The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Day Of All Things

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 26, 1979
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The literal translation of the title of today's message would be "Day of 10,000 Things," or Day of All Things.

Those who were matched in the last engagement ceremony, raise your hands please. How do all of you feel? All along you have been single, but now you have someone else to worry about. I think you feel not just great, but wonderful great! Now you realize how important it is that you have your counterpart- a woman for man, and man for woman. This is true not only in the human world, but for all things in God's creation. Even iron ore exists in the pair system. Everything exists in pairs, whether minerals, vegetables or animals, and according to their special characteristics everything is matched plus with minus, male with female.

When subject and object are united in soul, mind and body, they form the ideal together. Man and woman each have spirit, mind and body; together these total six, but they form a new entity, or number seven. The most important rapport to be established is eye to eye. Especially in the Orient men and women don't look at anything else except the eyes; the eyes must be right. When there is rapport on this level, then everything else falls into place. Your eyes are the windows through which you project yourself and they reveal much about you.

Do you smile first and then look at a person, or look first and then smile? Do you hear first and then smile, or smile and then hear? Are you smiling while you talk, or do you talk and then smile? Do you smile first and then touch, or touch and then smile? I am trying to emphasize the importance of having your object or partner, because without your object you have no one to talk with or hear from, touch or see. Joy and smiling necessitate having someone who has rapport with you.

What is the difference between cultured people and primitive people? A cultured society has a balanced environment in the sense that everywhere you turn you have give and take with the same level of culture. In this room, for example, there is a cultured atmosphere created by the chandelier and flowers, carpets and furniture. When the women dress up everything has to be right, not just a few things. Their dresses and accessories must fit together in the same level of culture. Every object used is present to stimulate a sense of beauty. Why do we decorate a room with special paint and wallpaper? Because we want to create an environment that fits our cultural level and allows us to be always stimulated by a sense of beauty.

Why do we seek this balance in our culture? Ultimately men and women are seeking to find their culture embodied in one object or subject so they can establish a reciprocal relationship which will be a constant source of stimulation. Looking at you I saw that the women who have always been solemn began to smile as soon as they were engaged because they felt light and happy inside. You Unification Church women have not been trained in the use of makeup, but as soon as you are engaged you start looking in the mirror more frequently and care more about your dress and overall appearance. When you were single you had complete freedom, but now you worry about many things, such as whether your figure is right or perhaps too big for your fiancée. You think from the point of view of your subject now, not just yourself.

You are like a flower blossoming and you want to add fragrance to it. You want to be in action, demonstrating your joy in movement instead of just standing still. Now you concentrate on widening your horizons, vertically and horizontally, trying to make a bigger projection of yourself so you can please your mate. It is natural and good that your mate is now the focal point of your concern.

Do you know your own face? Could you portray yourself without seeing your face? If someone asked if you could remember your face you might think that was a ridiculous question, but after thinking about it you realize that none of you have memorized your own face. Why is that? Your features change according to your state of mind, and you don't have one concrete image in your mind. Sometimes you feel happy and think you are good-looking, but other days you have no confidence and you think your appearance has certain weaknesses. Your state of mind is the subject factor here and your external self is an expression of your state of mind. Since that is changing from one mood to another, your external appearance is always changing.

You are too close to yourself to evaluate yourself clearly; when you look at a painting too closely, for instance, you cannot evaluate it. If you bring a little object close to your eye, thinking you can see it better, you cannot really distinguish what it is. The husband and wife relationship is the same. When your right hand holds your left hand you don't feel a sensation, but if someone else holds your hand you feel something. A husband may think he knows his wife and have one concrete image of her in his mind, but in that case he is not really appreciating her and doesn't know her completely.

Just as you cannot really know how you look, you cannot really know your husband or wife's face too well because it has many aspects. Sometimes you are strongly impressed by the laughing face of your mate, and you cannot forget how he or she beams from ear to ear, for instance. A wife might be impressed with the dignified appearance of her husband, or she might notice some little habit, such as how he shows his tongue when he laughs. If something about your mate makes a strong impression in your mind, you might not want to see other sides of that person. He might snore a lot or have a very ugly side, but you won't remember that.

This shows the infinite variety of expressions of love between men and women. There should not be a fixed relationship there. If a man is always serious then no woman could stand him, but there is always a variety of expression, with joy or anger suddenly bursting forth, and it is there that the beauty of relationship between man and woman is found.

Would you women like to have a different dress every day? You have an urge to look different each day, and it shows that your internal person also wants to be fresh and new every day. Do you want to wear a beautiful dress to go to the store, or to see your loved one? Your desire to be beautiful reflects an interior motive to please your loved one. If you dress up beautifully but your mood is serious and solemn, does your internal person match your external beauty? Your lovely dress would protest and urge you to change your expression. No matter how beautiful your dress might be, if you are sad and sick at heart, your dress sighs. But if you are happy and joyful in God's love, even a humble dress will rejoice to be there with you for then it is an ornament of your love. Have you ever seen anyone wear a large, sparkling diamond directly on his finger? Usually a ring is made to set off a diamond, and a plain gold or platinum ring wants an ornament to wear on top of it.

Everything in creation exists for some certain purpose. Do you think they would feel good just being a commodity on the market, even if they were expensive, valuable commodities? Would they feel happy if many men came to watch and observe them? Do these flowers here on stage exist to glorify themselves? Just as you do not see your own face, the petals of these flowers do not see themselves; they exist to serve something besides their own purpose. The flowers impart their fragrance to please someone else who comes to appreciate them.

The flowers are beautiful in order to invite the attention of butterflies and bees, and the fragrance serves like a beacon to guide them directly to the flowers. The same principle applies to women; you want to be dressed up and wear perfume in order to be attractive, not for your own enjoyment. Many women are meticulous about their makeup, spending hours in front of their mirrors every morning recreating themselves. Would such a woman say that her purpose for living is to beautify herself in the morning? Would you say your goal in life was to eat or sleep or play? What would that mean?

When you wake up from a good night's sleep does your mind think ahead to school or your job? Your mind travels to your loved one, the place where love is. American style loving today is often an unhappy situation; I have heard that in California over 70% of the marriages are breaking up. What kind of love is that?

A thing that is truly precious has an unchanging quality. Diamonds and gold are held to be valuable because of their unchanging quality. The most expensive things under the sun must be gold and pearls, right? No? True love? Where is true love; show me. True love means unchanging love that never tarnishes.

Sometimes American young people run away from home because they are longing for unchanging parental love and they aren't receiving it from their parents. True love never changes, so any parent who cares for his children always loves them, no matter what tragedy overwhelms their home. Even if the father dies, the mother has a strong urge to live in order to keep loving her children. Any woman who just wants to remarry and doesn't care about how her children feel will have nothing left, either love of her children or her husband. Children in that situation feel left out and cold when they are at home, and they usually go their own way. But children whose mother is still devoted and loving them more than ever, even after the father dies, will be completely devoted to her and never betray her expectations.

Even though her husband is dead, that woman is not losing anything. More than ever her children will reciprocate the love she is giving them. The more she devotes herself to her children, the more they will return love that is even greater than their father's when they grow up, knowing she dedicated her life to them. Then the vertical love between a mother and son is more beautiful than the love between the husband and wife. The same is true for man. If the mother dies then the father can find tremendous beauty and value in loving his children.

Man is created to live in true love, and when he pursues that true love both vertically and horizontally he finds true fulfillment in life. When a man and woman unite completely in unchanging true love then they are each other's pride; a wife and husband want to be proud of each other. Instead of asking the other person to serve you, you want to serve that other person genuinely, feeling that he is the best. When each person feels that way, their relationship is truly something to behold.

Love has a certain sound when it is in motion, like an electric gadget at work. When another expert in love hears that sound he echoes it, so all over the place echoes of that love begin to join with that love. When two sounds of love meet, would that have greater impact than thunder and lightning? How great an impact would that have? The meeting of those sounds of love is so thunderous that anyone who is sleeping, even for 1,000 years, has to wake up. Even eternally sleeping people will wake up and be galvanized into motion and dance. No one forces or asks them to; it will just happen automatically.

Do you enjoy a halting, uncertain kind of dance by someone trying to follow the rules? No. In that sense disco dancing is real dancing because there are no rules; it is just a free expression of happiness. When man and woman come closer and the sound of love starts up, what will happen?

All of these explanations lead to one conclusion-that all things exist to rejoice over true love. All things are searching to be united with true love. Is there anyone who has a different idea? Why do you women want to look as beautiful as Miss America? For true love. Is there any better answer? You might wonder why you look so unattractive, and the cause of your concern is still true love. There have been many ugly people in history who could not receive love because of their appearance. Now I am here, an ugly person, but as a possessor of true love I will indemnify the pain of all the unattractive people of the past. Even if you look ugly to everyone else, for the person who loves you, you are the most attractive person in the world. Your spouse will feel that because of all the odd contours of your face he has much more to react to than if it were smooth and lovely.

Love transcends appearance. Therefore, your own being cannot conquer love; love conquers your being. A husband might look like a chopstick and the wife might look like a potato, so that you wonder how they can continue together, but they are close because love blinds and harmonizes them. That's why love is almighty.

Why am I talking about love so much on the Day of All Things? In the world of men we feel that love is the ultimate goal of life, and it must be clear that all things live under the same rule. Would a gold nugget want to be independent and have no one bother it? Or would it want to be surrounded by other material? Do you think it matters to the nugget at all? What actually surrounds the nugget is unimportant; what is important is the nugget itself and whether it is true gold or false gold. No matter how lovely the setting, if the gold itself is impure, it is no good. Whether the nugget is found in a ditch or lake is immaterial; as long as it is pure gold its value and quality will not change.

The important thing is you yourself, not the kind of people who surround you. The key is whether you are a holder of true love, regardless of whether you are surrounded by black, white or yellow people. Think of how beautifully harmonized creation is; why should the world of men alone be in conflict? In the world of animals there is no segregation according to color. White puppies don't play with only white puppies. If a sparrow comes from Africa, would American sparrows tell it to go back to Africa? Did God draw a line between nations somewhere?

Why are there so many dominions here on earth? There is a national sovereignty in America, as well as people who are masters of their own land. There are many manmade divisions and boundaries. In the world of love will there be many compartments? I have not seen this in person, but I have heard that American husbands and wives often have separate savings accounts; there is a distinct boundary in money even if they think there is not one in love. How artificial that is! They keep certain areas to themselves and forbid intrusion. Will you tell your mate he must have an appointment to see you and insist he be on time? When children go to see their parents should they phone ahead for a time slot? That's the American habit, though.

Does this show that love in America is weaker than money and job commitments? Would you like that kind of love? If not then you should get rid of it. There is no time boundary in love; it comes in the morning, afternoon, and midnight. Is there a rule in the universe about what time lightning can strike? The visitation of love is like the lightning of the universe; it can come any time through the front, back door, side door, anywhere. It may even come in a fistfight. The important thing is the quality of love.

In front of the supreme power of love, everything else is subdued. Women are born to be conquered by the love of men. The motion of love is faster than an arrow or a bullet; it can travel from the North to the South pole in no time. Each one exists for the purpose of love. Does that make you feel good or bad? When you are a temple of that true love you are more precious than a diamond the size of your whole body. Even if that diamond were bigger than the universe, you would still be more precious.

Man is supreme in all the creation because we can be kings and queens of love, giving and imparting love. No other creation has that capacity. Now you are princes and princesses of love, advancing every day toward perfection. Do you want it? Even God has not been able to fulfill that true love and certainly no man in history has fulfilled it. Now we are the first group of volunteers who want to pioneer that true love. All the things of creation are like the honor guard waiting for the day when God will walk down the path of fulfillment of that true love. They are waiting to glorify that day, waiting to see men, their masters, walk down the path as well.

When God walks down that path He will not go alone. Who will be His companions? In the garden of Eden it was to have been Adam and Eve. The greatest march God anticipated was the march of true love, walking from the king's throne down the path of love. Adam and Eve would follow God and invite all the things of creation to accompany them. When God sat on His throne Adam and Eve would stand before Him, and surrounding them would be all things of creation like the best man and maid of honor.

When God embraces His children in true, eternal love, all things of creation would be intoxicated in that love. What would you imagine would be the day God would first start to love Adam and Eve? Would that be spring, fall, summer or winter? Why spring? Because spring is the season for rejoicing, for blossoming and harmonizing in beauty and fragrance. If God could sit on His throne and embrace His children Adam and Eve in true love, then the entire universe would sing the glory of God in praise, rejoicing over the sound of love. Before the throne of God Adam and Eve would be installed as husband and wife and give the first heavenly kiss between man and woman. Can you imagine how beautiful that would be? Have God and mankind and creation seen that particular momentous day?

When God embraced Adam and Eve in love, then the creation surrounding them would clothe them, become the ornaments and form the wedding hall. If you were to ask all things what their history has been, all creation would be able to say they had fulfilled the purpose of their existence because they would have seen the day of the fulfillment of God's love, the day God embraced His children. They could say that on that day they ornamented and clothed Adam and Eve. Ever since, all the creation that witnessed that day would remain as a museum piece.

Their greatest honor would be to witness that wedding ceremony in the garden of Eden. A blade of grass by the path Adam and Eve walked would be historical, an important ingredient of that heavenly museum. An oak tree would be proud that it saw the fulfillment of the love of God in Adam and Eve; oak trees today would be proud of how their direct ancestors were present to see that cosmic event. Their family history began in witnessing the love of God, and that would be their tradition. They would look for the people who fulfill that true love and want to rejoice with them, just as their ancestors did.

Would the Unification Church have been needed in the garden of Eden? That momentous day of the fulfillment of God's love in the garden of Eden never took place, and all that God prepared became broken and ragged. Now once again we are trying to unite all things and recreate the day of that wedding, the day of the fulfillment of love. Our clothes should have been bright and fragrant with love, but instead they are stained with tears and sweat and blood. Now the tuxedos we wear are soaked by sweat and tears, and they have a totally different kind of value. In order to restore the lost garden of Eden we work hard in tribulation, and it is so hard to restore just this one time we cannot think of repeating any more the fallen garden of Eden.

The Unification Church is here to restore the day of joy of love, and we are piecing it together from this fallen, satanic world. Some day we will have a completed wedding dress and tuxedo to wear to restore that lost day of God. We know the sad, tragic history in which nations and peoples crumbled and had to sacrifice. Now all the hopes and fragments here and there are being pieced together to make one restoration of unification.

Everything which should have existed solely to glorify God now exists solely to destroy you and destroy any attempt to restore godly things. Unless we are truly alert and cautious every day, we may be struck down by the dangers of this world. Human history has been one of misery and suffering, so how much more have the things of creation been in pain? The things of creation have been subjugated by a false master and abused. Now God has chosen one champion to come and be the friend of all things, asking them to follow him, guiding them step by step. It is like going through an endless maze, trying to find the other end and bring new hope for the fulfillment of love.

I started as one lone individual, but I gathered the foundation for the family, tribe, nation and world, pulling the godly pieces together. This incredible

march of the princes and princesses of love began decades ago, and now has come to the worldwide level. For the first time, Satan has met an adamant enemy and so has made an unending attempt to destroy him and his work. But I have overcome all these obstacles one after another and reached the peak of success, the 1976 Washington Monument Rally. God's blessing to me is increasing because I have laid the foundation all the way to the worldwide level, and now the blessing is not just one of men coming, but also of material benefit.

What are you Unification Church members and why are you here? You are searchers for true love, but true love is not contained in the Unification Church; it has been stolen by Satan. We must go out to the satanic world, plant the seeds of true love in the soil and harvest it. That is our mission. In home church you are actually creating a tribe, and once you obtain it you can go all the way to heaven. What you have in home church is a microcosm of the world, and by practicing there what I have done on the worldwide scale you are entitled to receive what I have inherited from God.

You are small Reverend Moons. I am a tree of many branches and they have been grafted on to you, and ultimately you will blossom as full-grown trees yourselves. What kind of tree do I mean? Truly the ideal tree of love. What the Bible calls the Tree of Life is actually the tree of true love. Such a tree also knows the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and both need each other. That way of life is not one of receiving love but of sharing and imparting love. That love is strong and absolute, unlike the fragile love relationships in today's world. Where that love is breaking down, our love is firm and hard like rock.

American marriages today are fragile and breaking down so that the new love can be planted. This situation is not completely tragic; when Americans see the right direction they can still have hope. Who is the master of all things in America? They don't automatically belong to the sovereignty, but to the one who loves them most.

The other day I heard about one of our brothers, Richard Cohen. He is from a Jewish family which has always been skeptical about Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, but Richard has persevered and been patient with them. Some time after his engagement he went home with a movie of the 1800 blessing and told them more about his own matching to a Korean girl. They questioned him hard, but since Richard was calm in himself about his situation, he won their hearts. Finally his father confessed that out of all his children Richard was the best one. Richard's fiancée had written a letter from Korea and sent a picture, and Richard's father had been carrying them in his wallet and showing them to all his friends. Richard's brother has been married and divorced twice but Richard's father knows now that because Richard has found this way of life and the principle for a God­centered home that Richard will succeed in marriage. Mr. Cohen said that he would like to meet me and wished I knew better English so that we could talk together.

Why are we becoming such respected attention getters? We are living in a new dimension of love. Suppose that a parent of one Moonie has many other children but their relationships are all superficial and sensual. If this one child who is a Moonie can establish true, enduring love, it is a sign that we are giving true salvation. There the new tradition of inheritance will be set up. The parents will want to give everything-love and honor and property-to that one child.

If even numbed parents in the fallen world can react so sensitively to true love, how much more so would God be sensitive to true love? When you show that true love it makes God incredibly happy. When God sees that a person truly loves the universe and feels responsible for all things of creation, wanting to be a parent to them, don't you think God would want to give everything to that son who is representing Him so well?

In this principle there is no exception, whether in the past, present or future, no matter what race you may be. Even if you ask a grandfather from thousands of years ago, that rule would still be in effect. God knew this was the only way. This explains why He is going this way, and why I follow it as well and ask you to follow it. Why do you go? Along this way you will receive the inheritance of God, the True Parents and all things of creation, plus each other. Then you are the king and queen of love, intoxicated and harmonized in love.

This is the way of life of the Unification Church, being intoxicated in this true love. We make a grand circle by giving and receiving this love, growing larger and larger like a snowball. Eventually we can make the entire universe intoxicated by this love. There are many people who don't want to see this true love succeed so they stab and try to shatter it, but even though you falter momentarily, you still come back together even stronger and bigger than before.

Our members know the taste of that love; it is the one thing we are permitted to be addicted to. Nothing is too much to give for this love. No matter how hard you work or how much you suffer, you insist on having that love. Even death won't stop you because the taste of that love is so irresistible. Now you inherit God and the True Parents' tradition and are carrying it on yourself.

You are going to restore the dignity of love and conquer death, tears of sorrow and any amount of hardship. Nothing can be stronger than true love. If you only care about true love and nothing can stop your march forward, when you turn around you will find all of a sudden that the entire world and all things are following you. We do MFT and witnessing now, but soon you will find that money and people will chase you, not vice versa.

Right now we are in the final battle and the entire world are like spectators, watching the conquest of the final hill which no one has ever been able to cross over. Now finally the Moonies have volunteered to try and people are giving opinions. "They're 80% of the way but they don't really have a chance." At this point they are watching, saying, "Wait! They're almost there!" Once we go over the hill the spectators will be pushing each other aside to follow us up that hill. The people most ready to run up that hill will be the Americans. In other countries people have many strings attached and tugging at them, but here there is much individualism and "freedom" so if a person wants to go up the hill neither his parents nor society will pull him back. Then when that person comes back ten years later as a king or queen of true love, all the Americans will come out to welcome him as their hero.

Today is the Day of All Things. What is the deep sorrow of all things? It lies in not having seen the day of the true love of God and man, the true love of God, parents, couples and sons and daughters. Nothing has seen that day of fulfillment. All these years creation has sighed for not having seen true gladness centered upon God in families of grandparents, parents and children rejoicing together in love.

Your matching and engagement is the important and beautiful beginning of a heavenly home in which you can truly be united in love and become the glory of all things of creation. God would like to have the universe be a museum of this historic moment and have us be important elements there, so He can be proud of His children who ultimately fulfilled. If someone wanted to put a price tag on you then God would say there was nothing to be written down because you were without price.

Great artists like Michelangelo and da Vinci painted masterpieces worth millions of dollars now, but you are a living masterpiece of God. If one Michelangelo costs a million dollars, you as a living masterpiece are priceless. Even the little blade of grass which witnessed the love of God is this precious. All things of creation are waiting for their day of redemption and vindication, the day when they can see their true masters appear. In understanding God with true love you shall become their true masters, appreciating them and guiding them with the hand of God. That's your should hand this down to your children and grandchildren, taking pride in the tradition you are setting today and allowing them to feel proud. They will need to be educated about how to be thrifty with creation, not wasteful.

If the grandparents use the first few pieces of tissue in a box and then hand it down to their children, who use a few pieces and then hand it down to the grandchildren, generation to generation, how much history could be accumulated in that one box of tissue? In even more of an extreme, the grandparents could take one piece of bread from a loaf, then each generation take another piece. If one loaf was handed down ten generations and only a little bit was left, you would want to preserve it for another ten or twenty generations, breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces. That is like the tradition of love flowing down. No matter how humble your clothes are, if they are handed down in this tradition of love you will been prouder of them than of any more expensive garments.

When things of creation have a true master loving them and enjoying them in a conscientious, thrifty way, how would they feel? They would feel they finally were living in the ideal world. Each creature would feel happy for the first time. On this Day of All Things we should think how we can reciprocate our gratitude to all things by saving them and loving them. This is today's important agenda.

How much would you pay in a department store for a handkerchief like this one here? $1 ? There is one brother in the Unification Church who received a plain white handkerchief from me ten years ago and has been carrying it with him ever since. After all that time it looks all bedraggled, but that handkerchief has no price. That brother cherishes it because I gave it to him and it represents an inheritance of love.

There is a Korean diplomat who became a member, and some years ago he and his wife were to be sent overseas on diplomatic duty. He approached me, humbly asking for the honor to invite Mother and me for lunch. Their invitation was so heartfelt that I accepted and we went to a humble Chinese restaurant. They tried very much to make us happy that day. Later when he got a small receipt after paying for the meal he wrote down the date and hour, and carried that receipt with him all during his diplomatic tours. That happened about fifteen years ago and even now he carries it with him, even though no words can be read on it. Even though that receipt is hardly more than dust now, its value remains and all of spirit world recognizes it, rejoicing over that deed because it centered around true love.

Material value itself is not the consideration here. The priceless implication of those small bits of material comes from love. If even a simple handkerchief can become that precious, how much more precious will you and your husband become when you really personify the love of God? A little receipt and handkerchief can have priceless value, but when you become the manifestation of God's love and love the world, all things will become priceless because you will give value to them.

That is our tradition and way of life; our discipline is to live in that one central goal. We want to search for and fulfill that true love. I want you to become a lover of all things centering upon the true love of God.

God bless you.

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