wonder whether my eyes are closed or open. I have the vision to see far, far into the distance.

I have seen a great distance, enough to penetrate the heart of God, and because I know what lies ahead I can command my body and discipline my eating, sleeping and love life. When God sees this self-control He feels He can absolutely trust everything about me -- my legs, arms, mouth, and so forth. Can you Unification Church women control the desires of your body? If a handsome man is near don't you wish he would touch your body? You men are not any better! I sometimes hear very honest reports about members who act crazy because they cannot control their sexual desires. Do you have total self-discipline to control your love life?

We must either prepare the day of culmination or fulfill the day. Would you like to be those who prepare it, or be the central performers on that day? The Messiah is the culmination of God's work through history and he is needed by everyone, whether man or woman, American or Oriental, or even a Communist. We have to pinpoint what the central religion is. First Judaism and then Christianity held that position historically. The central religion always starts out from God and will continue until the fulfillment of its purpose at the close of the Last Days. God said that He is the alpha and omega, and this is reflected in the course of His central religion.

The first part of God's history was the Old Testament era, then the New Testament era, and now we are moving into the Completed Testament era. That era is the time for the completion or culmination of both Old Testament and New Testament history. Judaism cannot be consummated by itself; there must be an ultimate truth which will liberate it and lift it up to be completed, and Christianity as well. The Unification Church is functioning as a mediator to bring unity so that all religions can move toward culmination together. That is why you will find Unification members who come from every aspect of religious life -- Jews, Christians, Buddhists and so forth.

I can see that until now human history has been a failing venture. Who will take up the responsibility to mend the history of failure? Those who were responsible for history's failures are now in spirit world and they need to be liberated. That will come to them only when someone here on earth physically reverses their failure. This is why you cannot solve the problems of the present unless past failures are resolved. There must be some combined solution for problems of the democratic and Communist worlds, to untangle both the past and present. Without that solution there is no hope for the future.

Christians and Jews don't think in that fashion, but believe they will continue as they are for eternity. They can't even imagine the need for a day of consummation when they can be liberated. In the day of consummation, the past, present and future will be unfolded horizontally at the same time in different layers. If the Unification Church is the central faith in this period then we must have the solution for the past and present. You might see yourself as one insignificant individual, but you are the fruit of the past, you are the present and the extension of you will be the future.

All of you come into the era of consummation from all kinds of backgrounds, but you are united by the central theme of God. That's what your role is. Unless you discover the central theme and direction you cannot project yourself to the future in the direction of God, which is one vertical line straight up. You must find it, join it, and move with it to reach the spirit world and God. If your angle is even slightly different then you will eventually go an entirely different direction.

If Christianity had united with the Unification Church when it was born there would not have been a great spread of Communism or catastrophic turmoil which we see now in the world. Christianity is like a field prepared by God for the Kingdom of Heaven, and all that was needed was the birth of the new ideology which would take hold in the central position and expand this Christian territory. That is what God hoped would happen. This is why God planted the Unification Church on the worldwide foundation of Christianity. The first thing that should have happened was acceptance of the Unification ideal by the Christian community of one nation. Then it would have expanded to the rest of the world.

When Jesus came to the world, God had already prepared for 4,000 years so that the Messiah could win his own people first of all. Then the worldwide dispensation should have begun. Jews have strong national identity, but the Messiah did not come for Jewish supremacy; he came for the worldwide purpose, although he started on the national level. Why couldn't the Jews accept Jesus? Because they saw he was different. But naturally he was different because they were only on the national level and Jesus was living for the international level. How could he be the same?

The Unification Church is here with the universal ideology and it cannot be fit into any particular nation or part of the world. Existing religions see that we are different and don't listen to them, but naturally we are different and they should listen to us. We have a God-approved direction and philosophy and the guts to spread it around the world. If the Korean Christians in particular had wholeheartedly accepted the Unification Church many decades ago, would the Christian community of the world have been affected? If worldwide Christianity had been affected then the democratic world would not be as helpless as it is today. God had to allow the expansion of the enemies of the free world because nothing else would wake it up. Communism is threatening its very existence, but the democratic world is still asleep. Is the free world or the Communist world expanding its territory faster today?

God's greatest need is to raise up one ideology that will not be overwhelmed but will win over the Communist ideology and expand throughout the world. This is certainly a most logical strategy. The messianic ideal will therefore start out with the individual, tribe, nation and so forth, expanding to the world. But this ideology will not be just the product of one local culture; it will be a universal culture.

Because the 2,000 year old Christian community opposed the Unification Church, God is leaving the churches today. The Bible says that in the Last Days your own family members will be your enemy; now families are becoming enemies because of Satan's work. From the very beginning my concept was of a worldwide base. I started in the national environment of Korea because the movement had to begin from some local point, but I went beyond that boundary to reach out to the world. Because the great Christian foundation was broken, I had to erect the foundation step-by-step myself so that I could reach out to the world. That work began on the family level, then moved to the tribe and nation, and then I could leap beyond the nation. By 1972 the national foundation was laid.

After that I could move the worldwide crusade and I went from Korea to America, the central nation which represents the entire world. I came and prepared for one year and from 1973 on began a most extraordinary crusade. How can the opposition of Korean Christianity be indemnified? Yes, here in America. Up through the Madison Square Garden rally in 1974 America gave me an open-armed welcome in the first Day of Hope Crusade. A great number of citations, proclamations and letters of honorary citizenship were received. The Korean Christian community had rejected me, but initially the American Christian community welcomed me, and thus restitution was made for the Korean failure.

Based on that victory I organized the IOWC in 1974 and moved the crusade to Japan and Korea at the end of that year. Even though I had erected the national foundation in Korea, it was only spiritual and internal in content. Based on the victory in the Western world in 1974 1 could go back to Korea for the external victory.

In those days the Korean government was boxed in by Korean Christianity, which took an anti-government position. Furthermore, North Korea's warmongering attitude was so frantic in those days that there was actual danger to national security. In order to subjugate Korean Christianity, a patriotic theme was absolutely necessary. Once we won victory on the international level I knew we were bound to win on the national level. This was the significance of bringing the International One World Crusade to campaign in Korea. You remember the heavenly collision between the Unification Church and Korean Christians during my 1975 crusade there. We began in Pusan and won gigantic victories over an outpouring of opposition in every city as we moved up the peninsula, all the way to Seoul. The internal foundation was laid in Korea but the external victory was brought from America, another Christian nation. We imported that victory to become victorious in Korea externally as well and at that time the Korean people fully realized that the Unification Church was not just a Korean movement but that it had gone far beyond and become international. In 1975 I sent out missionaries to every comer of the earth.

In order to make restitution for the failure of Korean Christians I laid the spiritual foundation in Korea, came out and won the international victory externally and brought it back to Korea to make Korea's victory whole, internally and externally. This culminated in the World Rally for Korean Freedom on Yoido Island on June 7, 1975. At this rally the Unification Church demonstrated with sixty nations represented and I proclaimed our commitment to fight against communism on the worldwide level.

If the same thing had happened 2,000 years ago it would have equaled Jesus' victory in the Jewish nation coupled with an external victory in the Roman Empire, united into one culminating victory. Jesus could not win that victory in his lifetime, however, and both the Jews and the Roman Empire opposed and crucified him. This remained to be indemnified, and it was done by our victory in Korea and America. We have paid the indemnity for this.

With the completion of this internal and external victory in Korea, I came back out of Korea to America with a heightened dispensation. Now I had to export that whole victory out of Korea and make it a worldwide victory. The American victory was only external so it had to be make internal. A more substantial movement had to be erected in America, and that was the spiritual battle I began upon my return, starting the Yankee Stadium and ultimately Washington Monument campaigns.

From this point on American government and worldwide attention was alerted and opposition began, and the U.S. Congress in particular became a seat of opposition. The Roman Empire represented the world, and the failure of Rome in Jesus' time must be restored by America. Until that is done there is no way history can fully come alive. The entire world was united in opposition to the Unification Church -- the Christian community, democratic nations, and even Communists were agitating. I was confident that victory would be ours because we had already won the initial victory externally in America. Even though people who had initially welcomed me now turned to opposition, I knew the victory could be won. Every ounce of our movement's energy was mobilized to confront this opposition, and it culminated with the battle against the Fraser Committee in the U.S. Congress.

I am no enemy of America or Congress, but certain people were trying to cover me with this image. This paralleled the agitation of the Jews of the Roman Empire to kill Jesus. Jesus was a victim because he had no physical movement to mobilize to oppose that, but our situation was different. In the days of that confrontation even many of our American leaders expressed dismay at the situation and were skeptical of winning. I was the one person who truly believed in victory and I knew there was no way to go on without victory. When I instructed Col. Pak to go before the committee I told him to go fight and not hesitate or give excuses, but to go there like David before Goliath. I told him that in the name of God and True Parents he would win.

When you show your absolute oneness with God and His spirit, God always takes your side and a miracle will happen. This was an exception. This was a most giant, historical battle and I knew a miracle was needed. History is living, past, present and future, so the consequences of the past must be unwound today. Only I knew the historical meaning of that confrontation, so only I could plan precisely how it should be won.

Today we are celebrating a most important day in the history of our Church. The Washington Monument Rally was God's demonstration of power, organization and determination, and through that Rally the entire world learned about us. It was our supreme battle, our declaration of war against the entire world, not just the United States. September 18, 1976 was truly an historical day for the world, not just our movement. It was a life-or-death showdown, the culminating battle in Unification Church history, and I won the victory. I knew that God was with us in that victory, and afterwards I ordered all echelons of our leadership to be bold and strong whenever faced with opposition from our enemies.

Two most important events took place after the Washington Monument victory: on October 4, 1976 1 declared the Day of the Victory of Heaven, and in the following year on February 23, True Parents' birthday, I declared the day one in the year one of the Kingdom of Heaven. That was the culmination of my mission. I was liberated at that time and now I can go anywhere at any time. Also at that time I declared that now we would proceed with the legal battle and not tolerate any longer the unconstitutional treatment we had been given. We have to demonstrate legally our righteousness and it should be proven that the American Constitution is on our side.

Many victories have been won in that battle, and this will be completed by the middle of 1981. We have been pursued by many government investigations, but one by one we have won. The courts are on our side and our constitutional rights have been upheld. The IRS has been looking for years to find something wrong in our finances, but they have found nothing so far. The historical universal program has been fulfilled and the past failures of history have been restored; no historical figure can point a finger at me.

Congressman Fraser represented a far left political viewpoint and supported the anti-war movement during the Vietnam years, and such liberals were the victorious heroes in recent years. But Fraser's defeat represented the fall of liberalism on the far left, and now more conservative, patriotic Congressmen are emerging on the scene. From now on the presidential candidates will be younger men in their 40's, not older politicians. Younger men like Jerry Brown, Edward Kennedy and Philip Crane have emerged as candidates.

A refreshing new tide of revived Christianity will occur soon in this country. A longing for a new Christian revival will emerge in America, and I want you to be flag bearers when that time comes. The same old evangelism of established religious leaders will not suffice when that time comes; a new outlet is needed and you can be the heroes in that time. This is why I am enhancing the CARP movement in this country. When a new spirit is generated I will reappear in the public eye.

I see that a major victory is needed in the area of the media now, as well as acceptance of the Unification ideology by the academic community, particularly by theologians and philosophers. I have already gone a long way in this direction. I want you to understand that a day of hope is coming, and in order to meet that day I have been pushing you and demanding that you do incredible things. We need to educate the leadership of this nation so we need well-trained intellectual members who will not be dominated by the present intellectual climate but will be champions and leaders. This is why I am sending our graduate students to graduate schools all over America. They are entering the major universities of America, inviting major professors and teaching them Unification principles.

Theory is important in the academic world, and in that area academicians have already surrendered to Unification theology. Now they see that we are not just people of theory but are doers, and they see they cannot compete with us here either. In that way our victory over them is complete. Now these academicians are realizing that to be well-off in the future they will have to be experts on the Unification Church so they are writing books on us, on me, and on our social impact; they know that these books will sell and bring them money. They love to get some kind of cooperation from us for these projects, but later, instead of just giving endorsement I will reappear in public. This is not just a dream or plan, but is already going on.

Once America has exhausted all means of opposing the Unification Church, the rest of the world will also be helpless to say anything against us. Many research papers will be publicized about us and widely read by the public, particularly by the leadership. If they truly understand the meaning of our Church, that will be end of their opposition. I want you to teach this ideology to the leaders in America, not just the students. All the failures of Israel and the Roman Empire as well as Korea shall be restored here in America; this is the final battleground.

On the foundation of all these victories I have explained I could conduct a special ceremony for the liberation of the spirit world. As long as spirit world was not liberated it was divided into compartments with many, many boundaries, but on November 2, 1978 at Chung Pyung Lake I conducted a special ceremony to break down all those barriers.

There is no national boundary in the Unification Church. Once the Unification Church moves to a new nation, we meet many national patriots and patriots of the Kingdom of God on earth. In each nation we raise up people who are more patriotic than anyone else in the history of that nation. Because they want to serve humanity and the rest of the world, how can anyone say those people are wrong?

All the religions of history had a central goal and moved toward the center, and the Unification Church throughout the world is following the same pattern. When you become faithful men and women and create faithful families, you have to create a faithful nation before you can love the world. With this ideology each person becomes a messiah; could you hate the people then? No, you would love them.

Why am I pushing the Home Church providence so much? It is your way to become messiahs. I have done so much to win my victory and I want you to be qualified to inherit this glorious foundation. Home church is that qualification. Your 360 homes are your own world, both internal and external. You begin with the internal dispensation but ultimately will win them externally too. The spirit world will be linked with your work and spiritual phenomena will happen there. Home church is where you will win your victory, and then you will move into the national and world levels and be liberated. If you try to bypass Home Church you cannot be a world citizen of the Kingdom of God. You are creating 360 homes of your own in your area.

People will reject you initially, of course, just like the Messiah was rejected. Would you welcome True Parents if they came to visit your home? Your Home Church should be the place where you are welcomed as true parents. You can never reach this goal by attacking the people; only by overcoming the persecution and opposition of the people can you do this mission. Through Home Church you will be united with spirit world and your ancestors will come to assist you. Furthermore, you are becoming one with the physical world because your 360 homes represent the world. You are in the position of completed, perfected Adam and Eve, so where is your garden of Eden? That is your Home Church. Your area is Cain's territory, spiritually and physically. By creating your own garden of Eden in this Home Church area you are consummating your internal and external dispensation, spiritual as well as physical.

The unity between God, Adam and Eve, and the angelic world should have brought the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but division came in the form of the fall. Now in restoration, by doing Home Church, you and God are united, like God and Adam and Eve. You and Home Church are united, like Adam and Eve and the angel. That restores unity of all three worlds. This is why spiritual help is bound to come when you do Home Church work.

In order to bring down help from spirit world you must do one thing: demonstrate a spirit of service and more loyalty and piety than anyone else in history. Then your ancestors will come down to your Home Church area and join with the people there wanting them to bow down to you. That is how these two worlds will be united and how you can set the condition of having subjugated the entire spirit world and physical world. There is no other way you can gain this condition. You should be very grateful for this Home Church providence for this is where you can unite with the entire spirit world and physical world and become perfected Adam and Eve.

Home church is the great finale of God's providence. I started out in the individual dispensation then moved to the family, tribe, nation and world fighting all these years for the global victory. After that I liberated the entire spirit world. Now I want to give all that to you as your inheritance. Home Church is the final chapter of the dispensational history of God. The ultimate victory celebration will be held not at the New Yorker or Manhattan Center, but when you can invite Mother and myself to be with you in your Home Church.

Three generations will be linked in love -- True Parents, you, and your Home Church people. When I come to your Home Church area I want to say, "It is very good," and hear your people say, "It is very, very good." Then you can say, "Yes, thank you, True Parents and Home Church. I feel very, very, very good." Home church will be the base on which a society, nation and Kingdom of Heaven on earth shall be erected.

You can be deeply grateful that upon the Washington Monument victory came the victory of heaven, which led to the new history of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, which ultimately comes to you when you make a small condition to inherit all of that. It is an amazing fact. Since the spirit world is now one, all the religious figures of the past can come down, guiding people to learn Divine Principle. Many Buddhists, for instance, will be guided by Buddha to find out about the Unification Church because Divine Principle is the culmination of Buddhism. Until now the entire world has been in blackest darkness, but now everything is lighting up. The spirit world sees the Unification Church as the fulfillment of messianic accomplishment, so people of all religions in spirit world see their religious goals fulfilled and want to unite the world with that goal.

What was the messianic role? The messiah is perfected Adam, the head of the family and of his own tribe, the father of mankind. At the same time he is the king of all people in parental heart. He is coming with dual purpose -- to become the parent of mankind and also the king of all people. You don't use the term king in referring to your own family, but only when you are talking about many other unrelated people. In Home Church, therefore, you are becoming a parent to your people; since your area represents the world it includes all races and peoples. You will love them as a parent but govern them as a king, teaching them the truth and teaching them the heavenly moral standard.

A society and nation are but an expanded family, so one family is only a model, and once it is formed a society can be formed by expanding that foundation. No one questions that they have some relationship with their parents. At the same time you recognize that they are more than parents; you recognize them as king and queen who govern. In the Kingdom of Heaven those children who are not recognized by their own parents as filial children shall not be recognized anywhere else. In Home Church you shall be recognized by parents first. So far I have been describing Cain-type Home Church, but the Abel-type Home Church of your own relatives must also be developed. There your parents must be the first people to recognize you, before you are recognized by the society.

The Unification Church is now to become a True Parent and king of true people. When Home Church is completed and perfected, no sovereign nationhood will be needed. No matter how people criticize, this will be done because it is God's will. Home Church is the altar where you and your family go to pray and present yourself as a living sacrifice; that will be the most beautiful thing to behold in the future. Again, there will be three generations offering that prayer -- God, you and your children -- united in one prayer. Horizontally, True Parents, you and your children are three generations.

Through the True Parents you are educated about how to love parents; from the vertical parent, God, you receive the love of true dominion and justice. The love of God is a most disciplined love. Ultimately your goal is to be loved by God in heaven and True Parents on earth. To receive recognition of the True Parents you must be loved by the Unification Church; to receive the love of God you must be loved by the spirit world.

You accomplish all that in Home Church; that is your area to fulfill these ideals. If you have some sad thing to cry out about, go to Home Church and cry. If you have ecstatic joy to express, go to Home Church and laugh. If you feel like dancing, go there and dance. Whatever life you have led so far, you should lead a more exciting one in Home Church. I am the one who has paid all the indemnity for the sake of the individual, family, nation, world and spirit world. Now I want to share all these assets with you. Even if it takes seven years, you must determine to fulfill the Home Church providence. If you cannot, it will be extended 21 years. In my case, because of opposition from Korean Christians my seven-year course was extended to 21 years.

Those who cannot do Home Church well, cannot become national or world leaders because you will always be faced with Satan's accusation that you are unqualified. No matter how much education you have, until you fulfill this one condition you cannot be accepted anywhere else. Eventually you will do Home Church because each year it is getting easier as the Unification Church and Reverend Moon are more widely accepted. The actual order of things is that first you do Home Church and then receive the blessing. The only reason you can have a blessed family before then is because True Parents and God regard you as a branch of True Parents, who are that trunk and root. When True Parents bear fruit, then you bear fruit because you are a branch. The significance of the fruit you bear is up to you, however. This is where your test is.

I have explained God's view of historical dispensation. When the world is more enlightened about this then people will come and I will travel from nation to nation without any visa. That day must surely come and it will be hastened because of our missionaries in many nations. They are not only missionaries teaching the Principle but patriots of those nations and will be respected as such. American, Japanese and German citizens went to those nations but loved them more than the native people; how could they not be respected in those nations?

When you see the whole view of dispensation, no one can claim to be ignorant of the present time. Now you know where we are, how many more years are left in the third seven-year course and what will happen in 1980 and 1981. The time will come when I will not say anything more, but people will have to push themselves because they already know the dispensation. People will even ask me to push them and I will refuse. This opportunity to hear me speak for hours at a time will be rare in the future because I will not have the time.

When the third seven-year course is over I will be traveling and not be here much. I will be going to many famous places and doing many things. Even the American people will take it for granted that I deserve to have many wonderful homes in different parts of the world. Who will accompany me when I travel? It is most natural that the Home Church champions among you will come with me. We will all be able to travel freely because no passports will be needed. When Harvard Ph.D.s join the Unification Church they will do Home Church. If they want to come to my home, they will have to come through even a small member who is a Home Church champion.

When I go to visit distinguished people I am thinking inside that they will some day complain that I didn't tell them about Home Church earlier. I will answer that. I talked about Home Church at Belvedere service at 6 a.m. and ask why they weren't there even once to hear me.

Who can come freely to hear me? You are those people. People so far have not known that the culmination of the dispensation of God is Home Church; religious leaders and saints never knew the final destination. I searched throughout the spirit world, knocking on every door and found the solution; otherwise, you would never know it. The greatest thing is that I have found the realistic way to find all the ideals described in the Old, New and Completed Testament. We can either be governed by or govern the spirit world; that era is coming.

Shall we hasten to fulfill Home Church? This September 18, 1979 is a most memorable day to commemorate the True Parents' victory. Will you pledge that you will complete Home Church successfully? The conclusion is that the goal of God's dispensation shall be fulfilled by completion of Home Church. Let us pray.

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