The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Spring Season Of The Providence

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1979
Belvedere, New York
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

This morning I vividly felt spring at East Garden, with the birds singing and the grass turning green. Now we don't need the tent we have in winter and the sky is our ceiling. When the sun comes out it will be even better.

All of you here have different characteristics, some tall, others short, some thin, others not thin. Some people like spring most of all, others prefer summer, and others winter. In most cases, which season do you think people prefer? Why spring? Perhaps Americans like spring best because it represents a well, as in wellspring. You can say people prefer spring because it brings new life and flowers, but most important of all, spring brings variety and change. Spring is the symbol of hope.

There are many changes in our lives in all seasons, with some changes for the worse, like sickness, but spring brings changes full of hope. Of course, spring is the season of flowers blooming, sending out their fragrance and beauty. The birds and butterflies dance around. Even the smallest insects feel the activities of spring and they dance around too. What will the worms do since they have no wings? The worms will wiggle and wiggle.

Do people fly or wiggle around? People find joy in spring by observing the things of creation joyfully welcoming spring. For whom are those things of creation singing and dancing? How could they be singing for God if they don't have spiritual senses to communicate with Him? The things of creation rejoice for the sake of men. Then who should men rejoice for?

Mankind includes both men and women. Although spring brings variety and change and hope, all of the activities of the flowers and birds and insects have the common purpose of rejoicing for love and for life. Do birds sing early in the morning because they are hungry or defending their territory, or because they are calling for love and for their mates? In the springtime the voices of the birds sound especially clear and happy. In spring all creation becomes full of joyful vitality, but truly everything is singing and dancing for love.

What about people? Would a lone man or woman singing out loud when no one is listening feel happiness? A song is basically expressing a call for love. What kind of song do people like most? There are basically four kinds of love songs -- the meeting of love, love of living, sorrow of parting, and heartbreak of missing each other. Life itself is embroidered by these four songs about love. All four categories of love are woven into the human stories in drama, movies and shows on TV, sometimes with tears and sometimes with joyful laughter.

There are different characteristic kinds of love -- that of parents, of children, of the nation, of the world and of mankind. In religion we are talking about one more important love -- love of God. The expression of love of God is most profound in religious life. I'm sure if you could converse with the birds and ask which season they like most, they would answer, "Spring." The butterflies and other insects would undoubtedly love spring most as well because spring is the season for songs of love; it is truly the season which activates all love.

Have you ever wondered why God made the flowers so beautiful and fragrant? All the flowers blossom in spring because God knew that in spring all things of creation would be rejoicing; God prepared such beautiful, fragrant flowers to enhance the celebration of all things. In spring you sisters want to wear nice dresses and put on cologne or perfume. Then you want to go somewhere and sing a song of love. When you talk about love even a shrunken, wrinkled old lady will become very beautiful. When you talk about love even children wake up. When you talk of love, everyone feels some injection of vitality.

Is there some word which will comfort a very hungry person and make him forget his hunger? Talk to him about love. Do you prefer to eat first and then talk about love, or to share love first and then eat? Love is really a vitalizing, activating force in human life. When we talk about love here, no one dozes. Your eyes are sparkling and you feel enthusiastic and your faces are like blooming flowers. God feels His most beautiful flower garden is at Belvedere on Sunday morning.

Have you a song of love? Do little children feel love? They know about love because they can miss their mother and father; they also cherish their toys and that too is in the category of love. Children communicate with their toys and sleep with their baby bear and so forth. Then they also want their parents to play together with them. Toy shops have lots of stuffed animals of all kinds -- bears, rabbits, mice. Children learn how to relate with all things beginning with their toys.

When you ask people what kind of life they would consider ideal and how they would like to live, people often say simply they would like to see springtime all over the world, with fragrant flowers blooming. Singing of love and whispering love seems to be the ideal. In order to sing of love you need a partner because the world of love is a reciprocal world. If anyone wants to live as a single person all his life, he is retreating from the world of love. There is a weird trend expanding now in America, where men actually want to marry men and women want to marry women.

In East Garden do you think the male birds sing a song of love to each other and the females likewise? Does that seem natural? What kind of song could two male birds sing to each other? How awkward and dry that would be! If you ask to buy two male lovebirds at a pet store, the salesman will wonder if you are all right. If you bring them home and expect them to sing, do you think they will sing a song of ecstatic joy? When God sees such a thing He will wonder if you are crazy.

Here in America there are many bachelors living the single life in their apartments. What kind of song can a bachelor sing to himself? His song would not be just lonely, but despairing. I feel sorry for the building that houses only bachelors and for the flowers that have to bloom for them. You laugh, but there is a certain truth here. Do you women want to sing for your four walls, or would you rather sing wherever there are loving people who will appreciate your song? People long to be in the place where the song of love can be meaningful and understood.

Is there any limitation on the time and place you can express songs of love? Do you have to be well dressed or on a well lighted stage or have on makeup? Will you women have rules for your husband that he must brush his teeth and shave and put on cologne before he can kiss you? Definitely Mother doesn't have such rules. Imagine an extreme situation, as when a husband and wife have been separated for a long time and the husband is returning after a long journey. He has no time to clean up, but when he walks in the door will his wife insist that he has to wash before he can greet her? Would you women mind if your husband were very smelly at a time like that? Love makes you blind. Love can transcend anything because it is the supreme power. When a man and woman like each other in a reciprocal way we call it love.

How is the relationship between men and women different from love between mankind and God? You want to be alone with your mate when you express your love, right? How would you like to have a third person observing that scene? What kind of love relationship is there between God and an individual? Will God shoo everyone else away?

God can love both men and women, so which would He prefer? If God had to choose between loving a man and a woman, one would accuse if God went to love the other first and a great squabble would start. Do you think God didn't imagine that this problem would arise at some time? Put yourself in His position; where would you start? Should He have them choose straws? How would God determine the sequence of love? The beautiful solution God decided upon is that He comes down only when the two are loving each other with ecstatic joy. The Principle of the Unification Church is very clear: when your mind and body join as subject and object then the dwelling of God is with you. When man and woman are united in reciprocal action of love, God dwells there. When you are single you are incomplete; only when you are united with your partner in harmonious love, walking and having give and take, can God fully dwell with you.

The best expression of Divine Principle is two people working harmoniously together. That is the basic teaching, actually. When you walk you want to walk together with the person you love. Would you have two different minds, or one united mind? Two destinations or one destination? Your destination is the love of God. When spring comes and all creation is activated, what is it for? Love. What is the center of that love? All things of creation center upon man, and together they all center around God. Man has lordship over all things and he rejoices over God.

Ultimately we conclude that springtime centers upon the love of God. Do you feel spring? Then you may thank God for all the things of creation and say to Him, "Here we are singing a song of love together. But when did You have a chance to sing a song of love?" How will God answer? Do you think God has a stage and special room set aside where He can really express His love?

How many Gods are there in heaven? There is only one God, and if He has been singing a song of love for millions of years by Himself then He must be a crazy God. Where can God find His object? That is a grave problem. God can only find an object for His love in men, but because of the fall of man that object has shattered. Imagine how lonely and heartbroken God must have felt all these years. In that situation, does God feel wonderful and renewed every time He sees the spring season come? He must think, "Is it another spring already? Are the flowers blooming again and the birds singing?"

Spring is a burden instead of a joy to Him and He can't bear to listen. The fragrance of the flowers and singing of the birds would be painful to Him. God created all these things as an expression of His love and all of them are perfectly fulfilling their purpose. However, God can only say, "Where is my love?" If a handsome, rich man marries and prepares a fabulous mansion for his bride, taking meticulous care with every detail and hiring servants, but then his wife betrays him and runs away, how would that man feel when he is in that house? When he looks at the mansion he prepared, he would feel only unbearable pain and he would rather destroy it than look at it. You can imagine that the worst crime you can commit is the crime of love, by which you bring despair and heartbreak to someone.

When we compare God's position to that of this heartbroken man, can you imagine Him singing a song of love? God has felt many times as much pain as any abandoned husband or wife. Everything was prepared in great glory and beauty for His children, but His house has been empty and never filled with love. When you are betrayed by the one you love then all the things you prepared for that person become not only meaningless, but a painful burden. With a loving heart God prepared the whole universe for man. When man betrayed God, all the things He had so lovingly made became only a source of pain to God instead joy. Can you imagine?

Without knowing how man has betrayed God and without knowing His heartbreak, men are trying somehow to live with love among themselves, singing and dancing in different ways, like the frantic gyrations of disco dancing. When God sees men trying to enjoy love without having God as their partner, what would He think? God would be choked with wrath. God's position is almost like that of a husband whose wife ran away to some stranger. After loving her so much, what feeling would that man harbor in his heart toward her? He would feel tortured.

When two lovers sing and dance it is a joyous expression. If two people are really caught up in love then it wouldn't matter what kind of song or dance they did, whether belly dance or snake dance or disco. I have no objection to dance halls as long as the lovers going there to express their love are approved by God. It would be fine for younger people, but even more exciting for older people! True love supports that kind of thing.

The worst kind of crime or sin in the sight of God is the violation of true love. That is Article One in the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven. What kind of punishment is deserved by the men and women who violate this article? Should their act be ignored, or is there no room for negotiation and compromise? Is their sin greater than that of murder? The violation of the law of love in the Kingdom of Heaven is the worst crime and even an execution would not be adequate retribution. Would every cell of the body be resigned to that punishment, or would they complain that it was unfair? Then where is that absolute love? When God created law for His kingdom, He made violation of love the worst crime.

I hope that this will sound serious to you Americans. Does it sound logical and workable? Do you want to support and live that principle? Do you have absolute love?

I would like to recommend that you blessed couples stay together as much as possible when you have the chance, even going to the bathroom together and whispering love to each other there. Share the equipment together and when you finish clean one another up. Would God look down and exclaim at how ridiculous and repulsive you are? No, He would be excited and uplifted to see such love. God's number one rule is that true love is absolute and in that case it doesn't make any difference where it is expressed in the bathroom, in the garden; anywhere is fine and that love will bring ecstatic love to God.

If in order to promote such absolute love you end up in jail for several years, what does it matter? It makes your life more romantic and dramatic. There is no prison anywhere which can confine true love, no regulation which can stop the march of true love. Any law trying to do so shall melt away. Those who are trying to proclaim and practice such true love in the twentieth century are called Moonies.

People might look at your humble dress and pale faces and think you are really wretched people who do nothing but work all day on MFT (Mobile Fund Raising Team) or knocking on peoples' doors. Externally they might see that, but inside the motor is running and you have a big heart going after true love. Nothing under the sun can compare with the value of your heart. You should have pride; even though you may not be the most beautiful kind of person physically, you possess true, burning love centered upon God. You are princes and princesses of love and of heaven, and you shall have such a person as your husband and wife.

The person who conquers the universe with his true love is going to be your mate; he will be a king of love. He will be the only absolute king of love in your life; he will be your subject and master and for him you will write poetry and songs of love, pouring out your heart. God is almighty in that respect, and He has the ability to make each of you a king of love so you shall have such ecstatic joy as this. God is the king of kings of love and He is eager to see each of His children becoming kings of love, each creating his own empire of love where God can dwell.

No matter how much earthly power or authority a person might have who is trying to stop this love, he shall be destroyed. It is the law of God that love must prevail on earth. There is not much true love in the world today; instead it is corrupted and dirty and stained, but we are declaring a revolution to clean the world and bring it back to true love. That is the declaration the Unification Church is making today. True love is so absolute that when a husband and wife make their covenant with each other they shall be recorded permanently by God.

In the garden of Eden God gave only one commandment, declaring that Adam and Eve should not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What He was telling them was not to misuse love. That was the only commandment God gave, to keep pure. Love was the only thing God had to protect. You all know that though you are young you are from varied backgrounds, many of which are unacceptable. You must feel total abhorrence toward such an unprincipled past and want to get as far away as possible. Put up such strong barriers that your old life cannot encroach on you again.

Are you still just thinking about cutting off the past? If you haven't definitely cut off the past, how can you ask for the blessing? Do you think such a person should be considered for the blessing? The heartbreak of Adam and Eve's fall was enough for God. You cannot crucify God another time by violating love. You must truly be reborn and be obedient to God's law of love.

When God makes a rule are many special exceptions made? No, this principle is absolute. How much do you think God loved Adam and Eve? Even though He loved them wholeheartedly, when they violated His law and ate the fruit God had to cut them off and chase them out of the garden of Eden. Losing your purity is far worse even than dying. If we are flexible in that standard, it would be like the stained, corrupted Adam and Eve inviting God to come live with them.

If we can go over that history then for the first time God can enjoy springtime. My topic is Spring Season of the Providence. That spring will come when we go over the hill of that ultimate test. How many of the 240 million people in America, including the people in the White House and Congress, are going over that hill? Is there even one? Now this morning you know it is a grave problem. You see the reality according to God's standard and see the greatness of our life here. Until now many of you never realized the seriousness of it.

This is true for all four billion people on earth. Is there anyone trying to follow this, let alone actually live it? Is there a couple who live with absolute true love such that nothing can part them, who realize the value of true love? No one has been longing for the springtime more than God. Do you think it has arrived? A person who cannot live up to the absoluteness of God's law cannot cross the absolute barrier which God erected after the fall. When Adam and Eve united with Satan and died spiritually, God set cherubim with a flaming sword to guard the way so no one could reenter the garden of Eden. When a couple with absolute love emerges, God would like to protect them to an absolute degree.

In the Unification Church do the blessed couples value their love with this absoluteness, truly living up to this standard? The True Parents' purpose in blessing them is so they can become pioneers in this love, but often instead of living up to that purpose and living this love they talk about their position and authority. They forget their responsibility and try to reap authority instead.

When a couple with the absolute standard of God's love emerges, they will truly be the king and queen of love and the entire universe will bow down to them. Even God will bow down. History will bow down. They will be practically worshipped, not only by single people but by other couples. Everyone will see in this couple a royal monument of love. The Unification Church gives blessing, aiming to harvest the fruit in this springtime of providence, being admitted past the cherubim with fire to consummate the goal. When you receive the blessing but you cannot fulfill, a grave responsibility will be yours. The consequence of any mistake will not remain with you alone but will be passed to your entire family, including your ancestors. This is the seriousness of the kingship of love. From this standpoint all things shall be judged.

When you have this absolute love consummated, however, and kingship and queenship is sealed in you, then even if you march to the gates of hell the door will open. There will be no place you cannot conquer and nowhere you cannot go. Everywhere you go you shall bring springtime. Love is not consummated for your own sake; it shall be shared with the people. Centering upon love you must attain kingship such that no one can topple you in that area. You will have one father, one mother, one husband, one wife.

When you look at American society according to this standard, you can see what a terrible thing Satan has accomplished here. American families are in shambles. When you have this kingship of love, however, you can bring your tribe and race to the door of heaven. Where on earth will we see the spring of the Providence of God? That particular spring is actually at hand. I declared that spring and the new calendar of heaven and earth in 1977 on February 23. That started the year one of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It was declared by the instruction of God. Of course Mother and I must go first. With that standard I am looking at Mother. Each day I must check, and if there are certain areas lacking I must educate Mother and raise her standard so she will graduate with an A+.

This is the Principle, that the man or king should bring that absolute love first. After he sets the tradition he must recreate woman. Therefore, Adam must set the kingship of love, and then Adam and Eve together shall be perfected. Who has the established world reputation for seeking liberation from men? American women. No matter how you try to claim your human rights, first you must claim your right to true love. You live to establish your love rights. If people ask why Reverend Moon is persecuted, you can reply that it is because he wants to protect this love right.

Americans criticize without understanding me. Americans who are smelly with corruption try to criticize me, but don't worry. The entire creation and the whole universe is coming forward to support me. You can see that the people who hate and oppose me think they can succeed, but it has been the pattern that those opponents have been taken care of by God and they went to spirit world. I am going to proclaim continuously this principle of the love of God, this absolute standard. No matter what, there is no compromise or negotiation. The mighty power of God is pushing this movement forward and there is no way it can fail.

Ask the rising sun what it hopes to see here on earth. It will reply that it wants to see a man and woman who are absolutely perfected in love, and that's why it has been shining for thousands of years. If you have a way to ask the birds who are whistling in the morning, they will say they want to see the day when the kingship of God's love is established here on earth. All things of creation are uncorrupted, so they will have the correct answer if you ask them.

Anyone who tries to go against that rule can never prosper, whether it be a nation or family. There is no way they can survive. The only power that will ultimately succeed in this universe is the kingship of love. My teaching and conviction centers around this kingship of God's love. I shall fight and die for this purpose. There may seem to be only one roadblock after another and no way to forge ahead, but there is no such word as impossible for me. I have forged ahead step by step. This is why I think God has to love me. Anyone who takes exception to this, raise your hand please.

If you ask Satan about this, he must answer, "Well, I have to say yes." Logic is logic and principle is principle. Once you obtain this absolute kingship in the love of God, you enjoy absolute freedom. Whatever you do will give joy and glory to God. If you do something weird, it becomes very funny to God. If a heavy man is riding his slender wife like a horse, God will look and say, "Urn hmm. Beautiful." You have total freedom once you secure the right of true love.

Usually you walk on two feet, but you can walk on your hands and use your feet like hands instead if you want to. There is limitless freedom in love. I want to bring Mother to that world where love prevails. When we look at the reality compared to that highest possible standard, we see how far away we are and how corrupted the world is. Trying to bring this world back to that standard is truly an awesome task. Do you want to go that route? Think about it now. It will be very difficult, but would you still go?

The work of MFT is nothing compared to the consummation of true love. Being criticized and cursed, getting no sleep and going hungry is nothing compared to the journey you are going to make. When you are angry at someone who has scorned and spit at you, then remind yourself, "I am going to obtain the kingship of the love of God." When you remind yourself of this highest possible goal, there is nothing you cannot endure. When you see that goal, then you can endure. Do you want to try? It is very difficult.

Why don't you do this the easy way; in the next five years the foundation will be complete, and when you come back everything will be much easier. Who wants that five year vacation? No one? Are you really sincere? Why is it so important for you to make a pledge that you really desire to do this? Because it will bring money, power or knowledge? No, only for the true love of God.

No matter how you look, if someone asks you where you are going, you can answer that you are striving for kingship in the love of God. Your ambition is entirely different from the world's. If a dog is following you, barking, you won't have to make the dog be quiet; a universal power will do it because the characteristic and motivation of the entire universe is centered on the desire of God. Nothing that opposes such a movement shall be tolerated by the universe.

I don't have any official title like ambassador or president, but when I walk this land thinking of the kingship of love I know that the entire universe supports me. This is why all kinds of commotion follow me wherever I go. I cannot be ignored. After the fall it was as though man had lost one eye, his spiritual eye. Now all of a sudden a two eyed person has appeared. All the one eyed citizens see he is different from them and call him a monster. We are talking about things entirely different than the world has ever thought about.

Suppose some spy comes to report back to his boss about what I am doing every morning at Belvedere. He might report that I hit some brother or sister who was in the front row, but that for some strange reason he likes it and others tried to get his place so they can be hit too! Imagine what would happen if a minister in church went down to the first pew and hit one of the congregation; that would be the end of church! Yet every Sunday you compete with each other to sit up front! No matter what I do, you know I am talking about the kingship of true love.

I have a handsome hip, but it is even more beautiful if it is hit with a club of love and swells up in a big bruise. In God's eyes it is even more beautiful if it is carrying a lump of love. Love is freedom and any action expressed in love shall be accepted. Democracy claims all kinds of freedom, but without true love democracy actually is bondage. The more people enjoy their "liberties" the more they are bound.

There is no way to describe God without a sense of true love. When you do certain things as an expression of love, even hitting someone, it is acceptable. What a dramatic life we lead! Even the criticism of other people sounds like the barking of a dog far away. In the meantime we pursue true love, and we will become kings and queens fulfilling that love.

The cherubim with their fiery sword represent an impenetrable curtain which no one can pass unless they embody the love of God which can break down that wall. The cosmic spring of the providence of God is here. We shall see the spring of heaven come to this world, and when we penetrate this barrier we will liberate ourselves from the fallen world and enter that realm. You have learned the secret weapon for penetrating that barrier. I came to this world to teach this to whomever is willing to learn.

The test I took and the hill I crossed over was no ordinary hill. It was the most severe kind of test, but by crossing over I laid the highway. Your hill, even though it is of the same kind, is much smaller. With just a little extra energy you can do it. Before I did it no one could even dream of crossing over, but now you can do it. The way to go is crystallized now and you an see clearly. Crystals have a certain distinct shape and pattern of facets, whether big or small. You will be a smaller crystal, but of the same shape I am. God's hill was incredibly big. God crossed over the biggest hill to reach out to meet me, and I crossed over my hill to search for you. Your hill is a microcosm.

Eventually those hills will be flattened and no more will remain to be crossed over. The way to cross over that hill is Home Church. The springtime of home church shall be the springtime of the cosmic dispensation of God. The time for home church is at hand. The people who are anticipating the spring are like the early birds who know even in the cold weather when spring will come. Those people will respond to Home Church. There are people who are awakened and they will rejoice together in the song of spring.

There will be a blossoming of heartle; angels will be flying around and spiritual flowers with their fragrance will bloom. God's throne will be set in that garden and there He will write a poem about the first spring. You can anticipate God's visit to your garden and have a melody ready for God's poem and then you can sing together. When you are intoxicated with the song and the love of God you will forget yourself and dance around, and when you are doing the dance you realize you have become Ah-man. You will dance in the bosom of God. You and God will become totally one and there will be no separation there. There you can truly echo God, saying, "Ah-man."

We enter that world in total freedom. When that world is ours there will be nothing save ecstatic joy. No power under the sun will be able to separate you from that realm. Even if I am telling you a lie, you wish that it were true. But it is not a lie at all; it is the absolute truth, and how much more do you wish it were true right now? If you know that world can be reality and know it is at hand, how much more will you do? If that is the case, you want to jump farther and run faster and your whole body shall fly like a bullet, knowing that that goal is at hand.

With this realization everything becomes your counselor and encourager; the song of the birds will cheer you on. Everything you see will be your teacher and engender a greater feeling for the love of God, the wide plains, the peaceful crane flying with big wings, the blue sky overhead. Everything will give you added incentive. With that kind of ideology you will write new poems and songs and masterpieces of literature. You will create a new culture with that love. In the activation of springtime the love of God finds fulfillment in the family. At home you wouldn't see your grandmother, mother and father all looking in different directions. Everyone will be looking at each other, ready to exchange the love of God.

Whether young or old, love activates everyone. I am the kind of man who has this crazy dream. Do you feel good? I think you wish your stomach were full more than you wish for this love. Is your denial really from your heart or just lip service? Our world is full of falsity and artificiality. Are you real or artificial?

Knowing that the springtime of the dispensation is at hand, do you want to have lordship of all creation and become true husband and wife, truly fulfilling the kingship and queenship of love? Unification Church women should develop new vision which can see deeper than just the external appearance of men, and be able to distinguish the men who have real spiritual backbone and determination. That is what has value. The external will vanish away.

If you want to expand the value of your love you have to do extraordinary things, the more extreme the better. Then you can have extraordinary give and take of love. We must look forward to the day when God can say, "Here is my spring. I have found the true lovers. Grass, birds, flowers, rejoice and sing because finally I have found my loved ones who have kingship of love here on earth." That day is our dream.

We must help God to be a God of hope so that He will not see only despair and pain here on earth. In the shortest time the world shall come under the kingship of God, and when God has real hope of that He will truly be joyful. Just think, you are sons and daughters of God; He is our living God and Father. He has been brokenhearted for 6,000 years, without even one good day or hopeful spring. Don't you want to be the son of filial piety who can welcome that Father to the cosmic spring? If you have a longing to live for that goal it is a great blessing for you and the greatest success of your life. Nothing else in your life could be more extraordinary or precious than to find this truth and the place to practice it.

This is the garden in which True Parents, the true husband and wife can be found, in which children can be reared and the true world will be born. The Kingdom of Heaven shall be here. Only love has ultimate power and rules there; no other power can rule that kingdom. It shall be truly the world of equality; people of noble position shall be lowered and the poor people raised up. Do you think that is possible? If such a place is available do you want to run to it no matter what the difficulty? How courageously would you go? With what conviction? Your criterion should be that you will have greater conviction than even God Himself. Do you think God will scoff that you are trying to compete with Him? No, He will exclaim with excitement at what a son and daughter He has and cheer you on. When God gets excited you know that spirit world gets excited and is all ready to assist you. They are all excited because they know that springtime is at hand and the children of God are making ready the dwelling of God. The invitation is ready, the flowers, songs and costumes and everything is ready. In stormy weather when a plus and minus are created there is a tremendous crash of electricity. I am talking about a gigantic lightning bolt of love that will ignite a fire that will consume Satan. Well, your applause is very nice, but those who want me to wait and see how they will live this, you can applaud now.

From here do you want to go to breakfast or to Home Church? Do you want to rest or go to Home Church? You might have been sick and tired of hearing about Home Church every day, but after today's sermon it is a beautiful word, isn't it? Do you really feel that way? Do you love home church more than your watch or dress or yourself?

No matter how loudly you shout your slogan, if you do Home Church out of duty you will never succeed. Only when you do it out of the intoxication of love will you succeed. The Home Church arena is where you can obtain the kingship of love. Put everything inside Home Church, and put Home Church everywhere so that wherever anyone touches you they will feel Home Church. When every cell shall be part of the kingship of love then there will be no more hills. Once you become Ah-man that accomplishment shall be eternal and no more Ah-man shall be needed. Until you come to this point you need prayer, but after you go over that hill you won't even need prayer.

When you reach that destination you won't need me or Mr. Pak or even God because they will always be with you. Only love prevailing; love is all. Today is April 1 and one-third of the year 1979 is over. April is going to be an important month. In the Oriental tradition #4 is a bad number, but as soon as we restore number four in Divine Principle it will be an important number. This will be a critical, decisive month. What we do in 1979 shall have its breakthrough made in April.

You know where to go; you know the destination. You now have all the things you need to know. The remaining task is to fulfill and make it yours. Shall we do it? Thank you very much.

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