The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Let Us Restore Our Homeland And Fatherland

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 14, 1979
Belvedere, New York
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Today we are known as Moonies. People outside our Church criticize Mother and me for being called True Parents because words such as "True Parents," "true children" and "true ideal" are difficult for people to comprehend. Truth is hard to find. Then how much more difficult it must be to find the reality or substantiality of truth. When you go to a library there are many books by authors who wrote according to their own desire and will, which they considered to be truth. But could their truth be incarnated into visible, substantial truth bodies? It is very difficult for scholars to turn their theories into reality. How much more true this is when we are talking about the ideal world or ideal life as a reality.

In order to have truth become reality, we need to go through a tremendous ordeal of suffering and tribulation. In order to find one true man, much suffering is necessary. Truth doesn't come through winning recognition from your fellow man but through being recognized by the ultimate one, the unchanging, Almighty God, His sovereignty and nation.

Throughout history people have been looking for true man according to their own definition, and have tried to evaluate men in light of that definition. Saints and prophets are most likely to be known as men of truth, and it is interesting that those who have been called saints always emerge from among religious leadership. We can name Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, and Confucius as men who have been known throughout history as saints, acquiring this title by agreement of the people.

Then let us recall what those saints did. Did they completely fulfill their missions, their life and ideal? The answer is no. Their ideal was not fulfilled in their own time but was left behind in their holy books, such as the Bible. All of those saints are now in the spirit world while their followers are now on earth teaching their ideals. But where are the true men and true women who are following the teachings of those saints? The true followers are those who are making the maximum effort to live that teaching, not just memorize it. Realistically speaking, how many in the Christian world can be known as true Christians? There are many theologians, priests and leaders in the Christian world, but where are those who can be known as the true followers of Jesus? In the ultimate sense there is only one. In other words, there is only one truth.

Today we live in a world where evil is all around us. If some true man emerged in this evil world, he would be an outspoken adversary, representing the exact opposite of evil.

In this evil world what criteria do we use to identify what goodness remains? Do you think we can find the true man among the well-known and recognized scholars, or among the downtrodden, suffering and persecuted? If a noted professor was a true man, would he hesitate to speak the truth for fear his reputation or prestige might be hurt? Suppose the true man was the president or king of a nation. Would he worry about upsetting people and losing his reputation if he said certain things? The person who is governed by concern for his own reputation cannot be a man of truth. The person who is born for truth is like a tank which goes straight ahead without any hesitation, even if it means digging a hole in a mountain or putting a bridge over a river. He would not think of going over or under but only of how he would penetrate and go straight through.

There are many crooked lines and one straight line. Which is the line of truth? Why the straight line? Truth is always the shortest distance between two points. This means there is no time to fool around. The true word is always shot straight, not flowered with adjectives. In Korean we say that a man speaks straight. Do you like to speak and hear straight words? It's not easy. Those who like to hear and speak straight words, raise your hands. You are not speaking straight. You are a bunch of straight liars. The person who sneers, "You Moonies" is really speaking to you straight, but you don't like to hear that, do you? Those who like to be told they are Moonies, raise your hands please.

When you go to your Home Church area and people slam their doors, saying, "You Moonies can get out," you think, "Why did I have to become a Moonie?" The person who says that is not a true Moonie. The true Moonies are the ones who are walking all six continents with dignity no matter what people say. To be a proud Moonie you must know the true definition of a Moonie. He is the one who can go to his parents and proudly say, "Father, Mother, I'm a Moonie. If you love me, you will listen to why I have joined the Unification Church." That person will have the power to inspire his parents to become Moonies also. He is a true Moonie.

In the Unification Church we have one super Moonie; if I am a true Moonie, you would want to pay attention to me and listen to my words. Do you know you have some invisible tail I can see trailing behind you? Is it true that the true Moonie shakes his tail and his head?

In our world what is the distinction between the good religion and the evil religion? One person says, "I believe so that I can be saved and have the best place in heaven." Another says, "I believe this religion because I find in it a way to save the world. I want to save the world." Which one is the true religion? Based on that, look at the Unification Church. Which one are we? Are we here just to save ourselves or to save the world? Is it a good or an evil religion? Did you say it is good because you are in it or because it is really is the truth?

When you wake up in the morning would you first look at yourself in the mirror, putting on makeup to make yourself look better, or think about the world and its fate first? You are unusual people, especially you women. Other women spend a couple of hours getting themselves ready in the morning. They do their nails and their hair, and spend an hour on their eyes alone. If I visited the sisters' rooms, would I find them messy or neat? You have an excuse for not being neat because you are busy 24 hours a day.

There is one Moonie who wants to spend every minute in his mission, ready to meet one more person at the end of the day, even though it means having no time to fix his room, while another insists that everything in his room be neat and right before going out. Which do you think is closer to being the true Moonie? If you are really crazy about your mission, you should be out 24 hours, but if you are out 24 hours and no one touches your room, it should be neat.

Moonies really have no time to spend shopping, but there are always those who take time to care for themselves and look sharp. On the other hand, those Moonies who take no time for themselves look like beggars. Will God come down to those Moonies and say, "Get out of here you smelly Moonies," or "What a heavenly fragrance you have. That is my smell." To those who wear cologne God will say, "I don't like that smell."

If God evaluates the way humans evaluate then He is not God. Something that offends the human nose might be fragrant to God, and that which smells good to the human nose might be a bad odor for God. God doesn't smell physically but spiritually.

One person follows his religion in order to protect his own well-being and another just forgets himself and tries to do one thing more for his fellow man and is willing to die for the world. Those are the two kinds of faith you can find in our world, regardless of the religion. Which is the true way of faith? This is why Jesus says that he who seeks to gain his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for Jesus' sake will gain it. Isn't that the immortal truth?

There are two kinds of single men and women. One thinks that his marriage comes first and that if he isn't matched next time, he just won't stay longer. Another says that he will do whatever he can to fulfill the will of God for mankind and will tell God, "Use even my marriage for the purpose of Your kingdom." Is there a rule that you can't marry after you're thirty years old? One type feels he has to marry by the age of thirty. Another feels that it doesn't matter whether the age is thirty or forty as long as he can do the will of God for the sake of the world. There is still another who is forty and says, "God, if You want me to marry I will, but if You don't want me to marry, it's no problem. I will still go on." Which one would you choose? Are your lips saying yes to the third one while your mind is saying yes to the first?

Here in America who are the true patriots? Are they the ones who are using drugs, alcohol and free sex? What about the person who enters the realm of the prostitutes to try to liberate even one person from that world? That person would be mistreated, spit upon and slapped. The prostitute might say, "I have a business here. Pay your money and you can do whatever you want. But you are a strange person trying to persuade me to leave this world. You are crazy." Which person is the patriot?

Moral corruption has become the American way of life. Taking drugs is common today. But no matter how small a minority you might be, isn't it patriotic to stand up against evil because you know it is not God's way? Nowadays most parents are anxious for their children to have boyfriends and girl friends, and they worry if their children don't date. In the midst of that a strong direction has come which proclaims that young people should grow separately until they are mature and can meet with God. Only after that can they meet with each other as husband and wife. Which is the way to national salvation?

I am being criticized because I am trying to change the behavior of society. I do not speak in soft tones. There is one way to go and that's it. Even you as my followers have some reservations. Some think, "Yes, I'm a Moonie now and I'm going to be blessed but I don't see anyone in the Unification Church who deserves to have me as a husband. The girl I used to date is better." You might want to ask to be blessed to your old girlfriend but because you know it doesn't work that way, you will have some complaint inside. Put yourself in my position. If I say yes to such requests, am I a true leader? Truth is straight so I have to be blunt and remain straight.

Most Moonies come to the Church with some string attached around them, making them prisoners of Satan's influence. You always have some rope and without even knowing it you are being pulled. In order to be a true Moonie, the first job is to cut the rope so you are totally free and independent. The true Moonie feels shame when he thinks back on his old life. If you don't, you are still stained. Is that the kind of Moonie you want to be? Are you trying to be pure and cut off your rope?

What about you women? You are working every day, but you are concerned at the kind of men you see in our Church. You have no idea with whom I will match you and you might feel scared to death at the idea of being matched to a certain person. Or maybe you want to be married to the man you used to date. Do you think in those ways? Or do you think that whomever I pick is the best one for you and that you will be happy with that choice through eternity?

Look at the way of life in the world. It is all a facade behind which the truth lies hidden. True things don't have a facade but are open and sometimes may not look very attractive. This world makes things look attractive but they are all fake. God and truth come opposite the way you might imagine. If your aspiration is to go one way, God always comes to you in the opposite direction. When something contrary to your opinion happens, I want you to consider the possibility that it is closer to the truth.

You walk on your feet, but suppose the heavenly man comes walking on his hands. He looks like an abnormal man, but would you accept that and still welcome him? When a person comes to you in an opposite way, ask in your heart if it is God's will and if you will accept it and be happy with it. If you accept and commit your life, thanking and glorifying God, then when your wedding day comes the most miserable looking man will turn out to be better than any movie star. He will turn out to be a heavenly, handsome man. In other words, that's the way God tests you.

Biblical teachings are full of seeming contradictions. As Jesus said, "He who seeks to gain his life will lose it, while he who seeks to lose his life for my sake will find it." That means that those who are willing to die and be miserable will find glory. The person who is willing to accept the worst possible husband will get the best husband. The men who are willing to accept the worst possible women will get the best wives. Those who want to be rich will live in absolute poverty while those who really want to suffer in poverty will become rich. Those seem like contradictions, but that is the way God works.

My case was the same. I told God I would marry according to His will. "If You want me to marry a crippled girl with one eye and half a mouth, it doesn't make any difference. I will do that if it is Your will. I expected the worst and God gave me the best.

Mother was very young when she was blessed and said that she didn't know very much. She didn't know about the world of men at all. With a prayerful mind just to do God's will, she accepted the challenge. Mother accepted everything in faith and service to God and came to be the True Mother of the universe. In the beginning I didn't expect glory and I didn't understand that position at all.

I want to put you in the worst possible circumstances so you can say, "I'm dying and I have no future. I'm miserable and pushed down to the bottom, but I shall do it for the will of God." I know that then the law of God will work and you will find the best life and the highest glory. That's why Jesus said, "He who seeks his life will lose it; he who loses his life for my sake will find it."

There are about 500 people gathered here and sometimes I want to give you the worst treatment so that everyone will turn around and leave, unable to persevere any more except for one crippled Moonie. That person will be the true Moonie through whom God can work His will. The blessing will go to him even though he is willing to die for the Parents without expecting anything. That should be the only reason he continues, not because he expects to receive great glory or blessing or power. Then all of a sudden I will say, "Open your hands. The entire blessing is yours."

I am pushing you all out so much to Home Church that no one can stand it and most of you want to give up. But there might happen to be one miserable man or woman who keeps going after Home Church. That person will become the Home Church king or queen and all the blessing of the Home Church will go to that person. There God's history will be written. That chapter will say that on such a year on such a day all the Moonies tried their best but couldn't sustain the pace and gave up. But one cripple remained until the last, determined to die for the sake of Home Church. God will build His eternal Home Church upon that faith, just as Jesus built his church on Peter, the rock. The men and women who remain shall be the rock of Home Church. That's the way the true man and woman are revealed.

In America there is a generation gap between parents and children. If parents really gave unselfish, fully devotional love to their children day in and day out, no generation gap could ever be created. The problem is that parents don't do that. They do not act as the true father and mother. They are even worse than false parents because they are half-hearted parents who are unconcerned and the children have no feeling toward them. Wealth doesn't bridge the gulf between parents and children. It's better to be in a miserable situation where the father and mother are struggling to feed their children because then the children can feel the true love of their parents. Then they will be much happier in their relationship.

Suppose there is a blessed couple with children in the nursery. The father is a missionary somewhere and the mother is trying to support the children with very little money. There are no luxuries for Christmas but the mother buys one small card and writes a heartfelt Christmas message in tears. That's the only way she can express her love on Christmas day and it is priceless, the very best gift of Christmas.

I've had the same kind of experience. Now I receive many gifts and many honors from all over the world, but far more than those things I value the tokens of love I received in my days in prison. The prisoners who knew who I was saved their rice powder, bringing it to me even though they were starving. No one in that prison lasted more than six months because the diet was pitiful. If any edible thing was sent from outside it was like a diamond, yet those inmates hid that precious little package from the guard's searches, saving it for my sake. That rice cake was far more valuable than East Garden or the World Mission Center because the truth dwelt in it. True man and true love can manifest in that fashion.

There are three categories you can fit into: true man, fake man, and those who are trying to become true man. Which one are you? I'm sure at this very moment the fake man was converted into someone trying to be a true man. A promotion came this morning, but that's all right because it's the whole purpose of my sermon.

Sometimes parents really push their children or spank them hard, but it is not out of a selfish motive. They want to see their children succeed and be independent, worthwhile people, receiving honor and glory from society. When parents really pray for the sake of their children and cannot sleep at night when something happens to them, it is an expression of true love. Truth can be found in such places, not in a glorious palace or luxurious hotel.

Compared to the religions in the world is the Unification Church a true one, fake one or one striving to be true? How do you know the Unification Church is true? Every time you come to Belvedere you hear something very harsh and difficult. I am pushing you to suffer. There is never one lenient Sunday morning when I say, "Okay, you have been working very hard, so everyone take it easy now. Take a nap." You have never heard that. I know you have been suffering and doing the best you can, but when you come to Belvedere I push you more. You could very easily say, "Father, I'm trying. Leave me alone!" Suppose your nose is broken and you say you need a rest. I will say, "Your nose may be broken but your two eyes are strong so keep going." No excuse works. It sounds like a cruel thing for me to do. Do you think I am so insensitive that I don't understand your suffering, and how you feel? I know, because I am like you.

I know my body wants to take a rest and go the easy way, but had I followed the mandate of my own body there would be no Reverend Moon and no Unification Church today. If I had been following the easy way and tried to satisfy my own body, do you think the five races of the world would call me Father and give their lives to me? Do you think that even though they are pushed so hard they would still go on without complaining? Those things cannot happen at random. If my way of life was totally opposite to God's way, God would have said a long time ago, "My son, you are doing too much. Don't try to make yourself and others miserable. Leave them and yourself alone. I don't like the way my children are suffering because of you." God would have called me to spirit world a long time ago.

I have always said, "God, if You want me up in spirit world I am ready any time. If dying will complete the mission, I want to die as quickly as possible." Then God replied, "No, my son, I need you down there." In effect God was saying, "You just push them more. We need millions of young people like that in order to do my will on earth. I need you to take care of young people and create a heavenly army stronger than Hitler's army or the communist army. I want to create an army for heaven which is strong in faith and dedication and love. Go ahead and create that army for me."

Do you think it's easy to make that heavenly army of love? In order to make that army do you think all I have to do is sit around in a big chair and give orders? No, the only way to create it is with sweat, sleepless nights and incredible suffering. You have seen my life for some time now, and knowing how hard I work you feel you are not doing enough. You see something great inside me, something you cannot measure. If you could measure it and size me up, you would not obey me or follow me because you would know you were bigger. You know the truth and how the truth comes about, so make up your mind that your entire life will be a life of service and a sacrifice on the altar.

Today's subject concerns restoration of the homeland and the fatherland. Do you have a homeland? Where is it? Is your homeland the place to which your father and mother are trying to kidnap you? So far in history true men haven't found a homeland. Then how could they have a fatherland? God told Abraham to leave his native land because it was no longer his homeland. In order to give Jacob the name Israel God chased him out of his homeland so he could overcome the danger of his elder brother's wrath. For nearly 2,000 years the Israelites were wanderers all over the world, chased from their homeland. Christianity was driven out of its homeland and went to Rome, where it suffered. Christianity has been wandering around the world. If Christians had truly found a homeland, would they be persecuted and killed? Even Christianity hasn't found a homeland where it is welcome.

Did Jesus have a homeland? He gave up his homeland. He even said to his own mother, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" There was no relationship between them, for he didn't call her "mother" but "woman." Jesus never acknowledged his brothers, but said that those who did the will of God were his brothers and sisters. The place where believers are dwelling is not yet the fatherland. You are the citizens of one country and have a place to return to as your homeland, but that is only by name, for you have no real attachment in your heart. There is no real protection for eternity but always threats. What is the father country of democracy? If it is America, what about Vietnam? Under the guidance of America, Vietnam wanted to create some democratic nation in the American pattern, but what did America do? She betrayed Vietnam and gave it up to communism. Today America is not serving as the true, eternal homeland of democracy.

Are public elections the way to pick the person God wants to lead the country? More than anyone else you know that elections are corrupt. Actually many communists are winning because they know people's frailties and buy their votes, trying to undermine democracy. Every way you look, this country is destined to fall.

Do you think Russia and China are the homeland of communism? Russia and China are completely divided today, fighting among themselves and trying to conquer each other. You never know which country will fall. There is a war going on now in Southeast Asia between Vietnam and Cambodia, which is actually a fight between Russia and China. Is that their homeland? There is no homeland for anyone.

Where is the destination and ultimate homeland of all men? Where can truth dwell in prosperity and be secure? It is a logical conclusion that the Unification Church today is heading toward establishing the heavenly homeland, the mother and father country of the heavenly people. It is our job to build the homeland.

Jesus could not establish the homeland; neither Confucius nor Buddha nor any religious leader has been able to do so. All kinds of ideologies were developed by devout Christians and communists who said they were trying to build the homeland of their own, or utopia, but it's impossible. Even with God behind him, Jesus could not establish the homeland here on earth. Then how could man-made ideologies like communism or democracy establish the homeland here on earth? No homeland can be found where man is striving to become the center and be god. The Renaissance movement was trying to make man god, driving God off this planet. For 400 years now that movement has practically thrown God out the window. Do you think anyone is talking about the homeland today?

Christians have no hope because the only reason they believe in Jesus is so that they can secure their own heaven. That ideology will not secure the homeland and father country for mankind. If there is some hope, it can only be in this new ideology of sacrificing oneself for the sake of God and humanity. Through this alone can we have hope to build the homeland and fatherland of mankind.

Let us explain the reason why Jesus and the saints failed to secure the homeland. They failed because the followers were thinking differently from their leaders. There was no oneness in their way of life or their thinking.

Throughout history religion has produced a great deal of martyrdom and sacrifice, but those people accepted that sacrifice and endured it passively. There has been no religious movement which has willingly and aggressively given itself to sacrifice, making this the pattern for building the kingdom. In the Unification Church there are people who are working for their own sake, and there are also people who are working and sacrificing themselves for the world, willing to die for the sake of mankind. In the ideal of God, which one is the supreme giver?

Suppose there was a saint who actually upheld his faith and was willing to be martyred so he could go to heaven. There are many such people in history. The young people of the Unification Church are not yet martyred or crucified, yet they sacrifice truly for the sake of the world, trying to give their sweat and labor every day. Even though you are living and they are dead, who is more precious in the sight of God? Then if you who are living are more noble, what if you are martyred? You will be even more precious in the sight of God. If you become a martyr in our time in order to save the world, you will be the king of martyrs in history. There is no saint in history who could parallel your sainthood in heart. The true martyr is the Unification Church martyr, and we have them already.

We walk this path for the sake of God and humanity, and for the sake of the past, present and future. Furthermore, we are going to liberate the spirit world and God Himself. Do you think the work is already completed or that this task is easy? Will that world finally come 10,000 years from now or do you want to erect it today with your own blood, sweat and tears? Why should it be now? If we lose one more year, we are actually losing 40 million people because in a year one percent of the world's population of four billion people die. All those people will end up in hell with no chance of salvation if we sit idle.

They will go to spirit world and say, "Why didn't you Moonies wake me and tell me about the Divine Principle? You didn't do your job so you are not a saint. You didn't love the world at all." We must avoid such accusations from spirit world and mankind. Therefore, while we are alive and I am here on earth, we are going to knock on every door in the world and let the news spread so that people can go to spirit world without excuse.

The providence of God has three stages: Old Testament era, New Testament era and Completed Testament era. Even though people oppose you, knock on their doors and make your appeal once for the formation stage, twice for growth and a third time for perfection. If they still reject you after three times, you have fulfilled your responsibility and they can't accuse you. Even if their ancestors are good people, they can't ask why we didn't take care of their grandchildren down here on earth.

I want to make my name known so that I can go to spirit world without any accusations from these people. Good or bad, my name should be known by all of mankind in their own lifetime. That's why I have done many extraordinary and even peculiar things. In 1975 I also sent out missionaries representing Europe, America and Asia to over 120 countries, including communist nations, so that the people in those countries would be without excuse. Our missionaries are in jail right now in some communist nations, but I told them that even if they must die there not to come back for three years. In those countries they have become lightning rods for persecution.

I want you to know that with the blessing of God my name has become controversial and has spread all over the world. It is God's strategy because whether my name is known in a good or bad sense, this is the quickest way for it to be known all over the world. No one alive today or in spirit world can say, "Reverend Moon, why did you only love America? Why didn't you do anything about my people and my country?" No such accusation can come.

Surely we have done a super job and now we are going a step farther. Not only is my name known all over the world, now we are knocking on every door. How can people say they didn't know me when I have been sending my own sons and daughters to their doorsteps? Sooner or later these people will end up in spirit world and then they will know the truth because in spirit world they cannot hide from the truth. They will know that this was the only way for ultimate salvation and that, although they had the chance because we knocked on their doors three times, they rejected us. They will grieve, "Even though the humble Moonies came to my door, I didn't know they were the greatest of all saints. I had the chance to associate with them but I was not humble enough."

Now you call the name of the True Parents. What is the duty of True Parents? They want to set two world records: first, to send their children out to the worst possible suffering, to the place of death for the sake of the world, and second, to truly love those children the most. Then in the spirit world the natural parents of those children will have to bow down in gratitude. The True Parents chase their children out to the world. Then you will become a central person in history. No love of natural parents can compare to the love of the True Parents, for they are making their children the natural sons and daughters of God. How can any parent expect more than that?

We talk about liberating God. No one ever heard of such a thing before. In order to accomplish that we must bend whichever way our bodies will go because this is not the kind of mission we can give up. I want you to understand that the title "Moonie" is not easily attained. You didn't come to the place where you can receive the blessing and end up in heaven by being idle and relaxed. You are here instead to create that heaven. In order to create heaven I gave up my parents, my brothers and sisters, my own family and children. I gave everything up and decided to die for the mission.

So far I have been disappointed with the blessed couples here in America. When they have one baby they think their mission is ended, and use that as their excuse for not participating. If by holding your baby in your arms you can liberate God and the world, that's okay. But there is much more territory to cover and a little child should not make you a dropout. The child wants to have great parents who set the tradition he can inherit.

The true land is not a fantasy of our dreams or in spirit world. The homeland and father country is going to be right here on earth where we are going to build one nation. That fatherland is the one place you can call your homeland. However, so far we cannot claim any nation in the name of God. Does God dwell in Washington or Moscow? Our duty is to build the homeland and father country centered upon God.

America has great potential and it if really could wake up to God's ideal this nation could be very close to that homeland and father country of God. America is the prepared land far more than Korea or Japan. Here we can see one nation in which all races and nationalities, all languages and cultural backgrounds come and live together in one harmonious pattern. All we need is God at the center. I came to America because God prepared this nation. I want you to understand that I have poured out my love and energy here even more than I did in Korea or Japan. I have invested more money, more energy, sweat and tears right here in America. In Korea we did pioneer missions strongly but I never spoke in public there. It was only after I came to America that I spoke publicly because I wanted to begin my public ministry with the world as the audience, not just Korea or Japan. That's why I came to America to initiate my public ministry and worldwide mission.

Without understanding this the State Department has sustained much animosity toward me. Even now Congress is trying to deport me somehow, but I am laying a strong foundation here and no matter where in the world I go, God's will shall be fulfilled in this country. God allows one homeland for all people, not two or three, and that homeland is where Adam's family lives. Who is the master of the homeland? God is master because He is the center of Adam's family. The physical center is whoever lives as the True Parents at that time. If Adam and Eve had fulfilled the will of God, their dwelling place would have been the first homeland of mankind, with father and mother united with God in the center and children united with parents. But because of the fall they all separated instead of uniting, husband from wife, parents from children, brother from brother. Instead of loving each other Cain killed Abel. False parents created a false homeland.

Satan created his homeland rather than God, and this has expanded onto the worldwide level. Every saint God sent to bring restoration of the homeland and father country posed a great threat to the satanic world and was killed. Therefore, God's people have historically been wandering, searching for and craving truth. Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Christianity have all been wanderers. I also have been a wanderer, with no place to really anchor myself yet.

We must expand our territory, with our brothers and sisters growing in numbers. Once the satanic people are found they are our brothers and sisters, not our enemy. Only Satan is our enemy. We must restore these people and thus expand our territory. You must not deprive them due to your small thinking. Think that if Satan works 24 hours a day, you will work 25 hours a day to restore your brothers. That's the only way.

I want you to understand that the true desire of God is to find the homeland. The true desire of the great saints is also to find the homeland and expand it into the true country of God. That's the hope of mankind and all religious people. Although that has also been the will and desire of God, what has happened to religious people? They have become the prey of communism, being eliminated one by one. The communists are the only ones who are growing, taking over more people every year. Who in the world can turn the tide around? God is searching for such a champion.

Moonies are God's only hope because they are the only ones who are trying to reverse the trend and create the homeland of God. Therefore, I want you to understand that at this very moment of human history the entire attention of God is focused upon you. Jesus, the saints, spirit world, all of history and mankind are watching you and what you do.

So far no one has known how to find the homeland. Do you know? Home church will not just make you a messiah to those people but also true parents to them. That is God's goal. If those Home Church people are really grateful and willing to sacrifice for kingdom-building, then we can talk about expanding into the father country. You shall be superior to any past saint, servant of God or patriot in history. That will be our tradition.

So that you can be this kind of person I will chase you out to the worst kind of suffering. On the other hand, I am prepared to give you the unprecedented love of God. That is the tradition we are going to build and pass on to later generations. I have never complained while building the basis for this tradition and you also must hand it down without complaint. By living this tradition you are building a bridge between yourself, your tribe, nation, world and the Kingdom of Heaven. Not only you but generations to come will walk across that bridge. By succeeding in your Home Church, you are building a bridge to the world and you are the pillar supporting it. You can reach out to the world and humanity will cross to salvation across the bridge you build. Five colors of skin must become one as brothers and sisters.

There is only one group which thinks in that fashion -- Unification Church, I am the only one who not only thought it but did it in my own lifetime. I brought a revolution to your hearts and your love, to your concept of nation and world, and to your concept of God. You have more precious value than any saint who ever lived, for your are nobler and purer than they. You have such great value and yet sometimes you throw it away like a piece of paper in the trash because you can't overcome some trivial disturbance or emotional problem. You cannot afford to lose this value.

We are talking about the eternal father country. Who will protect you? Even if you die in the Unification Church, you have protection because I will take care of you; God will also take care of you. How much more could you want? If you leave the Unification Church and die outside, no one will even look at you, much less take care of you. It would be no better than a dog's death. But even if you die in the Unification Church, your death has historical meaning because your True Parents and your God will guarantee your honor.

Your homeland is the place where your parents and true love live, and where there is a longing for true brothers and sisters. There is complete freedom in that homeland. Today it's true we don't have that freedom in the Unification Church. Because we have a mission to complete we are working in a disciplined crusade. Not only you are bound by your mission; I am too. At this time, living within this discipline is freedom and brings substantial tranquility because when you finish the mission you will have the entire homeland and father world at your fingertips. Then you can live and breathe it and enjoy it for eternity.

Therefore, Home Church is infinitely precious. It's almost like landing on the final terminal of God's dispensation. You can't even compare it to Armstrong's landing on the moon because then four billion people on earth watched. But when you land in the Home Church, all the billions of people of history will be watching from spirit world. You were not anyone special before, but by meeting with me and the Divine Principle you have become an historical person, a great saint. You can be proud. Is there anything you can't spare for this? Even if I have millions of dollars of debts it's okay because there is nothing I cannot give to fulfill this task.

Christians think they can buy their way into heaven by tithing one-tenth of their incomes. I don't give just one-tenth but everything, not to ensure my heaven but to bring all mankind into heaven. When you open your eyes, you will realize there is nothing more precious. No amount of dollars or diamonds could buy this life and no accumulation of earthly money could equal your worth. Compared to your position in history, the president or monarch of a nation has no honor and appears worthless. You are the universal Moses of the modern day, leading mankind into Canaan as the tribal messiah. Moses didn't even know clearly why he had to do the things he did, but you know because you have the truth.

We are going to the eternal homeland of God and our Parents, but you cannot return there without restoring Cain first, your elder brother. Unless you restore Cain, you have no escort with whom to enter together into the kingdom. Even if you restore your own relatives into the Church, as long as there is an evil Cain world outside, it can always destroy you and pull you back. Therefore, the Cain world must be taken care of first.

You must succeed in the Cain Home Church; then you can do one more Home Church in your hometown and bring your own family back to God. Not only your Cain Home Church but your own parents and brothers and sisters will really bow down to you as they recognize you as a saint. While I was busy building my Cain Home Church, my parents and brothers and sisters, my Abel Home Church, all passed away in North Korea. But still I must go on to restore the father country and the father world.

You must find your homeland and father world. If someone asks you where you want to die, you can say you want to die in the homeland, which is situated in the home country. That is not just America but all of the world. As long as the world is transformed into the father world, anywhere can be your homeland. Home church, where everything shall be solved, is the bridge to unite the physical and spiritual worlds.

Even if tens of thousands of Moonies sacrificed at one stroke, you could not even dream of achieving what I have achieved in the covenant that was made and fulfilled between myself and God. Now you have to do it because I have pioneered it all. The task before you is to become the tribal messiah. How incredible it is for you to become a messiah, especially on the national and world levels. Our mission is to restore the homeland. Would you do it even though your eyes pop out or your tongue is hanging out? Even if the nation comes against you and strikes you, would you do it?

When you die in your Home Church, your people will bring your body to your homeland and make a shrine at your tomb. Abraham and Jacob died as sojourners in foreign lands such as Egypt, and many centuries later their descendants dug up their graves and brought them back to their homeland. But that's not good enough. The Egyptians should have done that, making a shrine for Abraham and Jacob in Israel, but they couldn't because there was no Home Church. You will live and die in your Home Church. Then your Home Church members will honor you. They will bury you in your homeland with great honor and pride. 360 homes will mourn your death, following your coffin to the homeland. If you can accomplish that in your Home Church, you are a hero and a saint.

When I die do you think my own children would take me to the homeland to be buried, or would people from all over the world participate to glorify my work and bury me? All Unification Church members will mourn me. If you live and die like that then when you are elevated to spirit world you can say you have lived for the world, giving your life for all people. There will be proof to be seen because when you live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

Now you understand. Shall we restore the homeland? Unless you find your home country, you cannot find home heaven. Today you clearly know that, don't you? In order to find the father country, we can even sacrifice the homeland because the lesser can always be sacrificed for the greater. This is the way we can truly build one nation under God, not just one nation of America, but one country including the entire world. Here in America not only Americans are working but Orientals and Europeans as well; we are not working for the one nation of America but for our one father country of America, our father country of heaven. Whatever your nationality, you feel like the host and hostess of this country because that's why we are all here.

We are jumping from one land to another. First we are entering the homeland and then jumping to home country, to home world and home heaven. How would you create the homeland? Home church is the formula by which we can find homeland, father country, home world and home heaven. When you love your Home Church more than you love anything else under the sun you can unite the entire world. The only way to unity is through love. In the Home Church you are like a star shining in the darkness. More stars are visible at night, so when God looks down at the world He will see one, two, ten, one hundred, a million lights and soon their light will melt into sunlight. Then God will come down, saying, "Let's have a tour. Reverend Moon, come beside me. Invite all the people you would like." Then I will invite all the heroes and heroines of Home Church.

Do you want to go back to your home country? When Christmas comes you feel you must go home. Is that your homeland? Which is closer to your homeland, staying in the Unification Church at Christmas and working or going home? This is why I do the same. The easiest way I could live would be to go back to Korea. There I have a home, and many people are waiting for me. Furthermore, in Korea I don't need an interpreter. I have absolute freedom there because I know the customs and cultural background and can do things more directly. Here I have many more things to worry about because people are watching with a different point of view.

Now I have a lot of pressure from letters from Korea saying, "Father, Mother, don't spend your birthday in America this time. Come to Korea. We'll give you a better birthday." Even though you celebrate my birthday and have singing, in Korea the singing is in my language and moves my heart more. But still I stay here. Why don't I go back home? Because the world is our goal. I am like a hero there and because there are no locks on the doors it is easy to do Home Church. There are no burglar alarms or watch dogs. But I want to succeed here in America with you because this is the microcosm of the world, the representative of all mankind where all races are brought together.

I want to set the tradition of Home Church here in America because this is the shortcut to the world. Would you like that? Then here is straight talk: die for the mission. I make Mr. Pak suffer because I want to make him Mr. Home Church. Then he can do the same to you and bring your success. For what are we doing that? For Mr. Pak? For me? No, for the sake of God and the world.

You can go many places with a U.S. passport, but in the near future I want to see the passport to the Kingdom of Heaven where you can go anywhere with dignity and power. With that passport you won't need a visa to any country because before you get to the country the door will be open already. The immigration office won't exist to check your passport but to give you a glorious welcome. Furthermore, you can get a free passport to the Kingdom of God in heaven. There will be no visas needed to enter. You can go right into Heavenly Father's place, embrace Him and say, "Father."

That "Father" is not an ordinary father, but Almighty God, the king of the universe and queen of all things. He has infinite love to give and when you embrace that Father as His son, even you will become a god. You will possess not only everything that belongs to Him but also God Himself. You can own God. This is the ultimate destiny of all mankind. Even after your death you cannot stop until you reach that goal. However, if you reach it after death, you have nothing to be proud of. But if you reach it on earth while your heart is beating and you are giving your sweat and tears, that is something you can be proud of throughout eternity.

You should feel that your life here on earth is endlessly precious. "Why is time running so fast? Slow down. I have more work to do. I must build the kingdom and do more Home Church." That's the way you must feel in your life. You have heard that IBM has great computers but God's computer is the best. Every action here on earth shall be recorded in heaven with one push button. When you go to heaven, God will say, "I want to show your record of Home Church to the people here in heaven." Then He will push a button and your own Home Church movie will be on the screen. There will be no comparison to "Superman." You have been hit, kicked and spit upon, knocked unconscious; you prayed and struggled. The audience in spirit world will cry. Then finally God will begin to cry.

I want to make that kind of movie and God is filming it now. God is filming you now. In a way it is good competition. White people will be seen by white ancestors, black people by black ancestors, and yellow people by yellow ancestors. They will want to know what the white people, the black people and the yellow people did. If the white people turn out to be last, your ancestors won't like that. If the black or yellow turn out last, their ancestors won't like it.

Thirty MFT captains around the country had a contest and the top seven were Japanese. This is a Japanese country so it's logical the Japanese should have the best record, right? No? Then why do the Japanese people work so hard and make the best record? America and Japan have been enemies, but now it doesn't make any difference. The Japanese are not working for America but for our mutual homeland.

If this movement prevails, the national boundary will automatically vanish. On January 14, 1979 you can say, "Well, Father, in 1977 and 1978 we didn't know too much about this but now in 1979 we know it and we will do it. We will set the world record." Even with opposition would you do it? Even if you are put in jail? All right, do it. I want to watch you. Thank you. Let us pray.

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