The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

State Leader's Conference, March 27, 1979

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

You look well, don't you? Everybody looks fine, prosperous. This is supposed to be a prosperous year, so you should look prosperous. We gathered together, all the European leaders, national leaders of the major countries, the state leaders, the 12 task forces leaders and the MFT leaders. The backbone of our movement is gathered here. So each one in this particular group of people must realize that you have an incredible responsibility upon your shoulders. You must come to this realization. How do you think-you have been doing in your area now that we have gathered together in a little less than two months since our last meeting? How have you done in fulfilling your responsibility? In another five days, one quarter of the entire year of 1979 will be over. What are we doing going at this pace? Very soon we'll be over one half of the year, three quarters of the year, and finally one year will be over. So as the days advance, our responsibility gets heavier.

That means we must exert added energy and longer hours. As time passes, we must apply ourselves to a greater, more dedicated degree. By the time we Realize our entire energy is needed and throw ourselves into the mission, it is too late. While you're going around looking for an easy way out, or a better place to live, or a better place to do things, it's too late. You always must think that when Father instructs you, you have an absolute obligation to respond to it, live it, work on it.

First, God draws lines. Then, parallel to those lines, Father draws lines. When Father draws lines, you will cover every portion of the line, drawing the line together with Father. When we say "Principle", or Divine Principle, we're not talking about choices, we are talking about one way.

There is no deviation, no choice; only one way to go.

When Father initiated the year, there was a motto for this year. Father gave you a motto and set instructions for the year. You must write down the instruction and live every word of it. This is the absolute standard. What then is the motto for this year? The Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven that's the motto. These are not simple, easy words; the words themselves have a tremendous connotation, meaning, capacity, and magnitude. You have to post that motto on the wall. Every day you are checking yourself whether you are living up to that particular logos, particular motto.

So many times Father gathers everyone at this conference and issues instructions, you are doing something else -- the instructions are one thing and your actions are something else. That's not right, and that is certainly not the way you can. receive the Heavenly Blessing. When Father issues an order or instruction to leaders, that order should be explained to your members without any exaggeration, without any deviation -- the explanation going all the way to the grass roots of our movement. So, when Father issues the motto, the meaning of the motto should be completely absorbed by our leaders. The leaders take it down to every member. Each one of them must inscribe the motto in their heart.

I don't want you to misunderstand. We're not gathered together for something convenient for your sake or your own activity. The planning is done not by you, but by the heavenly decision. Then the decision must be carried out with you being the first one to initiate it. This year we are going to set the tradition. So far, Father has been rather relaxed with you, and rather forgiving, but from this year on, we are going to set the tradition. Actually, when Father completes a conference here in headquarters, then each one of the leaders should digest the instructions, write them down and mimeograph them the very next day so that each of your members will be reading Father's instructions. Have you done it? Those who have done it, please raise your hands. What about the rest of you? So that means people down in the grass roots don't even know what Father wants to accomplish this year. Then how would you think God can bring down the entire host of heaven?

Or how can spirit world come down to assist you? How can you ever expect that to happen, knowing you're doing something entirely different from Father's own wishes? What obligation does spirit world have to come down to assist you? Think of it. Let's say in one nation, the president of that particular country issued a decree or order, and all the cabinet members and all the eschalon of the government are doing something else? How could that nation stand? Is there such a country on earth? What about one company, any corporation where the president of that corporation wanted to drive that particular company in a certain direction, but everyone else is doing something else. How could that company survive? If your own way would work, then why should Father bother you? Rather, Father would let you do your own way. There would be no need to meet, no need for instructions.

So the instruction remains as an instruction, while you are doing your own thing and the grass roots membership don't know about the instructions and are doing their own thing. So three different sections exist.

What is the subject of your prayer? The subject of prayer must be centering upon the annual goal, yearly goal. When there is an annual goal, then you divide it up into a monthly goal, and every leader is going to see to it that the monthly goal is fulfilled -- that's the leader's responsibility. This should be the way. Since the members are not ready to fulfill that much, you are the ones who will actually set the example and lead. The membership, is responsibility. So, if you are doing your absolute best to fulfill Father's wishes, Father's instructions, then you have done your share -- you have fulfilled your responsibility.

How can you make excuses? Without even trying Father's way, how can you say, "Well, Father, that doesn't work?" What kind of excuse can you have? What would you say to the spirit world? I want you to understand, you are responsible for one nation, or a segment of a nation. Father is responsible for the entire universe. What God has mapped out is Father's overall plan, which is instructed to you. If we plant a poplar tree, the in the German branch and the American branch should be the same -- one tree should be the same all over. There is a basic pattern to be unified. You are not fulfilling Father's wishes, because his instruction was not carried out. You are always making excuses and trying to do things your own way. Do you understand? There's no secret to success in our movement. It always parallels how much time, how much energy, heart. and soul, you devote to it. No matter how many years you continued what you have done in 1978, you would not win. You have to revolutionize yourself.

When you compare yourself now as a leader of the Unification Church to yourself when you first joined as a new comer, I'm, sure you did more witnessing and actually reaped more crops in that initial period as a very young member, than now. Why? Because in those days you were bubbling with enthusiasm, you were very simple and single minded. At that time, you were burning. You didn't have your own way, you just wanted to be so sure to follow the central way -- whatever was instructed. After you've established a long time membership in the Unification Church, then you've created your own concept or your own way of Unification Church life. You've created a method, your way. And you made habits in your life. You think what Father is saying is always an impossible thing, so you'll just listen for a few hours. When you go back, you will do your best, way. That has been the way so far with most of you. If that is the thinking, then who is the center of this movement, the. central person?

You are becoming the center of the movement. Instead of following some absolute instructions, instead of trying to follow the heavenly will, you are becoming the center of your own movement.

When you were very young in the movement, the newcomer, the brand new baby, you had no will of your own. You were very genuine, very pure. At that time, you were absolutely burning, so spirit world could work with you. The important thing is how to get the support from the spirit world. You alone cannot do it. When you are instructed something by Father, then you must pray and put your heart and soul into it. Day in and day out you are trying to sweat for it, shed tears for it. Then spirit world can be mobilized. Unless you give your 120% of yourself, don't expect spirit world to come and assist you.

There are so many instructions out. You have been given the instructions. What have you done? Show Father. So without following the instructions, no matter what, the further you go, the further you are retreating instead of advancing. So there is no way to revive that tree, unless some other living branches can be grafted onto it before the tree completely dies out. Father is thinking that we must have some new igniting, rekindling revolution among the leadership. We must change the attitude of leadership. So Father thinks the leaders should become front line soldiers and the secondary personnel, second level of leadership, should do the liaison work in headquarters. So after going out to the front line, you are actually working more than the person you have been instructing. In other words, you are competing with the person who used to receive instructions from you to make a better record. Then there must be hope to create a new, fresh movement. So, what's the purpose of this conference, after you spent so much money to come here?

Father is now setting up a new strategy, or principle, or policy, that the state level, state-oriented movement, is gone. Now, the city oriented movement is coming in. Do you follow? Even the national leaders' era is gone. Father wants to concentrate more task forces in a special city. Each city would have city to city competition. So far, the dignity of the national leaders and state leaders, blocks any achievement. Father thinks it's, far better that a brand new person without any preoccupation, just wanting to do the things instructed by Father, plunging into the mission 100% whatever Father instructed, would be a far better attitude. What would you think? Father gave such an important annual goal in our January First meeting. Now, the members, even after the month of March, do not know Father's goal, what Father has in his mind, what his heavenly directions are. So why are you here? Do you think that spirit world and God should come down and assist that kind of leader? Give him a miracle every day? When Father says you meet such a person, then you meet him. When Father says you do such a thing, you must do it. Do you think those people under you, those weak members under you would do it, even if you could not or would not do it? You think they would fulfill? How could they move the country or move the world? Think seriously. So, when you know Father's instructions, you are going to either live or die for the mission.

There is one subject Father has been praying about for 21 years without ever missing a day. Everyday, Father would put every bit of energy, and all his heart and soul into it. What kind of prayers, show down prayers, do you make? When Father gives out the motto on New Year's Day, then that becomes your subject of prayer, that becomes your action plan of the year. That's the only way you can improve and prosper. Otherwise, you have no way you can make headway or advance. You may think that Father is really hitting you in a very painful place. The most important mission Father has is to get rid of the title of leadership, the preoccupation to be a leader. In order to do that, Father might bring the leader to MFT, a front line soldier, to get rid of the idea of being a leader. "Yes, Father, There is no such a thing as my will. Father, whatever your will, I will do it. Father, give me a mission, give me the instructions." That is the training you need. That is the discipline you need. Father will have a plan of discipline. Otherwise no matter how many times Father will say, "Do this, do that" it will just be a waste of time. If Father is simply watching you, trusting and hoping that all things are going well and rosy, what will happen? In that case, Father is foolish.

The 1-1-1 motto has been a motto for a long time. If you as a leader were to go out and witness to one person, then already our growth in membership each month would number as many as in this room. You should keep adding, energy.

All right, this month I will go this much; next month, I will go definitely to the goal; next month, I will go beyond the goal. There must be some bubbling enthusiasm, some snowballing, some steam gathering. In that way, you see clearly you are not dead, but are moving, living and excitingly winning. Do you have that kind of spirit?

When you are very hungry, you are craving food. Do you have a craving for members, for fulfillment of your mission that is greater that your craving for food when you are hungry? What do you think? When Father speaks, you may feel, "Oh, that is another indemnity, another beating around the bush". But don't you know this road is your destiny? Live, or die here. Because if you don't do it here on earth, you have no chance anywhere else. This is why Father is very serious. This is not the oriental way, Father's way, or Korean way; this is God's way, the Heavenly way. You must understand. You are waiting for the sunrise every morning. You know that sunrise is coming from the east. By the same token, you are always waiting to receive Father's instructions. Who are you? What are you? What have you been doing? You are here to assist God and assist Father, and your members are assisting your mission. That is a question of destiny. Father's goal is not for any geographical location, or any one continent. There is no different way, there is only one central way of life. Father is trying to convert the entire world to that way of life, and you are destined to go that way. So, Father is the commander-in-chief, you are like the regiment commander, battalion commander. Although you don't know the cosmic direction, the universal direction, all you have to do is obey the orders of the commander-in-chief, that's your supreme duty. Now, without doing it, how can you be responsible for the mission?

So, today the most important thing in the order of business is that once you receive the instructions, that becomes absolute instruction. You know you are going to fulfill it, you are going to give that instruction to your members, so that everyone will know Father's instructions. Now you follow Father's instructions first, and fulfill it, then you can creatively do this and that, and it will be accepted. But before you go into that, you must fulfill 100% what you were instructed to do. Is that true? Do you think that is the correct way of thinking? Yes or no? So, we have to change our old way of thinking, completely liquidate it. So, in this time there is a total overhaul of the leadership. There are no leaders anymore. The leaders are going to be trained. All will receive the training, and we're going to give the toughest training from very early. Those innocent new members will order you. You shall be in a position to obey. You might say, "What are you talking about, I'm a state leader. I've been issuing orders, and you're trying to order me? It doesn't work, nonsense". When Father orders something, and you don't take it seriously, then how would you take the orders from these young members? Would you take them seriously? Think of it. The response was perfect. How can you eat with a peaceful mind and how can you sleep at night, when you know you have not fulfilled your quota, your mission? How can you live? How can you stay well?

You can do nothing, then you just have to sit down, your knees bent, tears running down, praying, just trying to give your repentance. Such prayers, long hours of prayer, the midnight prayers, all night prayers, are so painful. You might begin to think, "God, let me go and fight instead of sitting down here and praying. Let me go fight and win." That's another way' to inspire yourself. You're a big headed people and you have so many excuses. "Well, it just doesn't work", you might say. So how Jesus must have had such a heartbroken feeling, in his time, when he said, "Unless you are like a child, you shall not be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven". Little children, no matter how the father and mother treat them, are innocent and follow their father and mother. They are at least trying to do exactly what their daddy and mommy told them to do. So, after you joined the Unification Church, did you act as adults or more as a child? Answer Father. Child? So, therefore, you're. like a big man in the movement and a big leader, an adult, so how can you expect the spirit world to come down, and assist you? Father him-self is still like a child in front of heaven, when he stands in Front of Heavenly Father. That's why spirit world moves.

Father needs men and Father is desperate, that's why spirit world is mobilizing to come down and have mercy upon Father. So if you are taking it easy, how can the spirit world declare the emergency to you? This is the Divine Principle way of life, of teaching. Spirit world will not move unless you're fulfilling your commitment with your effort exceeding beyond the Satanic level. When you succeed beyond the Satanic level to an unreachable level, then spirit world will, come down, that's the simple principle. Why can't spirit world come down before that line? Because God needs heavenly forces that will set the standard higher than the Satanic world. You know Satan is doing so much and God's people can only do that much or even less, how could God say, "These are my people, these are my champions"? God would be ashamed. That's why spirit world would not come down and assist you. You don't take it seriously, but walk proudly with your chins up. How could your have such nerve?

This is an emergency. You come all this way to see, and hear Father. Father is not going to deal with you like this all the time. I want you to understand. You are leaders, you are representing Father. How much do you know Father? How much do you know? You only know as much as you know yourself. You cannot go beyond your own perfection, for that is as much as you are able to perceive. Do you know what Father is doing? Do you know how Father's striving now? What is Father's entire effort directed toward now? Many times when Father does a certain thing, the result is revealed ten years later. Because Father's directions is given, you must make your life parallel to it. Do you know when Cape Kennedy launches the moon shot that the rocket is actually aimed in entirely the opposite direction as the moon is located? Do you understand? But still that rocket is aimed at the moon, and will indeed go to the moon if the rocket follows the course. People who do not know anything about science, might say, "What kind of nonsense is this? The moon is over there, and you're shooting the rocket toward that direction?"

Do you have confidence that you're going to succeed the mission of restoration -- that you will be the heir to the history of restoration? Do you have confidence that you know everything? That you can succeed within a few yards of it, or a few miles of it? Do you have confidence, yes or no? You don't. You don't have any confidence, because your don't know it. It's true. It doesn't make any difference how many Ph.D.s you might have, how many college degrees you might have -- your Ph.D. has nothing to do with the dispensation of restoration. This is why the history of restoration, the dispensation of God, has not been touched, looked at or understood, even though there may be millions of scholars. How many times do you think of who Father is? Is Father only the one person to be criticized by the media? You just don't understand. At least one thing you could do: although you may not know Father fully, you do know the significance of Father and when Father instructs something, you should determine to give your 100%. to it.

Since you do not know, you might make a mistake. You have no confidence that you alone can do it. That's why you do your best. But sit down whenever you can grab a moment, and pray, "God, God". You should go out with the sunrise, work all day and come back at sunset, saying "God, thank you. I just hope I didn't make a mistake today. I'm coming back safely, thank God." You must live like that. You should feel like the little virgin girls, who is just being introduced into a bridegroom's room. This is entirely unknown territory, an unknown venture. How scared you are. That must be your case. There are such unknown things you are trying to tackle, that you are very humbly scared to death. Think of it, you did all kinds of free sex, mixed up with all kinds of men and women. When the time comes, should you go right into a bridegroom's room, thinking that you will be well accepted and welcomed? Do you think that kind of way would work?

So far, you are not even par with Father's instructions, not even near Father's expectations. It's so ridiculous, some of the reports are incredibly low. You should be shedding tears, gallons of tears every day, trying to live up to Father's wishes, still unsure whether or not you will be accepted. That's the kind of state you should be in. That's why God gave up billions in Christianity and took up the Unification Church. So God has the simple reason that He must offend the Christians to bring them back to His Will. God is willing to offend America in order to make the Unification Church rise. God might offend the entire free world, the entire Communist world, but He would still want to save the Unification Church. God has absolute reason for it. Have you thought about it? Certainly not! You must feel ashamed in front of God. You just have not been serious.

Father always brings his notebook because Father wrote down the instructions in a prayerful mind. Do you think Father gave you instructions just so you can beat around the bush? That means you don't even take your notebook for the instructions. You never take it seriously, you never take your instructions seriously. do you think the spirit world must work, for such a student? Then, if spirit world can assist such a person, the spirit world itself is fake, it's not real then. There's no way that the real spirit world can assist such a fake person. When Father sees clearly your real state, where you are standing, Father is heartbroken. How can Father pray? Do you want Father to say in the prayer, "Oh these wonderful sons and daughters of God, give them ample blessings and miracles"? Do you think Father has nerve to pray like that? Think of it. think of how much instruction you've been given; now much Father has been pouring out the way of achieving your goal and expounding on the way you can fulfill your mission. How much did you really get seriously to it?

What Father has been doing is an incredible thing -- so incredible no one can understand. Father does so many things early in time, ahead of time: the Korean situation, Japanese situation, so many things, you would find it hard to believe what Father has been doing. Ten or twenty years pass without any understanding, Then ten or twenty years later, members say, "Father, we just realized how you've been doing just the right things." Members come to be over forty years of age and say, "Father, now I truly come to realize who you are and what you've been doing." But then all this time, up to forty years that particular person wasted all that time. His age is forty and he says, "Father, forgive me, I didn't understand you." it's too late. Same thing is happening to you now.

Father declared three seven year courses, that's twenty-one years. After the declaration of the dispensation of the three seven year courses, do you think Father would have a Sabbath day, with even one relaxed moment? Father has to move the world. Those people who don't understand what Father is doing say, "Father, why don't you take care of the church, why do you worry about something else totally irrelevant to our movement? Why do you waste your time and your money?" People always criticize Father, including the closest disciples. And your are doing the same thing now. When a few of you get together, you say, "Oh, why is Father wasting money and time for such a thing? It would have been a lot better if he gave us that money and we do a little better job in the states." What about the world? Who is going to really take care of the world?

You are the state leaders, and when your ancestors look down at you, they will be heartbroken, saying, "How can you be a state leader, sleep comfortably on the bed, eating three meals a day?" So, in a different season, you should have a different seasonal boot, a different seasonal suit. You are the sinner of sinners. When Father gave such serious instruction, you had all kinds of time and energy doing things for yourself, while the instructions stayed in your notebook. And you know the Biblical story of the Prodigal son. The Parents instructed you to do certain things and you have not been doing that, but fooling around somewhere, wasting time and money, smearing the honor of the Parents. So the greatest problem is you, YOU. Not the spirit world, not the satanic world, you are the problem. Spirit world will only be activated depending on what you do. If you were not a leader of the Unification Church you would be better off, but you are already an assigned leader. This responsibility is not only the responsibility for you but will be shared with your posterity, your children and grandchildren.

When Fattier said, "Married couples, this is an emergency, your wives must go out in the front line". There was all kinds of side talk, after talk, and back talk. But actually, Father has done it first. Father has done it. Also upon his instructions the entire family has done it in Korea, and in Japan. So why shouldn't you do it? Are you different? You are the special class? You are immune? You have to go the same dispensation, the same route. There is only one way. Are you awakened now? Yes or no? If Father were an itinerary worker, Father could not stand what you've been doing out there. It would not be tolerable.

When Father first landed in America and came to New York, the New York center was a one room center, a small cubby hole, Father announced, "I want to make an impact of our movement on the entire city. In a few years, we are going to move the city, move the country". Everybody laughed at him. But your attitude is just the same as the attitude of those people when Father first arrived in America. Your attitude is not any different. Father is not a dumb or foolish person. Father is not mediocre. So, Father instructed so many things after he came to the western world. How can Father harvest all these things this year? This is the time for harvest, but where is the harvest? If nothing materializes, then the very person who gave that word, gave that instruction, should take up the punishment. So then, God will say, "You as instructor, as the person who commanded them, did you do your responsibility fully?" And Father has done it. And certainly Father has done it. In order to be in his position, Father has done it. Father is desperate -- really desperately going. No matter how many people may leave, the will of God must march on. This dispensation must abide. Father cannot let the dispensation down, no matter what. Do you understand? Do you think the restoration of the church, of the nation, of the world, would come automatically by your sitting comfortably in the living room? You must pay the price. If there's an impossible thing, make it possible. Then, who is going to be the price? You are the price. You must pay yourself. That's the way God sees it. That's the way Father sees it. Father knows clearly how God wants him to instruct you. That's so absolutely clear. When you're elevated in spirit world, you might say to Father, "Father, why were you so weak with us? Why didn't you push us out?" I know you will be cursing him, if Father didn't do this.

Of course, Father didn't want to say these harsh words to you. Because we've been meeting so often only several months. Once in a while, Father certainly wants to give you kind words and a kind welcome. Father's a human being, a parent. Then why must Father do this at the outset of this meeting? Just look at the world around you. Look at this free world -- the shape of the free world, the shape of this nation. Do you see it? Are you observing it? Yes or no? Who is going to take up the responsibility? So, we must wake up, wake up now! Give up your titles, give up your own position! You must feel that you are the innocent child. So national leaders, gigantic looking national leaders, that's not what Father wants. You're almost like a ghost house. We'll begin doing the conference. Do you think that you still need instructions from Father? Why do you need it?

We're going to fight against Communism. We're going to come against the injustices of the government and other churches. There are so many gigantic powers around us that are trying to destroy us. Don't you feel inside "I won't stand for it"? If you have the feeling that "My Father is being tormented, Heavenly Father is being given a hard time. He's heartbroken, then how can you stay in a peaceful sleep? When you're instructed the toughest thing, would you say, "Oh no, how can I do. it? It's impossible!"? If you think in that way, you cannot become any bigger than you are -- you can never grow. God instructed Father with many impossible things. But Father would never say, "Oh no, God, I've done enough." But rather, "Yes, Father, I will do it and I'll fulfill it!" God knows Rev. Moon has done everything that he can possibly have done here on earth. Father can go to Heavenly Father and know that Heavenly Father will accept him. "I know Heavenly Father will praise me. I know there is a report to make proudly, not shamefully." But Father does not want to rest.

I want you to understand, when you become a father, maybe some of you are already fathers, you'll have children. On that day you'll certainly realize by your own children, that you have not fulfilled God's mission fully, that you are the men of failure. What miserable things to be seen by your own children! And your wives will be miserable when they see they cannot present themselves proudly saying, "Yes, your daddy has fulfilled the Father's wishes." When you cannot give that kind of will to your children, you are miserable. Have you awakened? You don't mind Father sending you down to the front line of MFT? Those who have really done the absolute level of Home Church, please raise your hands. Do you think Father is doing the Home Church as a hobby, because he simply likes it? Without doing that dispensation, there is no Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

If there were 10,000 doing the Home Church in New York, then we could save New York. Ten thousand people divided up and really netted out, could make all kinds of networks. If we created a network of the Home Church in New York, working under one command New York would be saved. We will know who are the Communists, who are the criminals, who are the evil elements, in the communities. The police have no information really, so we would be in a position to educate them. And politicians, are naive -- they don't know what is really going on here, so we could educate them. Father has been preaching this since three years ago. How could you know what an incredible age of dispensation this is? Although you don't understand completely, you could demonstrate one great virtue: obedience. The Kingdom of Heaven hinges upon your ability to fulfill Home Church. Whether we can demolish and clean up the satanic world depends on Home Church. Home Church is the one way we can win.

I know this is the most difficult dispensation we have ever faced. If ever I plant a tree, I'm going to plant a tree that's the most difficult tree there is under the sun. That's going, to be our kind of experiences.

If Father is living and in his own lifetime there is slacking off, then what would you expect when Father is gone? Who's going to lead this movement? Who's going to straighten these things up? Even though you may have to drop out or be sacrificed, the tradition must be set firmly into the ground during Father's lifetime. Is that true? Is it easy or difficult? That's why we do it. That's why we are responsible. That is why God is sympathetic. That is why the spirit world will come down and help us. We don't have money or power, but we are competing with the powerful people, competing with the rich people, rich country. We still want to win. It's an impossible game. We are trying to win that impossible game. That's why God is sympathetic. He knows how difficult it's going to be. Your mission is actually very simple: to bring in one new member every month. Father has a thousand things to worry about, but you have only to worry about one thing -- one member per month.

Do you think this kind of meeting is needed every month? Every time? the meeting should be held with the people who obey Father. Those people should come and receive these instructions. Then this meeting would make sense. Now, there are some unnecessary people gathered here. Father doesn't like this kind of meeting. Father fears that the people who are here irresponsibly spread ridiculous rumors and defeat the purpose of the meeting. Those people who truly bear and digest Father's message 100%, can come. Should we just finish the meeting and go back home now? You know the third seven year course is near its end. Father needs leaders who are centered upon Father, for the sake of their country are saying "Father, I'm ready to sacrifice. Just give me any mission; I'm ready to go." Is there any such person here?

You know there are all kinds of governmental persecution continuing here in America. They're trying every possible way to revoke our tax-exempt status. After the defeat of the Fraser committee, it seems the American government felt their big nose was flattened. For the sake of revenge, the IRS is trying to give us a hard time about our tax status. We have done nothing wrong! After years of investigating, they couldn't find anything. How about the American Citizens here? Can you answer this question: If Father were a white man, would they display such evil and wickedness against this righteous movement? Such incredible things are going on behind the scenes. Continuation of this kind of action will eventually destroy this nation and the entire free world. In other words, they are actually resorting to self-destruction. This is America -- the place where Father invested so much money and manpower trying to save this country.

Father had instructed the Japanese movement to undertake an extraordinary condition for 120 days, from December 1978 to April 8th, 1979. They have been desperately fulfilling it and have now come to the end. Father had said "You can do it. The only time you would not give enough heart, enough soul into it, is the only time you would fail. Otherwise, you will succeed." That's what Father instructed. Today the Japanese leaders pledged to Father, "Yes, Father, we shall do it. We will never let you down." You know nothing about this theory. You must sleep in the van, work in the van, eat in the van. That's what the Japanese family is doing. Japanese members are knocking on the doors. Although they were so tired, they just kept going, going, going. When the master of the house opened the door, he found a person sleeping at the door and called the police. The police caught our member. For whom is that member working so hard? For you for this country of America. America, 36 years ago, was the enemy of Japan. Why should Japan work that hard for America? Because they know God and have met Reverend Moon. Without Rev. Moon, would they ever dream of working that hard? They are not in debt. They have not spent a penny. They have not bought anything, yet they go around like the world's most indebted person. Working with an iron will, Father chased them out, even pushed them out.

In Japan, the members have been wearing the same underwear for seven years, mending it year after year. After wearing it for seven years, one pair of underwear has been mended so much, they couldn't go' to the bathroom in broad daylight. In Japan everyone uses public bathrooms. Our members don't use the public bath, because they don't want to show such poverty to the public. So they go late at night or early in the morning so nobody sees them. At night, they come and wash their underwear, for the next morning they will wear it again.

Father knows that this is going on in Japan. What kind of sin or crime has that person committed? The only crime that that person has committed is to have met Father. Do you think Father is going to spend that money randomly, sprinkling it around? Absolutely not! You are indebted! You are indebted. In view of such sacrifice, you should feel that you have no freedom to eat, no freedom to sleep. Compared to Japan's pure hearted sacrifice, what you are doing is a sin, even a crime.

Father normally goes up to his room after midnight. After Father has retired to his bedroom, he seldom goes to bed. He just sits on a couch, or a hard chair, putting his head on a desk. That's the way he sleeps. The next morning, when Mother wakes him up, she is absolutely flabbergasted. She says, "Father, you need a few hours of good rest, you cannot go on like this." Mother worries about him. Every day that happens. Why does Father feel he must not rest? The moment Father sleeps is an hour when so many people around the world are praying. Father wants to be awake to answer those prayers, or to pray for them. As long as Father is concerned about them, or remembers them, then these people are not sorry doing their mission. As long as Father remembers these people, their effort is not in vain. They are comforted. That's why Father can't go to bed freely.

Father is now sixty years old. His body is different. There is a biological process: the age of sixty is sixty, not forty, thirty-five, or twenty. Look at Father's leg, you may not see it, but this is not a normal leg. When you push it down, it goes in deeply. That means Father is carrying a bad leg. It is so bad, that when you push into his leg with your finger, the hole stays there. But Father keeps going. Father knows that he may die this way. But if he would die this way, it would be no problem; he's ready to die in battle. How about you? Father's scolding his own leg. Mother knows that so well and is so concerned and worried. That's the way Father goes. That's the way Father wants it. That's why spirit world has to sympathize with Father. Spirit world cannot stand still. You are young people aren't you? So many nights without food or sleep, you can still go on. That's the privilege of youth. Father has lived his youth that way. If you would live your youth in the same way as Father did, you would not lose.

God prays. God not only prays to you but to your generation. You must feel that I am not going to be indebted to God. God must be indebted to me. I don't want to be indebted to God. I want to prove that as long as my life remains.

You must create motivation. Without motivation, there is no cause and therefore, no effect. The spirit world works precisely on that principle. You must do something to move the spirit world. Otherwise, spirit world would never respond. That's the principle, the principled way of life.

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