The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

State Leader's Conference Directions

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 3, 1979
New York, USA

Please write down Father's direction for this month. The direction for the world, U.S. Leaders' Conference held on the third of February, 1979.

I. Home Church Activities

A. Home Church and the Question of Salvation:

You all understand that we cannot go before Heaven without going through the judgment of words, judgement by character, or the judgment by heart. In other words, we have to go through these three before we can go to Heaven:

1. Judgment by Words;

2. Judgment by Character;

3. Judgment by Heart;

4. To become a True Parent;

5. To become a Central Figure

"Central figure" means being the central figure of heaven in heaven and on earth;

6. To help others reach salvation

How many people you helped to attend the 3-day workshop, the 7-day workshop, the 21-day workshop, and up to the 70-day workshop. The number of people you have helped to go to these courses has got to do with your own personal salvation;

7. To gain 84 disciples

Everyone should begin his course of witnessing with his primary objective as 84 (that 84 actually represents the 12 disciples and the 72 elders, both figures added together make 84. In addition, those 12 disciples would include three disciples representing the three stages of growth).

B. The Famous Persons or Well-Known Persons in Home Churches and Their Responsibility:

1. Education and Activities over Responsibilities:

Actually, what this means is in order to make Home Church activities effective, you first would like to maintain relations with the famous people or key people, well known people, noted people, in the community of your Home Churches. Once you get to know them, don't just ignore them, rather give them some possible activities; give them some cause of participation. In other words, involve them in the conference your are planning (for an example). By all means, have them lead the conference for you. If you have some activities along the same lines, by all means make them do it for you.

2. After making friends with them, have them create the realm of influence.

Let them have a good effect on our activities -- don't let them separate from our activities. Let them use their influence in a good way for these activities.

3. The Organization and the Interaction:

That means once you get to know them, then as soon as possible, make some organization so that you will have an organization for culture and interaction -- inter-coordination. That means first you will organize them and let them exchange in a cultural way, let them give a lecture if they have a special field. In other words, when we make friends with noted people, don't let them just be idle. You organize it in such a way that they can automatically participate in the cultural activities when they have a certain special field -- give them the task to speak to the audience. So when you know they play the violin well, then you should tie that to an event of, let's say, a birthday celebration. It happens to be someone's birthday, you tie that in and invite him over and have him participate by playing the violin in that cultural and social activity; or a cultural night -- gather a few people and have someone sing and let him play violin. When we make a deliberate plan, that will serve the community, be noted and the community will talk about it. To try something different you can say, "Let us all gather one day and clean the community." By doing that you can get the people's attention in a good way, sparking their interest in your activities. Your purpose in becoming friends with noted people is to utilize them for a good purpose: to extend your activities.

4. For the family area or realm:

Actually, you are doing the activity; but you don't have to be the master of ceremonies. Let the noted people do that for you, that will exercise more influence. You only share in common with those noted people. In other words, they will share the responsibility with you -- not much of a responsibility, yet by doing so, whenever people will be grateful, they will be grateful to you and to the people who did it for you. By doing this when you start witnessing on the family level -- he would automatically involve himself, As he has already been the master of ceremonies for you -- he cannot say the he doesn't want anything to do with it, Rather, he would naturally be induced to relate to your activity of the family level. For example, when you're conducting a lecture, that noted person cannot say, "I don't want to listen to the lecture", or "I'm not interested." He cannot say that, for he regards himself as a part of your activity, as a co-sponsor at least he won't refuse to listen to your lecture that you are giving so sincerely.

Under ordinary circumstances, when a person listens to the Divine Principle, he is certain to be moved in one way or another in whatever area he is most interested in. Once he has this moving experience, you can push him to learn to teach the lecture, saying, "Why don't you teach the lectures instead of me; you are certainly more experienced in teaching than I am." Once he understands this, he can certainly lecture very well, then he sets up the Home Church, activity itself. He will say, "Yes, I will", then of course it will add more effectiveness to your program. When you hold a lecture, maybe you only act as the master of ceremonies, but let him give the lecture from the beginning, after you have lectured to him.

Conclude with his testimony; what he felt himself, when he heard Divine Principle for the first time. When a man of high standing in the community hears the Divine Principle, they are greatly moved. Usually this person would like to speak himself, because he knows he can influence people more than others, Even though an enthusiastic Unification Church member may give a lecture, when a prominent person gives the lecture he is much more persuasive than ordinary people. Once these people feel the value of the Principle and give it autonomously, they will be much more committed to it themselves. Then you can give him various kinds of material that you would like him to read.

Because he is preparing for lecture he will not feel it awkward or laborious to read the two hour, four hour, or six hour lecture you have given him. He will at least glance through them and get great inspiration. He will give the lecture and have a much greater effect than a lecture that you would give. When he feels enthusiastic ask him to visit 360 homes with you -- "Please visit 10 families on behalf of me. I will visit 20 a month". That will be 120 homes for him and 240 homes for you. In other words, you have divided the workload. Naturally, you will ask your Home Church to be visited, "Oh has so and so visited you and given you a lecture?" If they say that he did, then later, when you see him, you say, "Oh, I met so and so whom you gave a lecture to and they were very impressed with the way you presented it to them. That family you lectured to was all off, even arrogant; but since you talked to them about humility -- they really have changed. All the credit is owed to you." Whenever the person gives a lecture with his heart and is complimented like that he enjoys it. Nobody dislikes compliments, that is human nature, The question is, how to get hold of an influential person to present the lecture, rather than struggling to present it yourself, with not as much of an effect.

This is the content of the caption that Father just gave. In other words, don't try to do everything by yourself. In principle, it is good; but, it is not wise to do so -- in fact it is sometimes foolish. By all means, approach the famous persons individually, and either give them a formal presentation of a lecture or a heart-to-heart talk. You can give a philosophical talk or what ever you choose to convey your message to make him sufficiently interested or impressed. Let him lecture for you. It will bring a better effect. For example, when you strike a ball on a pool table, it will strike several balls at the same time, similar to a chain reaction. Take it seriously, because it is absolutely important and necessary. No matter how powerful an individual might be, there is a limit to his ability. Whereas if you employ this method wisely, your field of influence becomes almost unlimited, and could keep on growing.

When you visit Home Churches of course there are not so many young people; they simply aren't at home. Mostly, you will find older people living at home. Actually, these older people are a better media to disseminate Divine Principle. Once you properly lecture them, help them to understand, and convince them, they will be able to witness to the Divine Principle. Actually, the older people have absolutely no reason to refuse the Divine Principle and its basic ideas. For they are the lonely ones. By the time they live to their old age, they are the loneliest because all the young people are gone, being educated and indifferent to the old people. But they are souls waiting to die, to go on a most uncertain journey. The old people find themselves with no hope, no security, nothing. They welcome the Principled ideal of cherishing the old people. We're supposed to cherish the older ones; as they get older, to love them better and respect them more. You have to have confidence in that -- this is what Father has been teaching you all along.

Once they take this idea in, the time will come when you will want to give a Divine Principle lecture to all the members of that family. If the grandfather or grandmother is impressed, and he or she may desire to be the master of ceremony, making the base for you to give the lecture to all the grandchildren. On occasions such as birthday parties, when the whole family gets together, the grandparent will introduce you. You can always be invited to the grandson and granddaughter's birthday -- usually they celebrate in their own house with grandparents invited to that house. Suggest that this year, they can do it differently -- "I, your grandparent am inviting you, my grandchild to your birthday party at my home." You can arrange to help them financially. You should achieve success to the extent that the grandchild comes often to visit with them, developing such a close relationship, that they come back and live with the old grandparents.

This would be a big event, worthy of reporting to the newspaper. You could ask them -- "How did you feel when all of your family members were separated and lived independently, never getting to see each other so often? Now that you live together in one home, how do you feel?" They will have the most fulfilled feeling living together than living separately. When they speak out on that experience, then certainly the journalists would be interested in reporting it.

Let the grandparents send a letter to their family members living far away from them. You could write the letter for the grandparents, letting them sign it, and send it to the grandchildren, sons and daughters who are living far away. It would be very difficult for the grandparent to write their own letter because it's been a long time since they have written anything, with the exception of signing some checks. Write a letter for them, if they like it, help them send it to their own sons and daughters. Hopefully, you will teach the grandparent and impress them so much that they will feel even though they have been going to churches for some time they have never heard anything that could compare with a talk by this young man, who just came out of nowhere. "He just visited me one day but I'm so impressed with him and really believe what he teaches me. I certainly would like him to share this with you. As you know I have not so many years or days or months left in this world and if there is anything I would like to share or to leave to you it would be these teachings."

If they testify like that it will really have an impact on their offspring, So remember when you visit your Home Church area, you will likely come across more grandparent aged people than young people. Don't worry. They are the media that can reach out to hundreds instead of the dozens you could reach.

C. Youth and the Family or Home Church

1. Prepare the roster of youth in your Home Church area.

Wherever you go you should make a roster of the youth so you can reach out to them first. When you visit a certain Home Church, you may feel there are no young people to be found. But, there are certainly some young people connected with that house, You could make a complete roster of all the young people reachable through that family, even though they may be far away attending school, or holding a job in a different state.

If the grandparent is about to write a letter to different family members, you don't have to prepare hundreds of letters, you can prepare one letter and send the same letter to all the relatives, it's not difficult, unusual or irregular. The old people who are impressed with you are going to say something valuable.

Surrounding the 360 homes you have is a complete roster of aunts, uncles, and cousins -- anyone who is related to that home or is within their memory -- numbering in the tens of thousands of people you could write or try to reach. In conclusion, though you won't find any young people physically living in a home, only grandparents, you still have potential young people numbering in the tens of thousands.

Another good idea is to take a family picture, writing names on top. If there is someone who was unavailable for the picture, but you hear the grandparent talking about him, write out the good things that are said. Grandparents will brag about his personality and good points -- he is handsome, really enjoys art. You listen very carefully and write down the points about his personality as a resume. When you have a chance to meet him during your occasional visits to his grandparents, you will be introduced to him. Then you can pay him generous compliments: "You have a good family." You can become close to him, after a few minutes meeting based on your knowledge of him and the entire family. You can give him your assessment and personal feelings about that home.

In summary, if a relative comes from a long way to visit this home and finds that you know him so well, he would think, "How many days you must have spent looking into it." He would feel you are concerned and interested in him. Nowadays, no one holds such a deep interest in him. You can reassure him saying, "I am very interested and concerned about you because your grandparents are really hard to come by nowadays. There aren't so many people left who are like them". After giving him such full compliments you can ask him to spend a lot of time with you because you have been thinking so much about him. You can give him a one day workshop, or even a two day workshop if he agrees. Some how our whole effort will go to bring him to the lecture for one or two days which may be saving his life.

2. Making up the Roster: detail what you hear about him:

a. his character;

b. his personal characteristics;

c. feel as though you've known him personally for a very long time;

3. Maybe you can visit him if it is a practical distance.

If he is willing for you to visit him, bring one of his relatives and let his relative introduce you to him. This means if you impress one member of the family, he can go with you to introduce other relatives to you and provide an environment so you can speak.

4. Choose or pick out a ceremonious day like a birthday or anniversary of a member of the family.


You should always try to connect him with CARP. Don't isolate him or let him stand idle. Rather as soon as you know him, introduce him directly to CARP.

D. The Heaven of Home Church

1. The Family must become one

When you go to a Home Church area, mend one separated, broken home. That would be a great achievement for you.

2. Association and Common Activity

Association means associating or interacting with each other. In other words, to make a heaven out of Home Church, we cannot isolate each home and hope to create heaven. We have to interact and communicate freely in various directions and on various subjects. Nowadays, various age groups have their own limited associations. Young people usually don't mix with older people. One or two years can elapse and they don't even see each other; let alone have deep discussions with one another.

We'll make plans that help different groups meet each other. For example, you could sponsor a meeting between the labor class and the higher class of society, or a meeting of the policemen with the judges, professors with the students. There are many possible combinations. Once they meet, they are certainly going to represent the viewpoint of their own group. You can lead the natural discussion sprouting out to present your own views of their background, thus leading them in prospective ways. It's very interesting.

Another example, would be to gather a meeting or overnight social activity to give an award for the best poem, the prize money collected from the guests attending.. When they have gathered together, you can explain the evening program and naturally solicit donations for the prize money. There are many things that you can do to keep everyone's interest high. "Tonight is award night for the best poem we have chosen so far." You can read the poem beginning a poetic night.

You can meet many people. If the group is not a poetic group than you can have a night where you will read this month's best article from all the different magazines. You recite the article and tell why you like it so much. You can provoke some thinking. You can do anything if your enthusiasm is high enough. Your enthusiasm is the limit of the interaction or association.

You can even have a contest so the most skilled knitter will be awarded a prize. When the voting is over, you can undo the yarn and start all over again. The meeting can go in a very interesting direction.

When garbage collection is difficult you can run your own garbage collection service, letting them know: "When I ring the bell, please bring your garbage." If you come by always at a certain time they will wait for you and this service. You can do that once a week. Better yet -- you can bring the garbage out and dump it into your own can. Do the service for them.

There are so many hundreds of things you can do. You can have a talkative night -- you can have a strong language contest.

If in your Home Church you find a famous professor of literature ask him to give a talk on some period of history that is not so well known to Americans, Advertise that, "Tonight, so and so will speak on that period of history of Americans in a certain age" -- asking them to please listen to him. If you have a lawyer, have him give a lecture in his own field to the community. Maybe you can have a mock trial, such as the things law students do. They appoint someone as the judge. Then as the lawyer you present the case.

You don't have to wait for Father to suggest ideas -- you can do many things and still make it practical and interesting to the people. Maybe you can open your own amateur fashion show -- inviting anyone with the best dress to model it -- "Please bring your dress, by all means". They can compete to see who has the most fantastic dress.

So you shouldn't feel that what you do in Home Church should be isolated and unexciting, but move around and utilize all the famous people. You can do garbage collection on Saturdays, telling them to bring out your garbage collection on Saturdays, telling them to bring out their garbage when you ring the bell. A small bell may cost five dollars. When the children come out at the sound of the bell, each child could get a candy bar that you had ready. Children will be watching and waiting for you to come at a certain time. Their mind works differently from the adults. After getting candy two Saturdays in a row, then every Saturday morning they'll be waiting. "Tomorrow, the candy man will come," Maybe once a month you could do that. Tell a good story to the youngsters and they are so amused, so interested, so moved, they will always tell that experience to Mommy and Daddy. He will say, "That garbage collecting man told me such and such a story," Tell such stories with morals such as to respect your own parents, etc, If you tell a story similar to a fable, that is well thought out, with a deep heart, you will certainly move them. As soon as they are moved, they will tell the exact story to their own mother and father, and -- it will move them again. Don't you think it will work? Father says you don't have to tell them, "Listen to God or listen to Divine Principle, or listen to me." You just tell them some interesting thing, some challenging, heart warming thing and they'll eventually want to hear the Moonie teaching. In the beginning if you start out talking about religion, about Divine Principle, or about God, the people are not actually so interested. In that case, what good is it for you to suddenly decide you want to teach them something they don't want to listen to?

3. We would like to broaden our scale to the world level not just society, or one corner of society.

That will never make heaven. You have to expand their base of thinking so they will be interested in a societal level and international level. Take the question of loving your own country. If your Home Church happens to be New York, then we can talk a lot about the youth drug problems, prostitute problems and all social problems. In discussing these problems you try to solve them.

You can move the hearts of the prostitutes when they are brought to your Home Church by listening to the stories of their family backgrounds and how they were tricked into prostitution. You can make them cry too, once you really understand the spiritual despair of their society: how much cruelty and injustice there is, of the incredibly evil things that are done. Once you understand and explain the situation to them then they will really cry.

4. The Establishment of Common Possessions:

Whatever the number that have gathered, they can buy stocks. You could collect $0.50 from each person. If you collected $180 that is more than enough to buy some stocks. If you collected $1 per each family that is $360. In one year, that is $3,600 and with that money you can buy the stocks of a certain company and make it the common property among your 360 homes. If someone happens to be a stock broker or economically minded person, you could ask him to manage the money for you. He will be very happy to do that because that's his special field, he knows best how to do it. When it grows, even though it's a small amount of money, it will make everyone in the community. When this fund actually grows, they can borrow money out of the common fund instead of going to the bank. If you manage the money well, getting anonymous donations for the fund, it can increase to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's not impossible!

Maybe you can devote one night a month or a year to raising funds for this common fund. Once they go through their own family's circle, they can go outside the family to raise funds. It would only be once a year, after all. This is totally possible. When each unit of hundreds of thousands of Home Church units accumulated these savings it would raise a staggering sum making it possible to fund all activities. After you have raised this size of fund, the community would certainly not want to see you go because you are the manage of all that money. There are many ways to bring in the unexpected source of funds. The fund can be used as a scholarship, or as "a center of hope". In other countries it is called the "Village Bank" or "Village Community Fund". It is a very common thing.

So there's always something that we think about or create to get the activities going and provide as wide as possible variety of interconnection and association. We must always foster the activities that help them know each other. By doing so, heaven is gradually being formed, growing and can later be perfected.


This year Father's task is to form the IOWC and OWC within CARP.

A. Selection or Determination of Base:

We must have a responsible professor and at least one core member of student as a base for CARP on campus. The professors can be chosen out of the Science conference attendees.

B. The Cultural Meetings and Various Rallies:

The activities that are now being planned are actually of a joint nature: culture and lecture. This time the students are the main body and can invite a spiritual lecturer to talk to them.

C. The Type of Activity Initiated by Students:

Real leadership is that of initiative and enthusiasm, not just doing something because you are told to do it. We would like to build this attitude in our activity. Rather than the school sponsored and sterile type attitude, we want to show interesting and practical examples. Once you become successful in conducting several meetings like that, many interested students will want to become part of that purpose.

D. How to Train Exemplary Students:

Our hope or standard of growing them or training them would be so that they can deliver good lectures on Divine Principle and various subjects and are capable of conducting good meetings.

E. Establishing New View of the World and Anti-Communism:

We have to arm them with such thoughts.

1. OWC members will participate in establishing the anti-communist view of the world.

The OWC members will fulfill the basic responsibility of 1-1-1.

2. The Small Training Programs:

Those who have joined must go through a standard training procedure of 3 days, 7 days, and 21 days, and 40 days training.

a. Training key personnel of the future to raise up men who can be responsible for society, the nation and the world.

b. Each one would establish the future Korea. In other words, each person will specialize in a certain activity within the Unification Church. When they witness, they would like to witness to that particular people in their field. When they finish the basic activity of Home Church, they can specialize. So we will train them with a specialized field in view.

3. Responsibility as True Children:

To become true children, especially among college ages is to stay away from the act of the fall. Therefore, in order for anyone to become a true child, requires not only protection himself from the Fall, but feeling a deep responsibility for his own country.

We should help them to complete all the training programs of two days, seven days, 21 days, and 40 days, while they are in college. All the training periods together would equal 70 days. When that 70 days of training material is all ready, you as an individual don't have to struggle so much in conducting the various stages of training even the 40 days training -- all you need to do is introduce the topic, conduct the topic introductions of each day's talks and let the video tape take care of the lecture, Those lectures would complete the major introduction to the Divine Principle, VOC, and Unification Thought.

F. The Effort to Bring Professors and Students into Harmony:

Now in the college communities are troubles between professors and students. Who can end these troubles and bridge the widening gap between professors and students? The CARP members are the ones to do that,

1. Renew the atmosphere of uniting cultures:

That is we have to renew the environment of the college communities--clean the writings off the walls, etc.

2. Establish a new tradition between professors and students:

Here in America, the college professors are like friends to the students, the relationship is too unprofessional. The most important point or area of education is the fall. When we say education, we mean conveying the teachings of a thought as a man -- the deeper, most basic importance of man. Man as a human being is different from any animal. So, professors are in sort of a sacred position to educate young minds. Therefore respect is a key concept in the relations between professors and students. Nowadays, there is not the least concept of respect.

3. Move the board of education of the university:

Once the proper professor/student relationship is restored, the board meeting will go very smoothly because there is no trouble there. Do you understand?

4. Commend good professors and good students:

So CARP should pick out the best professor and best student of the year and broadcast how they arrived at that conclusion, Why should this be made a school event rather than an individual event? What meaning or purpose would it have? Of course the first or second year not so much attention would be given to it; but as it continued into the fourth or fifth year -- the people would automatically come to a certain awareness and expectation. Actually, Father is now thinking to award the best professor $50,000. Maybe we could do that by arbitrary selection or by lottery. Each school would have a best professor of the year and submit his name. Hundreds of schools would draw the lottery and award prizes. Naturally, we will report this with much emphasis -- giving it much importance in the student newspapers, so that it would be taken very seriously. It would also be reflected in the local daily newspapers.

5. Connect the professors activities with the social and national activities:

Of course, this is a subject that is very experimental. When a professor's activities become very effective, then we would meet him and connect him with our activities.

6. Hold various contests on campus -- speech , eloquence, novel or essay writing contests:

All these activities come under the professor/student relations. When these are achieved, then the tone of the university will turn in a direction that everybody can agree is wholesome and healthy. We will have achieved that! When CARP has arrived at this level, then we can say that CARP has been successful. And this year, this area of activity has an important stress.

III. Super-Denominational Activities

A. Unity with Theologians:

We have many theological seminarians who have visited us. So it is a fact now that the number of professors who have visited Barrytown Theological Seminary is over 200. Those state leaders who have active contact with those theologians who live in your state and have visited the seminary, raise your hand. Actually, all states should have someone, If the state leader is not a Theological Seminary Graduate, you can introduce a theologian to a professor who has visited Barrytown and lives in your state or to the neighboring State Leader who is a seminary graduate. Better yet, you can have five states working on a regional basis -- if one State Leader has not graduated from Barrytown, then help connect him to one who has already graduated.

1. Association and How to Advance the Ties:

Father is making you take dictation of the guidelines of your activities. When you get back to your state you have to basically follow these guidelines -- step by step. That is the easiest way to develop your activities,

2. How to Connect with the Church in Common Activities:

When you have good student activities going, ask ministers to come and speak to your guests. When he agrees to do that, speaking for half an hour, the rest of the meeting you can manage yourself such as OWC. When all of those people gather to listen to a well known theologian speak, and immediately after that, OWC will deliver a speech, certainly the guests will listen to it. Better yet, the theologian who came to speak for the meeting should introduce the OWC lecturer saying, for example, "Actually, the speaker after me has more interesting topics to speak about than myself." If the theologian will give that kind of introduction, then all the college students will remain to listen to the OWC lecture.

3. To bind the theologians with the students, you could make a certain activity group of that nature, such as a Society for Comparative Religious Studies.

Theologians are always in need of a group of students to lecture. He cannot find for himself students who will listen and support him. It is very difficult to gather a group of people by oneself. Once you gather people for him, you will certainly have some inseparable ties worked out. Because you are in a higher position (providentially speaking) with a higher plane of thought, you have the upper hand over them.

B. Closer Ties with Clergymen

1. Binding the Clergymen in Close Relationships:

Even though the clergy may oppose us, we can never oppose them, therefore we can never become enemies. Bring a clergyman a bottle of whiskey (Catholics drink, and whiskey is more delicious Father said) telling him God sent you to bring this bottle to him -- "You may need it". You can make this gesture the performance of the century. As you bring him the bottle, walk in backwards. He may wonder what you are doing, so tell him that you thought he might not want to see you. This way, he won't have to see you -- but you can still deliver this present to him, You can call this humor or an emergency measure!

Sometimes, when you think the opposition is being ridiculous, you have to be bigger than he. You walk in there and sizing him up, you say, "You measure smaller than I do. I can knock you flat. You shouldn't oppose me so much, you have no reason to." It doesn't make any difference if he is a man of high social standing. We have a saying in the Orient, "When you strip and skinny dive, you are always equal. When the judge and the criminal are naked, nobody can tell which one is which." Undaunted by your opposition, you invite yourself in to have breakfast with that minister. Of course, you feel crazy, and he may think you are crazy, but you must have that kind of guts! Otherwise, we cannot manage the rest of the ties.

2. The Job of Coordinating Our Activities:

Sometimes, you can give them $100 or $200 and tell them to spend it for the sake of their own people.

3. The Inter-Flow of Training:

Train the people together. In other words, your curriculum and their curriculum should follow one another.

4. No religious group will ever engage in political activities, but it can decide from which denomination the Senator will come.

Who will be produced as a senator will be determined by the religious group -- the super-denominational group. Of course, this is perfectly right to do so. Why are we doing the super-denominational activities? We must do the activities in such an order as to satisfy these conditions and bring the clergy to these directions.

C. The Tie with Laymen:

With the first topic we went into ties with the theologians; the next was clergymen; now we'll address the laymen. We have to make ties with the layman. Certainly, this is the least of our problem. The laymen of the Unification Church can become the layman of the Christian denomination. As easy as this problem is, still yet somebody has to take an initiative. We cannot depend on Christians to take the initiative, so Unification Church members should work on their own to make unity with the other laymen. How should we do that?

1. We must show the example in daily life, in practical daily life.

2. Second, while we are meeting, we exchange training.

Whether they are leading a difficult life or an easy life, you will take them around fundraising. If they need to raise the standard of their faith, then you will take them to training centers where they can join in the Bible study and training programs, You have to always show them around.

3. Third, there should be unity between the family and the church.

Actually the family should exercise a good influence over the Church and the Church should have a good influence over the family life.

4. Fourth, children, parents and clergymen should become integrated, should become one.

5. Again like the preceding chapters we should organize and rally.

Through the rally we strengthen ties and define the activities. So that is so far enough for the super-denominational activities.

IV. One World Crusade Activities

Actually the OWC's function and main objectives are: 1) To increase the membership, 2) To make ties with the society, and 3) To raise the standard of the society.

A. Increase the Membership

1. In order to increase the membership, we must have a fighting spirit -- a spirit that can fight hard, as in a combat encounter.

This means it is like fighting a war where we have no choice but to continue, pledging our lives. I mean it's like we have already died. That means in order to save our brothers and sisters (the brothers and sisters of our spiritual "family to be") I may die but I'll have no regrets. We must have this kind of resolution. For the satanic bondage holding our brothers and sisters is not a simple bondage. It may be a bloody fight indeed. Well, don't you think it's necessary? Sometimes we really have to have a bloody fight before one brother or sister can be restored.

2. Sacrificial Service and the Purpose We Serve through Sacrifice:

Serving by sacrificing ourselves means to become one with whomever we are trying to restore. If you serve just until he likes you and stop there, then nothing develops or is fulfilled. When serving someone by sacrificing yourself, you have to be connected with him so that he can tap the light of truth.

3. Man to Man:

In other words you can't just address many people and hope that one will respond to you. No doing things in that way, the result is the least assured. So you get hold of one person and don't let go until he is restored. That is more effective. Since this is OWC, the 1-1-1 is not one month but 21 days because they stay in an area for just three weeks.

And if OWC will fulfill this goal of 1-1-1 in 21 days, that will certainly stimulate State Leaders to do the same. State Leaders, when you go back and OWC is in your state, you will come under their method of working, As each State Leader remains in his state, and each one of the OWC teams will pass by, so you will experience the leadership and activity demonstrated by each of the three teams.. You will have the opportunity to learn three different ways of doing the work in addition to your own method.

B. Reversing Public Opinion About Us:

1. When stressing the point of justice and righteousness of our side, we should never be apologetic.

We should never be hiding anything or feel accused. We ought to be really confident. We have nothing to do with the sin of lying or being ashamed. If there is a single group that has nothing to be ashamed of -- then it is us.

2. We must show our dependability to them.

Before the mass media we will show these positions with absolute confidence. They can never present themselves as being fair if they report the wrong side and refuse to print the right side.

3. Organization of Media:

Frontier '78 was dispatched in a main effort to enlighten and (to some degree) educate the mass media people, correcting their unjust treatment of us. The main concern of Frontier '78 was how to give them a lecture program. So you can really conduct your individual activity of enlightening the mass media people. Do you understand? Round them up and organize them to effectively protect us and cover the just side of our activities. In the beginning we may have to do some extraordinary things. We may really be involved in some confrontations. We cannot always expect to be nice, courteous, and polite and still achieve our goal. Actually, the responsibility of showing the initiative is on us to exercise, not on them. So with what do we exercise the initiative over the mass media people? With a lot of the material showing where mass media did injustice to us in the past, we have plenty of material to protest to them. So if they continue with that trend, with a lot of this material as proof, we can demand that they change their unfair posture towards us.

4. Positive Propaganda:

We have to propagandize. The good things we have done and will do have to be said to them over and over until society starts understanding little by little. Some of the journalists are aloof and don't want to meet us. We will demand that they see us by threatening to clobber them for what they said letting them know that they aren't going to get away with it that easy. Now is the time to report it in the right way or we will certainly resent them and are ready to show that with our fists if necessary. If they don't listen and continue to report unjustly against us, we can write posters protesting their treatment of us.

Certain newspaper editors and big newspaper companies have offices with secretaries who will never listen to you. They completely ignore you and the suffering you've endured because of the unjust publicity of their newspaper. You write the name, address, and phone number of the bad editor who refused to see you, yet continues to slander you and continues to harm the Church. You cannot tolerate that -- this thing is going on in broad daylight in the biggest newspaper within this so called democratic, God fearing country. You write that on hundreds of placards and put it on the front door of that newspaper and everywhere in town. You challenge him and invite him to come out on TV in an open discussion. Tell everyone you're ready to counter him on every point -- to explain what points are incorrect and demanding to know the basis In fact of his reporting. If he doesn't come out, then you two are going to fight. You may actually have to begin a fight. Something has to happen before he will pay attention to you. You must understand that we just cannot ignore injustice all the time without end. We cannot afford to do that! The sacrifice is far greater than we realize. By doing that there will be more and more lives endangered and lost because of the bad impression many people would have of us. As long as they have a bad impression of us, they will lose their life and prolong the period of restoration. In ten years there will be millions of lives at stake -- all on their way to hell. So when we realize the real importance and deep meaning of our activity and the terrible price of their opposition towards us, we can really be audacious.

5. Insistent Propaganda:

We have to keep feeding them the right information. The newspapers go on doing their own one sided reporting -- nobody pays attention, or gets indignant. When OWC activities are over, they say "Well, now it's over. We can have peace again". Peace, nothing! So as long as any of our activity lasts, whether it is in the church, CARP, Super-denominational, or in Home Church, we need to keep protesting the unfairness of the media. We need to keep on propagandizing and let the people know what is the truth.

C. Rounding Up the Society Establishing Unity and Harmony Centering On:

1. College campuses and professors;

2. Existing Christian churches and Unification Church;

3. The harmony between various groups (whatever they may be) of society;

4. Organizations of the state leaders--they must always get together and be connected. That is all about OWC.

V. Economic: The Question Of Economics

A. Daily Life and the Economy

1. Establishing an Independent Economy

We must become independent in an economic way so that we can support the families we will soon be having -- through various living expenses. We need to develop the capability to become financially independent.

2. Cooperative Economy

This is running a restaurant, or small company under joint ownership.

3. Economizing Effort

This means frugal spending and extensive saving efforts.

4. We have to maintain the same living cost as the average members.

If everyone is getting by on $100 and yet we claim we need $500 -- that's not good. We have to have an average income. When we happen to have more income than average or income above what we need to spend then we should save it or invest it. We have to always equalize the standard of living.

B. Church and Economy

1. Tithe and Service:

Father doubts if you know about tithing because Father doesn't notice so many people doing it. Are you doing it and simply not showing it? Local churches or local states, no matter if their income is large or small, must always strictly observe the tithe. After setting the tithe aside, they should send that amount to headquarters. That is how the headquarters should be supported.

2. We must really understand that church life has precedent and is more valuable.

Church life should come ahead of your private life.

3. Common Property and Personal Property:

We really have to learn that we have to cherish common property more than personal property. Everybody knows to cherish their personal property so there is no problem with that; but, when it comes to common property, they sometimes misuse it. Often they think light of common property or even steal it. But that should never be done! What if you misuse common property such as church property? Then spiritually and materially, the church's wealth will decline.

4. The Tradition of Beautifying the Church:

Beautifying the church should be a tradition. When something goes wrong within the church or the building or its equipment, then you should repair it immediately. With such care, the church becomes more and more beautiful, more and more sound thereby cutting a lot of repair cost. We should establish this as a tradition.

B. Business and Cooperation

Ginseng Tea: Under the name of Ginseng Tea, everything is included: ginseng extract, ginseng tea and ginseng honey root. When you think of ginseng tea, don't think of it as a church activity. Immediately you have to relate it to your own future: "After I get blessed, ginseng tea will be the chief means of support for my family and children." This is truly in the future. So it's never for Father or for the church, rather it is for my future provision. Because you are always busy in witnessing and countering the opposition with no time to think about ginseng tea, people who have come to like you will think it's somebody else selling ginseng. Take this opportunity to get a strong idea that ginseng tea sales is all for you, for us.

State Leaders, have you had much interest in ginseng tea? Have you been paying much attention to it or shown any interest in it? Tell Father if you have been giving a lot of thought about ginseng sales in the past! Have you ever thought in addition to the function of a State Leader, you should at least sell one dollar of ginseng tea as condition for the sake of the sale of ginseng tea? Have you ever thought like that? Probably you've been too busy to even think about that. Maybe you thought that "I'm supposed to be working for my state. The ginseng tea will be sold by the Il Sung Company". What if Father thought that way? You could easily imagine what the future of the ginseng business would be. Therefore, Father is always stressing the ginseng tea business. Father has been spending so much time today to give you some deep rooted idea about this business.

Father gave you an introduction about ginseng tea, fishing business, furniture ventures, marble vase, Deli-sun Restaurant -- every major economic activity. Who is thinking seriously about any of these businesses as if it were his own business? Who is doing that now? If you simply answer, "Father", then who is object to that subject "Father"? "Children", I'm sure. If Father is really thinking day in and day out about the business, yet the children don't think about the business at all, how can you call them children? Has any State Leader thought, "I am busy with the state activities, but still, as a matter of principle, I must visit ginseng tea to see how Il Hwa is doing, where the company is how hard they are working, what kind of layout they have?" With this information, you can even pray for the business.

"I must visit Mr. Chi's fishing operation!" Have you ever thought that way? Because you haven't been concerned, shouldn't Father say something harsh like this? Or do you think Father should say, "You continue and not think if you don't want to." Should Father say that? Since Father is interested in and paying a lot of attention to that, shouldn't you at least visit the business once or twice, remembering them in your prayers and actually helping them sell. We must really learn to appreciate things -- that is the first step. Without that beginning point, no matter how much we gain, we will never appreciate that gaining. Eventually, it will flow away because we don't know the value of it. That's a frequent mistake of the children born of rich ancestors. State Leaders, after returning to your own state, wouldn't you visit all offices and established businesses? You would, wouldn't you? From now on, we will not only visit them but also we will sell it, we will even send someone to help them sell. We actually have to concretely help them sell. So this is why the caption, "Business and Coordination". You have to coordinate all different areas of business.

1. Ginseng Tea Sales:

State leaders should sell a set number of bottles of tea. Imagine how Father had to conceive this idea from the very beginning, laying the crude foundation out of nothing, watching it grow to a certain height. Then, due to a lack of initiative, Father has to really push the sales up again by encouraging the business members -- requiring Father to give a lot of positive talks. It really takes a lot of effort to maintain a business. You can see that to create one area of a business operation like this, is never simple and never easy. If State Leaders cannot officially sell ginseng tea, you can buy a certain amount of ginseng just to show your interest and concern. The ginseng tea office here will give instructions to deliver the tea to state leaders and charge the bill for it to the state. You will coordinate the sales of ginseng in that way.

We must begin to do that, to think like that, to practice that so by the time that we are fully grown, we can assume the normal function of adult children. When Father goes to spirit world, certainly we have to inherit every activity. It is never too early for us to start paying serious attention to various aspects of Father's business for it will soon be our own business. Please remember that, won't you?

2. Fishery and Ship Building Businesses:

Who is the Alabama state leader? Have you ever been to the shipyard? Who's in the neighboring state? Mississippi! Have you ever been there? Even though the shipyard is far from here, Father has an urge to visit there almost every month, even every day. When your state is right next to it and it only takes 3-5 hours to drive down there, shouldn't you pay a visit and give two or three hours of prayer? We must be interested in each other and coordinate with each other, then God will bless us.

3. Establishment of a Trade Company:

We should have a trade center like the World Trade Center. Do you know this trade company? The trade company is a special concept most recently developed. All area leaders when the company personnel are really working hard to establish the foundation, you should be ready to console them, asking them questions -- how are they doing and is there anything you can do to help them? Do they need some information or can you actually give some service? You should buy them lunch or dinner to help bring their spirit up. This applies especially to international leaders. When a central person of a company goes to each country, you should really give close attention to them, actually taking care of them. You should be concerned about how they are doing in a strange country where they never understand the language. Don't you think it is one central operation? If they happen to go to Italy, where they don't speak a word of Italian, but have to establish a branch office there, shouldn't the Italian leader visit them, asking them if there's anything you can help with, inviting them for dinner almost every day until they are well on the track? Whenever they confront a problem, then you really have to give unreserved, full support to them, because they have no foundation. You have to do a lot of things for them from your country.

Now the Trade Company: Of course, Father had this idea for the New Yorker and the Tiffany Building. The Tiffany Building is rather an expensive building. Father bought it cheaply, yet, it has been expensive property to hold. Father could have rented it out but for one year it has been vacant. Father was thinking that if he rents it out, it must be for a five or ten year lease. In other words, though it is your building you can't do whatever you want to do with it for the next ten years because of the leasing tenants. So Father would rather sacrifice that income for two years and during this time we will use them as display rooms or show rooms even factory rooms, office space, or various other parts of this consolidated trade company. So many of the floors and rooms have been left vacant; it's terrible in the economic sense! Father had more than three years in his mind for this future project. Don't you think that Father wants to run this multiple purpose trading company? That's the fashion of the world. Everybody that considers many alternatives, will take the trading company. Because everyone is very much involved in their own local activity, and are still struggling about it, then Father has to think about the trading company.

4. Furniture and Printing Businesses:

Now Father will make a different arrangement of conscripting carpenters or the members who have had previous experience in furniture making. Those countries who have experienced personnel in furniture making, raise your hands. How many in each country? Are you writing their names down? Give this top priority, as soon as you return to your country, please send them as fast as you can. Is Mr. Salonen here? Neil Shuckerow, is Neil Shuckerow in the conference or in the other room? Start writing a roster on one sheet of paper the members name and the country, then please hand it in.

5. Tongil Industries, Titanium Pigment, and the Jewelry Business:

Those countries who would like to have a jewelry company of their own set up, please raise your hand. So each country with their hand up, please send three people to France. Ten people -- no, regrets later. These countries are good because there is no visa problem. The jewelry business really has a lot of advantage, in that it does not need a big area to make it, yet it can produce a large income. You can move from one place to another ten times a day with no problem. Do you understand? It is a unique system, better than watch making. Father really has a lot of interest in the jewelry business and has already sent someone to do full research in Africa. Father has selected Bob Short, who was recommended by many people for his business ability (he happens to be of Jewish descent and there is a lot of advantage to being Jewish and in the jewelry business!). Women are especially interested in jewelry, aren't you? Once you learn the skills yourself, you will be self sufficient. The tools of this trade can fit into your purse. With them, you can really provide for your family. In one handbag you can pack enough to provide for your family for ten years. You don't need a big room, you can do it anywhere. When the Jewish people were in exile, constantly moving from one place to another, jewelry business had so much advantage -- all they had to do was pick up one small suitcase and they could move freely from one place to another. With a big warehouse, you could not do that.

Father thinks that advantage contributed greatly to the preservation of the Jewish people. That's how they acquired the skills so much and dominated the business.

6. The Butterfly Factory:

So each country will have to appoint one person to be the coordinator over all businesses of all the towns. Each country should nominate one person as this kind of liaison. Please report that now, so you will file it permanently. Please collect the butterfly in quantity: buy it, collect it, and send it over to America where they will pay for full butterfly. You can inquire about the technical details from the butterfly operation here. One thing we have to do urgently is to start securing our sales route. We are producing butterflies in quite a quantity now, so it's never too early for us. We have to seriously look for a sales route. Soon one by one, all the product that has been made will eventually be traded. Do you follow?

VI. Education

A. Nursery School:

Father will divide the nursery school into an eastern and western part. Whenever the Blessed couples have children, as soon as the child become 100 days old, they will put him in the nursery school. The school staff will take good care of them, better care than their mother would. So there were a few dozen mothers here who were nursing their baby and just couldn't think of leaving the baby. So, Father told them to bring their children to the nursery. In a couple of days, they missed them so much they were crying and felt so pitiful. Father gave them all a big shock: "Forget about your own baby and start looking for your own route to follow the path of restoration." Father did it, and Father, in some way, is still doing it. Pretty soon they adapted to it, and said it's better for the baby.

B. Kindergarten:

Do you think it is necessary or do you think we can get by without it? Who is going to establish that kindergarten? This Oriental Grandpa is doing that. What is the way it is supposed to be? Should your make it or should Father make it? So that you can do your witnessing, Father is exempting you from all these responsibilities. This is for the sake of America and the world.

C. Primary School or Grade School:

Do we need that? In the nursery school, they teach Korean language to children.

D. High School

E. College:

Those who have dropped out during their senior year of college, raise your hands. Those who haven't quite completed your degree yet, but have finished three years, raise your hand. Father urges you and gives you permission to get that degree or get the diploma even if you have to go to night school. Father wants you to qualify for the seminary, so whenever you'd like and are allowed to, you can enroll in the seminary. Without your degree you cannot do that.

Father is doing all this. You can imagine how much money is necessary. You may have heard of the Little Angels School. Without exaggeration, that is the top school in Korea. Many people have said it is the top school not only in Korea but all over the world. Father wanted the best school there is, starting from kindergarten to grammar school to middle school and high school -- completing 13 years of education.

VII. Media

A. Expansion of the Newspaper Company:

Father's immediate goal will be the same paper over the United States -- in each of the 50 states -- a national newspaper. There is a Manhattan shopper in printing already, production now. Some of you may have seen it and some of you already know that it is rather profitable. Shopping guides are a very futurable operation. Every state you should go ahead and begin that now. Do you know about the News World and what you should do now? Each State Leader will be the president of the newspaper. Now, in order to do that, you have to begin by writing articles. Before you become the president of a newspaper, you have to be a writer of a newspaper, a correspondent or a reporter for a newspaper. You have to start from there, from scratch. So each State Leader should begin to write articles. You can register as a correspondent for the News World. Do you all have reporter card? Some do. OWC commanders and all the PR members were issued reporter identification cards. So State Leaders would you like to have them also? Would you write at least one story every week and send it to the News World? Those, who think we can manage that, raise your hands. What if you don't? Then you will never have an experience about being a reporter. Okay to be honest, can you write an article once every two weeks (two articles a month)? Those who can do it, raise your hands! Who thinks they can do it? Stand up. Is News World out there? Please write your name and pass it along (list of names).

Complete the rosters of those people who oppose Unification Church, submit it with a picture. And those exemplary states, those states whose activity is most satisfactory, Father will choose a telex for them. Headquarters, which state church has a telex? How much does a telex cost? Maybe less than a $100 a month, isn't it? Do you think that a telex is necessary, or not so necessary? You can rent UPI by the hour? Maybe you can use UPI then. Did you hear that all State Leaders? When you have some articles to send, you should use the UPI circuit for free, because News World has a contract with them. Eventually all state headquarters should have a telex to eliminate a lot of cost by long distance calls. That's what the UPI is all about. We will be better equipped than UPI with a more modern, more complete, faster means of communication. Telex of course is the basic means of communication. Also, we have the tele-photo (picture sending) machine. So the newspaper production in each of the 50 states doesn't have to be independent. They can make it centrally here in New York. All they have to do is just wire an article and instantly the whole page can be sent by microwave into 50 states at the same time, that same instant.

All you need to do is to supplement with your own local addition, local news and local television and radio schedules. You could put the local things in an additional supplement. Most of the 24 pages, you can use completely in your state, you don't have to write your own. You can create a newspaper like that, thanks to technology. So each state, Father feels you would need to have 50 members, which is 1/4 of the New York central office. You should have an agency soliciting advertising, delivery crew, and a printing crew. All together, 50 people should be ample. Imagine how formidable and powerful such a system could be! There is no national newspaper! So we can begin our training by writing simple articles about the state. Do you all go to Washington tomorrow? News World will give you a minimum orientation about writing articles and about being a correspondent. Father indeed will arrange that you all receive an ID card as a reporter or correspondent of the News World. But you will have to fulfill the duty of writing at least two articles a month. If you don't fulfill that, then Father doesn't want you to just have the ID card and Father will rescind it. Sometimes it becomes very convenient, because whenever there is a big news story happening, and if you have your flag of your newspaper company, sometimes you can speed on the highway. When the police see you, and realize the car belongs to a newspaper company, they usually don't bother you when you're in a big hurry.

B. News Agency -- Free Press International (FPI):

That is the name, which is so close to FBI, which is all too familiar with average people, average citizens, not only in America, but all over the world, when they say FBI, they know what it is. So FPI, then they immediately associate with FBI, so they never forget, Unification Church has an FPI. It so happened that way. Actually, FPI is stronger than FBI, just by pronunciation.

C. The Establishing of a Research Bureau:

Actually the research bureau or investigative reporting is pretty close to the intelligence organization collecting information. And with the establishing of this organization, if you wanted to find out who is the policeman that is closely associated with the Mafia, then you would look right into it and come right back with a reply, And who is affiliated with the communists? You can know. Who is affiliated with the gangsters? If you are asked to look into it, within one week's time you can reply and follow up with a detailed report.

If you would try to look into those economic activities they will regard you as the industrious kind. But as long as you belong to a newspaper, you're usually dismissed from that accusation. You are free to conduct an investigation or do any research into any activity, because you are a newspaper correspondent. Do you understand?

Father feels that it's really necessary to strengthen our economic activities. The research bureau of a newspaper can be detective agency, A few out of all of you, can be selected to be sent to the satellite countries and even behind the Iron Curtain, to go there as a reporter, gather all the information that's necessary intelligence. This is a big step. Do you think for the practical purpose that we need this intelligence organization? Do you think you can be a part of it? You can go to Communist China if you want to tomorrow -- or freely travel to Russia. They are all necessary.

So these are the basic guidelines of your activities in 1979, so please familiarize yourself, you are first exposed to these concepts and ideas in fact, so read them over and over again. In fact, write it down, and hang it on the wall or put it on your desk and read it once in the morning and once in the daytime, and once in the evening. Completely and thoroughly familiarize yourself, with each step leading to the objective of seven activities. Completely familiarize with your guidelines. So today, February conference, Father gave you the complete guideline, whereas January first, God's Day, Father gave you the basic, principle guidelines. Do you understand? Let us pray.

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