The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The Original Base Of Cosmic Completion

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 16, 1979
Translator-Bo Hi Pak

We think individual perfection and national problems are big topics, but cosmic completion is a very big topic! Yet this is the goal of all mankind, and God as well has been looking forward to it. Why do all these cosmic entities exist? Once in a while both men and women think about all these things and about why they are here. God must sometimes think about why He created all of this. These are all created for some purpose, so through which route can we accomplish this goal?

God is in action, not standing still. He is living, so His activity is continuous. Men and women keep moving, and the nation and world are also in motion. We cannot go blindly in a certain direction. If God is moving in a certain way then He must have some goal and purpose. Why then would man move toward God? If God is subject and His creation is object, could their goal and purpose be different? The overall purpose is eternal and unchanging. Whether God is moving to the East or West, He has to be moving toward that purpose.

When kids get out of school for vacation they scatter in many different directions, but when school opens in the fall they have to come back again. The school brings them back in order to move them in a certain direction. The members of a family can be scattered around the world doing many different things, yet they all think of themselves as part of one family. The hostages in Iran have one desire that is unchanging-that is to go back home.

God has the freedom to maneuver throughout the entire universe, but He is anchored by one thing He always returns to. Is that thing a mountain somewhere, or a beautiful resort area? A place where great music is played, or some disco hall? It is definitely not a place where there are squabbles and fighting. His base is a place where harmony and joy are abundant. Where is there such a place? Where is the center and anchor of such words as peace, joy and freedom? If they are anchored in True Parents, what are they? They are centered upon love, without which nothing remains.

If there is a big bag of love somewhere, when God enters it He will be intoxicated with joy. All His billions of cells would be melted by the experience. Even if He was very upset and irate, once He entered the bag of love He would be completely melted and as happy as a spring day. If you give God a shot of love, it would be like drugging Him with opium-everything else just melts away. When God begins to laugh then the entire cosmos will shake. When God says, "Mmmm, good," the entire universe will buzz.

The same thing can happen in a home. If the father is filled with love then the mother can be happy and the children will be relaxed. But if the father is very stern and upset, the mother and children will be on edge and a little scared. On the other hand, if the mother is filled with true love then the father will be affected because it is contagious, and the children will be melted by that love. The same thing can be said about the children-if they are filled with true love then it will overflow and even their parents can be melted by it.

If there is a gigantic super-bottle filled with the sweet honey of love and someone could stick the top of the bottle in his mouth, would he want to release it? He wouldn't care about anything else except holding onto that bottle. Would he worry about falling down from the top? He wouldn't even think about how it could be made better in some other way, but would just hang on to it, showing his happiness with all kinds of gestures and motions. Perched way up on top of the bottle he would be in a dangerous place, but he would hardly care.

Everyone is making an effort and pursuing a certain direction to get to that bottle. If everyone had a pipeline to that bottle of love, would anyone be unhappy? Everyone would concentrate on getting that line in their mouth and sucking very hard to taste the love. Because it would be coming to them over a long distance through a narrow pipe, people would start cutting off sections of pipe, trying to get closer and closer to the source so they could get more love. The closer they get to the origin, the wider the diameter of the pipe and the more love they can get. Some people might be content to settle down once they cut off half of the pipe, but those who truly know the value and the exquisite taste of love would keep cutting the pipe off until they get right to the bottle. The pipe is not easy to cut, however; it is tougher to cut the pipe than to do MFT work.

It is man's innate nature to want to pursue something great and noble, and he makes a constant effort to get nearer to his origin. In this super-bottle you can find all the things men ultimately desire-joy and harmony and peace-because it contains love. In love you can find everything. How much would you pay for that? Would you pay even with one eye? or both eyes? Could you give up everything except your mouth? Could you swap the whole American continent, or even the whole world for that love?

If God is omnipotent then could He only make one bottle of love, or could He make millions? If several champions managed to cut through all the pipe and eventually arrived at the very top, would God decide He had better make one bottle for each person? If you had a whole bottle for yourself, what else would you need? There is no way you could put it down; your mouth would stick to it instead if you tried to pull the bottle out. Recently in Gloucester I saw a couple in love sitting together, and that man and woman never moved for ten minutes. If even in the secular world men and women could be that intoxicated by love, how much more would they be enthralled with true love?

Once true love comes to you, nothing else matters at all. If God had a bottle would He allow anyone to tell Him to put it aside? Do you agree that love has that power? Men are pursuing true love, and women are after true love, and the whole world and the universe want true love. Are there any exceptions? Everyone has different opinions, but on this subject the vote is unanimous. No one is dozing this morning. If everyone is wide awake when they only hear about true love, what if you had a little smell of it? Your eyes would pop out! And if you actually tasted it what would happen?

The atmosphere of spirit world is made of love, and you breathe that air all day long. Every single cell breathes love. True love is almighty, and with it nothing is impossible. If your husband is ugly, you might wonder how you could feel true love from him, but in spirit world he would be the most handsome, attractive man you have ever seen if he has true love. You see your face in the mirror every day, but do you remember what it looks like? Sometimes when you see a picture of yourself or look in the mirror you think you are pretty attractive, while at other times you disagree. But when you look with the eyes of love you see nothing but beauty.

When you look at something too close up you can't see it very well. You can't see your eyelashes very well, for instance. To really evaluate something you need some distance. If you look too closely at yourself, you have no way to know yourself. But when your mind and body are united, you are not seeing your physical body; you are seeing your spiritual state when you look at yourself. Recently I spoke with a woman who came to see me. Initially she looked ugly, but as we spoke, her face was changing, and after several hours she looked very beautiful.

You learn in Divine Principle that we grow through stages. There is no ugliness in the perfection stage, and every divine spirit is a shining beauty. You have a body and a mind. Everything in the cosmos connects with that body and mind. Spirit world contacts your mind and the physical world contacts your body, and a vertical line is formed in the center. In the Orient there is a saying that a righteous person has a straight mind. It means that a person has a central vertical line where mind and body meet. If such a person commits himself to something then he will fulfill it. Thought and action meet at that one line.

There are many people who say one thing and do another, moving in a zigzag fashion. But if your body comes to join your mind, they form a straight line. Your state of mind produces thoughts, and then your words and deeds should come in a straight line with them. When mind and body are united, they form a straight line. That is the kind of person we want to become. The spirit and physical worlds come together through you, and you should want to meet them in a straight line. Many people resent it when the spirit world tries to meet the physical world through them, so they leave only a very narrow hole open. If your body is closed then your mind is also closed and there is not much room for spirit world to come in.

The process of education is always trying to open wide the door of the mind, and once your mind is wide open then your actions will be wide. Racial discrimination means simply that blacks have a narrow mind toward whites, and vice versa. Education is needed to open their minds to convince them that we are all one brotherhood. Is the best way to persuade someone to open his mind to warn him he will get cold water thrown on him? Or would you tell him that he would be filled with love? He would open the door wide to love. After that no door would even be needed because it would be standing open all day anyway.

Once the door is open, your physical actions will be wide also, and once your door is open wide enough no one can close it. Then that person is filled with love. This is how the Kingdom of Heaven is invisible. The fall of man closed the door of man's mind, and thus the body was also shut. What power could open such a tightly closed door? Certainly not money or power. Oriental women are very protective of themselves, covering themselves entirely with long dresses, and in some countries even using veils to cover their faces. But when love comes they open everything.

No one would slam the door on the prince of love, but would beg him to enter. Would you show him right away to the bathroom, or show him to the best chair in the house? Perhaps you would not be sure even then that he would stay, so you would want to lock him up. Where would you lock him up? In your heart. The problem is whether your mind is big enough to lock in true love so it won't escape.

Would you gave extra room in your mind even if you put the whole super-bottle of love into it? How would you use such a great mind-for raising money, or to study law, to pursue a career? You would want to invest it for the sake of love. There is no limit to what your mind could do. Does the President of the United States have the biggest mind? How does it compare to a Moonie's mind? Only if you are centered upon love can you say your mind is bigger, only if you love all five colors of skin and the whole world. There is no limit to how big we can make our minds. A mind can wrap up God and the whole universe and still have room left over. You want to have contact with bigger minds and bigger things, don't you?

Where can we find the original base for cosmic completion? Particularly in these few weeks before Christmas you are thinking about what you want to give people, so you think of this super-bottle of love. In order to secure that bottle you need to be willing to go any route necessary, including MFT, where you get so tired. When you feel so tired that you don't want to go on any more, think of the super-bottle. You must think you won't quit until you can grab hold of the top of that bottle. Every day you are chopping some more off the pipeline, and you have some intuitive idea how much more remains. If you have been a Moonie for twenty or thirty years but you don't know how to make the pipeline shorter, you are wasting your time. You have to know how to get closer. Your attitude must be, "Let the people curse me and criticize; I don't care because I am too busy cutting away at the pipeline."

When true love is in the center then even God is circling around because His goal is true love. Man's life is also rotating around true love. Women as well. I want to make a bigger super-bottle for women. A baby is centered on true love. What about birds? Why do birds sing? Male and female birds are talking about love when they sing. Are there only male insects? Because there are male and female insects then even in the insect world there is true love. On the atomic level there are electrons and protons, and they rotate around in give and take. Even on that level there is a certain kind of love.

All these loves can be linked together. What kind of thread connects them? Only true love. Any arrow except that of true love would hurt you, but when true love penetrates you, you love it. Doesn't this apply only to white people? A mother longs to have the love of her sons and daughters. She would want to be hit by the arrow of her children's love and by the love of her husband and the love of God. A husband wants the love of his children, his wife and God. Then he feels fulfilled. The world of the animals follows the same principle. In love they multiply, generation after generation.

God also wants to be with father, mother and children. Wherever father goes, the mother and children want to go. Wherever the children go, the parents want to accompany them. Everyone wants to be penetrated by the love of God, their spouse and children.

This is why the Unification Church ideology revolves around the heavenly four position foundation. Its completion brings the fulfillment of all. In that framework you meet everyone-husband, wife, children and God. No one argues there over whose love is better or worse. There is total harmony even without words being spoken. Give and take is automatic there, not conscious. This is where the universe draws its power. People sometimes debate who started the movement of the universe. but here we see that when love unites, action automatically begins. The power of true love is the power to start the universe moving.

When a husband and wife are in love they don't have to plan how they will love each other; it is automatic. When there is true love, then harmony is automatic. The action of true love heads toward eternity; it is not temporary. Thus, we can conclude that God is the origin of true love, and so He is eternal and always in action. His existence is automatic. With true love God can be self-existing, self-perpetuating and self-motivating. When true love is activated, there is always harmony, and they don't stand still to hold each other but turn round and round. The globe is turning, and all the planets revolve. Could money cause them to turn? Power or knowledge? No, only true love could do it.

True love is self-existing and self-perpetuating. Our goal is that very love. With love in your heart you have energy inside and you keep moving. You want to do something about it because you cannot stand still. The Unification Church has been persecuted and ridiculed but we never lose energy because we have unlocked this secret. We have the power of love. I have been opposed my whole life, yet I never get tired. I am self-motivating and always in motion. If I am pursuing money or power then there is a limit, but there is no end to true love.

The universe and God are moving with me wherever I go in my pursuit of true love, as well as all nations. Based on this principle, if I am moving toward this goal then all mankind also have to be moving with me; that has to be their goal also.

True love alone is self-generating. If you try to force two chemical elements together, will they obey? When their natural subject-object relationship is established then you don't even have to tell them to unite; it is automatic. God is eternal because He has a plus element and minus element which always have give and take. That is the most perfect principle we have. We are talking about God's dual essentialities, and it is a tremendous discovery.

The universe always mandates that you must unite mind and body, and then you will be your true self. If your mind and body are united then you can stand before the whole universe with dignity and pride. Do your two eyes see two images? No, they form one image because they are united. Your nose has two openings yet you don't breathe two different ways. Your mouth has an upper lip and lower lip which work harmoniously. Imagine what it would be like if they worked in separate directions!

You have two arms so your two hands can work together and come together to pray. Each time you take a step you are making a four position foundation on the ground because two components come together to make a line. Is the ideal for plus and minus to make a zigzag or a straight line? Would you prefer a short or long line? Usually you want something to happen in the shortest time, and the shortest distance in horizontal time and space is vertical. The more intense your give and take, the greater the tendency to become vertical.

Who was the closest to Adam? After God, who was closest, closer even than Eve? Adam's own self was closest. The important question is how close you are with God. How distant you are is what concerns you. God is the highest and you are low, yet the two are linked. If you are united with God then you are as tall as He is and as noble. Your physical position doesn't make any difference. It is man's built-in nature to want to be higher than everyone else. If you want to be the highest then you have to stand right in the center, with the absolute conviction that you and God are one.

Then you need a horizontal relationship, and the closest one is your mate. How can you make your vertical relationship wider? Through love in a horizontal relationship, specifically, with your mate. Once a man becomes one with God and a woman becomes one with God, then they have a right to search horizontally. Until the age of 21 you are busy uniting with God. When you are confident you are one with God, you can search for your mate and nothing can break that relationship. Then your central, vertical line becomes thicker because you are no longer only one. Then your area of motion increases.

When children come then your territory and realm of activity become even wider. You start out tall but then get wider and wider. How wide do you want to be? Wide enough to become a round sphere. After restoration of the family you move on to restoration of the tribe, clan, nation, world and universe, and ultimately you become completely round. What is the center, the nucleus of it all? That is true love between husband and wife. People have never known this.

As a man you are responsible, not just for yourself as an individual, but for half of the universe. Each woman is responsible for the other half of the universe. A man is half of God. A woman is the other half of God. If they are pulling each other with true love then they will meet in the center, and the result will be something like the dramatic special effects in the movies. When true love meets true love would the outcome be brighter or dimmer than lightning? Did you ever imagine it would be brighter than lightning and louder than thunder?

How can you imagine it? You have never come near to true love. The only love you have known is far from true love, and only genuine love can generate that power. If Adam and Eve had come together in true God-centered love, the entire universe would have felt the explosion. That should have been the greatest event in the universe, bringing the greatest light and the greatest laughter, dance and music. It would have been the most colorful, dramatic event in the universe.

When a male and female dove are in love they sing when they meet. Do you know why a dove is the symbol of peace? I think that among all the animals the doves express their love most beautifully in sound. For the sake of true love you can cry so much that your eyes ache and throb. Any event that happens because of love is good. True love is sacred and holy, but love in the world today is dirty and impure. The greatest thing in the universe has been stomped into the ground and made filthy. We have to rebuild and purify love.

When you talk about the highest possible holiness are you talking about one or two qualities? Can you have pure love with more than one person? Many of you are now engaged, and your relationship should be sacred and noble. You should never look around and compare your fiancée with any other man or woman. When you are chosen to be a living sacrifice on the altar you become a holy sanctuary. Do you married couples ever have unhealthy ideas? The universe itself would not allow such a departure from cosmic law and would cause you to feel pain in your conscience. When you feel pressure and guilt, it is the universe warning you that destruction is taking place.

When the educational system centers upon unity of mind and body, upon making one whole person, this nation will be completely different. Without parents you cannot be a component of the heavenly four position foundation. Parents are essential. Also, unless you become parents, your four position foundation is not complete. The gay movement is the new avant garde in American life. That relationship is centered upon sensual love and it cannot produce children, so certainly it goes against universal principles. Those people will be judged according to cosmic principles, which would not allow this.

Why do you feel sadness if your loved one passes away? What power makes you cry? Why do you feel sadness if your children die? You know automatically that it means you are prevented from completing the four position foundation. When a wife dies, her husband is then an incomplete or imperfect element of the universe. Then the universe says that he is not fully in harmony with it, and when the universe rejects a person he feels sad.

In spirit world, however, the connecting line of love remains. In the sight of God the spirit and physical worlds are one. But you must consummate perfection here on earth, and when certain components of that perfection are absent you feel sadness. Each time you practice love, you are widening your own territory of love, both here on earth and in heaven. Though you might think you are dedicated to forming the heavenly four position foundation on earth, you might be blinded temporarily by difficulties. Then you might try to draw your husband or wife away. Rejecting the universal purpose for your own point of view is the greatest violation of universal law. In that case it would be much better to cut off that component, and then God will give you a better one.

If Adam had refused to have anything to do with Eve's temptation, telling her she had no relationship to him any more, and then gone to God, God would have created a better Eve for him. But instead, Adam followed the path of the fall and started the generations of fallen history. If you don't want to do the same then you must cut off anything that would lead you in that direction. If you don't know the core principle then blindness will set in. There is a recent instance of a wife feeling she couldn't go on any more, and her husband allowed himself to be led away. There is no compromise in the Principle. If there is any negative component in the four position foundation, chop it off. I have demonstrated this myself.

Women are the most responsible for bringing the children into unity with the four position foundation. A woman played the key role in bringing down the dispensation when fallen Eve persuaded Adam into her circle. There is a dangerous situation today in America in which women exercise tremendous influence over men. If they can bring their men to the righteous side, bearing the cross without complaint, then they are great women, but most likely they will not do that. The men usually listen and follow the women.

The men have to restore their subjective role. Women's liberation has gone too far so there should be men's liberation! The other day I saw one man on the street wearing signs saying that men's rights have to be restored, and men should be liberated from the tyranny of women. What I am saying today is not just my own thinking, but derives from the cosmic principle. If you violate these laws on earth, you are destined to hell. If you women think I am being unfair, you can picket and demonstrate against me. But first ask God if you should demonstrate, and He will answer you very clearly. You should know this truth completely. Would you want to influence your man away from God's way?

Through Eve, Cain and Abel should assume their rightful positions, but Cain's world will not submit easily. There is a boundary between the satanic world and the heavenly world. The original concept of the ideal creation is that God would have dominion over the world through love. Love has the power to dominate, but it never uses force. Instead of striking Cain's world, you subjugate them with love. That's the universal principle.

Eve and Abel must work together to restore Cain. Abel should inherit the birthright of the elder son. Since Cain is also Eve's son, once Eve becomes involved there is hope to restore Cain. Eve and Abel should go to Cain's world to serve and convince it with love to give up the birthright to its rightful owner. Cain's world became fallen because of satanic love, so it will be restored with heavenly love. That love has to be love that is stronger and more intense than satanic love to melt Cain's heart. Whether fallen or not, every creature reacts to the power of love, so Cain will be won over if he can receive constant, pure love. Then Cain's love can also be purified. Our role in Abel's position is to go to Cain's world and give unconditional service and love for seven to twenty-one years, receiving all the rejection and resistance that world can give until it has to surrender to our love.

Because of the sequence of the fall, women have suffered very much throughout history. I am very sympathetic because they have borne the heavier burden. If a woman unites with the heavenly subject then naturally her husband will be in a position to be jealous and try to separate his wife from that subject. If his wife persists then her husband will become like a wild man, beating her and locking her up. Inevitably there have been some difficulties, but this has been the historical position of women. They have borne the greater burden in making restitution for initiating the fallen act.

If a couple has children and they see their father unjustly persecuting their mother, some of the children will inevitably side with the mother. They will resolve to protect her and serve her cause on the Abel side. Even if a child initially thinks his mother is unloyal to the father, he will conclude that his father is too harsh on the mother, and stop supporting him. There are many women in history who have been beaten so much by their husbands that they fainted. But these women should feel no resentment, asking instead that God forgive their husbands, praying that they can understand. They should never ask God to bring vengeance.

In family restoration you must live the tradition of loving your enemy and asking God to forgive him. If the mother upholds God's position and keeps forgiving, then sooner or later all the children will come to her side. When the father sees that no one takes his side, he might still try to attack the mother but the children will shield her and declare that he has already done too much to this woman, who has actually done nothing wrong. If he persists, they will tell him he should go away and leave all of them alone. When the husband sees that continuing the fight is fruitless, he will surrender and apologize.

Should men or women initiate this kind of love campaign? Why shouldn't the women ask God to get rid of any men who block the heavenly campaign? Because of restitution. The fallen process has to be restored by reversal. Eve enticed Adam, so women on the side of God should entice the men back to God's side. Through that process the historical pain of men will be restored. Women first bring their children to Abel's side, and then ultimately their husbands will repent in tears. Events in the garden of Eden must be restored through indemnity.

Knowing this process, you Unification Church women are in a position to be reprimanded by men. I am leading that campaign! Women are going straight to God, and their husbands should chase after them. You women are in the position of Eve before the fall if you are pure and God-centered. Forget your dignity and position and demonstrate complete devotion to God. You have to demonstrate the quality of Eve before the fall. If you don't do it in seven years, you should do it in 21 years. This is why I tell you that women should never complain for seven years. Even though you feel angry and upset, as long as you do not open your mouth you can make restitution; if you speak, however, you are proving you are on Satan's side. In many cases women who join the Unification Church go a zigzag, up and down course, instead of going straight up.

This is not my theory. This is a principle I have practiced myself. I practice this in my home, and tell Mother that no matter how upset she feels inside she should be silent and not open her mouth. If she speaks out, it is a condition Satan can utilize. There is no exception for me in this law; I have no special privileges. I have fulfilled every possible responsibility toward women.

My first wife helped stir up incredible opposition to me among Korean Christians. I have tasted painful persecution from this woman, but I never said a word against her. Even at the age of seven my son knew his mother was wrong. Though he had hardly seen me during those years, he came to me when he was seven, saying he didn't want to live with his mother any more. It was clear that he had taken Abel's side.

My first wife knew that I was the best husband, and her motivation for all that persecution was to have me for herself. She told me she would earn money to give me good clothes and food as long as I would stay home and not worry about the Church. She would try to chase the women members of the Church away, doing everything possible to keep me for herself.

Instead of supporting her husband in God's purpose, she wanted to have him for herself. But the women members told her she was wrong and stood up to protect me, telling her she was not really doing her husband any service.

If I had done as she asked and gone her way, would there be a Unification Church today? I knew when I took up the path of God that my immediate family would come against me, that my own wife and parents would criticize, as well as my nation. But I was committed to persevere for seven years, or twenty-one years if I could not do it in seven. I initiated the three seven-year courses, planning to serve my nation and the world. There were nothing but enemies surrounding me, including my own family. Everyone - my family, Christianity, my nation and the whole world - predicted I would decline. The persecution was beyond human imagination, but even in those circumstances God always brought sympathetic followers to me.

My goal was to reach the pinnacle in 1976, knowing that then world opinion would start to change. But in the meantime I served the world for 21 years, never saying anything against the people who persecuted me. I prayed for their blessing instead. In the meantime my territory became larger and my strength and influence were more concentrated. After 1976 the tide began to turn, and instead of enduring silently while the world attacked me, I began to go on the offensive against the world.

There are many episodes that I will not reveal because you could not bear to hear them; you would break down in tears. You have endured heartbreak in your own situation, but still it is nothing compared to mine. Nevertheless, I could endure those things because God's situation was even worse and more intense. My prayer was, "God, before You I have nothing to say." In this way I became linked to God in total understanding. Only by understanding sorrow and heartbreak can you become one with God. This is the reason I push you to do what no one else wants to do. By enduring tribulation you can become linked with God.

Even if you suffer many times more than I have, there should be no complaint, because you are not suffering for yourself but for humanity. You women in particular, will you commit yourselves? Keep your mouths shut, no matter what, and never say the slightest word of complaint. Whatever you say will be a condition against you, and I don't want that to happen.

God is following this law more scrupulously than anyone. He is more silent than anyone. Until God can truly manifest His love for the world, He has no word to say. Until I truly prove that I love mankind, I have no word to say. But the time will come. God has practiced that rule, and I have practiced it, and one more generation-which is you-should practice it. The heavenly four position foundation has three stages of God, parents and children, so three generations are needed to complete the dispensation. God has practiced this and I have practiced it, and now it is your turn.

Once vindication is complete, God will speak up. Yet God will not talk about how much He suffered, but will express His anger at the difficulty the world has given His son. "I don't care about my suffering, but you let my children suffer. That I cannot forgive."

I have often heard that after coming to America I made the serious blunder of supporting President Nixon during Watergate. Actually I dislike Mr. Nixon, and certainly I have no personal link and feeling for him. He is the President who realigned American defense in Asia to exclude Korea. I know that God's providence is always trying to link the East and West, and Korea will have a key role in that. The Nixon Doctrine would hurt that providence. Also, I know that the communists are trying to overrun all Asia, and they key country they want is the entire Korean peninsula. The Nixon Doctrine has to be changed.

Even though I abhorred Nixon's doctrine, I supported his position as President because he concentrated American power in Southeast Asia, trying to conclude the Vietnam war quickly. I knew that if Southeast Asia fell there would be terrible consequences for all Asia. If a victory could have been won in Vietnam then Korea's position would be strengthened. I saw that because of the political scandal Nixon had no courage to go about the national business, and the Vietnam situation became a remote concern. That's why I proclaimed that America should forgive, love and unite with him. By doing so America could concentrate again on the international scene.

Even under adverse conditions I proclaimed the true Christian doctrine of forgiveness, love and unity. If the American public had responded to that then the President could have concentrated on foreign policy. Everything I did was for national salvation. I wanted to be the champion to bring the spirit of forgiveness and true love in this country.

Every country conducts international espionage, and the KGB is doing more than anyone else in taping secret conversations. The tapes that brought Nixon's final downfall should have been brought out before the entire press corps, and Nixon should have announced he could not afford to endanger national security or free world security, maintaining that it was his prerogative to destroy them before the entire nation. The CIA has great quantities of tapes, and since they have the responsibility of keeping them secret for national security, so should Nixon have assured his private tapes would be kept secret by destroying them.

In God's sight, monitoring the secret conversations of other heads of state would be an even worse crime. Nixon's priority job was to be concerned with the millions of lives in Southeast Asia and bring a positive conclusion to the conflict there. Because Nixon did not do that, Ford became President. I was bitterly disappointed to see America literally lose its shirt in Vietnam. America's international dignity was totally smeared, and ever since other nations have scorned America.

God blessed this nation and supported it for 200 years. God wanted to build up a strong and dignified America which would exercise leadership in the world for the sake of God. My strongest desire is to restore America's dignity so it can exercise leadership against the enemy, which is communism. Nixon failed, and he betrayed this country. Ford was a mediocre president. Carter is selling out America. I gain nothing by saying these things except more hostile treatment by the United States government. But I have to speak the truth, regardless of the consequences. Have I done anything wrong?

If Jesus had been able to mobilize his people to march on Rome, start a movement there, then triumph over opposition there and be vindicated in his lifetime, there would not have been any 400 years of martyrdom among the early Christians, and Christians would not have suffered for 2,000 years.

I do not live my own private life; my life is setting history straight and laying the cornerstone of history to come. What I do in my lifetime is not for myself but for history. I must clearly set things for the future. I must be vindicated in my lifetime by winning victory on the worldwide base. My tradition, position and legal rights must be clear. If I had done this in Korea or anywhere else in Asia it would not be the worldwide victory. I had to come to the Rome of the modern age to wage that battle and win the victory.

My critics in America have gathered all the rumors and allegations made about me in Korea and publicized them as the truth, trying to smear my name through character assassination. That came to a peak in 1976. I won a towering victory, and declared in Washington, D.C., America's capital and the capital of the free world, who I am and what I am doing. Because I won this victory, there shall be no more of this dirty persecution in the coming generations. After that victory I declared the start of the offensive battle in Korea, Japan and the world. We will bring into court anyone making false statements about me. Already we have won over 100 legal cases in America alone.

You should know in what dirty way some Americans are trying to destroy me. We will be proven legally to be right, and the only route left to our enemies will be violence. If they ever did that then America would be totally ignored by the free world. Have I done something right or wrong by taking our battle to the courts? People thought I was a helpless Korean man, but when they attacked me they found a man of conviction and power who represents the authority of God. Even the American Government cannot take me lightly, and this lesson will be learned by all the other governments of the world. I do not just believe this; I know it.

Whenever anyone tries to exterminate me illegally, the conscience of the world's people will be stung and people around the world will rise up. Even if I die, the Unification movement cannot falter. I am going forward with strength and conviction because I know this is true.

I spoke and gave testimony to U.S. Congressmen, and it is recorded in the legal proceedings kept in the Congressional Record, and it shall remain as evidence for generations to come. Those were historical remarks.

For what? All this I have done for the sake of love. I have never cursed America. If it weren't for God I could curse this nation, but for God's sake I cannot. The blacks in this country have been oppressed for centuries by the whites, but it is nothing compared to what has happened to me in this nation. If what this whole nation has done was known, the blacks would be sympathetic to me.

But I keep forgiving America and praying for her blessing. That is God's will. I am telling you that when you forgive you will not be destroyed. If you forgive and love and embrace people, you will be their savior. I have been accused and cursed but I am still moving toward center stage.

Already three hours have passed. Shall I keep going? I don't want to talk too much because I want to push you out to work! If you want to hear more then I will continue.

When you are blessed you should never evaluate your husband to see if he is handsome and capable; look at yourself instead and determine whether you are worthy of being matched to any man, whether you have taken responsibility for the position of restoring Eve's position. If you find that you love yourself most, then you are your own enemy. Check whether you are really concerned about saving the nation.

Do not ever think that I hate American women. I love them and truly want to see them succeed; I want to pay more attention to them and give them extra advice. If you deserve the highest honor but you put yourself in the lowest place then you are great. Because God needed you and summoned you, you are grateful. That's the way you should feel. Your most important concern is whether God can accept you. That should be your first worry-not even whether your husband will like you.

Mothers do all the dirty chores at home. Changing diapers and cleaning up messes are done by the mother. Mother and I practice the same principle. I tell Mother that she should unite with the children and bring them together to their father. When Mother brings them to me then I can love them more than she does, more than anyone else loves them. Our youngest, Hyung Jin, recognizes Mother first and is attached to her and I am a little jealous! But I comfort myself by knowing that this is according to Principle. Hyung Jin smiles and laughs when Mother talks to him. but resigned to that.

If women fulfill Mother's role well, you are in a key spot to be loved more by everyone else. God will love you more; your children will call you the number one mother; your husband will appreciate you. I want to see American women trying to be servants now, but you have the consolation that then you shall become queens. Do you want that?

You must wait, however, until you go this route of serving and then come back as a victorious mother and wife. We have a fierce battle here in America. CARP is representing the Unification Church on the front line, so I wanted to mobilize more than just the men. The women should play the major role here. In the garden of Eden Eve brought destruction to Adam and her children, so now Eve shall bring salvation to her husband and children and shall be in a position to be the most loved. From being on the front line you can gather much experience that will be useful for your husband and children. You have to know the taste of tears and of love.

You practice intense love in trying to win members, and when you come back home you will be able to love your husband and children with even greater intensity. You love your husband more than your Abel, and your children more than your husband, and thus the true harmony of a family shall be instituted. This is the ultimate recommendation and credential I can give American women. Would you accept or reject it? Women have the key role in the success of the family. Is this just my opinion, or is it God's principle? Is it needed by America?

I have brought the blueprint for salvation of this country, yet everywhere I go I am ridiculed and called names. But on the other side God and the spirit world are pushing me with all their might and supporting me. Would you like to be just a bystander? You are

willing to accept persecution on my behalf, aren't you? You are standing at the original home base of the consummation of the universe. If that is the case then is there anything you cannot do?

I fulfilled all by myself, without having anything. When I was lonely and there was no one else, I still fulfilled. Here you have the entire world responding to you. If you still cannot do it under those circumstances-God forbid. If nothing else at least you can be silent. If you cannot go then let other people go; at least never pull down to your level the champions who are going ahead of you. Can you do it?

You are standing at the home base of universal perfection, so when you laugh the universe will smile. When you are sad and heartbroken, the universe will suffer that same heartbreak. You are representatives of the universe. Today we know very clearly what needs to be done vertically and horizontally. This is not the road that only I have to go. Everyone has to go this way, but I had to go by myself, being persecuted and alone. But you go with comrades and with the praise of the people. We have to cover that route without exception.

If you don't go now then eventually I will have to sit in judgment on you in spirit world, and I don't want that at all. I never want you to violate that law. It is my love to push you out so that under any circumstances you can succeed in this way. It is an expression of my love.

1979 is coming to a close, and 1980 will truly be a year of hope. This is the night time, but when 1980 comes we will see the daylight for the Unification Church. If you can truly say that with true love you will go all the way to the goal, with real commitment, raise your hands please.

God bless all of you.

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