The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Return To Hometown

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 18, 1979
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Where is your hometown? When the original human ancestors became fallen, they departed from their original home, which was the ideal world. When we say "ideal world" we are including everything that is good. Anything we want to possess belongs to that ideal realm. What do you want to have? You want your parents to be the ideal parents. You also have brothers and sisters, neighbors and a society. and you want all of these to be linked to the ideal.

We can basically divide ideal things into three categories: ideal world, ideal man, and ideal God. You might say that God is perfect from the beginning, but the fall brought the death of His children: how could God feel joy when He saw that His children were all dead? How could there be ideal parents if there were no ideal children?

God became a sad God, and mankind wandered in despair. When God is heartbroken and man is in despair, all things of creation are caught in between. They also lead a tragic existence because there is no one to give them joy. Because the creation did not fall, it is in a position to reject fallen mankind. Creation knows that only original man has the right to govern it, that fallen man has no right to exercise dominion. But all things of creation have been exploited and damaged by fallen man.

A tragic history has unfolded in human society as men have competed and fought and tried to take advantage of one another. Evil originated with the two human ancestors and has multiplied to every corner of the earth. The brothers of the next generation were enemies, and there was also separation between parents and children. Men are destined to he united and live in harmony but they became separated because of the fall. History has recorded only division among men, yet we are destined to unite. Therefore, there is a movement organized to unite men in their original state.

Many leaders have tried over the centuries to unite their tribe, or nation or the world under their ideology, until today we can see basically two ideologies in the world. In the reality of today's world we see nothing but despair and restlessness, but even under those circumstances people are still longing for and talking about unity and ideals. Even in past centuries when people enjoyed relative peace in the world they still harbored a desire for a higher goal and ideal. Today many people think we have reached the end of the world, yet still they talk about hope and the ideal.

What is the solution for this world? There is some road teach to the hometown or birthplace for the individual, hut whether in East or West there must be one central formula for every individual to reach that ideal. There must also be some pattern and formula for a husband and wife to reach the ideal together. Next there must be a pattern for the family, for the tribe, the nation, the world, and ultimately for God.

Today's America is very modern and cultured, but there are still some people who are isolated from modern styles and live a backward way of life. They don't care too much about the outside world, and they think that their way of life is the best. On the other hand, people who have the best the American culture has to offer feel that they are living the best way of life.

Imagine that some people from each group were to meet and discuss the ideal way of life, explaining why theirs was the best. New Yorkers might boast they would never live anywhere else because they can buy anything in New York, see plays and concerts every day, live surrounded by skyscrapers, and have the most modern life. The country man might say he is scared to death to live in the manmade jungle which is New York. "How foolish you are to ride up so high in a little box hung on a cable; you never know when that cable might break! How can you stand all the noise on the streets? This is hell! People are always so restless and hurrying. What a life!" he would say.

The country man gets up leisurely, climbs the mountains and watches the rising and setting of the eternal sun, breathing the fresh air. He drinks water fresh from the spring, but the city man drinks water purified with chemicals and pollutes himself. Country people don't need much cash in their pockets, but city people cannot live without money every day. City people are always taking advantage of each other. Each side has its points in this discussion, and neither will be persuaded to change their minds. Neither side can settle their argument and show that the other side is wrong.

If this issue cannot be resolved between people of the same nation, how much more difficult would it be for people from different nations and cultures? Is it easy for the various people of the world to come to the same conclusion? We are talking about one way of life for the individual, family, nation, world and God, but where can we find it? How can we know whether there is such a thing as the ideal? The key word is "true"-true parents, true children, and so forth, but what is "true"? What would guarantee that something is true?

What is the truth you need most when you are hungry? Is the truth a sizzling steak or dried corn flakes? When you are very hungry you appreciate the taste of whatever you have to eat, and even it you have only a dry piece of bread you savor every crumb. But if you are already full and then are presented with a thick steak, would you appreciate it more or less than the bread'> If you don't appreciate that steak all the time then it cannot be truth.

Perhaps the bread came from a nasty, grudging neighbor, but the steak came with your mother's love. When you were hungry you eagerly accepted the bread, but when you were full you rejected the steak. Also, if you ate the dry bread when you were hungry, you digested it thoroughly and got its nutritional value. But if you were full and forced yourself to eat the steak anyway, you would get stomach trouble. Where is the true value then? Nothing has absolute value all by itself. Everything is interrelated and has harmonized value. The value it has in creating harmony is what must be determined.

Whether you are in the East or West, past, present or future, there must be one common denominator which determines truth. For something to be true it must bring joy to both sides; for instance, the steak must bring joy to both the giver and the recipient. The subject and object together create the harmonized value of anything. You cannot say dry bread has no value; for a starving man that bread is priceless. But if you don't need the steak, or if you will suffer from eating it, it has no value for you.

Truth always fills some need and brings the common good and creates a joyful feeling. The truth of whether something is good or bad cannot change with circumstance. What do the individual, family, tribe, nation and world all hunger for? What is needed by all these? Money? Power? Knowledge? They all want love. But love is a very confusing word also; there are many mixtures and kinds of love. L is long and wide so it means love is long and wide; O means it is OK, big like the ocean; V means love is the very thing you need; E means love is eventful and includes all the earth. Do you like love because its letters are good, or because its meaning is good? What is the meaning of love?

I am an Easterner and you are Westerners, so am I talking about love which is different from yours? When you Westerners think of love, you imagine something that is different in quality and quantity from the love imagined by Easterners. Does true love vary from place to place? What is the base of the ideal-material wealth, big cars, technology? When God created Adam and Eve were there cars, planes and computers in the garden? What was the base of the ideal in the garden of Eden? Four elements existed there-God, Adam and Eve, angels, and all things of creation. Would you like today's world or Eden better?

The conveniences of today's way of life are enormous compared to what Adam and Eve had in their primitive setting. Did they have rich dining rooms with silver and china, great mahogany tables and elegant manners? They had no formalities. If they were hungry then they just ate together when they felt like it. You might say they led an uncultured, primitive life. Today we talk about restoring the world and returning to the garden of Eden; do we mean returning to the primitive way of life? Did Adam and Eve have the fashionable clothes we see today" The only fashion they had was fig leaves!

Did Adam have a nice shaving kit and toothbrush? Maybe Adam and Eve smelled like hell! But still we talk about the ideal in the garden of Eden. There was no government to print money or run schools, no theaters and culture, no law, no highways. But Adam and Eve had one very important thing-they liked each other and were happy together. God wanted to feel joy with them whenever they had give and take. God desperately needed Adam and Eve, and they desperately needed Him. Adam and Eve desperately needed each other as well.

If they had a great deal of joy when they were young then when they got old and neared death they would still want to be near each other. Even in spirit world all three would still need each other absolutely. This one point would never change. No power could separate them, and even if they were separated a greater power would reunite them. If any power tried to infiltrate their unity, they would make a determined effort to fight back, wouldn't they?

The essence of the value of their lives lay in their unity and togetherness, so anything trying to curtail that life would be rejected. Equipped with the power of unchanging love Adam would be completely welcomed by Eve, and with that love Eve would be welcomed by Adam. In that love God and man would be totally melted into one.

If Eve hadn't washed her face, yet still wanted to show her love to Adam, would he push her away until she had washed? Could true love be conditional in that way? Love goes beyond appearance and cleanliness. If Adam and Eve completely forgot things like cleanliness and just wanted to show their joy and love for each other, would God be upset with their lack of formality and culture? If God evaluates love only according to external appearances, something is wrong with Him. True love has the power to transcend appearance and formality.

I have heard that when parents visit their child's elementary school the child is most proud when the parents are well dressed and dignified. The teachers also like more refined people. But does a prosperous appearance determine the degree of love the parents can give their children? Children who receive true love from their parents will run after them to embrace them, no matter what the parents look like. That is a much more heavenly expression of love. Which one would you like? When you have true love you are parallel with the original nature of love. Any love that parallels God's love we call genuine love. Today's God is not really the true God because He is heartbroken instead of joyful. Until we can reach that true quality of love between God and man, certain things remain to be achieved here on earth.

Ultimately restoration is working toward one final conclusion: one common principle of genuine love which shall be the standard of each individual, couple, tribe, nation and world. Today we are talking about returning to hometown; are we returning only as individuals? No. We are not talking about an individual's birthplace, but the home to which all mankind are destined to return. That is the ultimate home and ideal, and everything from the individual to the universe must return there.

Shall we return with money? With honor or knowledge? With power? What is going to be our gift? If a person leaves his home town empty handed and then goes on to get an education, start a career and win honors, when he returns to his hometown he has become a legend. He is pointed out as a successful man in life. When he returns home would he tell his family they shouldn't come near him because they are too lowly? How would you Americans react to such a man? Even if he is an important, successful man who exercises authority in the land, it isn't acceptable for him to ignore his family. It isn't acceptable because he has gained everything but lost love for his fellow man.

If that great man comes home and loves and serves his parents as he used to do, if he wants to love and comfort his brothers and sisters and neighbors then he would be remembered as a great man. Suppose his mother was a bedridden invalid who had to be taken to the bathroom, and he insisted on doing it himself, sitting up with her at night and comforting her, all because she was his mother. Is that a great deed or a trivial one? The lower down he goes to serve his loved ones, the higher he shall be raised up.

There is a great distance to go for fallen people to return back to their original home. One type of couple only wants to be happy by themselves when they return to their original home and doesn't feel concern or obligation to anyone else. Another kind feels they cannot be happy all alone, but wants to go on to higher and higher levels and make others happy by enabling them to return home as well. Which type would be welcomed by the universe? It is not easy to live the second type of life because the farther you go the greater are the difficulties you must overcome.

Restoration involves an about-face first of all. We have to go in the direction opposite our old way of life. and then tackle larger and larger goals. Even if a person turns around, starts the road of restoration and accomplishes the individual level, what he has accomplished has no value of he decides that one step is good enough and he goes no further. It would have been better if he had never started. If he gives up after reaching the second goal, that has no value either. It only has value when you tackle the ultimate goal and strive to reach the ultimate home.

History is waiting for the man who will not only do an about-face but will penetrate all the way to the ultimate home. What are you doing here today in the Unification Church? True Moonies are the people who will do an about-face and go all the way to the final home. They are determined to go this way and will never be bothered by opposition. For what reason will we return? Because we want to meet the ideal God, not the suffering God, and meet ideal parents, ideal brothers and sisters, and ideal mates. When you start this path you may be defeated or you may be victorious, but the ideal always exists in the victorious way. Ultimately the ideal is love-that is our ultimate destination.

History has been aiming this way from the beginning. Jesus came to complete the journey, but still it has not been complete. It would have been easy for Jesus to return home alone, but that would not be the ideal. He should bring his family nation and entire world to that goal. That's what made his path difficult. What is the most important necessity for us to return home "First, a burning desire to love God, a consuming longing to meet Him. Our question is not whether God exists; we know that He exists and He is love, and we want to love that Father. We want to meet God in a heartistic relationship so that nothing can ever separate us.

In the ideal Adam and Eve are truly brother and sister and nothing can ever separate them. Even if this entire world is offered in exchange, neither could ever trade that love away. When they are united in that bond and tradition and become parents, then they are true parents of unchanging and eternal quality. The formula of the heavenly tour positions must be possessed by the individual, family tribe, nation and world. The greater the distance you go, the stronger this bond should get. Unless it gets stronger it will be broken or cracked.

In order to accomplish that we totally invest ourselves without reservation. The heavenly tour position exists as the center, the core. Because of the fall it did not exist in the beginning, but by throwing ourselves into the center we will create the core. I came to America to teach and give myself to the center, and the people who join with me will become the core. Even if the world were smaller, this principle would still work the same. There is no easy way to fulfill the central role; it can only be done by bearing the cross. By doing so as an individual and family you are creating a bigger realm which can suffer together with you for a great cause. Thus we widen the horizon.

Do you know how much money I need to do the job'! I feel I must earn enough to feed all America. I want to embrace and be totally responsible for all Americans. I also want to feed all mankind. How could I do that as one man? The formula is simple: I sacrifice my family to feed the tribe, sacrifice the tribe to teed the nation, and sacrifice the nation to feed the world. When you keep expanding this formula then eventually you reach the entire universe.

When we talk about returning home we mean returning to the place where all mankind can find happiness. We need a bridge from the individual level to the cosmos. The bridge is built by the individual's sacrificing himself to go into the center of the greater circle, and then making that greater circle an even greater sphere. Every realm should join with the next higher level and enlarge to form the next realm. Thus, each individual can expand to cover the entire universe. Once the smaller realm is engulfed by the larger one, it is benefited whenever the larger realm is benefited. The greater universe includes all levels of existence, and each level contains the heavenly four position foundation. Jesus came to achieve this ultimate goal, and today the Unification Church mission is to go this road also. Whether you are Western or Oriental, white, black or yellow doesn't matter; everyone has to go this central way of life.

God is always on top, but He comes down along a straight line to each level and takes His position in the center. That line is the center of every level. That line shows God's true way of love, and wherever it moves it becomes the center of all existence.

The straight line is the line of love. God travels only on that straight line and there is no wobbling. The fundamental relationship is that of father­son, and when that is broken down then there is no more straight line acting as a pillar. The parent who has true love represents God's trunk line; therefore, the true son is always in a position to follow that line exactly. When parents demonstrate true love their children have no right to say it is only their parents' thinking and they want to go their own way. The vertical line is father and son, while horizontally the husband and wife form the central line. Normally Adam and God together represent heaven. and Eve and children represent earth. In Western culture children feel closer to their mother, and talk about Mommy and Daddy instead of Daddy and Mommy. That derives from this principle.

Ultimately these relationships form a circle. God goes with His son, Adam, and the children go with Eve, their mother. Usually a grandfather pays most attention to his son and grandson, while the children feel closest to their mother. But everyone tastes the dove of the parents because it continues all the way around and maces a circle. That principle is applied in restoration and the four position foundation.

All men are in a position to represent the father also they represent the position of husband. For a wife her husband is the Abel husband, and all other men are Cain husbands. In addition, men represent the position of son. Men have the roles of father, husband and son. On the opposite side, woman represents three distinct roles-mother, wife and daughter. Everyone has these relationships. Your own family is your Abel family, and the rest of the world is your Cain family. It is because of the fall that Cain came into being; in the ideal world there would be no such thing as Cain because all would be in one loving sphere.

Initially we were meant to expand our love from the center outward, but because of the fall we start from the outside and work inward. If there had been no fall then the core would have come first and been expanded. Because of the fall however, there was no core, so we start from the outside and try to work into that core. Abel is in the position to give true sacrificial love. When you sacrifice for the sake of the Cain world would you do it on a one to one basis. or would you want to sacrifice for the sake of the entire Cain world? When you work on a worldwide basis you can restore the entire world at one stroke: When you go all the way to the other end and come back to the center then you have covered the entire universe.

Men go one direction and women another, so when they meet in the center and create a family, logically they can say that their family represents the entire universe because they have already given themselves for the sake of the universe. The fallen world doesn't have this core, however; though the shape is there, it has no content. In the Unification Church we are operating on the cosmic level and wherever we move there is always confrontation and controversy, but when we unite with the core then the rest of the world shall appreciate it. Every individual is moving toward this world.

I want you to understand your individual position. You may think that you simply become a Moonie, wait for blessing, have a family and that's it. But that's not the end of it. Next you expand your family onto the worldwide scale and give it for world restoration. After ten years perhaps you have covered only a little bit of territory and think that you will never cover the universe by the time you are old. But you can sympathize with God. It took God 6,000 years to find one true Adam, so how much more difficult would it be to create Adam and Eve's family, society, nation and world? Not everyone can do these extraordinary tasks; though everyone must do it, we know that individual capacity is limited.

God knows your time and physical limitations, so He set up a good deal for you. God does 95% and gives it to you, providing you do 5%. Furthermore, He made an agreement with Satan-provided man does 5%, it will equal 100%, and then Satan cannot accuse. Satan insisted that it be done according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, with no short cuts, and then he agreed to accept it. The whole world came under Satan's dominion, so he has Adam's body, and even Jesus' body. Satan said that if anyone would do more than Jesus did and set a higher standard then he would accept that person without accusation.

Adam and Eve became fallen because they could not love God more than they loved themselves and they obeyed their own carnal desires. But since I know God's principle, I will never be subjugated by this body, but will be guided only by the love of God. That's the standard we need. Furthermore, I will love God more than anything else-more than my life, more than my family, more than anyone. The world has had fallen love and life, so we deny that love and determine to have the true life and love, no matter what. This is why Jesus' teaching begins with denial of the physical world. He said that anyone who loved Jesus more than he loved himself or his family would be worthy of Jesus. That's the central ideology of Christianity. Jesus came to proclaim new life, new values and new love, so it started from a denial of the old. Your old love for your parents, wife and children cannot be accepted.

Always we find what seems to be contradictions in Jesus' teaching in the Bible such as "For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." Jesus proclaimed the greatest revolution. There have been many revolutions in the last 2,000 years, but he brought a revolution of life and love. Jesus made statements which made it almost certain he would be crucified. He said that anyone who loved his family more than Jesus was not worthy of Jesus, and that meant denying everyone. So everyone opposed him for encouraging division of families. People said Jesus was destroying the family bond and social ties.

Today the Unification Church is receiving the same criticism, but actually we are in an entirely different situation. In Jesus' time the family system was much stronger; today American families are breaking down anyway, yet still they are blaming me for disrupting families making me the scapegoat! God has to reestablish new life and new love at the right time in history, so God is making our job easier by allowing families to break down on their own. We don't have to break down the old ones, just make new ones. The American family system is in real danger, with parents separating and children running away. It is easy to build new structure when the old one has already been torn down.

America is a representative Christian nation; it drew the Abel­type people from all over the world and planted them here in one nation. Now that nation has become a vacuum. The brilliant culture of white people is crumbling and families are disintegrating. People feel lost, and are starting to think that maybe the minorities in America have a better culture since they stick together and still have family ties.

White people are the most agitated, wandering and looking for answers in new areas, marrying people of other cultures in their search for something they can feel good about. Now all of a sudden they hear me teaching about one family of man and a world without nationalities. I bring a new creed and discipline and morality for family life. This one voice crying in the wilderness is saying things that sound logical and people are eager to receive them because the atmosphere in America is ripe for a new revolution of love.

You are the children of the established generation in the United States, and in their own way I'm sure your parents tried to love you. Now you have dedicated yourself to the work of the Unification Church and the white community is upset, trying to understand why Reverend Moon could succeed where they could not. They are trying to find out what my technique is, and they cannot discover it, so they say you were brainwashed. A tornado doesn't care how expensive your beautiful home or car was. There is a tornado of the new life and love which is blasting everything out of their already weakened foundations, moving them from one place to another. In their place we will build something new. That heaven is what we have been waiting for 6,000 years.

I did not create that tornado, however. A power greater than myself generated it, and I am merely riding the tornado. My secret is that I know precisely the rhythm and destination of the tornado so I can go one step ahead of it. Do you think God is scientific, that He has a pretty good brain? God is offering a partnership to His children, saying to them, "I have suffered so much for you, and I don't mind suffering a little more, but if I do 95% then you have to do 5%. Do you agree? Your 5% will involve changing to a new life and new love." God is offering beautiful new clothes to His children, who are wearing rags, but the problem is that you can't see what He is offering and you cling to what you have. God knows you will be benefited 1,000 times by His offer, but you don't have a glimpse of it so you don't believe it.

You need to make a commitment and be able to say, "Yes, Father, I see and I will do it." Once you see clearly, would you hesitate to give up your old things" God knows you will have a difficult time believing, so His plan is to give you one example, Reverend Moon. If I had the respect of the world you would not understand your course, so God put me in the worst possible position of suffering. Yet under those circumstances I was not defeated, but rose up and won. In this respect I am a successful man and no one can compete with what I have overcome. Could the President of American duplicate it?

God is showing you how I could win even under the worst circumstances because God was with me. Now God is saying that if you uphold the same cause that I am committed to, His power and strength will make you as successful as I am. It doesn't matter to God what color you are, or what country you live in-as long as you apply this principle, God's power will raise you up as much as He has me. God is issuing that decree to all people everywhere in the world.

I am the most mysterious phenomenon in American society today, and no one can figure me out. When you work hard and pray, you meet me in your dreams. particularly when you are facing the most difficulty and suffering. If power lines carried this energy from me to you, they would form a system so gigantic that it would make IBM look like a peanut. But in my system no wires are needed, and each individual is a receiver who can automatically tune in. You can listen to me and see me, and distance doesn't make any difference. Do you think God is with us? If so. we have the solution. Then all I have to say is that you should go out and die for the sake of the world because you have nothing to fear. What is there to be afraid of?

You think America is a civilized nation, but today it is a manmade jungle. You know this is a dangerous world. [ came to create a new breed of Americans because I know that if this nation can be recreated then the world can be recreated. I asked God for young people who can be raised up to be God's champions and change the world. Have you changed? Are you new people? How new? God is using me as a sample or example for the world to see, and He told me where to go. He told me how far to go in each direction, but He set certain limits which I must not cross over. I can cover all the territory within that boundary, and it is the responsibility of every individual to do everything outside that boundary.

I gave up my own parents and family and nation. Actually I have been opposed by my parents. family and nation, so you also must take that route. The difference is that the opposition I received from my own family was a thousand times more painful that what you receive. Those who persevere under these circumstance and follow with the utmost commitment shall receive the benefit of it. Those who depart can receive nothing. I have received every possible accusation and been called every bad name. In America some people even think I am worse than the Mafia. People describe me as a monster who eats women without even chewing them.

On the other hand, I am also given the highest possible reputation by people who call me a saint, and even say I may be the Messiah. There are two kinds of people making up two kinds of reputation for me, but there are no lukewarm people. The opposition is so persistent they are almost like Moonies. Even the New York Times and Washington Post have shown repentance, but to the very end those other people will not change. They want to see me fight them back one to one. They are offering us many temptations to fight them, but we have no time to waste on fighting on their battleground.

We are like marathon runners with a goal to reach. The spectators may be shouting their ridicule and curses, at us, but do the runners have time to stop and fight with them? No, it sounds like music in our ears and we keep running. Then after we win the gold medal we will go back and greet them. When we go back then they will be flabbergasted and unable to speak. You won't have to explain how wrong they were because they will see that their opposition makes no sense. That will be your real vindication.

The victor won't have to punish the whole world-he will just pick up one person and defeat him three times, and then the rest of the world can repent. Our battle with Congressman Donald Fraser showed the world that I am a winner, and let the world know that God is with us and I am innocent. Unless I had won all the spiritual victories and received the gold medal from heaven, this kind of victory against the Congress would never have been possible. By defeating Fraser I could teach the world a lesson.

We also confronted the Senator from Kansas, and finished that battle in two weeks. We let Congress know what a mistake it is making, and eventually we will let the American President know what an awful mistake he is making. As God's champion I have already covered 95% of the territory, and all you have to do is the remaining 5%. God is hoping for you to hang on with iron will and finish your 5% responsibility. God is hoping that your 5% will be a much more severe test under opposition so that you can really prove yourself and God can give you a medal. Then he can give you His unreserved blessing, something even greater than what He gives me. You should be such fanatics about doing home church that your 360 homes draw up petitions to the government to hold you back because you are at their doors so much every day.

America is a nation of all races and colors, and in order to oppose you they will have to unite together. You must pray for such incredible opposition to come that people will club you and chase you down. When the people discover that you really are innocent and are living for the sake of God, they be remorseful over the evil they did. Then it will be your turn to say, "You have been united in opposing me and Reverend Moon, and now you realize you are wrong. Would you now unite even more strongly to do the work of God with me?" Then they will be glad to do it. When they realize the evil they have done in uniting to oppose you, will any additional opposition come once they decide to support you?

We shall be superior to the standard of' Adam, who fell. We shall be superior even to Jesus, who was crucified. Jesus proclaimed this revolution, but he became a victim and was murdered. But we will hang tough and survive to declare victory. You are Americans who have rights under your Constitution to live according to your religious beliefs If even a Korean man is still going strong in America, you can certainly go on without fear.

What weapon do we have? At every level of our existence we crave the true love of God. That love is our weapon. There is no other way we can light. We give our heart and soul in serving and loving people, shedding tears and sweat for brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents all the people who are extensions of our own families. Home church is your foundation, and in order to make it firm you have to stamp on that area one time, three times, ten times, a hundred times. You must feel that you are launching a satellite that is going to the moon and sun, and home church is your ranching pad. In order to launch a rocket, you need a strong launching pad which can withstand the fiery heat of takeoff.

When the time for the launch comes I will push the button, and your liftoff will be so loud, bright and powerful that all America will shake and even the whole world will recognize it. Even one launching at Cape Kennedy makes news, but in home church there will be simultaneous launchings every day. Looking down, God will see all the missiles launched and flying to hit His heart. The steering mechanism of the rockets is the vibration of love and we are following it right into the heart of God. If you make a small mistake in steering, you will miss the target entirely, but once you hit the bulls-eye you will stay forever in the heart of God.

Wherever the love of God is burning there is peace and joy and excitement, and you will hold the title to that world. In that world husband and wife can embrace and say, "We've finally got it!" the wife will tell her husband she is so glad he hit her and made her go on, and that she can finally be here. You will even be grateful for my spanking too!

Are you in exciting work? Can that ultimate joy be compared to walking down the aisle to a wedding march somewhere else? If you live your own way and marry on your own, when you finally enter the spirit world you will be a wanderer who does not know where to settle. Satan will stride up and order you into his realm. But when we live this way of life we don't need anyone to guide us because we know we want to land in the heart of God. When you are going to meet your father do you need a guide to point him out?? Does someone have to help you find your own husband or wife?

We are strange in a way because no one else thinks of that way of life I am not that handsome and I don't look that smart, but I have been living this way of life. No matter what the world says or does to me, I have no time to fool with it. I am always going forward, day and night. I am only concerned that everyone is going toward the goal, and when I meet you I am concerned about how to make sure you are going straight. In a sense I am throwing you at the goal, so when I toss you I want to hit the bulls-eye. I am always concerned about strong discipline, and even at home I often speak about it to Mother and my children.

Mother has the additional duty of bearing children, and it is not easy to give birth to many. I understand that she is careful and hesitates before doing some bold thing, but I always push her ahead anyway.

The one principle that always works is that of hanging onto the rocket. You must be bold. When I am launched and you hang on, you will reach the same destination. You know you are on the right track, so are you going to hang on?

We are all destined to go to spirit world, so when you arrive there who would you look for? If all of a sudden you find I am in the dungeon of hell, what would you do? Would you say you will go where your love is and come to hell with me? If I am in hell then you cannot avoid going there. But if you arrive and are excited to greet me. when you lift up your eyes from bowing you will see it is actually heaven. Wouldn't that be more exciting and dramatic instead of just going straight to heaven when I am not there? If you possess the true love of God then you have the supreme power which can transform hell into heaven. I love love.

I have been going around the entire world, and finally in 1976 I stood on the pinnacle, with the whole world shooting at me. I came to America and predicted certain things. Do you think they were fulfilled? I predicted 1978 would be our worst year, but that if we went over that obstacle then we would come back with the power that would shatter the communist world. Recently the vice premier of China came to America. In Korea we write his name, Deng Tsiaoping, in Chinese letters. His family name means "climbing up", so that is good, but his first name means "small and flat." He was received with pomp, fanfare and headlines in America. But after he returned to China, it started a war with Vietnam and that giant country of China was miserably defeated. It was exposed as a paper tiger, and its reputation was damaged.

In Korean "carter" means "fussy", or "busy with this and that." The meaning indicates being restless and always up and down. There is no decisiveness and righteous conviction in this Administration because it is only worried about popularity.

Now that 1978 is over and 1979 is begun, whatever we do should have impact, and whatever you do shall accumulate as your monument. We can hit the world and it will tremble. We shall gain victorious result so you need lots of spiritual gunpowder and bullets. Is it better to have a rifle with a long barrel or a short one? If it is long enough then it will touch the target and there is no way you can miss! This is how I think. You might think this is not common sense, but nothing is impossible with God. But even with a gun, unless you have enough gunpowder the bullet will get stuck halfway down the barrel. What would you do if that happened? I always think of every possibility, so my plan is to have another charge within the bullet, and when that explodes the bullet will finish going all the way.

Moonies are impossible people, and wherever I throw you, you can get out because you have your own gunpowder inside. With one stroke we shall hit the bullseye, which is the ultimate heaven. Your method of shooting would use up millions of bullets and still not hit the target because you aim in all directions. So I have designed a mechanism for you in which the barrel will not move and all you have to do is pull the trigger. There is a trigger for the family dispensation, national dispensation and world dispensation. Unless you know this much at least, you won't know how close you are to the final destination.

When you know where you are, you have hope to cover the rest of the distance. If you are crawling through a very tight, cramped tunnel, your back and legs hurt and it will take a millennium to get out. But if a flood roars along behind and pushes you through, would you appreciate that water? If you are going home do you want to make the journey last a thousand years or one year? No matter what, no matter how wounded you are, you never deviate from the goal of the love of God.

Maybe you are hungry and cold and miserable, and you regret seeing your youth pass by. But if Unification Church life became routine then you would never get to the end in a million years. This is a revolution and you have to finish it in one stroke. Why did I make such a commotion and generate controversy? Why did I hold so many rallies? I am a topic not only in the religious world but also in the worlds of business, culture and education. I am making an impact on every aspect of American life so that American history can never leave me out. No one has ever seen one man come to this country and make a foothold in all areas of life in such a short time.

I did not come to accommodate or negotiate with America, but to penetrate through it to the other end. To do that I needed speed and impact. Am I drowned by the American culture, or do I stand above it because I have penetrated it already? We do not live the American culture here. You sit on a hard floor to hear a sermon and after three hours you don't even know if it will end soon. The rule of thumb in regular American churches, however, is that no soul is saved after fifteen minutes.

Home church is your world. Go ahead and duplicate the world of God in this small area. Love them as much as God loves them. When you do this, the 95% God created through me will be given to you for free. To inherit this, you must walk the way of life I have walked, for even a short time. Then you shall truly be lord of all creation and a triumphant person. With that accomplishment you shall return home.

You will report to God that you received the 95%, and added your 5%, and now you can bring the full 100% to God. Then He can declare that you have won the victory and are worthy to be His son. Satan will bear witness also. He will say he has done all

kinds of evil against you, but you won over it. Then God can give His entire Kingdom to you.

When you go home the entire village will celebrate with you. What kind of dances would you have at that celebration? Maybe disco? Why not create heavenly discotheque? You can dance so long and hard that God will give up first, and then you collapse after Him. When you revive again you be a capsule of the honey of God's love. You will be so intoxicated with that love that you will forget about sleep and work because you are melted in that love.

Before you reach your destination you must taste both death and life. Would you mind? Will you cover that distance with enthusiasm and excitement" Who wants to go there? Is home church good or bad" Home church is good! Amen.

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